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Gift of Drink to Friend Sunday Used
by Edward Watkins as Basis
for Action, Is As
Accused of attempting to extort $500
rroni f. C. Elnies, proprietor of ,a gro
at 320 East Beventh sin i t,
Bidward WatkiM, a clerk formerly em
ployed by Kimes, was arrested by de
tectives of the Nick Harris agency,
and locked in the city jail -'it noon ye«-
Ratkins, so Hie officer! say, evl
heme to frighten hii employer Into
paying money and endeavored to
guade Sarah Reiser, also a clerk ■
ployed by Elmos, to Join in the Plan.
The woman refused, then tearing ln.it
■Watkins would harm Klines, told the
latter about th< Intended scheme to de
fraud him.
v atkins-, It seems, learned that
Elmes kept a buttle of whisky ii
■tore and treated hU friends occa
sionally. The clerk entered the Btore
one Sunday morninp a Short tl ago
uinl Invited two friends to ha
drink with him. Elmes was asked
to produce the bottle and furnish the
drinks for the crowd, Watklni
plaining thai all saloons were closed
and they could nol get any nquor.
The ston kei per ga.\ ■■ them the drink
and as they were turning to walk out
ins placed 50 i> nt on the t-oun
i d remarked: "Here la the n
with that Watkln
1 itore and nothing more •
ttoned about the matter tint
days later when Watkins, it is all
demanded that Blmei give him
under penalty of being arrested for
sellinß liquor Sunday without ■ license,
Has Witness Ready
Rime* flenli d he had sold any liquor
and Watklni remarked he had
witnessei to prove that ■ nts had
been p lid for drinks-. "They did not
know that I owed you thai m ■
thought I I aid it for the w h
Watkins i;- alleged to have said "Con
will testify that
v ere ; aid for the liquor."
Elmes asked for time to think ovi
the matter and then placed the ma
tor in the handl Of ]<rh
Finally Wutkll to keep quli
about the matter if he was pal
on account and the balam •■ In iul
Installments. Klines demurred at pa;
in^r this amount and later told We
kins that 16 would !"• paid on accoui
at ."5 o'cloi k I'li-l i ion.
The plan was to n i at Sixth ar
Main street! an i I
U ilis in a SUI
tloua manner. Detectives were wnl
int; for the a cv d, but he failed t
ap] "in:
\\,ts made. Thll time the plan w
Watkins walk into a saloon nea
nth and Main streets.
Detectives were stationed Inside the
saloon and at 11 o'clock Watklns en
tered the plai spi 'i b to Elmes and
asked the latter ir he hail the money.
Klmes tendered a 16 bill that had been
marked. Just ai Watklns was placing
the money in his pocket he v iis nelzed
by the detectives nd placed undi rai
rest. "" • .
The officers say Watklns confi
to having planned the scheme and that
Imlts having attempted to i
1800 From Elmes, Thi i I probably
will be arraigned In police ■ ourt Mon
day morning.
Coroner Determines Laborer Died in
Accidental Explosion but Recom
mends Changes in TanV Cars
At .-in Inquest held at th< Button
undertaking parlors >• !• rday over the
body of \n-' usto Boi i»agll, who died
Thursday night as the reaull oi burn*
Incurri d In an i sploi lon ol
tank car, the coroner's Jury i turned
a verdict tect that di atli was
I ■< i< i • ntallj
that the Southern Pai Iflc em| I
liirni.-h electric lit;!]!.- tor laborers
working in tank cara.
Every effort \v;is made by the rail
road tompanj to BuppreM the news of
the accident. Augusta Soi paull and his
broth, r Martin were cleaning "il refuse
from a tank cb In the yurils. Auirunto
■was inside the tank. He frund it too
<!nrk to , lean the car tnd Btruck a
match to light a candle. Instantly
there was an explosion and hi.s clothing
was Ipniti'd. Martin hurried to the
uiJ of his brother and made a desperate
effort to save him, Augusto was
severely burned on tlu< f.tue, amis and
body, lie dlid shortly after being
taken to the Kisters" hospital. Martin
alsu suffered burns on the face ani
hinds. He is considerably Improved,
according to physii-j report.
Lump In
Stuart's Byspep*
sia Tablets will
dissolve it at
Enjoy every meal.
zest. Don't kill
your stomach.
Keep it alive and
properly working.
Send for the free
trial package. F.
A. Stuart Co., 130
Stuart liklfj., Mar
shall, Mich.
Sold by drud^ists every
ivhere. 50 cts. full sized pki£.
See Page 9, section 1, in this
issue for announcement of
$25,000 Voting Contest. Read
it over carefully and if any
thing is not perfectly clear to
you call up the Contest De
partment of the Los Angeles
Herald, Chamber of Commerce
building, write or telephone.
Phones—Home 10211, Sunset
Main 8000. Ask to have
everything explained to you.
All information is furnished
gladly. Be one of the first if
you would be among the high
er.t. ; ;
TAL 1690
Persons Who Have Selected the Same
Unit Permitted to Decide Among
Themselves Who Shall
Have Possession
Contrary to expectations of officials
■■i the (lovernmenl land office In Los
Angeles an avalanche ol appld an(
the Vuma I not sweep in at
M close or the Ming yesterday.
Less than 100 applications were tiled.
although crowds of persons, among
them remnants of the old Vuma land
line, hung anxiously about the en
trance t,i the land offices in the chnin
ln r of commerce building. Applica
tions t'i tlie amount of 1890 were filed
..nt „ ; lied for March 1. Farm
unit ah bears the names of 151 persona
and is tlie most p pularly contested for
farm in the entire tract. Rei
and R( sister Van Buren an-
nounced list night that dates will im-
it.iv lie gel for the drawings, the
rring Tuesday or Wednesday.
