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J L^ Hss# Matf
FOR men and women in The Herald's mammoth sub
scription and classified advertising Voting Contest.
Pick out the prize you want —nominate yourself, inaugu
rate your vote-getting campaign NOW and that prize will
be yours. Think of it 1 A $5300 home; a $3380 automobile;
awell, look over the list of prizes yourself. Nominate
yourself or a friend NOW!
Plan of Contest
i-i,,. Los An^olcH Herald, with Its usual enterprise and progre«Blve
nei i ha Inaui urate i a $25,000 voting content, In which a Rreat many
handsome ami valuablo prizes will bo awarded to live, energetic
men and women In California. Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
■ii.- |, the greatest übscrtptlon and classified advertising contest
ever conducted by a newspaper ln Southern California. The prizes
to be rlv. away abi olutely without cosl and under the very simple t
conditions are. without dout, the most magnificent ever awarded by
any institution In any enterprise „„,„„ 1,,
•1!,,, nrlxes will be awarded to those securing the mosi votes, In
accordance with the conditions published elsewhere In tma announce
ment. There Is absolutely no "chance" or "luck" or "guessing ' about
this contei t All you have to do to Win a prize is to enter the contest
as a candidate and conduct a vote-getting campaign among your
fr Votes will be given during this contest for both old and new paid-
In-advance subscriptions to Tho Herald, as well as for the isale of
■Hssi led advertl Ing coupon books, which will be good for classified
•iive t ..... in The Herald. See the schedule and note more votes
K ven for subscriptions. Also that subscriptions turned n' durn
the nrsl period count foi more votes than they will otter, it Is wIM.
therefore, to start at once and make every subscription count tor
thAny'rcBp""table vacs. or woman may enter this contest as a candi
\nv respectable man or woman may enter this contest as a candi
date i, v Bending In his nomination to the Contest Manager, or having
'friend do ". It cOSta absolutely nothing to become a candidate
Snd nothing for your friends to vote for you and thereby assist you
VhffltoYl «S^Wl£ rnto two dU-lsons
Noa 1 and \ri otively, and these in turn are subdivided Into four
(llstritts as shown elsewhere In this announcement.
[candidate will t-ompete from the district and represent the
riintrirt whero he or »h<> lives or has buolneas Interestß. • AM >l l>.\ I
WHEKE IN THE WORLD. The capital prizes will be divided
rminllv in the two divisions, two going to each d vision to the
.dates recolvmg the highest numb,,- and next highes number
nflvotn in heir rcnpeotlve divisions (read over "How the Prises
Win Bo Awarded? carefully). The eight grand prises will jbe
,^v do, ,- the, rlsht candidates who lead their respctive districts
1 vi^'or"; Awarded" for this aJso). IV ,- TI
. | ( ,„. a i-end ai once todaj i HIS mini IK.
• drop a !l1"' '" llu> '"•"'■*' departmenl and you will
lM:. ;,,. iv with all necessary materials. Get your
Mmd?and acSSutati es. who are no. taking The Herald now. to
Kcrlbt Jitney are taking it, gel them all back "übscrip
• .„,„ for a yea,- or more In advance. Bee
everybody, It makes no difference where I ley live. You will revive
- .t f. • the money collected and turned In with balance. \S rite
,;,- ri, . ■ .:. ... hem. Write everyl y. Carry this announce
ment .you. Karly energy will bring you a beautiful home.
Throe Khort months of hustling will make you the owner of a prize
uWrh or.llnarll would take you s llfetlmo to get. Your fr ends will
uihanibo Kladly tor Tl.e Herald, which is Bouthorn California's paper
for the hoine"f Kvery cent paid on subscription brings immense
V*peacl this contest pa*e carefully, and If there Is anything not
■■ ..' ' ,', ' . to l j , telephone the contest departmenl and
;;,!'", ,n will be turnlrted gladly, iut WHATEVER YOV
uo, doit now: 8000
Home 10211.
_ - ■ - —
Division I
(Comprising Districts A and r..1
The city of L,os Angeles within tho following boundaries: Slauson
avenue on south. Arlington avenue on «-esl to WlUhlre boulevard
east on Hoover, north to EIHe, east to San Fernando road, north to
Whitmore avenue, north on Aldama to Payette and Crescent, south
•rlonc Bait Lake railroad to Forty-third, then east to Griffin, south
to Grim! to Form, thense oast to Westminster, south to \\ abash,
oast to llughea. south to llollenbeck, West to Alamcda, south to
Slauson. ,
All territory within the above boundaries and west of the following
divirtinc me Mam street, beginning at Blauson avenue to Bpring
?tmir>loSS BPring sTreet to Ban Fernando Ban Fernando street
along Los Angeles river to northern boundary lino.
