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ments for infants. S^ j^f -**0^ \ M <m *w% *« W T 1 iS^^^T^
Monda^Tuesdaya-AVednesday fey
/A* A^T \Js* A^v.V^An exhibit worthy the attention of every fastidious dresser —a display of the richest ;iA vs^|||j \\\ ■-■"'• '"-4 >%
vV&J+ir Millmery and Outer Apparel fbossard corsets"
\. Irv'^ t0 be found in the Southwest. Our Broadway windows will give you an idea of the elegance and fh&V Lace in Fr©l\t
V yS exclusiveness of the apparel sold here, but you must see the complete stocks to appreciate the many * "®J ace In r r^"^
. V-/ . »^ advantages afforded patrons of this Store. Without being showy or unrefined,
/w%« v% • « C**lS!! tn* ■■• s*^v.- i« \&F IL /"^ JS this corset is sumptuously beautiful —
The Right Silks Bedding Wash Goods surely grace of line was never more
Few silks, other than Foul- Whether your price-limit Frpnrh kid cloves hold unauestioned No fashionable wash It is impossible to realize without
ards and the -rough" weaves, for Blankets is one dollar f re"en u kld g^ves hold unquestionea, { missing rom this a tilting that fashion and beauty (from
arasanatne rougn weaves, lor Didimeib ii» uue uu..a leadership, and "Trefousse is the * the art view point) and comfort (mea
now have Fashion's approval, or thirty-five you will nest France produces Every correct collecrion - sured by the physician's standard)
But there are so many vari- find that the best to be , , h and shade wi| , be found Diagonai Linens _ distinctively new could be so closely harmonized in one
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arawn. priCea SOUS. wWh two pear i clttsps an d three particularly for dress wear. r r ' w^rlol in «,r> ™ «,«™
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Exceedingly rich imported Foulards in Bed pillows filled with thoroughly cleansed solid colors, and small geometrical ef- favorite wood Two-fifty to Twenty-five
single-pattern lengths - absolute exclusive- r-thorH-and noth, nX buweather S -, 2 tO $6 of Course. (Just lnslfle Main Entrance.) I fects, 50c a yard; 22 to 27 inches wide; £^ "^ TW 7 *
ness assured—s2o to $45 a pattern. j ; pair \ [ ) all the popular shades. I dollar - J
. # Down pillows #7 a pair. v — •— ——————~~— ~ r i
EXCEED $40,000
Government Puts Postal Men on Wit
ness Stand Who Testify to
Use of Malls by Men
[Asnoclatad IT.-')
COUNCIL. BLUFFS, lowa, March 12.
—The government placed some of Its
star witnesses on the stand In the
prosecution of John C. Maybray and
*■ his associates in the federal court
The aggregate of the sums alleged to
have been lost by vlotlma who testified
today >x.ceils 140,000. Witnesses ap
peared from as far east as Pittsburg
and from M Bar west aa San Fran
, is. o. Operation! in New Orleans,
Denver, Council muffs and South
Bend, liid., were described, and in
in iiiy every case the mode of relieving
tho victim of his money was Identical
as rehearsed In former testimony.
The principal point the government
seeks to establish is the Illegal use of
the mails. From a mass pi documen
tary evidence applications for post
office boxes In Council Bluffs, Omaha
and San Francisco wore introduced
and identified. One of these, made in
Council Bluffs, was accompanied by
an identification of Maybray as tho
person who wrote and presented the
Special Assistant Attorney General
Hush questioned most of the witnesses.
He called several victims who recited
in a dramatic manner the story of
their losses of sums ranging from $3000
to $10,000.
• Postal Men Testify
Cumulative evidence regarding the
transactions of Maybray and others
was given by Chief Clerk Johnson of
the local postofflce and Postmaster
llazleton. A letter addressed "Box 4"
was dropped into box 3 by mistake,
rod the renter of-box 3 returned It
opened. The contents aroused sus
:•C, J. Cate, assistant postmaster at
Little Rock, Identified an application
alleged to have been made by May
bray for a postofflco box in that city.
Other witnesses testified to applica
tions for boxes In Omaha, San Fran
cisco and Los Angeles. ,
The story on the witness stand of
James Tlerney, an iron and metal
merchant of Btreator, 111., of how, he
lost $10,000 on a wrestling watch in
New Orleans early In 1908 featured In
the trial today.
Xlerney bitterly denounced the de
fendants. He was induced, according
i, i,, testimony, to go to New Or
leans by John B. Smith, at that time
police magistrate of Btreator, ill., and
known to Tiorney many years.
