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■»■■—■■" ■ i-i i ■ immiiii - ■■ ■ ;
-'■ ■•■ ■■:" ■'" ** 1 . "~~ ■ . _
Principal Trading Done by Bears
in Covering—Steel Shares
Sold Persistently
Additions to Gold Exports Aid the
Depression. Though Call
Loans Are Easier
[Associated Press!
NEW YORK, April 20—Specific lies were
not clearly perceptible for the weakness of
stocka today. The demand was apathetic.
Occasional buying from the bears to realise
profl by covering shorts constituted the prin
cipal demand, but prices ended at the lowest.
The persistent selling of United States Steel
■was of notable sentimental effect on .the gen
eral market. The dealings In steel made lip a
largo proportion of the aggregate. Estimates
of the earnings for the fiscal year to tie re
ported at the directors' meeting next Tues
day accompanied the selling. Assertions thai
the total would fall below the 140,000,000 total
of the December report seemed to discourage
stockholders, although the lull In trade has
been well known.
The coppers were even weaker than steel
and were affected, also, by the falling price
of the metal. The movement to reduce the
output of pig Iron, coupled with the advocacy
of curtailment of copper production. Implies
an unhealthy condition In those trades. It Is
probable some <!• gree of speculative depres
sion was reflected from the commodities mur
lihis on the stock market. This Is contrary
to the usual order, owing to the fact that the
declines in grain and cotton are due usually
to promising crop prospects. The effect of the
government Inquisitions Into the cotton poo!
Ik held responsible for much of the unsetlle
The additions to the gold export movement
during the day were nn influence towards
depression, although no direct effect wan per
ceptible in tßi tone of the money market.
Hates for call loans, In fact, were somewhat
f-asler and the demand for time loans also is
reported to be almost stagnant. Discount nites
were firmer in Ixindon, and It Is to that cen
ter that attention is directed for money mar
ket Influences.
Bon I .iw; total sales (par value),
I r s. honda were unchanged on
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wll
•on, 212 West Fifth street, Loi Angeles, mini
ber New York stock exchange, Chicago board
of trade, stock and bond exchange uC San
NEW VOnK. April 20.— Following were ihe '
quotations today:
Bali • Stock. High, Low. Bid. Ask.
Allis-Chalmers .... . 1«H "'»
100 do preferred .. .. .17' i 37!-j 37' a 3s»,
47,60 Ama Ik Copper 767, 74', 71', 7-r-,,
1,000 Ann i Heel S-URar. :;:" _ 31't 8* 89
do preferred ■ • ;'-' !'j
Scot Amor Can Co 11 Mi i"S 11
4"'l do preferred 7r>'« 7.">' t 7", 7D'i
1,400 Am Car and i*di 61', 6:!'* (13 «3'»
100 do preferred 11l 117 |
7'*l AnißT Cotton Oil.. fiSij M\ GS-'i 67',
l"0 la preferred 106 106 10G I'") 1 ,
vmer Express .... - - -7."» 2W ,
S, '-I Am lee Securities 274 17 87 SS7"i.
100 Amer Linseed 144 n' : 11 14' 3 j
do preferred .. 37 "S'a i
600 Am Locomotive ... 51H B0«-» 6'i M' 4
do preferred 112', 113',
34,700 Am Smli and Rfg. Sl'i SIT, Sl', S2
do preferred l>»> I'j6*4
MO Amcr Sucar 121", lL'Sr-« 1.'4 IJ4',
do preferred 122'; 1:1 I
l»i Am Steel Fdrs ... fi'J'4 IK'i 61»i ii2'i
MAinTH and Tel.. .137', 137 I3<i' t H7',
,|o preferred M ■•'7 1, |
600 Amer Woolen .... 39 37', 37 :;s
*jo do preferred l"0 «;■», 99? i 100
J.OOO nd ..... 4<!'i 451, 4. 4M4
Atlantic C Line . . 12S l£i' a
8,200 A T *.• Hani Fe.JHV, 113 lISVa 113% |
100 do ],rtferred mSH H'-'i !'■- l"-'» |
4mo Halt «: Ohio Ill', llna, 11"% Hl', |
d., preferred SI Wi
10.800 H R T S1' 4 7l>», "il»i 7!' T.
Canadian I'a.clflc I^2 IMS
8,4"0 c .-. () S«'4 S'.S Mi *-f''« I
(: & A 13 H
100 C .v ii W new . 2M» 2>.», 'JS', SH'i
do preferred . .. T.ii, t:,'»
MC & X W IM'i l.W.i 153 l.'::'i
8,000 C M & Bt P 143»j US 112 112",
•j'K) d.j preferred 15S i:.;'i 157 1, irw
7,500 Central Leather „ 454 43 12% 43' i
. do preferred l"7 l'^'n
Central of 53.... 2k3 awi
c i," l' * 8t L .... 2
do preferred inn no
l,:in Culurmlo X und 1.. 4li, 3<,t, :"'«, V«,
l'«i d.> preferred HI in 11"'» 11»
Columbus II I .. .. 1.1 ll\
6no Colorado Huuthern rt'"i Kt'i ;:''« fi"
100 d.> lit preferred. 7ii', 7!''; "7i »0
do 'J.I jirefcrred 77 ;i
],6'»J Consolidated (1a5..113 112 !I- 113
«iy Corn Products 17 167, n;», 17
do-prcfeneU 77 7^
lUO Del & Hudson ....172 17; 171 ITI
1) I, .v- W... 6sn Bio
4.5 M 1) A: H C, 4T', 4.'', 4:", 42'j
Z«) do preferred i-l M fco S'l'j
Diamond Match I"" imt>»
1" Dlntll Pecurltlet.. 3Q\ s"', :'"% :id' a
Dulu X H & a iil, i;.'i
dn preferred .. 3<i rs
U.iOn Krlo :''"'i 29' i S!>'4 i»«i
K») do Ist preferred. i ■': IS t?' V 4K
do 2d preferred ... ::7 :'.v'i
r."O General Klectrlo ..lil i:.o lj'i X.2
<;t Northern Ore.. 6a t'S5, 67s*! '^",
4,;"n do preferred I3'i 137' a 1.17»s 1371,
800 Illinois Central ...141 IWTs 1334 14"
8,O« intKrboro-Metro .. 2.1N 22' i 22's --",
l,2'<i do preferred . Bu4i 6V\ 88% &9
Internet tar .. Ki'a 'l
... do preferred .. i>~ ;<3
["0 ;uter;iat lump ...47 45' s J.i 41' i
do preferred 83 M«i
100 lowa Central 22 -2 :? "':'■;
3.J0 do pri-ferrnd K-\ 42 4i"i 4n
yOO X (.' Southern 38si W.i 3H 37\
liW do prcterred 67 67 67 r.s
I, k i'w Western -« "2
. do preferred BS >i"
mi* & n 160 .'■'■ i49«i ir.o
Mackay »7 •■■"'i
.... d., preferred 7« 7«
Manhattan 135 187
I*o Mexican Central .. 2S'i ;s ss 2S'j
]ni)Mlnn X- Si 1 "> . Si\i 3:.'i M*
do preferred >■:• 70
4'io m Bt rsss M.Kiri'i n%>2 ijsij no
do preferred Idi ir.2
1.3H0 M X & T H', 42H 42' i 42%
101) do preferred V"5 7:i' 3 7:” 73' =
■in Missouri J'ariflc .. :i G'j», f!"i 7n
3iW National Ijead — K-'i .'■J fl r» 824
do prcfem-il 107. IK 1,
M 0 National Biscuit...lo9 109 10S',i M 9
do preferred . ]22 126
100 N v Air 11ra1ie..... 75' i "s'j 79 ■:
T.ft'lil N V Central 124 U'i'a 1221, 122' i
lUO N V C & St 1..... 57 f.7 r.7 r.'l
do Ist preferred. .. 10ii i'.u
lo L'd preferred., .. .. *-'* *7
N "V X II * Hart .. 154',, ir,4-i;
"00 X V Ont & W.... 45 4.1 44< 4V,
l.oiv Norfolk X- Westrn.lu4 113' i li:;, I'd!,
do preferred ...... .. vi :i3
Xorlli Aui'Tlcan .. ■■ ■• 74 7ttVs
4,100 Northern Pacific .136 134% l.'l4'i 155
Omaha 145 105
cli preferred .. ltd 170
„.. Pacific Cnant 113 114
100 Pacific Mall ...... 29 M 39 30H
18.100 Perm RRCo 130% 135*4 l::'"< 18S%
4f'O People! Qat 11l 1104 11014 HOVi
2(H) PltUburi Coal ... 20U 2014 20' i 20VJ
do pM x-dlv 154 .. .. 7" Tt
700 1' C C & 8t L..., 102% lOltf 10154 lfdT.
