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o®3^A£lAl nrn^jfißii FS#wlio
PART 111
Great Interest Centers In Match Race
Between Jake De Rosier and
Whlttler for Eight
At the coliseum this aflernoon will
be given a line professional program.
in the 20-mile "free-for air race such
riders as l.lngenfelder, Dei:
Mitchell and whittle., ail of whom are
ii..t only well known In Los Angeleß,
but. have national reputations as the
greatest motor iidors in the world.
Lingentelder says be is going to
ride the race or his lit" today and Is
/confident be will win the L'U-mili) race,
while C. 1.. Smith, who is local agent
for the Merkel, and has charge of the
Merkei racing team, composed <>f Wnlt
tler, Ward and Mitchell, says he will
1,., disappointed If Mitchell does n..t <1"
real Llie Held in the open professional
M... i Interest Is centered on trie
match between Deßosler and Whlttler,
first on account of Deßosler winning
nearly every race he has started i»
Lob Angeles slnco the coliseum was
built, and b< eond because Whittler has
never met with b decisive defeat since
he started bis racing career nearly two
years ago. Therefore, when two such
motor kings meet In a match race, and
each with the fasted of a racing ms
chine. It will only be a question of who
will display thn greatest amount of
nerve and also who is the real master
of the track and the motor.
With the best professional card yet
given, the coliseum management have
also arranged for a number of amateur
and trade riders races which should
be as Interesting and thrilling as the
prof, ssional events.
Following Is a list of events:
liaee No. I Ii mile, private owner.
Race No. 2—4 mile, professional, free
Rao* No. 3-S mile, trade riders; 4S
cv. In. T*. D. Seymore and Kittle.
Itaee No. 4— H miles match race, pro
fessional- DoKosler vs. Whlttler.
i tea No. r>- in miles, trade riders:
4-horse power.
Ha c No. 6—21 miles, professional;
Race No. 7—B mile, trade rldera; 61
ni. in. P. P.
Harris M. Hanshue Will Be Seen In
Many Contests During
i9lO Season
Although strictly stock model Anpor-
BOH cars will DC entered in but few "1
the most Important race meets during
the 1810 season, it is probable thai a
team of three cars and drivers will
Compete in each of the events entered.
Herbert Lytln of ECokomo and Harris
m Hanahue of Los Angeles will form
the backbone of the regular Apperson
i c-int; team for this season. Kytlo is
the dean of American race drivers, an
International i ivorlte and a driver of
International experience. The past sea
son for I.;. He was unlucky, as, while
preparing tor the most Important races
of the year, at Kairmount Park and
the Vanderbllt, he met with a. lerious
accident at lUvcrhead, Long Island, In
September, which r»'t him out of the
) nnmg for IMB. Today i.ytie is as
good as ever and he has the confidence
and esteem of the Appersons as wen as
of the public, the trade! and of other
race drivers
Hansnue, although originally an
f , i.ni man and a graduate of the
University of Michigan, is a product of
the west as regards his . xpei le'iice In
the driving of fast motor cars. In one
•ii as driver of i n T. Bbettler's
Apperson Jack Rabbit, In many
< m events of importance, ho has risen
to the class ccf t ;n> star automobile race
drivers Of America; he. lias won his
laurels squarely, an.l !!•■• takes his sue-
In a most modi -t manner.
ii is firmly believed that with such
well known and experienced drivers at
the wheel of tho Apperson In l:*10 tho
Jack Rabbit car will make a formida
ble showing in i lie events it enters.
Form Association to Advance Interests
of Those Who Have Selden
Patent Engines
Announcement has been made In
Boston of the formation of the Boston
Association of Licensed Automobile
Dealer!!, a i<lassachusetti corporation
having for its purpose the advance
ment of the Interest! of thoso who
handle earn licensed under the Balden
Every dealer in licensed cars will be
eligible to membership In the (new
association, the officers of which have
been elected as follows:
President, John H. MacAlman; vice
president, J. s. Hathaway; treasurer.
If. A. Hinchcliffe; secretary, Chester I.
