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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, March 20, 1910, Image 28

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85042462/1910-03-20/ed-1/seq-28/

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f V r T"" 1 • •^- jf^w3^cvSs >. See the Optical Home iosiB» sun*ft Bdw siso. Take Lunch in /^s>^Vr«f^X
A 4" 4-1-~»/^\ QKfifl A r\T HdCninn . Specialist t~D__ ~fiT!_, ~_.rv_ The Tea Room V^^i^2^>/
——— /\ I 111 r~^ i 111 I I1 — 111 I S^\ I 111 II | - I (Fourth Floor) ! —.vfc I. 71 jl |Prrvr~Tvl —Snventh Ilonr. Ala carte \/<!Ossfetf~~tS/
al LUC OIIIUIC vi 1 aoi null r^M^Q* n J^MM^^^^ -srivfs^:.^:' d^l??^
. Thousands of eager votaries are kneeling, -ffSJ> . y . S^CjSS S ~^-—^7 --* _I?C__S^ - Swhl'^rlinTa! ' Vf*°^ //
tr^^^L intent to miss no word ; watchful that no s ~ r ~ JPv _-i> 11 stor , •>«»•• Open »t B:3o—Close at 8:30. water served fro«. Store J\ ■C\\l inrn
_fi_§B_H^\ sign escape them, for the Easter pilgrim- ©p«u Ji^^/^\ Vm "v^m" ip^^S^Wvl r*S"
z^^P^ s>l^"s'^-__ age is drawing to a close and, but— A" m. lis§o r> M" T . nit i 1 |S^i^?]i
/MMW r 3 V —"Hush! Her lips are moving." First, . »"^S_Jf HOI lmifof lAn A/l Aflf \^
IMW^ I &O*, vTi . hardly a murmur, then, more firmly, por- (^=^^l^^^^^ ll\ H I 1 J/1 I f\\ 111 l I iVlUllLll r^PRFN]^^-^^
I __P>^S__Js&& \ tentous words, the final edicts flash t0 P^^C^^W^?& I' IC lUl^ UU VT.r.*->?** A: _ T lUI 111 1 D^O^jpTTn
1 W7V^%.-v7W 'v' the souls Of the devoted listeners— iP* V_jeona_J (-^jT " ' ~~ ~ *^ lsgj:oNA]_J '-sr
lTi;i«sdl^^^^W 1 "Cling to Tailored Suits. Plain Coats _
' lP_(_^'' 7^^?'?^;^;i T —Is Welding a Union Between Bullock s and Los Angeles
fflm",^V^tt^^^^^M °^ oX(luls' lc quality; Serges. Worsteds, ~~~~ ~
/P§«|lfc*t*. $k^Bm '; \ Diagonals and Shepherd Checks. ■----■--wuuumiiiimiii..iihii-m — Every day is making stronger and stronger. Inauguration month, and its activities are making
f&'f'ml&&Jiail&s^\ ' "|- c lavish with lace as delicate as Silk Stockings _ -- r^ of March the busiest month Bullock's ever had, excepting last December, andemphasizing the poli
f/;'S % 1 ■TP } i the morning mist, over silk as soft as —(P 1 k[ J cies of this business that are eternally working tow*rd the satisfaction of its customers.
__l^_iV^''^^ '■*'' baby's check, for Glorious Easter for EclSter ' vT) I . _-/ \J — Another Great Day Monday.
iSlfK^W^'' '••i"s" Clouph siiks for roa.s (ami -Think of ure siik stock- y\t 65c Yard—More of That Unusual Rough Pongee Ready
$ll^_M 4^^i:^?.; *^ r~V line them with Foulards, or Coatings ings at $1.50. with lisle soles ■** : ■ ■ " ~ |" ~~" ~ ~
I K'^WisH tA plain or in boldest checks. To be ex- and spliced heels and -It's to be a great spring and summer for Pongee silk-such a spring and summer as will sur
|f|l«M-?;'-: V trenie shirr the skirt at the l».»tt,.m of hie toes, and everything to pass the belief of the most expectant. And Pongees are #at Bullocks, in anticipation-values,
/;/*A ; jiP' ~ •■'/'■'' the back make them as good as silk we doubt if we could equal now that the demand is growing so great—
m?m+ VsV s -\W "For Waists. Net over Dresden Silk stockings can be made. All I a M-inch titack t.,iet a -t h *t -This Rough Pongee at 65c—is wonderful 27 in.-some 45 in.
