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Herald's $25,000 Contest Al
ready Has Beaten All Pre
vious Records
No End of Interest Being Shown
in Entrance of Well Known
To thousands or pepopio throughout |
Southern California and neighboring
states the bis story in yesterday's
d was the Urst publication of
of candidates In The Herald'i
10 voting contest. These thousands
comprised, not only those numbered
nmong; tlie candidates themselves, !>nt
their friends and acquaintances. Now,
the battle of ballots is- beginning nol
that all candidates In yesterday's list
an working, perhaps a very small por
tion of them nave actually begun
working—but now i« the time for each
and overy candidate to begin getting
votes. No one has begun t" int a <
stride yel everyone \» lust "comi
\ng to commence."
Some candidates saw to it that more
votes than the "nomination thousand"
wor" after tlielr names. B most Wise
mov.. 1 cause it told the world at
inrßft that they ure active, that they
are up and (loins, that they are In
tiilP contest and IN TO WIN. The list
of names will be publl n to
morrow (Saturday morning) and will
BIIOW all VOtei east today. Ami while
on the matter of casting votes, the
content and circulation departments
■wish to notify all candidates that sub
scrlptlons, to be started tomorrow
morning, must l>r hrnuplit in before :.
O'clock today; In other words, sill)
■crlptiom to be started one day must
lip brought In before 6 o'clock the pre
rrdlnff day. Hut general subscriptions
win be accepted until •'■ p. m. every
Hefore pro limr to other points it
|i important that the necessity for all
candidates i • have s creditable show
ing in tomorrow's standing be made
plain. Hero is the Idea: Before this
contest is finished every man and
woman, every Intelligent man
woman, In short a newspaper reader,
win lie asked to vote by numerous can
didates, The candidate who «ets out
in the Held drat Will pet these VI
The candidate who lets his or her can
dl lacy be known will p<-t these votes.
And the very best way to lot every
body know you are a. live is to >
handsome vote total after your name
This done, your friends and acquain
ts .11 see that yo i are in and
rally to your support Hut they can't
halp you unless they know you an
|V|| them! Show them: And
then see tliem personally and makn
thorn your lieutenants at once. Get
them, not only to vote for you. but to
Ket their friends to vote for you. Rut
the very first thing to do Is to have
.; handsome vote total after your
rivr. spkoai, PIUZBI
. m other ways it is highly pro!
to beg4n campaigning now The si lal
prise distribution among the five can
m leading the contest at in o'clock
S iturdaj iV( nine. April !>. This is Ihe
lir^t special prime offer oi the i ontest,
so candidates will tind it an excellent
thing to win one of these special prices
and in this way show friends and ac
quaintances their determination to
... . r the capita! or grand prices
; ,t the close of the contest Understand,
that all votes east in an otTort to win
a special prlee will apply on the
iiai and grand prize distribution. Win
i lal price; it's ■ splendid way to
make your candidacy known The
i prizes which will po to the
candidates standing first, second, third.
fourth and fifth at 10 o'clock Baturda)
evening, April 9, are:
FIRST Scholarship (board and lodsr
injo Page Mllltarj acadi my IS
OND Scholarship (board and
lodging) Page w mlnary—MM.
THIRD —Scholarship, <" vm no c k
Bi hool of Expression—llM.
I"(iri:Tll Course, New York School
of Acting
FIFTH Solid prold watch (candidate
Will select It)—*6o.
Them is still another reason for
hustling every possible minute between
n,l April 9. This is the fact that
the vote schedule mak< t Its first drop
at that hour on that date Until then
200 votes will be Issued on every dollar
on a new subscription payment, and
MS voti ■ on i very dollar on an old Bub-
Bcrlptlon payment After io ...
April !>. a dollar on new subscrip
tion payments will pet li>o votes only.
and a dollar on old subscription
menu will get 95 votes, so the more
subscriptions >ou turn In before 10
o'clock the evening of April P. the more
votes will you eet on each dollar. To
make tl ilutelj plain, the follow
ing illustration of how the reduction
indidatea is gh en
A year's subscription costs $."> oo and.
if new, gets 1000 votes if turned in b'
fore in o'clock Saturday evening, April
9, but if turned In after that hour on
that dale, the same subscription Will
net but 8 b n duct lon of 50
votes! Mora! Gel II and pet it NOW!
