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Mitchell Ranger Car Has Very Rough
I but Interesting Trip Across Ken.
tVr tucky — Move for Bet.
£; V ter Rtoads
'} ' * "
Tt 1« no fmi to lie sprawled out on a
mud fru.-mi. with every light out, and ,
ho a amall pocket flashlight over a |
*7 O j liquid earth as the car heaves
and lunges through it, sinking tc.the ;
hubs, to light the way, but that Is
ivhat happened as the Mitchell ranger
recently rolled Into Cave City, Ky.. out
of Bardstown, on its way over the
Glidden route. The photogn and |
the log keeper divided the eight miles ,
of Dlaying human lighthouse, and
"hen they fell off the machine they
looked as though they had been taking
a mud bath. It took a stream from
the water spout of tha raUrod tank to |
»-et them clean.
The Kentucky leg of the trip ended ■
tit the state ltae, iist nortll of a little :
town called Mitchell, the InhabH
eight in all cheering aa it- namesake
Hanger flashed by, and a mule, ive a
correct imitation of Btandlng on its
cars And that Kentucky leg brought
with it a number of charming ac
quaintances, hospitality and experi
ences. The mere. fa<jt that a valuable
robe was stolen from the ear at
Georgetown on Sunday whlli the par
ty were at luncheon made FranK
etrblei the pilot of the Mitchell
Ranger declare that it was a godless
thing '" drive on that clay and It was
a fitting punishment. So Sunday
travel has been schowed in future.
The road from Cincinnati to Louis
vllle Is the famous Lexington pike as
i ir as Frankfort, and on tlT> whole
very good, although the Mitchell Rang
er covered it in a blinding rain, which
washed away a foot of snow and many
culverts. There are three motor cars
In Frankfort, and the energetic cttl
zens arc building a garage at this
point, with a machine shop attached,
so that the Gliddenites will feel that
they are among frlendi and not In the
The making of the Kentucky leg of
the tour by the Mitchell Rangi r has
stirred up the controversy over tho
good roads bill which is before the
legislature. The editors of the various
papers In the towns and cities through
which the car iu:s passed have assured
its upants that a state law would
be passed, and the experiences of
Zirbiei have pointed many an editorial
clamoring for good roads. So the seed
has started to germinate.
The Louisville Automobile dub pent
nine members as far as Shelbyville to
meet the Mitchell Ranger, and natu
rally missed them, as 'three days were
■penl off lines of railroads and tele-
Kraphs exploring three different roads
Into Louisville. But when the party
arrived that live wire. E. J. Bohannon,
assistant secretary of the club, called
nt thi Seelbach to extend a welcome
anil offer the services and hospitality
of the club before the ■>uts had fairly
fallen to sleep.
When the Mitchell Ranger party
. ■ i :h New Haven, Ky., a
.ah was made .it the Echo office. The
editor was out of town, but .in ox
cerpt from his letter to Zirliies will
show that the spirit of John .7. Hurry
U prai tlcally that of everybody whom
wi have mi t. Mr. l tarry v
"The country that you p.-iss through
ii New Haven and Muldro
hill, seven miles from hi I only
Kentucky home that Lin
knew. Without getting out of
. place Lli
lat on the Rolling
Fork river to Indiana: <
learnt >l his A B < !'s, the
i le in which he a
dri.v, ii. I.i- it „■ i :■■ , • the only home
be cvi r knew In Kentucky.
"An is on tiie top of thp hill
Camp .Nelson,
Which -v r most fatal to
: il« during with the
1 country."
Mtchell Ranger party an.! the
Qltdden tourists to follow it owe much
to t! nard Hume of
Nashville, who is a veritable road
of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi
and Al.ib troa, Thi i un
..'l thai south of Kentucky
: are no road m..: the
Mitchell Ranger is doing pioneer work
at the pn i lit time.
There are three routes from Nash
ville to Memphl i; the i pper call for
a wide detour into Kentucky, with no
means of crossing the river except by
a flat-bottom ferryboat or runnln up
to Cairo, 111., to strike v bridge. The
mos( direct is across the center of the
state via Perryvllle. But here the only
means of crossing the Tennessee river
)r a rope ferry, which can only carry ;i
car at a time, nnd there are no hotel
accommodations. The third X via
Franklin, Columbia, Term., south to
Florence and Tuscumbla, Ala,, the.
river bcinp bridged at the latter place
throi Juka and Corinth, Hiss., then
north to Memphis.