itiWel Wm *%W will be lovely-and shorter sleeves. good shades to match your will surprise you. A supreme In Pongee colormgs. 36 n. at 75c and $1.00 -equally, unusual.
\\r t. * I^' 1 (Good news for Southern California.) Jown-$1.50 pair. value at $1.00. Don put off buying any longer.
/J_3_i*__&_!r!! V "Just tnako the liats bpeominK—Turbans or Pirturo stylo, Plnin or . — , . |8 *
/*^^^s»-3LI ' ;«|\ elaborate, whatever suits yon best, but Flowers are surrendering _ — ■ ■ — " 1 \/\n 1 I / w\H 'Wf\ 1 V O tllP
f__Sk_^^ 1 ».%H^ Krounrt to Feathers. Flumes- I lUll L JCUL'CU I /jC L 1 IV,
f-Wfit'&y^' ;Si* M ■.'■■';: -,|_ -ThP colors 'Blue,' 'Gray,' 'Natural.'" _| J i
fflfl|»^ pashion Granted-Easter 1/77 Beauty of Your Costume
A tfffll '*-:''<? *^ '^4 AudiGncG to Bullock's "^"^ \ \________kNN_l ____\\N\a\\\ \l ////~~- ~"by iavn " fittcclovcr n "rartiaiiv perfect" cor?ct—
/f^^r^?^l f* »■ *^*^^'Vv '* *^JL ______ — "" — —?'""■"• H^M X MJ Bxi^ 7^-^J —Rcnicmber. upon "The Style Lines" of the Corset dc
/. '-. *« f'tmfi! , #',j{*, ;^ y>*s^' -weeks ago. to whisper secrets, and. according to her r 7V/' "■ .''■' r'*>->JK'BH rM_ « 87-■;'.'B 7- ■;'.' 'J.. ■_'<":''^->-—-J. -'-_;"' PCdS the whole effect of the Ivister CotHIllC
w-^'wii'-j/L | W:Jf ■■ -.- —weeks ago, to whisper secrets, and. according to her —~'^T(V^--: '--^j!Mirr^*S3BW WT^r^^-^9^:"''•?' '
"'__-_^^vV^>*_N» commands, extraordinarj preparations have been made :-t«_^i%feffl R^*if^i]^>^::*P ' ~ -Have your Raster Costum., fitted over a cor- ,y£Vfi)
T :L' ■-■'*' so that, in this last week, there need be no confusion; so , '•■•C^S^^^S^™ r 4lttfli'JOMy'JMWl_l|lil' ..'''' ■ :•• «n th.-it" has i.^n proven-over n .-ors.-t into /_s>''WlsV
VXr^'.''^-*' tIi;" Ruilock's mighl be a 1 the height of helpfulness, •. -^^J> ' :'%^'% Wm^^r^-^^^^T^l^'J'^-jJf''"' «htch th "tn"lst nkiil hmi been put '" have **!'£•&£
'"""■■<*£!>,■ when help would be most needed. .t-'^\^Hft^J_ff 'I/^w*'«£_w^^^ the st.vi" lines perfect-an,l the health nhd *fu' w'
The late spring thnu C ht S are hrrr in the m n s | ma gnineent display wo have evrr made Suit*. Coats, L__w L_^_^^lij^_____P(^___^^ _^" VBkiV^^3**3t i_^l__w^^l^____L^ _^__«_^9B^fe^K^ _ -^■*,"_' """ PCI"fCLt' \*r ,V^
Thr lj.tp SprinE tlimiKhts nr, 1,.- .- in tho mnsl ma cnitirr-nl displny '— h:iv» over mn<l<» Suits. «'nat«, •Y'jf'*lT?:^__^____f _Sw^_W^S^9S____l »■ 'nrnfoit Im. s p.-rtct, !■ ■>. j.