do preferred .. 114 116
2"0 Pressed Bteel Car. 43 43 ♦:"•! 43
do preferred .. 102 10S
S(K> Tly Steel BpKS Co. 4:14 42 4i)'i 42*4
do preferred 102!, 104
93,000 Reading W7- lM'i Wi IM*
do Ist preferred. .. • .. ■"'■ 92' i
300 do M preferred..lo3 ms 113 104't,
WO Republic 8 and 1.. 37 37 Sfitf 37
In preferred ... 100 101 M
B,MO 7;,, i, Islan ICo ... '•% *■'■'- 46', IT
1,300 do : referred ... - lii M> '■"' 91
100 :■■!..•<» Shcf SI * I. 77 It 75' i 7«
do preferred us 1-I',
I St I, & BP Ist pfd .. .. 69 "1
7«i do 2d preferred.. fni»i SBH ;,.<■% 60
2eo -■• [> &s w so :c», :'!"j m
4X> do preferred ..... 74. 73», 7*H 71
24.i0n Southern Pacific. .125".» ' 12" 1* 12*'- >-';'»
I.SfH) Southern Hallway. 27»i 274 27a . "T'i
600 do preferred • 641. 63'fc 83H ':'
Tennessee Copper .. W4 S1
R.v> Texas Pacific ... 324 32 32' i 32>j
20*1 Third Aye fi\ «i •'■' >' T«
SOU Toledo 81 1. & W. 43' i <■>'. 414 4.14
300 do preferred ... Gfi"» 68>i 654 CB'.n
Twin City Pi T 113 114
rnlon II mid Papr .. .. 8 '■'
do preferred .. fi- 64
49,600 Union pacific . isT'i is:.'* is." l» iw>*4
i do preferred ■•■ i l"0
100 I tilled lids of S F 37 37 37 40
do preferred M 6'
IT S Cast Irn Pipe .. .. 22 '-'*
do preferred 7:: 76
US Rubber 43 114
MO rto Ist preferred.ll3 113 1124 113*»
300 do ? I preferred.. 7!) 79 7S'-j ! I
Sr..Toil U B Steel Cor SH'i M*» M'j M«»
3,110 do preferred . 121 1M 1, 12'Tj 12"*,
4,700 rtnll Copper ...... 41 ■:■•' 4 4<> 4<i'i
2.5 M Va-Car Chem Co.. BO SS M BS'i
<|„ preferred .. 122 124
SOU tVabash 22'< 21"a 21' - 21» 4
6.SOD do preferred .... 47's 45*4 46H 4G»,
1(10 Wells Fargo EX 178 176 172 1«)
Western t nlon ... .. 71MI 71%
60) We stlnghouse .. <'■•■ « i: '< 65 <■'-',
200 W ft I. i: 4'i 4>k 4 4'j
do Ist preferred 0 10
.In 2'l preferred.. .. .. f»H .r -'i
i Wisconsin Central 404 M's
| Am Hi.!- and Lea .. .. t'- t 7
600 do ... 3>i SJH 3; ::•;
Am Atrr and Chem .. .. 4e 4S\
lo preferred . .. '": 1'"
300 Heth Steel . .11 SO 27 31' i
I do preferred .. .. fit
100 Nat Knamel mil s 22 22 22 rt%
.... do preferred .. ko Pn
200 Pac Tel and Tel... 37 3H»i >.: s 37
iln preferred X' t ■'•
L' 8 Realty 77 75" 2
s'lO West Maryland .. 4S 46T4 i: U
Tutal sales, t!7S.no.) sharea.
Ppfial service to The Herald by .1 C. Wll
pen, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles, mem
ber New York stock exchange ( Chicago board
lof tiade, lock and bond txclianse of San
| Francisco.
i NEW TORK. April 20.—Following were the
cloalng quotations: Bl I. Anked.
' At. 1,15.m gen 1- !">'i «s>4
Atchlion eon* 4- 113 114
Baltimore & Ohio '-■ i< is» v."i
I II II T 4a S.'.'s M
Colorado Industrial Ba Wl
r s Realty r>s , w
Ha k island col It 7!) :'•',
Southern raclnV rcf 4s H% (4*i
Southern Hacllti cot 4s Of*** '.'l4
.Southern I'aclh'c conY 4s 1"l"i 1"J
j.L'nlon Paclflo Ist 4s lOOVj lOn-'i
I'nion Paclfli eonv 4- .108 1 >S
it: 8 Steel r.B I'l4'j I'M",
I'nlted Railway la fi:> 72
jWabart deb 4» ;i>, Til,
Western Pttclflc [a K\ W s
1) & i: ■; rcf os S2' 2 i«
Japanese 4^ D&Vi J'-" 7 *
Japanese Ist 4'js US', i.'.'j
.Tapani ■! 21 4'^s *.'."► XK x t
V s in rial loo«i I'll
1* S 2s coupon l' 11'^*
U S 3s retsd lnjl, l«i.
U s 2s coupon l'2la I*i3*j
r s v r.-Kd 114*4 ii.v.
r s 4s coupon iu\ ns't
I'anama 2s l»>\ I'll
Tanama 19381 I'»>* S 111)
NEW V. IRK April 10.—Money on enli
Btead> at .: Ii ■! i per cent; ru'lnt; late 2z t ',
clonlnx 1 "-«; offered ut :! per cent. Time
loans, dull and soft; list? days. ,1», pel
cent; ninety days. ;: \ psr cent: six months,
4 per cent. Prime mercantile paper I%<W *
per cent; sterling exchange steady with ac
tual business in bankers' bills at 4.M3A4J
4.5450 for sixty day billi and at 4.*775 for
demand; commercial bins 4.5::r * 4.M i-»
I3ar silver. 53 l-4c; Mexican daliart, He;
Kovernment bonds, steady; railroad bonds
hea\ y.
WASHINGTON April 2n. —The cond.tlon
of the treasury at tho i*mnnln« of business
today ivm a.« follow!: Trust funds—Cloltl
coin, Js."is.l TT.T.'t; Hirer dollars. 1490,374.
--(ton; silver dollar* of IIH, M.770.00»i illver
eertlflcates mKstsndlni, »1»0,»74.n0n. uen
eral fund —Standard silver dollara, |l,8l«."