This 18 the only feasible route and
the one which the Mitchell Ranger
party is mapping. It Is miles this
way from Nashville to Memphis bu(
there aro ample hotel accommodations
at Florence and Tuscumbla, Ala
which are 130 miles from Nashvllla
This is the route ■ hi. h Mr. Hume
strongly urged. So the. Mitchell
Ranger party is logging it, having come
from Columbia, over what is known as
th«; .South Military i-,ad," which was
built by Andrew Jackson when 1,.
--made hlsifamous march south at the.
head of his Kentuckj riflemen to New
Orleans, causing much sorrow to the
British attacking forces.

both thi
BAN PEDRO, March 10.—In a hotly
attested same of baseball today the
I*s Angeles high fh-1i0,,! tram was cle*
f«ftt< by San Pedro hitrh the urorc
atandln^ 4 to 3. Hun ppdro made two
scores in both i!: uevwith and eighth
innin on citoik In the flolU. 1,1,-
An^elos nuifle three scores in the'eltrhth
on hits.
"I'm Elvlng «\vay she«t music, all tin
poj)u):i sonfis."
"r ff I'Hi am not only advortislng thn
TPTnody, hut creating a demand for It as
well." —lioulsvllle Courlor- Journal.
ItSii I *'*\M\<^<j, j r ;V^w^ic;
Si n wl
1 it H
Society Turns Out to Witness Contest
Which Is Free from Acci.
dents and Brilliantly
SAN DIEGO, March 19.—California
society turned cut in great numbers I
here today to witness the opening game
of the fifth annual polo tournament at
Coronado, under the auspices of the
Southern California Polo and Pony
Racing association.
The opposing teams were the Coro
nado and the Southwest clul»\ The
Southwest club was decisively defeated
by a score of 9 to 3. The playing Of the
Coronado team at times was brilliant,
the strongest feature being their heady
work, which was responsible for their
No accidents occurred to mar the
sport. The teami took the field as fol
Coronado— Fritz Nave, xo. 1: Chee
ver Cowdln, No. 2; Harry Robertson,
No. 3; Major Colin Ross, No. 4.
Southwest — Weiss, No. 1;
• Weiss, No 2; Harry W«lm, No.
o; Tom \\'eiss. No. 4.
Tomorrow the teams to play are the
famous English team, captained by
Lieut, F. A. Gill, and the Riverside
, led by W. D. Roberts. This
ted to b< i con
• tournament will continue for ten
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 19.—
The Florida special handicap, which
carried a money consideration of
$f>ooo, was won today by Green Seal
from the St. James ible, which was
also represented by VVi i winder.
Jockey Butwell gave a pool exhibi
tion of riding on Fauntlcroy. the
favorite. Causlit in a Jam at the.
start, this supposedly llful rider
completely losl his head and was
knocked about the entire journey.
First ruce, ii furlongs—Ellanrtta won,
Sir Kearney second, Pk-olata third; time
:55 3-5.
Second race, 7 furlongs— -Foreguard won,
M. .1. Whelan second, Sandpiper third; time
1:58 2-5.
Third race, 1j furlonff*. purse —Vantfufle
won. Nealon second, Jaok I'arlior third;
time 1:U 4-5.
Fourth race, 1 1-4 miles —Green Seal won,
Botemla second, Tnboo thirdl time. 2:03 3-."j.
Fifth race, 7 tfurlonga— Kanrler won,
BoKcrrlan second. Bilvoiin tliird; time
i::t 4-5
Sixth rare. B furlongs—Strike nut won.
Ida Po Bccond, Jeanetta third; liiin
-1:12 2-5.
Seventh race. 1 I - 1 0 nilles —Ardrl wnn,
Hans second. Otilo third; time I:l''' t-5

Rain Falls, and Muddy Track Is Re.
suit— Riding Honors for Day
Are Evenly Dis.
- tributed
OAKLAND, March 10.—The colors of j
H. G. Bedwell were In evidence at j
Emeryville today, three horses from !
the stable linishing in front. Right
Easy won the Woodland handicap \
while Bedwell secured purses with j
Lord Clinton and Keep Moving. Rain j
fell during the greati r part of the af
ternoon and the track was muddy. Re
First race, Futurity course, selling Paul
Clifford, 110 (BoreU won; Rosarao, 104
tWl!..ams> second; llampas.s, 109 (Tage)
third; time 1:12. Reda, Hainest. Banorella.
