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Fiat "60" and Palmer-Singer
in Close Brush on Motordrome
NIC VKK did a piano master more carefully
tune his beloved Instrument than the
motor car drivers are doing down at
the Motordrome this week In tuning the big
■teal monsters that will noon compete In the
sreat series of motor car races on the new
loumo. Tuning cars Is a well selected term,
(or to the driver's practiced ear the rhythmic
notes of the engines and every subsidiary part
are sweeter sounds than piano key or harpist's
Down at the big board track the crust of the
Xl ■! pie pan Is crimped many limes dally
by the corrugated tires of the speedy racers,
«nd mile after mile la reeled off with con-
!'ii regularity In clow to 40 seconds by the
larger cam, and' Ism than 60 seconds by the
(■mailer ones—but to whichever class they be
long, never have, cam on any mile track ap
lironchedi th» possibility of speed shown In
there ,1111 tryouts before the racing events
begin. V,
With the arrival of the riant cars of De
Talma and Oldfleld In a few days the limit
of possibility In speedmaklng will be reached
—maybe; for there Is more than on« enthun
lant who figures thut such enormous power
ns 200 horsepower does not of necessity pre
clude a "dark hor\<e" "< ISO horsepower, which
Is being quietly croomsd locally, from getting
away with the speed laurels, and (mother
Oppose Holding the Jeffries-Johnson
Scrap at Emeryville and Are
Going to Take Matter
to Court
v, (Associated Press] ''.
"SKI.'.ND. March SO.—Determined to pre
sent. if possible, the promoters of the Jeffries-
Johnson fight from holding the big hoavy
v . lullt bank- at' the Oakland race track on
the Fourth Of July under the auspices of
the Marathon Athletic club, Incorporated for
the occasion, or anywhere else In the county,
the church federation of Alameda county dis
trict has Instructed Its rummul. Attorney Carlos
fj white, to resort to the courts.
Attorney White called on IXatrlct Attorney
Donahue in Oakland this forenoon and con
ferred with him rerardfnr; the low prohlblt
l<lir ftghti to a finish and permitting limits
found glove contents under the direction of an
Incorporated athletic club. Th« district attor
ney advised While thai (hen wan no rjues
flon a!.i, in the Mala law prohibiting fights
to a flnNlt and went over With Iflm the sec
tion of it:.- penal code covering limited round
<'»ntesij*, as«nrlnK the attorney for the church
federation tlia'. his office would always be
veaily to hartal him In any tangible legal bat
tle for the betterment of the moral condition
of the county and the prevention of law
Immediately after the conference Whltf in
nounce] that he would proceed without de
lay by it-sort to the law to prove the on
jects and Hiatus of thn Marathon Athletic
. lut>. th* Incorporate™ of which are Oeorge
i.. (Tex) Rlokard, John J. Oleason, 11. 1,.
M'atKon it ml Joseph E. Durham, the fight
promoters. ,
KAN BERNARDINO, at arch M -William IT.
Wallace of i.i>h^- Beach li to be the prin
cipal speaker at the nun meeting of the
nntl-saloon advocate* in this city Saturday
A New Book Creating
Widespread Interest.
By Cynthia W. Ai.dbn,
President General of the International
Sunshine Society.
This new book is being circulated
widely throughout the country by The
National Home Products League, an
organization for the promotion of the
welfare of the home, advancing plans
and ideas whereby women may earn in
the home without seeking employment
in mills, factories, stores or ."hops.
The purpose of the book is to familiar
ize women with such methods as they
are now using to earn a livelihood. It is
creating widespread interest in the entire '
Mrs. Alden tells women how to earn
money in womanly ways. One is struck
by the number of original and novel
occupations mentioned. Its value in
every home from Maine to Oregon will
be more than transient. It is breezy and
inspires confidence and women will find
it a comfort to have in the home. There
is hardly a woman who may not some
day be called upon to earn and this book
may save many an anxious hour.
The general purpose of the League Is
to assist in home earning of women and
to spread the organization over the !
entire country and whereever women
may be fouud who have a desire to earn
by home work, providing her work can
be carried on according to fixed stand
ards required by the League. The League
then through its telling organization,
will market her products.
The first efforts of this organization is
to deal with home manufacture of goods
which can be sold by the maker in her
own locality, without the aid of the
selling organization of the League. Later
the manufacture of articles in the home
to be sold widely through the League
is to be taken up.
Those who are interested in earning
and wish to consider the making and
selling in their own locality, articles of
home manufacture, will receive full
information by writing to The National
Home Products Leagne, 21 Park Row,
New York City.