The directors are the above offlcersg
Hud the following:
J. W. McOJuire, J. W. McGuire &
Co.' J. W. Bowman, J. W. Bowman
company; F. K. Wing, S. P. Underbill,
"The Underbill company; C. V. Whit
ii..y, Park Square Auto station; B. D.
QUrnore, vThitteb & Gllinore company.
Mrs. K. B. Otis, the famous woman
driver, is another enthusiastic user of
Firestone Urea and quick detachable
demountable rims, having- had them
rm her Steams car since July. She
writes that her tires havo already
liven upward of 8500 miles and look
rood for 10,000 more, as every letter
tt the words "Firestone Non-Skid" i.s
jlaJnly readable on the tread
Los Angeles Sunday Herald
40,000 MEMBERS
Successes Recently Achieved by Na
tional Body Do Much to
Stimulate Interest
In It
Forty state associations Including,
With their affiliated clubs, a total mem
bership of over 40,000 member* Is the
aim that I'resident Lewi' i.. Speare
and his associate officers of th« Amer
ican Automobile association have Bet
to attain during the present year. In
deed, Judging from tlifi activity al
ready apparent In many of the largest
clubs in the countrty, in addition to
tlie growing tendency in many states
to form automobile associations, it
would not surprise the officials of the
national body to see this nonl reached
ions before the close of the year.
As an Indication that this hoped for
result Is based upon practical endeav
ors comes the announcement that at
the recent monthly meeting of the ex
ecutive committee of the American Au
tomobile association In Boston the
Florida State Automobile association
with cicht federated club* was elected
to n.einlierslilp. Thin makes the thir
ty-fjurtn state body now affiliated
with the national organisation. At the
name time toe Savannah Automobile
club \v:<h elected, and this club com
pletes the requisite number In Georgia
for the formation of a state associa
tion nnd plans for a state automobile
association in Oeorgia are now under
Federation Is Favored
From the report* which have been re
ceived by Secretary Frederick H. El
liott at national headquarters in New
York during the past few weeks from
various parts of the country, the fact is
dearly revealed that a decided move
ment is under way toward the federa
tion of automobile club interests In
many states in the far west and In the
south into state organizations. Before
the next meeting <>f the executive com
mlttee thorp in very evidence that the
application of the Oregon State Auto
mobile association will bo received.
This will. In all probability, be followed
by that of Georgia, whllo other states
Where the movement is reaching
definite action are North Carolina,
South Carolina and Tennessee. Indeed.
before the close <>f the year it will not
i all surprising to see the solid
hi.nth lined up as a body of affiliated
state associations with the national
governing body.
Aside from the organization of new
clubs'and state associations throughout
the country there are also decided evi
dences of growth among the majority
of the 250 clubs now affiliated with the
A. A. A. Favorable reports from many
sources of largely increased member
ship have lately been received.
Several of the more prominent clubs
In the association have .started a cam
paign to Increase their membership by
showing to.the large number of motor
car owners who have not Joined the
local organization, the benefits to be
derived from club affiliation.
Successes Arouse Interest
The many examples that have lately
been given that the national body in
timis to work for practical benefits in
nil lines of motoring have exerted a
Vital inlluenee toward this Widespread
movement fur club growth and the for
mat ion of state associations. The suu
cesa of the recent legislative conven
tion in Washing-ton, when a hearing
was given to the federal registration
automobile bill, the merits of which
were SO clearly explained as to awaken
favorable interest by tho committee on
Interstate and foreign commerce, which
ban charge of the bill, and the strong
pica lur uniform state legislation in
automobile matters have aroused the
attention of motor rar users through
out the country to the practical work
of tin; American Automobile associa
tion. Hundreds of motorists now
thoroughly realize that the seeming of
reasonable laws nnd just taming con
ditions when traveling from one state
to another depend largely upon their
personal efforts. Frnm this viewpoint
It is nn easy step to appreciate the
value of club affiliation and the
strength to be obtained in a well-or
ganized state association of automobile
Several off the largest automobile
clubs In tho American Automobile as
sociation have recently inaugurated
campaigns which will be far-reaching
In their efforts to materially Increase
the membership during tho present
year. Notloablo mnong these are tho
Automobile club of Buffalo, the Auto
mobile club of Syracuse and the Louis
ville Automobile club.
