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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
40,000 BARRELS
Huge Temporary Reservoir Is Being
Constructed to Accommodate
Enormous Production —Stor.
age Facilities Limited
The lie raid's representative, now In the
Midway field, visited the Lake View
usher late yesterday afternoon. He
wire* from Moron am follow*:
"Just Tlsited the lake View gusher on
Twenty-five. It Is flowing sti-onerr ever?
hour. A conservative estimate of oil
saved In tanks Is 40,000 barrel, every
twenty-four hours, besides a big stream
Is going Into sump holes."
The Lake View Oil company of Marl
copa, whose well in fractional section
£5, Sunset-Midway field, broke loose
last Monday at the rate of 1000 barrels
.day ""throwing up a temporary res
e^^wltn capacity of 1,000,000 bar
rels In order to accommodate the river
of oil that is now flowing from the
WThe well was reported yesterday to
be flowing 32,000 barrels a day and
the superintendent at the property
'ays he will be able to take care of
the production with present facilities
for about seven days, after which time
he thinks the big reservoir will be
ready for further storage.
A party of stockholders In the Lake
View company returned yesterday
from the field, where they went Imme
diately after learning that the well
had been brought in. In the party
were Charles P. Off, R. D. Wade.
George Safford. F. P. Veils. Horace
Demis, W. 13. Ambrose and Dr. Clar
en Mr. \vade said yesterday that the
Mr Wade paid yesterday that the
reservoir would, he was informed
while at the property, hold 1,000,000
barrels and was being constructed In
the form of a huge sump hole by
scooping out and damming a canyon
between two hills near the well.
It Is believed that not over 5 per
cent of the oil will be lost through
waste, as the ground in the vicinity of.
the well is very hard.
First reports were that at least 10
per cent would be lost, but expert
opinion and precaution reduces this
estimate one-half.
Pumps Into Tanks
They are now pumping the oil from
the gusher into the Independent tanks
located on the property and the tale
race is flowing into sump holes which
will hold the accumulating; surplus
for at least seven days. The well Is ,
situated on an elevation which makes j
it possible to handle much of the oil
by gravity.
Mr. Off says that when he and party
were there Wednesday the flow from
the well resembled a string of casing j
reaching to the crown block, so bright
was Ihe oil reflected by the sun. The
pressure was such that the oil shot
forth without much noise and the
sand and other particles of formation
in passing through the casing caused
friction that let off a fountain of
sparks as the oil and sand shot up
These sparks, which were plainly i
visible at night, caused Rome appre
hension on the part of the management
as It was feared they would set fire
to the oil and gas. lint up to the
last report no trouble had been ex
Both the Standard and Independent
gaugers were on the ground Wednes
day and estimated the flow at 82,000
barrels a day. between 11 o'clock In
the morning and 3 o'clock in the aft
Others have ventured the opinion
that the flow was even better
40,000 barrels, but Messrs. Wade and
off say o'2 O'pf) is good enough for
Reservoir in Canyon
It Is said the construction Of the
1,000,000-harrel reservoir will be an
easy task as the condition' for quick
work B.re just right In the canyon.
Horn the oil cnn be stored without
much trouble. The canyon will be
closed at one end anil Ihe oil run Into
the Improvised reservoir by gravity
from the well located above.
The Ijfike View nil company, nriir-
Inally financed by Messrs. Wade and
Off nnii F. K. Punlap. has been work-
Ing In the Sunset-Midway Bold for the
past fifteen months. Last August
a one-half Interest in the company
was acquired by the T Tnlon '"'il com
pany, but the Lake View company Is
still Intact nnd for that reason the
frequent references to this well as a
Union well are not correct.
The Lake View Oil company now
has 340 acres of land In fractional sec
tions "•" and '■'*■ and three strings of
tools are drilline:. This numb will
be increased to five strlnirs Immediate
ly. nigs are on the ground for wells
Noa. 4, 5 and 6.
The present (rusher Is "from n <i%
inch easing and the nil is said to
reach at times a, height of twenty
five feet above the derrick. This well
is the largest to yet come in the Mid
way field and proves up several thou
sand acres of land.
When the well came In the gravity of
the oil v.as -i degrees but with the
increase In production it dropped to 19
■ ■■ lALINGA, March I.—The rarter &
Metcalf property <>n the north line of
8, 20-16. comprising eighty acres, lias
been sold to W. S. Boggs and John
Keith of the [mperlal Oil company
associates, all of whom arc Ran Fran
cisco and Bakersfleld capitalists. The
purchase price is reported to bi
the neighborhood of $2500 an acre. W.