If the book, "Women's Ways of
Earning Money" is of interest, the cloth
edition may be secured by mailing #1.00
to the League.
driver's name being emblazoned on the tan
ners of motor car fame.
Wednesday's unofficial time records were a
credit to the car. and drivers, and cement,
the: popular verdict that the Motordrome Is
the swiftest, sanest and safest mile, track !
yet constructed. De Palma In the "Cyclone" ,
made the best time of the. consecutive
miles in 40 2-5 and 40 4-6 seconds, with Bragg
a close second In the ninety ,Flat, credited
with .'i mile In 411-5 second.. The little 1
llukk, with "Sphinx" Nlckrent up, clipped
a mile In 46 seconds; the Cole thirty In 54 sec
onds, and the Doris In It. first tryout, ■with
Prank Helfert as pilot, a mile In 56 seconds.
The Isotta Volturette, entered by tho Motor
Car Import company, and driven by Marquise,
Is pulling off some pretty stunt. <n a rlass
I nil by Its lonesome. This smallest four
cylinder car In the world will have a com
petitor for racing honor. In the Hupmoblle, j
and Manager Naaon of the Trl-Ptnte company I
looks too serious not to be hatching up a
plan "to put one over." The big Isotta Targa
Florlo, also entered by the Motor far Import
company, will bo doing practice stunts In a
day or so.
Vice-President Muscovies reports thirty
three motor car* already entered for the vari
ous racing evnlH, and also that advance sale |
of box seats Is beyond expectations, twenty
boxes already sold: Sydney Smith of Los
Angeles buying tin first one and George Wat- I
son of Pasadena the second.
Affair Is Expected to Outclass Any.
thing of the Kind Ever Par.
tlclpated in by Local
The Southern California amateur bojlng
and wren! line tournament that opens this
evening at the Ixj» Angeles Athletic club un
der the auiplcea of that Institution bldi fair
to far outoliuw anything of Its kind that hns
yet been otaged In tho southland, as the en
trli-n for this tournament far exceed and clans
bettir than those of any previous exhibi
Secretary Henderson I. making preparation
for a large attendance and it I. expected that
the chalm arranged In the .paclou. tjyinnnnlmn
room of the club, KurrouniJlnE a platform
for the conte»tant«. will comfortably accom
modate all who drain to witness the events
In speaking of the outlook last evenlriK Sec
retary Henderson remarked: "ft sure look.
(OOd, when you consider that here are fifty
entries of boxers and wrestler., which In a
urcat ninny more than ever before, an.i thai
the Interest in this tournament far nee di
that shown by the members of the club and
the local mwt-lovlng public In any event
we have ever staged before. I have (rood r»a
ron to look forward to a record-breaking at
„ i>. nut an Courl- the bosing Instrurtor
viewpoint of the entries, , a id: ■•Thin li the
bent bunch of athletes that hns ever gath
jr«S b^nßath this old Athletic club roof
Mojt of them have trained here nt the club
»nd L know what condition they are In and.
you mark my word, there will l,« acme of
jh« greatr.t amateur bouU take pU«C during
thl. tournament that have ever been it.ged
on the racltlc coast." These word. comlnK
from such a veteran at the X.m™ certain y
FP-ak will for the tournament ««'"<>
7wrnty-.even of the boy. wrr . examined
,L.i club ,t Ihy»lclan1 hy»lclan la«t evening and
.perllon o doctor °lUb- — '"^ «"o
»n'!^';a; ihfoiub- wi"» '-■"-
X c'^'^emberT
I 1"" a ohanoe to itlsk iround n a lonTfUM
«";',?».!.",; i; it?," l", h-•"•■'"••"■»■• * ',!-
-.-■ .
Contests Will Be Held Memorial Day
at Indianapolis by American
INDIANAPOLIS, March 30.—Memor
ial day. May 30, has been selected by
the : American Automobile ■ association
for the holding- of the national cham
pionship races. . The ■ championship
meet win be held at the Indianapolis
Motor speedway.
