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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
Passaae by Senate Would Insure
a Lower Death Rate
'Mining Is orin of the two great pro
ductive Industries in tho United States
with an annual production of over
$2.000,000,000 and a waste almost us
groat," writes J. F. Callbreath, jr.,
secretary American Mining congress,
from Washington. "It employs more
than 1,000,000 men. it In sacrificing now
:ui average ol moro than 2000 lives a
"If the same effort were made to
proteot tiie workman here that is made
in Belgium, IfVame mill i :."■">"'.", it !•
lair to presume that the death rate
would bo lowered to an average of
these countries.
"This would mean an annual saving
of 1500 llvos in the United States.
"To bring about those conditions is
one of the vital purposes of the bureau
of mines bill. To prevent a part of this
Walt! Is of great importance. Senator
Dick is leading the tight for its adop
The senate committee* report recom
mending passage of tho bill has Just
been prepared. The second article
(amended) In the bill reads:
"That it shall be the province and
duty of said bureau and its director,
under the direction of the secretary of
Bald department, to make diligent In
vestigation of the methods of tt'lning,
especially In relation to the safety of
miners, and the appliances best adapt
ed to prevent accidents, the possible
Improvement of conditions under which
mining operation! are carried on, the
treatment of ores and other mineral
substances, the uae of explosives and
electricity, tho prevention of accidents,
and other inquiries, aid technological
investigations pertinent to said Indus
tries, and from time to time make such
public report! Of the work, investlßa
llons and Information obtained as the
secretary of said department may di
rect, with the recommendations of such
BENICfA, March SO.—A crew of four
men have started drilling for oil on the
I'hil Steffan place, botween Benlcia
and Vallcjo. Prof. KcR.-ir selected the
*ite, as tho formation of the Htrata
seamed more favorable for the striking
<ir oil nt less depth than elw'where.
Work Is to begin at Olon f'ovc sunn.
'I'lio company has now options on 8700
fi'Tes of l.tml.
A brokerage house advising an Im
mediate purchase of an oil stock must
show some good reason for such advice.
We can give you the very best of rea
sons why Coallnga Crude Is a most ex
cellent buy right now, and this reason
Is that well No. 1 on their property
should be brought In and completed
during the early part of April. There Is
absolutely no chance of not striking
oil, for every foot of their splendid
property In the Coallnga field la proven
oil land. Ruch being the case, stock
bought at anything like the price which
ruiaa now on the Los Angeles Stock ex
change around >!>c should show a big
profit within two weeks' time. Don't buy
this stock with th« Idea of only taking
the quick profit from the Jump In price
at the tune th» well Is brought In. Buy
with the idea of holding for dividends,
for expert figures show an earning
power for this stock of 2 per cent per
month, which will constitute a aplendid
income from your Investment.
Maps, photna and fuH particulars of
Coallnga Crude> Oil Co. and Its prop
erty will be found In the Illustrated oil
magazine, "Securities." Call at our
office or send In this coupon and this
will he mailed you free for the next »lx
rarlfte States Guaranty * Land Co.,
614 11. W. IleUumn Bide, Los Ange
les—Gentlemen i Please send me. free
of cost, Information regarding stock
referred to above; also free copies
of oil magazine. Securities' for six
months—all this without any obli
gation whatever on my part.
Nam* ..
Street and No
City I* A. H. 4-1
The Oil Man
has removed to 626 W. P.
Story Bldg., Sixth and Broad
way. See him for
; Midway
Lands and Leases
i PHONES! F8443; Main 9451.
._ )
l're-Incorporatlon Stock nt ; ' v
8 Gents a Share
Subscriptions will ho received by the
undersigned, acting for, the Incorporatora of
the company.
F. B. WOODRUFF, Attorney,
625 Central Bldg., Sixth and Main sts..
OIL Stock 15c a Share
The ROCK ISLAND OIL CO. announce that
for a short time only its treasury stock wlil
be offered for 150 a share. "A Hundred
Barrel Well Is, Worth (100,000." ROCK IS.
I.AND OIL CO., 415-411 LaugUUn Bids., SIS
South Broadway. ■ ■ ■ . --
Our board of directors has authorized
a public offering of our treasury stock
at '■.■..:.-' ' ■:;<■ ■ . "}'.'■
Los Angeles-McKittrick Oil Co.
