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News the Mines and Oil Fields
All Available Ground Between Rail
road Pass and Vegas Wash Is
Located—Crittenden Ships
Two Cars of Ore
SEARCHLIGHT, March 18.—Report
that a high-grade ledge bad been '"'
in tin- tirift or the Alunlte mine at a
depth „r 4.".0 fri>t caused a flurry of
•xcitement in (nun last week—not be-
MUH tlio mown came as a surprl.se.
hut an a justification of tho opinion
Vega;; people have always hart of that
m. 'rim Alunlte is tUo first prop
erty to attain any depthi and it la not
strange that It should be the first to
encounter a rich ore body.
Tho news of the strike spread rap-
Idly, and before many hours every
available conveyance in Las Vegas
had been chartered and there ml a
ruah mi to the Rallroafl Pass section.
As a result, every foot of ground be
tween the Alunlte and the mouth Of
Vegas wash has 1 n located, as in
tin; old days when the Quo Vadls was
flourishing with its surface showings.
No details of the strike have been
obtainable, except that the, ore ia tellu
rium, gold mid copper, and very rich,
and that the drift lias already passed
through several feet of It. Tho extent
of the ledge bus not yet been ascer
First intimation of the strike was
had when a messenger was seen rush-
ing telegrams In and out. In commu
nication between Superintendent Pren«
tic* B. Hill nt the mine »nd his broth
er, Prof. HIM. In New York, who is
president of the Alunlto company.
it [s expected that I'rof. Hill will
come west to visit the property, as it
has been his pel project, work being
Started on a scientific theory of his
own, regardless of the absenoo of the
ordinary Indications demanded by the
usual mining expert.
The people of Las Vegas are Intense
ly interested In the outcome of this
strike, for should it prove t <> he perma
nent it will result In the immediate
development of the .entire Railroad
P_M district, which has long held tho
confidence of many mining men who
Were without capital to prove It.
Ships Two Cars
A forty-five-ton car of ore shipped
from Searchlight Tuesday and a sec
ond ear Of the same size Saturday Is
the strongest kind of evidence that the
Crittenden Development company has
struck Its gait.
The last carload Mmptad—well, It
sampled co liißh that tho manHproinont
)n HKoptical and Inclined Ftroiißly <o
the belief that it must have been
"salted" somewhere along the line.
What is claimed for tho ore !s an
average of better than sr<o. Figuring
Mt the present rate of production, this
meara a monthly output of around
$10,000, a pretty nifty sum for half a
doien men to ho producing.
Romo port (if a deal has been BOO'
eluded on tho ShoHhon«< «mup of
<iainis, Hitnati'd >it Fourth of July
mountain, some four mllea e»«t of
Roanhiigiit. The announcement l«
made In this manner for the reaaon
that Mrssra. Smith and Bowman, the
former owntn of tho property, an' un-
WllUng to talk, and H. B. Kvarus. tho
principal in the transaction, Is absent
from the olty. Tho one tangible piece
of Information Is the letting of a con
tract to John Howe.
Contractor Howe has been ordere.l to
fully timber the present shaft, down
800 feet, anil to then sink an additional
l'iih f»et, The work of repairing the
main shaft will start Just as soon as a
car of lumber, shipped from the coast
last .Monday, is received.
Mr. Kvans and Norman E. Smith, a
mining engineer, were here a week ago
ronHudinß- the deal. Prior to this a
number of examination! of the prop
erty had been made, notably one about
Christinas by a leading expert con
nected with the CSoldflold Consolidated.
Just what the terms of the Shoshom;
deft] are is Immaterial. The presump
tion in that the property baa been
taken under a working bond. The Im
portant feature is the letting of a con
tract for deep work. This part of the
district lias never lie"n demonstrated
;,, depth. Many excellent surface
allowing* are to be found, none of
Which, however, have been followed
down to solid formation.
In making Investments while chance
for large Increases In value Is desirable
-—certainty of dividends—lncome Is what
you want to be sure of. California oil Is
the sure Income producer as Is forcefully
demonstrated each month by the pay
ment of nearly 000,000 in monthly
dividends.to stockholders In California
oil.companies. Do you get a dividend
check each month from California oil?
