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News From Neighboring Cities
I Correspondent—
lUis. phone
Hoaaet 4307.
Ordinance Proposed by City
Council Will Bar Even the
Smallest Firecrackers
PASADENA, April ll,—Thll city Is prom- I
ise.l an ultra-sana Fourth of July through
action "i the city, council yesterday direct
ing the iiiy Attorney to draw up an antl
ihilbo i.lln.ii,.- "an stuJ'-t us I hat of any
city of ilmllar size In I'm United States,
prohibiting tho use of cverytliins from
heavy artillery to miniature firecrackers.
Provision will '"■ made, however, for cela
l.ratlonM by «oile(ie» and organisations In
designated places properly safeguarded.
The council authortied the mayor to ap
point a committee of builders and Hr.iii
tects to aHHIBt li revising tho liulldlnK
code of I'asadona on tha recommendation
of Assistant City Attorney Carr, who ha»
copies of ordinances from Beveral cilleß for
guidance. . i
Property owner* on North l.o^ Robiee
a ,,.,,,,,. petitioned tha council to i«Uh itepi
io eecura bettor itf ar (aollltle! for thai
notion Thi matter waa referred to coun
cilman ii far inveatlgatlon, bul it n>
thought nothing be done to ron.-.- th»
railway company to give aervloe where it
ha! no franchlae.
In regard to awarding contract! fir ctr.Tt
Improve n< nl Councilman Mereereau eug
„,., .at the city refuae to award Whei
",,,k i ntractori wHo fall to Bnlah their
oontracta on time.
The Pacific HI trio annual reporl ahowen
I no II due the elty on tha California atreet
rmnehlie, thli being : par can! of ona-haH
„r the groea earning! of tha line pro ran a
ac< in ■; i" mllaaga.
PASADENA, April 13.-9ocretary n.ri,,u
neau of the hoard of trade announce! thai
many more automobiles arc needed '"' !"'!',' h "
in showing the visiting hotel men around the
city this a ft.moon. Those, who can snare
their machine! for an hour, leaving the Hotel
Raymunil promptly at I o'clock, are requeued
to communicate with Mr. Hertonneau.
I, Is announced by William Baaterbrook, •■• n
cum Inspector tor the Paeadena district, that
persons de,lrln* a copy of the questions to be
answered In th coming census enumeration
CM procure We,* forms at any of the local
banks, the poetofflee, branch poatofflces or
th« board of trade rooms.
Arrangements are complete for the annual
banquet of the Ohio society at Hotel Oreen
Thursday evening tot former Ohio residents
ami friend!. has been granted ITof. Paul
PermtHlon haa been grantM Proi
Stewart and Mrs. John C. Parton to conduct
mummer schools In the Wilson and MoKlnlej
building! r-.r backward atudenta or those who
dealre to make up work. The . board of edu
cation l« conalderlng th! opening of additional
"UThe'management of tho Pasadena theater on
The management Df th.- Paaadena themer on
South Fall Oaka avenue announces thai ar
rangements have been made with dune's mov
ing picture exchange for first run pictures for
Pasadena, In addition to three Bral c a-ia
vaudi Mil.- act! each day. with changes weekly.
They promise this city one of ''"■ highest
claaa amusement houses on the coast.
It Is announced that petition! will be placed
In the local Held here today for the nomina
tion of CoiiKrensman James Mot*ehlan to
aueceed himself.
The polio* are looking for a burglar who
mi,l,. ■ week's washing from the screen porch
of Bdward Kouehe, Morion avenue and Moun
tain street, late Monday night.
Rev I'h.iri■-■ F. Welgel, former paator of
th. Friend, church, ha» returned from an
evangelistic tour through the middle states,
where ii, made over a thousand conversions.
He will tour ii,.. coast during the next three
months, opening Sunday at Huntingdon Park.
Postal receipts for the monta and quarter
ending March 31 uliow an Increase of 11 I"'
cent over March of laat year, and M per cent
over the corresponding quarter last year.
Two Pasadena women, Mrs. Dorothea Hoag
|i •-■Hayden and Mrs. Florence Collins Portei.
were chosen at lh« convention of the Htate
Federation of Women's Clubs to repreaent the
federation In the national convention in Cin
cinnati "" Ma) 11. of the Flrat Methodist
nr Miit s ilunhi-ii of th<- nn< M<
church and Miss Alice Johnaon will be the
speakers at the meeting of thu Child Study
circle of the Columbia school this afternoon
In the klndi rgarten roam
Central W. C, T. IT. will meet this after
noon In.the First Methodist church with Mrs.
D A si .urn as leader In tho discussion ■••
literary subjects. Delegates for the county
convention will be elected. Tho meeting '«
nii'tn to visitors.
