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[rS^rv^\s7.sO to $ 17.50 Silk Petticoats at $5.00 i
arid Publications \J^ ® v *
for APR.IL jss*^^ \America's biggest manufacturers of petticoats tell Included are:
Are Now >//i^r\ <S* us there is no other store in the West having so Pompadour Silks, Shepherd Checks, Roman Stipes, Change-
R.eady v^iLWi %r ±& /great an outlet for high-grade silk skirts. And able Taffetas, Jersey tops with Taffeta or Messaline flounces, Taf
/ (wy^r' is the reason they seek bids from us whenever ftas in dainty blue-and-white, lavender-and-white, gray-and-
AJ& ■$ <^<&/w ey have overstocks and sample garments in too great white and tan-and-white stripes—in fact, a seemingly endless
lwo(^ <&<&/& quantity for the average store to handle. Something over variety of styles and color combinations.
7/^ \W S°^*/twelve hundred $750 to $17.50 silk skirts have come to us One of our Broadway windows shows a few of them.
( *Ofjrf itnintnepast weekatacst enabling vsto sell at five d°iiars- MainFioor' Re 'ar°
r\F>^/ $2 to $3-50 StS2SL*i2L rhvde^c^e] ouic , riddan^fn r a **FJI SSL p Silk Hosiery
\ ' V^ ! fnthfd 2etlgntregukdyToldat?2^ L, J^^^^ "" decided novelties in colored leathers - $5.00 to $20.00; were Three lots of silk stockings _ aU
\ yS $1.50 a yard. — -$10.00 to $40.00. very exceptional values.
Inexpensive Draperies Linings for | Art Goods for Easter Gifts . : H£=B:::H™,r
1^ a«4am Br**ls*«rA§> 14- «^^r?t-»'+ /-rkct ITtrAl««r I Icjq Expecting to make any Easter gifts? AT *i.2.v-women> one ■tik hmiaqr wtth
ILESi€F VIOV6S Brighten UP yOUr rOOmS. It neean t COSt JW©rV V/SU This Art Department is stocked with hundreds of mexpen- llslo feet ln tanß , nl(1(ll . B . blue9> plnk> whit.
, ■'' i_ Sewinp- of some kind is be- sive articles suitable for that purpose. and black, ah .izts.
-Trefousße" stamped In a glove la as m uCh. . oewln g. OI som« ™a '" uc , 9-inch cut glass berry bowls.- An Importer's sample line of AT $1 .50_n-omen'. rtochlng. of pore
safe a guaranteo of Its excellence as ; y ...... Silkosheeens Cre- mg done m your home most ot deeply cut in the elaborate golf and hand-drawn scarfs and squares threa(l lk> ,„ hlack oll)y . s..mr n il «iik.
ilio Bterllng mark on silver. ;, • The new Stenciled scrims in J aUKOimes, oiiiwni , the time. If it isn't a garment whirlwind designs-extraordinary wlthf handsomely worked corners , ome with ll.le feet.
"Vwithln the past woek we have re- eh but sub(ue( shades and tonnes, Royaline Crepes and .^ a piece of fancy work for values _. s o. and borders, choice of this lot i-r»imhi.v n.,t enough of oin.er lot to last
rr^h^ convention.! designs-tremen- French Sateens in seemingly home decoration . On every ZTZ\!S^7rr^T. 'ZZt^ do.en. of da.nt, ar- ™""
, T r-"Trefo,,w oveneum Bla , o kid'! dous assortment— a yard, endless variety — 12jc, 15c, occasion where a lining or rura i and marine scenes-large va- tlstic articles suitable for Easter - « l' J - fe •■
8 ,,,ve.;,v,,h : pear. ci«.p. an., fa,..,.-,,,. Over 200 patterns in the real 20c> 25c and 35c a yard. foundation goods is needed, riety to choose from-20c each; 3 d w Cder Pba K s, ChS pTn /\UtO V 6IIS
rrr:::, 1 j^rS : Japanese crepes-just the thing ; madra bear in mind that one of the - embroldcre(l pln cushlons> P * ! „
—.. .'.pn. for side drapes and k.monos, £v beautiful Hydegrade fabrics Bllk decO rated hat pin holder na)r famous a" T 7 X'Z^Zr
at $2-"Tref.-.e» «ne<i. i«vr, with I because the colors are fast—; drapery silks, velours, oniKi win fit i t better, cheaper and receivers, cretonne covered glove thora-put up in white boxes-35c by / - >; ir'ls "°"1 " ''f ', 0
ir'Jiar "mI 'lUiry erabrO"lCry ' '" B¥er7 20c- and 25c a yard. : Repps and silk grenadines in wRh more genuine and lasting and collar boxes. 50c each. (Third pB ach. . automobile wear^e, . .
