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Entire Country Will Watch Races on
Local Course, Declares Official
in Speaking of the Open.
ing Program
"If you don't think tho motordrome
Is a distinct asset in advertising, Los
Angeles look at that," said K. K. Mos
kovics, vice president and general
manager of the Los Angeles Motor
drome company yesterday afternoon,
as he dumped a suitcase full of clip
pings from the Now York papers tell
ing about the big "pie pan" at I'laya
del Ray. He had Just reached his of
fice on the return from a trip to New
York and Chicago, on which he signed
Up the leading eastern drivers, Includ
ing Barney Oldlleld and Jtulph s De
J'alma, to light out what eastern ex
perts think will be tho greatest auto
mobile contest over attempted,
"All the cast Is wonderfully excited
over this Oldneld-De Palma match,
and watching it like hawks," said
Moskovica. "It brings together un
doubtedly the two fastest cars in the
world, Oldflold's Bens and De i'alnia's
Fiat. Each is practically 2UO-horse
power, and If there In any car In the
Sams class It Is tho big Christ In, and
George Robertson is to bring that out
for the motordrome Inaugural. Bo you
see, the eastern enthusiasts have rea
son to bo excited.
"The New York papers have been
devoting a great deal of space to the
Los Angeles motordrome and the pos
sibilities tor producing a new bunch
of records. They agree, the board track
has great possibilities, and the novelty
of" racing on an absolutely dust less
track especially appeals, for twenty
four hour racing. When you wake New
York up you are accomplishing some
thing, but we have certainly done it
with the motordrome.
"The Flat-Bens contest Is going to
be the talk of the automobile world.
There was much disappointment when
it fell through at Ortnond, but that has
served only to whet the interest in the
Los Angeles meet. Every effort will
be made to get De Palma's car ready
on time, and it will be expressed
through on limited trains."
Almost as much interest Is centered
in bringing the leading road and track
drivers together, Which has been ac
complished under the most favorable
Circumstances for the first time in the
arrangements made by Manager Mns
kovlcs for the motordrome inaugural.
Hobertson is coming out determined
to drive like a hurricane around the
"pie pan." and the contest among
the three men with the mammoth cars
will bo bitter. In consequence the mo
tordrome officials believe the Los An
geles public will see gladiatorial rac
ing such as the country has never
witnessed before. A record around
thirty seconds Is freely predicted now
that Jack Prince's Judgment is demon
strated In tangible shape by the track
Mr. Mnsckovics said that the A. A.
A. official! are giving the Los Angel, s
meet every encouragement and that
the manufacturers are. taking deep In
terest in the results, as they believe
the boa ril track will prove a great
demonstrator of the efficiency of the
modern- car.
s.\x rRANCIBCO, March 15.—wil
-1 iiiui J. Calhoun, United states min
ister to China, accompanied by his
■ailed today on the ctenmer
Tenyo tlaru for hll post In Peking.
AmArirAn American Motor Car Agency.
fWIWI ltdll 1210-1212 South Oliva
AmaMran Bckins"Corey Motor Car Co.,
Amencan aoimpiex Pi CO and Fiowef
Atlac Bekins-Corey Motor Car Co..
™l(" Pico and Flown
r.afjfnrnia California Automobile Co.,
iiaiirornia Tenth and Main
Horrid Bosbyshell-Carpenter Co.,
LfUI ■ l 0 1226-1228 South Olive
Durocar Durocar Ma"ufac*"% Co
i/ui vvui 929 South Los Angeles
Empire Munns Auto Co.,
Ll""11 U 1351 South Main
P«iy| Standard Automobile Co..
1 Ul U Twelfth and Olive
Great Western " oge> 1130 . ]132 South Oliva
Halladay-lsotta Motor Car Import Co.. South 0 ,, v.
naiidoay-isona 810 Sou th ohv.
Hllf\mnkila Tri'State Automobile and Supply Co.,
MUpiIIUUIIU M. C. Nason, Mgr. 600 South Olive St.
I AllO A A mar Factory Branch 804 So. Olive,
Lane Oieamer j. A . thill, Representative.
P;it*rQnn Pico Carriaee Co
raierson Pico and . Ma .
D i-aI Williams Automobile Co..
I "II 01 rtf 1806 South Mair
Ramhlpr W. K. Cowan,
l\ciNlDitsr 1140-1142 South Hope
Qtorlin/i A N< Jung Motor Car Co-
Olrl Illly 1242-1244 South Flower '
"I" urict California Automobile Co.,
JOlinSl Tenth and Main
1/ ■• Standard Automobile Co.,
Veiie Twelfth and Olive
a«r««» »nil K.y.iirluj. Distributors, ' 1326-1228 So. Olive St.