Now a word about clubs: Club sub
scriptions are ten new subscriptions
turned in at one and the same time,
regardless of whether they are of
the same length or not. Whin ten new
subscriptions (or five clap Ifled coupon
book vote Blips) are turned In at one
iind the same time, 100 extra votes are
issued on each dollar In the club.
Thus: Regular vote 0 per tl).
10 new yearly BUDS J.jO i
vote 10,000
300 extra, votes on each dollar...
Total Of votes issued on club
The sample club given here shows
Simply how the extra vote la issued;
splained there might be a few
yiarly subscriptions; a few hall
and the rest for three months. They
may be any length- just have the ten
NEW and upon whatever the total
money represented is figured the extra
votes at the rate of 100 extra > itei
i,.i each dollar in that amount.
Remember the standing of candi
date*—the second publication of candi
dates and their standing -will be in
tomorrow's Herald. Will your name
be there? And will it have a goodly
number of votes after it? Ti
every reason for both!
All interested in moaic and the hipb
est achievements of the art of the
piano maker should call at the store
of the Fitz£en:ld Music company, rcH
South Broadway, and thoroughly in-
I•' ,_ ' : ■ ,———
I^^ ...... .. „o , ,
% " „ , ' „ rrr.
TOHPP'ai i Hii I&i' •■ m
! I
Contention Made City Should
Gain by Operations of Fed
eral Dredger
Lieut Charles T. Leeds, in charge of i
the United states engineering office
ai i. os Angeles, his discovered that
somebody is reaping eonslderabfe profit
fr>m the sale of shells, dut; up by the
hi. dges constructing Los Angeles nar
hc r, and there has arisen a question as
to who has a right to control the col
■ n and sale oi these shells.
Several Jai ineae, accosted the other
da) b) Lieutenant Leeds, when he
found them disposing: of a number of
li.neis of shells, said "John Oaffey
told them to get the shells,"
Inquiries made at Smith's isiami.
when many barrels of shells have In en
gathered, brought out the Information
that (ialiey. who recently erected
what he called a •shell storage plant,"'
in harvesting many shell-.
it is said in ' 's that shells
such as are gathered at Los An
harbor are worth about frt ;i ton.
Whether Qaffey is endeavoring to cor
ner the Shell industry IM mains 1,, be
. the question asked by
the engineer! Is—what right has he to
do .
The turnlnK basin at Los Angeles,
\\ here lin ale now busy . \
cavatlng, contains hundreds of barrels
of shells, and at Jti a ton sonn body
should have the tight to dispose ol
if the sh nc to Los Ai
city, the iity should derive a revenue'
from their sale, which in the ■ nurse ol
the harbor construction, where a vast
amount of dredging will be done, and
hundreds of barn Is ol Bhells will be
piled ,ip on the reclalmable lands, will
amou I considerable sum.
■", \v. Cook, engineer of the "Ped
rioVo," told Engineer Leeds be had
sent his son to smith's Island to gather
shells, but the boy had been told by
the Japanese there, who said Oaffey
l:.i\i- them control, to stay away, un
\ lent him. It ll
dmttt< d he was m the !
shell business, and that he Informed
the boy he would have to paj I
ton fur the shells on Smith's Island, or
: cents a ton fur shells on Terminal
Tin i.os Angeles board of public
works denies that any permits have
beiii issued to Qaffej or t" any.me
NEW YORK, March 81.—The latest
: about i irlck A. Cook,
tlie vanishing, tplorer, i
that lie is in X. w York city and has
I here for ma eral da] i Fi
of the explorer are quoti I aa authority
for Ihe .statement that he pugged last
Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Elmer Dudley, Mrs. Cook's sister, on
K.ist One hundred and eighteenth
:ieet, Mrs, conk and the Cook chil
dren are said t <• have been with him.
tin 1 Henry & fi. <;. Lindi
Baby Grand and the Stager .*c- Bons
Upright piano, which Tin 1 Herald iias
purchased from this firm, to be given
awaj in the $26,000 voting contest,
Even though you may not have i n
tered the contest even though v>u
ml 3 have no intention of doing so
these i lanoa will interest you. Many
who have gone to see them, with no
tatlon of entering the contest, are
now numbered among our most earn
est and enthusiastic workers.