Many other clubs have like plans in
view to strengthen their organizations,
and with these evidences of activity
throughout the country the officials of
the American Automobile association
feel that they are making a conserva
tive estimate In looking toward a mem
bership of 40,000 before the close of
Benjamin Briseoe of the Maxwell -
Brlscoe company, Tarrytown, N. V., Is
building a specially constructed car for
Kxplorer Shackelton to be used in all
of his various expeditions, especially
at the .south pole. The car will be
massively built and will contain full
equipment for extensive exploring.
This i? probably the first automobile
ever built especially for such a pur
pose and Is considered the greatest en
durance test to which a car can be
subjected. Mr. Briscoe and many
other prominent automobile manufac
turers are anxiously awaiting the out
come of the unique experiment.
Over 200 cars have been fixed up
with Schebler carburetors this week by
Mac Donald Purcell and Moffltt Krvin.
two experts from the Sehebler factory,
who will locate permanently to look
alter the company's interests here, us
more than 10.000 cars in California are
equipped with these popular carbu
THK first time a picture ever has
been made of an automobile mov
ing at the rate of seventy-nine
miles an hour was that of the P.uick
driven by Nick Nlkrent, the popular
local racing driver of the Buicks, In
this city Friday afternoon. The mo
tordrome is all completed save one
subway to be covered where the ears
I enier for parkins space, and but a
Contracts for Year Indicate Big Busi
ness in Akron Factory—Must
Run Plant with Three
A pile of tires twenty six miles high!
Kver hear of such a thing? Try and
conceive of what that means. Twenty
six miles of tires laid one on top of
the other. Yet this is the fact.
Contracts made for the. year IMO call
for 216,000 tires to be made by the
Goodyear Tire and Rubber company of
Akron, 0.. for forty-four of the largest
and leading manufacturers of the au
tomobile world In the United Slates.
i Mi top of this the company can make
126,000 more for their regular trade,
replacements, etc. Take this number
uf tires and lay them one on top of the
other and they would make a pile
i\v. nty-slx miles liigh. Or if they
were laid side by side they would
reach more than half way from Lot
Angeles to San VranciSCO, or better
still, if cut across and laid end to
end they would make a rabbet tube
from here to the bay city.
This is one of the most remarkable
indorsements of tho goodness of the
product of the Goodyear factory, when
36 per cent of all the factory equip
ments of automobiles are given to the
Goodyear company, and the remaining
ill per cent is to be divided between
twenty-two other companies in the
country who make automobile tires.
To do this requires the running of
the Goodyear plant the entire twenty
four hours of the day, with three shifts
of workmen engaged all the days of
the year, and the entire output of this
plant sold before the season has even
been begun.
Congressman Calder Has Promised to
Do All He Can to Secure Fa.
vorable Action
Many reports received by Charles
Thoddcus Terry, chairman of the leg
islative board of the American Auto
mobile association, Indicate that en
ergetic work is being carried on by
scores of clubs throughout the coun
try toward lnpresslng members of the
committee on interstate and foreign
commerce, which has charge of the
federal registration automobile bill, as
well as their respective congressmen,
with tho fact that the motorists of
the country keenly desire to see the
bill reported out of the committee and
brought before congress for definite
In Chicago and in other cities
throughout Illinois, a vigorous cam
paign tor the bill has been started.
Peter A. Melxell of the Wilkesbarre
club, Pa., writes that his club of
several hundred members has made a
strong appeal to the congressmen from
that part of the state to take active
steps toward obtaining a favorable
report on the bill.
A number of clubs in New York
state are pushing the matter actively
through communications from -the
clubs and by Individual members to
their representatives in congress. Con
gressman William M. Calder of Brook
lyn. N. V., In answer to scores of
thef;e requests from prominent motor
ists, has made the encouraging reply
that he will do everything he can to
secure favorable action on the bill.