Smith is under' Indictment In the
present enso. He then Metalled the
making of the '.book in which many
largo bets were - registered. 11l whs
Induced 'to- loan his own 110.000 to i
.Smith temporarily to '^ke up the
pt:m\.. Then came tho.i ■ • h with the ■
utsuul tragic ending,' one .rest lex v being ,
bnilly injured and he hurried north to
avoid nr r
"I expected the match to be held In
a line ! all." he testified, "and they
pulled It off in an old barn down on
the levee."
Mrs. Herrlman to Leave
Mtb. It. 1!. Herrlman, who was sub
poenaed from Los Angeles by tin* gov
ernment, has been in court since Hie
trial began, she hns attracted con
siderable attention as she sat In a
conspicuous place Within the rail, ar
rayed in a picture hat and a neat fit
ting princess dress and wearing sev
eral large diamonds, she was dis
missed this morning, however, apd
will probably leave the city today. She
declined to talk for publication.
Mrs. Maybray has been present in
the court room throughout the trial.
accompanied by several other women.
She exchanges glances of eonlidence
with her husband whenever his counsel
scores a point In his favor, and often
assists his attorneys by refreshing
their memory on points in the testi
Rulings of Interstate Commerce Com>
mission, Giving Advantage to
Walsenberg District, Is One
Reason of the Owners
DENVKII, March 12.—Coal operators
In the northern Colorado field have an
nounced to the miners that rather
than accede to the demands of the or
ganized men they will close down their
They base their reply on the new
rate rulings of tin- interstate coin
merit) commission, which, they assert,
gives advantage to the Walsenberg
district mines, and also on the fact
that many of the nonunion mines work
their men ten hours a day for the
same waget that the organised min
ers get fur eight hours' work.
This reply was given today to the
SOOO miners whose demands have been
under consideration here for several
days. In tact tho operators met the
miners' demands with a counter
proposition that Instead of advancing
wanes they must be lowered If the
men expect to work at all.
'Die operators concede the truth of
the miners' plea that thp cost of liv
ing is greatly in excess of former
yeacs, but maintain that the recent
rate decision «ives the Walsenberg
mines a big advantage in shipping to
Kansas, Nebraska and other states,
and that the fact that only 3000 of the
16,000 <'"••!] miner* in Colorado belong
Id the union makes it impossible for
the operators to meet the demands of
ti rganlsed miners.
EUREKA, Cal., March 12.— At a
meeting today Of representatives of
practically all of the shingle mills of
the redwood ball of this state it was
deeii'cd to orxtnlse a aelllng associa
tion wht< ii will work for the expansion
„,' ill- redwood shingle market on the
Pii Ifli ist. The new asKocialion will
carry on an organised campaign
against the invasion of the California
el by the cedar manufacturers of
Washington and Oregon,
Eluding Nurses and Clad Only in a
Nightgown, Demented Woman
Threw Self in Water,
Is Theory
[Associated Tress]
NRW YORK, March 12.—Clad only in
the nightgown she wore when she dis
appi 11 til. the body of Miss Helena
Bloodgood was found today in Lake
Carafalge by men who had been drag
ging the bottom for three days.
The body lay in twelve (eat uf water
near a rustle span known as "Kissing
bridge." it whs fuii.v Identified by the
two nurses who had charge of Miss
Rioodgood when she tied last Wednes
day night from the cottage of Leslie
It. Port, son of Governor Fort cf New
A cursory examination by Governor
Hagaman gave no indications of mur
der, and it is supposed the girl ran
barefooted through the woods to tho
lake, half a mile away, and threw her
self into the water.
Miss Bloodgood's parents have been
scouring the neighborhood in automo
biles in search of their daughter. When
her body whs found they were pros
Miss Rloodgood had been hero for
two weeks in the care of a physician.
She hud suffered* with disordered
nerves for a number of years, and ex
hibited a constant displeasure at the
restriction put on her liberty. On
Wednesday night she eluded the nurses,
jumped through a window on the lower
flower and escaped. Her disappearance
was not noticed for two hours.
Nine yens ago Miss Rloodgood mys
teriously disappeared, but was found a
tew (lays later.
TOMBSTONE, March 12. — Evan
Davis, who for 'i number of years was
employed in the mines in this city but
who for the past year h;is been em
ployed at Silver Bell, has gone to Ogll
by, Uivers)de county. Cal., near the
Colorado river in the vicinity of Yuma,
where he will have charge of the re
opening of the Gold Rook property for
eastern people.
The property is a low grade proposi
tion and has been developed by three
.shafts, one of which ll down over SOO
feet. There is on the property one 40
--stamp mill and another with 100
Stamps, together with a cyanide plant.