Frorks! Waists and Milhnrry, in .-i variety that runs the gamut of style, and y. t. in every suit, Perfection, - s^^**%_JSK_^l^__^l__^^«r*^ffli a©L_^»*_^^ " r- r' <\
Suit ,-ronlions from e Kran c. rrrmirr .-outuriers, r wfc , Wnists. Millinery and Costumes, Raster m- _«_i_Hl^_«^^fe^i^"^^%:\.--^T^ H aVC Y°Ur HaSte CoStlimO A,.^^
tume" KveninV i;n,vi,s, qlorlous y hrautlhil. as ri.-li. as dainty, as rlabornte as thouch the Dreamland Fairies y^f^^^^SKt^^^SS^S^^m^^^^W^^^ 11 ~~ / \ l// }/X\
had conspired with the Ocnll of ihe stars and woven them from Moonbeams over tender sky. r ™ ntted ovcranivy corset M//\\-
The picture illustrntes one creation of mistlike Chantilly. Princess bordered, over blue Me,sa.ine. The I's 1 ltttQ UVCraii IVy b^' \ \
bodice has a square low neck In front and surplice back, with pendant pearls for trimming, the broad bands I^JZ^i&?FT?"~ " ' ~~~~~ K% If / /
of blue peeping from under the Tuni,- lend a quaint, old-fashioned touch ''<*£& •'■ "^- "i^nft^w'" -the eorsot built under the direct »UD#rvlilon A* ( //
Then there are gown, of Wed* «ood Blue French s, rge. trimmed with self-colored lace and Silver Per- •>:,; -****& - of *^ e^UTtne n.'t "designer- ' Ml , A//
oliiii with yoke of Mechlin and net and ever so many other suits and costumes. And hats to fill the hearts *»•' . , , «. „ , // liil; \Y/
Scwomen drtfiht over tlwir beauty, with wonder over their value. For Monday commences the Fash- __ -New Raster models-ready now. At Bui It |\ \\V
ion Wcrk of the year, and Bullock's has planned to be helpful. Will you see how resultfully? _ lock's exclusively in Los Angeles. sMtl\f
Al $3.00 icy ntylo l»« — Al *«oo — Ivy *tyl« 800P — t lu\V\ 1
A mong Most Exclusive jy^illinery-the Magnetic "I ,c CoCOriCO de Chanteder SssEirS 'l=: rxL *& \TO
J~ \ — — 1 T 1 J-—' - 18 to 38. mortrl at (6 00. Wn TTy
Styles in Easter Suits Center—Easter Interest o{ RMtlnd . B G . cat Succcssc , ia n- •^•^V'^'.S fil U
—— ■ ,~'° ' ... , _, . j i • .1,1- ilmp«-«n «xeeptlon«l prrff.-lly; rxprrt mt«r«; I" V
—to be seeti at Bullock's Monday. —anrl such Hats as Bullock's has planned tecler," the play built around Chantecuers delusion that his m0(!e , tor th« nm n S ure priv.to ■* n..m g rooma, I
-A new Model in Brown Foulard with to display Monday —covering: the range of early mornine CrOW causes the sun to rise— an the dispelling
—A new Model in brown foulard witn Jfi Md rolor _ with wor ,derful effect— . ' . . - -
dainty white dots -the- New Pheasant , lat , that are to win new victories for the of that delusion— prnmirtlnn ta __. ,^ n ln the thfatrical wnrl , --_ German Silver /T\ [T
(after Chantecler) sleeves. Pleated skirts Fashion Center through the satisfaction sP. <k_Ss2?^_*«_^ f (if\S\ H ——— —— W
with panels. Trimmed with fancy braid they will win for women. ZSZf^Z h- h «n w,,,. y „,t ,„ «. r »,^.n M «. ilk;^S Mesh Ba2S at %, J_J
nild tiny braSS lmttcnis -at $60.00. —Th* vorv '"trst "hapr* ar<- h»r<-nnii trlmmingn— (Chantl- siilinl In many fantastic fH.la that, will rrmaln n. moment—but 'iBUL^.i'TM •" l"^