Pimkin. Gonova. E. Molino, Combury and
Tltiu 11. also ran.
Second race, Fxiturlty course, selling—
Lord Clinton, IS (Martin) won; Miss I'io
nlc, SS lUargau Becond; Beauman, 109
(Taylor) thlid; time 1:11 2-5. Novgorod,
Arthur Uyman, Madeline Musgrave and
Cymbal a*BO ran.
Third race, 6 furlongs, telling Orello,
113 (Voiper) won; Thistle Belle, 104 (Page)
second; Servlcence, !i6 (Selden) third; time
riii Goldllnn, Dr. 1 lousbert; , Dv of
Milan, c'alopus, Tlliinghast and Gilbert Hose
also ran.
Fourth race. 1 mil* 1. Woorjiand handicap
— Right Ewy, !"4 (Th'mas) won; rhll
Mohr. s: (Selden) second; Orbicular. 100
<R!cei third; time 1:42. Edwin T. Fryer
also ran.
Fifth race, 1 mile and 70 yards, Mlllng—
nun; Col. Jack.
105 (3d Inclement, nr. <M-n
--t:y) I 1:10 3-5. Miles. Raleigh
a.s.. ran.
furlonfl pur««^.Tohn TI.
Sheehan, 113 (William*) won; Mylu O'<"on
:. Qalv«aca, IS ' Mar
tin) third: time J"7 4-5. Prcjalcio. Fern
1.. and Scim: ran.
TAMPA. Fla., Mnroh 19.—TIip fea
iday was the fourth
furlong dai h, in which
Merman, wi
: i i... i 'avanaugh, an out
sider. The ni closes Monday,
Trappa third; time
.1 net, '■ furlongi -Percy T

1:11 2-5.
Third race, I furl I won,

v .n,
... 1 mil"
i\' HA VEX, i Vim.. M

„ _' to 0.
Noted Automobile Enthusiast Declares
Motor Truck Should Be Util.
ized to Carry Baggage
of Participants
Mrs. John Newton i'nneo, who Is
without doubt the best known woman
autoniobilist and tourist in tlds coun
try, is enthusiastic in her approval of
the proposed organisation of sis east
crn tours during the spring and sum
mer months, she whs a participant in
two of the big annual Olldden tours
conducted by the American Automo
bile association, and as a result of her
experiences on these long and hard
Journeys has a number of decided
Ideas of her own as to the proper
manner of arranging tours.
"If a suggi I lon be permitted,"
.Mrs. Cuiieo, "1 think the series "i' pop
ular automobile outings should I
with a run to some of the many Inter
rating points in the BOUth. I would
like to make the further suggestion
i! ihe participant;; of each of the
sis tours I" 1 accompanied by a motor
truck to rarry the baggage of the
tourists, All the parti. Ipanta In the
i two Olldden tours, whose bag
ivas picked up each morning
nfter they left their hotel and landed
at their evening stop by a rapid truck
In advance of their arrival, will bear 1
me out in paying a tribute to the con
ico of the si r\ Ice,
"Th ■ trouble with competitive events
such as the Qlldden tour is that the
purtlolpantfl become so engrogtied with
the effort to maintain perfect ncorei
',i.it they ir.s.- all touring enjoyment.
Thelr thoughtH are centered on arriv
ing at a t'iviii point at a given mo-
inent, no sooner or later, and tiny are
In dread every moment lest a pune-
turod tire nr some other mishap cause
Iham to full behind. They are re
quired to arise at uncomfortably early
hours, .stand in line waiting Cor break
room doors to open, and then to
gulp down their morning meal so as
not to cause an instant's delay at the
tartlng line.
"Once they got under way they nre
trail In some one else's dust
| and arrive ,-it the nOOtl and night con
' trola coated with dust both within
and without. At the nlghl -stops thelr
cars are taken from tliem and locked
up in garages to prevent any work
being- done on them. It is ■ <■'■
rush and eat, rush and e.it. twice
. very day, for the schedule mu-t be
■ whether the Fun burns iiko a
! furnace or the wind blows a sale or
I the rain falls in torrents. There is
' nn fun in it and there is no real tour
ing In it.
