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mmtmmmmmammmmlmmmmmKm ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■'■■■■ mm~Tmmmm^ m^mm^ " ■;■ -y'--- -■ /v fMSnn n nn?\ n l^lU-lUJrea «Os. \X/>/' Women's Ribbed r| tf ~ Women's Silk Lisle g* n^
Broadway Hose for Women, Pr. ,25c Jonquils jfltS^^l^- AA\ IP/ Mn \< L £111153 J A^^T^ Lisle Vests, each JiOC Hose. Pair... OUC
For service ana jreueial satisfaction you enn nnrt few hose K^'jiw~>«>VOßß'1 '>< 1~"""~"AC/"~\\Lj\A U U ÜB^V UU L_3l_^3 *!, LJ Ci/ iy -^^-SSo'Jf^ . rr.. i 11 itt i i»v.
that «\rn approach "m," Broa.iway lin» at 35«. Thr-s.. hose The lnst irpoolal sale at 55c S^V^sANN fl Vy^ A "^^ TT ■ s'*k/Vs^VS. Tllp "ttrnctlve fancy yokes of these These splendid Hose are. mnde with
■re made wit* Bpliced heel. *nd too,. Medium weJ ß ht cot- do^n tMg , easnn Tak , 5 »^»^> Jrx *m yjl l||SJ» MT nt faA *S.U&^§ jlrl AAA (f7AA V MUS J&fMSiH Vests a.ld to the desirability of high spliced heel, double solo and
iZfflw.,.po,v. $1.50 ftrtvflnlnj;s of lt Mnnday lv WolKlll/lafL llri i£oZZ<Zlffft¥MlVViAr7ll/ «"«•«■ Riity- toe- wi<i"Brip "ir ■■""iiiil
Italian Stlk Stocking*, Pair, $1.50 |n h)ioni \V? •VWflsViW* 1 W§mm» JfKtf^frf WOT BPW f B *rWrr\]CmnT *^ lpsa Priced in the Broadway way service, nia.k nnd a varied line of
; S,rg^i^r-ss !!gr. fc m y r'un t th, h>td^hil^ 1P ° C : nd I ' pn , Alrie » \*homelQs7l. bdwy.4944^*Broadway 00r.,4th. losangeles. «««,■*■■' -'"rs- P!t>rßOc
Easter Sale Tailored Suits and Silk Dresses
I /F^m. Reversible Smyrna A Buying Opportunity Made Possible. r^A^P^
j^^^. Ru 9s $4 $ 6 fey the Combining of Several Important "^^^^^l ,O^
and $8 Purchases. Two of &** A pt g^
J^e^^&^^^m^ We are somewhat crowded for flip Garment S IIIUS~ /I I tM Hl'^Pl W^tlM I \^\
jml^ space in our Ru S Section, and as t/t^ KJUrfU^tILS ±! I U,O _ JUt* 4* *9 \ P >iffiw/^'^®k (1 M> i'W / jK^\
Jm^^Ra** 1^ the outcome we are reducing the price on W^*-^» **• II ®m^ **^7^^l e>W WJff' Lfl^^V
$§jms our Reversible Smyrna Rups to reduce the trateCi tlere P _ ?^^^^^C'S'f I^K^
ai*SS^' quantity. You should take advantage of this cir- . _ „..;,., T „=f , /^^?O^SXj^*»)'=^'!iff'. ' r'/n\^^
cumstance, for nigs of three different sizes are in- What could be more timely than the opportunity to save money on your Easter suit? Just a A*/ 'W^jY irkk^M p(§L
eluded in this sale. week before Easter. Another illustration of the Broadway's buying prestige. (^^' y* X^PTr \4
a^lO T7r^^ rl/vl/11/ V™+ AvQ Fnnt With our coat and suit representative in the market saving opportunities may present <&& O.yi I W \[ 1
9X12 rOOZ 7Y2XIUy 2 rOOt OX\> rOOt themselves at a moment's notice. With plenty of ready cash to close the transaction quickly \ Jpg , wf tfL \% ~
$8.00 $6.00 $4.00 it only needs fart express to bring them here a few days later than you would be able to buy ,Wte'+ . \V\W\\^^. \\ \