_A two.) mill of c>ppr-r ™l"rr.| Tiißna!), with nov»li» —OMrlch plumei with d.llc.t. llow.r eontrwts on h«mp and r-L, n r n rrronnc Pni^r^H PilimnaP Wf Mi \ —3 different Style
plettw! Bklrt-and'wal«t trimmed withheavy l»o« to match. ha.r hata. T fIC OOrgCOllS L-OlOreQ llUmage t_*i_i?--»j • ? »1 \ O (lllltrcni mviw
A utrlklns effect with It* pip. ag ot P.inn blue —and ynke of —Flower aigrettes, adorning pletura hat» of extraordinary _ ~ \ H(fl**V u f'"4 \ Tust like the picture—
exquisite French lace—nt *HS.flO. beauty, , l 7 \ ~ f 1 I H f •■ ,
—A tlir<-p-rl<r» cult of navy Krifrlish i=»r«ro, with walut of — An.i pretty n»ti. in rreat fluffs and niffn on summer —will undoubtedly have a more lasting IllMUi, lb>«^/ \ Heavy, pCriCCtly CliaSCn iraniCs -lliiCa
fine allnver net, nni unil-rlinlns of white and blue r>r*.*d»n flmpr;.. anf It Is this gorgeousness of coloring which Is reflected In J^___»i(_« \ with kid ,'llld With COIU pocket IllSldC
lillk (aiivajico fall thought)—short Beeves, yoke and r'"i'' _ |. n , B r.eirhorn hai*. deliißed with flowers In evrry sort of fiHBRPIH—BSIa .
n t J'rlncess lace—skirt with tunic line?; tF-.-.iid. new hecomliiß VHV . __ .r. ,11/'J D J .-... , irfovJ(m- —\ou will WOnfler how WC can SCll tliem
-a ni^nt cape o< ropper M^anne - ir« P ed in h«v, , ,^ s , snpo^ni, -.Vle-wLh orna- /Wl agn if i cent Win ws on brOaQWay firTlTl' for $s.oo—Monday.
Si« "-™ S^sssar iVi-h f^Pfff -— ■ .
natln—j..,.oii. -raster hats for chllrtrrn. _to give the women of I.os Anneles the advantage of a pre-Easter ifHmpse at rhante- D^'i'^^'v^*^! . <<
— Ajirl other rich milta nn.l roati nnd frorks and wai»ti nnd —The K reat dlxplay of Ih. season for thu Mnndav h.for« c , er Hat —Silks— rarasols— Bags—nelts—Pettlcuats and other M«*norl«l "T,*. * - *... i NT.. _ r f* / ->. 11 /-»/-«• /-\
emtumsa In r:irc varlet! down lo I•( ■' f^^,^n"^: ht liun.lroda WIU Ch°°Se ndo -An intereMlng. helpful display. Proflt by seeln, ,t Monday. \ ..h—k' %. I IN C W y^OliQ^Q —— < f\
•Ttaoo. « bri.kly Monday. nery buylng-at Bullock'i. _^ln InUnrtlnt. h.lpW display. Pwat by M.ln» It Monday. \__3___-* I>CW V> WllV^ _~* /^\
'^sew^^^^m^^^^^-^^^^^^^ - (fjmrm Pillow Tons-^^C
and TrimmingS^% y^^^^k "^^^SL J F T^ S :_ These () 7L !__ '&ss% students will he 'interested in seeing
—are at the height >^V^" "• ■ '■'' .' W^^^ '. ' • ■ —— ■ __— ——
-HlniSlf AUoTrs. Band-!**" . ■'. " 'C_ ' ""^ _';■;; , •;■ ** ' price thc> oup"u to^cH'for-women should come in throngs to share
Fio,,nc-m B » an,i Ed Pes -in the HT J i-yi /_. |a Rii\7 Porrin them Monday- ] UUU Yards Kla/a motn ri T
nrw maline shadow lace or | 111 It/ Lv_/ L 3 L-l V A Cl 1111 —For cream serge is Fashion's latest dictation for summer suits and 1 T ~ ~~~ Tl ~ y^ I
liKht weight net. daintily em- 1 J_ skirts and woolen rO cks, and Easter comes next Sunday. Just a lit- A Great Value Monday £___• _-/ X-/
e s!gn^w^e h 1^ r^i^--^^ -P™- C oc f^ M A -.. tie week more. Hurry 'time now 1 ' ;
i£juS j^es.ol^: oioves toi caster mow -*^ r^^^^o^ w<Ws have been coming in ; s^^^^^^^^^
—aoi,t and sliver allovers and —The most perfect Bklns, moulded by the world's test glove makers range of colon.