U.me ItMli . "*•■ 8I"* h i ; — , ; —
Council" Resolutions Orders Lines to Cease
Hauling Freight in City, Pave Better
Between Tracks and Seat
All Passengers
Street railway companies will have
to comply with the terms of their fran
chises within the next six months or
their franchises will be revoked This
means freight carrying on street car
lim s through the city must stop, the
railways must pave between their
tracks with the same kind of material
used on other portions of the street,
and they must provide seats for every
passenger, except in times of extraor
dinary and unforeseen amounts of
These provisions are all contained In
i ri olution adopted by tiitj city coun
cil yesterday with a Vim and unanim
ity that plainly Showed the council
meant what Its resolution said and in
tends to enforce its provisions. The
resolution was presented to the council
by President John ]J. Works, and fol
Whereas, it lias been brought to the
attention of this council that holders
and owners of street railroad fran
chlsen, granted by this council, have
continuously tailed and neglected to
comply with the terms and conditions
Of such franchises, on their part to bo
pi i Formed, and particularly:
1. That they arc operating freight
cars and carrying freight over their
roads operated under said franchises,
in Violation of the provisions of the
franchise that sucb roads "shall bo
used only for the transportation of
passengers and United states mall."
2. That they have failed to pave and
keep in repair that portion of the
streets along which their roads are
constructed and operated, between the
rails, between the tracks, and for two
tei i on each ■ de thereof, In the manner
and of the material required by the
of the franchise; and
;; They have failed us required by
said franchises to operate cars over
their said roads with sufficient fre
quency to provide with seats nil pas
sengers apply Inif for transportation
thereon excepting in times of extraor
dinary and unforeseen amounts of
11. < s ii: find
whereas, said fram hlses provide a*
follows: "That enj neglect, failure or
refusal to comply with any of the con
ditions Of f-ild rrane!iise shall there
upon Immediately ipso facto effect a
forfeiture thereof, and the said city, by
Ii . Ity council, may thereupon declare
■aid franchise forfeited, and may ex
ctudo said grantee or his successors
and assigns from further use of the
streets of na'.d city under said fran
chise, and Bald grantee and his suc
cessors nnd assigns shall thereupon and
Immediately surrender all rights In anil
to the same, and said franchise shall
be deemed and shall remain null, void
aiid of no effect"; therefore.
Resolved, First, that all holders of
Street railroad franchises within this
city be and they are hereby notified
that If they, or either of them, shall fall
to comply with all of the terms and
conditions of their franchises, within
six months from this date and contin
uously thereafter, proceedings will be
taken to declare their franchises for
feited, as provided in said franchises.
Second —That all officers whose duty
It Is to enforce the performance of the
conditions of Raid franchises on the
part of the grantees, other than by
forfeiture of said franchises, be <Hnd
they lire hereby instructed to perform
such duties without further delay.
Third— That the mayor, as the rx
•CUtlve head of the city government,
be requested to see that these duties
are performed by such olflcrs without
Fourth-- That the city clerk be and
ho Is hereby Instructed to serve a copy
of these resolutions on each holder and
owner of a franchise to operate a street
railroad In the city, personally on such
person or persona, or upon the proper
officer of any corporation holding and
owning such franchise, and to make
proof, by affidavit, of such service and
the time thereof. .
He fore presenting the resolution
Judge Works submitted a communica
tion to the council In which ho called
attention to the flagrant way In which
the, street car companies were violat
ing the terms of their franchises, He
"Attention should be called to the
conditions upon which street railway
franchises are granted in this city, the
persistent violation of those conditions
by the street railway companies, and
the continued neglect of the officers of
the city to enforce compliance with
such conditions. Among other things
many, if not all of the franchises con
tain the following conditions and
promises on the part of the companies
us a consideration for the franchise:
—That the street railroad con
structed and operated under said fran
chise shall be used only for the trans
portation of passengers and United
States mall.
".Second—And the said grantee and
his successors or assigns shall at his or
their own expense and cost pave or
macadamize the said road between the
rails, between the tracks and for two
feet on each side thereof, with the
same material used by the. city and
under the same specifications and in
the same manner as upon the streets
over which said road runs res] tlve
ly, nnd shall keep the tame constant
ly so paved or macadamised and in
repair, flush with the street, and pro-
vlded with suitable crossings, and
shall make the roadbed conform at
all times to the established grade of
the street. !