This is the first time in the history
or automobile racing, that' national
championship titles will bo'awarded:
There ' will be fourteen events and
prizes of $20,000. s , .„ ,« .;.*;,
A Settlement Demanded
3000 Silk Ties, all A 'TTV -f^T^T-T"^ 17 38 Cases of Men's
mixed; values as ±\ 1 V 1 I % A ¥*j 75c Underwear,
high as $1 fancy -.-_-_. _- ____# while they last,
$27,000 Must Be Raised in 10 Days at Bargain House
445-447 South Main Street, Near Fifth Street
■ ■ s.'; ■ ■
**l**'M'***'***''*'i'—aw'***'M^^^**!! NEW STORK, March 24. IDIO. m^^^^mmmmmm^a^^^^mmmmmmmmmmammau
THE BIG 13" S. Main St., Los Angeles, c-'- THE BIG
X JLTijl/ 131VJ Gentlemen:' J. JULSjJ DLKjF
Replying to your communication of the ISth, in which you state you would
! ■«-. -y- mm <t m■« rt - i ,■», be able to raise the money to pay us as per purchase of your Invoice of Jan., <ap>. : <| JT IK "y m■ <x M «
IrV lOftßlf 1 ij iBBg 1910' amounting to over $27,000.00 by April sth the latest, same is satisfactory, sflU r\.l OHM If L
I \ M v IX. A sT^V IJWs^ but we give you this last notice that unless same reaches us by that time we w*W [yi • ■ S 1 % 1 W\j
"*" ~ "**" •*-^i^-*—• will be compelled to take the. necessary action to collect same. Yours, . "*" ' ""* ■"■ *".«—•
1 sssssss—sss—si i—i— FRIEDMAN & CO. MM||B|||||M|Ml|M|M|M|||||M^
i .^__^^__^—__»«__—________
Every Man, Woman and Child in the City Should Attend the Greatest Money-Raising Sale Every Known.
[ The Doors Will Be Open to the Public This Morning at 9 o'Clock Sharp.
1 M. Mandel, Sales Manager.
Big Special on Men's Easter Clothing
Men's Suit Prices for 10 Days Only Easter Clothing at Bankrupt Prices
150 Men's Suits, not one in the lot worth less than $7. to $9.00, very drsesy pat- $22.50 and $25.00 up-to-date worsted suits, and some fine blue serges in the lot.
terns, now $3.45 Forced 10 days' sale price $8.95
' ;•'.' . .. .. . mttrm-i c a -i-i • All hand-tailored suits in the house that arc values up to $30.00 must —none
i How about suits worth up to $lo.00? Some extra fine ones in tins lot; any size rcserved> O ur old customers urged to see these $12.65
you want. 1 rice lor 10 days $4.95 We have on hand ( seeing ; s believing) 108 men's tailored suits that arc uncalled
These prices are for 10 days only. Tweeds, worsteds and some light weight for; not one suit in the lot that was made to sell for less than $40.00 a suit; all
dressy suits; values as high as from $17.00 to $20.00. Money-raising price. .$6.95 silk lined, and all sizes in the lot ; now $13.95
Three cases of extra fine gentlemen's hand-tailored suits, cuff sleeves and cuff We offer during this 10 days' sale 200 odd coats, in good colors; all sizes; values
bottom pants, all sizes, n0w....... ....... . ;.*...','.. :... .$7.45 as high as from $5.00 to $7.50; now $1.75
$90,000 Worth of Merchandise at 35c on the Dollar, 10 Days Only. A Place to Spend Your Money, and
Lots of Goods for the Money You Spend
150 rozen red and blue handkerchiefs that JUlckn'ss Qrt£k/"»Jo1c "Rirr Qrtor»ial T let WORKING GOODS SPECIALS
80 id, for we. now 3c Men s specials —nig special ost AU 73candnoowork gloves now 49c
Linen handkerchiefs, fine grade. 15c value; 33c silk firemen's caps, all sizes, about 25 si-lam. in MEN'S HOSIERY EOc and 760 work shirtg> all slaes, one pr ice.37V4c
B P eclal "• 5c dozen, now 10c Men's black and tan hose, while they last. $ „ 0 china silk and soft shirts, while they
Large size box of Shinola, sold the world Police 50c braces, extra strong, all you want, Eoo Z en men's 'fancy "nose.'" all"colors'."2sc last *1 -43
over for 10c, now uc now ig c values now •• lOc $1.00 fleece lined wool underwear, big values,
50c clothe, brushes now 15c 7Bc and *1.00 President suspenders; forced MenVimported 'fancy hose, lisle thread. 60c -O^-;—^ &H^^ — 'fc'XZi niw Z
Boys' suspenders, 25c values, now 10c Prue •• -'c one big lot of all wool cashmere hose, val- One big lot of $1.00 golf shirts, cuffs Ht-
Men's 25c bow ties, now 10c 25c Shlnola outfits, while they last 15c ues up to 50c, now 190 inched 39c
Dress Boys at Prices Like These Ladies Ten-Day After-Easter
an6. S3M. bor".^. $1.35 Buy Shoes Now Sale on Men's Shoes Hats at Small Prices
25- Buster Brown Suits that retail at f 0 23 „a lrB of Ladles . $2M house $1.15 work shoes; forced 95c 6 5 d?zen men's B ample hats, all sizes in 95c
from 14 to $5 elsewhere, here *'•«« B hf»« m«it nn the feet «& I• I v P" 1-1- the lot 7O\*
t „„ , shoes, easy on the ftet vi.i" A] , $200 Bnd , Sio dressy Bhoes; $1 /.