If not. the only way you can provide
this desirable income Is to make an In
vestment from your savings or earnings
In a listed stock of a first class Califor
nia oil company, such as the Coalings
Crude OH Company, now owning and ac
tively operating, one of the choicest
pieces of absolutely proven oil land In
the greatest oil field In the state—Coal-
Tlils company lias small capitalization,
no promotion stock, stock now selling
on the I^os Angeles Stock exchange at
prlcfH around 27c. and we predict steady
advances up to 400 to 500 per chare, and
much higher. ' .
Full particulars given In the illus
trated monthly magazine, "Securities."
Call at our office for a free copy of this,
or Bend in this coupon at once and we
will arrange to have this sent free for
six months. /
Parlflc States Guaranty anil Land Co.,
- 514 11. W. llellman Bldg.,
1.0. Angeles I '
/.Gentlemen— Please send me, free
of cost information regarding stock
•referred to above: also free copies of
oil magazine, "Securities." for six
months—all this without any obliga
, tion whatever on my part.
, Nam* „...'.. •••
St. and No
r:- • w
Company Organized for General Real
Estate Business Will
Beautify Wilshiro
The Clinc-Hull company has just
been Incorporated under tho laws of
California by A. X Hull and William
H. Mine, 11. W. Hellman building, for
the purpose of transacting a general
real estate business, Including oil lands.
Investments, stocks and bonds of all
kinds am to be handled by the new
company and loans and insurance will
also be entered Into.
one of the alms of this company will
be, It Is said, to beautify Wllshire
place, the company acting In a promo
tion capacity for the residents of tho
street. Tho street will be Improved
with artistic lamps, shrubbery and
macadam. The parking of Wllshire
place, as outlined, will make, it ono of
the show places of Los Angelos.
Mr. <'llne has been In Los Angeles for
forty years and has held public, office.
Mr. Hull has been in the stock and
bond business In Los Angoles for two
and one-half years and was formerly
a business man of Chicago.
Mr. Hull said yesterday that tho new
company would probably tako up sub
divisions in and about Los Angeles
and large tracts of land elsewhere for
colonization purposes. He says all
sorts of inquiries aro coming in already
for small ranches In Southern Califor
nia and investments In Los Angeles.
COAUNOA, March 13.—The Klon
dike Petroleum company Is the latest
oil venture In the southern field. The
company has a 40 years' lease on 240
acres in 34-23-23, between Midway and
Marioopa, at an 8 royalty and with
an option of paying $500 an acre the
first year and $700 the second.
The property Is five miles from the
• Toppings and about two miles from
the Standard's big well on 30, and
which is doing 8000 barrels a day.
It is considered most promising ter
ritory and heneo valuable. A few days
ago If. O, McCreary of Hanford, ono
of the directors, wan offered $15,000
for tho lease, which he refused, as he
considers It to be worth more than
double that sum.
The directors arp J. W. Ragsdalo,
Madera; H. H. McCreary, ,T. O. Hick
man, Ilanford; K. W. Cokeley, Coal
inga; C. C. Painter.
Timber Is being hauled to the ground
for the first rig. which will be in the
northeast corner of the quarter. It
1« expected that when the drill reaches
tho 800 foot It will encounter the oil
sands nnd that Boon thereafter the
well will be a producer, aa It Is In
almost proven territory.
MASON, Nov., March 13.—A gen
eral stampede occurred last week from
both Mason and Yerington to the
scene of a rich gold strike made ten
mill s south of Mason.
Prospectors uncovered immensely
rich ore, both gold and silver-lead. In
coming prospectors from the scene of
the strike la^t night brought In sam
ples of rock carrying high values In
nil three metals.
The ore resembles that of the. Lucky
Boy and Mountain King properties
west of Hawthorne. Reports brought
in by returning prospectors say that
the country is a good-looking one in
deed, with big, well defined ledges in
(iver 100 people have made locations,
and the rush continues.
COALING A. March 13.—The Cali
fornia Oilfields brought In another big
well Friday, which adds proof to the
great productiveness of the property.
The well is No. 56, on section 27, 19-15.
Saturday it was estimated to be pro
ducing nt a 2000-bnrrel clip, which can
hardly l" 1 doubted from the produc
tion of many other wells on tho prop
erty of this company. The oil Is about
°4 gravity. Two other wells of the
California Oilfields have been produc
ing around the 1000-barrel mark for a
long time, one of them nearly four
yean and Die property is probably the
most valuable in the Ooalinga field.
