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American Midway Oil Company
I ■ W^iV V^ V^s ff ij Hel| E'U brl mS Ir9 R- J r 1 I wfcJ tSw Rvv Iwl m 4 AH VmS imm K^f m^m P j Tl^L M3w wtrW urn b P* -4 Sff ft^L- _^K^l ffl H^J m*w
: ' : ' '
At 8 o'Clock This Morning
At the Offices of the Company, 519 W. P. Story Building
For the first time a limited allotment of stock in this absolutely high-class company
= will be offered to the public at =
Fifty Cents Per Share]
If you ever intend to invest in OIL make the effort and get in on this first original allotment.
This Stock Will Go to One Dollar Quick
Remember, first come, first served. Investigate our personnel. Our land is absolutely the
best PROVEN GUSHER TERRITORY. One well down 700 feet NOW. Our office will be
full. Come up and see for yourself. RIGHT NOW. This is YOUR opportunity to get in right.
American Midway Oil Company
in | _u.-Bui...i mm ■LjiMUijijiuiwMm.WJILJiJ'IJRIJ^JtlJilJ^llJ'JUMJIHii UJl^\.'^.lßL^^ ' - ' ' r
rWHHSKH HHHfIMHIMI ; ._. — ™»nn ■■■■ "■■■■ " ■■■hh" '«■■ i '"'"'""""'"'""T ' ""— ■ ' SS^^mwiii^wimiww^ !■■■! i »—
Arizona Mining Companies Close
ly Connected in Past Decide
to Work as One
TUCSON, April The- consolidation
of tho Calumet and Arizona Copper
Mining company and tho Copper Creek
Mining company and a complete reor
ganization and methods Is the report
coming both In the personnel of the
component companies and their plans
from what Is considered a most authen
tic source. One of the most Interest-
Ing detail* of the story Ib that the re
organized company purposes to erect a
smelter on Us properties. The deal Is
regarded locally as one of the most Im
portant ones that has taken place In
mining circles during the present year,
as both properties are noted through
out the country and are strong
It is reported that the deal is a prac
tical certainty. Rumors of It have
been afloat in local mining circles for
the past three or four weeks.
. The Calumet and Arizona and the
Copper Creek properties are located
nearly adjoining each other at the head
of the Gallura mountains, about twelve
miles east of Mammoth and about
seventy miles northeast of Tucson.
Col. L. W. Powell Is at the head of
the former properties, and Col, Slbley.
well known throughout the southwest,
is the president of the Copper Creek
properties, with headquarters in Los
Angeles. While the companies have
heretofore been In no wise connected In
a financial way, the Copper Creek com
pany has for some time past been fur
nishing power to the Calumet and Ari
zona under a contract.
• According to the report received In
T.(is Angeles the reorganized company
•will take over the stock of present
holders at par, exchanging therefor
stock at par value in the new company.
Copper Creek, It is said, was the first
placed on the market at 10 cents a
■bare, which was eventually Increased
to 25 cents, then 50 cents. Holders of
this stock will bo allowed par for It in
each instance, and will be given, in ex
chjige, stock in the consolidated com
pany at $10 a share, which has been
fixed as the price under the new order
of things. This sUck will be listed on
the market.
It is said that the company purposes
to erect a 200-ton smelter on Its prop
erties on the Copper creek, at some
point most suitable for handling the
ores of the Calumet and Arizona and
the Copper Creek companies. From
what is considered a most authentic
source it Is learned that orders for the
machinery have already been placed,
and the company expects to begin work
on its erection us soon as the machinery
,an be turned out by the manu
facturer*. jwilJiHIM
WASHINGTON, April B.— navy department
cablegram from Monrovia announces the ar
rival i there, yesterday of the scout cruiser
Birmingham with Mr. L.yon, American minis
ter to Liberia, whose report to th« state de
partment on 'conditions In th« negro republic
Is expected by cable. ~
♦ ««•
TAFT, April n.-Phtrl»» W. Alvord hna
purchased from Dr. J. F. Bummen. for cash,
Lh. loutb hair of ••otlon 10, 81-21.
Dividends paid In March by com- .
panics listed on the California stock <
and oil exchange amounted to 1688,879, !
making a total to date of $29,242,803.
The largest dividend payer, as shown
in the statement, Is the Associated. The
second is the American Petroleum, and
the Union Is the third. Following is
the statement:
Amount Amount Total Paid
■hare, dividend. to date.