224 I. W. llflluiuii Bide, Fourth" and Main
1 ■: ' streets. MISI ":;>-." :'■ I
Three linnilrrrf thoimaml dollars will
be paid In dividends today li.v ' the
American IVI rolmin and the Mcxlrau
Petroleum companies. Three are the
two big; Jlohrny companies, ami tile divi
dend* are monthly.
The Mexican minimi will pay $87,
--828, being at the rale of 1 l-4c a month.
The Mexican Petroleum Limited, pre
ferred, will pay $~I>,IIDB.
Tho American Petroleum preferred
will pay (17,511, and the American Pe
troleum, common, $1111,005.
The American preferred han a capi
talization of $2,500,000, and the common
$12,000,000. The dividend on each
amounts to I per rent a innotb.
The capitalization of the Mexican Pe
troleum I* $10,000,000, and of the Mexi
can Petroleum Limited, preferred, $12,
--000,000. The Mexican Petroleum Limited,
common stock, I* capltallxed at $38,000,
--000, of which $27,521,500 linn been Is
•ued. The common stock has not yet
paid dividends. It was quoted on the
stock exchange yesterday at $28.62V4
The American I'etroleum. preferred,
I was quoted yesterday at $01.50 to $06.50,
I and (he common whs offered nt $75.
The Trent Engineering company has
moved its Los Angeles quarters to 1000
Union Trust bulldinc
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by 1.. A.
Crlslcr & Co., members [xm Angclca stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Ilellman building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31. -With tho
eastern wires Mill crippled, It. devolved upon
local trailer* to support the mining market
on Hush street today,. and they proved un
equal to the task. Consolidated dropped 7'i
points, Jumbo Kxtenslon 6, Florence mi and
Daisy 1. Th"ro was very little Helling pros
aure on Fraction, and this Issue moved up one
Among the Tonopahs, lielmont was up 7»,4
poftits, while West End was off li The To
nopah Mining company has declared a. regular
quarterly dividend of 25 cenU per share, and
an extra dividend of 10 cents per share, both
payable April 21 to stockholders of record
March 31. The mines of thla district ahlpped
a total of 6270 tona of bro to tha mills lost
wivk. of an estimated value of $156,750.
El April *1 the cloning quotation!: record
U. Th« mini ■ <>r tills district shipped
I of OTS tons of uru to tbi mills Jaat
of an entimated value of $H>*>,7so.
wing vifrf the doMng quotations:
Bid, Jut*. Bid. Ark.
Adama ...... 1 2 Kewana-i .... 7 8
Atlanta ..... IS 17 Jrcat Bend.. 2 3
Dooth 17 il9 Lit Hend An. .. 1
111 UEx 1 Qt Bond Ex. .. 1
HIM Hull ..6 6 Jrundiml .... 1 2
Blue Bell ..2 4 Jumbo Ex .. 8 37
II II llonan.. .. 1 Kendall 3
Columb Mtn. .. 1 Ume Star ..4 C
CoiiQueror .. 3 .. Lou Dillon 2
Comb Frac.. 47 45 Mllltown Fro .. 2
Cracker jack. 2 .. Molt Xx 2
Daisy 8 10 Ncv QoldHeid .. 2
Trl.ingle 1 Oru 7 8
I) II B Con. .. 2 Red T Ex... 1 I
Dlxl* 2 Red Hills ... 4 6'
Km pi re 2 Sandstorm ..3 ..
Florence ....215 M St Ives 20
(.-lor Xx 2 I Silver Pick ..10 11
Fran Moh .. 2 .. Vcl Hose 4
'JolJflld, Con.S2o 830 IYd Tlfccr ... «
Bid. Ask. m<l. Ask.
'ielmont ....2«5 27i> North Star .. 1 2
Jum Butler.. 15 16 Rescue Con.. 1 2
Midway 36 .. ronopah M1n.750
Montana .... to 91 ronopah Ex.. 80 82
MacNamara. 35 3D West Knd On 35 .17
Bid, A«k.! BM. Ark.
Amethyst ..1 2 Mayflow Con. 3 4
Bullfrog Mln 1 2 | >ri« llullfi ■■■ .. 2
liullfc Nt n 1 .. I Trump C0n..,.. 7
Bonnie Clare 8 .. Vul View 2
Monism Mtn .. 2
Hid. Ask. I ■ Bid. Ai-k.