BAKHRSFIKtiD. March 13.—The
Maya company Ikih sold its production
to the Standard Oil company on daily
runs at fif. cent* Tho marketing com
pany is laying a pipe line to the prop
erty, and as soon as the well is pro
duclng will run off the oil.
At the present time, the hole is sand
ed but the bridge will soon be broken.
There are about two thousand barrels
in Sumy on the property now. Most of
the first production was lost by (low
ing down the canyon.
TUCSON, March 13. —Persons from
the Gould 'mine, report an unexpected
strike of a large hody of copper ore at
a tunnel now being driven near the
wesl end of the property. At a dis
tance of about 120 feet they struck a
ledge and although they have cut
across it for twenty-flve feet they are
still apparently In a solid hody of ore.
The entire ledge, so far as exploited,
is snid to average about 5 per cent
copper. About twenty-five men are
employed on th.j property. Grading at
tho smelter site Is well under way.
BAKERSFIELD, March 13.—Tho
BUndard weita OB section 30 continue
to be the wonder of tho West Side.
Visitors at the well Thursday found
the casing chained down, with big tim
bers across it, so strong was the gas
pressure. And between the timber
spaces the oil was shooting for a dis
tance of thirty feet or more.
A house standing nearby is so cov
ered with oil as to show nono of the
original wood, and the workmen are
now moving It away.
The Coalinga Mohawk well No. 1, on
12 20-15, southeast of the W. K. OH
company, whs brought In last week
and is gushing about forty feet over
the top of the derrick. It Is as big a
gusher as the celebrated Sliver Tip
and will boost development In that
end of the field. The oil la supposed
to be of high gravity.
Prld Turnbull of the California oil
Holds, l'uuson Bros., William Graham
and Charles Wilcox are the heaviest
owners In the company. I
Big Concern Owns Land and Tank
Farm Nearby and Could Drill
Numerous Wells on
KERN RIVER, March U.— The Kern
American Is about to erect Its Hrst
rig on forty acrca comprising the
■outheaat of the louthweat of fi-2fl-28,
west of the Enos Oil company and Ja«
tro & St. Clalr. The tract Ik the most
southwesterly in the field yet to be
drilled, but farther north there is a
long lin« of wells producing which, If
extended south, would be just over tho
American's west line, and it is fully B
quarter of a mllo rast of a line drawn
south from the southeast corner of
the Kern Drillers' property, where No.
2 is rigging to drill.
The American Is owned by the same
people aa the Kern Star on 13, 28-27.
The offiecrs and directors are:
Francis Smith'ren, president; Fred
erick W. MaHrrn, vice president; Ira
B. "Wood, .secretary and treasurer; Dr.
J. Park Dougal and B. L. Hutchison.
The Kern Star has IU NO. 1 OH the
pump getting out the water, of which
a heavy quantity was used on account
of the' difficulties encountered with
heavy sands.
Tho Bain Oil company is preparing
to drill the northwest forty acres of
tho northwest quarter of 24. 27-27, on
the west line of the Sapphire on the
same section, and adjoining the south
west corner of the section on whloh
tho Kern Star haj drilled but a quar
ter of a mile south, and half a mile
west of that company's drilling. The
Bain In headed by J. C. Watson of
San Francisco.
The Standard may bo an Interested
watcher of the Kern American and
Enos drilling on 6. Success on the
southern and western section lines will
prove a part, at least, of the big com
pany's tracts, of which It has the
wholn of 1-29-27 on the west and the
north hnlf of 7--9-28 on the south, as
well as the southwest quarter of the
southwest of the latter section.
Covered with Reservoirs
Section 1, except the northeast cor
ner, Is completely covered with reser
voirs. The eirst half of its holdings
on the north of 7 is covered with Its
tank farm, but the. west half, lying
due south of the Kern American, Is
clear, and, if the big company wants
heavy oil, and the work is successful
on 6. it will be In 'a position to put
down a lot of wells of its own, unless,
of course, the land Is thought more
valuable for tanks.