All thnt territory within the city limits and east of tho dividing
lln e, as given above. NQTICE '
(The dividing line runs 1n the center of the given streets hence
buildings on the west side of Main and San fernando are in District
A and those on the eastern Side are In District ii..)
Division II
(Comprising Districts C and D) ...
All that territory not within tho boundaries of Los Angeles city
as set forth under heading Division I.
All that portion of Los Angeles county not within the boundar
of Los Angeles city as set forth under heading Division I. and also
San Bernardino and Orancf counties.
All other territory not Included in any of tho above districts.
How Prizes Will Be Awarded
The two candidates (men or women) leading each of the twe.divis
ions when tho final count of votes has been made will be known as
division leaders lor capital prize winners. Thus therei will be lour
capital prize winners, two each oi the two divisions. Of these
four division leaders the one casting the greatest number of votes
will receive tho $5300 home; tho one casting the next greatest number
of votes will receive the $:;sno Knox Automobile; tho one casting the
third largetl number of votes will receive, the $787.50 double trip to
the Orient, nnd the one casting the fourth greatest number of votes
will receive tho |750.00 grand piano.
The two candidates in each district casting the greatest and next
greatest number of votes, respectively, will be grand prize winners.
There will be eight rrand prise winners. The candidate leading , V:
among the eight district leaders will receive, the tirst grand prize ...
(tho $600 dining rocm set); the district leader standing next will . ,
receive the second grand prizo (the $500 bank account); the district
eador Standing third will receive the double trip to Honolulu ($300);
the district leader stanfltng fourth will receive the double trip to
Alaska and reti.rn, via the Pacific Coast Steamship line. ($266); the
dtstrct lea ler standing Hfth will receive the double trip to Alaska
via the North Pacifio and Alaska Steamship companies lines (M«4);
the district leader standing sixth will receive the Columbia Graph
anola ($250); the district leader Standing seventh will receive the
double trip to Mexico City, via the National Railways of Mexico
($"20) and the district leader standing eighth will receive the Ocean
Slilo Park lot ($200).
To'insure prizes for twelve candidates (four capital prize winners
and eight grand prlae winners) capital prlzo winners will not be
awarded grand prises nor grand prizo winners capital prizes.
SPECIAL PRIZES (See List in Next: Column)
Activity will bo the order of the day ln The Herald prize voting ■
contest, and tho candidate showing such. activity will be well ,
rewarded. Karly activity will be especially well "rewarded. Thou
sands of dollars in special prizes are to be awarded for special effort.
WATCH f*f detailed Information on this point, but GET BUSY
NOW. "NOW," you know, spelled backward, la success.
Four Capital Prizes
i", f r n _:i n i Magnificent seven-room etory and a half Bungalow with 60x160 lot in College Tract, the
rirSl Ijdpildl truly ideal residence district of Los Angeles. This home, located at 1832 west Forty
i) ;7n ninth street, is all ready for an occupant. Every modern convenience is Installed; It
IIILC has every up-to-the-minute feature. Perhaps it will suffice simply to say it __„
was built for The Herald by the Lou Angeles Investment Company. This home Is an 'mmense f\l\
value at «J)J JUI/
S'-r.',-. A r««U n l .Superb 1910 Model "11" flve-passenger Knox Tourabout, one of the moat aristocratic cars
C lia vjdplldl on the market ana ai ar whose i erformance is as distinguishing as its appearance. 0m
1),;,, n plete equipment la included with the machine. Visit the Henry-Brown Motor
rilZe company's headquarters at 1136 South Main Btreet and Inspect The iieraidvfljT TQA
car, the greatest value you ever Haw at ity*j*J\J\J
Th'trA fom'tol Double trip I o tho Orient-through China and Japan, via Honolulu, with 30 days'_ Btop
lnirU V,iipiiul over privilege at Hawaii's chief city—on the floating palaces or the Toy Klsen Kaislm,
P.. Oriental SS. Co.—for no i.in, other than "floating palace" does Justice to this company a
lilHi ships. And no trip la more interesting, more replete with wonders than b visit to the tar
east, tn china and Japan, the land of the Betting sun, where all is beautj and romance, The
Herald's guests—the winner and companion—will enjoy the best of the finest these trips wlll C7x7
be truly a "treat of a lifetime.". Value flOiiJV
r nilr r"o«:f ol A Orand Piano of the world-famed Lindeman make, and this means a piano representing
rOUrtn LiOpitm yc-n-a of Btudy .are and thought In piano-making. The Herald's instrument is known as
])■„.. Style ii. made In fancy figured antique mahogai poasessing all extra excellent features.