It Is the intention of the new company
to thoroughly overhaul the pla.nt and
put a large force of men at work
within the next lew weeks. *
SEATTLE, March 12. —The Milwau
kee bridge over Humpback creek in the
ide mountains will be completed
tonight and train service between Seat
tle and Chicago will be resumed to
American Secures Special Permission
to Visit Borgia Apartments,
Where Tourists Are
Not Admitted
ROM 10, March 12. —There was hardly
a minute of rest yesterday for J. Pier
pont Morgan. Viewing works of art,
attending to correspondence and re
ceiving visitors comprised the pro
gram for morning and afternoon, and
in the evening he dined with the Prin
cess Teano, who held a reception in his
honor. Mr. Morgan is in perfect
As Mr. Morgan had expressed a de
sire to visit the Borgia apartment in
the Vatican at a time when tourists
wiie not admitted, Mgr. Mlsciattellt,
prelect of the apostolic palaces, sent
Mr. Morgan a special card of admis
Later in the day Mr. Morgan, ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Morton d.
.Talon of New York, viewed the art
masterpieces there, especially those of
Mr. Morgan said he would not mind
being a life prisoner in the Vatican If
ho were permitted at all times to look
on artistic perfection.
Mr. Morgan has accepted an invi
tation to act as honorary guest for the
celebration of the fiftieth anniversary
of the proclamation making Rome the
capital of United Italy.
He has received an invitation from
the Duchess Lante Dolla Hovere, who
was Miss Anlte Allen of New Orleans,
to lunch with her at her villa at Bag
ROME, March 12. —J. P. Morgan en
joyed a hearty laugh today when ho
learned for the first time of the rumor
of his death. When he appeared for
breakfast the financier found awaiting
him many telegrams congratulating
him upon the falsity of yesterday's re
port, He > was evidently amused rath
er than surprised, for he said:
"I am accustomed to such tricks.
They are planned simply to affect the
market momentarily."
♦ » » —.——
Victims of Disaster Near Wllkes
barre, Pa., Were All English
Speaking Workers
WrLKKKBARRE, Pa., March 12.—
Seven mlneri lost their liven in No. 5
shaft of the Lehlgh and Wilkesbarre
Coal company mine near here tonight
in an explosion of gas.
There were eight men in the party,
and one of them was away from the
scene of the explosion getting some
tooll and was not injured. All the
dra.il were suffocated.
Official! have n<> theory as to the
cause of the explosion. When the
bodies wer*! brought up there were
many pathetic scenes around the
mouth of the shaft. The men were all
expert, English-speaking miners.
American Charged with Doing Irre
parable Damage to the Lanca
shire Industry—Leaves for
U. S. on Mauretania
LONDON, March 12.—James a. Pat
ten, the Chicago (peculator who was
jostled and driven out of the Manches
ter cotton exchange yesterday, sailed
today from Liverpool for New York
on board the steamer Mauretania.
The English press, generally strong
fur law and order, extends no sympa
thy for Mr, Patten in his Manchester
experience. The Westminster Qasette
says today:
"Wo .■lll' glad that t'n.' American
cotton kin.Lc got out of the Manchecter
exchange with nothing worse than
some hustling and hooting, but cannot
profess any sympathy for his wound
ed feelings."
Tin paper expresses astonishment
that Patten had the "Impudence," con
sidering the injury which his opera
tions had done to the Lancashire cot
ton industry, to presume on the cour
tesy generally accorded visitors from
across the Atlantic. It adds:
••.Men who would make corners in
raw materials, in men, life and labor,
are no longer si lit to prison, but they
cannot reasonably expect to be wel
comed by the people who have suf
fered through their operations."
W. M. Wilcox Taken to Receiving
Hospital Apparently Suffering
from Basal Skull Fracture
W. M. Wlleox, a newspaper man
Whose home is in San Diego, was held
up at Fourth and Main streets shortly
after 1 o'clock this morning. He was
struck over the bead with a "black
jack." When found after the holdups
escaped and removed to the receiving
hospital he appeared to be suffering
from a basal fracture of the skull.
B. T. Blake, a carpenter livinpr at
862 West West Forty-second street,
was arrested last night by Deputy
Constable Beniatnen on a charge of
threats to kill, preferred by his wife,
Nancy V. Blake. In default Of $2500
bail he was taken to jail. His pre
liminary hearing will be set later.
WASHINGTON, March 12.—President
Tal't left tonight at 10:45 for Pitts
burg, accompanied by C'apt. Butt, his
military aide, and Mrs. Moore, a sister
of Mrs. Tart.
(Continued from Tnftr One)
to sit on the lid, and if you want to
see me do it with a full head of steam
on, come up some nisht to a meeting
of the police commission.