I!. Penneman, manager of the Lucoy
.Supply company, vho recently pur
chased forty acres from the M. K. &
T. Oil company on the section and sub
sequently sold it to the Security Oil
company, made the sale.
No plans have as yel bi en annonuced
for the development of the property,
but it is believed the new owners will
not delay in getting work started,
An unconfirmed report is to the > f
fect that some sort of agreement is be
ing arranged between the rival forces
Lting in the Buena Vista hills un
der the leadership of J. SI. McLeod and
Kd. McCray and that these two
of wildcatters will work in harmony
with the Unlop
TTCSON. March 18.-Helvctla hns
called an assessment of 50 cents a
share. This will give the company
$85,000 with which to continue its de
velopment work and provide some
needed additional equipment. The as
sessment was made necessary In the
fact that the company's working sur
plus hag been reduced to about $20,000.
A year or more ago Helvetia opened
a body of sulphide ore averaging bet
ter than 5 per cent copper. A portion
Of this ore was shipped to the Old
Dominion smelter. Notwithstanding a
$3 a ton wagon haul and a railroad
freight charge of $1.88, this ore yielded
a profit of $2.50 to $3.50 a ton on a
12 3-4 to 13 cent market. Later, when
the Old Dominion advanced its smelt
ing charge about $2 a ton Helvetia
discontinued shipments.
What promises to ho :i large body of
1 disseminated ore, averaging about 2V4
per cent copper, has recently been lo
cated and is being- opened. So far
400.000 tons has been put in Bight.
fhere is still a prospect that the
Helvetia property has In it the making
of a large mine, bu! the average grade
of the ore will be somewhat lower
than the rich developments of a year
i or more ago led the management to
| believe.
Developments continuing favorable.
Helvetia may later on increase its
capital stock and raise sufficient money
to build eighteen miles of railroad,
i ting the mine with the Southern
Pacific, and also erect a lar«e smelter.
At S4 a share the Helvetia's entire
capital stock is selling in the market
for only $800,000.
X W. Preston, general superintend
ent of the Pacific stales company, writ
ing from Coalinga, says sixty acres lo
cated north of th« property of the
Coolings (.'rude Oil company navi
been sold to Los Angeles men for $3"vi)
an acre. Both parties to the transac
tion say they made,a good deal, and
i!i" generous price paid indicates the
high standing the property In that vi
cinity maintains. It could not be
learned yesterday who were the buyer
and seller.
The Coalings Crude well has real hed
a depth of 3'JS feet in ten-inch casing,
passing about thirty feet of heaving
sand. This qui'ksand has had a tend
ency to make the casing stick, but Mr.
Preston says that he thinks the forma
tion will change and thus elimlnat
trouble experienced the past several
days. He says the American Oilfields
tost two strings of casing in this sort
formation before reaching the depth
the Coalings Crude well Las obtained.
The Coalings Aladdin has been bailed
out and Is now ready to be put bai k
on the pump.
Consolidated well No. 1, which has
1 ""ii standing for several days to !■ t
the cemejit thoroughly set, will be
ready today or tomorrow for further
opment. After drilling through ;
the shoe, Mr. Preston says, It will be
only S few 'lays until the "11 sand Is
(Special Corre'-iondoncf.)
KOFA, Ariz.. Manli 15. -Jim Malley
nf the Black Mountain mine, Mexico,
hai been lampling the Ingasai r prop
erty, located .-.1111111 nine miles east of
here, Up aniweri all questions with
remark! about the perfect climate.
Matt Ingassen was shown this prop
erty by the Indians thlrtj j
He camped there at oni c an 1
malned ever since. When he needs
supplies hi arastras ".it .1 little gold,
buys some beans and flrewater and Is
seen no nh.ro for a month or two, Hi
v, ai oft( ''.1 |4 ' time for
luperty, but di cidi .1 he wanti d
$80,000, Then the Kins of Arizona
p o] le offered to lease it and pay htm
monlh'y roj ill it the lust mo
ment ho refused to Blgn. In an «ut
burst he s.ud that 111• • was safer
in the mine tb in In the bank.