rilAc [ n a W ord, the Greatest and Latest Achievement or s. O. Lindeman. Dlmen
sions: 5 feet 1 Inch long, 4 feet 9 inches Ide. Purchased from the Fitzgerald Music Company, 523 ff/^ft
s. Broadway, where it Is on exhibition. Value «P* UV
Eight Grand Prizes
Firer CrctnA A handsome nine-piece Colonial Dining Room Bet, made of solid Cuban Mahogany, all
rin>l ViidllU crotched veneer and consisting of five aide chali , one arm chair, upholstered m the very
n.;,.. bent grade of pebble-grain leather, extension table 12 feet long; with sideboard 60 Inches
iTIZe long by 14 Inches deep; china closet 48 Inches wide, 84 indies high and containing glass
backs for two shelves. The Bhelves are solid mahogany. This set la one that would grace a mansion, and
was purchased from tho Maekle-Foley Company, 723-5 South Hill Street, where it is now on exhibition. All
lovers of the beautiful and artistic in furniture are invited to visit Mackie-Foley's and see this set
for themselves. No matter how handsome an outfit you may picture before seeing this, you are (CAjlfl
bound to be surprised. Manufactured at Orand Rapids, Mich. Value "Pvvv
Cnnnn^rrnn/I * $500 Bank Account, We have deposited with the Oil and Metals Hank and Trust
&eC0I1(J Ijrrand company $r.OO in gold, to be awarded to some candidate at the close of the Contest. W Ith
D,!, n a sum like this to his or her credit as a result of a few weeks' effort, the winner
1 llZe win have good cause to feel well rewarded, and $.'OO is a substantial start to- fiJCfin
ward a fortune; It is not often an opportunity like thH is offered. Just a few weeks' hustling nets... «7«7VV
TUirA CrnnA A double trip to Honolulu on thu splendid shlpa of the Matson Navigation Company-of
lllira Urand BRn Franclsco-a company which makes a specialty of Hawaiian tours. Flne.ifaßt snips
D r ;, o with accommodations unsurpassed by any will carry The Herald's two guests to «aw»»>
i riZe the Island of wondrous charms, and bring them safely home, when they choose to return.
They will see nveryl In the islands' bewildering array of Interesting offerings. More detailed particulars
regarding these trips and all other prizeh wil be published In the Dally Herald—space does not
permit of any lengthy description here. Watch for pictures and particulars of these trips. VSllll
Value «P*JVV
Imurtli CranA Double trip to Alaska via Seattle and return on either of the sister ships Governoi• or
rOUrtn Ijrantl president, of the Pacinc Coast Bteamship Company. These trips to Skagway. Alaska.
P_;_ o via ScUtlc. offer an Interesting array Of features. The ride along the Pache MMtWm
ITIZe Ban Pedro to Seattle is sixty minutes of pleasure to every hour. The ships Oo^rnor^and
ildent arc famous on thla coast. The lourney between Seattle and Skagway Is made nn cither tne "tiah
City or City or Seattle (Pacific Coast s. S. Co.) via the "Inside Passage." touching at Prince l< u Pc rt £™IS^
Columbia, Ketchikan, Metlakatla, Wrangell, Petersburg, Douglas, Treadwell Gold Mino, Juneau, liain (-s .'"'
Killlsnoo. This route includes vtaUs to glaciers, Including special calls at beautiful laKu ana me
derful Davidson Glaciers; the deserted Indian totem pole village of the old Kasaan, Historic sc -
tlernents, thriving cities and passing some or the grandest scenery in the world. Watcn for rurtntr «j:7AK
particulars regarding this double trip to Alaska. Value <pi*\J\r
V'tfiU Cf\nA Double trip to Alaska via Portland on the steamship of the North Pacifi.c
flltn Orand steamship Company. This popular and elegant steamship, just from the hands of the
n,i, fl .shipbuilders, where she has been practically rebuilt with a cost of $100,000. is .on £ h ° n r vn=
rriZe fastest and most elaborate and comfortable water-carriors on the Pacific coast Bne will
carry The Herald's guests to Seattle, and after seeing the sights In that hustling city tney will
board the Jefferson or Dolphin of tho Alaska Steamship Company, which will carry tnem over ..no C/fjJ.
