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Unique Type of Bungalows
Which Adorn Foothill Section
£~*" "■' " .~~- "" "" V-*v -.~ "^-k',T': rV 1 '"■V •■:■■> .\ *'"".* * ~7 t .>: :• ' ■ ■ ■■■■■■■.■■■..,:.-■ .-■. ■ ■ ■■■ ;■ ,--....- ■■'■■-•, •*.< . ■■■■ ■ ,-. ■■_ ■■', '■■■.■: ■> : £.■ \'.'\ '■ '■ -■ '■'■' ■■'".y.'y '■'■-, .: ' * \i"'' '■'• ■"V > -$: '•
''■■ "*•■■' ->rv ■"'.; '■' ■'' ■'. -• 'i: ■■■'■■ :,. ■" "i' i" .'.,'• :"j* '■' '■" -■■■*'<'■ *V* ■'' <■■ i .-• ■■■ "■ ■ .■■"■■■■"■■."•,■ ,■"./.■;■. ■■*■■,■■;■ :--\ >■ ■■;■..■.; :%••■ ■"■:.: '■"■.■ ■ ■ ■';' ■■■-■■■. ■ •.■ ■:■■■ ■■. , » ■, * ■■■ ■■...- :■ ,■ * _ ■-■ .■. ■:; .■ :
fill Ife>ts?<- ■Jik <
w» ■■■,■■■ ■■„ ;;.i ■ l i l f.m«;.iii«ii l w t-'v■A ~Mjfs* to%*^--*& - u'^^ ■ ■"""- • - ■-* ■■■' -|
Nebraska Man Pays $250,000 for Prop
erty, and Company Plans Ex.
tensive Improvements—New
Tourist Hotel
F. M. Rubli c. b retin d banker
Omaha, Nebraska, has .iu.-t pun
half thi stock of the Lookout -Moun
tain Park Land and Water company;
consideration, $250, I. This brines
Mr. Rublee Into possession of one of
the n c proper! les of Boutin m
California, besides being combined with
■ subdivision proposition, one of the
' and most ttci es." Ible mountain
subdivision! about Los Angelen Tins
Iful park Is but a mile from the
it city limits. Hollywood way, be
ing up beautiful l.uin i canyon,
i being rapidly Improved.
The park has the unique distinction
of belns: at the up
canyon, and coi intaln rim
that is a rim of Cahuenga valley.
Mr. Rublee, !>• mc a man ot larre
means, has already comi the In
auguration of new Improvements on
thi mountain rim. There will bo b
pavilion built Immediately for thi
Lommodatli n of the public, which will
be followed at an early d tour
ist hotel on one of the finest scenic
hotel sites in the world.
From the mountains is afforded n
fiii' k'iew oi I. 1 n and
111. the Bi .More than a
mile 1 of automobile road has bl en built.
A vast sum ha , ent In the con
bouli yard t
mountain and around the rim.
Now further lmpro\ ill be in
Following are the building pprmits
Jssucd since the last publication of the
list and classified according to wards:
Permit*! Value.
Hocond ward 1 11,500
Third ward :'. 4,500
fourth ward ;; 41,600
Klftli ward T 9,675
Mvtli Marl - 1,500
Nlnt ward - 2,950
Totals IS fSI.STS
South Park avenue, 6511—15. Wor
rnnk. 111' i V'iiwt Sixly-.'-f -mid stroot.
''"iff* MT V^/^/C^ "P
And Cuticura Ointment are
priceless in the Comfort
they afford skin tortured and
disfigured infants and chil
dren in the treatment of ec
zemas, rashes, itchings,
irritations, chafings, chap
pings, redness and rough
ness. Peace falls upon
distracted households when
Cuticura enters.
Depou: I-ondoo. V. Cnirtertouw Bq.; r»rte. 10.
Rue de la CiJ«uai"! a'ArnlD. Au»tr»ll». It 'lc«n«*
no* Sydney: ™<litt, I*. X P.UI. Calcutim: Chtt..
ironf Koat Hrug Co.:J»pan. Z. P. Manjyn, lAa.,
Toklo: Si Alrlc.v r-ennon. Ltd.. Cape Town, etc.i
TJ.B *.. Potter PruK A- Chem. Corp.. Bol« Propi.,
135 inbui A\- Moston.