hands, rtottod. nuKEet. Kcroll '■' Into the mosl perfect gloves. Gloves that fit the hand as good gloves m m .„_ _r +U-. Pvnniciro r^rar^ac ' , ; _ '*t tv i
",:' an* "live- neu and cioth phould,fit the hand-wlth the perfect, wrinkleless snugness women lov« fy\OYQ OT tne CXqUlSlte V^repeS Light Blue — Tan — Reseda — Brown — Navy — Pink —
—Kpancled nets and chnfon RMd and seek after— I T 1 r> j tt i:_ r*^^.r m.,., Rin«.
and -I-M dotted, and with the —"Don't merely wear gloves— wear Perrln Gloves." Buy them at Ked — rieilO — Vjray — incw iiuc
clever cry.vi dot on whiti or Bullocks Monday-new complete lines just here. -that have captured the hearts of women in New York and Paris-exr,uislte _ summer suits and skirts and waists and
colors— 4,', in. }J and 1J.60 yard. _•_.„.„_. n, „, r ,r, \, r. »itlw;".'„-V. «„„.„ n ,- „,„,. silk am! wool weaves in spring colorings, of tan, reHda, l)luc— exclusively at luu" -v ara!l "' 1L "™w
—And wash lacei (ralore—at At *1.00 Perrin Cleopatra pearl At B3.U— Perrlnn'a luede p. K. <he - Bullock's Children's wear, yard.
prlcos nm the li-a.Ft attraction. Klovf.s. 16- button, real kid. Blnck. rei'o piovcs. ;-clasp styles. In mark. JJUUOCK s.
—Buy Kastcr laces at Bullock'a White, Mode, Champagne, Navy, Gray, Tan, Mode and 'iray; supreme values. t ________^^__
Monday. ' Qrean nnrl Plum. Favorite styles at $-.25. —^ ■^H^^iHMMa^HaHHaHHHMH^^^^H^Hi^H^^^^HHM^iMM^^^^Mai^H^^B^^MMMßß'i^^ mm «^^^ MM^^^I^^
\t *- —Perrfn'i Cleopatra 3 pearl cla^pi At $I.soPerrln 1 suede overseam; nr i I Tm^ I t Yf^ \f* 1"
real French kid rßeam liovi quality suede. 3-clasp: Rlm-k. White, | I IIC VJI CULC3L ~ TV T _ _—^^ /^^ A « J
Br-». . mack. White. fhampagne, Mode, Tan, Tan. Mode, ciray; Ki-^ai gloves f"r A. ________________ / +~/-\ *-\ 4" l\ A\i;r> AT L/ 1 l/TC I I ITT 01fi C Onn
uy PiCtUreS Brown. Beaver. Mole •___,--_■;«:•• pair. ~ . I TiGal IN6WS OT r\Ui;S, L^Uridlllb allU
— „ Sewing Machine «-
for Easter Now "Sunspun the Perfect <pi —— _ The Free Curtain Nets for Inauguration Month
—A beautiful collection P^ot-^^ LJ^t-,/-llr^ -/.U;^^ 1 r I 83^ Scwinß Ala" ~~ '/ - ,i M m
of Madonnas- „,« caster nanaKercnieTS, j for i ywMpw^ iSv"' Bul ' —A list of wanted house furnishings, f 4j& IJlr;
n/rl^n." 1!,."^."™." 1!:■.:::::;. S.NS!J —Thri-c pure Hncn handkerchiefs with hand-embroidered "T'" X' ,ma" that, not tO profit by, would be an ex- 4MTT\fei^¥^?W^ipCl
s,-, Huh. i-,,,s 4So^i? h' corners. Think of it!— u-oulr> you do the embroidery work on P^ chine that Uiai'. llUl u^ X jr V • iff \H fF^liJ C\ W/wBS I
