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Sale of Slightly Used, and of New but
Slightly Case Damaged Instruments
Thia Is it piano opportunity quite without parallel. Theso Instruments
are all In excellent condition—lndeed, many cannot bo told from new.
They're In mahogany, oak, walnut and mission cases—you'll find just the
< lie, to please you.. All aro sold with our guarantee, upon terms of $6,
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reduced prices:
__»«_"n — Werners, ln walnut, oak floor —Unusual bargains In
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v "v Kurtzmann.
d» < a —Wheelock. This piano is _,
•D IOU in fine condition. *^QA -Throe Pianos-Shaw,
VI"V «J>__i"U Fischer, Sohmer.
fl? 1 s_r f —Several Pianos—Kings
-ftlli") bury. Kelso, Gramer, Km- m-jj-rt —Kranich & Bach Piano,
▼ v erson. $001/ almost new.
CISC —Two Good Pianos— d»ic>P —Kranich & Bach and
-PlOt) Kingsbury. Hazel ton. j)OOu Bohmer, almost new, taken
m - —Decker Bros., Regal, ■" exchange on Farrand
JpIVO Starr, Baue. Bradley. Player Pianos.
f^AA —Two Pianos— CCf.fi —Steinway, almost now,
«J)£UU Milton, Willard. ipOUl/ used only a few months.
i«/)|p —Two Instrument..—Smith »,„„
JS^JO & Barnes, Haines & Co. J3UUlOKranl.li & Rich and
$225 mWSSrt & - «00 a??. 13SSI.
a/ita —Kimball, almost new— „ CABINET PL,AY I. R S—Cecilian,
«t>_£_)U Huntington, Regent. Pianola and Angelus, regularly
frrjfji- " Three Piano*— j 250 and $300— $75, $100 and $150.
$£iQ Bete Pros., Emerson. Term 3 $5 _ $6 _ $? month ,
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ten selections, pay 13.75 cnsh. We'll .
send you the records and a victor. Then pay a dollar or more weakly. Kdl
noiia may be purchaw.il on the same basis with an Initial payment of only .3
tor six records. Victors, $10 to $260. Edisons, $12.50 to $60.
New Edison Records Out Today
Geo. J. Birkel Company
Strangers are Invited to visit the exhibits
Ot California products at the Chamber of
Commerce building, on Broadway, between
First and Second streets, where free Infor
mation will be given on all subjects pertain
ing to this section.
The Herald wilt par »in in sash to any
one furnishing evidence that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person caught
stealing copies of The Herald from the
premises of our patrons.
Membership In the l.o» Angelea Realty
board la a virtual guarantee of reliability.
Provision I. made for arbitration of any
differences between member, and their ell
• nia. Accurate Information on realty mat
ter* is obtainable from them. Valuation.
by a competent committee. Directory of
members free at the offlco of Herbert Ifur
dett. secretary, 6:5 Security building.
Phone Broadway 1596.
The Legal Aid norlety at tit North Main
•treat la a -charitable organisation main
tained for the purpose of aiding In legal
matters thoae unable to employ counael. The
■ociety nee.l.i financial aaalatance and »e<*ka
Information regarding worthy caaea. Phone
Home r__o_. Main »_6«.
The Herald. Ilka every other n»w«p»par. la
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pui.::.* will please take notice that every
repreaentattve of thle paper la equipped with
the proper credentials, and more particu
larly equipped with money with which to
pay hi. 1,111.. TUB HKItAT.n.
Robbed While Asleep
Mrs. B. I'L horn. 158.4 West Twenty
eighth street, reported to the police
yesterday that a thief stole $10 from
ii. 1 apartments while she slept.
Topham to Speak
Police <'omniislsoner John Topham
will address the Jefferson club Satur
day at tin* weekly luncheon In the Jiol
1. ni.c-k cafe. Ills subject will be "The
Democratic Outlook." 4
Easter Rush Is On
The approach of Easter has brought
such o rush of Easter cards and letters
that Postmaster Harrison has been
compelled to add several clerks to his
force In order to handle tho Increase.
Minnesotans Will Meet
The regular monthly meeting of the
Minnesota Gopher club will be held
Monday evening in Mammoth hall. 517
South Broadway. A musical and liter
ary program will be followed by cards
.111.1 dancing.
Tennesseeans Meet
Tin* Tennessee state society met last
evening In -Lincoln hall, Walker Thea
ter building. The members were en
tertained from 8:30 to 9:30 with moving
pictures showing a, trip to Mount Whit
ney, dancing and cards following.