Manhat Con. 2 I Mustang 1 2
Manhat Mln. .. 1 Seyl Humph. .. 1'
Manhat Dex. 3 . 4 Thanksgiving. 3
KM. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
nacle'a Nest 2 3 Pitts Sllv Fk 70
F'vlew Eagl 13 •■ Round Mtn.. 46
Nev huh .. .. M Joalltlon .... 33 36
Service to The I.os Angeles Herald by L. A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Ilellman building,, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31.—Following
were.today's quotation* of the California stock
and oil exchange: —Opening— —Closing-
Bid. Asked. V.M. Asked.
Associated Oil ... 49.73 Ou.no 49.75 10.00
Palmer Oil 1.30 1.3214 1.X% 1.33
Illinois Crude M 63
Premier Oil 1.40 1.45 l.VJii 1.45
Silver Tip 2.75 2.50 2.76 2.M
Monte Crlsto .... 3.00 3.65 3.55 3.60
Mascot OH 2.50 . 3.00 . 2.50 3.50
Now IVllll OS ' 1.10 1.0714 1.10
Brookehlro 1.3714 1.40 1.37'/= I.W*
210 Associated 49.75: 600 Brookshlre 1.40; 300
Clarcmont 2.00: 500 Enos 1.40; 1700 Palmer 1.30;
600 do 1.3214: 200 do 1.35; 3UO Premier 1.40; 300
do 1.4214; 300 Monte Crlsto 5.65: 1100 New
Pennsylvania .98; 100 do l.Cl'ii; 500 Republic
.ill; 100 W Oil 2.95; 300 Sterling Palmer 1.30;
1.32',i; 200 do 1.35; 300 Premier 1.40; 300
I2V»; 3(X> Monto Crlntc, 3.0r.; 1100 New
ylvanla .98; 100 do I.CSVii &O0 Republic
0 W X Oil 2.95; 300 sterling LM,
Special service to Tho Herald by ,T. C Wll
acn, 12 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, March -Following wero the
cloving quotations:
X quotations: Ark. Bid. Ask.
Bid. A^k | Bid, Ask.
Am Pneu .. 514 HiUex ''on ... .214 3 |
do lira .... 17 IS Miami 21% 22
Adventure „:6*i 1 Michigan .... 6 614
Allouex .. .. 45 46 Mohawk 61 04
Atlantic .... Via 8 Nev Con .... 21% "l.i
Arcadian ... 6 114 Morlh Butte. 34 35
Ariz Com .. 2114 21% Old Domln „37 83
Boston Con. 17 18 Osceola 141 143 -
Butte Coaln 227 i 2314 Parrot .. ... 16 1714
Ualu & Arl» 6514 66 Qulllcy .. .. 81
Calu & H0c.60214 605 Santa -Fe ... l?i 2
Centennial .18 19H Shannon .. .. 1214' 12%
ton Mercur. 10 12 Shoo Much .. 6514 ' 69'
Copper Rnge 71 72 do pfd 28H 29
Daly West. 90 914 Superior Cop. 44 ■ 45
Kant Hutte. 814 9 Tamarack' .. U0 62
Rim BiVW.. 1% " Trinity .. ... 6% 7
b-ranklln ... 15 UK United Fruit.l7o 171
Qranby 43* 41 11 S Smelt... 43% 4314
3reene Can. 9% OVi do pfd 4914 49!,
Hancock ... 21 23 Utah Con .... 28% 29.
isle Royalo. 1714 »9i Victoria .. .. 3% 3T4
Keewonavif .. 4 414 Winona .. .. 814 9
Luke .. .... 64 lil'.i Wolverine. ...128 130
La Salle ... 1414 15 Wyandot .... 2 214
Ma.«» Copper 5 Muss Gas ... 7814 ; ..
Uayflower .... 95 | do pfd 9414 95
Special Bervlco to Tho Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 12 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
NEW YORK, March Following were the
closing quotations:
Bid. Auk. I . Bid. Ask.