K,i Rogers, formerly manager of the]
1 luggi nhelmer Explora) lon 1 omj
and Henry M, Robinson, millionaire,
..[ Pasadena, arrived in the <:■
star auto tmliiy. They are receiving
princely dividends from this district,
but from current reports evidently thej
are not adverse to doubling their iu
Last week the It a ly Money com
pany uncovered a la^ body 01 fine ga
. ai rying considerable gold and
silver. 'J'ln ■ Is a cross ledge that cuts
all the gold formal lon bi 1« on the
King or Ari/.i'i .nri the North
Star mine.
An att 1. him tit h been filed In
Fresno <ipim a part of the outfit of the
1 Ml company on section
1V This is separate from the
lion lile.i s.mie time ,ik". covering the
and ii large part of 1 „ 1. uteriul,
and is to protect .■■ of the tsn
creditors who did not v lln on tho
Iti Hen and hose aggregate a.
counts will amount to over $2000.
The Gem Is one of the companies
which blew up t.. i loalinga w i;h an
ory odor a i.v months ago, and
nul outi ome of the 1 ompany will
be watched with Intel I :i is said.
ii was n ported a tow daya ago that
R. B. Ellis, who holds the property
a drilling contract, \va.° at work
•in the property, but it lias developed
I 1 nly a couple of days' work was
.inn. , merely to hold the contract, ac
cording to Coalinga advices,
TUCSON, March is.-Sixty men were
thrown out of employment last week
by the: shutdown of the El Tiro mines,
Ing to information that has
reached Tucson. Only three or four
employes are loft In charge of the
property, on which, it is said, pumping
of .1 desultory nature is still In prog
ress, under the supervision of the men
led, but no other work is being
done. Xi Tiro properties are located
in the Silverbell n srlon, adjoining the
properties of the Imperial Copper com
pany, and are owned by tin- El Tiro
Copper company, of which the Kurtz
Brothers of New Yorh are the princi
pal stockholders, a shaft has been
sunk by tii" company to a depth of
several hundred feet.
The cause of the shutdown has not
been announced, but rumor has it that
a lack of funds is the reason.
Ore Body Is Being Measured, Tested
?rtd Proved by Drilling Sys.
tern to Make a Per.
feet Model
KAY, Ariz.. March 18.—The Hay Con
solidated is about tn Increase it* work
ing rorce and put the mine In condition
to supply ore for its new concentra
tor, which is expected to bo Into com
mission by the end of the year. The
concentrator now being built will have
■ capacity of 6000 tons of ore daily,
and it is quite possible that it may be
enlarged to 10,000 tons daily capacity
within a year or two.
The achievements Of such companies
as the Utah Copper and Nevada Con
solidated, working on low grade dis
seminated ores similar to those of Kay
Consolidated, but sllghtlj lower grade,
make it possible to '.resent app oxi
mately accurate figures covering the
future costs, production and earning of
this company.
its ore bodj li b( Ing measured, tested
and proved bo carefully by the drill
work now under way that practically a
perfect model of it is before the engin
eers and mining men who are laying
plans for Its develo; ment and extrac
the end of this year the entire de
posit Will have hern drilled, its breadth.
depth and thickness and assay valr.es
determined beyond question, and from
that time on it will be a simple manu
fai Hiring proposition.
The ore Will be mined from under
ground by the caving system. The
engln< rs estimate that they will be
able to extract practically the entire
tonnage of ore In the ground. There
I will be no stripping of ore bodies or
m shovel mining.
The mining cost will probably be 40
or 50 cents a ton less than that of Utah
Copper; but there is reason to bi
that the average yield Of Kay ores
will be at least six to eight pounds
more copper a ton than T'tah Copper is
saving. Bay's coat a round of producing
copper, therefore, promises to be lower
than that of the Utah Copper company.
j. Mastella Le Grand, mining engi
neer, formerly mine superintendent of
ih.'' Barranca mines, La I
stat( of Bonora, Mexico, has returned
from Mcxl
He reports unusual activity among
American mining men In that state.
Many mines are shipping high grade
ore and numerous new reduction plants
are now in operation.
Many Los Angeles and Pasadena
people are interested In Bo "a, One
of the most active new companies is,
Mr. Le Grand says, the Sierra P.inta
Mines company, operating at Ban Jor
ges bay. which is located at the head
of the gulf of California.
This company owns five valuable
gold-silver properties in addition to a
railroad now operating for a distance
of twenty-six miles. The railroad li
now being extended to connect with
other properties owned by the com
pany and la destined to haul ore to
the company's new ten-stamp mill
which is being constructed at Ban
Jorges bay. <'. Henry Thompson of
Pasadena is the president and L. E.
Porter of Los Angeles Is manager.