224: rurrent liabilities. 1101,796.7:1; worklni
balance in treasury offices, 124,411.704; In
banks to oredll or treasury, 113,403,811); sub
sidiary silver coin, til. 184,?09; minor coin.
11.231,M1; balance In general fund, $11,830,

ROSTO.N', April -"■• H'avy movdnrnla In
nearly nil Bradiw, ripeclally In fie»ee«. ni
tomewhnt lower prli-c», I* noted In the local
wool market.
More favorablo newn has \>er,n r<"celv«a
from Ih* «>st. whpra irrowers a.ro reported to
bo willing to fhart.i prire.l.
.More lh:in a million |><>unil« of Ohio riuarl»r
blnod chanitfd hHiids reofntly. nn.l there liavn
been »oin« heavy s»l»s <■< territory Mock.
Domestic quotations nitiße n» follows:
Hcoured ba»l»—Texa« flno, 12 month B7<B
ffle; line. 6 to 8 months, 64S*3ci fine fiill, ,
Callfornlßr—Northern, Wu?Ac\ mijtlln county,
G,-,«r,ili-; mil freo, <VHiO7e.
Oregon—Eastern No. ' staple, (!««fi'ie; „aip- r
rn clothlntr. 6(Vti'6l''; valley No. I, 51Sj<:..*>e.
, Territory—Fine ptiirle, 65®88e; fine medium
■taple 62C?(He; flue rlothinn. 620680; "'"'
medium rlothlnjr. ;T»/.'.«e; half >.lon<l. .in*i
60r; eiirhthi hlood, 56«lo8c; quarter
blnoii. comblnis, r.4WSBe.
Pulled Extra, "Oo; fine A, Mo A-supers,
Special lervlca to The Herald by ■' C. Wil
ton, 13 West Fifth street. Lot Anxele*.
NKW YORK, April 80.—The waiting attl
tUl ],. contlnuad In today's cotton market, him
nltlmuKli oi.tlon prices uavs way in the early
trading, they rallied quite sharply later In the
tiny and c!ostri at a ?haile better than last
niKht's finals. The crop, sput and milling
conditions continue about the game, The fail
ure announced shortly before thi> close of a
larHti fcjirit house in the south had ii" appre
ciable t-(Tc ct hi prices. At this center epot
cotton wan quoted, without nales, at 15.13 c.
Qnutatlons rangb«l ii* follows; —Close.—
Open. MlKh. l^'w. Bid. Ask.
January 12.16 i:.u 12.10 12.10 l-'.SI
April M.S2 H. 90 14. X 14.89 14.!)8
Jlay . 14.72 14.85 14 09 14. 14.51
June 14. So 14.50 14..V1 14. 14.M
July 11 12 14.5!) 14.41 14.F.3 14.5«
August 13.71 13. M 15.73 aeß2
September 12.R2 12.88 12.52 12.8S IS.S7
October 12.33 12.39 12.31 12.3S 12. S7
November 12.22 15.24
December IMS 12.24 12.17 12.21 12.22
Spot cotton, 16.15 c; unchanged.
' I,OS ANOKLEB, April 20.—Bank iclfurlng^
were $1420,921.50, an Increase of $783,6<>fi.13 as
compared with the amount for the correspond-
Ins date of last year. Following Is a com
parative statement:
1910. 1909. 1908.
April 1S $3.145.932. IS $5,546,327.67 11,462,277.91
A], in 1,979.069.89 2.206,202.84 •
April 20 ... 3,420,921.50 £.037,313.37 2,390,230.48
•Holiday, on account of visit of fleet.
The market was ■ waiting one nil .lay until
Just at the. close, hen [*nli n woke up and
sold as hlKh as 107« i and closed 107 to 107s.
Associated also was a great deal lighter
until Just at the close, when it was quito
actively traded In nt 4^.
California Midway was somewhat itroniter
today, but did not particularly change in price.
Palmer was a good trader at 129 V
Among the bonds, Pacific Light and Power
sold at 79<-i.
In the Industrials (here was no particular
The market as a whole looks well and trad
ing will undoubtedly be up in the next few
MORNIXO > \i.k<
1 Pae I. and Power Co bond 97'«: 1000 I. A
Inv Co 3.11; 1" Associated Oil 18 ■»•. !.■■" Am
Crude Oil '■.. SO; !" >' Cat Midway. B. S'l. tS|
l"o do di 64; 3 Dnlon 109.60; io .lo 107.00; 3'y)
McKitirlck luv 13; 1000 Oleum Dcv '■... B. 30,
140 Associated Oil 4».0i 1000 Cal Midway
Mi.; :itn«l do 65; 40 Mcx P Ltd pfd i".50; 20
Mes P Ltd common 3".73: lo do 80.87H1 low)
Palmer oil Co 1.2i"4; lo Union 107.60; 20 do
I^>7.To: 60 do 107.23; 21 do 107.12 1-; 4" da U>7.on;
1000 Nevada-Midway 25: 1000 Oleum Dcv Co
11(4; Mun do 894; 1900 do 9Vi; 1000 do, B. So, 9' 2 .
Did. Ask.
American Petroleum Co -I &6
Associated lill C '".'_.
Corona City Water Co 91
Corona Power and Water C 0... 9.'. ..
. . moriga Water Co 97
ivilson KIM CO Ist v 102' i
Rdison Elec Co old lue Ma 108
Hi-me Telephone Co 13 S.Wj
I "in" Tel i' Ist refjg 76
Hausteca Pipe Line ss
L A Pac lft con lilies Itl4'i
I. a i ll- 'ii' Ry Ist rfndf 100
1. A Hallway Co .. IP)
I. A Traction Co 6a 1"2 110
1. a Traction d Es 1 '1 iii«
.Mexican Nat'l Uaa Co 100
Mission Trana and HCo .... !>s
I'ai Klec Ry Co ..... 100
Pasadena Home T and T Co »>»
Pnc I.loht and Power fn <t-' i
Pomona Con Water Co :♦:, ...
Rlvtrslde 11 T ltd I Co 73
Santa Monica 11 T mid T Co.. .. s«
San Dleiro U T and T Ist mtgs. .. 73
cmescal Water Co i'^'t !■<!
I*nu»n Transportation »'o .... 92 !'.*>
V Ix>nK Uist T and T Co ...,. 71
Whit..-r Home T and T Co SO
nu. Ask.
All NUht nnl Hay Hank 115.00 l:i7.'«
American Havlngi Hanh aw.flfl
Bank of Mouthern California lIS.M
Broadway Bank and Tiust 150.04 175.<ki
California Saving* Bank IW.uo 121.011
Central Natlonul Hun:; I7j.'») IW.OO
citizen* National 530.00
Commercial National U7."ii
Kqultsble ga*lngs Bank 180 ' 110.CO
Farmsrs and Mi ■ National 210.01
IVderal nanft of h A J2.OT
I'irst National r.'':t.o.i
Qerman American savings .....:;:!".''•
CloVe ftavlnga ink 120.00 14V.U0
Home fa\lnti Bank of I. A l!."i 00
Merchants National ,;;.wio.wi
Merchants Bank and Trust Co..li't.oo
National H'l'.k if <'nl I'jo.ou
National Uiirik of Commerce 10300 ll^.o-i
Security Pavings Tank 330.09 400.0)
The Southern Trust Co 7u.CJ Sj.OU
l.'O per i-ent paid up)
imm -I i.i VI. AM) HI.X ITII.ITIES
Bid. Am.