at »-.2s—"Trefou»«e-' hravy *!«*• ><«<« I Tremendous variety of tap- many new and uncommonly satisfaction than any other -^.;
(love, ntth two pearl rIaHIM ami fanry era- , f . -_!.._ j •«c regardless of name Or pOCC llKlAfltal DlfflTC >"?"-V /-" v. lA
hrohurv;„.,.„., ,r.,,m a,,, ev-r, .i.«.i. t. estries for furniture coverings attractive designs. B iSrto4Sc » V/n©lllal IVUgS <TBT>i=-fcS7 jfe^ xW^I
■natch the fashlonahle .prln oo.tume.. ; —$1 and $5 a yard. (Third Floor.) XOC IO C *^ IL^S -<<| ___-^^^AiN^S» 111 \
y^P^U Every shflde~Every Recent arrivals give us an :o^s^^M 7^@l«^~^ ;
W^ Absolute Correctness m Corseting unusually good assort- MMi /M^&^3^
WJS^ 5^ , . i i r A ' > rlrhnnm. the «ame feathery Hahtne«» of to A\llT,P r^^^^f^ , 1 % \ ■'"
With all the new models in nine of Americas z m T\£ d "ttlni"but far 'urpaM ment of Oriental rugs in P^^^^^k W/4V
£ best knoWn bmnds °f C°rSetS WS ,° Ught 1° ?! I ; non r rt ll»rc sizes 3to 4 feet wide by 4 _
M ■ \ able to fit every figure perfectly, don't you think? x-Linen Collars-^ 6 , on j 2Q $25
N'»^jQk No other store in the Southwest is so well pa 2f , A an A Hail f%v^w\ '
||P#l equipped to supply your corset needs,no matter Jt f OF 9^f 1 30 and 535-and Hall j»W . \ WH\\ ,
f what your price-limit may be. # Every Shode-Every Runners in sizes to 4 feet /^^f&k ~rf[% \\ \ |\V ■ ;
Absolute Correctness in Corseting J2st*2XtSL unusually good assort- MMk (§§
With all the new models in nine of Americas r,,^—" -""»■ but f" - m en t of Oriental rugs in f^ y M,^
best known brands of corsets we ought to be r^ll^ ' sizes 3to 4 feet wide by 4 .^E^f g M
able to fit every figure perfectly, don't you think? Collars-^ long-$2O $2^ -^(I^'^W"-! O\\
J^^^SSairS3for2sci 30and.s3^ d»al| . J^W Ml
what your price-limit may be. ** " *~J>X' Runners in sizes 3 to4feet \ V i\V i
frWaK p c«M cets^ ey iace in fr°nt- to fc , 5 0. --- -~~ wide by 7to 15 feet long flffljjgljft \V\ « j
?/ ./ill V-S DeliCG C°rSetS ' $*}° $l^°' and embroidered linen collars at $20 tO $85.
7 fli B°n T°n C°rSetS> $ * t0 'KScoisetS $t to (, CO -Ple^ Of all si«S CXC^ 12i If you are in need of rug, in those
UI |H •; _« . Nemo CO?S& $3 JO to?j. and 13^ tO"11 T 10"^ at 10 sizeVwe would like to have you sub- m^^^J^^SH^^^^^
/] |; |\ f Los Angeles AgeMsforthel Ro^Worcester^rsetsi? to $, "^ J^Si*SSi mit these to the most painstaking ¥ "^^fe^^^^^»^
W V-\ Iffl •■■■ J Ferris Waists "C B.". Corsets, *i to $c. y t ta« S^S parisons with the best %T - >^^»^
Vllffl 5 «1 Aft *^ C 1 1« "R D/> CorSetS ' to $7-? O. fUr 'ZlSl*™^ where at anywhere near like prices. * \M^
VsSvSVJ I «pl«vU tO «p«5.<&J Le Re\e Corsets, $3.50 to $ 10. , (Third Floor.) J w*j&^»
Team From George Washington Unl.
veryslty Brought Here at Great
Expense to Face U. S. C.
An Intercollegiate dehato on a sub
ject which is «if paramount Importance
,11 Loi Angeles and California will be
li '..i Friday evening in Simpson's
auditorium between the Oeorge Wash
Ington University of the District of
Columbia :in<l the oojlege of law of the
rnivcr.-iiy of Smith,'in California. The
ct to be debated It "Relhlved,
thai state, county and municipal offt
<vrs should be nominated by conven
tlom rather than by the direct pri
mary system."
r.babiy no Intercollegiate deoati
has ever created us much interest as
tins one, ai it It the first time thai
mii eastern school has been Induced to
send a team west. This would not
have been accomplished this time had
it not been for the flattering offer made
by the officers of the local school.
Not only does the faei thai an east
ern team is pitted against a western
tram make the success of the debate
an assured certainty, but also the abla
speakers who have been selected by
each school.
The law school team, compos* a of
v L. Bartlett and w. C. Bnyder, have
the affirmative side of the resolution,
and the Washington university team.
composed of Raphael 11. Blakesley and
Norris L. Bowen, will take? the nega
tive side of the question. The law
school team was selected with consid
erable difficulty. Preliminary debates
to try out those who expressed a de
sire to represent the school were held
several months ago for the purpose of
elimination. Out of about fifty en
tries for the tryouts, Bnyder and Bart
lett were selected by the oratorical
committee of tho student body, and
Gavin W. Craig, secretary of the
school, as the two most capable in
representing and defending the school
In the debate. Bartlett Is a senior in
the law school and Snyder a junior.