Alma $03 $11,400.00 $ 169,600.00
Anvil* Oil 100 60,000.00 1,450,000.00
Amer Petroleum. 1.00 128,786.00 1,056,695.
Apollo 01 2,000.00 4,000.00
Associated 0i1.... 1.50 , 446,055.00 1,64«.5«8.5r,
Hay City .80 ' 80.000.00 80,000.00
Hrookuhlr* 01 6,000.00 442,600.09
Caribou 25 20.175.75 700,631.74
Chicago Crude... mm 6.00&.00 15,000.00
Claremont 03 10.000.00 838,000.
Coallnga radio.. .10 6,500.00 107.250.00
Columbia 00% 9.992.62 2T4.79fi^7
Del Key Ofltt 3,927.50 11.782.60
Bnwninaa 02 3,200.00 49.460.00
Buolld 01 3,600.00 124,000.
Pour 01 3,000.00 513,000.C0
(Hob« ; 01 (1.000.00 81,000.0!)
Hnnford 2.00 4.000.00 80,000.00
Home '.02 2.000.00 474.000.00
Homestake ..;... 10 1,000.00 77,250.00
Illinois Crude 01 2,000.00 88,000.00
Imperial «0 60,000.00 1,940,000.00
Junction 01 2.600.00 20,000.00
Kern Oil ft 22,000.00 42.000.00
Kern River 10 2,000.00 100.000.00
Linda Vista 01 3.838.50 72,931.50
I.ucllß .10 2,670.41 42,727.04 I
Mascot .01 6.000.00 6,000.00
Mcx Petroleum.. .01 1-3 83.618.70 1,477,243.54
Mecca M 12,675.00 71.823.00
Monte Crl«to 10 60,000.00 390,000.00
Nevada County.. .04 . 10,000.00 40,000.00
Palmer 01 18,020.05 250,360. »}
Paraftlne 01 3,000.00 15,000.00
Peerless 0B 6,000.00 801,000.00
Piedmont 01 3,890.00 22,987.30
Plnal 10 14,(92.00 887,101.
rittsburg 34l 68,800.00 124.800.
Record »7'« 7.600.00 65.000.00
Reed Crude 12 12.000.00 1,124.000.00
Rice Riinrll '.01 3,000.00 99,000.00
Royolty 33 1-3 6.G80.00 16.466.68
8 F & McKlfk. .30 15,000.00 340,000.
Bauer Dough MV4 4.987.60 617,303.60
Section 25 -■"' 000. 00 10,000.
Bdfcnon .15 15,000.00 90,000.00
-ll' 11 Tip 0H... .10 7,600.00 30,000.00
Sovereign 01 ' 5,000.00 90,000.00
Sterling 12.i 31,260.00 • 778,250.00
Superior 01 6,000.00 67,500.00
s w & n 01 3,770.00 41.470.00
Thirty-Three .... .30 30,000.00 670,000.00
Trader* .1-00 14.1100.00 179,166.50
Union 60 124.813.00 6,368,256.15
WabaFli 01 3.000.00 120,000.00
United Pet 60 40,375.60 2.178.850.93
West Coast pM.. 2-00 20,816.01) 83,264.00
Western Union., 2.00 ' 20,000.00 ' 481,951.00
West Shore. .05 5,000.00 235.000.00
Total dividends to date $28,342,803.
Total dividends paid by above com
panies for March, 1910. 1683,679.23
Manager Hcndrli'ksnn of UU Blair Oil com
imny in thi aoutb Baldi iv>«llnga, says he 1r
nonnaotlm lh« t»n»lnch ciiaiim und will start
ilrllllnß In the clght-lnrh within a few das-s.
When the fn-lnch . aalng broka at about 800
feet DO effort was mado at the. time to con
nt*rt 11. Th'i clKht-lnch was then carried to
IHO (*(t and cemented off. Then the »lx-lnch
was put In to a depth of 2480 feet, where It
Htuok, and the whole works had to be taken
The company decided that as long as this
had to be done It would connect the break In
the ten-Inch before going farther.
At 2378 feet the bit t>asped through an oil
eand formation with considerable gas pressure,
and this sand will be tested wli«n the eight*
Inch casing la landed, probably 100 feet deeper
than before, It ■■ Is > expected. the work ! will
progress rapidly when drilling Is resumed In
a few days, and the company expects to gel
Into the pay land at 2030 feet.
.Buy at 20 While You May.