A syndicate composed of Captain
John Barneson. John Baker, Jr.. and
W A Irwln has acquired all of 35 and
parts of 26 and 27, all in 2R-27, and
it is understood that two rigs are to
go up at onco on 18, the east line of
which Is fully three-quarters west of
the Kern Prillors, the most westerly
development yet undertaken and very
close to a mile west of the nearest
work. Section 26 is directly north of
and adjoining 35. while 27 lies on the
west side of 2t>: thus should develop
ment succeed here, it means an ex
tension of the field from two to three
miles west.
Doubtless some surprises will no felt
at this move. On 23 Just north of 26
the Santa Fe drilled close to 1800 or
600 feet in the early days and failed
to pet any encouragement, according
to men who worked on it. and it has
been generally supposed that this ter
ritory was therefore of at least a
doubtful character. Evidently, how
ever, the new syndicate thinks differ
ently. It Is understood that 3"> was
bought outright, price rumored to have
heen about $140,000, while the balance
Is leased. _
HOLT,ISTEU. March 13.—John As
hurst of Valledtos, a prominent stock
man, Is here to appear before the board
of supervisors with a view of having
the Silver crek road opened as a pub
lic highway.
"Things are booming in the ban
Benlto county oil field," said Mr.
Ajhurst, 'land all that now prevent!
tin; full development of that territory
is the opening of the Silver creek road
that fuel and piping may be brought
over from the Coaling* Held by wagon.
To ship these by rail to Trea Pinos
would be almost prohibitory.
"Four geologists who have visited
the YiillrcitoH field*, (luring the past
few months have unanimously agreed
that we have as fine a prospect as
tbe t'oaltnga district."
The following companies are ready
to start work on their holdings in the
San Benlto field just as soon as the
highway is opened:
L. C Miller & <*o. of Fresno, sec
tion 15; George Schwln, Fresno, section
"0- X W. Stowe, Kan Francisco, sec
tions 12 and 36; (I, W. Beaver, San
Francisco, section 8.
Mr. Ashurst Bays tho opening of tho
Silver creek road will not interfere
with the stage or mail routes, as many
people have been led to believe. As to
the complaint that it would take busi
ness away from Hollister, the big oil
companies have signified their Inten
tion of buying the most of their sup
plies here, being able to get goods
cheaper than at Coalinga or other
rOAIJNOA, March 13.—The South
Pole. 18, 21-15, is nearly 900 feet deep
In lift-loch casing and is making good
progress. '
The Lea Angelas Oil company, on
section 6, started to put in 6%-inch
casing Monday morning.
The Valley Oil • company is down
3200 feet and has been shut down for
two days, awaiting the arrival of
Tlie Nevada Petroleum No. 1, on
section 30. was put on the beam this
morning and is doing better than 300
barrels a day.
The Pantheon Oil company will be
gin operations on the Keystone prop
erty on section 32, 19-15, under the
supervision of Holmes Henshaw.
J. Benson Wrenn has made arrange
ments for the erection of twenty rigs
on the property owned by the Traders
OH company.
The Unbeliever—ls there a Christian
Scientist present? I should like to
change places; I'm sitting- In a draught.
—The Tatler-
MAKERSFIELD, March 13.—An in
teresting contest is going on between
the, Union and tho American Oil
fields Limited to gain right to patent
section 35, 3:3-23. Each concern is drill
ing with all speed in tho hope, of be
ing the first to make discovery, and
each has an army of sixty or seventy
men stationed about its rig' to keep
the peace and incidentally to prevent
employes of its rival from dropping
boulders in the well, carrying off the
bull wheel or doing anything elso to
put it back in the race.
The contending drillers at last ac
counts were nearly neck and neck, and
the armed guards wero consuming a
perpetual buffet luncheon and firing
pointed and poppory pleasantries
across the 300-foot space that divides
tho two camps. Drinking water for
the workers and guards costs $1.1:5
a barrel delivered on the ground.
WAN FRANCISCO, March 13.—After
a showing had been made by counsel
that John P. Krause, convicted of
using the mailH for fraud, had turned
over to his victims oil stock and land
probably exceeding by $no,ooo the
amount of money received from them
In subscriptions to stock of the Mount
Hamilton Land and Oil company ar:d
the Bsperanza La... . and Oil company.
United States iJistriet Judge Van Fleet
sentenced him to pay s fine of $.000 and
be confine.l in the San Francisco coun
ty Jail until the line Is paid.