•**Poit-frr(», 32-pafe Culleura Hook, an Aurhor
ttm un uij Qftii kfd Trutouut uf SSia aud Ildr,
;■: P. .1 Schute, builder; one-story
' residence, $1800.
Forty-seventh avenue and Thirty
first street—Wallace Holbrook, 2211
w psl Thirty-first street, owner and
builder; alterations of residence, $300.
Main street, 143 South—Joseph MHr
zer, at lot, owner and builder; altera
of building, $■-■ ■
Westlake ai i nue, 948 South Edith
i: Vance, at lot, owner; <;. J. Lown,
builder; story-and-a-half garage, $300.
Hoiiy street and Hollywood avenue
C D. Moreland, 112 West Twelfth
i. owner; Eastern Building com
pany, builder; one-story two-mom
stoic building, $1500,
Fifty-second street, .10 West—F. An-
Thlrd street, owner; ,r.
A, Kemp, buildi r; one-story five-room
residence, I
Twenty first street, ?A- East -A. M.
Fisher, 2108 Santee street, owner and
alti rations of residence, $500.
i :h< ster pi o ■ E. L. I loheny, at lot,
r; A. J. Otis, builder, one-story
aviary building, $8'
Bt. LOUil street, IWI Xorth —II O.
•■ and builder; one
story five-room residence, $1200
- Marino street, 2622- W. W.
Paden, 420 Los Ancles Trust building,
ov m r and builder: three-story nlnety
seven-room apartment housi . $40,000
Castro stri t and Third avenue—W.
\ Phillips, owner and builder; one
Fifty-ninth place, 458 West—a. W.
Alexander, 35" West sixtieth street.
r and builder; one-story five-room
Bon sal I o avenue, 6804 —Mrs. Emma
lot. owner and builder; one
storj tive-room residence, $800.
r . • ■ ond street. 1210 Wei I i ■
Schlezel, at lot, owner and bu
one-story S JC-room residence. $2
st Andrews place, 523 North— Briggs
Company, 801 story building, owner
an( j ■„ .ii. -story fiv< -room resi
de!,. .
Oxford avenue, 626 North—Same as
abo i . .«.'
Sixth street, 324S East—J. V. Brus
ti !■ ■■.•i i»; Folsom street, owner; M. Mc
,;,... bull i ii tory five-room real
Forty-first street, 382 W< it—William
c Keppli . 352 W< -t Forty-first
r and builder, story-and-a-half
room residence, $2750,
Modern Dwelling on Five. Acre Tract.
Dormitory for L. A. Military
Academy—s2s,ooo Home
for H. Jevne
The tabulated building permits in
thi Issue show that home building is
forging ahead .steadily. Scores of
bungalows are in the list and many
modern dwellings, each involving tha
expenditure of thousands of dollars.
Kuclid Martin will er( et a two-story,
45x56 feet, at Wilson and Loi Robles
avenues, Hudson & Munsell nre the
Phineas N'owmark will erect a three-
Story modern resiflei and a two
story garage on the southwest corner
of Catallna and Seventh street. The
ground space covered will he 80x61
feet. Hunt, Eager & Hunt are the
Architect A. B Benton Ii preparing
plans for a one and two-story dormi
tory building to ii. erected at I.airds
town for the I.os Angeles Military
academy. [t will be a frame building
with concrete foundation and shake
exterior. The two-story portion "ill
be 35x33 feet and the one-story part
ir.xTn fpct. I! will a commodati about
thirty studi in and will have bat hi .
plumbing and electric Iring.
Architect John Krempcl is preparing
plans for an addition to be built to
the residence of If. (J. fills at Wil
shlra boulevard and Parkview avenue.
It will be 2flx^s fee! and will I" 1 used
as a. sun room. It will have cement
plaster exterior, red clay tile roof, oak
doors and a tile fireplace of sufficient
sl/.e. to burn large logs.
Architect I.osU-r s Moore is in par
ing plans for a handsome two-story
attic and basement rpKldencn to be
creeled at Lincoln park, near South
Pasadena; for K. C. Thompson. Mr.