Havana Tob SVi 3T4 Ohio Copper. .8% 4
Boston Con. 17 18 Inspiration . 7 7 -8
Butte Coaln. 2214 23',i|Maa Val new STi 9 >
Davis Daly. 2% B'/4|Kly Central.. Hi 1%
;i!(lflld Con. 7% 1% Ely Con 65 75
Orcono Can. 9% »V, QUa. Copper. 6% 714
Glroux : ■ Vii 8 Chino .. ....IS 1354
Itert tjika.. IVi SWi Boston Ely .. 3H 3%
La Roso .... 414 4% Ely Witch .. 16 20
Miami ■• ... 27% 22 Kay Central. 314 3%
Nev Con ... 21 2114 South Lake.. 9 • 9%
Nlplssintf ... 10 101, North Lake.. 15% .' 18 ,
Special service to The Herald by J.: C. Wil
son, 12 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, March ' 31.—Following were • the
closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. . Bid. Ask.
Arizlpe .... 10 12 Chemung ... 10 101,
Black Mtn.. .. 13 Chief Con ... •2% 214
Butte A I,on 14 15 First Natnl.. a■ ■ V,
Cactus .. .. 3% .:«. Majestic .... 80, ,86, I
A report on the geology and the ore
deposits of the Bullfrog mining district
in Nyo county, southern Nevada, by
F. \j. Ransomc, W. H, Hmmons and <;.
H. Qiirrey has just been published by
thi' united States geological uurvey as
Bulletin 407.
The district surveyed and mapped is
a tract of arid hills and mountains
lying northwest of the Amargosa desert
and Including about twenty-one square
miles. •
I^ons? before valuable ores worn dis
covered at Tonopah and Ooldfleld the
apings in Oasis valey, just north of the
Kite (if JJcatty, attracted a few wan
derers, w ) r r> established rude ranches
along Amargosa river, a f<eb!o rill
that furnishes the only drinkable water
within a radius of forty miles, i
The discoveries at Tonnpah and Gold
field stimulated prospecting through
out southern Nevada, and In 1864 the
Bullfrog claim was located. The name
Is said to have been suggested by the
green color of the (ire; certainly no one
has found in that BCOrchlngly arid ic
glnn anything resembling a bullfrog.
in a fi-w montliH the towns of Amar-
Rosa City, Bonanza, Dullfrng, Beatty
and Rhyollte rose from the desert sands
and mining was actively begun, but
until ]!)07 only the richest ore was
shipped from the region, for lack of
satisfactory means of transportation.
Gold and Silver Output
In 19U7 three lines of railroad reached
the district, and during that year the
value of Us mineral output was $207,
--535, principally in gold and silver.
The deposits of the Bullfrog district,
unlike those at (Joldfield, are not likely
to jrield quick and largo profits with a
moderate outlay of capital, though
small masses of superficial ort may for
some time reward a few fortunate
lessees. The ores generally are of low
grade and the question whether the
deeper sulphide ores can be profitably
mined is still unanswered.
The report just published sketches
the general geology of the rcsilon and
describes tho ore deposit! In detail.
Chaptan on the mineralogy of the
the action of rein-forming solutions,
and the genesis of the ores will bo of
Interest to mining men.
The report, which cover.-: l?, 0 pages.
Includes descriptions of the mines in
the district and Is illustrated by a
geologic map and many views ami dia
grams. It can be obtained without
charge from the director of the survey
at Washington.
SAT/r LAKE CITY, March 29.— With
the Incorporation of the banking house
of W. B, McCornlck <fc Co., on April 1,
the oldest and ohm of the largest pri
vate banks in the wost will cease to
exist, and Important copper and mining
Interests will appear in the business.
The incorporators will include C. N.
McNelll, president, and D. C. Jacklin,
general manager of the Utah Copper
company; Spencer Penrose of the same
company and Charles Hayden, the New
York broker, and local mining men.
\v. S. McCornlck will be president
and Mr. Jacklin vice president. The
institution was established in 1573. It
has been the medium of some of the
largest mining: deals on record. Its
deposits exceed $6,000,000.
Tho Midway Central is preparing: to
lay its water line to property in WC
tion 24, North .Midway, und will soon
be ready to begin the first derrick on
Its forty acres of land there, according
to official announcement yesterday.