Krause came within the denunciation
of the law by using the mail to send
to stockholders, principally Pennsyl
vania and Ohio Dunkards, notices of
assessment on the stock which had
been sold as non-assessable. The land
was Showing signs of oil and he wished
to freeze out the outsiders.
The Oil King company has filed ar
ticles of Incorporation, which will de-
velop Ventura county oil properties,
With headquarters at Fillmore. The
capital stock is $1,000,000 of the par
valuo of $1 a share.
The first director* of the new enter
prise are R. W. Kemp, W. F. Ford,
H. T. Hunter, Los Angeles; O. K.
Rowland, Santa Monica, and C. D.
Ingraliaui, Troplco.
BAKSJRSFIELD, March 13.—Articles
of incorporation have been filed by the
Metropole Oil company. The directors
are Edward V. (Junther, I. M. Man
ley, George R. Perkins, Joseph Tarry
and Ira M. Llllick, all of San Fran
cisco. Capital stock $;!00,000.
EUREKA, Cal., March 13.— Z. Russ
& Sons company and Will N. Russ
have leased for forty years three eec
tlons of land situated in Bear river
section, to the Bear River Oil company,
controlled by local capitalists.
Slightly Lower Prices and Demands
of Railroads for Rails Indi.
cate Better Market
NEW YORK March 13.—There was
a fair volume of business in finished
steel products last week, and the pros
pects are favorablo for greater ac
The railroads are developing larger
orders for equipment, and the slightly
lower prices prevailing for plain struc
tural material and fabricated steel are
bringing out larger orders for rail
roads, equipment shops and contrao-
Orders for rails aggregated 85,000
tons. Although new orders for rail
road cars were fewer than 2000, a dls
tibutlon of 10,000 cars to bo made this
week and inquiries in the market for
18,000 and 15,000 additional are in a
tentative state. Tlio same is true of
locomotives; new orders were placed
for only seventy, but there are Inqui
ries for about 1200, about half of which
arc definitely In the market.
Contracts for fabricated steel for
buildings and bridges aggregated 25,000
Railroads and car shops placed addi
tional orders for steel plates, shapes
and bars aggregating about 40,000 tons
for car unciert'rames. Similar contracts
are pending for larger tonnages, as
well as for car wheels and axles.
Contracts for pig iron were light. In
the eastern district there was scarcely
a single transaction worthy of note,
but pipe works are on the point of
closing for a fair tonnage.
The daily output of pig Iron in Feb
ruary was greater than In January.
Prices are lower.
Exponent of New Thought Center
Philosophy Delivers Talk to Fol.
lowers at Covlna Home
Members of Mrs. Margaret C, La
Orange's Monday evening class in
practical psychology and character
building, their families and friends,
enjoyed a combination of Intellectual
and physical entertainment at a de- !
Ugbttul picnic and lunch at their ]
teacher's home among the Covlna or- \
ange groves yesterday. Following the
lunch they were entertained by a
short talk on tho work of the new
thought center and its meaning in Los
Angelei by Mrs. La Grange and others j
who :irc enthusiastic in forwarding the
movement to spread the teachings of
this philosophy.
One of the charges preforrcd against George
lit In tho Declaration of Independence "as
this: "Ho called together legislative bodies
at places unusual, uncomfortable, and instant
(rom the depository of their public records,
for the sole purposo of fatiguing them into
compliance with his measures."
And the Republican bosses of Ohio rush
off to Washington at the back and call of
President Taft to do the thinking and acting
(everything except the voting) for the rank
and file of Republican voters In Ohio.
- They got a taste of It when they elected
Governor Harmon and State Treasurer
Creamer, and they propose to have more of
It by making it "Harmon and a clean sweep
next time."
They are weary of having the bosses called
together for the sole purpose of fatiguing
them into compliance with the "party" man
dates.—Wood County Free Press. ■
All Eyes Are on Arizona Mines
We know the country. Write us for freo booklet.
902 Security Building Los Angeles, Cal.
Advancing Prices in Stocks Cause
Foreign Speculators to Sell in
New York Market—Copper
Is Disappointing
NEW YORK, March 13.—A large ag
gregate of new bond issues offered for
public subscription by syndicate! last
week made large requirements f>n the
sui>ply of banking credits and tight
en'd the Interest rates for money. The
influence was felt particularly In time
loan rates.