"It is absolutely impossible to enjoy
the scenery in a competitive tour. As
a matter of fart, few of the partlcl-
panta have a knowledge of the names
of the towns they pass through. This
v v Illustrated in my own cue, At
•cent automobile ihow In Madison
Squan n 1 was Introduced to
: • veral persons who Informed me they
had recognized me from seeing me
pass through their town on tlic last
Gltdden tour I was on. T Mked the
name of the town, find though they
toolc it for panted that I must have
remembered it, I will confers thai T
did not remember ever to have heard
the name- before. This. I think, Is a
Illustration of how lit tie so
called tourist? in trophy contests really
know the routes they travel.
"On the other hand, the tours on the
first surfeited by John T. Ral
would be thoroughly enjoyable
event.". To lay out routes, prepare
data of road condltons, arrange for
hotel accommodation! and to prepare
in advance a schedule of costs and
then to say to participants, 'This is
your tour, po ahead on your own time
schedule, Mop when and where you
want to, but rendezvous at this or
point if convenient,' would be an
manner of organizing popular
touring cvi
"I would strongly recommend thai
«ihle routes be selected
;ire not already well known. I
think that every American harbors the
exploration and new roads,
unless they are bad ones, have a par
ticular charm to seasoned tou
I'or example, my tour from New York
to Atlanta, Ga., in a Rainier car was
the pleasantest In my experlem i
caune the roads and country were a
Ity and the excellence of the high
ways a delightful surprise. Seventy
miles of turnpike in Quilford county,
s. C, was the best stretch of the dls
: mcc I have ever driven a car over."
Brunswick-Balke Team Beats Mac
Kenzie Colts, Exceeding
Totals of American
The Brunswick alleys were ja
to the doors last evening when Dysin
r bowled the first balls
starting the .Mackenzie Colt-Bruns
wlck-Balke match, The Brunswick-
Balko team simply walked away with
the match, winning three straight
bj 24U pins. Mackensle Colts
than an average game,
I their o\ erv helming defeat Is ex
plained by the tact that their oppon
ents bowled thirteen pins more than
Detroit this year. The Brunswick
al o the highest five-man total
rolled in Los Angeles since January
: 1905, on which date the Mackenzie
Colts rolled the coast record, 2995,
which they still hold. Captain Simpson
was in excellent form, rolling high
game, 266, and high average, 214 i-;s.
Taylor 159 1)1 129—432 — 144
I-lolllday 175 201 I!H— 567—
Buwron ISO 213 177— 670 —190
Werner 1-7 183 178— 54S— -.' 2-3
Mackenzie ... 195 189 14li — 560 — 17S 3-a
Totals 869 '■':■■• 821—2647
Pysinger 163 214 If. 8— 567—150
Lacey 172 167 190 — E29 --1711 1-3
Tompklni ....217 iso 193— .',07—193 2-3
Oilman 164 1« 213— 555—155
Simpson ''■'' '■'■' ■' '-" 613—214 1-3
Total* •■ • 38* 833 376—2893
The bowling frame is on the boom in
Los Angeles nt presenl and all tho
alleys iire working overtime. The fol
lowing tablo furnished by thn American
Bowling congress Bhown the remark
ahle Increase of tho mosi popular In
door sport, I
Kntrii In national tournanment from
1903 to 1910, Inclusive:
Flvp-mpn Two n 1 n-ll-
Toa.r. C'Ky. t»am«. teams, vld'ala.
1903 Indianapolli. Inrt. ... 78 152 247
1004 .riPvWand. 0 .... 112 ifii 4r,2
lDOn.'.MllWßUkee, «Vli 217 435 M.'l
i:i'lii..l.<iuiHVlllc, Ky 221 4*l S!I7
IW7 .SI. [.ouls, Mo -II 613 1026
19nS..Cincinnati, O Ml 76« 1469
l'Jii9..PlttsburK 874 ''''■' IR6O
1910.. tr01t, Uli 401 OSS 2009
Xha total entries at Detroit this year were
Flanders "20"
Demonstrator Has
Arrived and Is
a t You r
Lord Motor Car Company
1032 South Olive Street
W-ti nr.d 116,440.(0 was Rivpn In cash prISM.
The total entries at Detroit this year
were E9M, and $58,«40.M was given in
cash prizes.