It' yi i an v musician, ami trained
to ■) i" iate i.me quality and action
. « ill bo delighted with
mo>t exacting critic
not fail to be impressed wiih tlie
perfection of these two instruments, in
:ill the essentli
The Lindeman Babj Grand, which is
to be given :.«-ay in tins contest, is
work by the gn ntest The
T.inrl; , alwaj s:i . mong
pianos, but today, with
ventlons and Improvements that have
been made by the 1 urers, it
even surpasses its fornn : . \. ellence.
And practically the same claim may
be made for the Steger & Sons. The
Herald could not have chosen an up
right that would be superior to this,
and there are few Grands that would
surpass it.
Justice of Peace Ling Finds Al
hambra Case Difficult of
Hearing °f the predicament of Jus
tic* of the peace Ling i" endeavoring
to solve the knotty problem of what is
a fresh crit. in connection with a
charge against George Johnson and C.
Q, Hersbman, Alhambra grocers, otter
iiiK for sale unlabeled eggs, a farmer
from I.i Monte called at the mattis
trate's chamber! yesterday with a bas
ket of egga whiih he declared were
fresh, and offered his assistance to the
judge in reaching a solution.
With his recently acquired knowledge
of i ggology. Justice Ling, after care
ful examlnatli n. declared the eg|
i,i be fresh, After expounding v] on the
different phases of the question, the
farmer left the chambers with appan nt
disgust of his own knowledge of egga
compared with that of the Judge,
Unlike his own self with a habit of
radiating smiles, the judge now wears
a deep frown and seems to have no
Interest in life, not even for his nomin
ation as superior court judge, other
than cci Idlng the mighty problem be
fore him.
He has made trips to hatcheries, egpr
consulted candlers and resorted
to many other means of reaching a
definite opinion, without avail. He is
just as far from a conclusion as when
he started,
■■When is an oirc fresh?" is a ques
tion which has been propounded to al
most every one be meets and those who
venture into his court room. Hut they
y turn aside ami keep him guess
I'm going to take the briefs submit
ted in tin nd all the evident c
which I have on the matter and go into j
tlie country for a few days to decide
this question," he replied with disgust
and sarcasm w lan asked if ho had
reached a I
Wild Animal Kills Cattle in Puente
Hills—Children Kept
in Houses
Killing hundreds of dollars' worth of
cattle and calves, a mountain lion.
driven from its rooky retreat by hun
ger, lias terrorized farmers of tlie
Puente bills back of La llabra for the
week. Mothers of the disti :
are k i 'i' ' hildren Indoors ami
the little ones are ajlowed to go to
ipanied by men
Four days ago tlie lion killed a dozen
young i attle ■■! the Puente ( >il
p. my which has a large ranch about
two miles from La Habra. Since then
siuns of its destructive madness have
been seen on many ranches. Armed
farmers are protecting their homes and
,iiK for the beast, hoping to pre
vent it from finding human prey among
their families.
William Roland and a ranrher named
la have offered a reward of $100
for the death of t!i animal. .1
Reno a mountaineer, saw the lion
Tuesday, running through the brush of
the foothills, but bavins no gun at the
time was not able to capture I
A verdict <>f unavoidable accident
was rendered yesterday by the eoro
jury in the case of Dr. 1> F,
H nvi il, who died :it the receiving 'ics
pital Tuesday morning from injuries
incurred Monday i. Ing struck
hy a taxlcab at Eighth and Spring
streets. The machine was being driven
.-, \ M. Schuster.