.*> NEW VOISK, March Sl.— Lead dull; <?>
... spot, SI. I .''-I* I. Copper, weak; .*>
& hluuditrd spot, «12.10@13. Silver, Bi%e. $
••• •
Rock Island
mFg <BnfiM BvB ikfc3 P^B»BEHs?HBBßßff**i^^*?"^*^^^^^^^ Sbßßßs^»^b^s^sßiXs?*'^B
m 111 A 100-Barrel 1000 Shares
WL^JF ML BL*is Well Is Worth Will Cost You
OBOHBHir $100,000 $150
' I'KOFJTAUI.E. The price of our stock i* very reasonable, con
klderlnif what we have to offer. We are in the class of working oil
companies. We are going ahead with our work on our IUO-acre
lease in the Ills Sesne district of Ventura count), California. We
are doing all that we promised to do. We are meeting with all the
success we could wish, ho fur. We have good ground, sound man
agement and are not disturbed by riotous races Into distant regions
iitjS where the chances of striking oil are few and remote.
We know that old Ventura county- makes good. We know fl
that we have a choice piece of ground on the proven oil H l»%. >T>
belt. Wo know that when we strike oil it will be good oil n Eg I .
'of light gravity and high grade, which commands ready | | \Jf \J
Bale at about a dollar a barrel.
If you are not already committed to other enterprises, look Into
this before yon Invest. We prefer that you would call at this office
Nto Inquire. If you can spend the time to go up and look at our
property with the oil actually seeping out of it in the gulches, we
wish you would. If you cannot call either there or here, write and
we will send free maps, photographs, booklet and latest information.
Rock Island Oil I
Company J
Terms—One-Fifth Down I 415-17 LaUghlin Building
Five Monthly Payments | 315 South Broadway
-■■■■.■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■'■ '■■■ ■-■■ ■■■■ -
Watch This Space
For Full Particulars Concerning
Croesus Oil ®> Land
Co.'s Stock
Soon to Be Placed on the Market. _i__
Well No. 3 of tho United Oil company
in section 6, North Midway, which was
brought in last Friday is now flowing
from 200 to 250 barrel* a, day and is ro
ported to be Increasing its production. I
The report that the United had encoun
tered mud in this well is denied by the
management, who says this well was
put into the Band without trouble.
Well No, 2 is flowing from 800 to InOO
barrels a day and No. 1 is doing- an
average of 600 barrels, making the pro- |
duction of the United Wells in section
c 1500 barrels daily, delivered to the ,
Standard pipeline.
No. 4 well Is over 1000 feet deep and
the management experts it will come '
in within tho next seven days.
Nos. 5 and (> are now building and
will spud m soon. Lumber is on Uie t
way for Nos. 7 and X.
Four rigs arc. en route from Bakers
flald t ( , sections 24 and 26 for tho i
United properties there.
MANHATTAN, March JO.- Colonel
j. \v. F. Diss, representing Edward
Double of Los Angeles, this week made
the final payment on what Is known
is the Allison ground In the main
gulch. Under the management of I'm
rick Hollin, who is a placer miner of
gome twenty years' experience In Cali
fornia, work has begun on the property
and a force of men is now engaged in
cleaning out the shaft and drifts, pre
paratory to development,
The Allison ground is one of the best
located properties in the gulch, but
owing to poor management in the past
has not paid.
Mr. Hollin, who knows placer mining
from A to Z, believes he can place the
propi rty on a paying ba^is.
Mr. Double has also secured a two
years' lease on the Top fCnob No. 2
placer ground, belonging to John Swan
•-nn and "Malapai John" Mlhelitch, and
will ptart operations there at once.
The property adjoins the September
fraction on the south and comprise!
fiOO feet In the gulch. Tt Is understood
the owners of the, ground will receive
L'n per cent royalty on all the gold
taken out.
Colonel Dlss and Mr. Double are both
Interested In the Four Leaf company,
which is operating in the gulch about
a mile below Central. The work there
is upnder Ttiley Kakman, who soon cx
j> i to have sluicing: under way. i.