Mr Snyder has for many years
preached in the pulpits of different
churches in Los Angeles and is well
recommended as a logical thinker and
. peaker. He has represented the school
beforo In other debates.
Raphael n. Blakesley, oae of the two
selected to represent the George Wash
ington university, graduated from the
local law school In 1888 and is at pres
ent taking a postgraduate course at
tho eastern school. While attending
the local institution he was oonceded
to be one of the brightest and most
logical speakers In the school. Norris
L Bowen, who will assist lilakesley, Is
a senior In the Washington school and
is said to be an eloquent speaker.
Representatives of both schools have
spent months Of study on the subject
BAd will be well versed on Its different
Issues at the time of the debate.
Arrangements were also completed
by the law school B few weeks ago for
a donate to be held April 5 in Blmp-
Young Debaters Who Will
Participate in Contest
_ m
■ Hfe & i
From left to right are Raphael H. Blak esley and A. L. Bartlett of the U. S. C.
law school.
son's auditorium against a team rep
resenting Cornell university. The BUD-
JecJ Will be "The Commission Form of
Government." Those selected to rep
resent the law school are T. P. White,
R, w. Hefflefinger and K. M. Ham.
PORTLAND, Ore., March 19.— Busi
ness men from Western Washington
and British Columbia and their fam
ilies, numbering about 175, arrived here
from Puget sound on a special train
over the Oregon & Washington railroad
today, en route to California.
They were entertained by Portland
business men. The excursionists'
special left over the Southern Pacific
railroad for San Francisco, where it
is scheduled to arrive at 9:30 Monday
POMONA, March 19.—Plans are be
ing made for the improvement and en
largement of company D's armory on
Wist Second street. The idea is to
make a drill room twice as long by
building a rear addition. The company
members are about to organize basket
and handball teams. The metings Of
the local <J. A, it. post will continue to
be held in the armory after the rooms
are enlarged.
Articles of filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday are as
Magnolia Realty company, capital
$25,000—L. H. Hoffman. F. ('. Mettlcr,
J. Shultlß, W. B. Akc, 11. Ley, directors.
llarman Timber company, capital
»50,000—Edgar H. llarman, J. S. Jur
rott, F. G. Tyrrell, directors.
Los Angeles-McKittrlck OH company,
capital $I,ooo,ooo—John C. Hoffman, Lro
W. Buyler, George C, King, George B.
King, Hurry J. Brainerd, directors.
Steel King, Standing on Steps of Li.
brary He Presented Commu.
nity, Declares Califcr.
nia Is Ideal
RIVERSIDE, March 19.—Standing on
the stops of the library that he gave
to the city of Riverside, Andrew Car
negie, the laird of Skibo, this after*
noun paid honest and nattering tribute
to California, its people and its li
braries. "California, it seems to me, is
singular in its kindliness and its neigh
burliness. There is a spirit here that
would gladden the heart of "Triumph
ant Democracy," Carnegie said, his
apt referenoe to his book of this title
catching the fanoy of the i:ouo persons
assembled to hear him ami winning Cor
its author an appreciative ripple of
"Tour libraries are ideal, for they
combine utility and beauty," he con
tinued, as he looked about him at the
mission building Which bears bis name.
"Human life here is more Joyous and
happy than elsewhere, and sympathies
seem readier. The children show that
human life is improving. They are
tine and healthy and alert. I think that
lit', here is at its best.
"I have seen toda«y such orange
groves as I never saw before. 1 al
mosi want to break into poetry." Act
ing on the Impulse, Mr. Carnegie Im
provised this couplet:
"Farewell, this happy land of flowers;
its memory sweet will lonu bo ours."
tFor those who are PLANNING A HOME—You who are thinking of moving
into a snug little cottage or furnishing it up just as you have planned for years. *§%!%$
Jllinf Thinking of expense, too, probably. Pshaw! If expense is all that is keeping JSm^
you from enjoying life as Nature meant you to enjoy it—if you want a cozy || yQ$
%JmL&P home, yet don't like to disturb the bank account—just come down tomorrow
and sel< ct whatever you want. See how very, very easy we'll make it for you, 43fP*
i$ Wr with our smallest of cash prices and most liberal terms of credit.
This Home Builders' Sale will demonstrate to you the hundreds and hundreds
of extra special values in every department of Furniture, Carpets, Draperies
and Floor Coverings. These specials illustrated are in fumed oak, chair and S
rocker covered in genuine Spanish leather.
W& PHONES! F-2072:MA1N-2972 §H
648-652 BROADWAY(^ru°os^ E s ) AT SEVENTH
Herald "Liners" Never Fail to Bring the Most Satisfactory Results

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