Nick Nikrent, the racing driver of
the Bulck oars in this city, was down
at the Motordrome on Friday in the
famous racing car which whs driven
hy the sensational Chevrolet on the
bis eastern tracks and in which he tore
down HO many world's records against
cars of twice and four times the horse
power of the white car that it became
monotonous keeping tally on hlfl win
nings. Nikrent is setting the oar
tuned up to I.ns Angeles air and will
soon have a machine which will keep
all In its class busy keeping out of
his way.
little more than three-quarters of a
mile could be covered. The artist
"■napped" the swiftly running Cfl
shown In the picture on the new track,
and to Nikrent belongs the privilege of
being the first driver in the first car to
be photographed on the auhpan track,
which is soon to astonish the world
with records of speed. This is the
same car In which Loula Chevrolet
Contest Between De Palma and Old
field In Fitting Event for Open.
Ing for Playa del Rey
Auto Course
The motordrome track Will he for
mally thrown open to automobile driv
ers Wednesday, whan the pilots who
have been anxiously waiting for the
opportunity to make bursts of speed
will find the gap in the "pie pan"
i, They will be Invited to test
the track Wednesday afternoon, and
Harroun. Hanshuo, Nlkrent and Other
drivers will try out the board course.
Nikrent and Harroun, who have gone
over the track without waiting for Its
completion, are enthusiastic about the
possibilities and believe that mtire
than luu miles an hour is easily
Qreat interest in the east is center-
Ing In the motordrome match i> <
Barney Oldfield and Ralph Ds Palma,
which now seems a certainty in spite,
of the bad accident to I>e Palma'S
"Mephistopheles," F. E. Moskovlej
y< hi day received a wire from the
New York representative of the mo
tordrome stating that the Plat re
pairs had heen rushed through from
Italy and that the car ought to be
expressed to Los Angeles in ample
"This match, which will decide the
respective merits of the two fastest
cars in the world, Is stirring up tre
mendous excitement in New York."
said Manager Muskovlcs yesterday.
"The papers were full of the Daytona
match between the Fiat and Bens, and
when that was called oft through the
disabling of the former, all interest
naturally turned to 1.,0s Angeles. So
much discussion has been engendered
as to which car can show the besl
speed that the chance to match Old
fleld and De Palma was quickly taken
up by the motordrome management.
"The two cars are capable of falter
speed than any man-carrying device
has heretofore produced, and on tho
motordrome, where the speotatora may
soo every moment of the. rare, tho
contest will be the. most remarkable
exhibit of speed ever witnessed. Ii is
in reality an international affair, for
thr rivalry between the Gferman and
Italian factories Is intense. Our New-
York representative wires me that
even the emperor of Germany Is
watching the achievements of the Ger
man Benz under Barney Oldfleld's
Big Racers Powerful
"Barney's racer was built at the
Benz factory in Mannheim, Germany,
and was used by Hemery to break all
short distance records at Brooklands,
England. In this country Oldfleld has
been tearing off new speed marks ami
demonstrating that the car can go a
mile in less than half a second. The
car De Palma will drive is owned by
Mr. H. W. O. Arnold, who has been in
fluential In advancing the best inter
ests of automobile racing, and is a pro
duct of the Fiat factory at Turin, Italy.
While it is estimated at 10-hore power
less than Oldfield's 300-horse power
Benz, it is capable of terrific speed, mid
the merits are so close that only com
petition together can decide Which is
the better.
"As a matter of fact, one of the
most Important Innovations in the mo-
tordrome is the opportunity it presents
to clrivo the big cars to their limits.
Neither the Fiat nor the Benz, or De
Palma'a famous 'Cyclone or the big
Christie which George Roherston will
have at the motordrome has over been
driven up to power" capacity. That
was one. factor in getting the big men
here, and enabling Los Angeles to ice
at the outset racing' that has never
been equaled anywhere.
"Undoubtedly the Benz and Plat are
the two fastest cars ever built, and
the match at the motordrome will put
broke go many of the world* records
last year, and it was shipped to Loa
Angelet for Nikrent to be run in com
panion races, Nikrent claims he will
have no trouble In making with his
new car at least a mile In forty-three
gei onds, probably less, but it is dif
ficult to obtain an expresHion from this
reticent pilot when it cornea to what
he will do, or la able to do In racing.