Mrs 11 Clarence » Hall. 639 South Grand
avenue, gave an afternoon tea yesterday to ■
number of Paaadrna society women. She HI
ssiilMpil by Mrs. Warren Lefflngwell and Mr*
Volney «'ralg, who poured tea during the nrst
hour, and Mm. John Brandon and Mm. Edward
gheenan, who presided at th.. tea tables during
th<» second hour. Mrs. Hiram Barlow, Mrs.
Foster nhodes, Mrs. Ira Colby Ooodrldge, Miss
Carrie Funk and Mlsa Edith Rowland assisted.
Yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. H. M. Cole. San ra»qual and Hill
avenue*, occurred the celebration of the golden
weddKff annlveraary of Mm. Ceie'l parent*;
Mr. and Mrs. 11. W. Mfii.i. niiHii. formerly of
I'asadena, but now living near Santa Rota
During their half century of wedded life there
ha» not been a doath In the family, their
four children and four grandchildren being
present, together with other relatives. Includ
ing Un Mendenhall'a brother. Joseph Kills,
who U the only person now llvlni who wit
THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 10 A. M at 74 WEST
Walnut st. Parlor, dining room an.l bed
room furniture, rugs, wardrobe, refrigerator,
dishes, cooking Uteaalli, etc. S. 11. FIHHF.R,
auctioneer. ♦-IS-St
carpet. Floor polishing and carpet clean-
Ing. ;-INSHT 919; IIOMH 183». 4-13-lmo
cities our specialty. List with us. CITI
ZENS REALTY* CO., 300 Chamber of
Commerce. l*a»adena. 4-1:; -linn
< Home 3406, Sunset 1629. Over 20 years* ex
perience. 299 WORCESTER AVENUE.
• -lino
Stoves and furniture taken In exchange.
Either phone, 197. We'll call to cc« you.
_■ 42 WEST COLORADO ST. «-19-lmo
STONE'S LUNCH o.M'jlj r^
All home cooking; women cooks. Tables for
ladles. 119 N. FAIR OAKS AVB. 4-4 Imp
ladles', 850. 154 NORTH FAIR OAKS AVK.
. . .-■■... 3-24- lmo
Home for Invalids. Cures by selenitic diet;
massage; herbal and vapor baths; Knelpp's
packs and gushes; electricity; vibration;
physical culture, etc. Outside patients
treated at home or office. * Home table, rates
' • reasonable. ■ 841 >N. . EUCLID . AYE. Home
{'■, USD: Main SOU.. . ■ 4-4-lmo
Ctrrulatlon l>ept.
Homr H;l"
m «s. .I the marrtace "i ths elderly couple,
Their one son nn.l ohree daughters are <'. K.
Mendenhali and Mrs li M Cole of I'nm
iipn;i, Mr«. Oordon plckson •>< Santa Ron ano
Mis-, k. y. i i, n .>r i.i.iik Beach.
The Qrover Cleveland t^iiiii defcatrd th« Me
Klnlej team In the grammar school ba»ohall
yesttrday afternoon on Carmellta
grounds by h score of n to 10. This It the
first game losl by the HcKltAey team ihln
This ties yesterday's contestants for
tirm place, the Orovei Clevelands haying List
to thi McKlnley* I" h previous game
PYemoni C. Whltmore, blackaml'.b, ol '■
Wlnona avenue, was knocked from his bicycle
lam evening thnnißh rnilldliiK with »n electric
automobile driven i>y Mrs. P, <: Ouickshank, (
Ays Bail Colorado streei The accldei curred j
hi Bail Colorado street, near the Banta X.> ,
crossing, and Whltmore received s eul on thi
rlghi knee, which had t n Injured three timop
prevlouaU Iti various accldentn.
Master Kenneth Bhaw Bate, "the mlllli "
dollar baby." li" stopping "t the Hotel Oreen i
with his parent«. Mr. and Mra. T. Hhaw of I
Newport and Rngland. The youngster received
his title through the announcement «t flu
tun.' of his birth thai he s/ould be heir to "
million dollars.
PASADENA, April 11, Thf following bulld
inif' p.■nulls were i<sur.i iresterda!
\v. 1.. Richardson, i_'" Arroyo drive, on*
story iirick bulldtng, BO by 160 feet, U B
.nil U i'hmi Union street, 16600.
.1. K. Johnaon, lltJ North Wilson ayenue,
one.story seven-room frame bungalow at lltl
North Wilson avenue, WOO.
The following were approved by the city ;
council to be Issued today:
W. fl. Warner, two-story slxteen-room frame
residence, 341 North Fair Oaks avenue, JTifiuo.
Edward 8. Crump, 111 Baal Colorado street,
one-story live.-room frame bungalow, 35 North
Grand avenue. $:.'OO.