"i'.ut, seriously, we will have to get
rid of the Southern Pacific innchinp
in our state politics as we did in our
city politics. It costs too much to sup
port the machine, for one thing. We
not only want to see a good governor
and a good lieutenant governor, but a
good legislature as well. Let us get
together and select the best men for
the le^i lature, (Jo to it!"
The mayor was followed by Judge C.
n. Wilbur, who indorsed what the pre
vious speakers had said.
Gates for Senator
At a meeting of the Lincoln-Roose
velt leaders last night it was stated
that Lee C. Gates of Los Angelei had
been asked to make the race lor United
States senator. It was stated that
Gates bad not accepted as yet. being
undecided whether he is financially able
to enter such a campaign.
SANTA ANA, March 12.—Elaborate
preparation! are being- made for the
coming of Hiram Johnson, Lincoln-
Roosevelt league candidate for gov
ernor, next Tuesday night. Men inter
ested In the good government move
ment among the Republican! will be
present from all over the county.
The following men will meet Mr.
Johnson on his arrival in Santa Ana:
E3. B. Keech, J. L. Moore, G. I. Hill,
W. J. Wells, W. M. Smart, J. J,. Car
den, 1,. p. Hickox, A. c. Black, Charles
u\ McNaught, Dr. C. D. Ball, B. <:.
Balcom, C. S. Crookshank, J. P. Baum
gartner, w. P, L,uiz, A. J. Crookshank,
A. J. Visel, Clyde Horton, N. Travis,
N. A. Matthews, .1. N. Anderson. John
Cubbon, H. C. Dawes, S, A. stock
slager, J. Beatty, F. W. Mansur, H. J.
Forgy, John McFadden, R, T. Harris,
M. M. Crookshank, G. H. Randall,
George Wright, C. VV. Bheats, Col. O.
H. Coulter, .1. J. Roper, c. K. Wor
rell and \V. 1!. Wetherbee.
Lincoln.Roosevelt Leader Denounces
Aldrich and Cannon—Urges
Voters to Stand for
the Right
At the City club, Where lie made a
short address yesterday at noon, Hi
ram Johnson was greeted with an
ovation that showed his popularity
with good government adherent*, The
ovation was led by Mayor Alexander,
who arose and waved his napkin, ami
tiie hundred! of men who iiati gathered
to hear Mr. Johnaon •peak followed
the example with right good will.
"It takes a deal of assurance for a
man from Kan Francisco, where heads
are bowed in shame, to talk to LoJ
Angelos, Where heads are held hiuh
in the glory of achievement of good
government," was Mr. Johnson's in
He told how liberty and equality had
t ie into the world and of the com
plexltiei that had arisen in this coun
try until liberty and equality were
given to but the favored lew.
"The great Interests are joined to
day for exploitation and profit and for
ii defense," said Mr. Johnson.
"Ought we not to join together for the
si If-defi rise of ail the people?
"We ha\e seen the senate, the great
est governing body of our country,
turned Into a rich man's club where
the representatives of the special in
terests sit. In the house Cannon sits
like a czar or. his throne and allowa
only such legislation as his masters
permit. AYe see such individuals even,
in the cabinet of the president The
system has given us Cannon and am
rich ami Balllnger, but, thank God, It
has also given us Theodore Roosevelt.
"But we have* a weapon in our hands
with Which to light these special in
terests, it is the direct primary, and
the day is not far distant when we
will have the initiative in every part
of our State and in every county. Wa
have the men of the nation aroused at
last. We have the tew in Washing*
ton who are fighting for our general
interests, and the eyes of the nation
are turned to Africa and the arms ot
a nation stretched out to welcome
home the leader."
Instant Relief, Permanent Cure-
Trial Package Mailed Free
to All in Plain Wrapper
We want every man and ■woman,
sintering from the excruciating tor
ture of piles, to just send their namo
and address to us and get by return
mail a free trial package of the most
effective and positive cure ever known
lor this disease, Pyramid Pile Cure.
The way to prove what this great
remedy will do in your own ease is to
just fill out free coupon and send to
us and you will get by return mail a
free sample of Pyramid Pile Cure.
Then alter you have proved to your
self what it can do you will go to the
dnigglßt and get a oil-cent box.
Don't undergo an operation, oper
ations are rarely a success and often
lead to terrible consequences. Pyra
mid Pile Cure reduces all Inflamma
tion, makes congestion, irritation, Itch
ing, sores and ulcers disappear—and
the piles simply quit.
For sale at all drug stores at 50
cents a box.
Fill out the blank lines below with
your name and address, cut out
coupon and mail to tho PYRAMID
DRUQ COMPANY, 154 Pyramid
Bldg., Marshall, Mich. A sample
of tin. great Pyramid Pile Cure will
then be sent you at once by mail,
FRKK, in plain wrapper.
City and State

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