"We have Co and that it would be
nlble to hold the drawlni
.ill the firm units at once," said Mr.
Van Buren last night, "and havi
cided to hold the drawing for one or
two unit- tit the same time. Thi
pllcants who have (lied on a certain
unit will !»• notifii i by the land office
when the drawlt.g for that unit takes
plai c. Applicants will have the choice
of deciding among themselves which
l: them shall have possession of
thi farm or of drawing for it under
our supervision."
Newcomers Are Urged to Join Society,
Which Is Arranging Several
lilinolsnns in Los Angeles are plan
nine to hold a "love feast." not of the
political kind, but ■ "g«t-togeth, r-and
qualnted" loclal aad reception,
venlng "f April 2, In the lodge
1-. >. .ni ,n ii id Masonic Temple build-
South Hill street. The of
ficials of the Illinois Association of
Southern California, at ■ meeting held
taut night In the association's head
quarters In the Masonic Temple build-
Ing, planned the reception and social,
which "ill be informal, Intending t<> ac
i th ■ re/mt comers from Illinois
wiili the • 1 aims of tha
ently organised Illinois
club, and with the plans for the picnic I
and reunion to be held May 28.
Ident 'i. K. Barrere appointed
• immlttees to arranere for the
reception John T. Pope, formerly of
■ M'"\ [11., !■ scheduled us one "f
the speakers. Other addresses, brief
in length, will l"' made by residents
of the several county societies and by
representatives of counties not
v i the entertainment eommlt
i,-,. is planning for one or two musical
i rs. Tli ■ reception is open to all
i olsans.
Department Employes Forced to Work
Overtime in Efforts to Per.
form Official Duties
Plying straight In th<» face of the
supply committep, which Is out with
it knife to pruno the salaries of city
employes, the civil service commission
. ; i [or more help and an In
e in galarlt g.
An assistant examiner to help P. --.
Dee i- the additional help the con
nlon iisk and It wants the ualai
\\ ,\. Bpaldlntr, secretary, and Mr.
Dee Increased from $150 to $200 a
Although the work of the civil
le rapid Btrideg
count of the Incn ased grow th of
Ity, th< aqueduct work anil the
n,-w territory that lias bei n added, the
civil service department hai had no
additional help i:> 11 >• - laßl threi years.
H nnds the work beyond Its i
,i force, according to a ■ tatement
by the commission t<> the
, il. and believes those employes it lias
. | ,' lU i,[ receive i xtra conspen atlon of
their additional dul
250 Members to Take Trip—Parade in,
Los Angeles Will Follow
Two hundred nnd fifty members of
the uniform rank of the Knights of
Pythiaa in full uniform will stint in a
special car at the Banta Fa ptatlon this
morn i at 8:30 o'clock and go " Ana
helm, where they will be the guests of
Mi ]. .1. A. Royer.
The companies will have their pic
ture taken in a group and will go ta
Pullerton in the afternoon. They will
return i.i lx>s Angelea ii 6:30 o'clock,
after which the) will parade tho
Next Wednesday evening companlea
25, '& and 4U will no to Venice, leaving
the Hill street station at 7 o'clock.
They will compete with northern com
panies for the silver cup to be given
by the Venice company
Hotel men throughout the city last
night were authority for the statement
that more eastern tourists were arriv
ing; at this late season than are leaving
tor their hunies. The hotels wen
crowded laal night and many guests
were turned away for want of tempo
rary accommodation!. As a result
many of the small hotels In the vicin
ity of the business aiul shopping dis
tricts of the city did aliig business,
Walter E. ]>ormin, son of a promi
nent merchant of Sacramento and trav
eling salesman for Rosenfleld a Wild,
Chicago clothiers, wu a late arrival
at Hotel Alexandria last night.
The Misses Helena und Laura St.ill"
r>c Cincinnati, each heiress to jiu.umutoii
through the death of their grandfather,
Alexander McDonald, at the Virginia
hotel. Long Beach, Friday, were late
arrivals With their chaperon, Miss
Palmer, at Hotel Alexandria last night
Mr, and Mrs Charles L. Hogan o(
Los Angeles arc spending their honey
moon al the Van Nuya hotel.
J. Henaon Wien and B. A. Queberson,
Jr., well known oil nun of Bakersfleld
and Coallnga, were late arrivals at the I
Van Nuya hotel last night.
Mrs. Ella M. Jones, wife of a prom
in i in, rchant of Buffalo, N. v., *\.is
an arrival al Hotel Alexandria last
nigh! with her daughter, Miss Nellie
M. Jones,
R. ,M. Bhackelford, wealthy rancher
of Paso Robles, Is a gu< si at the Wesl
minster hotel.
A meeting of the general committee
of arrangements tor the seventh an
nual state convention of the National
Association Btatlonarj Engineers was
held last night In the Btlmson build
ing and plans made for the holding of
an engineering and mechanical > -xiiii.it ■
from .May 28 to the 28 on the fourth
floor "i tl ■■ il imburger building.
exhibit hai received the Indorsement
of the chamber of commerce and thoi
Merchants and Manufacturers 1 asso
* ;t :'77 M
llumplireys' Seventy-Seven
Famoua Remedy for (»ri]> &
March, April and May. the
changeable months of Spring, are 1
more fraught with danger of ill
ness than the steady cold of Win
If you will carry Ind take a i
close of "Seventy-seven" at the
first feeling of lassitude and
weakness, you will be proof
against weather changes.
"Seventy-seven" breaks up
hard stubborn Colds that hang
Handy to carry, fits the vest
pocket. All Drug Stores, 25c.
Humphreys' Homeo. Medicine Cc,, corner
William anil Ann itreeti, N>w York.
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