Hnme ;.i 37 North Brand avenue, J2.V10.
Milton Hawley, alteration to residence, r.ir,
South i"i Molina avenue! a. S. miss. con
tractor; »:."().
Mrs. rtannlster, alteration! to residence, 2."S
South Marengo avenue; O. 8. Ullss, con
tractor; »100.
Special on .-iwriitiK!* at the Hug House.
OITIre at Hri»il'«. 3BR Third at.
Phoned: Home 3*o; .-un«.'l Main BSO.
Young Woman Brought from an
Eastern Home Told She
'Will Not Do'
SAN riEIINAnniNO. April 11—Miss Otga
Iverson. « pretty Hwedlnh lass of twenty-three
immmera, today appealed to county authority*
for th« arreat of an Oakland man, whom she
deelarea In a customs official at that city. U\&
lveraon says the man mistreated her.
lii. remain* of the Rlrl and lh« Oakland
[ man was handled through a matrimonial
agency. She claims she bought a railroad
ticket with her savings and left her Mlnneaota
home with Un expectation of marrying her
suitor, whom she ha.l never Been, In the
northern city. When she. arrived in Oakland,
•.h.. claims, the man who had promised mar
riage calmly looked her over at the railroad
depot an.l Informed her she would not Milt.
■ H. told her ho would buy her a ticket and
■and her to her sister in thin city. Miss Iver
son claims he took her to a lodging house, and
after breaking open '"' luggage and extract-
Ing tho letters he had written her abused her.
The. ..in. ■•!■.. are Investigating the allegation!
of the girl.
San BKBNARDINO, April U. The Amo
olatlon "f Railway Special Agenta and Pollee
nr tin> United aHatei and Canada will vlalt
|aa Bernardino -May 11.
i. Belvy. chief of the vpeoial ancnt« of th«
Santa ft coaet linee, and A. 11. Adama, alio
of tli" Santa fe, won. la S.in Hnrnanilno M
daj :irrnnKln([ with tfce lural rh«ml,.r Df
oommeroi f..r the entertainment of the visit
.,r». who are aspaeted to come aeveral hun
dred atronff.
The aaaoclation »in be In analon In l*i An
gela* M»V !"" m Mia annual OOawentlOß.
A tpeolal train will lakr tho dtlegatei around
the Kite Ihaped track on Kay 11.
BAN BERNARDINO, April 11 The wearing j
of hats by women In the First Preebyterlan^
church of this city has been placed under the
baa, The La.llrs' Aid society of the church
adopted a resolution asking thai hata be re
moved by the women of the congregation i
ilurinK tin 1 «ervlce», and the announcemenl
Ib t,. i>. made bj R»v, Alvah Qranl Feeaenden
(rom the pulpit,
San PEDRO, April 12.—Alexander
Culver, H. A. Poindexter and H. (1.
Miller, referee appointed ■to arbitrate
a claim of William H. Relder of Long
Beach against the old city of San
Pedro for $2500 damages to a lot at
the corner of Eighth and Center
streets through ■ change of grade oil
these streets, took testimony before
Justice Stelglitz today. Deputy City
Attorney Yoijng represented the city:
of Los Angeles.
This Is the second claim to be settled '
by arbitration. J. W. Hellman and
David AVeldt were last week awarded j
$3000 damages on four lots In the same
block. Tomorrow a. claim of John A. !
Anderson and John H. Peck for $14011;
alleged damages to seven lots in the !
Grand View tract will, be taken up by
referees. There are twenty-four more
suits pending for alleged damages
through changes of grades on streets
in various parts of San Pedro.
IANTA ANA, April ll.— The storm of yn
terday ;»n<l last nlKht liriiujfhl .'J9 of an Inch,
making the season's rainfall 13.it! Inches.
The Ixw Angola! hoard of supervisors havp
given Country Recorder Peter permission to
brinß th» ISBB books of rooord of !-•.>« Anffeles
1., i.. uaed In obtaining records Df property In
the old and now extinct town of Curleton, In
which some lots are to be sold by Tax Collector
Two hundred and fifty enthusiastic mem
bers of the Temple iiaptlst church last
night held a booster banquet at the rooms
of the Church Federation club. | The Sunday
school i orchestra, under the leadership;, of
C. '•• li llamrlck. furnished the iniMlo- ■
4 rlne Hi. Home tWi Knee* r.ni
ll.ii.i.- MB) S ua jet "■"''■
Agents of Railway Company In
spect Work on New Long
Beach Pier
i.i'N'i; BKACH, April 12.— A suggestion that
there nhould be three tracks rather than but.
two k'luiiim down tlirmiKh the centei of the
municipal docks (in the harbor was made to
the city engineer todaj by W. K. Taylor and
l>. 11, Valla, tndUHtrial agent and commercial
agent respectively for the Southern Pacific
Hallway company, whfin they Inspected the
docka. i" take under consideration the matter
..r their rood'a approaches to tin wharf now
under construction.