All youths suits, sizes up to 20 years, strong . ...... „. „ all sizes; while they last 3)1.00 A n pure felt, stiff or soft $2.r,0 to $3 (I If
pro s\ a! I.. s"ad". a"d. p""rrnr:.. 01"..54.i5 ~* wSr- forf 3)o r\, «*»b "itssyhals ' m ™*-ni'i»< ■'■<"■ 51-35
P "■ ,i[ ', lot; forced price $1.65 we ted _ vie. kid, any color or leather J2.65 How about $8.00 to $5.00 hats. all. #ioc
Extra fine line of boys' blue and fancy serges, you wish **'"v n a * .^^ n0w.... 51.55
i and some suits with imported materials, vul- Every pair of ladies' shoes In the house; .',OO pairs of boys' shoes, all sizes up to 5%; . . '
ues up to $7.50 and UO.OO; forced ti AC values up to $5 and $6; very dressy Of} it values in this lot up to $3.50; *| If One lot of soft traveling hats, values up AC/
price 4>ltVO patterns, all sizes; forced price ....v£«OO no w *>1.00 to $1.60, now \fu\>
Straw Hats Open Your Eyes and Read Suit Cases at Any Price These Trunk Prices Are Men and Boys, Don't Freeze;
IWwTS&"!^..T!SE ,uu Blanket Prices SSee'^MX'cedpriS;!?^ FOr"d Up°n US Here Are Overcoat Prices
I Children's Shoes A 11-4 regular $2.00 •■■ Alligator cases. 28 Inches long, with 25 trunks which are sold for $5.00. overcoats $1.90
Three cares of children's shoes, blankets go at 03C ?X\™hceT V Tr tO Sl.« M«° " $'^ Heavyweight boys' overcoats, worth .
sizes sto 10. Mothers, come early.' All-wool lilinl-ots _.i lf <;r a $« to *7-50 leather, steel frame *"'■"" to *"-50 steamer, metal-bound from $10 to $12# Bpoc ial $4.45
Sale price 6.c .\ll_wool l)l<uikcl>. regular .s. cases gont * '..-. 15.45 trunks will be sold for $2.95
_„,_, to $1U values. Spe- 0* A ■A P How nbout nure cowhide cusps . .. "5 hOJC coats for men, which are,
Ladies' Shoe* SafKd""^.. $4.45 & t?LZ?Z W ™bcLn£Z • •*™£» SSTJ^X^ very dressy; sell all over town from
85 pairs ladies' sample $3.00 dress Zont 75 purl white ToU^n BBf for less than from $10.00 to E\^^^.^B $8.00 to $12.50; our price $4.D5
shoesallgoat Bac About 7o pure white cotton *12o°- they last $4.00 1Kn ;.'....° $5.45
Boys' Knee Pants filled comforters, values up to Collars All roooto ,- no meta i-bnund Don>t fa" to look over our line ot
25 dozen boys' 7.v kneo pants, some $4.00, 0 1 iF 500 dozen Arrow Brand collars, all trunks, heavy brass trimmings, overcoats and cuiveneucs, values
corduroys in this lot. These will so now.. 2) I 4*5 si'!0 ''' wiU '"' Even »way at, per straps all around, to be sold up to $2o.OO; finest line on the mar
in a hurry. Forced price loc ■ '^1111/ dozen 45c for $8.65 kct; special $7.65
In This Sale Your Dollar Will Go as Far as Three Dollars Elsewhere
Men's Pants Cheaper Than Corduroy Pants at Overall Prices Prepare for Rainy Weather on Men's Underwear for Spring
4 Overalls 500 pairs of $1.50 corduroy pants go at 95c Rubber Goods Mc light underwear, new i» c
All $2.50 work pants, now Wo Think of $2 .00 . m ,i $3.50 corduroy pants, which 85 rubber coats, regular $2.00 values, one price celebrated underwear all wonl
How about $2.50 Stag pants? Union made, U re strong as iron, for work: 10-day 1111 11 no" 98c Coopers celebratea underwear,, all wool,
How about 18.50 SUg pantaJ Union made, „,.„ «trong as Iron, for work; 10-daj forced """ ns' », , ' unaerwear, an wool,
warranted in every way $1.33 pr i te : $1.35 Rubber coats, which are warranted: a new coat wnlle tney last C 63c
Dressy pants? Why every pair in the house g tag . silll ,, Sllll and Jlagnet rri ce, all guaranteed If they leak • $2.65 Dr . Wright's Health Fleeced Wool, sold rv .
