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City Lawmakers Unanimous In Choice
of Members to Fill Places Caused
by Senatorial Candidate's
(Continued from Pair* iintt
executive heads of the party—admit
that Curry lias little following in the
north. On the other hand, it is claimed,
the machine has opposed Curry and
has endeavored to eliminate him from
the race, hut this "opposition" Of the
machine, which the push has permitted
to "leak out" from its caucuses, is
taken with a grain of salt, and many
wise Republicans claim it is a trick
to deceive the voters, some p-o si
as to maintain that both Btanton and
Curry are regular machine candidatesi
There is no question but that this is
true of Stanton, say the Republicans,
hut there Will be some surprise
throughout the state if the machine
mlinits Its indorsement of Curry. Ai
any rate, it is predicted that Stanton
will retire not long after the Inevitable
effacement of Alden Anderson, which Is
declared already decided on. But In
les, at least, the supporters
Of Stanton say that if there Ih any
body dropped from the race it will be
Beardslee a Disturbing Element
There are other queer mean
ing on in the north, mo. For install .
both Curry and Btanton are said to be
deeply concerned over a campaign ol
boosting that lias been Instituted for
one Robert J. ("Bob") Beardsli
Stockton, as the running mate of Man
ton it has been Intimated, amoi
-push" Republicans, that then are per
sonal reasons why Btanton doe
like Beardslee for his running mate,
but none of the vise Republicans will
venture to say why this may be so,
]l is ] ited OUt, however, that if
Beardslee is accepted—and he is re»
certalnty because of his
BbllltJ to rej.resent certain pollcli
president of the state senate—Stanton
may have to retire and make room lor
Republican regulars in the. north rue
aald to bi lieve that Curry and B
lee would make the most desirable
team for the machine to nomii
northern opposition to stanton comes
from their anxiety 1" put Bi irdul
as lieutenant governor. Bi Rrdi ■
will be remembered, was the cano
tot spi llnst Stanton in thi
assembly, n. is said to hai
following, and a« presiding offlci
■enate could do a great
toward n cupi rating the "machine."
stanton and Beardslee— Curry and
Beard li i or can the ••push" decide on
ji running mate who will be more
agreeable to Btanton?
At any rate, "de machine" is having
• hard time. And what can it achieve
by nominating either, or
Thai Is really the most bothet
"Push" Leaders Worried at Prospect
of Fighting Johnson and His
Running Mates from
Los Angeles
The announcement uf Judge Works'
candidacy on tho Lincoln i:> •> evell
loaguf platform for the nomination to
ihe United Bt iti
about the Bole topic In political circles
y. sterdaj, and w hlle the
jncnt cami itlnct sur] i le even
to the clo : ■ Work*, it
elicited the most [avora bl i nt.
i lid-time li aders of the
appear to be worried, yel i mcede that
In the selection nf Judge Work i Cor tni-;
high offli >■ the Lincoln- Roosevelt li
lias proved its mastery, and In South
ern California, as ■
■utned command of ■
party, taking the power and
uf 11,. from the i l< ineni which
hoped, following the retirement of
Roosevi it, tn i . old push" back
to I he pie i iiiiiiti r.
That the Re publican pai ty of thi
lure «ill in represented cxc]
Hie l-.ni oln-Rooaevelt lc I 1 hat
In municipal, county, state ami fi
i amp; n ill triumph m i r ti.< op
posing factions and parties \\ itli un
precedented majorli
Republlcai In Los Ai
ihe dplnion that w i 1 b Air. Re
tl-elt'a i eturn to the I'nit there
V ill arise b m .■. i ondlt on i ; Ically,
They ■ I I he Republican

iin ii . i
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has l»>en seriously threatened with din
ruptlon; that the work of tlip "regu
lars" at Washington, as I" nenrh BVOI 1
statp when important Issues have aris
en, lias endangered the Republican in
stitution established by former I'resi
dent Roosevelt, and that had It not ,
been that the Llncoln-RooseVelt
leagues have stubbornly remained in
tact in almost every section of the
country, and havo faithfully stood
guard over the policies and principles
of the absent leader—Roosevelt the
disintegration of the party would have
j been Inevitable. As it Is .only that ele
ment which sought to undo the work
of Roosevelt, and which Has Insidiously
aimed to steal the control from the re
form element, has met with dissolution.