The sunken track railway between tho docks
may be widened, as they have suggested, In
order to avoid the congestion which they be
llevo will result under present conditions.
i.ii.m; BBACH, April 12. -The recelpi „f ■>
28-cenl tip «h^n he found and returned a
pui i containing b 1118 check and |a In change
no surpruwd h local hotel runnel al the Ball
i.■!]..,■ deport today thai he i Id ararcell
atammer hl« thanka foi the profuie•remunera-
tlon. The owner of Jhe puree gave hli
hei i mi,l. bearing thf*name "Mrs. M. Bamp-
I.iiM; BBAC'H, April 13 A i lult "n thf
Kn.nn.i iii at the plaintiff had nol compiled with
the provlatoaa „f the itate lawa regarding th«
j rolloweri "f his profeaalon wai granted thlo
: afternoon by Juatloe tlnderw I when the can
i.i trial In Which Krwln Metcalf, an lii
valid, is »ued by Dr, E T. Uray, ,'i chlro
-,,i... i i, . for !«-." aiiiß.',! to i" 1 .!"'■ for treat
Offlcera „f tli" U,i!s Beach Philharmonic 00
-, |, v rejoiced t,»iay al the receipt! of check!
for aubecrlptlona t.i the club from L. B.
Behymer; the Lo« Angelei Impreearlo, and
| Mmea. Bchumann»Helnl( and Bembrloh, the
..min.'iit aololata, llnrry Clifford l."tt, a bar!
. t.nir. win alng ;it a concert to be siven by
. th»' duo Tharaday niKiit-
Match Race Between Vanderbilt
Winner and Champ Arranged.
De Palma Seeks Chance
She terrific sliced looked for in the
match race between Barney Oldfleld
and Ralph de Palms will not !><• lost
by tin- motordrome crowds, although
De Palma is out of it through Inability
to K''t his IW-horsepower Fiat in shape
to make a showing against tlie "Hlil
zfn" Bent, instead, iJeoiße Robertson,
the Vnnderliilt cup winner, will have
a chance to pit his special Simplex
agalnsl the Ben*.
Oldfleld will not he disappointed In
tin' chance for a championship race,
for Robertson's reckless, daredevil,
whirlwind driving will be shown at its
best, and to retain his title Oldfleld will
be compelled to lot the monster Hen/.
ciiii iis he has not yet driven on the
motordrome track. Robertson, who has
i n keen tor the opportunity, says he
j will drive to the limit of his car's
' power. While not up to horsepower
; with the Ben* the Simplex has an ad
vantage in llfhtnest, which im.:iiih
less tire trouble.
The Oldfleld'Robertson match will be
i run in two heats. Saturday and Sun
din afternoons, and the third heat, it
necessary, will be driven Sunday.
Each heat will be five miles, and the
dope is that the five miles will be
made in better time than 3 minutes 12
Ralph de Palma in still on dock.
Though liis big IM Flat is so thorough
ly disabled as not to race Oldrleld in
his big "Lightning Bens," yet Dp
Palma will not disappoint the Lob
Angeles public, which lias been count
: ing so much on this match race. So
confident is De Palma that he can beat
Oldfleld and his big car with a car of
but halt' its horsepower that lie is
Willing to post $1000 forfeit to bring
the conteat about.
Today's program at the motordrome
la full of aharp, snappy racing, which
I will give tho crowds excitement From
beginning to end. The big drivers
come together, while the handicap
races v. ill offer chances for the small
oars to show clever racing.
Of the many fine programs the Woman's
Press club has offered its members and
guests this •••■on, that of yesterday after
noon was a notable one, with Its address
by William I* Hubbat-d, the noted dramatic
critic, and music by Mary La Grand Reed
and Roland Paul. The program opened
with a group of songs by Mrs. Read "Tof
caV followed by "The Rosebud" by i.a
Forge. "The Blue Bird" by Laura Zerbe,
anil 'Walts Hong" by Aarenskl. Roland
Paul, accompanied by Mrs. D. Harmon
Ryus, sang the prelude, "Life," and "Sum
mer," from "The Cycle at Life, by I.ang
don Roland.
In his nddress Mr. Hubhard did not go
into the discussion of the commercial side
of the theatrical profession,, what com
mercialism la doing for the stage or against
'• it, but chose to regard the ftage as an In-
I stitution which la a very Important factor
In cultural life and consider some of the
tendencies connected With It and some of
the possibilities It might have If properly
used. He sharply scored problem plays. He
thinks In time these will bo excluded be
cause the suggestion contained In them Is
not helpful and uplifting.