Herbert L. Miller of Los Angeles Is
starting up his properties near San
Antonio de la Huerta.
■ Dlamondfleld Jack Davis, formerly
of Goldfleld, Is shipping high-grade
gold ore from his property known as
tbe West (.'oast Mining and Develop
ment company.
The Yatpii Smelting and Ilfiftning
company of Toledo, 6., has blown in
Its 100-ton smelter at Toledo, on the
Yaqul river. . ■'■-■ ;
There is quite a rush of Americans
Into the famous Altar district of that
The coming year will see a great
production from Sonora, says Mr. I.'
Nine Feet of Rich Ore Cut in Drift in
United Verde Extension
JEROME, Ariz.. March 18.—Great
oxcitement prevails here over a won
derful strike of copper ore made on
the properly nf the United Verde RJx-
I tension Copper company, an extension
of former Senator Clark's United
v, rd« on the east. Nine feet of ore
w hlcli Is a (•■' mbination of copper
c, nil Ive copper and red oxide of
r, has been cut, The strike was
: made In a drift run on what Is known
Itter ere. k, the waters of which
Hi>\\ from Clark's mine, ore was un
covered at a depth of 300 feet. This is
said to bo the richest copper strlko
ever made In Arizona,
A deal involving $r>,iwi,ipuu worth of oil
property located wfthin a radius of
a few miles of Bartlesvllle, was closod
here today by George C, Priestly, act
ing for a company of foreign hankers.
The company will build a pipe line to
the gulf of Mexico and will export all
the oil.
BAKERBFIELD, March 18.— Sheriff
Kelly today received a. wire from his
<!< puty at Topeka, Kas., notifying him
that the governor of Kansas has re-
Cv <■'! to issue extradition papers for
Henry Martins, the land promotor who
is wanted here on a charge oi' obtaining
$14,000 from a colonist under false
Martens brought many Mennonites
In re from Kansas, and in addition to
tin criminal action civil suits liave
been filed against him.
Corner Third and Spring Sts.
Douglas Building .
The near approach of Easter has set thousands to thinking of new Suits and Overcoats, and
as usual, our store is proving a mecca for all who seek the most desirable things in male
In Men's and Young Men's
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Our exposition is complete and must excite the admiration of all who view the new things.
Open Until 10 P. M. Open Until 10 P. M.
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by L. A.
Oilier & Co.. members Los Angeles ttock ex
change, iiXI-201 I. \V. Hellmiin building, Los
Angeles. li I'.it'li t'J '''I'? Hern! !hy'■ -V
er & Co., m*mb»ri U - ihgeUa itock em
■ "i I \v Hallman bulldlni '
""• '
SAN FRANCISCO, March IJ,—Fraction lield
the center ut the stage again today and sold
off 10 points from yesterday's do**, but before
the in of the session supporting orders ""'"
In evidence and It closed steady with 53 cent*
bid Consolidated na.« quiet, but moved up 2 1:
points. jumbo Extent was weak, being
it-.-, offered at M cents, with no bids In
sight. ' „,
In the Tnnopah list. B In* ■" recovered :'.■
points, Montana was up 3, Jin iiutler 2 and
I Mi'Namara 2.
Tonopah advices state that as development
work pi-ogrewei on the ii. imi m estate condi
tions continue to Improve.
Following «ore the closing quotations:
Bid, Ask.l _ Bid Asl<-
Adams 1 = 'Kowanas .... J 8
\tlanta. ".'.'.'.'. 15 >"; ilreat Bend... i 4
I north i; W jui n^"'' A."- •■ 1
| 1,1 ,3 F. x i [at Bend Kx. .. »
l!lue „ii ... 6 6 Grandma .... 1 S
iiiu- Bell ... 1 * Jumbo X* ■■ M "'
B B Botian. .. i IK'ndall •>
i Ciilum Mtn. .. I Lane Star ... 4 b
Conqueror .. 3 ■• !'"" I-'l»>"> •• •• •
••oiiib Frac. f'2 53 |Mllltown Fit. ..
Crackerjack. 1 « M°h _E«t«n-. .. S
Daisy 8 9 |Nev OoldfleM .. .
Triangle .. I ■■ '■■" ,••■■, •••• ■• -
„.,.,,... M ,: MMi... n !■■■■ .. I
erjacli 1 I M«* „';>;,;,, j
D B B Con.. ■• : I"" 1' I "■- ■•• - °
Dixie I Red HillH ... 4 B
Empire ! (Sandstorm ... ■■ 5
Si^:- 3!! "i.tev«i:::.> ;
j'conisM 830 |Vpl 1 •(i 8
Bid A^k.i , . Bid. Ask.