"Third—All repairs and grades to be
made under the Instructions and to
the satisfaction of the board of public
works of said city. In case the said
grantee or his successors or assigns
fail to comply with the Instructions
given by said hoard of public works
for ten days after service thereof up
on the said grantee or his successors
or assigns, or upon the manager °r
agent of said grantee or of his suc
cessors or assigns In T,oa Angeles, It,
the said board of public works, shall
enter upon the road of said grantee
or his successors <>r assigns, and do
the work as ordered by the said board
of public works, said board to keep
an itemized account of tho cost of
said work, which the said grantee and
his successors or assigns, by the ac
ceptance of said franchise, agrees to
pay immediately upon it being pre
sented to said grantee or Ills succes
sors or assigns, or to such manager or
agent stationed In Los Angeles.
Fourth—Cars shall be operated over
said road with sufficient frequency
to rnrry nnd provide with seats all
pn senders applying for transportation
thereover, excepting in times of ex
traorrllnnry and unforeseen amounts
of travel, and thnt said ears shall be at
all times and In nil respects as ef
ficiently constructed nnd conveniently
equipped as the cars in use upon the
best electric street railroads in the
city of IjOs Angeles.
"The franchise provides. In express
terms, for the forfeiture of the fran
chise, If the conditions are not com
plied with, In the following words:
" 'Thnt any neglect, failure or refusal
to comply with any af the conditions
of said franchise shall thereupon Im
mediately Ipso facto effect a forfeiture
thereof, and the said city, by its city
oouncll, may thereupon declare said
franchise forfeited, and may exclude
said grantee or his successors and as
flkhs from further use of the streets
of said city, under said franchise, and
Mid grantee and Ins successors and
assigns shall thereupon and immediat
ely surrender all rights in and to the
Fame and said franchise shall be
deemed and shall remain null, void and
of no effect.
"The city has been granting these
franchises for years and they have
been continuously wilfully and persis
tently, violated, to the great injury of
the city and the people. And worst
of all, while the. officers of the city
had It completely within their power
to compel compliance with the con
ditions, they have just as continuously
neglected their duty in this respect.
"The first condition above mentioned
Is that the franchise shall be used only
for the 'transportation of passengers
;in,i the United States mail.' Kvery
body that takes notice, unless it may
be the officers whose duty it is to en
force the conditions of the franchise,
knows that this condition Is violated
constantly, ami with Impunity, by
running freight cars, sometimes whole
trains of them, through the city from
end to end. Can anyone tel lwhy the
officers of the city allow this to go
on? It is nothing less than wilful
neglect of duty, as their attention has
been called to it again and again.
"Tha provision that the Companies
■ball pave the street between their
tracks of the same material used by
the rity In paving the balance of the
street, and shall keep It in repair, is
opi uly and shamefully violated. A
look at Seventh street from Hill to
Fisueroa, and Flgueroa from Seventh
si nit north Avill afford conspicuous
examples of this neglect. That por
tion of these streets required to be
paved by the companies is in a shame
ful condition, and next to impassable.
The board of public works, rs shown
by the above quotation, has full
power to compel the repair of these,
and other streets in like condition, by
giving ten days' notice of what it re
quires to be done, and if the company
fails to make the repairs, the board
not only may but the franchise de
clares that It shall enter upon the
road, do the work and collect the ex
pense from the company. But the
street department takes no steps to
compel the improvement of the streets
In this respect. This is not all. The
companies fall, for weeks, to do the
first paving of the streets after the
property owners pave their portion,
leaving: a large portion of the street
almost Impassable: and street crossings
are torn up and obstructed to pas
sage, for weeks at a time, to do the
work that should be done in us many
days. West Adams and West Sixth
streets are fair examples of the first
of these, and the crossing at Flower
and Sixth streets, of the other. But
those are only examples. There are
many such cases.
"It may be fairly said that the street
railway companies make no pretense
of complying with the conditions and
iromlses made by them to secure the
valuable franchises for which they
have paid little or nothing, except free
panel to the officers whose duty it
| is to enforce these promises.