Cal Portland Cement C Horn
Kdlson Klertrlo 'I 7».50 M.r.o '
Edison Klectrlo common y.T3 t'S.U
Ilauali.in Cora and Suuar 41 "1 .
Lome Telephone pfd 61.M
lloni" Telephone com I.Oil
Ilutrhlpon S P Co 17.6) 11..01
L A Athletic Club ....; «.M 10.00
L A Brewing C 9).»' i ■
r. A Investment Co 3.0.'
-.exi'an Nat'l t»as pfl . ».<»■» 7«t.ny
Mexican National Gaa common 50.00
I'aauhau S P Co Z'j OH 19.D0
Pae Mut Life Ins Co 2T."Jii)
I'm' Con Ptone Co of csl ;i!'i 4.10 '
Pasadena Home T and T Co 22 oO j
Klversldu H<im« T and T Co ss.no
Sun Hifgo Home T and T Co .. is.oo tl%i
Ainta Moiil.a II II T pfd JO.UO • 24.'hi
Sun Drug i'o 1.0')
Si aside Water Co 100.0' l
Title (1 and Tr Co pfd 2:.0.00
I' I 1, D 1 and t Co pfd 39.50
li't-u Security Corp Jifd I*l*l,l*l
L'nlon Trust Co 42.00
VVMttli Home Tan 1 T Co ... im.tij
Amalgamated oil (4.00 62.00
Km •Ii an Cm l» 11:1 Co ... ,»n
; American Pet Co pfl W.OO
As-oeiate.l OH 4-.'«> 41.25 !
California Midway ... . . 14 .a)
fentral 3.1 i)
Cleveland Oil Co 43 .4.".
Columbia 1.1.*, i 2.".
Continental Oil :i>
Knos oil Co 1.174
Kuclld oil Ci '■■ ,«S
Qlobe .K'i
Mexican Pet Ltd 1f 1 •i 1.:,« ss.mi I
Mexican Pot Ltd cm 3i.n;'j 31.2.'p
...... P.nnsyl Pet Co 1.05
o nda i.jnd Co (Oil) &i .il
Piilmer oil c, i.si,
Pirn Oil and I, Co [■:<.
Reed Crude ...... li .41
Kle<? Hunch oil Co .... .m .its
Section Sl* oil Co .50
Traders' oil Co IJS.fln 1
l'nion Vi<\.k:<. h)1.%
rnlon Provident Co W4.00 pM.no
WVst t'oasi oil com B.flO
Western I'nion 05. 'ft ll'i.on
Yellowstone Oil Co .40
i*oalinßa Crude oil Co .... l."» .2j
McKlttrlck Inv oil Co lo .14
McKlttrlck ope r nn co .2"
Nera4a>Mldwa>' OH V\> 2:. ..11
oleum Development Co "t'\ .09 I*,
Provident Mldviay oil Co 11; I .....
No sales.
i i-ri.n STOCKS
CALIFORNIA— liil. Ark.
California Hlll» M iv, ."S
Ml 'Inirv-w •'• n M Co "-■■■■»
I J..lmnli! Mm; and Mill m ir,-
Articles of Incorporation ii- 1 \\i(h the
cuuniy clerk yesterday are rh fnllows:
Occidental <'o11p«c«- of !.'■« Angelen —W. IC.
McVav. D. B. Oaml ■•■. John Willis Jtaer.
director* until 1911.
in tm t -.a Eucalyptus Company; capital
SL'O.uon —R. H. Gnsney, John Coulatun, .1 H.
Cuulst'tn, directors.
California Paving Company; ear "l' $25,
--00 Srheeror, Li Ci Scheerei 1, Alfred
Cooper, director*.
National Building Company; capital %n.
--0 io ; M. .1. i la) ton, k. *'. llalsh, 11. C. Kalr
all. directors.
Pair Oaks Water Company; capital $70.
--ooo—rieoi ro H. Chase, I. Woo ti r, Phil A.
Kilfoll. M C. Feniii I>. I^ennlriK:. directors.
California Carbon Oil Company; capital
11,000,000—Edwin K. Alpauffh, Walter A.
Htutsinan, f. P. I'cck. iliroctors.
United States Ull Fields Development
Company; capital 11,000,000 Arthur V. Off
ley, Harry K. Harper, Howard 1.. Royer,
Thomas 11. I'urman, A. K. Manum, director!
SAN" FRANCISCO, April 20.—Fancy
creamery butter, 26^0] seconds, 2Ge; fancy
dairy. -'''■'■ New cheese l£®lSVic; IToung
America, latfls'4c. Ranch eggs, Ie; store
2;t'i<". -
CHICAGO, April 20.—nutter. steady;
creameries, :(i®3lc; dairies. SUMS". tZgt*,
steady at mark, cases Included, HHOlBVio;
firsts, 20c; prime tirßts. He; receipts 27,827
cuses. Cheese, firm; daisies, 14 %<u lie;
twins, i.W'i '.!■■. Young Americas, Uty
1 HHc; long-horns, 14 l-«c.
Special service to Tl.» Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles, mem
ber New York stock exchange, Chicago board
of trade, stock and bond exchange of Ban
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20,—Following were
the closing quotations:
Mis.|-|,l.ANi:iusiinNDS- nid. Asked.
Associated OH Co Bs 96% i-:
Bay Counties Power Co Is 102
Cal Central (las and Elee M 105
i h] Gil and Eleo gen JI&CT 6a...100 100>4
California si Cable Co 6s 103H
California Wine Assn 6e 871*
City Electric Co Ds ■• »° li «|
Contra Costa Water Co 6s .10O' '..«
do Ken mtg 6s N •■ \
Edison Bleo CO of 1. A6s 100' i '.. ,
Kdlson bight and Power 6s lO7H .1. .
First Federal Trust Co 6s 10Hi
Ferries and Cliff House Ky 6s 102
Hawaiian (Tonil and Sugar N 104 105
Honolulu i: I and I. Co Ii 107 ..
Lake Patios Xv and T Co 6s 9714
Los Angeles Elec Co Ss 10l
Los Angeles Qaa and 1:1 Co 65.... 10114 !"-'«
I/is Angeles Hallway 5s 105
l.os Angeles Lighting gil 6s 100
I, A Pac It It Ist Con mtg 6 1044 105H
i. a pac R II of Cal 6s lw'i
Market Street Cable 6s 103' i
do Ry Ist cons mtg- 6s M
Northern Hy Co of Cal 5s • US'..
Northern Cal Power Co 6s 109 106
Northern Electric. Co :■- .. ''■"■
Oakland Oas Light and II il 100 101
Oakland Transit Co 6s i"7
Oakland Transit 6s 106
Oakland Transit Con 6s 105 3Os'i
Oakland Traction Con Bs M
Oakland Traction Co Bs '■'-':■ 93
Oakland Water Co kM 6s H '"■'
Omnibus Cable Railway 6s 108
Pacific lias Imp <" 85
Paclllc Electric Ity Co M 105 10*
Pacific Llxht end Power Co 65... 9SH 99
Par flight and Power Kid 6s 1014 •<
Paclllc Tel and Tel Co M I"1 ..
; Park and Cliff. House Ry 6s 99
Park and Ocean It It 6s 100
People's Water Co :>s 72 7:" 2
Powell Street Hallway 63 l'»
Sacramento Elec Gas and Ry Bs.. ,101 103'j
S F Oak and Ban Jose Ry 8i... lU3 106
do 2d mti Bs "M
s F Oak and I .T Con Ry Bs ''•■l:
s .i ami Santa Clara Co n II 4'»s .. '■"•
< 1" li i: of Cal Is 1012 1M
do Ist c gt'l g Bs Ill's
s p Branch Ry of Cal 6s 121%
s r 1! it Co Ist rfdg 4s 91. 1* %'.»