Mr. Hubhard deplored the fact that there
can not'be In every city a subsidized thea
ter that can present the classics, such as
are seen In foreign countries. He believes
that time will come when some city or
some municipality, realizing the potency
that lies In the stage for good or bad sug
gestion, will recognize it and will use it as
a means for the education and cultivation
of Its people; that It will not come about
through a narrow crowdlns of the >tua.
but will come about through the realization
of lie power of suggestion that lies in all
plays. .;; -■
Local District and Members Are
Favored at State Federation
of Organizations
Delegates Unanimously Agree on
Next Meeting Place—Mrs.
Waters Assumes Office
(.us Angeles district of ill'- State Federation
of Women's Clubs has the state president ami
the mooting place of the next convention.
Club women throughout the district may feel
Justifiably proud of the delegate* Bent to the
convention at Santa Barbara, for with much
diplomacy, an.l the asnlstance of many nat
ural conditions, this double victory was In
deed a triumph.
It took only one ballot, cast by the secre
tary, Mrs. Annie uttio Barry of Berkeley, to
elect the officers of the State Federation of
Women* Club* yeterdas'. The ticket nom
inated last Saturday wax elected, according to
the announcements made at thai time, and li
composed of these women: Mrs. Itusscll .1.
Waters, l.<>» .Angeles, president; Mrs. it. H.
Bobbins, Ban Diego, vice president; Mrs. 15.
G. Dennlson, Han Francisco, vice president at
large; Mrs. 8. M. Davis, Santa Ana, record
las secretary; Miss Adele. Humphrey, Lot An.
gel* corresponding secretary; Mrs. Emily
Hoppln, YoJo, treasurer; Mrs. Frank Howe of
Ix)ng Reach and Mrs. M. TV. Neely of Fresno,
auditors; Mrs. J. W. Orr, San ETrancico, fed
eration secretary.
The district presidents already elected In
their own conventions, but confirmed by the
state convention, are: Mrs. A. W. Ilradbury,
northern; Mrs. A. P. Black, Ban Francisco;
Mrs. a. I* Barry, Alamcda; Mrs. it. 1,. Har
grove, San Joaquln; Mrs. William Haurhyte,
Urn Angeles, and Mrs. William B. Hitter,
Th.- receiving of Invltatlone to the conven
tion for its nest meeting we* postponed until
y. kii rday mornlnf, and then, with eeven
ipeaken on the floor, the i»ng Beacn dele
(ltlon, headed by Mm. Doyle and ably sec
onded by Mrs. Frank Howe, offered such al
luring picture! of Long Beach's advantages
us a location for the next meeting that the
rote was In their favor.
Other Invitations received were from San
Mateo; Mrs. Buffard of the Woman's club at
Riverside, followed by a letter from the Busi
neat Men'H association at the same place; Mrs.
Porter of the Woman's club, Del Monte, and
Mrs. Orr of the California club, San Fran
claco. •
Long Beach was first choice by a ballot of
::, to 06 votes, and this was afterward made
unanimous. An Important Item in this de
cision of the convention wan the fact that
some time ago the club women of Santa Bar
bara feared that they would not be able to
accommodate the convention and asked Long
Beach If It could do so, an appeal which met
with an immediate! affirmative response. When
It was eventually decided that Santa Barbara
could have the convention there was a very
general feeling of appreciation of the hos
pitality and promptness of Long Beach, and
this tended to the favorable consideration
\vhleh the preposition received. Another Item
which was not less Important was the very
reasonable rates which were made and guar
anteed by the management of the Hotel Vir
ginia for the convention. Reservations will be
made one week In advance.
The auditorium at th« Virginia Is capacious,
and the hotel agrees to entertain the conven
tion at any time, either In April or May.
The convention passed the proposed amend,
ment to the constitution of the state federa
tion, article 3, section 2. which now reads as
"Clubs applying for membership shall show
by their constitution that no sectarian nor
political bias shall be permitted," to bo
changed to read, "Clubs applying for member
ship shall show by their constitutions that
the organization requires no sectarian nor
political test for membership."
The report of Mrs. Kmily Hoppin. Yolo,
state treasurer, was read and accepted, show-
Ing (921.06 cash on hand and 19,109 members
In the state federation.
Dr. C. E. Edwards was Introduced and
spoke for a few minutes concerning the use
of home products, explaining that many
manufacturers now felt obliged to put a
foreign label on their goods, as purchasers
would not buy goods which .proclaimed In
their label their California origin.
Mis. Oliver P. Clarke of th« Friday Morn-
Ing club Invited those delegates who might
be In Los Angeles next Friday morning to
attend the meeting of the Friday Morning
club. Flu secretary's minutes were read
and accepted. With the conclusion of all the
actual business of the convention, Mr«. Hums
asked the newly elected state officers to come
to the platform, the secretary calling them,
and when they were assembled Mrs. Hume,
president for the past two year* of the Slate
Federation of Women's clubs, made a Brace
ful speech of farewell.