Boutheastem Alaska route. Watch Cor further announcements In The Herald. Value — \r-i
<Jvfli CranA A beautiful Columbia Graphonola and records to be selected to the value of 1(0. The wln-
OlXtn VjrailCl nor ot this will get an instrument that meets the most exacting tests. It will suffice to
1)..:..,, Bay that this instrument has been purchased from the Fitzgerald Music < om
iTlZe pany. 523 south Broadway, dealers in the very best musical Instruments una <C7Cil
supplies on the market. The Talking Machine is on exhibition at Fitzgerald company s store, Value iJWU
Qrwrinf 1i Double trip to Mexico City and return. Larger than England, I lrel l^'.J 3c r on l and
aeVentn France combined; wonderful in its material resources, charming In climate, rich In tm
rVo«/1 Pri7o dltlon, picturesque beyond description, grand in prehistoric ruins, Mexico Ui * ('n"' no
drand rriZe immensely attractive and Interesting, and with the possible exception of Japan, has no
peer In universal progress In recent years. Ruined temples, the adobe pyramids, unread hierog >pm cs a no*
romance and tragedy which Invest the country will make It of unusual Interest to the traveler. J.llO
tunate winner Of this prize will take a companion. The National Railways of Mexico ha\e ar
ranged this trip throughout and will show The Herald guests everything to be seen in the -nonaer- C 7711
ful country south of us. Value yi*u\J
FlVhth CranA An ldra"y situated building lot in Oceanside Park, a short distance from the Ctty°J
U-Iglllll UranU San D iego, and at the junction of tho Oceanslde and Escondldo Railways. Oceanswe
n.' „ Park IS one of the most popular of Southern California's seaside rosorts, and thousands
rriZe of dollars have been spent In erecting a large bathing pavilion. The winner of $700
this lot will receive something that will increase in value with each succeeding day. \alue V*ww
Special Prizes
To Ik- given away from tlmo to time In addition, over and above and besides the capital and Rrand rrizes, giv n
In tho preceding list. These special prizes will be awarded for special effort, as; will be :>nn< urn d b ec°Slng a
to time. As "s word to the wise is sufflcient." nothing need be said here about the importance »' o^^^
candidate NOW and inaugurating a campaign IMMEDIATELY. Watch for further announcements regarding
special prize awarde, Some already purchased ond ready for distribution are:
$«00 —BTEGEH I l-KIC.IIT TIANO — $600. , hM h -. sh
We have purchased as a special prize a Bteger "Innovation" upright piano style 24, 4 teet 9% b •, nf n? d - case
6 feet 3 inches wide and with 71-3 octaves compass. This piano Is a beauty: all carving }f done by hana^ case
design is along entirely new lines; its appeal is to those whose artistic sence Is most delighted Dy me
usual. Photograph and full description will be published in tomorrow a Herald.
SSOO—IN" KXQI ISITK .IKWKI.KV— £.„„♦», Ttrondwav
From the famous firm. B. B. Bailey, manufacturing jewelers and diamond merchants, SBI South «ro'irl jZ\s
we have purchased $500.00 worth of assorted jewerly, to be divided and awarded as *P^»w d PHn7" a Bfty
rtment will Include diamond rings, gold watches, chains, etc. A one hundred dollar .1 ■>™nn "izes See
dollar solid gold watch and two twenty-flvo dollar watches have been set aside as nomination prices,
heading, "Nomination Prizes," elsewhere on this page.
,-.. 8330-I'AOE MII.ITVKV AC \DEMY-f350. Military
We have purchased from tho Page Military Academy scholarships to this amount, The I age .M..uiiy
Academy Is one 'of the finest institutions of its kind in the west. The training a boy gets in tniß B-caa^,"»
is the best he could possibly get anywhere. These scholarships should prove attractive special prizes, me
academy is located at 137 West Adams street, Los Aneeles. ...„„ .„„ «-, n n
This coniervatory wm opened In June. ISOB. Slnro then hundredi of itudenti Have been ™f°> 18 o bl"£ e "■• "Lne*
anrl individual Inetructlon is what each itudent gete and each Instructor is an artist of fume. Ihe winner or tne.ie cour.c.
will have £'H)ti cause for whole heavted satisfaction. ..<■'. --..•-
The International Correspondence Schools are so well known that lengthy mention Is not neeaea nero i >
brnlg out the attractiveness of their courses. The winner of these special prizes will be permitted to cnoose
whatever special line of study that you wish to take up.
