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Comprises 605 Acres, Subdivided Into
Lots of Five and Fifteen Acres.
Twelve Miles from
Los Angeles
Davlson, Smith ft Mlasener of the Pa
i in,- Electric building are owners of
the "Orchard Dale" trad of 605.2 acres,
.. ,1 in the La Habra district, at
Whittler, twelve miles in a straight
line from Los Angeles. The Pacific
Electric railroad runs nearly parallel
the north side «>r the tract, with
two convenlenl stations, ami this lino
of tin- system will fmoii be extended to
Riverside, Colton and San Bernardino,
making the longest interurban road out
The •■<>.■< ha.ni Dale" trad is subdi
vided Into flve and fifteen acre parcels,
with streets grad< d and lots staked off
and numbered. The soil is drop, ru-h
and free of objections. The upland is
: iii and lowland is sediment. It will
produce everything grown In Southern
California and l« ■ :i tally ad
lor walnuts, oranges, i.'inons anil
celerj .
Extensive Improvement* have been
made; ninety-three acres are in wal
nuts, trees three yeara old; throe 10-
Inch and two 12-Inch wells, producing
307 miners' inches of water, streets
ready (or oiling, four necessary bridges,
cement culverts, drainage ditches. Th«
water is fine for domestic and irriga
tion purposes, and complete water sys
trm is Installed with No. 8 pump and
KO-horpopower engine in place.
It Is estimated that at the prices
which lots are now appraised the ac
reage, would retail at 1412,000, and this
valuation will I"' greatly increased
when improvements In progress are
Overworked business men, merchants,
doctors, lawyers and retired eastern
people, it is suggested, will find a re
treat in "Orchard Dale," where they
in occupy a villa of five acres or
more, with all city conveniences at
prices made much less even than city
lots, with the additional opportunity
of earning- a competence on the land
surrounded in quietude, midst fruits
and flowers.
The Kuch Tobias Hamlll company
n i>"i-i the following sal
Fur A. C. Tobias t,. Richard West
brook of th William 11. Hoegee com
pan] a 10l K0x135 feet, Improved with
ii-rnoni bungalow, f^r
IBROO, imuKht fur ,i home.
Imif William Bulpit to Edward
\. plsrhty-acrp alfalfa and fruit
ranch, highly Improved .•uiri with :i
mountain stream water rißht, i• >-
(our iniirs west of Bishop In the Owens
Viver valley, fur $8000. Mr. Beasley (s
from Los Angeles and will make his
home i'ti iii^ ranch.
For J. '• and I . K. HpII to William
Bulpit, seventeen acres, with modern
. one-half mile wesl of Bishop
for $4000.
Dis^unts iiSfe The Only Tract Actually Forming a Part
of the New Location of Occidental College
Dirt Is Flying, Street Work Has Begun in Occi- Gas Will Soon Be Introduced Into Eagle
dental Avenue, the Grand 200 Foot Boulevard Rock Valley. Something Doing All the Time
'IFP^WW^^^MjWi -r% • Ik JIT* J
Occidental Park mm^w Bear in Mind
To a ir^Av tvt M «.Kr v 14: c^i^ c\ ,4- i^^^te^Jlpl^^^^/. ' That You Must Buy in Occiden-
Is Already Nearly Half Sold Out f k^^^^^« tal Park to Share the Benefits of
to Wise and Discriminating In- i;*l||j^ the College Improvement Plans
r ~o+s^~c< r*r^ rW,+ TVki-lri^r cinri "^^D^St Call for folder, with beautiful panoramic view of Eagle Rock
VeStOrS. VJO UUt 1 OClay anO -^^ gg| | W/^^?^^^/ Valley and make arrangements to see Occidental Park.
