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Owner Declares Style
Women Follow Wearer of Latest
Headgear Effect About Streets.
Owner Declare Style
Is Beautiful
The Chanteeler hat has arrived.
It made Its appearance on the streets
or I,os Angeles last woek atop the
pretty black hair of dainty Emma
Francis, tlin petlto dancer at the
Orplieum, and attracted a world of at
tention. Daring In conception, but
most artistic In ensemble, It la the
very newest thins in feminine head
And ns Miss Francis walked down
Rprjng street from the Orpheura last
Thursday with her hat on women
stopped and ga«ed In open-mouthed
admiration, tho while men freely gave
voice to their panicky feelings. For
what if the com I fashion should
ptrlkc home here and become tho rage
that It luw proved in tho east, and
especially abroad, and make further
Inroads on already overwhelmed pocket
books? i
The new nkyple.ee comes direct from
Part*, whence Miss Francis received
It Thursday by express. Hhe hns a
gown, shoes nd wrap tn match, all In
the prevailing C'hantocler fashion, but
they have not reached here yet, though
they are expected to come this week.
In that case, Miss Francis will wear
the whole outfit In her net on the stugo
and show to Los Angeles women for
the first tlinn the beauties of the new
fad in clothes decoration.
The iiai itself Is literally a "wonder."
Made ol fine straw, In coarse braid,
and of a sort of three-corner shape, it
would of Itself attract little attention
Hflvo for Its blcarre decorations. But
ntop the hat, surrounded 1• >' a veil in
the new Chantecler n d shade, la a full
*l/.ed madel of a rooster, worked out In
natural feathers. ! The bird fnces the
front, with open beak, as If ■ ilutlng
thr sun, whli h la hts main stunt In the
famed RnsUnd pl«>'. He la an up "
Ftandlng bird, with a gay flaunting
tall, which itreti he out far behind
nnd waves In the wind. The bird Is of
mottled reddlr-h brown, with brnnse
tall, and thr flaming red of his comb
and wattles matehi rectlj the red
veil with hli h his perch la draped.
In walklngi ho bobs up and down In
in-- most natural way, and on the
whole he Is so lifelike that his beady
ryes seem to gleam with animation.
The sise o the rooster makes him ex
tremely lifelike and hla pone is the
essence of naturalness. It is this very
note that gives the hat lt« extreme ap
peamnce; many uses have been made
of birds on women's headgear, but
never befor* has 1/os Angi Ii ■ seen any
thing Just Ifke this.
Saw Hat in Paris
"I was attrarted t<> the new erase In
Paris a few weeks ago," Bald Miss
Francis yesterday, "and it took my
•ye, espei lally for effective stage pur
pones. It Is* striking, novel and beau
tiful. Bo I Immediately placed sn or
der with Paquln for the gowns and
accessories, . 111 <1 with tlif Falllle. ststr>ra
for the hat.. The latter has come lirsi,
and on It* arrival I could rjol resist
# §L Springtime
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Theatrical Star Wearing
One of Late Style Hats
BFV7T"* """". ' "'i'!'" •"-"•-•■l""""1" '"■ ■ ,
v; ayi pip 1 -'.^L^ . «j k
thn temptation, to don it and walk out
nn tho street to note, the sensation.
Well, tho si»n:-ation camo, all rlßht,
and more than I exported, for i wan
followed by whal seemed like every
woman In town. Heally I was jjlad to
escape thrin In the end. But for atane
purposes i am sure, it will be a. hit, and
after It is better known It will bo Hip
t;i"(.'it fad for street wear as well. As
soon ns I (tot the. complete out tit I am
Eolmr to use it every day."