Loa Angeles Into automobile history.
1 cannot see what can prevent the
now, since the Fiat will undoubt
edly be ready and shipped In time.
"Another feature of the motordrome
racing which ought to bo of unusual
Interest to Loa Angeles is the oppor
tunlty offered for developing amateur
racing. We ihould be able to develop
crack amateurs of national reputation,
who may uphold tim automobile and
■octal reputation of the city abroad
ai well aa In this country. There will
be ■■> call for amateura of high ■octal
standing to so from this countrj to
repn -<nt ua on the Brooklanda track.
Loa Angeli ■ is well able to offer such
m< n. The motordrome eventa will ea
pecially encourage amateur racing,
which is thoroughly consistent With the
efforts of the a. a. a. nationally.
"I look for .'i del i'lr.l revival of the
appearance of the amateur under the
encouragement which will be given
him by the 1910 rules. These have been
■a amended that 'no one who is ac
tively engaged In the automobile or
accessory Industry is eligible t<< com
pi te aa an amateur. Such men aa w
K. Vanderbllt, jr.. Foxhall Keene, ED B.
Thomas, H. L. Bowden, W. Gould Bro
kaw and the late Frank Croker are
famous in the annals of eastern ama
teur racings and the Pacific coaat
should produce an equivalent list of
namea of standing."
The motordrome manager i» endi i
voring to ret Frank Oarbutt, Eddie
Maier, Jack Lankerimlm and several
other automobile enthusiasts, who are
eligible to qualify on the amateur dri
registsr to get into the i
izaine through the opportunity afford
ed at the pie pan.
EJ. Steralov, a Swedish tourist now
In Bout hern California, purchased mii"
of the little Hupmobllea this wok and
ordered it sent from the factory di
rect to ins home In Qottenberg,
"All the World Loves a Winner"
Getting Right Down to Brass Tacks and Driving
the Nail Squarely on the Head
We Want to Say to You That
The Toy I"DT T T "jZ" |The Toy
Tonneau | -O U X V>< XV 1 Tonneau
At $1300 o. b. Los Angeles
Is Without an Equal in Value in All the Automobile World.
"What Surety Have We of This?" You Ask.
You'll See Thousands of Buicks Every Day on the Streets.
v Stop Any One of Them and Ask the Owner His Opinion of Them.
Buick ■ «J~
A Demonstration for the Asking
Thirteen Cars Sold Last Week—A Good Reason for Your Buying One This Week.
Howard Automobile Company
"All the World Loves a Winner"
Easterner with Wife on Extended Tour
of Pacific Coast Which Will
Continue to Puget
An Interesting visitor to Los Angeles
during the past week wai John N.
Willys, who, with Mrs. Willys, is mak
ing an p> ; i ndi d tour of the Pacific
coast and while here they were the
km. sts of Mr. and Mrs. W. I>. Newer!
at their handsome residence In South
Pasa l'n i.
Thfl friendship existing between Mr.
Willy* and Mr. Newerf is of a p
culiarly pleasant character, extending
back to old bicycle racing days, when
both young men (were enthusiasts In
the Kiini" and when the roads of finmi
<i:il prosperity were not of the ;ts
phalt charai 11 i o1 today.
The whirligig of time separated the
two friend*, one remaining In the enst,
while Newerf di cldi d to accept the ad
ol i>n cli y and "go west." Willys
pursued the coming method of vehicle
propulsion unknown to his western
in. i, i. <vbiie the latter foresaw the
illltlea of what the automobile
must have tn move, ;irr! with the result
that Willys designed and built the now
famous Overland machines, while
Newerf was busy building up the Pa
cific coasi trade of supplying Overland
and all the other makes of eari with
Both have been successful In their
ctlve business enterprises, and
today WUlyi I* a number of tunes a
millionaire, is president of the Over
land Automobile company with large
ii i a : it Indianapolis nnd • Jleve
land, and now the, two business men
look back with pleasure '" the days
when a« youngsters tliey scratched
their heads, wondering where they
would get the price for doughnut! and
Mr. Willys' fluency here Is the Ren
ton Motor Car company, and while
h"re himself and wife have made ex
tended tours throughout the oraime
grove and other districts and when
ng in re will atop along the coast
. t the various resorts until San Fran
is reached, where the Pacific
pob t agency headquarters are located,
thei lo Portland, the Puget
i districts, returning home via
the northern route.