t? d-ie r» *, 1-/1 t /-» . i*..*e>r» garments in the eastern markets. U I I^S^^ s I \\
ormer Lortieres $b.SU hace L>UrtamS §1.5U ' The sale opportunity that we present for Monday is doubly attractive from the fact that \ j^J ,W* \\ LJ| j_^ y L
co^s^rarrgoin^^c^re^rthis' i^"S^^kV^Sig?lhS iffi it contains fine all-wool suits and one-piece silk dresses. A\ ' T^^fi |\. TTT I
broken line of portieres Monday at consl.ier carefully tha qualities we aro offer- % rf.ii i-v <h j * *> s\ /Ny I »Wr\ II \\\\
$6.50 pair, although they were origin- Insr at the price. WUI two tone and The Tailored Suits at $14.50 One Piece Silk Dresses $14.50 JJ^. I\T I I \\\ . |
ally priced at $15, recently reduced to Arabian; pair. 11.50. 1 fIC 1 CIiIOVeCL OWtS CLt <f> 1 H'.DU KJTU& ± JtJCt, U/lIV J^l CMCO *p* T"^** /j\\\ I \S»\I I\\\ I
$10. Made of ilk and scheila mixed C^,**, — P,i/, e Include the much wanted all wool cream serge suits These are the fine heavy taffeta silk in white, pink, /Vklw 1 \§S§>\ I I\\\ I
5T brlMii n VCry PfTeOtlv° dPSienS- M°n" Sample KUgS wlth ghaw , or not,l,o«l co]lari all WOOJ panama and blue> tan. black and the pretty striped effects. Tho >^Af 1 bSL | \\\ I
y* ' . -, , A l-" 1 <11"ir on , Mn , fine French serge suits; also shepherd checks and illustration shows how some of them are elaborately xSN, J [email protected]» I 1 \\\ 'j
$4.50 Sanitary Couch $3.50 |?Jm AxnSVrV. |i.TS. fancy woolens. The assortment includes black, blue. finished with silk brnid. We also include a number I S IW/U I \\\
An exceptional Monday offering from «£« A™^"^. *'-5- gray. tan. brown, green, reseda, rose. wine, wistaria, of cloth dresses of^ broadcloth and swge. m««J W\' , I l\£l\| | |r-\ L fflj
the bedding department. Seldom are "*« S££».' & olive and the other prevailing shades. Coats are in plainly tailored and some ellaborate y _tr' ml" n^ VH I ttaraSHl' I-Ij /*, I, I
such substantial sanitary couches sold 27x36 I!raBS<»"' the new 32-lnch length. With cleverly pleated skirts. Black and colors. This n<,° 1"-»" terHU.ms W t I IPIiT // 1 1
at anywhere near so low as this special DRAPERY MATERIALS Coats are lined with fine satin. Don't overlook it. Plan for the necessar/ alterations TJI 1 ; | | Ibf^ / I I
lot Monday at $3.50. Colonial Pcrim, IBe and 25c yard. j n , aj<j f.f\ before Kaster. \\ \j\jjJ^s^ Df — iStjQ
Woolmip BlankeU, «t j 7<! Fancy Royaline Crepe, 18c yard. LiOYIQ \*/OCLtS ipIO.DU \ T}f\rtrtOo Cf\n+«Z 4i 1 O Of} JtV - w*+^. J2 •J
Hi:^^x'tsii-" bSj&£w: iEf^ _ -SM »jr«aurCrs-ffa »- i^lf^Mijfe ss ' — ® nd,§S jf-—1
10-4 alae; fray ana tan; $1.75 pair. -Third floor. ■ diagonals. Full lined, hair lined or unllned. lines. Made of fine, pon Silks in full length loose v/ JTS* C3^
I — Unusual line at $13.50. styles or \ length. Special Monday sale at $10.
* ■'£*£-"' ««*^- N,u, T»W Waist, ij New "Stirrup" Razor Teamsters, Attention!