Thompson is a. recent arrival from-Al
berta, Canada, and has purchased a
live acre site, on a wooded hill over
looking the ostrich farm, upon which
to erect, his residence. The grounds
are now being laid out and automo
bile vo:i'!s constructed. The residence
will lie 4'ix4fi feet, lid will contain ten
rooms*. It will he of frame construc
tion -uitit waterproof cement plaster:
over metal lath on the exterior. it
will have hardwood floors throughout
and the interior finish will be mahog
any on the fust floor >id white
enamel on the second. The entire at
tlo will also be finished for a billiard
room and dancing floor. There will
also be a bathroom Ith tile floor and
wainscot and modern plumbing and
electric fixtures. [t will also have two
large cement porches, eon rite i ounda
tlon and basement shingle roof, fur
nace, etc. A garage will also be
The modern Bldonee in San Rafael
1 lelghts lor II Jovne «iil cost $25,
--000. F. Ij. Uoehrig Is the Rrchttect.
Maud—Jark swears that h« would traverse
PfHs just to look into my pye».
KtliH - Hi call'-'l on you last nisht. an usual?
M.'ivnl—Not ';i t niKht: he te]< phonfid nrw that
It W*Wl ruining tuo luu-ii.—Boston, Transcripts
li. »l(tni t by y« P ii
Claims Government Was Looted of Im.
mense Sums of Money by Means
of Clever Lobbying and
False Reports
NEW YORK, March 18.—In the light
of thß ernment's prosi cutlon
against the merger of the Union Pa
cific and the Southern Pacific Railway
companies an article by Charles Ed
ward Russell in the forthcoming April
number of Hampton's Magazine en
titled "The Great Millionaire Mill."
purporting to be the first real history
of the Pacific system of railroads and
the great fortunes built out of them.
Is timely. Mr. Russell characterizes
the buildins of the Central Pacific,
now the Southern Pacific, as the great
est steal ever perpetrated on the Unit
ed States government.
He chari that the four projectors
of the road, Collis P. Huntington, Le
land Stanford, Mark Hopkins and
Charles Crocker divided among them
gelvi in stock, land grants from the
rnment, government bonds and
bonds which the government guaran
teed, and donatloni from California
ntles the sum of $140,000,000, for
which they did not pay one cent. The
t< tal of the government subsidy which
Huntlngton by clever lobbyln got
from congress Mr. Russell declares
was $60,000,000.
H..\v the figures were Juggled to turn
most of tills Immen le subsidy Into the
pockets of the four promoters is ex
plained by Mr. Uussell as follows:
The bill provided that the i rnment
B ] ov id issue to the road $1000 6 per
cent bonds: for every mile in valley
or level land, $16,000 in bonds; for
every mile In the foothill*, $32,000 in
bond and for every mile in the
mountains, $48,000 In bonds. Mr Rus
sell nlleges that the company charged
the government at the mountain rate,
$45,000 a mile, on thirtj miles of level,
or nearly level, ground near Bacra
mento, nd at the foothill rate. $32,000
b mile, for many miles of level build
ing in the valley past of the Sierras.
"This." says Mr. Russell, "Is the
origin of the familiar Raying In Call
fornln that the Central Pacific was
the strongest corporation In the world,
because it had moved the Bterra Ne
vada mountains thirty miles. It not
only made these charges, but collected
for them, although Mr. Judah, the en
gineer, refused to assi nt to the trans
"Abating nothing of admiration,
says Mr. Uussell, speaking of the com
pletlon of the road, "for the physical
performance, it is time now to reflect
that it was also b monstrous triumph
of greed, fraud and corruption that
it might have been had at a fraction
of Its cost to the public; and that it
might very easily have been a blessing
instead of a blight to that rl Ii coun
try of which ii was statically called
thp gateway.
"For the gato wns quickly closed,
and before it appeared the grim figure
of Collis p, Huntinprton, one hand
holding the key and the other
stretched out taking toll. The phys
ical ligure of Huntington Is no longer
there, hut the gateway remains dosed,
and before it are his successor.--, still
busily iking toll.
"How much, do you think.
"From Hi' day the gate was erected
and closed, d"wn to the present year,
(list Mr. Huntinglon and his associates
Hiid tin n their successors have taken
and di\ Ided more th in $fino.onn.nno In
unjust tolls, nil from the peoplfl of
the United States, who so kindly
erected the gate Horn their own high
In the course of hi article Mr. P.us
snll describes \ Ivlrlly the rai i for a
Junction between the Central Pacific
and the Union Pacific, the roads now
mptlnß to merge.