_ % - T T -^^fe fr^^^^^^^^W^ Take Eagle Rock Valley car going north on Broadway to
SeleCt YOUr LotS Occidental Park. (Don't take Eagle Rock Avenue car.) ,
Reasonable Prices Easy Terms Discounts for Cash
F 6524 126 South Broadway, Chamber of Commerce Building Main 459
Highland Park Representative, GARTH REALTY OFFICE, Avenue 50 and Monte Vista St. ; -,.- , , ,
Design of Bungalow
Home for Clergyman
*\ V -
REV. .!■ PRATT will occupy one of
the handsomest bungalow homes
thai v. ill be i rected In < (eclden ■
irk tract. The residence will grace
a sightly lot on the northwest corner
of <"iii;. ge boulevard and Campus road,
In 1,,, (..'].... settlement which formes
;, par! of the new Bite of Occidental
Architect A. D. Balveter has do
slgned the bungalow, a pirturo of
which Is given herewith. Tho oxto
rior of the story-and-a-half structure
will bo "f resawed redwood with shin
cit- gables .-md shlnglo roof. Tho chim
ney, porch and turrace will be of ar
cobblestone, with cemenl floors
nnd steps,
There will hr soyon rooms ami hath
Bids Passed on for Boulevard Im.
provement Enterprise—ln.
creased Demand for
Lots and Acres
At ,i recent meetthsr of the Ragle
Hock Improvement league -i proposition
from the Los Angeles Gas company
for the installation of jras mains
throughout the district was carefully
considered and unanimously accepted.
The gas company expects to be sup
plying the territory by August 1.
At Hip same meeting Col, .1. W. Kddy.
chairman of the boulevard committee,
reported that the advertisement for
bids on the boulevard through F.agl«
Rock has been passed by the highway
The Bdwardi & Wldey company re
ports a well sustained demand for both
business and residence property in
Ragle Rock, Including the following
In Mayfalr Park— Charles T.
Bteel<. lot 17, 50x155 feet, on the east
side, of Royal drive, near Las Flores,
$780; to Albert W. Krone, lot 16, same
size, $7.')0.
In Occidental Heights— To Mabel C.
Forbes, lot 22, 60x150 feet, on College
View avenue, near Las Flores, $175;
to Annie T. Freeman, lot 61, north
west corner Grand View avenue and
Las Flores, 50x150 feet, price JSOO, pur
chased for Improvement; to G. W.
ion tho tir.st. Moor, a pressed brick liv
ing room with pressed brick mantel
and bulll In bookcases Dining room
will have buffel arrow iiie entire side,
and the den will have built-in desks.
All these rooms will be paneled with
plAte and i>i<-tur.' rails, ' and heavy
WOOd fri'i/.' 1.
The kitchen will be buffet, complete
in every detail with Woodalith Boor
and dralnboard. Two bedrooms and
bath will complete the first floor ar-
I ranßrniriit.
The iccond story wHI have four bed
-1 rooms and bath. The floon down
' stairs will ho all hardwood, while the
Jr lioors will be finished floors,
The house will be thoroughly lighted
throughout and equipped with auto
matic wntT liontfi- .-nil fiiriiin i~s.
Gregory, lot 62, southwesl corner
Grand View and Las Flores, 56x150
|800, nlso purchased for Improve
ment with a modern bungalow.
Several acreage deals of consider
able magnitude are also In process of
closing by this firm In Eagle Rock,
f. A. Wesbecher, tract :iE<-m for
Vermont square, reports the following
recent shU's:
Thn six-room bungalow al 344f> West
Forty-fifth street, lot 4,",xi28 feet, to
John H. Tippr for j;snn.
i^>t 46x127 feet, between Halldale and
Pf'llkPr avenues, to Anthony S. Hill for
$inn. Mr. Hill wilt Immediately Itn
j, r .. „ with r seven-room bungalow.
I.nt 60x127 feet, corner West Forty
sixth street and Halldale avenue, to
A. J. Potter for $J2.".f>.
Lol 46x130 feel on West Fiftieth
street, between Normandle and Hall
dale avenues, to B, M, Klslnbar for
Lot Mxl 2* fppt on Wrut Forty-fifth
utreet, between Halldale and Hcnkcr
avenues, to 8. A. Nplson for $\K<<>. Mr. ]
N't-1.-OM is ImproviiiK with ■ beautiful
Lot 45x130 feet on West Flftli th
street, between Halldale an<l N'ornian
rlip avenues, to M. T. Krlp for $$50.
l,ot 4"xr_'T feel on West [forty-fifth
utrpet, between Normandle and Hall
dale avenues, to ,1. M. Bword for $SOO.
Lot 43x128 feet on West Forty-sixth
stree.i between Ha^'ard boulevarrt
; t iid Western avenue, to R. H. Bailey
for $(26. Mr. Bailey "in improve with
• n-room bungalow.