pairs" "of" YaiYoV" m^'panis." "imported .* 4-00 grhdes ' "'vi:ll forced price $1.93 All rubbor I 1",",!: 11- regular makes, values ";, to rywhcro for $5.00 a suit, special 950
goods, any class of goods you can mention. All English imported, extra line tweed, welted *' ,110 pint • ♦"•*'>
values in this lot as high as $7.00; force.l seams. Raps over the pock.'ts; values up to 300 .Men's mackintoshes, $7.00 and $9.00 values, A" wool garments in the house, not re
- price $2-35 $6.00; now $2.15 one special price $2.85 served $1.35
Men's Shirts . Men's Vests . Khaki Pants Coat Sweaters „„,„ ■..„,..■- Gloves
Stronghold and Magnet ersey Sweaters
$1.50 and $2.00 duett and Mag- Men's fancy vesta, sizes from Brand, coals to match All wool sweaters, all sizes, patterns values *> I£ c How about gloves? Hansen'a
net Brand shirts, cuffs OC r 34 to 50, good nc c regular 11.75 value, Q(- $1.50 values, CQ r un to 13.00-now.. „ $1.00 $2.00 grade. , Q(j
attached; forced price....Out patterns" '«• special 7%}*> now U7l u» lo J,:™'. ™ now 7Uv
This Sale Will Positively Last 10 Days Only
soo down mm* rubber collars; «" r The Great Ten Days' Forced Sale which is being talked of will open its doors to the UN do*™ Miss' and children* lft
value, up to M«i forced „ru«-.. general public at THE BARGAIN HOUSE, 445-447 SOUTH MAIN STREET, near ho"*' all °lor "' ao<! value '' now lUC
ah m»ke« and colon, of euinfer 74c Fifth Street, today, March 31, 1910, at 9a. m. sharp, and will continue for ten days. Come Mat's plain overalls. -„• value., *q_
overaiu, si value., now ••;•••■.•• early. Everything in the house is marked in plain figures. Bring this ad. with you and now • 4yc
bojv Bib overall, now •"><• compare prices, as a child could buy here in safety. LOOK FOR THE BIG SIGN Men-, riain overall* we
' -•■••''• I marked "In a Desperate Fix." I
The Bargain House, 445-447 S. Main St.
'• ' ' ' ' '" i ; "— Mail Orders Promptly Filled —
SAN JOSE, March 30.—Probably the most
conscientious man In Santa, . Clara county M
aged Jniuc'B 11. Lawlor, a fonnerdeputy |anw
warden, 'who has caused the arrest of Ilia own
eon,,. Tom Lawlor. for Illegal fishing. , The
young man m brought "to town from th«
.mountains above Almaden and ■ deported *5»
cash bail as security for his appearance In
court. The young man pleaded not guilty.
Ills trial was sot for Monday.
You can buy It, perhaps at many places, but
there's one BUST place to buy It—and that
place advertises. , ,
« « ♦ ,
•• Y.mr n»m«_L II mi tiiurA Uf
' • ' -■ •'.jMBbBStellMMWW*^:-'"-" '
ALBANY, N. Y. March 30. —The Ameri
can Telephone anil Telegraph company filed
with the secretary of state today a certi
ficate of increase of capital Mock from $200,
--000.000 to 1800,000,000. Thin makes It next
to the largest corporation In the world, the
Knlmil states Steel corporation being the
BBH llK3i«t oun>d to May cnt»d. Eminent
Wsi U IS »J* Judges, ministers, congressmen
*l« N H and tbc medical press declare
£23 bl I &£9 mj cures permanent. I aura
W* ■ ■ after others fall. WHITE TO
■ Addreu,Sr. W. T«wu, Food da Lao, Wi».
W. K. 11l >H, So. Cal. Aceacj,
limragx uid Kepalrlng.
IIH-im H. Main.
I 3US3. Bdiraj. SMI.

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