P-Lf!ri^l oves *J&r<**m ™™ T ai f , /I $1 „stropperH°. *te£2—
Suede plows aro going to be on the top The?,, are the celebrated double-tipped J\mVe tO n/9 rl GQXXireCL at •» See tins new razor bladr or any straight rors have V BVi-inch glass with 14-ln. brass
quede cloves are going to be on the top These .ire the celebrated double-tipped JTrLTTIVV Id Ul£ ± CUIWrKU U.t ~p , uly r ., z ,,,. hl . l(lp or any .tralght rors have r,U-inch glass with 14-ln. brass
round of the ladder of popularity for fingers. Choice of black, white and most rasor. A child can operate it without rod. 3 different styles of clips to fasten
Rpring. They are especially desirable for wanted colors Priced, according to qual- _ . „ , , c- , ■ _ .■„,„.„, n e tlie^r- rWrr fpar of rllttin B th Btron or ruining the tl „, tno vehicle. Heady Monday. Get
evening wear in pretty suhdued shades *&me ac 'r.. ' " '„ „- 7K * , and During our 14th Anniversary Sale we announced a .shipment ot tnesc cie\cr razor Nothlng , 8 lrf tto your Bkl ,of m ,_ h . fnre . unnlv b exhausted Tlli
T 'h?iei^V hmo >ro tIMPi 0; &S iSK»r short silk ,lo", practical tailor ed waists at $1, and they were snapped up before we could an- stropp.^Jh^ machines are mochan- -rs before supply . exhausted.
on back. Broadway price, pair v> ■*■ from this line. nouncc them the second time. Here conies a second shipment, see that you _________^________———— ——
. pet your share. Made of lirian finished cambric with two 1-2 inch pleats on _ • "%
Baby Irish and each side. Finished with pocket. Stiff collars and cuffs. Broadway extra Two Embroidery
J3ctby IviSii ciiicL aim-si uk.mutation. 1 u^o JOuTTiDvoicicry
Venise Laces Lingerie |ft T % rl°L Values .
Exceptional Sale Dresses l^F Priced To Create Great Interest
J^^CK^li^/KLt/ kj\a.ik, jTPtwnT% J. i »*>*** it is only once in a preat while that we are able to present such
An explanation is necessary when we say. fine Baby Irish and l JriCeCl A\ ITBII !lr\ <t O O < timely aiid unusual values as these for the same day. The flounc-
enise lace edges, insertions and bands at 25c a yard. //inm a &^%ULy\ *p jL *Zs kJ ings and galloons in many instances will be needed on the same
These are the show or display pieces which we secured at an OQ< IW f frsSSm T v -n iv. »in - dresses.
extreme price concession because they were the top pieces and *P^*,*SkJ [l IW&'i ] (>^Si These silk sklS. are leV" 7-Inch Swiss Flouncing Embroidery Galloons
slightly soiled. But the soil is so Slight and the price so excep- (t#l; W/ASJ erly made with deep flare Beautiful patterns that are alto- Th.« can b. cleverly used in con
tional that women will be quick to make selections Monday tor - aae OI -necr "nf^ c \\ V\JI: 11 IJ/f^ flounce and cluster stitch- ether out of proportion with the junction with the Bounces foi sum
neckwear, waists and costume trimmings. doth or Swiss applique. W«iM ing . Extra dust rll ff, e . KtJ^^^J^-bUnd^nS STJSSS*? 5%^
Remember, these arc full bolt*, not short ends. We shall not Some are elaborately W^ V Colors include brown, open effects. Made on sheer bwlm. • indeed extraordinary at this price
attempt to put the v.lues on these fine laces, We leave that to trimmed with insertion V \ b]afk and man $%*%&. «g? JT^ SSSIUSfI int.' 100 late 'T^
