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Double Trip to the Orient
- ..,■.-..■-.. ■■: , >mmm
' ■ " • \ is&* * t > *■ it*' i "% ■ !'-Wl
if. ' s? v '*** & * t." > nr"itfl>isijt,^yi "^w^mmmijuy*""" i"f * - f I '
f■> - I. • te^'" |y*iwfiBSw&"j|^Jß(S^iSSS|SSi!Spi»!ii»ifisSwS«sSß^^ 'TlM'—il-j/ "'" *I' :: 'W"^^^! ~
THE HERALD is going to send two candidates to the Orient, through China and Japan, with
stopover privilege at Honolulu and at all ports of call in the Orient. This double trip will be good
for twelve months and will include transportation, staterooms and meals on board. By "double" trip is
\ meant a trip for TWO persons, the winner of this prize and a companion to be named by the winner.
Stopover privileges will comprise stopovers at all "ports of call," i.e., all ports in the Hawaiian islands,
'China and Japan visited by the Tenyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental steamship) company's ships. Japan,
China and Hawaii are all beautiful countries. Here is what Mr. W. H. Avcry, assistant general man
ager of the T. K. K. S. S. company, wrote in a letter to the Contest Department: "We will make this
trip a memorable one for your winners." The Herald guests travel on either the Tenyo Main or Chiyu
Marti, the most elegant ships on the Pacific coast. These trips will be a treat of a lifetime. They are the
Third Capital Prize. . •
$750—Lindemann Grand Piano
mm &m &■■ Bk^
%■' "" * ■"'" '' ' "" ' jS^A. ' "■'■':■ »Cfi ' m Mm ' **•'•' '■ *'■ ■ ' '.' V S'y * ~ '*""' wt JD *'?*!&&.•'■•' * J *
>'/■>, j , *' ' ' * 4 ■Bu^Bf "■' ■ ' HE Vrtt % mm * 'L "' '^^t^^^^ipß^' .■''(■ / . - . , .' Qhidr "T
THK l,in<l tniinii piano was first made In Df— dan, Saxony, and Is
being niado today by descendants of the original Llndcmann. Wo
' have purchased a beautiful Grand Piano fro.n f.ie Fltsgeraid
Mukli- Company, fi23 South Uroadway, wlicro It is now on exhibition.
Words cannot do it Justice; go and MB it! This ii ihe Fourth Capital
$300—De Chauvenet
TUB De Chauvenet Conservatory of Music and
. Dramatic Art, with Jean de Cliauvnnt-t—the
second De Paehmann—as Its dean, Is one of
the West's leading institutions of -its kind. It
offer! complete graded courses of study under
thorough and highly qualified Instructors In piano,
voice, organ, violin, orchestral Instruments, lan
guages, dramatic art and all kindred branches.
These are special prizes.
$100— Instruction in Violin
KAUL. ritOCHNOW, with the De Chauvenet
Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art,
will instruct winners of these prizes. These
courses are. to lie awarded as Special Prizes. In
struction under Professor Prochnow Is a prize that
IS a prtea.
• '•*^r^^^> "' '■ £v' ' ■^2^309 j^^^ -..<■■■/^ jafß HflK*CTBEj^i~. ■*<lOj inn CM ft^SrawH^R*^w3§/** -^ .—
MHbI 9dr9 to crcato r's'c competition. Page Military Academy, 137
Rffl w^i S West Adams street, is a model institution of its kind and
B'k the hoy who receives his training there is fitted for his life's
If JR work in the most thorough manner. Above is a picture of
the exterior of Page Seminary. Both scholarships include
board and lodging for a full term, as well as tuition, so are
j^j^dty . '%!^M prizes that are wholly complete and attractive indeed.
$500—Bank Account
X l'/l^€iFf ™E - "*■'-• ' ' 2C*. 5814 ■
:;: : ;^^ ■ .
'« ■' I i V E STloHv NL!IX a I 1 *"/
\\_ Pr-TRORSiiM W .../ ytl
'»{ HERALD JSpHPANf?. fe
J* .<•"*% iT« 4 >a» 4 jTif sf j'« ' ****** 'M'Z'> -'? w S
.'.•■^3 »**** Kitttiimtl *£»«.>*»*•%,** [■ tfc *M',.«,;7m 1
WE have deposited with the Oils and Metals Bank and Trust company $500. The picture shows the check with which
the deposit was made. The winner of this prize has something which hardly needs any lengthy description.