Scholarships In this school cannot help but be attractive. The Cumnock school was opened in Los Angers
in the fall Of 1894, and each succeeding school year has seen larger and larger classes. The Herald s special
prise courses will include full and thorough courses in expression under the most proficient or instruciori .
Established In 1»87, tho Los Angeles School of Art an i Design—opposite Westlake park—is one of tno most
famous art schools In America. Four pictures by students of this school were selected by the art commission
of the Alaska-.Yukon-Paciflc exposition, three of them obtained awards, a gold medal, bronze medal ana non
i oruble mention. It is safe to t-ay that these scholarships will be objects Of lively competition.
The New York School of Acting gives instruction that is thorough and complete in acting, specialties, elocu
tion, oratory, etc. This school is conducted on the plans of tho most successful eastern and European sciioo
and offers similar advantages and opportunities. Anyone desiring to become proficient in acting or enjoy tne
benefits Of physical, voice and social culture, will know the valuo of these special prizes.
10—TWO VIOLINS —$110
Two excellent violins have been purchased from the Fitzgerald Music company and will be awaraed as
special prizes. A good violin is something that ©very musician appreciates. Candidates who are musicians,
or who have relatives musically Inclined, will doubtless work energetically for these violins. Ihe violins
selected are of famous makes and of the best materials and workmanship throughout. hey are on exni
bltlon at the Fitzgerald company's store.
The California School for Boys, 1949-52 Lovelace avenue, has as its aim providing of comforts and advan
tages of a good homo for boys. Promotion of their phvelopment, moral and mental advancement, military
training, physical culturo and sloid form the daily workof the pupils. Thus both body and mind are given
the best possible training. Tho staff of teachers consists of five men and flvo women, all highly proncient in
their respective divisions. ■ i
We have deposited with Louise G. Potts, importer and ladies' tailor, 612 S. Broadway, this amount, and the ■
winner will select a gown according to her own desires, lime. Potts has been in business for a score of
years and occupies an enviable reputation as an importer and ladies' tailor. This prizo is one that needs
no further mention, for what woman does not desire a beautiful evening gown when obtained so easily.
From C. C. Pierce and company, 127 West Sixth street (corner Spring), Tho Herald has purchased an
Kastman Kodak and two Premo Cameras—world famous. Each will Include supplies for developing work,
supplies, etc., hence each of these special prizes will be most complete. Watch for further special prize an
nouncements, and become a candidate NOW!
Karl Prochnow, with the Do Chauvenet Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art, will Instruct winners of
these prizes. Prof. Prochnow studied under such artists as Prochnow, sr.; Schweinberger and Kundel of New
Yoik; the great Ysaye, and while attending the Michigan Conservatory of Music under Henry Em and Leo
Altman, completing his work under Prof. Erhardt of Lelpsic and Dezso Nemes, the great Hungarian violinist.
Prof. Proehnow's fame is great throughout Southern California, little need be said here. These prizes will
bring pretty competition.
The Fillmore School nf Music, 325 Blanchard Hall building, is entering- Its fifth year of artist-making. Four
branches have been established, and the faculty is second to none in Southern California. Fortunate indeed
will be the winner of this course— piano course under tho personal tuition of Prof. Thomas H. Fillmore, pres- ,
ident of tho school.
Tho u.r.ii.l hai also purchased Kholanhlpi from tile I'age i«minary to this amount. Fuse Seminary, located at the
corner .if w.si Ailams itreel and Grand avenue—one of tho most aristocratic reildenoe ■•ctioni of this city—holds the same
position among »em!narlei of the west as the military academy holds anione the military academies of the west. Both ara
under the same management, and each has a large staff of experienced Inetructori. Thesa should prove, most attractive
special piizca. ; . S T> '
FILL out the nomination blank below and mail today—
this minute. Telephone your name to the Contest De
partment. The thing is to get your name in at once! The
sooner you start, the sooner you will have a handsome vote
total, and each and every one of these magnificent prizes
goes to a vote-getter absolutely free! Read this page over
carefully, and then get busy!
