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After Serving as Pall Bearers, Asso
ciates of Late Jurist Will
Take Body to Leaven,
WASHINGTON, March 29.—Tho body
of tho late Justice Brewer of the bu
prome court of tho United States will
I.e. taken back to his old homo in
Leaven worth, Kas., for burial.
Tliero will be a short funeral serv
ice at the BrtWer residence hnro
Thursday afternoon. The members of
tlio supreme court will act as pall
At 3:40 p. m. th» funeral party, in
cluding probably tlio entlro court, will
start on its journey to Kansas. Tho
funeral train will arrlvo at Leaven
worth on Saturday morning.
Citizens of Centennial State Show a
Keen Interest In Sudden Death
of Federal Jurist
DHNVBRi March 29.—Tho death of
Justice Brewer of tho United States
supremo court last night in Washing
ton Is of keen Interest to Coloradoans
In view of the fact that It was Justice
Brewer who wrote tho decision In thfl
famous Kansas-Colorado water suit
involving the questions of rights to
li-m the waters of the Arkansas river.
Justice Brewer, although formerly a
resiient of Kansas, accepted the Ideas
contained in arguments of Colorado's
e.-ise and incorporated I hem In hlB
opinion which gave- to Colorado the
right to use the water of the Arkansas
Seattle Chamber of Commerce Adopts
Resolutions Indorsing Protest
Contained in Seward Appeal
SK.ATTLR, March 29.—1n response f>
an appeal from th« commerclnl club of
Howard, Alaska, the Seattle chamber
of commerce today adopted a resolution
protesting apalnst the restrictions
pla-ed on coal operations in Alaska.
The resolution Indorses the protest
contained in the appeal from tlm Re
ward organization, which setß forth
that although Alaska contains the
greatest coal deposits In the west) not
a ton of It Is being mined, and the
people of Alaska and the Pacific coust
States are compelled to buy most of
thHr fuel at high prices from a foreign
country—British Columbia.
Hundreds of Canvassers Begin Circu
lating Petitions That Question
Be Submitted at Election
DKNVER, March 29.—"Shall this
rity become anti-saloon territory?"
Armed with copies of the above pe
tttion. between 800 and 90f> MltVMMri
todiiy launched the "dry" campaign
in mi effort to secure sufficient signii
tures to put the above question up to
the voters at the spring election
May IS.
Jn selecting your piano examine
What does "Everett" mean when applied to a piano?
It means a matchless tone •■.■''
. It means the perfect action. •; ;;
It means the best material.
It means the best workmanship. ."•;
It means elegance in finish.
It means piano quality.
jit means indorsement by the great musicians. I/j..^
It means pleasure for your family,
It means satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
We are tho exclusive agents for this piano. Call or write for cata
logue. Sold on monthly payments if desired.
SMITH MUSIC CO. 406 W. Seventh Street
■' ■',■■■■■■ The Eastern Gives You Credit __
$3.75 $10.35
Sanitary couch, adjusting to 3 post- Royal Felt Mattress, full 4r,-lb. weight,
ttons. Gold finished, extra well Imperial edge—several patterns in art
supported. Our special price this ticks. Worth $15; our price this week,
week, $3.75. , $10.35. •f£U. r',<}S£&k\f*i ' ■
We Give You Credit wqumrrmGoolJ
—!■■ mi—■!■ ■ m iwiim—■■■m— 6*O-«il« *O.MAIN»T
SERVKD from 3 to 5 o'cock, either a la carte or table d'hote, with four
special menus from which choice can be made.' Arrangements for
parties a special feature. The full concert program, just as at night,
'is given at these teas, which, table d'hote, are served at : ;, v,.w,: .
Tim patronage of ladies Is especially our care, and every arrangement for
their comfort is made.