Speaking to the new board, she urged them
to be faithful to the federation, loyal to their
leader and true to each other, in presenting
the gavel to Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Hume spoki.
of patience, courage, ta^t anil Industry as
elements of success' In the office, and said;
"Remember, this. Is a gavel and not a ham
mer; It la not to be used In offense or de
fense, but to preserve order and dignity of
behavior. I atiall yield up to you willingly
all my rights, privileges and emoluments of
office but one. 1 shall defend valiantly against
all comers my place in the hearts of the
federated club ♦omen.' 1
Continued applause greeted each of tin,
new officers a« she took her place, an.l Mrs.
Hume's speech was likewise tho signal for
much hand clapping, followed by the. rising
Chatauqua salute. *
With Mrs. Hume's descent from the rostrum.
Mis. Waters made a few graceful remarks
concerning her devotion to the Interests of
her city clubs, her district clubs ami M"«
to her state clubs. "I belonK to On Itat*
now and to you," and with these word! 1" r
gnvel fell, the state convention of 1910 IMUi
adjourned and Mrs. Russell .1. Waters had
performed her Initial duty in her new official
Mra. Watera called her executive hoard to
gether In the* afternoon, and some chiilrrnen
of committees were appointed. Mrs. William
K. Colby was reappolnled chairman of the
committee on education, and. Mrs. Helen Kl
llott Uandlni Of the Shakespeinv club. I'asa
dena, was made chairman of the committee
of history and landmarks. Mrs. Mill was
retained on the waterways commute.-, ,in,l
Mrs. J. B. Richardson of IMedmont was made
chairman of the committee on philanthropy.
The board also aakert that the new manags
ment of the Federation Courier ba rtQUMMd
to submit some sort of a business proposition,
relative to the responsibilities and duties of
Mrs. Hume and Miss Morse on the one side
and of federation members on the others.
' WASHINGTON. April M.-The senate late
today confirmed 'he nomination of Charles T.
Elliott' to be United States marshal tut On
northern district of California
Four Persons Slightly Injured in
Accident on East First
Many Have Narrow Escape in a
Collision That Is Not
As the result of a collision of an
eaatbound East First streel electric
car with a Temple street car at the |
switch on East First between Los i
Angeles and Ban Pedro street* last
nißht, four persons were Injured and
the vestibules of Doth cars shattered.
The must seriously Injured was .
Peter Bpehar, an aqueduct laborer j
living at the Plaza hotel, who suffered
a deep three-Inch out of the fore
head. He was treated at the receiv
inK hospital.
Lillian Hamilton, 6634 South Flg
ueroa street, suffered from shock, and
one foot whs severely wrenched. A.
B. Neal of Riverside was cut by Hy
inK glass and E. A. Rltcher, superin
tendent of the Llewellyn Iron works,
living at 1-243 West Sixth street, 'suf
fered a severe laceration of the right
hand from broken glass.
All the Injured, with the exception
of Spehar, wire treated al a drug
store near the scene of the accident
and were able to go to their homes.
Tho accident occurred at the terminal
of the Temple street car line, where
tin- car-' switch lo make the return
trip west. The rur, in charge of ('on
ductor H. T. Best and Motorman a.
P. James, had crossed the switch ami
Conductor Host was adjusting the i
tender preparing to start back, when
the Bast First street ear, in charge of
Conductor 1.. •'. -Morion and Motorman
H. Btevensoti bore down upon him.
Conductor Heat Jumped just in time
to prevent himself being crushed be
tween tin- cars. The Bast First street
car struck the standing Temple street
car witli an awful crash. There were
no passengers on tin' latter car, but
the Bast First street car was crowded
and the passengers were tossed in all
Great confusion reigned for several
minutes, and it was thought at first
that a score had been Injured. Inves
tigation showed that moat of the con
fusion came from tin- women passen
gers who were seized with attacks of
Spehar was standing in the front
vestibule of the East First street car
and iras hurled against the other car,
his head striking the iron coupling.
The others injured were cut by fly-
Ing glass, except Miss Hamilton, whoso
foot was caught between two seats.
So explanation of the accident was
friven by the car crews, .but Ipehar
stated the Kast first street car was
going at a fast rate and the Temple
street car crew was not to blame for |
the collision.
SANTA ANA. April 12.-The jury has been
chosen In the Ovoracker murder ease and is
made up of the followlni men: Jaaper l-eck,
H. W. Lawrence, J. W. Powers, A. 1.. WWte
man, M l> Halladay, Oauar Honenbaun. W.