"Another important condition upon
Commerce Commission Will Consider
Matter of Vast Importance to
Fruit Growers of South.
em California
The hearing of the, citrus fruit case
has been iet by tho Interstate com
merce commission for Mai eh -'3, and
will be held in Los Angeles, continu
ing several days, No complaint ot
greater importance probably ever has
been (lied with the Interstate commerce
commission than is embodied in the
brief's of tho citrus fruit case. The
.switching rate, case may be of wider
scop,-, ;ih it may have a direct Influ
ence on the jobbing interests of the
entire country, and is, of course, of
vast Importance to the business men
of Los Angeles, but the citrus fruit
hearing will involve the greatest in
dustry in Southern California and to
the southern half of the state it meant
more as ;i whole' than does the local
Switching case. This case. also, is
said to Involve limp defendants than
any other case ever brought before
the comtnen c commission,
The complainants will be represented
at the hearing by Joseph H. Call and
I A .!■'. Call of i,os Angeles, and by
j Mayer, Austrian & Platt of Chicago,
1 Interstate commerce attorneys. The
railroads '.'ill have their best possible
array of legal talent here, ;md it is ex
pected the case v, in he bitterly con
An average gain of L'O per ant in
Interurban passenger traffic has been
made this winter, as compared with
last winter, according to the reports of
the Pacific Electric, LoS Angeles Pa
clflc and Los Angeles £.- Redondo rail
way companies. The Pacific Electric
company estimates Its gain at 25 i" r
cent, the I.os Angeles A Redondo at
more than 20 pr cent and the Los
Angeles Pacific at ID per cent.
The war department has granted the
Newport hand company permission to
reclaim all of Balboa island in Now
port bay. within certain limits. Lieut.
Charles T. Leeds, government engineer
here, received notice of the permit yes
terday. The company already has re
-1 l:rirne,i the western portion of the
Attorneys for Charles Joseph Heyn
dricks, who is being held in the. county
Jail charged with obtaining a certifi
cate of naturalization by fraud, will
make an application tomorrow in the
United States district court, It Is un
derstood, to have the amount of the
prisoner's ball reduced from $10,000 to
The application will be opposed by
Deputy United States Attorney Mc-
Cormlck, who ins died in the office
of the court a petition requesting the
cancellation of the certificate of citi
zenship issued to Heyndrlcks in
Washington in November, 1905.
It la alleged In the petition the cer
tificate was obtained fraudulently,
and affidavits are included in support
of the contention. In one of th»ae N.
Walllngford, a former chief of police
at Noun 1, alleges that Heyndrieks,
when a resident of that place in 1902,
deserted his family and reappeared
shortly with several prostitutes and
peraiated in this leatonal recruiting
until 1905. Walllngford declares tea
prisoner was known in Nome as a
bad character generally, frequently In
trouble, and several times arrested on
various charges. Other depositions to
the same effect were also filed.
which the franchises are granted,
mentioned above, is that the grantees
shall operate cars over the road 'with
sufficient frequency to carry und pro
vide with Beata all passengers apply
ing for transportation, except in times
of extraordinary and unforeseen
amounts of travel.' This requirement
is also continuously violated. On al-
most every line in the city the cars
running, both morning and evening,
are so crowded that a large propor
tion of the passengers, many of them
women, are compelled to stand crowd
ed together, the women with the men.
There Is no better excuse for this con
dition than the desire of the company
to make more money. The comfort
and Rafety of pasengers and the
promise of the company to run suffi
cient cars to supply them with lS\?;i 1 .s.
seem to have no weight. And the
officers of the city take the same view
of it, judging from their neglect to
enforce the ordinance under which the
ronds are operated. If the executive
officers of the city neglaet to enforce
and protect the rights of tho people,
then the duty rests upon this council
to do so.
"The last clause of Hip ordinance,
quoted above, provides that any ms
lect, failure or refusal, of the com
pany to comply with any of these
conditions shall Immediately, ipso fac
to, effect a forfeiture of the franchise,
and that the city council may de
clare the francMM forfeited and take
possession of the roads. There is no
doubt that every franchise that has
been granted by this council, any con
siderable time ago, stands forfeited
today under the express terms of the
franchise. It only remains for the
council to declare the forfeiture and
take over the road a.
"It would hardly be fair to the com
panies to take advantage of this right,
as the officers of the city have suf
fered It to be so this long, without
giving thpm an opportunity, within a
reasonable time, to take off their
freight cars, pave the streets that
they are obligated to pave, put the
streets and crossings in repair as they
are obligated to do, put on and operate
sufficient cars to carry all pasenprers
and provide them seats, and to comply
with the other conditions contained in
the ordinance granting the franchise.