It speaks for itself. Five hundred dollars is not often obtained through pleasant work and a few weeks of pleasant energy
at that. Will your name be the one which goes to the bank as the name of the winner? It rests entirely with you. This
is the Second Grand Prize.
i■'■/. ■ „ ■ ' ■
«""" " """ "' ""' " """l
I $500—-in Jewelry 8
§ J s*^^!± Special Prizes 0
Q /\\\^K^*/;^JSm The Herald has purchased from O ,
V V^/r^S^Jß^ the well-known manufacturing Jj
8 $500 Worth of Jewelry Q
fj Comprising Diamond Rings, Gold Watches, etc., to W '
% be awarded as special prizes at frequent intervals V.
Q during the Voting Contest. \i
H See Page 4 for Special Nomination Prize Q
A Announcement. jj
v. £3
$600 Mahogany Dining Room Set
-—--—i— Bnß — MW —,,„——,-- JJU^ ■y-- f . y v CT j- » ■-■■' ' ■'" m *\ X T'li linvc pur*
Wp i _ „ i')iir
chased from
; ' i 1,, ■niiiiiMri TBnimiffirirm I, WKmmm MM6(PiSHP ""ni > '!iiv- 7-'^ - 73S
. IiEHH MwW^^^ft ! el Sontli Hill .street, a
|m iJg^JHrg^a Wmirk nijic - pictc Colonial
JyHttMltinH I R^S includes extension
J HHHMHi9 table, sideboard,
'"^fijitiC • m : m^}^ IKJ ' diina closet, tive side
#* ? H lie I 9B I chairs and one arm
;!PHB ■■ I ebair. fi>> and sec
WJMgM., wqfzmLW£ m EM illl: set. !\'n matter
1 wfi ■■■ »*^wi *s Ei '"'v prcf'ya p'('iure
i H M»i«M -v"nr "liml ''''
• Tf| fl i i.eetations. It is
I* ;)r', - ' WKfK&UtKEHKk *' - S^*wwH • S beauty! Crand is the
Uflil Br^^^^^^BHH^^^^^M# ■^B**i^|gfj JtBBWI id -. Midi. —t b c
jOa Pj V in. uh«b W^m^mjMJUMm li""H ot "or"' furn>"
*^pW P^ 'fiiiiiiifciMiHii'M "w '8 ' I "'"' —:i11(i Ilie fact
Wss?' . , UJr tnre lovers. It is a
2P^^ -v.jS be'iiitv I Ills is tlic
: ;; : - ifaMifiinri iifi"- ■ii'imWtiiriir^iiiiitfJi'r-n'--^^ ■■■- ■ ..... . .. ..) First Grand Prize.
$600 Steger "Innovation" Upright
FOR h ipeclal prise <i<> !"■ awarded aa announced ;it a nrar riato)
nothing could be more attractive nor a more generous offer than
thia piano, a $600 Steger "Innovation" Upright, truly an innova
tion in stylo oY case, appealing to those whose artistic tsenso is moat
delighted by the unusual.
$300—Double Trip to Honolulu
i , ■>-■>. "*i —~rnr«fc»ft? :■v;.- '_■ ' * * , | ■.:.■;. i^y^Ciki
UNDER tho sotting sun, in the mid-Pacific, 110 the Hawaiian islands, offering tho traveler more allur
ing features than any country in tho world.
The Herald has purchased from tho Matson Navigation company of San Francisco two round
B trips to Honolulu, capital and chief city of the Hawaiian group. The value of these two trips is $300, but
the pleasures and beauties in this voyage cannot be measured in dollars. The spa voyage, the scenery and
scenes of tho islands: their people and their customs—all aro delightful. This double trip is the Third
Grand Prize, Remember, by "double trip" is meant a trip for the winner and his or her companion— to bo
named by the candidate. So nominate yourself and have some near relative or dear friend as your "first
lieutenant." The winner and companion will travel on the "Wllhelmina," a fast, fine steamship, with every
■ modern feature. • < .
:' Ji
$900—Imperial Valley
WE have purchased four Imperial valley
lots, valued in the aggregate at $000.
Two of these arc located in the hustling
city of lirawlev and the other two in
Westmoreland. These lots will be award
ed as special pri/es. So for a few days' ef
fort four candidates arc going to receive
awards which will go on growing in value
with time's passing. Brawlcy and West
moreland are thriving centers of Imperial
valley—and no California!! needs be told
anything about Imperial valley. It is as
rich a section as can be found in the world.
Any property in the valley is valuable, and
Brawlcy and Westmoreland are in the very
center of this wonderful area. Watch for
further facts regarding these lots, methods
of awarding, etc

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