The Oregon-Washington society held
:i special meeting last night in room
lason building to consider consoli
dation with tin Wash oclety,
recently organized in the city. The
subject wu reported favorably and the
formal consolidation probably will take
at the next meeting-.
Effort to Defeat Members of the
School Board Causes
Much Excitement
Things are sizzling in the Annandale
school district, and the election of the
board of school directors which takes
place today promises to be one of the !
hottest lights In the history of the com- j
munity. Miss Mary Foy, the incum
bent, who is running for re-election to ,
the board, began and ended her cam |
paign last night with a mass meeting
in the city hall of Annandale. About ■
one hundred of the three hundred !
voters in this district were present and
listened to .Mis.- Coy's statement of her
platform, and also to an eloquent ad
dress by Clara Shortrldge Foltz.
The light for places on the board Is
betueeeii what are known as citizens' .
committee's candidates, I{. A. Throop |
and A. C. Davis, and the present mem
bers of the board, Miss Foy and \Y. F.
While. The two former candidates
have been In the field for only a
short time, cud were nominated, it is
said, because of some dissatisfaction
as to the manner in which 111. old
board spent bond money voted a short I
time ago.
'I'll' old members of the board had
not expected any opposition to their
re-election, and for this reason had
made no campaign whatever other
than submitting their past record to
the voters, and when the new candi
dates came Itno the field they were
greatly surprised. "
The meeting last night was an en
thusiastic one. and Miss Foy was given
a hearty reception Mrs. FoHa was
the only sneaker sides the candidate,
and her address, while short, went
straight to the point and apparently
clinched many votes for Miss Foy.
She brought out in the course'of her
remarks how th-> direction of the
schools was by right the privilege of
women instead of men, and declared
that should th( schools Of the United
States be conducted entirely by women
the juvenile courts, houses of correc
tion and even state prisons would
gradually disappear.
The election will bo held today, and
it Is expected that fully three hundred
ballots will be cast—the entire voting
strength of the Annandale district.
John Wesley. 2564 Edwin street, re
ported to the police yesterday that he
had been held up Wednesday night by
two negroes at Santa Fe avenue and
Cheney street. Wesley says the men
thrust a arun Into his face and gruffly
ordered him to throw tip his hands.
After searching his clothes and finding
nothing, the negroes struck him a
glancing blow on trie head and hurried
aw a y.
Governor Qlllett yesterday pardoned
w H. Ford, who was serving ISO days
in the county Jail for vagrancy. An
nouncement of the pardon was made
in Judge Davis' court yesterday morn
ing. The prisoner had served about
one-half his sentence. Ford has been ill.
An all-day missionary meeting will
be held at Peniol hall. L' 27 Soutn Main
Street, today. Dr. Charles Foster, from
Hulivin. nnd others will speak.
/£ MBECp ?\
(f iCicioiAu. Are
Bread Advertising?
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garding the manufacture of FIOOLA
BREAD, the new h.alth bread of the
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larly Aisle 3. l"c box. Aisle 3. j | _____________________________________________
Yosemite Valley
and the Big Trees
of the Mariposa Grove are now open for the season, snow
having gone and flowers in bloom.
All the wonderful scenic features of the valley are now
at their best, and may be seen with ease and comfort.
Southern Pacific train from Los Angeles daily at 9:30
p. in. connects next day at Merced with the Yosemite Valley
R. R. for El Portal, on the park boundary, from which a stage •
ride of only 12 miles over an excellent road is necessary to
reach the valley. .
Full information at 600 So. Spring. St. and Arcade station
about the valley.
Is the Easy Way There
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kept in a shady place. Special ware I 9 )*>■ gate our method. We will ret*) Over two hundred Wg display bantam
made on short notice. We carry a 1 r* I you to many of our former p«- tables are displaying shoes for men, women
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J. A. Bauer Pottery Co. Ho £ V?."™ SSS. AO_S-; Ta"° 01' u£l mammoth shoe house. r
Avenue Thirty-three an* I_oy street. utrlum. Temple 401. 619 S»»th Broadnsjr.
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