In the meantime, the officers whose
duty it is to compel a compliance with
these franchises, should be Instructed
to see that the. conditions are strictly
complied with, In the future, and the
mayor, as the executive head of the
city government, charged with the en-
forcrment of the laws, should he re
quested to see that such officers per
form this duty. I suggest that notice
be served on all holders of street rail
way franchises at once that if the
conditions of their franchises, and es
pecially the ones above mentioned, are
not complied with within six months
from this date, and continuously there
after, their franchises will be declared
"If this administration clops not pro
tect thp people in these important
rights, it will not have complied with
Its promise to give Hip city a good
"I submit with this statement of
conditions a resolution for your con
Mr. and Mrs. Colonist
The largest subdivision ever
placed on the market within
the incorporated boundaries of
Los Angeles?
Largely Improved With Nice Homes
Tf\nr C $£ /C EZ f\ TTT) Easy Terms, No Taxes to
JLj\J la 3 wOOI/ UJL Pay Until October, 1910
Discounts for the Home- VERMONT SQUARE
builder's Benefit '* on VPrnon > Normandic and Western avenues. Take
Grand avenue car on Broadway marked "Dalton, Avenue"
Five per cent for cash. Five per cent and Ret oft at Forty-fifth street, or take Grand avenue car
to the builders of the first 5 houses In on Broadway marked "West Forty-eighth Street" and Ret
any block, completed within six months off at Normandio avenue. Agents In waiting to show tha
from date of purchase. property.
M.i»is*o 416 Pacific Electric Bldg. ■*-■«•
S3 SB? o<rlce C. A. WESBECHER, Tract Agent
Phone* Home 26399; U'Mt 883.

Full Service
to San Francisco
All trains are now running on regular schedules via the Coast Line
as well as the Valley.
Shore Line Limited
"The Daylight Flyer," leaves Los Angeles at 8 a. m. daily, with' De
Luxe Equipment for Parlor Car Passengers only. 'Tis the Train of
Absolute Comfort.
THE COASTER leaves Los Angeles at 8.15 a. m.
SUNSET EXPRESS at 7:30 p. m. ,
All equipped for first-class and tourist business.
Santa Barbara locals at 6:45 a. m. and 1 :45 p. m.
Famous Coast Line
Resorts Are Open
and this is the most beautiful season of the year to visit them. "
LICK OBSERVATORY should be visited by every traveler.
The Road of a Thousand Wonders
On your way to San Francisco stop at these various coast resorts and
enjoy them while journeying via the
Southern Pacific
Los Angeles Offices 600 South Spring Street, Cor
ner Sixth, and Arcade Depot
Inquisitorial Body Holds Brief Session
and Then Adjourns Un
til Friday Morning
For the first time in its history, the
federal grand jury of the southern dis
trict of California has a negro among
its members. Ho is Thomas A. Cole.
A brief formal session of the jury was
held yesterday after Its organization
by United States District Judge Well
born, twenty-one men being selei ted,
and an adjournment was taken until
Prlday morning.
The personnel of the, jury is as fol
lows: Foreman, William M, Tufts;
sucictaiy, Everton J. Puubody; Kobert
W. Alien, Harry Andrews, H. A. Bing
liani. F. W. Boynton, John A. Blumve,
Franc is C. Carey, Thomas A. Cole, C.
P. Deyes, Q. L. Davidson, R. J. Hei
tnan, Harry Jackins, Kdmund l.enz, A.
Monckman, U. A. Ralphs, B. F. San
born, Charles H. Sessions, N. F. Wil
shlre, Harry E. Wodner and Henry C.
Articles of incorporation filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday uro as
Rimpau Estate company—Capital,
$45,01)0; Theodore, Adolph, Sophie,
Marie T^., Pied C, Ben A., Jamei A.
and John L. Rinipau, directors.
Hattie Oil and Gas company of Bar
tlevillo, Okla.—Capital, $10,000; Fort R.
Heneflel, H, Morse, Charles Aurey, di
Fair Oaks Tract company—Capital,
$75,000; Charles L. Whtpple, QeorgO W.
Dickinson, Frank H. Strong, N. G.
I'rnyinan, directors.
"Money Talks"
An interesting monthly for money
savers. It's free. Send for a copy today.
Central Building. Sixth and Main.
■I ■SBBH^Bk cored to star oured. Eminent.
M I fVBI jmiKi's, ministers, congressmen
HH.. M H 2% and tho medical press declari'i
H I Km mr cares pennanrm. I ouro
■^ ■ ■ after others fall. WBITB TO
SSI Address, Or. W. Towua, ITond da l*o, Wia.
CHICAGO, March 15.—Practically
every religious denomination in Chi
oago has joined hands with the women
oi''tlie Chlc&gO Hospital association in
their great hospital charity undertak
ing, which has fofr its object the fur
nishing Of free hospital service to poor
persons, .

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