Stockton (las and El Corp 8s lOUVa
s V Water Co gen mtg « 921.
I'nltcd Has and Elec Co Bs (0 1 2
United It R of B F Is ■'■■« »Ms
Vall.-jo H and N V R It Bs 75
Valley Counties Power Co 03 101% 102? i
Marln County M
Spring Valley Water Co 47
City Electric Co '' l'l'
N Cal Power CO ion fi4'' =
Paclllc Lighting Corp com «5
California Insurance Ci ' I^i
Flriftnan'a Fund '-"■ ' i -'■'
Presidio *'•>
Oinnt Consolidated Co "S
Hawaiian• ■ nil and Sugar Co .... 42 43
Ilrnokna Sugar Co ■ "nli
Hutchlnson Sunar Plantation .... 1:"»
KlleaiU'.i Sugar Plantation Co — 11
Makawell Sugar Co •■■;'''-
iinomea Sugar Co H f':l
Paauhnu I P Co MM »'•
L'nion >'!■■ '■ Co 72
oil, STOCKS—
Amalcamati'd oil Co M
AMoclated Oil C,> **'i *'i
Rierilng mi and Dcv Co -"■. "•\
Palmer Oil Cn ! 1 •"•:•
Alaska Packers' Association ''t1"
Cal Fruit Canners' Assn 100*4 1"2
Cal Wine Association 33
Pac Auxiliary Fire Alarm :'
Pacific Coat Hora* Cv 1."4 .. i
Pac Tel and Tel |ifd ■■'■'
do common , 311^ 3S ,
Morniriß sales—Booo So Pac Branch 6« 121'j: ,
SOOB I'nited Hy 4s 19| won Pac Tel j.« mO; ICOO
Haeramento Elec 5s li) 3; r ,".. Peoples w r.s 72;
ISO A««'d Oil 4>'j; li" Hawaiian 42: 75 Ono
mea ;i' 4 ; 50 do M' ; : 25 „,.. Water M 4! i Pac
Tel erin 3>'.T 4 ; ■ i I'nli Sugar 71
Aftennon sales WOO (' 1: Wll r,s W'i; 800*
American River Cs 93; si>on nlted Ity 4s 69'»;
•■ ... ['nit' I Ity la '■'",: lonn Oak Water • us:
«oi<J do HQ 1000 People's W !n 724 ; 2^> Ass'd
Oil 4S',; 273 do 4S',; «m, buyer 60, do 49; 120
Onomea E2; 5« I'nion Sugar 7ii a ; *„ do 73.
FollswiilA are the wnolessie prices on floor
end fe*d. "iMu 1 by the Globe mills:
KAMII-Y Fi.orn—
Al nonr, per bbl . ... I«.2O
Al flour retails at ft.7; '4 and 9:c 'i sack.
Olobe Bom pet bid .... ,' fi.4o
niobe flour retails at H.ik) ', and si ', sock.
Klher Star flour, per bbl IS.OO
XXX Hour, per bbl 13.00
riKluh bhls . Me per hbl. higher.
HAKBRS 1 Fl.nin Per bbl.—
<!lohe flour J".fio
Eastern eraliam flour fi-fio
ITH.-tern whole wheat fl'Mir 5.6-1
Kavtern rye flriur 6.00
Makers' a'i flour o.RO
nakera* Mnvnolla flour 5.7*)
Makers' pastry flour C.Su
MBAUB j::d cereal, ooods—
10 Ib>. 25 lbs. 60 'b«.
M flour M.60 |..., 1 ...
Pastry flour 1.40
Oraham flour 3.30 1.23 3.20
Corn meal. W. * 1 I.til 2.7". 2.70
\\ hole wheat flour .1.40 3.1:, 3.30
Rye flour 3.70 3.«.'> 3-«"
(Tracked wheat 1.1 8.5.1 1.10
Farina 3.90 3. ■■ 3.M
Wheat flakey, per sack M lbs 1.9)
Wheat flakes, per bbl. 125 lbs., net 5.00
<;i:ain AND keed— 100 Ids.
Wheat. No. 1 »1.9."»
Wheat, No. % (P)O-lb. sack) 2.00
Corn 1.85
Cracked corn l.*'
reed Meal 1.13
Roiled barley 1.41
Seed barley 1.45
Shirts , 1.71
Eastern willow charcoal 2.00
i Dion, heavy 1 '■<«
Kaffir corn, red 1.80
oil cake meal 8 7,",
VVhlta <ats 1 U
Hye seed 2.10
Egyptian ■' shit* l.sJ
bcrutch [ffnl - -1
(iranlte srril 70
[Chick f'-ed i '•>
I Cracked wheat 8.19
KAN ritAN'i'lSCn. April JO.~Flour, fnni
lly extra*. 19.8001.40; bakeri, »n.:'o<i«.«";
Oretfi'ii und Washington, $*<-'»"; [Jiptllfl
wheat, Sl..M'-j'ni.tij'i ; feed barley, tI.IIMU
l.JA'i..; brewing. J1.2" la '<.< !.-.">; red nata,
11.35V1.40; white, fl.4JOl.ioi middling*,
f3O(/S-: mixt»<l fecil, J:'Klj3i»; rull^d barii'.v,
$J6V'<•'7: i'.i'tit.'.r. M.'.O; oat groata, 14.H0;
rolled "an |81|f35i v. !t-M; hay, (i:'u II SO;
whi'Ht ami <>at. (ln'i 1.".: lid oat. Hijlli
tame oat, I10O14; Hlinlfa. (11; itraw,
50(>7(c; pink ■ liv, 15.1" v .>.:... lima, 11 So
,i i I"; small white, ' >" • 1.75; larK<" white.
|S.TSQ4.tOi Oregon llurbankn. "oli'JOc; Sa
llnai b'urhanka, |1.26bi1.3t; no» pntatoea,
2<iiar; gri'fii peait, 2)afj3t • '■, string beans,
luiil-0r; eg ir plant, :.'■■•! '■'< . -r. an peppera.
200300; aaparagUß, b6c(ffli rhubarb, 800
4/$ l; sarlic. 3'(fjo; cucumber*, (OcOtli
Mexican tomatoe*, ti.50C9.50i old rooitem,
J.'.fr(i>: young, |BOloi mall brotlarii $3.5<H«)
4.50; largo broilers, )'i*t«; fryers, 17. 80W
hetin. J'l'.iH: Id pigeon*. H. 50&3.
Receipt!— Flour, 6100; wheat, ■"■; barley,
ll«0; oat», ■'V" potatoes. 1(85; onlona. III;
hr»n, 1*:.; middlings, 11 ; hay, 190; bides,
IJS; wheat, 45,0»0.
CHICAGO, Apjrll 20.—Cattle —Receipts)
estimated at 17,000; market steady, 100
lower; beeves, H.60C8.50; Texan (.teers,
[email protected]; western steer*, 14.9PCf6.73i
to ken and feeders 11.7591.40; cows and
heifers, 12.70 1?! 7.20; cal ■•-. J6.7a(&8.25.