Local interest is now centered In the
western bowling tournament, which
starts next. Saturday on the Jefferson
Square alleys! Ban Francisco, and con
tinues to April I. Mayor McCarthy
will open the tournament by rolling
the first ball down the alley*.
The entries In the various events are
lows, which include all of the
cities in the western states:
Seventy-flve five-men teams, 154 two.
men teams and iir.<» individuals. There
will be $6560 in cash prizes.
There will be two live-men teams
from Los Angeles. Some of the two
men teams which have entered are as
follows: Smith and Lawson, c'y Tay
lor and Ballard, Simpson and Lacey,
Dyslnger and woman and Jim Bowron
and Alf Mackenzie, and there will be
many others.
The Bruncwlck-Balke five-man team
is a strong aggregation and stands an
excellent chance of bringing the cham
pionship to Southern California.
This term was challenged to a match
game by the s.m Diego bowlers for s
$100 side bet. The match was arranged
and bowled Friday, March 11, in San
Diego. Our boys looked BO easy to the
sports of the sleepy city that they bet
$500 more, which v is quickly taken by
Schulte, the official booster of the Los
Angeles bunch. Kos Angeles won by
251 runs. Score follows:
• L 2. 3. 4. 5. T*tal. Avf*.
Dysinrer 173 168 K>B UJ 186 MJ 17JJ-B
I.ir.-y tlßl 211 170 IS3 802 M 3 186 3-5
Tompklttl 160 100 W9 lit 174 SOI 160 4-5
Oilman 157 Ml IM 193 I'l'' 896 179 1-5
Slmpim 169 177 h>S JJI 215 NO ISO
Totals 820 867 Rsl 927 9T6 in-
1. |, 3. 4. 6. T'tal. Avg».
Buelow ISI 171 179 198 155 SS4 176 4-5
Battsford IM 117 145 169 111 725 145
I,og K e 197 ISS I7fi 2v>9 153 KM i\i 1 B
Holllclay 171 138 173 156 16a ~WH 1«1 3-5
Burke 145 IM 130 188 IM 851 1701-5
Totals 847 839 806 D2O 782 UM
Ilih'h scores on the Brunswick alleys
for the paat week were aa follows:
Tenpins—Connor 215, Davis 201, Mac
kenzie 220, Bunn 226, Bowron 226, Phllps
213, Bchafer 221, Taylor 219; Bmlth 203,
Werner 214, Kramer 288, Pearce 201,
Heneke 222, Triphan 216, Tupper 248,
Griffith 224, Koons 204, Santec 213, C.
G. Smith, 214.
Ladles: Tenpins—Mrs. Knox 178, 162,
174; Mrs. Mack 188, 174, 167; Mra,
Scott 183, 172, 189; Mrs. Tupperman
142, 161, 164; Mrs. Stymesl 16$, 172,
181; Miss Allen 147, 159, 163; Mrs.
Thompson 147, 156, 161; Mrs. Thurston
141, 161. 174.
The.new Commercial Bowling league
finished its first week in line style,
every team fighting hard for i;r-t place,
The sensation of the week was the
bowling of Kramer, who rolled up the
high score of 255 on the Brunswick al
leys. On account of the large number
of teams in the C. B. 1,, It will be im
possible for the secretary to have the
totals and averages compiled before
Monday of each w< ek.
The women are taking considerable
interest in bowling and are rolling up
some cood scores.
Alfred Mackenzie of the Brunswick
alleys, who is tho promoter of the
women's bowling tournament In South
ern California, will hold another of
these popular tourneys at a date to be
lunced later. The Intention was to
start It this week ,but the women re
quested more time to praclce before
High scores rolled on Stlnson's al
leys during the week:
Tenpins—HalFtead, 245; Camp, 233;
Andreini, 212; Schauni, 226; Edwards,
215; Goldberg, 227; Wolf, 217; Kramer,
217; Carlton, 223; Griffith, 205; Dysin
ger 213; Koons, 200; Simpson, 203; Van
Treat, 204; Butler, 201; N. Williams,
216 Young, 221; Kulm, 200; Kramer,
Jimjons— Griffith, 139; Dale, 130; Sage,
12*; O'Brien, 136; 11. Pyle, 105; Barellf,
114; Llndley, 120; Rlggs, 136; Lancas
ter, 186; Marsh, 111; Brooks, 112:
Bampson, L 42; Holly, 142; Harper, 154;
Garbert, 117; Lustig, 107; Wilson, 162;
Danlelson, 184; Ttaekow, 125; Welch,
125; Phelps, 117; Doig, 123; Roach, 168;
Russell, 12;',; Quner, 101; Edwards, 101;
siaw, 107; Stumple, 135; Werner, 168;
H. williamH, 135; Gray, 103; Zartman,
105: Jackson, 119.