The Theaters
On the stage of the Mason Opera
house this week Miss Uiettti Jewel, v
the character of Margaret Druco in
"Tour Humble Servant," Otis Skin
ners play, Is noting the life history
of Miss Marjorle Flambeau, leading
woman of tin- Burbank stock company.
The parallel between fact and fiction
Ik remarkable. Eliminating what is
known technically as the "love Inter
est" from tho Tarkington-Wllson
story, and changing tho locale of the
last act from Now York to Los Angeles
makes tho parallel exact.
This, by the way, is the last week
of '•Merely Mary Ann" at tho Burbank.
The play will bo withdrawn Saturday
niKlit to make way for a brilliant re
vival of "The Lion and the Mouse,
Charles Klein's Interesting stage story
of love and financial Intrigue, In wnlcn
Miss Ramboau will piny Shirley Ross
mor«, David Hartford the lion and
Harry Mestayor the lion's son.
Ruth Peebles, primn. donna o£ "The
Prince of Tonight," which comes to the
Majestic theater next week with Henry
Woodruff In Its stellar role, owes her
position to a kiss, not a kiss admin
istered to Miss Peebles, but to Georgia
Calne her predecessor in the role.
When tho husband of "Miss Calno" saw
the kiss ho refused to allow her to
contlnu" In th« part. The role there
fore was turned over to Miss Peebles.
The scat sale for "The Prince of To
night" will open at the Majestic box
office tomorrow morning.
"The Merry Widow" will return to
th« Mason opera house Monday for
a week's engagement, including WOT
nesday and Saturday matinees.
The personnel of the cast to be
hern is nractloally the leme U last
year prominent among whom are
George Dinner. I. Oscar Flgman, Har
old r.lake, Arthur Woolcy. William V.
Strunz, Charles Edward Wright, P. P.
McGlrr, Mabel Wilber, Sophie Barnard,
Loulda Hilliard, Viola Napp and Eva
McKonsle. The sale of seats for "The
Merry Widow' engagement Will open
nt tits Msison tomorrow at 9 a. m.
Hortenso Nielsen, who. with her
capable stock company, will open the
Nielsen theater with a massive pro
duction of the great drama, Car
men," has spent JCOO for two costumes
which she will wear In the production.
Mace Greenloaf, who will portray Don
Jose, also has spent a pretty penny
for his costumes. Manager Quintard
stated yesterday that evidently Mr.
Greenleaf Is popular in Los Angoles,
us already more than two dozen the
ater parties have been arranged for
the opening of tho new theater Satur
day night. ____^-^___
Morningstar, true to his declaration
of the nicht before, when he stated
tlint notwithstanding his defeat he ex
ported to win tIU series, won from Wll
lln Hoprie last evening by the score of
400 to 107. Tills decisive win gives the
series to Mornlngstar by a margin of
19, as the evening before Hoppe won
by 400 to 198.
But when the fact is considered that
the champion, Willie Hoppe. did not
finish liia last run, When he completed
the 400 point! required the evening be
fore, the, question of supremacy in tho
local exhibition still remains unsettled.
I,;ist evening's exhibition developed
nothing sensational, Junt good billiards
featuring tlia performance, although
both contestants trie<f. hut were un
able to equal their performance of
the niKbt before. The. high runs were,
MorningßtW 196, 97 and 84. Hoppe 44,
42 ami IS.
Club News
Members of the Women's Press club
enjoyed a delightful outing yesterday
afternoon aH special guostK (if tho Ho
tel Virginia and Mrs. R, Herbert Jack
son, who Ih in charge of tho CUrloS
and art gallery there. About fifty
members of the club loft the city on
the 2 o'clock car ,and others joined
tho party later. A program, which In
cluded an original poem by Mrs. Gal
loway, with piano accompaniment,
Bongs by Mlsk Marthlne Dietrichson,
an original story written and road by
Mrs. John W. Mitchell, and an original
monologue. by Bessie Thew Miller, was
an enjoyable feature of tho day.
