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Citizens' Committee Candidates
Win in the Annandale
School District
Campaign of Two Days' Duration
Ends in Defeat of For
mer Members
After a campaign which in spite of
the fact that it was of only two days
duration was as spirited as any ever
held for the selection of school trus
tees in Los Angeles coujaty, the elec
tion in tho Annandale school (listrut
yesterday resulted in the defeat of
Miss Mary Foy and William P. White
by the opposing ticket consisting of
A. C. Davis and R A. Throop, by a
margin of one lonely vote. Tho close
balloting is indicative of the heat of the
pre-election battle. Throop and Davis
were known as candidates of tho citi
zens' committee and were placed in
the field a short time ago as tho out
come of some dissatisfaction With tho
The election yesterday was marked
by much excitement in the Annandalo
district. Carriages and automobiles
hurried through the streets carrying
voters to the polls. Men and women
gathered in front of the Annandale
■chOOlhouM and many heated argu
ments occurred. Miss Foy had many
pupporters on the grounds and It looked
all day like her ticket would win. She
was at the schoolhouso until the last
moment, working hard, although she
was calmer than most of her feminine
It was stated that Miss Foy took an
unusual Interest In the contest be
cause she did not wish to tie defeated
i - the methods that were employed
b;- the managers of the Citizens' com
mittee's candidates In scattering sen
sational bills in which the waste of
school money was decried. Miss Foy
said yesterday that It was her desire
to make tho Annandale schools tho
best In Southern California If nho
•were elected, embodying In them all
modern educational ideas.
'Bear Family at Home' Recom
mended by Committee
Judge Curtis P. Wilbur of the su
perior court learned yesterday for the
first time that bis book. •'The Bear
Family at Home." had been adopted
and recommended by the state text
book committee for use in all the pub
lic schools of the state as a supple
mentary book of public instruction.
The book was adopted by the com
mittee on June 10 last and yesterday
Statistician George i.. Saekett of the
state board of education sent him a
notice that his book had been formal
ly recommended.
In a resolution the. state textbook
committee declared the book warn in
valuable In the public schools, espe
cially in its applicability to the edu
cation ail Instruction of children.
George M. Munger, who has passed
nearly every winter for twenty-five
years on the Isthmus of Panama, i;;ivp
'option lecture on "The Progress
of the Canal" last night in Symphony
hall. The event was under the aus
pices of and for the benefit of the For
■oclety of California.
Ingredients: Show thto to your doctor.
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that cause falling hair. It nourishes the hair- germ* that cause dandruff. It remove* every
bulbs, restores them to health. The hair stop* trace of dandruff itself, and keep* the tcalp
falling out, grow* more rapidly. clean and In a healthy condition.
Does not Color the Hair
\q PQ p.
Increase 363%
on NATURE-FORM s-hoes for boys, girls and babies
within three months.
* ■
—274 new styles which please the people.
—conscientious, experienced salesmen who enjoy fit
ting children properly.
—prices 25c to 50c per pair Jess than same grades are '
sold for elsewhere—
Because we consider this department an advertising
medium— the youngsters in the habit of com
ing to the Regal Store, and their parents, in the habit
of wearing Regals.
Saturday is Children's Day at the—
% Regal Shoe Store
I' W I 302 S. Broadway ;j
/ vLV and 224 W. 3d St.
OTfe*fj*\^ (Bradbury Building)' ;
(Mr a^mH ■
Theatrical Managers Will Stage
Annual Affair at Mason
Next Thursday
What promises to bo one of the
largest benefit performances «TI r Men
in !..>:- Angeles will be presented next
Thursday afternoon nt the Mnson opera
house. This Is the annual charity
event held under the auspices of the
i.os Angeles Theatrical Managers' as
■OCiatiqn. The funds raised by these
benefit! aw used in taking care of tho
demand! made constantly on the iniui
agers by slek and needy members of
the profession. •
It not only promises to be the biß
gesi meceM financially, but the pro
gram which Is now completed «howi
wh.it is unquestionaMy the linest ar
ray of talent ever gathered together
for a baß*At In this city. This, of
course, is due to the splendid list of
attractions that will occupy the stages
of the, local theaters next week.