W. IIBWT. H B, HiriiiiEi r, Jerome Milsom,
O. P. Heinsberg, J. T. Morebcad an.l J. A.
Shipping News
SAN PEDRO, April 12.—Arrived: Steamship
President, from Seattle via San Francisco and
Redondo; steam schooner Alcatraz, from How
en's Landing; steam schooner Lakme, , from
Rureka; steam schooner Helen P. Draw, from
Sailed: Steamship Roanoke, for Portland via
San Francisco; steam schooner sun Pedro, for
Eureka *la Port Los Angeles; steam schooner
vyillapa, for Wlllapa Harbor via San Fran-
The United States ship Whlpple, Lieutenant
Church commanding, and the torpedobnat de
stroyers Truxton, Hull. Perry, Prabal, Paid
Jones, Stewart, Lawrence, Ooldsborough and
Rowan have completed gun practice in the
outer harbor and will sail tomorrow morning
for Santa Barbara Island.
Th» steamer President. Captain Cousins, ar
rived tonight from Seattle via Ban Francisco
and Redonda Hcach with 10UO tons of freight
and a big list of passengers. She will pro
ceed down the coast to San Diego tomorrow.
The President had a quick trip from Seattle
to San Francisco and made the run In 53' 2
hours. The sea was smooth until oft Cape
Blanco, when It became squally.
Lieut. C T. Leeds and D. K. Hughes of the
I'nlted states Engineer's office wire here to
day Inspecting the work on th concrete mon
olith being bull I at the end of the breakwater,
which will probably be completed this week.
The block will be forty feet square and twen
ty hl«h. and extend from three feet below low
water to seventeen feet above. The ruck
work on the breakwater has all been com
pleted excepting a, pan of. the seventh course.
Divers went dawn today to examine the con
dition of the. Standard Oil company's barge,
sunk in the channel Saturday night by the
Norwegian steamer Hornelen. A line parted
as the steamer was leaving the dock and she
backed down on the barge, the propeller But
ting a hole and sinking It. The barge was
40 feet long and M feet wide. In addition to
the damage to the barge, 825 barrels of fuel oil
and 130U gallons of distillate was lust.
P' ——— "S KOTeW
The steamer Alcatraz. Captain Lee, arrived
today from Point Arena with 800,000 feet of
lumber for various wholesalers.
The steamer Lakme, Captain Malgren, ar
rived today from Knrika with i cargo of
shingles for the Southern California Lumber
The steamer Helen P. Drew, Captain Gun
derson, arrived today from Greenwood with
3J5.000 feel of lumber for various wholesalers.
The North Pacific steamer Roanoke, Captain
Dunham, sailed tonight for Portland via San
Francisco with passengers and freight.
The steamer Willapa, Captain Johnson, sailed
today for Raymond to reload lumber.
The steamer Bee, Captain Benediokaon, ' to
day completed discharge of cargo for this
port loaded at Eureka and sailed for Port Lob
Angeles with the remainder.
Steamers carrying passengers are due from,
northern ports via San Francisco and from
southern ports direct as follows:
Steamer—From Due
Corooado, Grays Harbor April 13
Watson, Seattle April 18
Carlos. Portland «... April 13
President, Kan Diego April 14
Yoseml-te, Portland April 14
Hanalel, San Francisco... April 15
Ella. Corlnto April 1..
Santa Rosa, San Francisco April 13
Santa Rosa. San Diego April 17
Geo. \V.« Elder, Portland April 18
Buckman, Seattle April 19
Governor, Seattle April m
Governor, San Diego April 31
Hanalel, Ban Francisco April -1
Santa Rosa. San Francisco., April 82
Senator, San 'Francisco April VI
Santa Rosa. San l>le.;o April -*
Hoannke, Portland April -'1
President, Seattle April 88
Hanalol, Sun Kranclreo. April £8
President. San Diego .April 28
Santa Kosa. San Francisco April 29
i -*/,ir» American Motor Car Agency,
American 1210-1212 south OH»e
4 I Bekins Motor Car Co.,
/\mpieX 1026 So. Olive St.
(Formerly Am<?rli-»n-Slmplex.)
ill Bekins Motor Car Co.,
AliaS 1026 So. Olive St.
r >ali-fnrnia California Automobile Co..
liailTOrniJ Tenth and Main
Fully equipped 112-Inch heel IiSM/jlj/pA Aa
Clirh 7(\ throe speprlß. forward selective type->» If| II I 111
I lirl/ J.i\ Bllf)l "X (tear iPIUi/V.UV
I tIHI it .111 rOHNKI.I, SAI.I> WHIM, HSg-lim South Main st.
VIUI 11 \J\J Asent". for F-A-L CAR.
30 big bargains In second hand autos; guaranteed.