Th" fame Of ttio new hut-fHrl quirkly
spread and Miss Francis was besieged
by mllllnera and ihop keeper* anxious
fnr h look nt the hat anfl the rlsht to
ropy it. Ki\o fairly declined all such
Inqulrlei, but flnally consented to let
the. Broadway flopartment store exhibit
the. hat In its dhow window* that
Bveryone'a curiosity ininlit bo satlsfled.
it has been a r»al sensation slnro It
whs placer! on view thorp, and many
requests for similar chapeaux have
hepii received on nil sides. It is quite
certain that Immediately th« Ohantoo
ler fad will become very popular hero,
thmißh po'Bibly not iii the extreme
form that the new hat would Indicate,
38 Persons Leave San Francisco for
Far East—Will Be Absent
Six Months
Thlrty-elßht Los Angelps perauni, one
of the larieat pnrtlrs ever to circle the
Klobe, left San Francisco yesterday "ti
a six month* 1 tour under the uusplccs
of th.c. steamship department at the
German American Savings bank of this
Thplr Itinerary inc-ludos Japan, chi
na, Malay peninsula, Ceylon, India,
Arabia, Kgypt, Africa and an extended
tour through Europe.
Included In thr> party are the follow
ing! Miss Adelaide M. Rindloy, Miss
Alice Blanchard, Dr. K. C, Hupll, Mrs.
Addlson B. Day, P, A. Oervle, Mrs,
Mary ('. Godfrey, Miss Myrtle C. licil
frey, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. llalfswurtli,
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Koepfll, Miss llor
toii.s^ Koepfll, Josoph Koepfll, "William
McLa(an, Miss Elmtna McMillan. Mr.
and Mrs. Uobcrt S. Nelson, Miss Stisan
H. Reave*, Mrs. k. i,. Raddlnv, Mr.
and Mrs. c. B. Roberts, Alexander
Ross, Miss Lillian Ituh, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred X Baiter, child and maid, Dr.
and Mrs. S H. Tolhurst, Mrs. K. K.
Underbill, M^r. and Mrs. John R. Vorcl,
Rev, Hugh K. Walker, D. D., Mrs.
Hugh X, Walker, Miss Lucy Whei ler
an.l Mrs. K. B. Wright.
CARACAS, March 19.— The. Rev. Ger
ald A. Bailly, a missionary of the
Christian uml Missionary alliance, and
agent for the American Bible society,
while holding services at Guaransa was
attacked by a mob, but escaped unin
jured. An Italian convert was thrown
into a ditch. The Bibles used at the
service were destroyed by the assail
Rev. Gerald Bailly is a native of Cal
ifornia and lias b<'i'n engaged in mis
sionary work in Venezuela about ton
years. Tlie liruclquarteis In Venezuela
Is at Caraoas.
See Page 9, section 1, in this
issue for announcement of
$25,000 Voting Contest. Read
it over carefully and if any
thing is not perfectly clear to
you call up the Contest De
partment of the Los Angeles
Herald, Chamber of Commerce
building, write or telephone.
Phones—Home 10211, Sunset
Main 8000. Ask to have
everything explained to you.
All information is furnished
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esit.- '" .' y: -'
Madame Trausdell Writes Interesting
Letter to Familiarize Women with
Changes Current in Spring
Gowns and Hats
J,os Angeles women occasionally feel
with regret their long distance from
New York and other eastern fashion
centers. This Impression Is unusually
strong- this spring, when the fashlonß
for costumes, suits and hats seem to
be decidedly uncertain.
For this reason any authoritative in
formation on the subject will be very
welcome to all women, and the follow
ing letter from Madame Trausdell or
this city will give some points which
will no doubt be appreciated:
"During my three weeks visit hero
In New York I went to all the openlnga
at the large Importing nouses to
view the new spring creations, and r
think more than usual Interest has
been shown in the new tailored suits,
rut for thp most part wiLh a. charming
severity, but perfect in line and finish.
The skirts are very narrow, scarcely
measuring two yards in circumference.
1 Mnny of them have a Single box plait
stitched down to meet the much fa
vored band, which holds In the skirt
well below the knee, near the hem.