The proffiam, which WU only yester
day completed, will be given as fol
lows and in all probability In the order
n.uned Opening overture Of twenty
live pieces picked from the orchestras
of the various theaters, courtesy of the
I..is Aukolos Musicians' union: Miss
VlOlO Napp and Bugene Arnold with
the eight Maxim girls of the "Merry
Widow" company; VTlnona winter, the
little cheer-up sirl from the Orpheum;
Florence Roberta and White Whittle
sey with the members of their com
pany in the third act of "Gloria," from
the Auditorium; Miss Kdna. Emery
Jones, vocalist, by courtesy of I.cii
Behymer. From the Majestic will be
Henry Woodruff and company In
tho first net of "The Prince of To
nlßht;" Miss Marjory Hcnton i.'ooko,
monologlst; a Mlectlon by Miss Sophie
Barnard of Henry W. Savage's "Merry
Widow" company; the Rurbank com
pany In the third net of "The Lion and
the Mouse;" Miss LUy Charlene,
xyloplionist from the orpheum: the
Ferris Hartman opera company in the
beautiful Venetian scene from "The
Love Tales of Hoffman;" Walter C
Kel ley, "The Virginia Jud«e." from
the Orpheum; Mabel Wilbur and Gfeorge
Damerei in the "Merry Widow Walts,"
from the Mason, and Walter De Leon
n.nd his dancing Klrls from the Hart
man company at the Grand.
The tic kit.-, which sell for the uni
form price of $1 for all pirts of the
theater, have been <>n snle at the vari
ous bos offlcei for two weeke.
"That new milt of Bodkln'» la a perfect
[in. in. isn't it?"
"Te«; he calls it an 'Owed to hit Tailor." "
—Tit iilm.
Mrs. Kitturia Osborne, Charged
with Fraud, Given Five
Years' Sentence
After two years of litigation Involv
ing ;> charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses against Mis. Kittuiia
B. Osborne, Judge. Monroe, In the hu
perlor court, yestorday issued ■ com
mitment lor her to the state peniten
tiary for live years.
Mrs. Osborne was nrrested on the
chare;* which was preferred against
her by Samuel B. Larkin March 10.
1908. Liirkln alleged slio secured a
mortgage from him for 11200 on a bouse
and lot which she represented belonged
to her but which, it Is claimed, did not.
It appears that Mrs. Osborne made
im application to Larkin for a lonn of
$1200 nnd that she took him out to
view a magnificent residence on Mag
nolia street valued at $8000, st:itlng at
tho time that she owned it. Larkin
thought the property well worth taking
a mortgage on for that amount and In
structed her to draw up a mortgage.
A few days after visiting the residence
she gave him a mortgage on what he
supposed was for the residence on
Magnolia street. Upon making Investi
gation lie discovered In; held a inort
na^e on a. lot adjoining the house
Which She had stated she. owned.
She was arrested, ami after her pre
liminary hearing which occupied nearly
three months of continuances and tho
talking of testimony she was held to
answer to the superior court. She was
convicted after her trial In the su
perior court.
She appealed the case, and It was not
until yesterday that the judgment «f
the lower court was affirmed.
Mrs. daborne haa nfliewi most of her
time since her arrest In the county
Cheyenne Clergyman Is Under the
Auspices of K. of C.
Right Rev. John J. Keane, bishop of
Cheyenne, Wyo., will deliver a series
of six lectures at the Mason opera
house under the auaplcee Of the I, os
Angelei council No. 6^l, Knights of Co
lutnbu!, beginning Monday evAilng,
April 11. The I'ctures will be in the
natui f explaining the principle! of
Christian and Oathollc faith to nnn-
CatholiC! and non-Christians. The
bUhop is a noted ami eiociuent preach
er Who has spoken to large audiences
In many cities all over the United
Tho subjects treated will be ns fol
lows: Monday nlßht, "Be.llof in a Per
srtnal God;" Tuesday night, "Reason
ableneai of Christian Faith;" Wednes
day nlKlit, "The Worth of Christian
Faith In Christy' Thursday night, MJe
sus Christ, the Savior of Men," Friday
nixht, "The Church and the Bible;"
Saturday night, "Why I Am a Cath
The arrangements are In ehnrpe of
the committee* appointed by the
Knights. The executive committee con
sists of Very Ttev. Joseph S Class,
chairmnn; D. Joseph Coyne, secretary;
John T. Burke, treasurer; W. F..