Prices at which railroad bond issues
were Offered showed the expensive
conditions operative and the offerings
were not absorbed with such a rapid
ity as to Indicate any keen appetite
for investment on the part of capital.
The condition la attributed to the in
fluence of the general level of prices
In all departments a.s a result of large
Increase In the gold circulation. Large
numbers of bonds offered by -irriga
tion companies at high rates make
an effective competition for capital.
The fact that large amounts of the
now bond is.sues have been placed with
foreign subscribers affords relief to
the foreign exchange market and re
duced rates thereto below the level
of prom of gold exports.
In the stock market, however, for
eigners continued to pell stocks in Mew
York, attracted by advancing prices.
The merchandise balance holds
against the United States by reason of
reduced exportn. The London money
market shows clear symptoms of hard
ening with the prospects of heavy
government borrowing and the wild
■peculation In rubber and other shares
in that market.
The stock markat in New York was
supported by the powerful banking in
terests engaged In the flotation of
bond issues. The speculative outlook,
nevertheless, was felt to be mixed, al
though the rising stock market had an
encouraging effect on sentiment. De
mand for stool products was sported
The February copper statistics were
disappointing, deliveries into consump
tion, especially for export, falling off
largely for January, while the rate of
production rose.
The increase in New York Central
dividend rates gave rise to hopes of
other increases. The advance in the
stock market was interpreted as re
floi ting confidence of corporation in
terests in the outcome of pending gov
ernment law suits.
A* inspector one day visited a coun
try seliol taught by a young lady, ani
in the: course nf the lesson said, 'Now,
children, I wish you to take notion nf
what I do and then write an account
of ft."
Then he stepped to the blackboard
and wrote a sentence upon it.
All the children except one wrote in
effect that the inspector came into the
school and wrote on the blackboard,
"I love a good school."
One little girl, however, followed In
structions more literally and completed
the story by adding:
"And then he went to the platform,
sat down, played with hia watch chain,
twirled his mustache and winked at
the lady teacher."—Modern Society.
Oil Land
North Midway
Your opportunity to buy 1280 —or
not less than 640 acres—on West
Side township 31-32. Price $125 per
acre. This is proved ground by
wells on Sec. 19 already in first
sand. Ample time for your exam
ination. Principals only.
For detail and terms,
M. E. Miller Co.
701-2-3 Merchants Trust Bldg.
Main 3382. Home A 2668.
Established 1897. Bank References.
Office—Home Phone A 3321.
Residence— Phone 39528.
Oil and Mining
Investment Co.
Oil Lands, Leases and Producing
Companies bought and sold.
UUO.M I), HIMXiK mil.UlMi.
Agjk ONE MAN $m
kMtttftff'jalil to President Skinner tllovFr?WSf
'Se£*^" X"it b*»'nesB Dims that >WjSsjf r
fjr 1^ Klvo their checks to their
if employes, who have to cash them 'Hk
through ONE MAN making fjl
ISaiil to resident Skinnor iliiilmW
'nin^t business firms that \jjMMm
five their cheeks M their
ploy, i, who have to caah thmn
OUCh the saloons, aro making
.\% drunkards out of their employes. EM
■1 and that he, for one, had decided £■
n to carry his account where his «
if men could cash their checks any B
}\ , time, * night or day, and open a M
i\ savings account if they wanted to. fg
Vkl£P*l**9**»**ST ... \$&F
Bay San Diego Home
Telephone StocK
Nets 10%
Fielding J. Stilson Co.
SOS H. W. HI.I.I.MAN lll.lui.
ASS4I. •■'•"■.' '.'I Main 191.
The Land of
Early Products
S. F. B. Morse
Development Go.
Pyramid Oil Co.
North Midway
Ventura County
The Pyramid Oil company has purchased 1600 acres of oil
ground in Midway, the greatest, oil field in the world. This
ground is situated in close proximity to the great Honolulu
gusher, one of the best oil wells in California, and the best in
formed and most conservative oil men in the stale concede
that the entire tract is ABSOLUTELY PROVEN OIL
This property alone is sufficient to make of Pyramid one of
California's greatest dividend paying oil companies within the
coming few months.