Belmont '.V.Wti !40 North H.ar ..1 .2
rim sutler! ft* 17 R"f»«; '"",;■.„! , 2
mi.l«nv ?3 •• Ton'pah Mtn.i2..
M,tana''" 03 99 Tnnopah Ex. 81 S3
' ' N 29 Wrt Rnd Cn 39 41
\l., N,,,,...,^^ ( LFROa DISTRICT
Bid, Ask. . Bid. **
I »methy«t 1 - «JWo« fo«. 3 «
Hillfn* Mm 1 I Art. Mu.lfrog .. j
BniifixNt b i = y.'' !i, m,v ™■• 4 5
Monnl- Clare 8 10 Val View 3
Uontim "manhattan uiotrict
' Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
lUnhal Con. .? ! iMuitang •! ■•'
, Mln .. 1 is y\ Humph. .. 1
, „..: ; s 4 iThajikKKiving. .1
Bid, Ask. I Bid. A«k.
Faele'H Nest 2 :' l|lilla BllW vk 7I 7"
Nev HUu". 60 II [coalition ....23 ..
| x ,. v Hills ■■■"'" ■■ .''"'Uiti'm .... -J
— ■———
Fperlal service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
sonT 212 West Firth street. 1-os Angele».
NEW YORK. March l KoUowlng were the
dosing auota^um.^^ B1( , Ask
Am Tnh cm 4*o 4GI iNlpisslng ... 10' i 10',k
n a nas '« Mi ™lo Co PP .>r. 4% 414
chlV-agc"flub 2% 3 Ilawhde Coal 24 25
ii,.tana Tob 6 ' Ray Cent ... 3% 3Ti
Stn7oil 833 643 Ray .Con ... 22* 22-i
m Stmii 81l 21 ITnlted c '°Pt'r 7 7 4
Roston Co" 19-4 19% Yukon 4-i 4%
Buite roal •25 25Vi Inspiration .. B',i SH
Davis Daly.. 3',i 3", Mason Val .. 1% 2
Dolores ■■ 6 «4 Ely Cent ... li 1%
ridSeld Con 8U 8% Ely Cons .. 0%. 0%
cleeneT Can. 10«J Wi South Utah.. 2«4 S
rfroux 9% 94 rsila. Copper.. 7% R'l
Kerr^aia 8W 8% C'hlno 15% IBV4
URom ... 4>i 4% El Rayo .... 2»4 »ST4
inami . ... 23« i 24V4 Keystone .... 4"i 5
MnsCoofA4B 60 Con Ariz .... 2^i 2%
™"roni .. SM 24% North Lake.. 23»i 23%
Nev Utah .. Hi _lU_lndlana 40 40%
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wll
tor., 12 West Fifth street. Los Anuelei.
BOSTON, March 18.—In the local market
North Butte was active at ndvanclng price*.
Lake was also a favorite. The close showed
the best prices of the day. " / .;
Closing quotations were as follows:
Bid. Ask! Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu .. 7 714 Miami 23* 23%
do pfd .... 20W 21 Michigan ... 6'i 7y|
Adventure .. 8* 9 Mohawk .... 61* ..
Allouez ....6014 ■• Nev Con .... 23\ 24
/Vtlantla .... 914 9% North Butt*. 4314, 42%
Arcadian ... 614 7% Old Domln .. .. 43
Ariz Com-., 84% 35 Osceola .. ..155 158
Apes 2Vi I Parrot 15* 16
Bos Con .... Ny, 19% Qulncy .. ..88 89*
Butte Coal,. 26 25% Santa Fe .... 2 2%
Calu & Ariz 73 73* Shannon .. .. U% 16
Calu & Hec.Bß) «23 Shoe Mach .. 63' i7O
Centennial . :■"'« 21 do pfd •■ ■ * S-|%
Con Morcur. 13 II Sup Copper/. 6MJ »<
L'opptr Rnge TC'4 77 Sup * Bo(... 15% il6
Corbln .. .. i-, iv. Sup * Pittß. i:i*i l 4'»
Daly West.. 9 -■ Bwtfl 10514 IM
Eut Butti lOii 11 Tamarack .. M 70
Kirn Hlver .. -'» -'-• Trinity -. ■• *'i «'i
Franklin ... 1". Inll.l Krult.l7!>'-a l v"
iranby M(U s airwll 17 47' i
greene (.'an. I*l4 Mli] So pM ..... f>lLi tl'j
llunro'.-k .... -■; -". L'tah Con ... HI M 4
l?le Itoyalc. 9) "1 Victoria .... !'i HI
Kecwena* . 5 6'ilWlnona I" i lilt
Lake . . 77' iIK IWolvtrlne „133 138
l-a Ball* ... '•■'! '':i Wjrandol .... 24 -74
Ma?s Copper o>i ,7 JMush nas ... 81 si.