Prof. Edgar Larkin of ' tho Mt.
Lowe observatory was In the party
and made a short address, taking the
Comet for his subject.
Ho has invited the members of the
club to visit the observatory in May.
After a tour of inspection through the
beautiful hotel, the member* of' the
cluß and their guests repaired to th«
picture gallery where tea and »and*
wiches wero served.
The Shakespeare section of the
Kbell club met yesterday morning at
the Ebell club house and listened to
a talk by Dr. Walter Ltndlcy on
Shakespeare in • Wandering's; Mrs.
Katherlne Forest Kimble sang a group
of Shakespearean songs, Miss Willa
mene Wtlkes gave a reading and Mrs.
Edward North, who had tho meeting
in charge, addressed the members of
the section on Shakespeare's value
to us. v
Members of the Highland Ebell joined
In a gala celebration of the sixth birth
day anniversary of the club yesterday
afternoon. Apropos of birthday In gen
eral Mrs. D. Stevens gave a. delightful
little talk on "How to Grow Old Grace
fully," and there was a. musical pro
gram by Miss Ethel • Toland,. L. M.
Frey and G. B. Melr.
Problems of Interest to mothers and
teachers will be discussed Thursday at
Long Beach when the Congress of
Mothers will hold a Reciprocity day
meeting at the First Congregational
church, beginning at 10:15 in the morn
ing, at 1:30 In the afternoon and at
7:30 in the evening.
The members of the Long Beach
Parent-Teacher association, Mrs. Myra
Klngman Miller, president, will com
prise a reception committee, as fol
lows: Mrs. W. H. Schilling, Mrs. F.
L. Rogers, Mrs. R. H. Mock, Mrs. J.
W. Seay, Mrs. N. L. Jones, Mrs. Kate
A. Bourne, Mrs* W. H. Newman, Mrs.
H. W. Baesott and Mrs. E. N. Strong.
The women are presidents of the vari
ous parent-teacher associations.
After the morning session there will
he luncheon at the church. The prin
cipal address of the afternoon will be
made by Mrs. Kate Warring Barrett
of Richmond, Va. Rev. Matthew S.
Hughes of Pasadena will deliver the
principal evening address, "The Train
ing of Parents in the Way They Should
Go." At 4 o'clock in the afternoon
them will be a reception In the Hotel
Virginia fine arts gallery, Mrs. It. H.
Jackson receiving.
- > —♦—
The Women's Prohibition party an
nounces a meeting for Monday after
noon, April 4, at 2 o'clock at the Tcm
perancn temple. Tho Mcldress on "The
Federal Constitution" will be made by
Reynold E. Blight. S. B. Thomas
Watson Is chairman of the party, and
Mrs. I-ucy K. Wilholte vice chairman.
The Marathon Heights club met
Monday afternoon with Mrs. W. K. Mc-
Kee, 82 Bryant street. The program
was given by Mrs. T. M. Newman, Miss
Alice Marie Wernlund, Mm. Walter
Haywood, Mrs. C. A. Blackmar and
Mrs. C. G. Green.
De Palma Goes Twenty Miles Nearly
Three Minutes Faster Than
Best Previous Time
More world's records went to smash
unofficially at the Motordrome yester
day, when fourteen cars spun around
the circuit trying out the new course.
Ralph l)e Palma, in the Cyclone and
60-horsepower Fiat, went twenty miles
in 14 minutes and 57 second, this being
two minutes and fifty seconds taster
than the world's record. He also
mado ten miles in seven minutes and
twenty-three and two-fifths seconds.
Shettler furnished the first surprise,
when he took the Apperson, equipped
for touring, around for a mile in 60 1-5
seconds. De Palma's twenty-mile ipuit
demonstrated the remarkable advan
tages of tho motordrome track in re
gard to tires, and the trial decided
him to enter the twenty-four-hour
race, keseault, Nikrent, Livingstone
and Harroun also made extended runs
which demonstrated that wear on
tires appears to be reduced to a mini
mum on the plank track.