"The act of 1864." he says, "had
BUthorlzi d the Cent Pacific to build
eastward to a junction witli the Union
Pacifi rever that mlnht be. At
first the four partners had HKHumi
this junction would be far to the east
ward, Blowing them good milage and
many fat bonds, but the swift ad
vance of the [Tnion Pacific began to
annoy them, Rnd by 1867 they were
thoroughly alarmed. The Union Pa
cific .-...• approaching the mountains. i
If ii should thread them first, the
ntral Pacific would lose the fattest
port of Its contract with the govern
ment; also the best of the joint haul
when ti:' 1 roads should be united.
"There ensued the maddest chapter
In all railroad history. The two roads
entered Into a race, tearing Into the
work before them regardless of any
question of cost, working day and
night with relay gangs.
"It was the wild romance of railroad
building. Winter enme on, the terrible
Sierra winter with its phenomena]
snow falls, but to the world's amazi
ment Hie work w ver stopped. In t1" 1.
dead of winter, rails, machinery, cars,
even loeomottvi In pieces, were
dragged hundreds of miles on wagons,
traversing roads heavy and badly
made, threatened with Imminent dls
aster from the snow slides and tlie.
Talk about the present high cost of j
living llnten to this:
"Food, for men. and fodder_-for the
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V«Fjf^^^^3r place in the Fashionable^^|jS||
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ra a ft. I Van Nphs Avenue Bquam is positively tho last that's left nt really LOW PRICEi. 81nce «
eS S jp«a the recent opening of this beautiful subdivision, sales havo been ircniPncl'iu: and a large a
S 5 I In portion of the entire tract is now closed out. ' fl
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I UUS »8W The McCarthy Company Walter J. McCarty I
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M In the McCarthy Bldg-. sixth and Broadway H
N AS94I, M 1202. Phones: F2lll, Itroadwuy 2730. M
..liiMiMi■u^m.'.M'^i-^,^- 11i.'..wi.>» CT^j» f iiL*wmi^-j'"'*m«ii'--mii niflmJ ' ll'll niTii"T r An*ro ' ...ir^nr
horses reached fabulous prices. Oati
were sold by the pound at l- to r>
cents; hay was $100 a ton and some
times $i^>; for teams the contractors
juiUl $v' and $14 a day.
"In April, 1869, they were almost
within sight of the enemy's lines. Be-1
fore them was Ogden, the k"-i i of the
i i c, In the great valley between the
Rocky and the Sierra Nevada rai
in the fury of competition both com
panics far overshot the mark. The ,
Union Pacific had its graders one him
dred miles west of Ogden; the Central
Pacific had Iti advance lino forty miles
beyond its track layers, only the iron
actually put into position counted In j
the race.
"(in the last day. ten miles were
laid: on April 28th they struck the
Union Pacific line forty miles west of
Ogden; and May 10th. they drove the
golden spike that i • mented the two |
roads. The Union Pacific had won '
by fifty-three miles. Subsequently!
tii. Central Pacific bought of the I'nion ,
Pacific at a liiKh price th^ overlapping
1 Mr. RuMell .'il?0 klvps some interrst
inff per»onal Btudlei of the four mnn
bark of the Central Pacific, the "Big
Four" as they came, to be known.
Huntingtnn, the dominating: spirit,
towering head and shoulders above the
others in ability and force; Hopkins,
the man of accounts and business sys
tem; Leland Stanford, the polltlcan of
the group, and Crocker, the practical
railroad constructor.
The article la the first of ii series
on the history of thp Southern Pacific.
9—» —
Consummation of Union Will Result in
New Scheme of Defense for
White Men
CAPE TOWN, March 10. It is gener
allj assumed that the consummation
of the Union will be followed by the
gradual withdrawal of a large portion
, r th* Imperial troops now statlonel
in South Africa, and there is a g 1
deal of speculation as to the nature of
the scheme of defense which it will
iry for the new government
■ |se. The general belief is that
some form of universal service will be
adopted, in a country where a sparse
white population is scatt red among a
vastly iii«,re numerous savage or semi
savage one, su< h s pi in certalnlj
ms desirable.
it j.- antlclpati S thai one of the fir-t
duties "f the Union parliament will he
to provide thai every white male shall
lie trained to the use of arms. At the
i . the sub-continent cannot af
ford, and does not desire, to maintain n
stand Ing army, with the possible ex
„ i •■ a small force of artillery.