This band Is not exaggerated, but al
lows ease, in walking find gives a rer
tain chic to th<- costume. The hip
le.ngth coat of twenty-four Inches is
here to remain through tho spring and
summer. „ ,
"Tho semi-fitted backs aro still In
evidence, but some favor the one-pleco
tight back. Thp front of the Jackets
has departed from the strictly tailored
lines. FTanees and Drescnll show many
with buttons at any point from the.
center of tho bust to Immediately under
the arm. A good effect is gained when
thf buttons are braided or embroidered
In a Maltese cross or trefoil design.
Tt \f Interesting; to note that ths new
blouses ar* 1 made so as to pouch over
the belt, sllghtlv in th<> back, as well
bs the front. They are usually made
to mntrh the, skirt in color. T saw a
very charming little affair of white
Ivory lace veiled with voile nlnon. The
round neck was cut so as to display
a plaited tulle collar, the three-o,uarte
sleeves had a similar trimming, turn
ing backwards.
Waists Simple in Cut
"Annthpr fascinating style is to have
the foundation of Indian print veiled
hy black rhlffon. Thp;<e waists are rut
nultp Klmply. In one piece soaniPd undPr
the Hrm and faat* 1n Ml(p> hack. I
saw an.i admired a. atunning little frwk
rnmpoypd of royal blue foulard. The
skirt whs rut v«rv plain at the sidPs,
almost tleht. while in markPd rontrMit
was the shirrlnc: In thp hack and front,
«ri\inir 1t the desired fullnca*. At the
bottom, h rlppp biind of foulard K«v»
carhrt i,. tho skirt Tlir kpynote. of
thp borttPß wbh simpli' ity. hPing niiidp
on the ohemlslpr styir. the low-cut neck
(llsplnyorl a narrow whit* tulle guimpe
and turned down embroidery mniiß
sellne collar, such hs children wear,
tied In front with tassel cord« nf
hlark soft satin. The tOUrh of black
in the trlmminfr of gowni is considered
very smart this sprins. The sleeves
of this season are looser thin formerly
and set moro easily over the upper
arm. Three-quarter rlmvm, finisher]
ulth a dalnt) underßleeve, bid fair
to bo the favorite.
"Another striking rottume with a
roh« of chnnteeler red latin made to
fit closely about the bips and veiled by
a full tunic of hlark chiffon. The doeni-
Ipfage and short sleeves were of cream
tulle ip&nfled with small beads.
"The consular gowns from Paul
Poiret will bp very much In rvidencp.
One nf these, an evening dress of
cream white satin, has the hack in the
form of a coat embroidered in differ
ent colors to auKSPKt the Persian trim
ming, which is to he so generally used.
"I m another lovely gown by nu
nay. The skirt had a tunic pffect of
white chiffon, cut po us to show the
band of pompadour embroidery around
the hem. Lone bandß of embroidery
from the waist down were placed on
either side of the front and back,
being caught a little below the knee by
h rosettft of chiffon. The waist was
draped surplice style veiling bands of
embroidery. The short sleeves were
slashed and shirred so as to show the
under embroidery. A wide light blue
satin gidle ending at the left front was
linished by a rosette with four loops.
Agnes Gown Attractive
"My attention was attracted by a
charming little. Agnes gown of tan
chiffon dotted in dark brown, and skirt
being shirred at the waist, had a wide
border in a design of different shades
nf tan and brown finished at the hem
by ,i three-Inch band of black chiffon.
The full baby waist had a band of the
border crossing the bust line. A low
cut neck showed a turned down plaited
collar of Valenciennes lace.
"A Kanvin gown of white Brussels
net was embroidered In white bra HI.
The bodice had long reverse with red
eredton roses applique, similar treat
mont being used on the horn. A nar
row patent leather belt girdled the
waist. A long, loose warp of bktrk
chiffon and lace was worn over this
"There can be nothing more charm
ing than the lovely scarves which have
become so essential to every woman's
wardrobe. One of the most popular at
the present moment entirely covers tho
gown and is usually made of very wide
tulle or chiffon. These scarves have
five points finished with tassels around
tba neck: about the height of the decol
letage a narrow strip of fur is placed.