In order to accommodate the lrtunber
of drivers who wish to try the Motor
drome track tlio management has
added the hours of 10:30 to 12:30 o'clock
in the morning to the practice hours al
lotted in the afternoon.
Aftermath of Muddled Affairs of Con.
tlmental Building and Loan
Co. Heard In Court
Stock valued at J60.000 \a the stake uf a three
cornered law RUlt begun in the superior court
hero today. Tlio Puiaittao Minim; ami .Mill
ing company la Involved. The suit Is entitled
W. H. Miller and J. P. Hl»ht, jr., against
the Continental Building and Loan company,
W. J. lieaver, Thomas \V. Alsbett, the i'ara
dlse Mining and Milling company, Coruey
Pondleton and others.
It la alleged that Heaver transferred the
stock to Miller and later gave r. dead to Als
bett, who In turn gave It to Senator Pendle
ton. Tho tangle grow out of a settlement ot
Bskvac'l affairs with the Continental com
Articles of incorporation filed with the
county clerk yesterday were as follows:
Employes' Mutual league—J. W. Block,
C. Weesner, H. P. Hess, Con Hughes, Her
bert Yon Hohenhorst. directors.
Saw ti'lie L,lvery, Feed and Fuel Co.; capi
tal $10,000 —F. J. Finch, A. J. Stoner, Qedrf*
Wiseman, I>. L. Allen, L. V. Loomls, direc
Poekols-Blshop Desk Co.; capital $25.000 —
Gustavo 11. Pockels, Carter R. Bishop, Henry
Roper Bishop, directors.
Pomona Construction and Supply Co.;
capital $10.000—II. Charles Judge, J. V.
Donnell, Charles S. I^lder, directors.
Phoenix Home Builders 1 Co.; capital $100,
--000 C. R- Parsons, J. M. Morris, P. R.
Fullenwider, F. H^calller, Jr.. B. H. Reeb,
Fractional 25 Oil Co.; capital Jisn.niro—
Walter Briscoe, J. W. Brooks, Hurry llick
inan, directors.
The Globe drain and Milling Co. an
nounced its intention of increasing its capi
tal stock from $1,230,000 to $2,000,000.
"Clever ?"
"Oh, yea. She in so bright that she
cm actually nay 'cuta things Into an
oar trumpet."—Puck.
r~w*\ TT^ Ik ffl
Two Days More
To Purchase Stock in This—the
Largest Co-Operative Building
Company in the World
At $3.10 a Share
Stock will be advanced to $3.15 a share Friday morning, April 1, 1910. To accommodate those who desire to join us,
and share with the (over). 4000 stockholders in all
Quarterly Cash Dividends
We have placed for sale 30,000 shares of unissued stock. Not less than 5 nor more than 1000 shares sold to any one
person. You can make a start with as low as the 5 shares, paying cash $1 or more balance payable weekly or monthly.
Bear in Mind
that if you purchase from the Company stock to the value of $500.00 or less, that you are absolutely protected from
loss in case you want to sell your stock by a guarantee fund held by the Globe Savings bank.
That every share of stock, whether paid for in cash or upon payments, draws the full quarterly cash dividends.
That every stockholder shares in all profits of the company, including the big profits upon real estate. That no com
missions, are paid to anyone for selling stock in other words, that all money you pay in for stock is put to work at
once by being invested in land or building. # .
That no one has ever failed to get his money back upon demand. That you are becoming a stockholder in the
largest and one of the oldest companies of its kind in the world.
That the rate of dividend has been increased from 24 to 26 per cent a year.
Office open Thursday night until 8:30 o'clock.