Hnrrk Bosbyshell-Carpenter Co.,
UUrriS 1226-1228 South Olivt
r^lirnrar Durocar Manufacturing Co.,
VU\ UOdl 929 South Los Angeles
FmhirA Munns Auto Co..
Lllipil • 1351 South Main
C^pyl Standard Automobile Co..
I vJ I 0 Twelfth and Olivt
Great Western oge ' 1130-1132 south oh™
Halladay-lsotta Motor Car Import Co.. 0....
rld.ldday-lseud B io south ohv.
JUls^ir>() s fully Equipped WF
Mil su. KAIM BT.
&f/7 /7 ./1 Tri-State Automobile and Supply
#lUfWnv<rtl& 600 1 0 oiive it
Lane Steamer Lane Steam Car Co> 804 sou* ouve
Ldllu OICUII It I 804 South Olive
Patarcnn Pico Carriage Co
r atCrSOn Pico and Main
Psvffvil Williams Automobile Co.,
r6ire. 1806 South Main
& ™l I ftl , W. K. Cowan,
Mliluier 1140-1142 South Hop*
C 4 I* A. N. Jung Motor Car Co.,
OterllflO 1242-1244 South Flower
X . ♦ California Automobile Co.,
lOUriSt Tenth and Main
II 1. ■ Standard Automobile Co.,
YCll© Twelfth and Oltvs
Exclusively First Class
This train has accommodated exclusive
ly first-class travel for fifteen years—
And is noted among transcontinental
travelers as the finest and most luxurious
—The dining car service is under Fred
Harvey management —and Santa Fe em
ployes have a national reputation for *
The Santa Fe operates three other trains
to Kansas City, Denver and Chicago, on
which all classes of tickets are honored.
Leave I.(PI \||(.-|..,
Eastern Express 7:30 a. m.
Tourist Flyer 9:00 a. m.
California Limited 10:00 a. m.
Overland Express 8:00 p. m.
is^ngp^| E. W. McGee, Gen. Agt.
U fe**ls ■ Jll ■'■" Smith Spring .Street.
RMNPRRSIj Home Ail.'.'l Main 138
OO Santa Fe
IX. ——~~ TAKE UA 111 a I* .LIQUID M \-iiim;
IT SPARKLES AND FOAMS LIKE CHAMPAGNE. Drink th« most radlo-aotl»«
curative mineral water. It purifies blood, keeps you young, revivifies, rsjuva
aates your whole body. HOT BATHS cure Rheumatism. Colds, A«ihm», Poor Clroula*
ton Paralysis Diabetes. Stomach, Liver, Kidney, Bladder, Blood, Brlght's, Nervous
and Female Troubles. Makes [kin velvety, hair silken. Physician In charge. Send (of
Booklet. Water delivered Take Mnlro*e avenue car, direct to spring*
Admiral Sampson, Seattle April 25
Prealdent, Kan Diego ■■ April 1;!
Norwood, Grays Harbor April X
Klamath, Portland April 14
President! -Seattle April 14
Watson, Seattle April 15
Klla Victoria April la
Hanalei, Pan Francisco April 16
Santa Rosa. Ban Diego April 16
Hanalel. San Francl»eo t April 16
Santa Rom, Ban Francisco April it
,:,.,, W Elder. Portland April 19
Governor, Ban Diego April 20
Buckman, Seattle April 21
Governor, Seattle April SI
Hanalel, San Francisco April 21
Senator, Guayamas April II
Santa Rosa. San Diego April 23
Santa M***, Baa Francisco April 24
lioanoke, I'uriland April '-'«
President. San Diego April 17
Admiral Sampson, Seattle .....April -7
President. Seattle April 28
Steamer* |cave for Cvtallna ishiml daily
at 10 o'clock a. m. Returning, leave Ava-
lon at 3:30 p. m., connecting with South
ern Pacific. Salt Lake and raciflo Electrics
trains both ways.
Launches to anil from Long Beach arrlva
and depart hourly.
High. Low.
Wednesday, April 13.12:41 a. m. 5:51 a. m.
11:43 p.m. 5:14 p. m.
Thursday, April 14.. 2:28 p.m. 7:01 p. m.
8:06 p. m.
Friday, April 15.... :3S a. m. 8:27 a.m.
4:40 p.m. 7:57 p. m.
Saturday, April 16.. 2:01 a.m. 9:59 a.m.
5:54 p. m. . 10:24 p. ni.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 12.—Arrived: Htea-n.
er Shoshone, Reriondo; steamer Han.del, San
Pedro; schooner Dora Bluhm, Magdalena.
Sailed: Steamer Toatmlte, San Pedro.
DOVER—Arrived: Kroonland, New York for
NEW YORK—Arrived: Barllno, NaplHk
Sailed: Noordam, Rotterdam-

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