Political leaders believe that In the
pen.lino: campaign (hero will be ar
rayed before the voters but two par
ties—the reformed Republicans, or
T,in< oln-Roosevelt league, and the
Democracy, The opposing factions of
Republicanism much come under the
Roosevelt platform or organise a new ;
party, and their strength is not suffi
cient to accomplish much in the latter
Plenty of "Timber"
A few «• !;- !■•<'. in California,
were savins to each other sadly:
c is no good available tlmb sr."
that the men who were
■, r the high pla i a could not
i to run.
It has long been known that the
Unlti d Stai orshlp is not a re
li lends uf Sena-
Lint Intimate that he declined to
run again because he could not afford
It; thi ■ ' living and the social
entertainments made necessary by
conditions at Washington make the
■it of a senator something of a|
• -c. And, on the other hand, man>
■nd able mi n ■ n i for such
positions as thai of the governorship
have of recent years declined to Beefc
in California bei ause of the
oi ditiona mnintaim d by thi
3, p, machine; and because to hold
office meant to invite suspicion mid
lay one's s. If liable to the severest
criticisms, regardleßS of one's actual
probity or high purposes. Hence the
wail: "Thi re is no good timber."
But voters are beginning to realize j
that the great reforms ai compllshed
by the ■ '"''■ «'S in Cali
fornia, of ulii. h in." Llncoln-Roose
vell league represents a powerful fac
tion, have old condition*,
and good men are now onxloua to take
active part In the reformation of
municipal and state affairs.
With the announcement that Hiram
W. Johnson had entire.l the rac« for
i i. .vi nomination for gov
. followed in tor by the annou
ment In \*>s Angelea thtt A. J. Wallace |
would geek tli«> nomination for the
go\ < rnorshlp "ii the aami
tit ket, It i obvioui that "good
timber" was being secured and that
the m ir \hr first time in t
history oi California politics, was to
be tin'. arti d In iis attempt to dli
i iiiy iiic machine bas
won, regardless of whli h party has ;
been elected, for It has dominated all
tlons and laughed at their
tentlons with thi secrel knowledge that
it would triumph n of which
I.: Uor i arried mors.
It \'. ervi I that men whom j
the machl ■ used to be "prom- j
tlons already are dropping out of the |
They realize that the unrsi of I
i- staring them In the face,
hey <}" not propiisi to i the ,
machine lead them to .the slaughter.
know that the i ondlt
have changed, and at present, altl
it j bi gun, the
i i.-i almost as \ : ofound ;i^
"ii thi t elect i Los .
the n has
n all i • ords, it Is claimed, fir
i om] Is. This tin 1,
i i, and
knowing that good and competent mi n
ha \'■ enti r'<i the crusade for I ■ tter
. nment, the j>>'>i>l in be n li' d
ippoi t ihi reform element.
S. P. Is Disheartened
8, r\ Is disheartened. <if <■- m .
there n 111
i a few bought-ofl lnt<
and a number of corrupt politicians,
\ ill continue t'i rfpi esent tl

loft In It ■ lut t re fi
and Ineffectual. i
With Hiram Jolinson nnd A. J. Wal
lace in the race for the nomination for
governor and lieutenant govei nor, nd
with John I. W"i ■ stumping the
Mai.' with them for the Benatorship —
nil of them individually and collec
tively imoting the good government
campaign— the prospects are conci'iied
by political leaders to be the brightest '.
lin the tate'tj history.
Aii example of the support given by I
the non-partisan pn ss of i California to !
the candidacy of Judge Works is found
in an editorial published In the Los
Angeles Record yesterday. Th Record
Is unstinted in Us praise of Judge
oi ka. it says:
In selecting Jud John l>. Work*
ns their candidate for United States
senator, th local li uders of the
Lincoln-Roosevelt league havi cer
tainly chosen b very able man,
v horn ALL the people could trusi to
do what lie believed to be right.
But by the selection of Judse
Works to make this raci . the city of
Los Angeles Is . oing to lose one of
the moHt efficient officials it has
had in many years.