10. Mayne of the Maytie Mining com
pany is also heavily interested In th«
wan antonio, Texas, March 2». -
Although the first report! of the Trick
ham oil fields, near Brpwnwood, Texas,
weir. somewhat exaggerated there ll
no doubt now that the find in of great
value. The gas pressure is suffu ienl
to send a LTi-barrel-a-day itream of
oil to the surface, which now issues
between two caalngs that had been
set in the well. These partly obstruct
die How, and it is expected that when
one ill' them is taken out the quantity
delivered v 111 be much greater. The
oil found is of excellent quality, ami
tests have shown that it will make a
lubricator „1' great value,
The Midway Five oil company nan
received its machinery and is now in
stalling it. Sam Lamb, the superin
tendent, was with the Standard Oil
company in the Midway field for many
years, and has proved his ability as an
oil operator. He has taken full charge
of Midway Five Oil company's field
Mr, Hennliiffsen, president of the Mid
way Five, left last night for the com
pany's property, It is reported the
La Belle, just to the east of the Mid
way Five company, has brought in a
big well.
a a Mancopa
Announcement Gushers
USSSmSIISSZ^ZSZISZISmISZZZI A new oil company Is being or
ganized to operate In the cream of
HS-* into x* TV T t X tn Midway-Maricopa OH Fields —
Iw tllliriff R If 9 (\CK9iV(\ In the giant gusher territory.
• VJ» JL/lllUll U» *-*• XJ\3\jnXX\ \M We offer a small block of pre
organization stock to cash buyers
Beg to announce that they havo associated for the purpose of promoting only. We have opened books for
oil propositions of merit. No proposition will be handled unless both the subscription at he a share. This Is
proposition and its backers will bear rigid Investigation. "n e««Ptf£. nsJ chance r .t ° 5?* M to
Our first offering Is a small block of the stock of the Treadwell Oil <'"■ Mldway-Marlcopa Oil Field on
and Asphalt company, now drilling on 200 acres of patented lands at New- good ground with a good company,
port Beach, California. This land already has been proven oil bearing. An oil proposition run by oil men.
The second well of the company now Is down 1560 feet with 10-inch casing. TTVTT'I7I» XT A T"Ti^XT A I
Oil probably will be reached within the next 300 feet. Oil now being taken li> 1 H<r\.rN I IKJISALi
from adjoining properties by companies now paying largo dividends. If T'M'V"PCT >IV/ri7Xr fT f/~\
you understand a good oil proposition when you see it, a thorough in- J..IN V H/3 1 IVIIMX A. V-iv7.
vestlgatlon of our proposition will convince you of Its merit. California's 1012-1013-1014 Union Trail Building,
greatest industry is yet in Its infancy. Look before you leap, but don't Fourth and Spring «t»., r,o» Angele*.
wait for this stock to reach par value before you jump. v ■*
For a short time this stock will be sold at _____ __
Established 1897. Bank References,
Itmnri -f-_ ■ Office—Home Phone A 3321.
iTV r*£±t* Residence— Home Phone 39523.
Oil lands and leases of merit handled on a commission basis.
======================^^ Oil and Mining
HP 11/11 JO iL SJ. Ll* _LOCK3rQ Oil Investment Co.
• Vie .fcUIIIUII. IJe L/c L/UL/l\.Cll II Oil Lands, Leases and Producing
' Companies bought and sold.
504-5 I W Hellman Building boom b, rindoe ihit.uiho.
out j i. n.neuraan Duiiaing »m 60. broadwax.
mmmm n^ _________--_---__■-—-m_■____________-_a____-J -O8 AJiQ-XES.
The Midway 5 Oil Company L^ C _ 1
has already received an offer ¥ *^^ \^>* I
from the Standard Oil Co. to _j^_/ tr^ B 1
take all of its production for a -*™___r I
period of three years, paying 65 1
I cents a barrel. a Share, Cash I
Every oil man tells us that we are as certain to strike oil as we are to bore a well. It only remains H
to be demonstrated whether we shall bring in a gusher as big or bigger than our neighbors. If H
we strike a 1000-barre! well our property will be worth at least a million dollars. B
We shall be drilling our well No. 1 early this month. Our rig material, our drilling equipment are all on the
ground and work Is being pushed with all haste. Sixty days hence ought to see our drill points perforate the
oil sands. The -same formation underlies our property as our neighbors have. We are right between the Santa'
Fe gusher on one side and the St. Lawrence on the other. The United wells 1, 2 and 3 are just beyond the Santa
Fe and the La Belle has just been brought in on the St. Lawrence side.