This Indicates the adoption of
him! of militia or landwehr .system.
,\ wnll knnwn Columbus artist wax
talking aboul 8 linif before he landed
on tho wunny uld< of *h str< • I
"Once," 'said tho artist, "I walked
| nn a restaurant \\hi re a partition
divided tho room part way. T!:c tables
were on one side lillo a ipnß lunch
counter ran the lenfitli of the room
on the other side.
■■I % ill., ii in and sat down at one of
the tables and ordered a dinner, .When
it came and I had finished 11 I reached
Into my pocket and drew my hand oul
with only a ten-cent piece in it. I was
RgliUftt. That ten-eenl piece was nil
I i mill rake up aboul me.
"For a moment I did not know what
to do."
"Well, what did you do?" a.sked the
, listener.
"Well, I pocketed the "5-cent cheek,
walked around on the other side nf the
partition and boughl a ham sandwich
and a cup of coffee, rc,stinc ten cents.
When I had forced It down, 1 walked
j out as calmly as r could and handed
i the cashier tho ten-cent check and my
liist ilinir."
The "pure food law" Is. dss'lgntd by thn
government to protect the public from in
jurious Ingredients in food! and drugs. It
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Balm, a successful remedy for cold In th«
I head and nasal catarrh, meets fully the re
quirement! of the nsw law, and that fact is
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1.. —<•
I <«v **cn*s _^ff&F*+^ '_gj«»~«v > .p7, rn n M | «*""»"» || In the center of Citrus Culture. Rialto, the
\ &™zr^.- •-• „, '" "■) I CIT>UJ I" '"Ts)i jj shipping point, has a record of over 1100
\. llnis^^ "y^^ -'$)50222&^ l^lij 1 II carloads of oranges as last year's output.
\\ >— \jP^ '■ •^J^T^g W. ?'' '' ■ -^T// If This is why adjacent groves are selling
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Santa Catalina Island —All Hotels Now Open
Steamer Cabrillo Now Running, Con- ) Souther, n rac"lc 8:05 » -•
_, . . »» i t\ •! > Salt Lake Ky 8:50 a. m.
nectmg Trains Leave Los Angeles Daily \ rac lfl r E iectri o it, b-.u .. m.
In making tho trip to Catalina Island It Is advisable to remain over at
least one day and visit Seal Rocks, Moonstone Beach, taket stage ride to
Pebble Beach, Summit or Eagle'a Nest, and enjoy a game of golf on to*
celebrated Catalina links.
Famous Marine Gardens Viewed Through Glass-Bottom Boats.
Bannlnr Co.. 104 Pacific Klectrlo lildg.. Las Aneelm, Cal. Fbonei Main 44!)8j F637*.
Roy's Restaurant
166 North Main Street
Lunch from 11 to 2—4oc including wlno. Dinner from 6:30 to 60c. with wlno.
For a menu that la unexcelled, music
that charms and gervlco that leaves
ru>thlni to ho desired go to the Bristol.
Knlire lSanriiirnt II W. IlrMman llldg..
Fourth and Spring.
If .you nunt t» cn.lciy a first-class business
man'i Innrh or a ulie dinner or aftcr-tlie-
Btet Kiipixr liy
The Palace
Corner I'lmt and Spring.
A. JAHMKK, l'roprletor. i
Cured wllhoui the knife. Three doctors. I
Specialists. Hnventh yenr In Los Angeles. •
Our offlco and sanatorium fitted for tha
scientific tind effective treatment of cancer^
And tumnrs. Bpeolalltti of 40 years' experl
ence In charge, who treat nil catos with the
XKW <ii:KMA\ ItKMEIMKH. Breast tu
mors removed In 7 days without surgical
operation or pain; alno without removing
any tissue. OUR NEW METHODS. FEE
110 any Bkin cancer; guaranteed. Pay whin
Rooms 224 and 225 San Fernando Building
4th and Main Sti., i-o» Angeles, Cal.
jVsF Sa y«w>kMimwß«t,*UlMAlnriVclwsl
I Sttfl BY PBWifiLSTS FVtttVKffiJS

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