Although Judge Works has ' i en
h: office as president of the council
less than tin 1 c- months, he bus done
more to start action toward pro
tecting the interests of the people
tha ul: 1 been done In years past.
By BO lolng ho has impressed the
fact on the people that «Ith him
the reform necea i»ry for good gnv
ernment is more than mere words,
an<l that it is his Intention to so;;
to It that the corporation receives
no more favors at the hands of the
incil than the private citizen.
He lias shown that he Is not afraid
to try and correct abuses that have
long been allowed to sro unrebuked,
and that it is his intention to Bee
tii.it ALL the citizens get a square
Now, while these tliin": 1 are mnst.
pleasing to tin- people in general,
they are most displeasing; to tho ■
Interests that have, to a certain ex
tent it least, practically dictated
the action of tho city council In the
he has been tho moi Ing spirit in
everything that has been done to
bring the corporations to time and
observe the me laws that have
always bet-n enforced so far as the
ijile are concerned.
Of course, then is greater oppor
tunl for men like Judce Works In
thi' United States senate than in
tha Los Angeles city council, and
there i^ a better chani d to benefit
mure pcui.li>.
lint it should lie remembered that
bpfor? Judge Works can have this
greater opportunity he must first
1. ■ elected to the senate, and the
election •■( ■■ militant man, tn whom
reform means action as well as
words, to the United States senate
from Cnllfornin Ih an entirely dlf
ferent matter fro electing him to
th ■ Los Angeles city council.
Judge Works would make n Rood
senator, and we would like to see
him i'li till, hut it will be a mighty
big job to lect him, and In the
meantime Log Aneelos loses an
official who has, thus far, nerved
the people, and whose naasinir will
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State Executive Committee of Lincoln-
Roosevelt League Approved of
Candidates from South,
crn California
1 to The I]
SAX FRANCISCO, March 19. The
executive committee of the Lincoln.
H evelt league resumed Ita work of
preparing a ticket for the primary
election aj the itate headquarters In
the Metropolis building here tins
morning. While southern reprei
tlvea were only represented by proxy,
their reeommi ndations in regard to
the i andldacy of A. .1. Wallace for
lieutenant governor and John D.
Winks for the United States ■■
went through without a. hitch. in
fact there has seldom been more en
thusiasm than when the names of the
two Loa Angeles men were presented
„, .1 report read by President Chester
Kowell of Fresno, all present declar
ing that the candidacy of these men
meant sure victory for reform forces.
Another Los Angeles man came In
ror honors in tiie person of Judge rur
;\-- Wilbur for the supreme bench. Al
though his name was not presented
by the southerners the executive com
mittee tvit th.it he was an Ideal run
ning mate for Max Sloss. who had 1" en
previously Indorsed. No action was
taken In regard to a nominee for state
superintendent of public Instruction,
but the two most prominently men
tioned in connection were Prof. .)■ H.
la of I.os Angeles Polytechnic
high school and .Superintendent of
Schools Limscott of Banta Cruz coun
u Final action will probably be taken
Home time next v ■■■■'<
Friends of "Mike" Holleran Aroused
Because Old Officer Is Trans.
ferred from Depot
pite the fact that lie has been ;>
member of the police department for
more than twenty years and is the
second oldesi policeman In point of
service, Michael Holleran svaa removed
from duty at the Banta B"e depot,
placed cm night duty and ordered to
walk a beat by Captain l>ixon.
Holleran's friends are indignant at i
his removal. They way he has been
discriminated against and that his as-
Blgnment to night duty is unjust.
Patrolman Hoileran lias been In ill
health for some nine. During the list
two years he frequently fainted while
on duty, and on a number of occasions
was taken to the receiving hospital
for treatment. He has produced oertifl- ■
cates from two physicians to the effect
thai lie is unlit for night duty.
Patrolmen Dorsey and Level, who
were suspended recently, will be cited
t 0 appear before the police commis
sion. Horsey In alleged to have dls
covered Patrolman Level asleep in a
garage on his beat, and that after
awakening him failed to report the
incident. Dave Adams learned of the
affair and promptly reported the mat
ter to Captain Dixon. Dorsey was
suspended for ten days for failing to
make out a repoprt of the matter, and
I evel was suspended pending his hear
ing before the police commission. '
Divorce suits filed in the superior
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