Hob* Iteoelpts mated at 17,000; mar
ket 100 higher; 11k Jit. »S.sr,(ijii.2O; mixed,
$S. 9,20; heavy, $1.8808,55 i rough, 18.85
(nß.:ir.: good to choice heavy, |t,9iO9.Zti
pigs, $5.60®9.15; bulk of sales. 114 '.> 15,
gtt6ep—Tleeelpt." estimated at 14,000; mar
ket weak; natives, I4.COOI.30; westerns, $.",
ru 5.30; yearlings. 15 2) n B.TO; native lambs,
|7."0!iJ'9.80; westerns, >< " 10,
NEW YORK. April 20, Colt— futures
closed steady at a net decline, of 5 to 10
points; sales 4!.i>00 bags. Including switches
to the extent of .16.000 bags, chiefly from
May to March, nt about 10 points, April
and May. 8. ■'■ Ie; June, l»85< July, (i.C5c;
Auk. f..r,oc; •■..,,1 lot. Nov. 6.7 Dc; Deo. 6.80 c;
Jan. 1.82 c; Feb. 6.54 c; March, 6.SSc.
Sugar—Haw, steady; muscovado. K!> teal,
3.71t03.80e; centrifugal, II test, 4,3404.30cj
molasses sugar, 89 test, 3.4!tSi-3.55c; refined,
(inlet; crushed, G.B3c; granulated, ;> lOr;
powdered, 5.25 c.
Sharp Decline in Irish Potatoes.
Eggs and Butter
The first ten-pound box of California cher
ries, consigned by K. A. Gammon at Court
land, in the Sacramento valley, to the niver*
Uros. company, Was received yesterday. Tin'
cherries «pro of the llatrht Variety and were
sold for »9 to the. Alexandria hotel, where,
they were served to Kuests. Mr. Huber Mat ■,!
that cherries are due to come rapidly, and
they will sell as low as 7."i cents a box be
fore the close of the season. ■
There was a general drop In potato quota
tlons on Inability of dealers to dispose nt
surplus stock. Note changes in price* be
Kgg receipt* were 556 casts, and the market
wns reported easy.
A firm tons prevailed In th" butter market
on receipts of 3,1,918 pounds.
More than 4000 crates of strawberries were.
received. 'Price* IHO4c a basket to retailer*. |
Asparagus wa.s down lc. Cabbage and cauli
flower were lower. Pea* remained the same:
cilery Is up from »2.23?f:t to $3fi3.73; owing to
heavy shipment* of tomatoes the price went
off |0a per crate.
The supply of all kinds of fish was greater
than the demand.
Receipts of produra were: Egg*. BM cases:
butter. 38,918 pound*; cheese, MM pounds:
potatoes. SO3 (wicks; onions, 47 sacks; lienns,
none; sweet potatoes, none! apple*, non«.
rilOlU't'E I'UICES
EGGS—Local ranch candled, extra se
lected, 2Sc; local ranch, candled, He; local
ranch, ease count, buying price, 34c
BUTTER —California creamery (selling
price to the trade) l»c In: do extras. 2 So;
do first*, li>. 26c; cooking butter, Itti ladle
butter. 23c.
CHE*IBBB> Northern fresh. HfflTc; large
Anchor. He; Young America, Anchor. He;
hand. Anchor. 22c: Oregon Daisy, Sic: east
ern singles. 19030 c; eastern twins, I9C;'
eastern daisies, l»e; eastern long horns.
13c' eastern Cheddars, l»Hc; imported
Swiss. 50W316: .lack cheese, tie: domestic
Swiss. 23©20 c; cream brick. We; llmburc-r, »
©21c: Roquefort, [email protected] Edam. »■ Hi
Canadian cream, box. It.
BRANS No. 1 pink. *590; No. 1 ttmas, II.TI;
No 1 1.n.1y Washington, 14.50; No. 1 small
w'.iltcs. X „ „-. ,9; No 1 black-eyes, $5.23: No.
1 bayous, tO.GO: No. 1 Garvanzas, $4.50; No. 1
lentils, California. 17.
POTATOES— Highland*. per cwt., 9fl"«H.2 r>:
tempor, per rwt., I1.5O01.M: AVatsonvlllc, per
cwt.-, 11 l.'-Til."': Idnho, per i »t., SI 1' ffl.SB;
new potatoes, per bos TsOKSci Oregon Hur
banks, pet cwt . |1.20ffl.80; Oregon Early Hose,
per cwt . |i ;,i ( , i; Oregon White Rose, $1 -■"''''
I.SOj Salinas-. fl.gO01.6O; yellow sweets, per
cwt., $3,7694. white sweets, per cwt., ♦2.004*
3- r»d sweets, per cwt., $2.2362.50,
ONIONS —Northern Australian brf.wn.
cwt. $1.75if1.55: Nevada*. »-•■-••; Or**o"
I.': Bi imu lai ■'■ I>l 0 ' SO; (taiiU-. »©IOC "•■
FRESH FKUITS— Apples— Bclledeurs, 4-tler,
J1.75; nellefteuis. 4'i-tler. ll.OOffl.SB: WTO;
fi-n.'F. 3'i-tler, 11.73; Ban Cups. 4-tier, $I.IOJJ
1 58; fall --Ipplns. II.M: fall Pippins. 4'i-tler.
$1 Ml areenlßgs, 81.60; Greenings. 4V4-tler,
fl ■,-,- Hoovers. 4-tier. S3; Jonathans, ''.'I" .
t2 23- Pearmalns. white winter. 4-tler.
}1 75: partnalns. red. 4-tler. t1.50; Pear
mains red, 4".-t!rr. t1.20; Smith* elder. 4-
Her. $1.60; Smith's elder. 4'4-tler. !1 ■; Ben
Davis. Pol.. 11.2391.69: Newton Pippins.. 4
tier II 50- Newtown Pippins, 4..-tier. 11 1"'.»
I.IS; Mo. Pippins, Col., 12.25; Langford's. 4
lier. $1.15; I-angford*, 4'4-tler, 11.10; Rom*
I'.caiities $2.2."): Bpltsenburg*. 4-tler, fl.Ul
Qanoi, 11.50; . m taps, Col.. J1.90; Wlnesaps,
4-tler. Cal.. «-■"•"
HUURIIiS-titrawberries, per basKCt. 3'»i?4o
a basket: anben per bbl., ti:.6oi ru.-p
--l.crrles. t(9>oc; blackberrlei, 10Q13« per
basket. .- __ _ .
ClTßUS— Bced>ss grapefruit, tl.TSfll;
(eedllngs. t3: fancy lemons. |;.so«a.:o.
choice. $1.5031.76: fanvy navel oran»«.
iI.TSOS.iI: tangerine oranges, '„-box. lI.M
fri 75: Valencia oranges, fancy. $2,504*3;
limes. "e-lb. box. I' -'"
TROPICAL FRUlTS—Bananai. lb. 4 '.r
6c- "o red. 1,.. sc; Far.l dates, lb. l0«12c:
do Oolden. lb. 7%c: do Persian. 1-lb. pkK
7V4«»c; alligator pears, dot.' l»; plneap
"'"huiTS—W!nt"r Ntllli r'«rs. plcktnv
PBUITB—WInt-r Nellie re«r». nlckin«
boxes, $1.50; guavas. basket. 435 c; loquat*.
per Ih., 12's^l5c.
" vi;i;i:i am .I-.:- Artichoke*. d,,» . I!, aspnr
£.,,. la L"63c; Bruaaels sprouts, 10s lb.;
Kill peppers, Florida, in. 4■ „• 1.".' : bfet-.