Duck pins—Gilorist, 127; Edwards,
114; O'Brien, 111; Lindley, 111; Dale,
103; Itumple, 135; Hacket, 108; Taylor,
KM; I lanlelson, 113; Itussell, 102.
Ninepins— Rockow, 7; McCully, 8;
Edwards, 8; O'Brien, 9; Jackson,; 8;
Zartman, 7; Lancaster, s.
The close ot: the City Bowling league
scores is proving one of the closest and
most evenly contested series that has
ever been pulled off in this city. Never
A mar Iran American Motor Car Agency,
HIIICI ltdll 1210-1212 South Olivo
American-Simplex BekinsCo >£.££;«,
A*j-_ . Bekins-Corey Motor Car Co..
'•lido Pico and Flowei
r*alif nrnia California Automobile Co.,
Udlll Ul Hid Tenth and Mala
DnrriQ Bosbyshell-Carpenter Co.,
L'UI I 15 1226-1228 South Olivo
nnrnnr Durocar Manufacturing Co.,
1/lil Utdl 929 South Los Angeles
FmDire Munns Auto Co.,
LIIIIIW 1351 South Main
Frvp/I Standard Automobile Co..
■ "■ U Twelfth and Olivo
ArAAt Wn^Urn H °' Vogel>
Ul6dl If OMCI II 1130 1132 South Olivo
Halla/fai/.kntt;) Motor Car Import Co
ndlldady-ISOTId B i o south oiivo
Himmnhila Tri-State Automobile and Supply Co.,
lIUpiIIUUIIU M. C. Nason, Mgr. 600 South Olive St.
I no ftamar Factory Branch 804 So. Olive,
LdllC OlCdlllCl J. A. Tuthill, Representative.
D"k4*i>c/\n Pico Carriage Co.,
idlCrbUll Pico and Main
Patrol Williams Automobile Co.,
161161 1806 South Mair
p m j I W. K. Cowan,
IxdlllDlcr ' 1140-1142 south Hopo
Qt^rlin/i A- N- J ung Motor Car Co.,
016111119 1242-1244 South Flower
T/\i»rict California Automobile Co.,
I OUNSI Tenth and Main
1/ i» Standard Automobile Co.,
V6IIO Twelfth and Olivo
* * * W f W All sizes and types.
Mwg mm §m* mf^a g*-<\ FIRKNTONE TIltK *
"X" I imJ |» t-S lIIIIHKK CO.
JL JU XhliJ IW^ 057 South Main Htrxrt.
before in l.os Angeles bowling circles
have eight teams been formed In one
league and have \'\\>- of the eight teams
ill a look-in at the money, or have the
deciding games been rolled off in the
last series of this tournament. The
Mor!eys havo first place this week, but
with the Columblas. only three gatnei
behind them, and as they roll the Co
lumblas this coming week they must
look out or tho second team will tie up
with them for first money. The Or
phana are third, with the Nationals
and the Giombastiani Feed and Fuel
team tied one game behind them. Next
week first, second and third places will
bo decided.
The team standing ll as follows:
Won. I.nst. iVI.
Morley 39 -l .650
t'ulumlila 36 'I .60u
Orphans , 33 -'7 .660
Qlambaitlanl 3il 28 . r> 3 3
Nationals 32 2H S I!
HoCB'fH 38 3J .431 '
Rivera Urns 23 r:? .3*3
Tho IntllvMuftl avßraK**" were: Ballard, ]
IS:| 39-60; Lawion, 17S 4^-57; Tormat, i
176 4."-4S; I.anz, 17« 47-80; Bairli, 174 id i;
Smith, 172 3S-4S; ArmHtrong. 173 l-S.il);
Bunn, 170 82-36; Hamilton, 170 i! 3-57;
Blume, 170 5 u7. '•
PART 111
The 1910 R. S.
Will Soon Be Here
Place your order now, and se
cure one of these popular ma
John T. Bill & Co.
Northwest Corner Tenth and

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