Midway Premier
Stock at This Figure Is
Like Finding Money
We have one of the best properties In the best oil dis
trict In California—a 20-year lease on forty acres In Section
Five of the famous Midway district.
Our company Js composed of leading business men, oil
men and capitalists of Los Angeles and Oakland—men
whose names are a guaranty of Intelligent operation and
honest, efficient management.
Only a limited block of stock is offered at 20 cents. Our
wells will be brought In at comparatively shallow depth
and at minimum cost. Value and price of stock will rise
swiftly. It will go to par if recent results In the Midway
field afford any criterion.
Call and let us give you the fullest details. This enter
prise will bear Investigation and is worth a little of any
man's time.
Don't Delay if You Want to Make
Money Legitimately and Quickly
Midway Premier Oil Co.
M. FRANKLIN KLINE, Fiscal Agent.
Home F860O; Main 4812.
The Oil Man
has removed to v 626 W. P.
Story Bldg., Sixth and Broad
way. See him for
Lands and Leases
riIONES: FS44B) Main 0481. '
\ >
You can buy It. perhupu at many BltOM, but
there's one BEST place to buy it-aiid that
flace advertises.
Our board of directors has authorized I
a public offering of our treasury stock
Los Angeles-McKittrick Oil Co.
224 I. W. llrllumn Bids;., Fourth and Main
- streets. \"
OIL Stock 1 5c a Share
The ROCK ISLAND OIL CO. announce that
for a short time only Its treasury stock wl>l
be offered for 160 a share. "A Hundred
Barrel Well Is Worth »100,000." ROCK IS
LAM) OIL CO.. 415-417 Laughlin Bldg.. 815
South Broadway.
Midway Oil Stocks I
and Investments.-
Opportunity on Ground Floor, la New
Midway l'romotlon.
525 Central Bldg. Hlxth and Main.
You can buy It. perhaps at many places, but
there's one BEST place to buy it-nnd that
place advertises.
..... i-i hi i T r i tii'tfrtn«i^MßWWW™TßltWmißlWfiiiT^'Irffrir^aI-Jr
WOULD you invest in OIL, if you M n| i
knew of a company composed g |S!E
of sound, conservative, judi- ll |k B ■
cious business men, who were will- K Mswpr JU &%g*^j
I ing to take you in as a partner to I X3^^P^ G^.WWW
B operate __^^^_^^^^^^^^^— ■ anHHHM|||M _
I on hun- g iura^™"""^"™"^"""^"™™^™ s™"5 ™"
1 Lands?
jj mmmmmim ß n. B. BUSH, President, Riverside, Cal.
&■■■■■■l^MB JOHN ROCKBOLD, Riverside.
R. B. SHELDON, Riverside.
■ SILAS MASTERS, Riverside, Director.
LEE W. BUTLER, formerly of New York, Secretary-
F. N. THOMAS, formerly with Pasadena Savings an.l Trust Co.,
J. V. HOFFMAN, Los Angeles, Director.
C. H. WARD, Pasadena.
'■■■■I—IBHBB DR. W. E. NICHOLS, Pasadena.
H. J. BRAINERD, Portable House Man, Los Angeles.
O/^^-» I?. J. BILLIMAN, Los Angeles. Jlfl |T>
C* P. R. LONGL#ET- Los Angelea. Kj\j V-
N. S. ABRAHAMSON, Contractor, San Diego.
A Shar* mmbmmihimmm^^hJ A Shflr"
We can assure every purchaser of our stock that he will receive fair and equitable treat
ment, that the moneys subscribed will be expended to the best possible advantage for us all,
that all who arc holders of our stock will participate in the distribution of whatever dividends
may be earned. We have no preferred stock. All is common. We have no bonds. We have
no indebtedness. Our assets are highly in excess of our liabilities. Our treasury is in good
condition. We are not in need of funds for development, and are not begging anyone to buy
our stock to help us make payments on our ground or to buy materials or machinery. But if
we have more capital available, we can use it to advantage to expedite our operations.
The Los Angeles-McKittrick Oil Company is a legitimate industrial corporation, having
very valuable holdings in proven ground, and having recently made acquisitions of ground
which we expect in time to prove even more valuable. If you wish to join our company this is
your chance—the first chance that has been offered—and we shall be pleased to have you call ,■
and talk over the matter at our office. Get our complete information. It will convince you.
We have one THIRTY CENTS— all. No bargain days. No advances on slight
provocation and no discounts whatever.
Los Angeles - McKittrick Oil
224 I. W. Hellman Bldg. mom-Main 1213

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