II AM NF<^ ll Buy a Choice Lot in the
» fill IILJO B wTiinU;*.*
I AVENUE fl Wllshire
%SOUARFii Boulevard District
moyuAKtv —————
wk V At Bedrock Prices
llfik mW Never before in the subdivision history of Los Angeles has property of this
Wigiik MwlM exclusive character been offered at such exceptionally low prices.
w| Wt B&'W Van Ness Avenue Square lies in the heart of the city's most aristocratic
10 |V jmffl residential development—it is surrounded by magnificent homes.
willlA *. W A fortune is being expended in establishing public and private improve
*P ij&, $BrM ments on this rapidly selling subdivision. Go out today and see why.values
ulllik Jsiw in this tract will double in ten months—note the superb view—study the en
*s g*\ mW vironment—choose your favorite lot before everything is gone. ,:",
\llli* .— SSW Go out today — take a Westlake car marked "Fourth and Gramercy
/ W, or "Melrose Avenue." Get oft at Fifth Street, or at Wilton Place and
h. v^^ I «*■ V. Fourth Street, for branch offices.
MAIN OI 1 MCE I§r>ils&^ i l*'»^Ti^»ii ■« « r « . /T^ T\ ,T if~^ a.
201 n. Broadway Irlk 1 " u\ SMI Vi Walter G- McCarty
i\i^ H1 A* t I £\JjM B^^^^il LlaJK^^^^^H „]., .„,. . r*iii II- -"ivKi it- '*:tn
Architect F. 1.. Roehrlg has prepared
plans for a handsome three-story and
basement residence t" be erected In
San Rafael Heights for H. Jovne. It
will be a palatial structure, covering a
(round space 85x70 feet, and will con
tain fifteen rooms. The greater por
tion of the exterior will be of brick
with plastered exterior and i tone and
tile exterior trim and tile roof. It will
also have hardwood floors throuphout
and the interior trim will he of hard
woods. The bath rooms will have tile
floors and wainscot, and the plumbing
and electrical fixtures will be extraor
dinarily fine. One of the features of
the residence will be the largo porches
and verandas on three sides. A vacu
um cleaning system will be Installed
and the residence will be heated with
steam, it In estimated to coal $25,000.
■» ■ — ——
Walter c. McCarty reporti the i>nif '
of lots valued at 1,060 In his Van
Ness Avenue Square tract in the Wll
nhtn boulevard district during the
past week, as follows:
H. C. Clark, lot 11. block 1, on v. I]
ton place, near Fourth street, 50x182 B
feet; price $1700. Frank W. Miller, lot
2. block 8, on Van Ness avenue, near
Fifth street, 50x132 feet: 11800. Eva
i.. Mill, lots 23 and 24 on Norton ave
nue, corner of Fifth street: 13800. Syl
via Laser, lot 22, block 7, on Norton
avenue, near Fifth street, 5px132.5 ;eot;
fl6">o. Kva 1.. Miller, lots 8 and B, block
1. on Wilton place, near Linden ave
nue, 100x132.."i feet; 13400. Alfred A.
Adams, lot 7. block I, on Wilton place,
near Fourth sir,.". ;.'»xi ■'-■'■> feet; $1700.
Mr. MrCarty reports that the Balci
in Van Ness Avenue Square up to date
aggregate nearly $125,00, and that there
are several lino, houses now being
erected in the tract. All Of the $SO.OOO
worth of street Improvements will be
completed In ■ few days.
Sunproof :^^ia^
g Rainproof j-w^PwrNX
H Will outlast two ordinary roofs. The initial cost Is not much fe»
H greater. Unaffected by weather extremes. Requires no paint or m
hI repairs. Best for residences, hotels, business blocks, outhouses — ta
U , either flat or pitched roofs. Easy to put on. Each roll contains Kj
H everything necessary for laying. K|
[y| Fwaa Write for samples. Also 32-page Illustrated booklet of J»J
Si " CC valuable facts and helpful Hooting suggestions. Free la
n to architects, contractors, carpenters and prospective builders. |i
U Pioneer Paper Company ||
Pi 219*221 South Los Ang«ln St. Los Angel**. Cal. fei

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