• i
J_L J_L v^v i I ' J l J i— f
333-335-337 South Hill Street Los Angeles, California
Capital and Surplus $3,500,000.00
Wants State Commission to Compel
Three Railways to Make
Through Fuel Tariff
DENVER, March 29.—The Colorado
Coal Traffic association of Denver has
filed a petition with the state railroad
commission demanding that the Colo
rado & Southern, the Denver & Rio
Grande and the Santa Fo railroads be
compelled to grant a joint through rate
on Walsenburg and Trinidad and inter
mediate points.
The present rate, according- to the pe
tition, varies from 40 to 90 cents, de
pending on tho town.
. „ ■
Business Man Suffered Agony —
Head, Neck and Shoulders Cover
ed—Became An Object of Dread
—Consulted Most Able Doctors
and Hospital but Got No Relief.

"Cuticura did wonders for me. For
twenty-five years I suffered agony from
§a terrible humor, com
pletely covering my
head, neck and shoul
ders, so that to my
friends, and even to my
wife, I became an object
of dread. At large ex
pense I consulted the
most able doctors far
and near. Their treat
memt was of no avail,
nor was that of the
Hospital, duringsir
months' efforts. I suffered on and con
cluded there was no help for me this side
of the grave. Then I heard of some one
who had been cured by Cuticura Reme
dies and thought that a trial could do no
harm. In a surprisingly short time I was
completely cured. S.F. Keyes, 147 Con
gress St., Boston,. Mast., Oct. 12, 1909."
"., . ,|i,.- „;•■♦ ■• - ■ - •.::.:- /' \
With Cutlcura when Everything
Else had Palled.
" I am very grateful for Cutloura as
my daughter had been suffering for
eleven months with awful great boils on
her body. We tried everything which
one could mention but nothing was any
good. The boils made her very weak
and ill and she had to leave her place.
After using one tablet of Cuticura Soap,
■ one box of Cutioura Ointment, two vials
of Cuticura Pills and three bottles of
Cuticura Resolvent ■ she got quite well
«nd has not had the boils since. I
should have written to you before but
have been waiting to see if she had any
sign of any coming back. My daughter
is eighteen years old. Mrs. Ellen Heather,
Hillside Rd., Ash Common, nr. Alder
shot, Hants, England, June 29, 1809."
Cutlcura Soap (Me.). Cuticura Ointment (MO
and Cutloura Hesolvent <50c.). (or In the form ol
Chocolate CoaUd run. 25c. per vial ot SO), bold
throunhout «ba world Hotter Druu 4 Cl*m. Corp..
•Ole Props, 133 Columbia Are.. Boston. Mass.
M-32-paia Outlcuni Book, mat ed tret. living de
i»3»ion. trcitiaeat cure of efttae Ikln.
Vermont Square
—Land purchased April 1, 1909.
/ —First advance selections April 13th.
—Street work begun July Ist.
—400 lots sold.
—Over 100 houses completed or building.
—Vermont Avenue Square— sold out and
almost entirely built up.
This Record Has Never
Been Equaled
—Vermont Square is a good investment for
others — why not for you
T a- (R**7{\{\ Up, Easy Terms,
1 T Q !rh /111 I No Taxes to Pay
JLJKJV& *}]/ M \J\J Until October, 1910
HOME BUILDERS' DISCOUNTS— Five per cent for cash. Five per cent to the
builders of the first five houses in any block, complete, within six months from
date of purchase. .
;■; VERMONT SQUARE —Is on Vernon, Normandie and Western avenues. Take
Grand avenue car on Broadway marked "Dalton Avenue" and get off at Forty
fifth street, or take Grand avenue car on Broadway marked "West Forty
eighth Street or Normandie Avenue" and get off at Normandie avenue. Agents
in waiting to show the property.
Southwest Land Company
Main 1340. 416 PACIFIC ELECTRIC BUILDING. Home F5978.
Tract Branch Office C. A. WESBECHER, Tract Agent.
South 3557. Phones: Home 26399; West 383.
». .- r ,;. - '_S_2 ' J
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