Hampton, C. C. Desmond. John R,
Grant, P. J- McDonald, "Walter J.
Goldsmith and W. J. Ford. The recep
tion committee Is M follows: Very
Rev Joseph s. class, chairman; Right
Rev! P, Harnett, ROY. Francis J. Co
naty. Joseph Reott, John P. Burke,
Paul 3 MeCoriniek. D. Joseph Coyne,
I. I?. Doekweller, John (i. ftlott, w. K.
Hamilton, J. C. Kays, James Smith,
Hen White, d. F. McGarry, J"hn P.
Coyne, I*. J McDonald. John H. (irant.
C C Desmond, W. Joseph Kurd. Hen
ry V. Daly, Walter J. Goldsmith, T.
j' Cunningham and Richard J. Dillon.
Other committee are: Music—Prof.
LAWIS A. Kerwln, F. R. W'lsnor. A.
Phaneuf, Henry F Daly, Gabriel Dur
nerin I'rof. A. G. Gardiner and George
A. .1. Howard; press -Thomas P.
White, George Green, J. D. Minster. A.
It Hiuton, W. D. Mahoney, Charles
\. King; theater decorations—J. R.
Dwyer, Charles a King: ushers' com
mittee Walter Goldsmith. Phil (VRricn,
William B. Byrne, J. H. Clancy, P. T.
McGarry George B. Graham. Charles
Cordary; advertising, Invitations and
printing D. Joseph Coy no. J. F. Mc-
Elheny, James 1.,. Irwln, C. H. < offey,
Carroll J. Daly and Joseph A. Mc-
Music Notes
TIIK Symphony orchestra played Its
last program for the year yes
terday afternoon at the Audito
rium, ofteftm Wagnerian numbers ex
clusively. , .
The early part of the program, which
Included selections from "Die Walkure
and '('."tti'rdammerung" contains dif
ficulties for the brasses and wood winds
which proved a distinct drawback in
the production yesterday. This de
fect was particularly noticeable In the
Walkure tone pictures, where the Val
kyrie cries ring: out so frequently and
In such diverse pitch, and also in the
nong of the Rhine Daughters. In the
music of Siegfried's death and funeral
harch the general work was better,
Perhaps the beat thins of the day was
the scene from "Parsifal," Klingsfor's
Miißir (Jnrden and the Flower lialdeni,
wherein the strings did some beautiful
work with exquisite shading and deli
cacy. The Vorspiel and Isolde's T^ove
Death from "Tristan and Isolde" was
big and broad In rendition, and there
was more tonal power and vigor to
the reading than in any"previous work
of Ihe day. The program closi'd with
the "Kaiser's March," which, like the
other numbers, was generously ap
plauded. Harley Hamilton, director,
was obliged to respond several times
Witt bows of appreciation.
The Woman's Symphony orchestra
is announced to give its annual ban
quet Friday night. April 22, at the
Auditorium, with Miss Blanche Ruby
as soloist.
John W. Mtngstrom, Bell station; T.
Hartnett, Fruitland; William Bussett,
Vernon, and A. A. Spaulding and A. A.
Weber, Huntington Park, were elected
high school trustees for the three dis
tricts at the election held In Hunting
ton Park yesterday. Mlngßtrnm made
the bettor showing at the polls, receiv
ing 174 votes, Spaulding received 157,
Weber 98, Bassett !)3 and Iturtnptt 89.
fipauldlng was the candidate chosen
by the Huntington Park Good Gov
ernment club. i
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If 1 / \ I a^^?t j !pH |!EpfiJg ►j|S r-pHE SECURITY FREE PUBLICATION INFOR- |4^ij
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