Store Entered
E. C. Adams, hardware dealer at
2*105 Central avenue, reported to the
police yesterday that his store was
entered Wednesday night by the rear
window and goods valued at $18 stolen.
Among them was a revolver and full
supply of cartridges.
Holds Body for Advices
Coroner Hart well is holding the body
of Antonla Voa, killed Tuesday with a
companion while crossing the South
ern Pacific railroad tracks near Santa
Barbara, awaiting Information from
Bakersfleld, where the man Is sup
posed to have lived. The coroner at
Santa Barbara will hold an Inquest
over the body of Vua's companion the
latter part of the week.
» . m
James T. Feeley, a member of the
California assembly from the Forty
eighth district nnd a political leader
and prominent business man of Oak
land, Is in the city and Is taking a
lively Interest In the campaign of Phil
Stanton for the Republican nomina
tion for governor. Mr/ Feeley will re
main here for several days ill order to
be present at the Stanton banquet next
Tuesday night.
. ■» ■ »
Dick Ferris, tin* well known pro
moter and oil operator, is confined to
his home by an attack of intermittent
fever, which came upon him following
a severe cold contracted during a trip
to * the oil properties he has recently
acquired In Ventura county.
» . »
It's as easy to secure a bargain In a used
automobile, through want advertising, as It
used to be—and still la— to aecure a horse
and carriage. ________mt(m_tl
* -_,
Father and Mother of Prisoner, Ac.
cused of Attempting to Rob
Drunk, Alleged to Be
In Penitentiary
A telephone message from three
newsboys resulted late yesterday
afternoon ln the arrest of John Moran,
alias John Campbell, on tin* charge of
attempting to rob an intoxicated man
In an alleyway near First* and Los An
geles streets, and also revealed the
fact that Moran has a lon* criminal
The attention of the newsboys was
attracted by an argument and they
notified the police headquarters. Two
detectives were sent to the scene when
the telephone message stated, "Here's
a man tryln' to roll a drunk ln de
At police headquarters Moran was
claimed to he an old offender and, ac
cording to the police, admitted he had
served five years In the Walla Walla
prison and live years In the Wyoming
penitentiary holdup jobs.
A review of the detectives' records
showed, it Is said, that Moran's mother
is serving a ten-year sentence In San
Quentin for grand larceny and that
his father is doing a fifteen-year sen
tence nt Folsom for highway robbery.
Chris Marks Proves to Court That the
Action In Madera County Had
Similar Foundation
Chris ..larks, accused of obtaining
money by false representations in a
charge preferred by Dr. Louis E. Wy-.
koft and others that he swindled them
out of $1035, was discharged yesterday
afternoon by Judge Davis of the crimi
nal court, following arguments present
ed by his attorneys that he had been
once In jeopardy ln the county court
Of Madera and that the case had been
Following the dismissal of the charge
in Madera county, an attempt was
made to have the charges proved in
the superior court of Los Angeles
county, and the prosecution cited a
number of cases In New York state
where a similarity existed, and where
the cases had been tried on their merits
In other counties.
Tho transaction took place in June,
1908, and was in connection with a
mining land deal.
Mrs. Euretta Reynolds, who sued the
Los Angeles Gas and Electric company
for $10,000 damages in Judge Hervey's
court, was awarded damages In the
sum of $2000 by a Jury yesterday after
noon for Injuries she claimed to have
sustained by falling Into a ditch dug
In the street in front of her premises
In Naud street. She charged the com
pany with falling to place lights or
guards around the ditch, and In the
darkness she fell and received Injuries.
She is 75 years old. mm__\
Divorce suits filed In the superior
court yesterday are as follows: Mary
J. Miller vs. Moses Edward Miller,
Oscar V. Dyer vs. Ida Dyer, Ida J.
Severson vs. Charles H. Severson.
The trial of W. R. Price, charged
with obtaining money by false pre
tenses, was continued yesterday by
Judge Clark of the criminal court to
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.
C. Torres, charged with burglary,
pleaded not guilty in the criminal court
before Judge Clark yesterday morning,
and the case was continued until
March 28 for trial.
Municipal Affairs
Matter Settled by Affixing Boulevard
to Name of Colegrove Roadway,
and Avenue to That
/ of Rival
Tlie two Santa Monica avenues, over
which there has been a rivalry about
a possible change In name arc to re
tain the name of Santa Monica, but
the one In Colegrove is to be known
as Santa Mohlca boulevard and the
one north of Agricultural park as San
ta Monica avenue. This was the con
clusion reached by the streets and
boulevards committee at Its meeting
yesterday afternoon.