This Is Proven Territory
for Gushers
The very moment that it became noised about that Ours Is a perfected organization. An active, going
we had secured a lease on 20 acres of this absolutely o jj company. Strongly financed and efficiently man-
PKOVBN GUSHER territory we were overwhelmed with a *cd- We nave some of the beat people behind this
applications to got perfected and our company financed proposition. We shall not only succeed, but we shall
nation was quickly perfected and our company financed proposition. AYe shall not only succeed, but we shall
quickly. succeed quickly. You who buy our stock will not only
■ We closed out our first block of stock and had no be made richer, but you will be suddenly enriched,
intention of offering more for sale, when we became our prospects of striking one gusher must now be
aware that wo could Increase our holdings by securing multiplied by two. We shall carry through our plans
been effected. This calls for a second string of tools to OUR GROUND UP TO THE CAPACITY IN FULL.
be working within 90 days. We have the two fundamental elements for sue-
Accordingly wo are offering another block of stock BEST GROUND, BEST PEOPLE. Manage
at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS A SHARE, CASH. This ment counts for much. Hard work is a factor in
offer is today without exception the best Midway offer- fortune. Having started RIGHT we mean to go
Ing In Sight. If you want to get In on a good thing, get FAR. Will you come with us? Eg
in on this. Don't hesitate. Delay may count you out. • We have added 50 per cent to our holdings, but H
We will not accept installment payments. We allow no have not added a penny to the price of our stock. H
Go Up and Look at It J
it you have not time to go yourself and look at our property come to our office and let v.i show you Ay
the' maps and original documents which testify to the value of our holdings. We court Investigation . Ay
of our company and our proposition in every detail. We convince the skeptical. We enthuse the Jf
doubters. We have the co-operation of conservative capitalists and enterprising oil men. We com- Ay
bine the essentials for success. Our president prophesies that our Well No. 1 will be in the oil sands ff
within 60 days. What do you suppose our stock will be worth THEN? _ aW
Midway S Oil Co. /~
J v. Ay lIIiIk • >A"> Angele*.
___1 __r AW
BKik Ay Ay Gentlemen: I hereby
* Ay make application for
620 Laughlin Bidding 315 South Broadway AtP.^?!!"^.
620 Laughlin Building 315 South Broadway X=S AI \& C.V2S,.V.
Send for Our Red Book on Oil. FREE /:;r::::Z".""Z
.»————«»—r—__w_j^jjMiiL»g—raifiaMMlUWW.l'i'Jlilß—«<W^ Address
Do You Want Any of This? I . Mid^ tock
■ (It's Nearly All Taken) First Block
( It's Nearly All Taken) First Block
THE MIDWAY-aiARXCOPA CRUDE OIL COMPANY'S Treasury Stock at 5 cents is the only stock that we
know of which is selling at that price, and we shall continue only until the rest of this allotment is taken up.
That will be soon. After that higher prices will prevail. We are lucky to have any at all to offer at this price.
You will be very lucky if you get any. The following telegram has been received:
(Copy) Bakersfield, Cal., March 29, •10
1012 Union Trust Building, Los Angeles, Cal.
LakeTi«w Gushtr still flowing forty thousand barrels a day.
Great exoitement at Marioopa. Land ralues very high. Erery
body wants property. Can sublease any or all of your land.
You certainly have a moat magnificent eighty acres. Number of I
new wells just spudded in. Have arranged for building your |
rig. Have fine crew of drillers ready for your well. 1
JOHN V. HOFFMAN, 6.32p i
We are now ready to issue stock certificates to those who have purchased stock and taken our receipts 5
therefor. For the convenience of subscribers or those who wish to subscribe, our offices will remain open every
evenlnir this week until 9 o'clock. .»••<..
We urge the immediate purchase of all of this stock which you can afford to buy. Prices are advancing:
very rapidly. We expect by next week to have our lumber on the ground, and arrangements have been made
for building our rig as speedily as possible. We shall probably continue the offering of stock in the MIDWAY
MARICOPA CRUDE OIL COMPANY to provide funds for extended development, but NEVER AGAIN A
If you cannot call today or tomorrow, . . ■ • I I * X £* I
rr;rr.".r.:r International Investment to. I
-———— 1 ■ .:v :.. •■ ■; .. . i
,1012-13-14 Union Trust Bldg., Fourth and Spring Streets, Los Angeles, Cal. 3

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