"Another becoming model was of
cashmere tulle bordered marabou made
to represent the old-fashioned cross
over scarf.
"The new materials for spring and
summer arts many and varied. Fou
lards seem to be In the load. Plain
foulards In old rose, royal blue, almond
and plstache green, blonde and new
amber will be quite popular. The
checked or dotted foulards combined
with mousßellne will he seen on most
of the advanced models. A very won
derful effect is achieved by whitn fou
lard printed In blue with the formal
designs of old Roman ware. It i.s a
remarkably good Imitation of the val
uable pottery, besides being very styl
'•G-lnro, duchesH, charmante, satin
ondozant and glaco taffpta are ex
tremply popular, l'rlnted imillfi In
delicato flower pffocts, ohlffon mar
quisettes, sIIH voilo and mousnoliiii' ar«
larsely used. Ispeclally noticed a
Paquln gown of rennaissance damask
In a beautiful.tono of cerise. The oor
eage, which was of lace woven of many
shades of old gold, was belted in With
black velvet. Many of the new tea
gowns arei of tin faconne. which has
ftvery high liiHtPr, so that It can be
.sppii through the drapeiiea of lace,
tulle or chiffon. 'jL'ussah royal, <«Uev-
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lota and Bedford rnrds arp offorod for
the nfiw lultlngs. Berg"c undoubtedly
will haye tho leading place among tho
woolph poods. Ctray, vanilln. Hflv^n.t
brown, plstarhe green, chantecler rod,
navy bluo ami dlv do ro| being the
popular rolom. Btrlned tuaaah, cropon
shantung! In the natural color woven
with a. i-ropoliko rlh. Salome pongee
and Arab :-\\V,< aro admirable for the
tailored coat and skirt.".
Radium Ribbon Harmonizes
"I noticed an immense use of em
broidery as a trimming executed on
net of lightly woven on etamine and
• mm >d "lit in dull tones of tarnished
gold or silver, with touches of black.
Paquln'S lateat import for evening
wear is ruby colored mousseline em
broidered with silver find OOral heads.
BechOfC David is showing wraps in
voile ninon unllned, with bands of em
broidery. Home are faced with radium
ribbon, whose soft tones harnionl/.c
beautifully with almost every gown.
Paquln has suggested black velvet rib
bon with small gold iahachons sewn on
at intervals. This i.s very chick used
as an edging for a tunic of bleu de roi.
At one of the large Importing houses
they showed me shaded velvet radium
with narrow borders and wide flowered
taffeta ribbon, the latter being excep
tionally smart, veiled by etamine or
"Chantilly lace is extremely modish,
not only in black and white, but in
gray. Another Paquin gown which I
noted was of gray laid over satin
souple of the same tone. The small
toqua worn with this exquisite cos
tume was of tosca net draped so as to
give the effect of a high crown trim
med with a wreath of many-colored
flowers. No single flower will decorate
tho coming hats, for the bright color
ing will give the appearance of having
been plucked from an old Knglish gar
den. 1 saw a great number of large
hats whose brims turned sharply up
the back and side, trimmed with larßo
bows of tulle or different kinds of
"Wide belts of black patent leather
are quite in vogue. They are worn
with linon or serge frocks. Handbags
of satin or soft suede havo handles of
twisted cord, which is knotted, and the
hanging ends finished with cocks'
heads, which means that Chanteeler
has encroached on the whole domain
of mode. Even the parasols and um
brellas display the cocks' heads as
handles. In fact nothing has escaped
my eye. I have taken in all the lead
ing theaters and hotels, and noted all
the different styles in dress. From
here I intend going to Baltimore and
Washington before returning home.
Caronls nronrbltia. Bloeal ■■< Saa« la
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