<lo». bunches. 10 ' lie; string 1" .ins. lb. 13c;
creen cabbage, 11.54 sack] carroti. do«..
bunchy, Sic; rnuliflower, crate. " -'"">
I.U; c»lcry, rout, down. 75c; do.
crate, MOO; cucumbers, dozen, 11 SO;
irl; corn husks, cut. lb. 10c; do uncut, it)
le egg plant, !OOSOc Ik; leeks, dor I to;
horseradish. 13a lb ; oyster plant, 3584tw dos;
lettuce, 40a crate; peas, 76 11c lb ;
parsley, dot tie; parsnips, do* 100 rrim.
son Winter rhubarb, l'.vjSic bo«; spinach,
do». in, ywunz onions, dos. MS '■ 'c; turnips,
dor bunches 20«2:c; Mexican tomaioe».
crate, $.».W182.2i. ,^
U/'.IKD KJSLMTB—AppIes, evaporated, lb
9<iioe, apricots, lb. 13011 c; loos* Bgs,
white, box. $1.60: do black, box, 11.3.",; do
Imported, lb. If. wide: currants. IU01Oc;
p.nihes, lb. IftVlc; pears, lb. lOUlSe;
plums, It. IS'.ic; nectarines, In. 7',4O«Hq.
Prunes— 30-19*. ll«12c; 30-40s. «c: 40-SUs.
JIIBI 50-COs, «c: 10-TOs. 6c; 7u-Sos. 65»c; $«•
10s. 6c; 90-lOOs. 4c.
HAISINS —3-ciown. loose, so lb. box, lb.
4&c: -crown. So; 4-crowß, 6'.4c; 2-crown
London layers. 80-lb. box. lb 11.15: J-crown.
fl it; 4-cro*n. $1 .60; 5-crown. 11.15; Sul
tanas bleached, In. »'iilic; to unbleached,
It 3'4c; seeded raisins. 1 '•-'■>. pkg. li hi I*
|u r do U'-o* pkg mil* Me.
VtTTt—Almonda, fancy IXL, Ih. 17«lle,
to Ne Plus Ultra, lb 16c: brazils. [email protected];
rocoanutt. 95c«:ll: chestnuts, n(gil2c; til
berts, lb. 140130; hicKOry. lb. Sc; pecan.-.
XX. lb 12'ic: do XXX. lb 16c; do
XXXX ib I"' 1 eastern peanuts, lb. 8^ S'^c,
do i alifornia. lb 6H«6c; do Japan, lb. 6%
©7c: do Danish, shelled. No. 1, lb. loc;
plnenuta. 20c; walnuts, No. 1. S. I. lb 140
IJo- do No. 2. lb. 10c; do .Jumbos. 17«18c;
do 'bud.l 18ri/,:!Ue; popcorn, eastern, cwt.
$1.(01 do local, cwt. $Hf8.56.
RICE - 'Fancy Honduras (Carolina) $6.75;
do cliolc.' Honduras (Carolina) 10 0110;
Japan grades, 15.T104; Island. $.50; broken
HONEY — Extracted, water white, lb. 7©
rue- extracted, white. ?c; extracted, light
amber. 6S«%c; comb. water white., 1-lb
frames, l»017o; white. 1-11. fame. ISO
lie; light amber. lib frame-. 103 lie;
beeswax. Ib 30e
I tVBfITOCft — Packers oav f o. b. i^os
Angeles for beef steer*. r.'.Jc: beet heifers.
•uetei beef calves. 5'46«c; mutton, v.ethers.
IfTtOet-OOi ewes. -...■'); lambs. 86®37;
hogs. lie.
POULTRY—Larg* turkey*, live. Ib.. 2SO;
small tnurkcys. liv*. lb.. :!c; large liens.
4 lbs up. Ib., -1"': small hens. 2'i to 3W lbs.,
Ib , 18c; broilers. Ii to I lbs., it.. 33c; friers.
|U to 3 lbs., lb., Me; rout chicken, per lb.,
2te; duck, lb., 22c; geese, lb., lie; squabs,
doj., $1.50; old .roosters, lb.. lie.
(llii.l Evaporated, strings, lb. li&'tOa;
loose, Ib. 17c: Mexican black, lb. 18c; green,
lh. 205* 25e; chill u-pins, lb. $1.25; Japan.
HAT, (baled I -Following are quotations
paid by dealers to hay grower*: Per ton,
hurley 113.501814: wheat, f12.50#14; oat,
1U.800151 alfalfa. 115. volunteer hay. $8
M 10; etraw. |s 10 t I
Hay price* to th.' trade—Barley hay. per
ton $16.1.0; wheat. $16.50: oat. |lT.»0O18;
alfalfa $.3; volunteer, |S<i 10; straw, $7.50.
Eggs, dozen .....'.;-• »W»
Best butter, per Ib Wil^e
Beef, per pound iSsSSi
Pork, per pound. »«»«
Lamb, per pound. .MWOa
Pausage, per pound... 18« r »<:
Ham. per pound, who! 2 : 'o
Ham, per pound, sliced •:•••",;
Barracuda, halibut, rock cod and yellow
tall, per pound J<™
Balmon, sand dabs, pound 20c
Herring and smelts, pound 15c
Oysters, quart JO"
Hens, pound ; «•
Fryers, pound •»«
Rabbits, pound .^^^. 2So
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
•on, member of the Chicago board of trad«,
New York (took exchange and San Francisco
bond and stock exchange, 21! Went Flftk
street, 1-os Angeles. '.
CHICAGO. April 20.—An cnormoui business
wan done in wheat today. Short! In general
covered July wheat below $1 and September
below M cent*, and forcing more stubborn
■horti to cover at higher prices. A great deal
of long wheat was unloaded during the. day,
first on 'the early slump, during which the
market was almost demoralises, and later on
the harder spots In the market. Nevertheless
there was a decreasing quantity of wheat on
Pint Exclusive Private Wire House on the Pacific CoMt
MIIXS Ml Il.niNd. flan Franrl.ce
PAI.AOB HOTEL, Saa Francliro
Opea December 11.
Pasadena Clients Will Get Instantaneous Service by
Calling Home 119
B. G. LATHROP, Manager
CM J. WAIJiHO. t'resUlsOt.
•w^ciis national Bank . • / v; i. w. woods, caibiac
Capital, 11,000,001.
B W. corner Third ana Halo. Surplus. WOO.OW.
Ck 11, • W. A. HONVNCIB. Pr.»ld«Bt.
l onimcrciai Mational Bank nkwman essick. cashier,
, capital. |V!OO,«iu. sjaa«.
P lei B. Bprlnr corner Fourth. Burpm. an.l UndlvM.d PraflU. »«.-*
Farmers & Merchants National Bank eHA VnL^asEVu£nT rca«nisr.
armers & Merchants National Bank csarucb sevi-kr. ca»hi«.
Comer Fourth and Main- Capital, and Proflts. Il.DW.O**-
Cerner Fourth and Matn. torpjua_andj^onja._« : «oa.«»
F.ist IMa ional Dank ~~ 5 it. KLUUii, ITealiltnt. ;
.:st XMa :onai £>ank w t. b. habmond, mv*
Capital Btock. «>.M»,000. „.
* K. earner B»eond and Spring Bu .lus and Prom., tl.ez^ooa.
M" 1 — — ~~ ' wH. 11OL.L1UAY. i"r«alde«V
erchants National Bank chas. orkkn* ca.wer.
Capital MOO.OOO. .~»saa.
•g. comer Third and Bnrln. . Burplu. A Undivided ProflU MM,**.
aiionat Bank ot Caiuorma h. k mckebj. caaoiar.
NJ. K. li»uui.HN. iTeaWaßt. |Ho.o«*.
aiionai iiank ot Caxuorma h. p. m.kkk. caabiar.