Twenty acres of the choicest proven oil ground in North
Midway, with the Santa Fe, Mays and Pioneer Midway wells
on the'east and the Amber well on the west, is held under
twenty years' lease by the Pyramid company. This holding
will add materially to the earning power and value of Pyramid
stock as it is developed.
Complete drilling outfits will be installed on both the
above named properties immediately and drilling operations
commenced within a few days.
In addition to the Midway properties, the Pyramid com
pany is also operating seventy acres of the choicest proven oil
territory in California, situated seven miles northwest of
Santa Paula in Ventura county. A new well is now being
drilled on this ground and has reached a depth of 1000 feet.
TO 500 BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY. The oil is high
gravity and worth from 75c to $1 per barrel.
Pyramid Treasury Stock
A< 40c skL
To provide for immediate requirements a small allotment of
Pyramid treasury stock is offered at the extremely low price
of 40c per share. Considering the company's extensive hold
ings of proven oil ground, the stock at this price is today
THE ONE BEST BUY for large, certain profits in California
oil. Whatever hv the amount of your capital for investment,
Pyramid stock at 40c per : aare offers the greatest obtainable
value, combining the elements of absolute safety, certainty of
early dividends and unlimited profit possibilities. A com
paratively small investment in Pyramid stock today will re
turn an "independent fortune within a reasonable length of
time. The development of the company's present holdings
during the coming year should easily make Pyramid stock
worth $5 per share.
See Us Today
Call at our office today for further information. If impossible
for you to come during the day, our office will be open from
7:30 to 9:30 this evening to receive you.
The G. S. Johnson Company
Fiscal Agents
Farmers & Merchants National Bank charles skyler.rc*a»nt»r.
armers & Merchants National Bank charles skyler. ca^hiar.
Capital. i 1.500,000. H i
Corner Fourth and Main. Surplus and Proflti. 900.00 a.
a ——: —r— ——~ J. M. SLLIUiI, freeia«nt.
Bust Na ional bank w. t. b. hammond. ouaias, ,
■■ Capital Stock. 11.260,000. ;
1 B. B. corner B»cond and ■prtn«. Fa- .lv» and ProBU. |l.»2».00«.
: ——I 7TZZ ; " W. H. UOLLIDAY. fruldeab
erchants National Bank chas. . greene. cashiar.
Capital 1200,000. ■; ■
B. ■. eornar Third and Bprlnr Surplus & Undivided ProflU 18M.00*..
; — • . „ .., J. E. FISHHURN, iT«sldea«,
ational Bank of California h. a mckeb. caahier.
Capital, JMO.OOO.
N. B. corner Fourth and Bprlnr Burplua and Undivided ProHU. BHWi
(— ;—— ~" ~~" B. F. ZOatBRO, President.
I ..uai national Bank james b. gist, cuniar.
Capital. 1300.000.
I B. B. corner Fourth and Broadway. Surplus and Undivided ProlUs, W4a.Ha.
aauw-y Bank & Trust Company A w redman, cashier.
Capital. 1260.000. _*_!__
t««-»10 Broadway. Bradbury building. gurplus & Undivided Profits. IMB.IWO.
nit£d States National Bank F . w smith, cuoier.
Capital. $300,000.
B. B. corner Main and Commercial. 6urplua and ProflU. t71.0D«.
C. Bank B J. ■^ Aw^oDsf r ca»i»ur.
■ iizeiib i\ationai Bank w.x w woods, cuoiar.
Capital. 11,000.000.
B. W. corner Third and Main. Surplus. ttoo.OOO.
C. . , . W. A. BONYNQB. President,
ommerciai national Bank nkwman bsbick. cuuiar.
Capital. *200,000.
«81 B. Spring, corner Fourth. Burpl'j» »nd Hn.Hvlfle'l T>r»nt«. t4i.MSj.
I llavings RANK
h Largest and Oldest in Southwest
Resources $27,000,000.00
» Pays the, highest rated of Interest and on the most liberal terms consistent
_ with sound, conservative banking.
f Money to Loan on Improved Real Estate
I Security Building Spring and Fifth Street*
->, — ~~ rf, *"^~"
Mtrchants Bank and Trust Ct. Paid Up Capital $250,000
Mi rcnants Bank and I rust tt. sur P i US over. $200,000
frr.V-VkVv'S%&, 209-11 S. Broadway Suu^*"

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