Conditions of Contest
Any man of woman of good standing residing in the territory de
scribed aa comprising the Content District is eligible tm a candidate,
when duly nominated, except as hereinaft stated.
No employe of The Herald, nor any member of his or her immediate
family, will be permitted to participate in this contest ■■<■ a candidate.
The Contest Management reserves the right to reject any nor
Votes will be given in accordance with the schedule of votes pub
llshed elsewhere In this announcement.
Votes will be counted on regular weekly or monthly accounts only
when paid to the contest department or to a contestant.
The prizes will be awarded in accordance with the conditions
and announcements as frequently published In The Herald. No
verbal or written agreements or statements of any person in any
way different from the conditions and announcements will be recog
Tlio Contest Management reserves the right to be the final arbiter
In Nettling any and all questions that may arise concerning the
contest, and its interpretation of the conditions shall be final.
Candidates and their friends are not confined to the district In
which they reside In securing votes, hut may secure them from any
other district, town, state or territory in the United States, or any
other country.
The Herali will not be responsible for typographical error in the
contest announcements any further than making subsequent cor
rection of same.
In the event of a tie between two or more of the candidates for
any one of tho prize or prizes, the prize or prizes so tied for will be
awarded jointly to the candidates so tying.
A new subscriber shall be designated as one who ll not a regular
subscriber of The Herald or is not taking The Herald at this date.
A person who changes his address, or who has the paper trans
ferred from his own name to another member of the family, home
or ofllce. will not constitute, a new subscriber.
No votes will be counted for any candidate unless the name of the
candidate accompanies tho remittance.
During the contest, agents will not be allowed to deduct commis
sions or money turned In to the credit of candidates.
Votes once cast for a candidate cannot be transferred to the credit
of another candidate.
Two or more payments on the same or separate subscription cannot
be added together in order to count more votes in accordance with
the voting schedule, but a new subscriber secured as a result of the
contest may resubscribe as many times as desired, in order to vote.
The contest will close at 10 p. m. Thursday, June 30, 1910.
'■ - -, i uiu.~.iim'.)WiiluiUlJiJ'."Wi»,'-' . ■ ■ ■ ---.- •''-■
Los Angeles Herald
Dally, hy mall or carrier, a month f .SO
Daily, by mail or carrier, three months , $l.."0
Dally, by mall or carrier, six months ■. l.'i
Dally, by mall or carrier, one year 8.00
Sunday Herald, one year , , 2.40
Schedule of Votes
Paid Subscriptions
For every $1 received on paid-in
advance subscriptions, votes will be
given free as follows:
rrom March 10 to April n, Inclusive ZOO votes 100 Totes
From April 10 to April 23, Inclusive 100 votes 0.1 vote*
From April SI to May 7. Inclusive IHO votea 00 votes
From .May 8 to June 1!, Inclusive 170 votes 80 votes
From June 13 to June 30, inclusive 188 votes 73 votes
Until further notice 100 extra votes, in addition to the above schedule,
will be counted for every dollar turned In with a club of ten new
(A $3.00 Coupon ISook for 54.00)
From March 20 to Mh.v 7, Ineluxlve BO* votes per book
From Mai S to June 30, inclusive GOO votea per book
Until further notice 100 extra votes, In addition to the above schedule,
will be counted for every dollar turned In on ttve classified adver
tising coupon books, purchased at one and the same time.
Nomination Prizes
Fill In the nomir.ation blank below, and If your candidate Is a capital
prize winner you get a handsome prize free, if your candidate wins
the first captal prize you will receive a $100 diamond ring; if your
candidate is the second capital prize winner you will receive a $50.00
solid gold watch (you will select it yourself) if your candidate wins
the third or fourth capital prize you will receive a $25.00 gold watch.
Nominate as man) candidates as you desire. It is not necessary to
consult with your friend before you nominate themjust fill out
the blank and si nd it In. One minute's thinking may net you big
returns. Fill this out and win one of tho above prizes.
Npmination Blank
Los Angeles Herald Grand Prize Voting Contest
I desire to make the following nomination:
Street and City
State ;
Nominated by
Note—This nomination blank is good for 1000 free vote*. Only one nomi
niiiion will he accepted for each ciindidute.
Names of persons making nominations will not be divulged when
so requested

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