—New rii'i>i.l, s»r—just in urn,, njiy one. of them for $1 ? Som.. w'itli Initial, besides—all hand work— Will make _?M)(J stitches a DenSIVC miStake. [Iv^jl ? %£^2**^AJi/i? 'it\'~ = ' '
lor EtetT. 35c, 3 for $I—in1 —in a pretty box. A Bullock feature. minute and -never miss OIIC. * ■ Ip^sS^^—P^cV" "•Jl^jP't^J [_|j
r _____ — —The machine every wo- —Think of curtain madras at 8c yard—9xll ft. Velvet rugs Jr^xf^^X' V/ U\^ tW^lr • "
——-w-^. \1 A ,w UonriKoA-P TUf man should have. at $11.50; 9x12 ft. Axminster rugs at $23.50, and Madras :2_S^s^|O\\V| U^SBi' """'
izgg^Bfi ew Handbags I hat If , r _, wln _ MRi . M . 1 ,,, ni ,.,, curu,-. _ t si.m liai , . xXtW
_F_P^E^ i=r .--'" ii' TT f^ « . ii T ,^,4- :»^ :*■*-. '' oft thp '''" kof '' vvason and —The Fourth Floor Rutr and Curtain Department has had _^^^%^_^_^^S^am
mP&vv WA Have LOITI6 — Justin 1 ime smasll w"ul(1 your Sf'wiMS Wu- n° better news to tell in monthsthanthis Inauguration W^^^^^^^^M^.
Tsmk. ' '■■ '«*' '\*s * a » ■—' ->—^ chltifi company give you a now s>c\\-
i^^^L'-v^Vii'i.-^ ka. —-Comnlete Faster varieties —ready in a way to make selec- "1K machlne? ... , f,, t-
i_2^^:.>-9 tions unusually resultful- to make if it were, t» 3 Free you would -Read carefully all of the. items that follow. Every
"—l^T ~:7^--7^LA^l ( // There's a New $5.00 Hand Bag, real seal, with silver mount- notify the company ami get a stands for a big saving. , . /_W^W/t!iill^' <llf»'^)
-mngf/tm "f '-'-^y inn-c that sets a new standard of value— ' brand new machine without charge. r llrt _in Swiss 12*e i Couch Covers at $2 25
-'/ thertt R t $3.60 (a real clever velvet bag among thorn) still others 1 Tho F ro, Sewing Machine is in- Novelty Nets at 20c Curtain bwiss l_jc Coucn Covers at »-.-
\i'' -_ • '".a vlll M,rprlHo you. Have you U Ka«,r ba B yt? | ,J£| jTInS '"and Sl' ncb '^t" Z^ISS&JFtSS. ' Z^SSS. .' S-£ Stf
I — ■— ' . Breakage, is the Only Insured Drapery Denim 15c Yard Madras Curtains $1.00 . Bi3xl o <6 Brussels Rugs $17.50
1 Sewinsr Ma<hine Drapery Denim 15c Yard Madras Curtains $1.00 8.3x10.6 Brussels Rugs $17.50
Rihhon Vallie That Will A ParflSOl 11 7C Th.fr.. B.wln« M»chln. I. th. .*wln f -Figured drap.ry a.nlm; a rich -™* l^ T U'' u ': ta U\ C™rdB -Th. famous Roxbury H-UM.U 10-
K iUUUII VUIULS Midi VV 111 r\ I aia^Ul .JP J /^ machine you ■«« advcrtlud so exten- line of paturn« and colors; 15c yd. ?„„£,» n.lr CUrtalnaB' 3 j ordB wire rugs, oxl2 ft. at *17.30.