your consideration when you see them. We are able tn^ «- _ and edffin.e;. Others with \\ ... i»nVths and Inches wide, Big .■)/)/» Monday. Buy each at, I^JQ
price these Monday at, yard X, %J X, pleated side ruffle down I \ ' a Dies. .nil icn^iio, «»» feature at *-' *^ *^ yard ■"^
price these Mondaj at, yard pleated side ruffle down . y^. f'n'"rc 'IX
1 • 1 '„... priced $>l.yo. Ti "~~" ,
I '■ ■ front. Variety of colors, ___
Ironwer Socks d* i t*(\ • q - A i^:™^^^ c Damash Napkins and Table
6 Pairs in Box * J .5U Dr^infif SacflW« anA Kjmmos Cloths Especially Low in Price
KOTr2£^ 7mr iw nf Irnnwr ?"! np arf fl A Line We Feature at $1.25 \
for TSZ,X%^^^^S^T^ iSLTSa-11^Si. fII c rronm n e tein d Thf> difflt styles from which you may select at this price, together with the auality of These Prices for Monday
black, tan and wanted colors. 6 pairs for $1 , vm on^, make this showing of dressing sacques and kimonos extremely attractive --- T^.^A.K. «c yard- .- -- _._. _ rnV ß»fl iSc
w, F , Madfo7j. P ane« crepe cloth in pleasing figures and floral _ dertgnju Trimmed with .olid satin tab, jK pama^k. 49- yard- rUO COU>M»^TAW-«^^A
MenS Linen II I >r. Men S Easter e-n 9^> _-^ color satin. Also long kimonos of figured lawn. All sizes in this line at $1.25. ,0 inches wide. BalUI nnira. _
Handkerchief, ± j&2& Neckwear at . 50c G? 75C ■ . $2 linen lunch cloths $1.45 each- |225 TA blecloths, w.50 rach-Turk
tlanaKercniCJS ... nttll'"tu At $1 00 At 49C At 75C 54x54 inches. Fleur do Us designs. ish rei. Oil boiled. 12-4 size.
good fun „,, or these a,, j. V S^C ST ngur'S, ES KT^^lu^ WS wW"^"l^ "* tMB R-
Broadway price, each li%C. g ulJ otnera , price $1. Perond floor, cnllnrs. oien noiq i.. • 1 _ . ,
"Made Right" Suits Are the Best $15 Suits Any Man Can Buy
for Easter — Select Yours Monday f| Note the Merits of Our $3 '
£\ w^w*-^£££S!SrSSi?5SS?S£^l l«!. Hand Bags
A «^ suits they were making for this line be tne name highest standard possible. We demanded that the materials be woven _[f $3 jj^ K.^ »v^ -^J /^^V^
V??fSf .nil - they were making tor this line be up to the highest standard possible. We demanded that the materials be woven _[f r ]jttle -*|^^
-\% ;-::'^ rieht— the patterns be cut right and that the tailoring be done right. better in leather and workmanship than ■^mj^l^^p^'f^.
ffZ \M^ These auaiities are manifested in the finished garments, which one may see any day in our present showing. l.cfnrc ||]( average bag at the price, vve would «pg ; ;i»l
/■: X* Z\ ' ' selcctine your Easter suit, Mr. Man, don't be satisfied until you have seen this line. still have a strong argument for your If 4,• fj|
—*£ \| " ThT^/patterns and shades are represented, the collars are hand made. as a. the button holes, he con.ng he«^ Jherc » sud^j broad va- Jpife^f
X n HU^^, lapels have been carefully shaped. The vests are finished plain or with Sherlock pockets. The pants vary ricty ever Ln a! this one price. 3 iKiKSI^Pi
ijSf'Ms HW*B3o^— from the straight conservative styles to the youthful pep; top cuts. Indeed, there is a style and «* f I* —And, moreover, these styles are the Pp-^^fJ <(w\\