Maynowei .. V, I 1.! do I>M 9S'i M
Mtx Con .... 33 4 I I
Service to Th« I. I Angeles 11. i!.I by 1... A.
Crlsler & Co.. members l.o» Angelen itock ex
ehanptf. tOO-801 I. SV. Ilellman bulMlnc i>js
An.;, lei. v
BAN FRANCISCO, March IS.-Followlng
«ore todaj"« quotation* ol the California stock
and oil exchanci —Opening— —Closing—
111,1. .\-k..t. Bid. Asked.
AmnriatcJ Oil ... 4!>.S7', 60.00 49.25 49.
Pfclmer on i.it 1.27',i 1.25 1.17(4
Illinois Crude i:! .... — -60
Premier oil 1 M 1 22' 1.10 1.20
Sliver Tip 3.C0 .... «.00
Monte Crltto .... 1.00 .... 3.10 ;:.!3
Ma.-. .I oil 2-25 ..■■ 2.55
a \V ami U 0i1... .53 .... .7.7
Morning sal^s— i" Amaurot .78: 6 Aaaocl
ated 50.00; >' Caribou 1B.00; I"' D'jl.ux 2.10; 700
Monte Crlsto 2.95: 2000 do 2.974; MOO do 3.00;
IK) Turner 1.15; 100 W. K. Oil 2.35; MO Pal
mer 1.27^a , 100 Rico 1.75; 10 Section Twenty
flve 55.00.
*. NEW YORK, March 18.—Lead tuny; &
■> Kpot, Si. l. ">(<>) I. .Vi. Copper, itteady; •
..> ■landard »put, *rj.ii.j©l3.iO; Muy, fit ■•
>•■ U.M. silver, 51 ;»-B<\ ■•
Pacific Oil Co.
Your opportunity to buy stock
at 25c per share in a company
owning 320 acres of proven
oil lands in Devil'a Den and
North Tremblor districts.
Drilling operations on tv/o
wells begin at once. Call for
our prospectus.
423 Citizens Nat'l Bank Bldg.
Phone F4350
Established 1897. Bank Reference*.
Office—Home Phone A 3321.
Residence —Home Phone 39523.
Oil and Mining
Investment Co.
Oil Lands, Leases and Producing
Companies bought and sold.
KOIIM S, IiIMK.K Xl ll.lllMi,
254 SO. IIKU.Um'AV,
OIL Stock 15c a Share
The ROCK ISLAND OIL CO. announce that
on and after March 15 treasury stock will
be ottered for 15c % ahar«. "A Hundred
Barrel Well I* Worth flOO.OOO." ROCK IS
LAND OIL CO., 415-17 LauKblin Uidg.. SIS
South Broadway.
I Santa Fe I
The train of luxury. Exclusively for first
class travel.
Courteous employes-—
Equipment built by Pullman —
Fred Harvey meals —
A few of the distinctive features of the
California Limited
It is absolutely the finest transcontinental train,
Hie entire train, from observation platform to the
giant engine, is spick and span in its freshness.
The journey is sure to be pleasant socially— a point
worth considering.
The Santa Fe operates three other trains to Kansas
City, Denver and Chicago, on which all classes of
tickets are honored.
Leave Los Angeles
Eastern Express 7:30 a.m.
Tourist Flyer 9:00 a.m.
California Limited 10:00 a.m.
Overland Express 8:00 p.m.
Remember hat "Karth** Wonder/* the Grand Canyon of Arizona,
ran he visited on your way east*
Detailed Information at Santa IV Office,*, 331 South Spring street.
MMp^T^Mfl Home phone AD£2li Nun He! Main 738.
IMbTfJI li Jijll Kv3l /"i 'a ** T^
wl\ tfJffi-ST^ M.M L"KA I I Id I ■ ft
160 Acres
Devil's Den
For Sale or Lease in
Proven Territory
and Must Be Turned Soon
This Is Your Opportunity

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