-As there were two streets of the
same name In Los Angeles the board
of public works felt it would be nec
essary to change the name of one of
them. The residents and property
owners on Santa Monica avenue in
Colegrovo were divided on the ques
tion. A portion of them wanted the
name of the street retained and an
other portion wanted it. called Cole
grove avenue. The Budlong Avenue
Improvement association wanted the
name Santa Monica retained for the
street ln their district north of Agri
cultural park. By the decision of the
streets -and boulevards committee all
will be pleased except those who fav
ored Colegrove avenue.
Board of Public Works Takes Steps to
Remove Offensive Odors in
Aliso Street
Throe petitions asking that the
nuisance caused by the transferring of
garbage at Allso street, near Mission
road, be abated were filed yesterday.
All the petitions are numerously
signed and one bears the Indorsement
of the Brooklyn Heights Improvement
The petitions complain, that the
method now employed of transferring
the city's garbage from wagons to t
cars of the Pacific Electric results In
offensive odors, and that property val
ues In the neighborhood have depre
ciated as a result.
Charles A. Alexander, garbage con
tractor, has been notified by the board
of public works to abate this nuisance
as soon as possible. Mr. Alexander ex
pects to get duplicate beds for his
garbage wagons and transfer the beds
and all to flatcars Instead of raking
the garbage Into the cars. As these
wagon beds will be covered this will
reduce the odors to a minimum.
William Morton Assured of Standing
In Civil Service While In Charge
of Fire Alarm System
William Morton, assistant superin
tendent of the fire alarm system, was
given sixty days' leave of absence by
the fire commission yesterday and then
Immediately appointed temporary su
perintendent of fire alarm. This ac
tion was necessary to preserve Mr.
Morton's standing on the civil service
list and if others should surpass him
In the examination to be held for su
perintendent of (Ire alarm, he can be
returned to his original position.
Since F. W. Frankhouser resigned
the position of superintendent about
three weeks ago, Mr. Morton has been
acting in that capacity but drawing
only the salary paid for his position as
assistant. As he ls actually doing the
work of superintendent the fire com
mission believed ho was entitled to the
pay the position demands and took ac
tion so he will receive lt.
W. li. Keibard, a former brakeman
on the Santa Fe. filed suit for $2000
damages against the company In the
superior court yesterday. The plaintiff
asserts that while working on a freight
train running between San Bernardino
and Barstow he left the caboose near
Lugo station to signal an engineer. At
that moment, he says, the train parted
because of ' the defective coupler, and
he was hurled through a glass door
and received a cut on his right arm
which paralyzed the nerve centers of
several fingers, besides causing other
Another sanitary inspector and an
other milk Inspector are wanted by
the health department, and the board
at a meeting last night decided to ask
the council to amend the salary or
dinance to provide for these employes.
The health department has enough
money in its apportionment for the
remainder of the fiscal year to pay the
salaries of these extra men.
The Retail Butchers' Board .of Trade
yesterday petitioned the city council
to amend the meat ordinance so as to
permit retail "butchers to have their
meat slaughtered wherever they pur
chase it and bring it in to the city for
inspection by a city meat inspector.
"Barney" Healy, former member of
the council, • yesterday took out peti
tions as a candidate for re-election to
fill one of the vacancies caused by the
resignations of Judge Works and
Richmond Plant.
Because he ls In the county hospital
suffering from measles, Earl Holt,
charged with stealing a check valued
at $100 from J. H. Pace over a month
ago, was unable to appear for ar
raignment in the criminal court yester
day before Judge Clarke of Ventura,
sitting in the place of Judge Willis.
B. J. Wheeler pleaded not guilty, to
grand larceny before Judge Davis yes
terday morning and will be tried on
May 3..
Divorces were granted yesterday by
Judge Houser of the superior court to
Alice Cameo from William Cameo,
Alice M. Glsh from Harry Glsh and
W. S. Mcßee from Anna Mcßee. , _
News of the Courts
Pretty Woman Tells Harrowing Story
of Bibulous Honeymoon—Man
Is Said to Be a Son of
Wealthy Parents
That her husband drank a quart of
whisky every day in the year was the
statement made by Mrs. Josephine Ty
ler, a strikingly pretty plaintiff in a
divorce suit against William M. Tyler
before Judge Houser or .the divorce
court yesterday afternoon.