N. K. «™.r Fourth and Bpnar ff^jS^w^jlMjedProflU tW.m.
« — ■ 8. F. zoMUKU, freeldant.
fl ..ai national Bank james a gist, casaisr.
1 _ Capital. 1300.000. „._
U • F. corner Fourth .nd Broadway. Burplu. and »ndlvld«l Prollu. WU.IW.
„uvt y bank ck : rust Company; A w< bedman, casnisr.
B. '— " Capital. 12M.0M l'l«l<i«at. „
.nw y bank <4 rust Company A w. redman, caahier.
C«pltal. 1240.0 M.
illt-IHn Bron^xt. Ttrai^hurT bulldlnr Surplus * Undivided Proflts. I«I,3O«,
U"~ mteu states National Bank r . w. smith, cwhier. fraalilaMi
ii:tcu stales i^at'onal Bank r , w. smith, cubier.
Capital. tXO.OOO.
• »; corner Wain nwii i-nmm»rclel Burnln- »-l ProW(». »71.""c |
■ t '
Largest and Oldest in Southwest
«<*«"":» $28,000,000.00
I'mv« the hlghrnt rate* of Interest and on the most liberal terms consistent with
Hound, conservative banking. *
Money to Loan on Improved Real Estate
Security Building Spring and Fifth Streets
Zl*"" THE. BANK WITH THE mm^ssg"'
@r In R'lM : i -liver R'ffflffl
First prlte, *-•;; second, *'o:j*|CirifB
third, $:.; fourth. <l. rlMi.^Bk^P
13; sixth. $2. and seventh, $1. -«■'
II Blvcn to the persons KlvlnK the 10 M
11 he«t mall for our Kettins Jl.liiO,- O
11 DO.OO In deposits an,l over 23.4 M new ■,
accounts In II months, and why we Sf
ff i 111 hnvc opfni^l 10.000 new accounts U
fff nni have $2,80>1.n00.00 In deposits at «
n the end of our M*ond year, and ■
11 why any cno, rich or poor, should ft
KM liavs an account with us In prefer- MM
ft m to any other bank. Head this M
11 series of a.l«. #>1 to ¥<:. and Write m
m feir a card of rules of the contest. Em
Si . , n t« ■ closes May 3 Address 81
MM Contest Department. UK
%fepy 6th & Sprint; SI. <«'■ !Sj§fF
sale on the swell*, fame of the larger shorts
wno covered tfcrly sold a little wheat on the
advance*, but It whs evidently for the pur
pose .if feeling: the market out, and It was not
Important In volume. Outside cash anil May
delivery markets were weak. There In no
change in the Immediate situation and no call
for any advance other than that resulting from
shorts covering and from less pressure now of
long property, which has bean pretty well
liquidated In the decline of July from 1034 to
99'», and September from 10714 to 97H.
Corn Hhowed substantial improvement today.
There was an early period of weakness, fol
lowing wheat. i"it there wo heavy buying at
the decline. Leading shorts In May delivery,
as well m the cash grain concerns, were food
buyers of May, narrowing; ita discount some
what an compared with prices of distant
months. There Is a better corn situation at
the moment. Borne little Improvement In
eastern call and little of the corn previously
■old belnit ordered out today. Nevertheless,
the rast us a rule Is holding off pending May
delivery day. The corn posted as out of con
dition yesterday and today at Now York
proves to have been steamer and No. 4 corn.
Oats followed other (Trains—weak and lower
on a similar eelllng rush at the outset, then
recovered because of Important covering by
short*. There also was some fairly good new
Invoatmetit buying and some call from
Provisions ranged higher, although there was
a .iip following the opening bulge. There was
better foreign call tor lard today, which de
veloped thai offerings In the pit were much
reduced. The market was extremely sennit Ivo
today. A llttlo new Investment buying helped
to improve the situation anil malt* the absence
of floating pit auppllM more apparent.
WHEAT— Open. niKh. tow. Close.
May ll.OHt U.««7» »1.03 »1.06«;
July 1.00 l.on's .MM i '■"'•,
September 98!. ."a .97* i ,9STi
May »i .57*. .W'i .R7!4
July n -»'\ M% ,104
September «14 •'-"• ''-"« ,X%
May 41«» .43 .41', .41%
July .WV» ..ri3'« .M .39%
September 87! i .38 .371. .37',,
May 21.50 21. 11.10 21.(0
July 21..V) 21.50 21.37T4 51.65
September 21.53 21.72 1., 21.35 1 .62'
May 12.30 12.42!4 It. lll* 12.37<,4
July 12.174 ]2.32>4 IS.M 12.27V4
September 12.15 12.30 12.0714 12.25
May 13.124 12.22 1-- 1:.12' i 12.50
July 12.00 12.10 11.»2'i 12.05
ember 12.06 12.10 11.921, 12.0714
Cash (iuotatlons were a.« follows: Flour,
weak; No. I rye. '*<•; feed or mixing barley,
1:; .'.(i<-. fair to choice malting, 56<543c;
timothy teed, 14.80; clover, 111.73; mess
pork, per bbl. »21.60* 21.76: lard, per 1011
lbs., $12.37 'x 1 -.40: short ribs, sides, loose,
$11.95©12.32,4; short clear sides, boxed,
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 83,000 bushels. Primary receipts
were 241,000 bushels, compared with 185,000
bushels. Estimated receipts for tmorrow:
Wheat, I cars; corn, 108 cars; oats, 83 cars;
hogs. 17,000 head.
Artlclen. Rscelpts. Shpmts.
Flour, Mils 21.800 15.400
Wheat, liuah 46.&00 14.400
Corn iiubii 220,000 133,300
Oats bush 509.000 210,800
Rye, bush 6.000 1,000
Barley, bu«h 1«S,ono 27,200
BT LOUIS, April Wool: Unchanged;
medium grades combing and clothing,, 20ig25c;
light fine, [email protected]»c; heavy fine, ll(«20c; tub
washed, 19®19%c.
MOW YORK, April 20.—Cotton closed steady,
net 3 points lower to 9 points higher.
Ranch Homes Co.
413 Grant Building
Has been incorporated- for the
purpose of Buying, Subdividing
and Preparing for Crops tracts of
suitable land and Selling same in
Small Parcels Ready for Occupa
tion. This company has pur
chased a large tract in San Joa
quin valley, adjoining Wasco col
ony, and work is in progress for
cropping the land this season.
Development Fuud
the company offers for sale $25,
-000 of treasury stock at par.
Shares are $50 each up to May IS.
The improvement of the whole
tract by developing water for ir
rigation, clearing, plowing and
planting crop, will add to the
value at least 25 per cent and the
profit from sales of land will be
another addition to stock value
which will justify a handsome ad
vance in price of shares within six
months. Purchasers ot this
First Offering of
Treasury Stock
will come in on equality with the
incorporators (on the ground
tloor), and share alike in the
profits. Subscriptions received
for one share up to 100 shares.
Installment payments of 10 per
cent monthly will be received.
All stock issues will be Regis
tered by Merchants Bank and
Trust company, thus insuring
against overissue or watered
stock. This is your chance, read
er, to get part of the profit-mak
ing on farm lands. If you can't
call at the office please write or
phone A 8917
Ranch Homes Co.
413 Grant Building^
1 Oleum Development Company
The best speculative purchase of all tha
oil itocks. Full Information furnished,
and order* executed by
Fielding J. Stilson Company
30S 11. W. Ilrlluiuu Building.
A 2547 Main 108.

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