V^mS-- *l hf nattern for every individual taste. Broadway price TJ>i/ very newest and most popular, including 'W^SsgipL t/ 55/
fC Jv^<>^^^\ I"* l^'*fr V a i xr A/T ' ne oat seal bags with German silver V /
\- ' '^1 A. >^^;!t^ Bin Sale Silver Brand Mens and Young Mens frames. Bags with large and smaii flaps
Vv ,-■' M / ><*-*< i. • '-\s^/> -*-'*£/ ***' LJiiu&i J-" Wllll* C * 11 Fl * j bags with outside as well as inside pockets—in fact nearly 15
MW^f-^ICIiS^SA ffil^V Pleated ShirtS PantS bpeCially r'riCea different styles. No wonder women like to come here and W» q
/I l-f>l/-% issrg Thi« Monday sale comprises ities from 30 to 44 waist meas- "X«i"iSii"iw"i^":* «J>
*^. * fM'VW t' plain white. Various style pleats. IOC attentionto"our Men's Pants Department.. ty%J»%J %J Belts being so f ashiona ble this year. we have paid more rigid attention to tho
• #i\ A/ **i: j^J Big sale Monday, Mens Annex "■ _~_____^__ . . Belts being so fashionable this year, we have paid more risid attention to tho
fSgfcSfcasfc, Jf ;'W/'t ■■..■'■. {■*"s■■ r ! - "— "" " ' ™~~ " selecting of our $1 line. At this price you will find beautiful designs in Persian,
k&T^ WM% \fil *A V-> Tri -«. ■+ -r—l *"*» • j f T> _/L_ .^ elastic. Also plain belts with artistic buckles. Combinations of colors to*i
B iW £\ \\ H Snrina and Easter buits tor noys IP £?' -atch aimost a^dresa- We emph..l.e the vaiuo of this iine at **
W- 'II Vs* 4',/i %' :J^ *i^ kJfJI Illy \A,I+\A. AJWUI'VI It O 1 «1^ ""P See our showing of plain elastic and fancy Persian belts at 50c. Aisle 3.
I j pill R%N. In CJcver and Practical Knickerbocker Styles .. . *f^ New T&vdrv or Easter
|: Ii *. ?-; 'V>/ L, IV \ , lr- ,_ th . sele ction of boys' Easter suits, judging from the heavy demand centered here. Many of the I>CW/ J KW*" y/ VI J-<W.Ol,tf
I-ISI % W- %# ) $ s s ui }■ 'P two D LrB of knlckerbocker pants. Coats cut with derby back and cuffs on sleeve. Pants are good and roomy To flnigh off ymlr Easter aUire sc , ect sometning nnw n jewelry Wo suggest
i 1 I- 1 IM '! i iPI / ■"'" waTstba^nda and suspender butt..,is. Remember, these suits are better than their price. RHINESTONE HAT PINS 25c to $3.50-Almost E0 different desins.
I' fl Iff J|f W •£• t> , TI7 - 1 C< 'v. 7!)xv^^^>- 1 anfVtoy Trtn Strmn silver MESH PURSES, $1.45 to $10 lavaliers 65c to $ti.9B-An im-
I f; |r '7 *.j Uf Hr»-»»« V\//7<?n. SuitS 1 atent lueaZtier IOV OtraiV , —More popular than ever. mense variety of styles, imported
*m % J'M y^'\Ji% m <£* AJUyo V* uo **>**--> NO-KNOTS. 25c to $I.2s—The latest , and domestic. . „ •, „ '
C If fl y^J&®s--^~~, M V Ne,t Mouse and Bu-I-T styles made of alatea tLatS JOr JDOyS fad for veil or scarf holders. X \X, ,1 AT PINS. L>r,c to $3.45-SH
v i *-«S^te». "*"%»% V ■/ ii,.' IMPORTED BROOCHES, 350 to ».6O— ver. oxidised, Roman and amber
■v-%6* v-:^l^^!9iatea **Wb. cloth \ vltn '"illt; ry iUKI i"'"r '■""•■"*• J, . m* f\ These have bound edges, flat crown and -silk bands. They Almost any style you can imagine. color.
tPj»v><i*, Choice of blue, tun, gray and brown. fjLT 7 K« I will be very popular this spring. Choice of black and brown. . .____^_^_^—
'^^k , 2V, to io years %pj.»%J\S 61-8 to 6 6-8 slses. Price 60c. l "" '* — . . .—<"

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