"Did you .my a quart every day?"
asked Judge Houser, leaning forward,
as though he could not believe be had
heard aright,
"lie told me himself that he drank a
quart a day," she answered, "and judg
ing from his condition almost over
since I married him three years ago, X
would not doubt his statement."
The fair plaintiff told the court thai
her husband had always been the
"petted boy" Of his relatives, who had
given him large sums of money to
spend, so that lie had been utterly
spoiled by their pampering.
Both los father and mother were peo
ple of wealth, she said, and no matter
what kind of a position he held, he
either lost it or left it, because he
could get means from bis folks. These
means, she declared, were not. spent on
her because she had to provide her
own clothing, and on numerous occa
sions he had left her go without food
for quite long periods while he was out
spending money in cafes with other
men and women.
"I would wait for hours in our apart
ments," she said, "for him to come
home and take me to dinner, because I
had no money and ho had stopped my
credit at places where 1 could purchase
things to cook. Finally he would come
home about 11 o'clock at night, appar
ently much under the Influence of
liquor, and I would be compelled to re
tire without dinner.''
When they were first married, Mrs.
Tyler said, they stopped at the Alex
andria, hotel. Bater they went to an
apartment and cooked their own meals.
She said she was happy as long as her
husband was reasonably sober.
The plaintiff declared she did not like
Tyler's friends, because, she said, they
talked racing and betting and did not
treat her with the respect due a lady.
The father of her husband Is a wealthy
lumberman, she said, and her husband
had held a nominal position with the
flrm nt different intervals merely as an
excuse to draw a salary.
At the conclusion of her story Judge
Houser continued the case in order to
secure a deposition from the defendant,
who was not present In court.
Counsel for Arnerich Will Try to Show
That Police Laid Hush Money
Snare for His
Counsel defending George P. Arne
rich, charged With bribery, will try
to prove that he was the victim of a
police plot. This was Indicated yester
day when Arnerlch's trial on a charge
of offering former Patrolman Fred A.
Brown a bribe of $100 to stave off the
prosecution.of a liquor ordinance vio
lation was begun.
Brown was on the stand most of the
day. He told of having arrested Arne
rich on June 28, 1908, after he had ar
rested a waiter In the Good Fellows'
grotto the previous night for violation
of the ordinance. Brown testified that
I Arnerich said to him at that time:
"Mr. Brown, you're a good fellow.
I'll give you $40 to get me out of this."
"When I refused," said the witness,
"Arnerich offered to raise the amount.
Later I made an appointment with
him In the presence of witnesses. He
offered mo four $10 bills and twelve $5
bills." These were introduced as ex
The question of the appointment of
Brown as a police officer was threshed
out in the morning by the attorneys
for the defense. Brown stood by his
story in spite of the gruelling cross
examination by Attorneys Hunsaker
and Fleming.
Most of the evidence is expected to
be in by this afternoon.
Assert Mother Owned Property Mort
gaged by Father and Signed
Document by Mark
The suit of Oscar H. Kelfer against
Lewis Rees et al.. to foreclose a $6000
mortgage on property on Gladys ave
nue, which is being contested by seven
children of the defendant, lias been
submitted to Judge Hervey by briefs
after a trial which lasted for several
The plaintiff alleges the note for
$6000 was signed by l.eos and his wife
in 1903. lice,. Is not contesting the suit,
but his children allege the property
mortgaged belonged to their mother,
who, they assert, did not know what
she was doing when she agreed to the
mortgage. They allege that the father
used the money in his business and lost
lt. Mrs. Rees merely made a mark on
the note and did not sign her full name,
according to the defendants.
Charging Drs. W. W. Beckett and H.
G. McNeil with malpractice in burning
her severely with an X-ray machine
on December 21, 1906, While they were
examining her for hip trouble, Mrs. E.
M. Bcrgerhouse began an action In
Judge Bordwell's court yesterday morn
ing for $11,740 damages. The plaintiff
testified that she still suffers from the
burns alleged to have been caused by
a too long application of the X-ray ma
chine. She claims that as a dress
maker she was able to earn $35 a week,
but that her Injuries have prevented
her from earning her living and may
permanently prevent her from doing so.
John Crandall, who pleaded guilty of
burglary'before Judge Clark in depart
ment eleven early In the week, will be
sentenced next Monday,' when an appli
cation for probation in his casa will
also be heard.