Mr. 'Willys expressed himself a?
more than surprised at the growth of
i; ■( ater Los Angeles and pi
Ity one of the largest In popula
tion and commerclfc.l enterprises on
the Pacific slope.
A new booklet containing' valuable
suKgestions tv motorists on the correct
air prrssure for their tires is being
distributed by the Firestono Tire and
Rubber company, Akron, Ohio. It also
contains rei ommi itlom on the most
economical sizes to use for various
loads, together with other useful data
on tires and quick detachable de
mountable rims. Copy will be mailed
to any one on request.
Cannon's Mistake Is Due
to hts imoklni n' thof bis blar-k cigars. If he would smoke a pipe h« should b» a
i rood-nati ilka John. You never heard of a clitar of peace. A. pipe ot
r !..> would b« a K"' ><l thine for those manufucturora of law hack east In D. C. John's
I,! ■„•■ will do the job Xbouaands of ptpsi to ulael from. A pipe to flt every moutJj
„,'i pookstbook. i«-ntin«nt»l prices, etlU.al quality. JOHN'S I'U'K SHOP, 130 West
Fifth itrset. Tfce llttl" store next Hie hie swiirliy building.
Belief Prevails That Man Who Had
Greatest Team in World Will
Not Permit Stock to
Be Idle
Wiifn Charles P. Howard, president
of the Howard Automobile company,
wan in this city last week an interview
• Ited frnm him as to what his
position would be In regard to the. rac
ing end of the automobile business for
omlng season, and especially In
view of the coming opening meet and
succeeding events at tho new motor-
I drome, where it is anticipated that
every world's record ever made will be
smashed to smithereens.
Mr. Howard in a perfectly frank
manner said:
"While I approve of automobile rac
ing for many reasons, among which
principally Is the fact that racing
gives to the public a fair test of th«
speed, endurance and capacity of a car
and the skill of the driver, and in
which I have never shirked an oppor
tunity to enter, either here or in San
Francisco, and have had many occa
sions to feel gratified at the results
made by the Bulck machines, never
we belong to the Dealers' as
sociation and have kept the faith o£
our obligations to that organization.
"Therefore until sui-h time as such
organisation should be disrupted or
dissolved I could not partlcipata In
any events contrary to the rules to
which I have pledged the word of my
company. Of course, I have nothing
to do with the Bulck factory or what
they may do at any time, and as a
matter of publicity in the past the
factory has sent us cars of unusual
speed for their horse power capacity
all stock cars, and If they take these
Can a way from us to participate In
racing events, that, is the business of
the makers, for whom we are simply
selling agents. I do not know that
they will do this, but if they do, that
is their affair, and we cannot control
their actions."
It is known here that T). D. Bulek
has been after the matter of the, Chev
rolet and little "White Streak" being
laid up on the shelf bare for lack of
use, and just what he will do about it
is not derided, but there la reason for
the belief that a man who hart th«
greatest racing team In the world is
not likely to permit hfa cars to !io
Idlo when there is work for them to
do. The public; at least would like to
Bee the Buicks in the racing game.
"Over three-quarters of a mil^ of
tires have been rolling into the head
quarters of the Diamond Rubber com
pany this week," yaid Manager F. O.
Nelson of the Diamond Rubber com
pany yesterday. "We have received
B i arload (if 1522 tires, averaging three
(ci t n, diameter, which If put together
would reach from about First street
to Ninth Ftreet on Broadway. That
Is prelty Rood evidence of the popu
larity of the Diamond, line in this lo
cality, Isn't it?"

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