X x __________________________________ ____________ ■•/..«' slvely, the sawing machine you can own long. \\ pair. . ■
Astonish Ever So Many Feature at J M t^'U'nT'm.cS 1 5S 'Jl^ Arabian Net at 25c Muslin Curtains $1.25 ..., 9xll Velvet Rugs $11.50
_ i(an wg could teU of jn a many . paK9 (vorj A Bfeat lot of patterns , way pat , ornß . An ' Inauguration featur.. . sho. wn '"t tim<s tn's i»a»«u''"'on.
—are ready for Monday's Raster buyers. From imported — of most intense interest *?■ under worth. . Axminster Rugs $23.50
Dresden ribbons to narrow fancy wash ribbons the range is with Easter just one week -m. Rotosciim m<»v._,.nt, f_?.____ .inch Tapestry at 65c curtains, at »i.su fair extra- SSR-K oi,*' v 1'al"'""- An "'
t> ' ncta r.f ball heanncs. thu autematla ju-iuui ia(j«u/ a<- "jv Nottingham curtain., Sun" extra- ir-Horcnnary \aiiic
Complete. away drawer lock*, the rigid feed, the rot—ry One-third less than regular; plnln ordinary value! Included. Others *3 Rnfiv Rrnssel-4 Rnps $27 50 *
.. „ _ . , _ —Pure allk ta.fffta covers; plain ,pool pin. th* automatic- shuttle ejactor. anil nKlir Fine for portl.rM, to »3.06 pair. »*i«ft The best •__*.■ n««
A<- Cflr Yarri r\{ Qnnrinlc or fancy. the automatlo tension r«le-u. "ouch covers »nd drapea. *..*.,_ Zla. n'.w nlttorns w"i"n" *
At J\JC lal U opeCiai OT opCCiaiS —Home brass frames others with , . Cluny Curtains at $5.00 made. New patterns.
—— braes ring fasteners. —The reasons that prompt you to de- Cross-Stripe Madras 20c ' K , nn „„.,.,.,. r ,,, nv _.. lirt . inf Body Brussels Rugs $10
— Ribbon everyone who lias soon ban euthu^d ovr. Hundred., of yard.: m-tnin- -A filial price feature to draw mand Kreatt ,awlB« machlnn «atl.fac- •' w f, .. 1,, a rich line of niel border tfferts A fln« la ol —Size 4 6x7 S feet- 115 Mr «x»«.
cent Dresden effects In the glorious French shad, combinations, riald ribbons and attention to the other beautiful _f reasons why you cannot afford -Noarly Half Priej In Monday %c mtterns t' no „ ts. A fine line of -BIS. 4.6X7.6 reel, no ! I
stripe ribbon, for lialr and «a*h bowi; and dotted and moire .mblnatlon.j 50c yd. parasols on J-_»t.-r display now. ,i Ot to know all about the Free. Ht.'the pattern, and colorings. Monday .oc. pattern!- 15.00, , Now. . ... ,
_____________________________________________________________________________ Free Monday, exclusively al J/tilllork's. mm^mm^mm^mmmm^mm^^mm,—^mm^mmmmMmm—mmmm—m~mm.mmmmmmmm,t^—,^^—mm—^mmmmmmm—mm—mmmmmimm _______—«—»——■— J

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