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Mother and Daughter Charge Pacific
Electric Company Violated
City Ordinance
Forty thousand dollars damages for j
the death of their father, John Brown,
who was run over and killed by a car
on the night of July 13, 1909, Is demand
ed of the Pacific Electric railway com
pany by the widow, Mrs. Kate Brown,
and tin' daughter, Ethel, aged 13, who
tiled suit against the road in the su
perior court yesterday for that amount.
In bringing suit the plaintiffs charge
the railway with vlolatng the city ordi
nances regarding the equipment of cars
with proper fenders and with violation
of the ordinance pertaining to care be
ing shown by cars approaching cross-
The accident happened where double
tracks of the company cross Vernon
avenue. The deceased got off the car at
the crossing about midnight, In order
to go to his home, a few yards dis
tant. He was compelled to cross tlie
tracks after he alighted from the car,
and the plaintiffs allege that a. car go
ing ln the opposite direction caught
him while he was blinded by the glare
of the headlight, and because of there
not being a proper fender he was
knocked beneath the wheels and two
cars ran over him.
In view of the fact that be was ca
pable of earning $200 a month before
his death, and that his widow* and
minor child have been left without a
support, the complaint asks the court
to award them $40,000 for the death of
the head of the family.
Articles of Incorporation filed in the
county clerk's ofllce yesterday are as
El-Oso Asphalt company—Capital,
$300,000. Directors: Fred C. Blake,
Frauds H. Blake, Frank O. Blake jr.,
Henry M. Kingsley, J. B. Myers, W. S.
Henry. Frank O. Blake.
Austro-Krovatish-American Social
Directors: Bias Vasllj, Louie
Chutuk, Mike Slmonvlch, Tony Pand
teck, i*. Zlach.
Col year Investment company—Capi
tal, $20,000. Directors: Curtis C. Col
year, Florence E. Colyear, Nathan P.
The West Mexico company— Capital,
$50,000. Directors: Ira T. Henderson,
A. R. Crowell, H. P. Justice, Fay W.
Los Angeles Denaturing Alcohol com
pany—Capital. $50,000. Directors: J.
Ross Clark, Walter M. Clark, E. R.
La Crosse Manufacturing company
Capital, $100,000. Directors: W. E.
Deacon, N. A. Cray, J. C. Deacon, J.
T. Pike, G. H. Deacon.
Columbia Concrete company—Capital,
$200,000. Directors: H. C. Babel, J. H.
V. Love, S. C. Unger, G. M. Sabean,
M. L. Babel.
Corona Mining company—Capital,
$500,000. Directors: J. L. Osborne,
Orln O. Osborne, W. E. Deacon, N. A.
Gray, J. F. Dugun.
The trial of Frank Montano, charged
with manslaughter, began yesterday
afternoon ln Judge Davis' court with
the selection of the jury and the first
evidence In the case will be Intro
duced this morning. Montano is cred
ited with killing Peter Lude last Sep
tember in Wilmington, following a
quarrel, it being alleged that the de
fendant struck Lude with sufficient
force to throw him to the ground,
striking his head, causing fatal In
juries. The charge against Montano
is that of manslaughter without malice.
W. T. Scruggs has filed suit In the
superior court against the Los Angeles
Railway company for $5090 damages
for injuries he asserts he received in a
collision between his buggy and an
Bast Seventh street ear December 17,
1909. Scruggs complains that while he
was driving in East Seventh street,
near the intersection of Kohler street,
he drove on to the tracks to pass some
vehicles that were near the curbing.
The collision resulted, and his back
was Injured when he was thrown from
the vehicle.
A bench warrant was issued against
Fred Thompson, an attorney, yester
day, in Justice Summerfield's court,
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when he failed to appear for his pre
liminary hearing on a charge of violat
ing the speed law at Watts during avi
ation week. The case was transferred
from Watts to Justice Bummerfleld's
court. Thompson later in the afternoon
appeared at the court without being
served with the warrant, and asked
that the hearing be continued until
March 28, stating that he had forgot
ten the case.
Anthony F. Godde and Jack Wheeler
of Lancaster, who were arrested two
weeks ago on a charge of assault with
deadly weapons preferred against them
by Charles E. Jones, were dismissed
yesterday after their preliminary hear
ing in Justice Ling's court. As there
was no evidence against them except
their statements to Louis Duni, detect
ive of the district attorney's office, the
charges were dismissed on a lack of
evidence. Vi
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