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Only Aeronauts Licensed by Air
ship 'Trust' Allowed to
Compete in Meet
National Championships Will Be
Decided on Speedway—Strict
Ruling Made for Amateurs
tion day, May 30, Is the date selected
t>>- the American Automobile associa
tion for the holding of the national
The meet will be under the auspices
of the contest board of the A. A. A.,
■with President Bpeare and Chairman
Hutler us chief officials.
Not since the ii ■v* of the old League
«if American Wheelmen have national
track events been promoted by the
uoverning bo I) and the Inaugural
championship events at the Speedway
•will attract attention, deciding as it
•will for the year the winner of the
race with which the emblem of national
speedway champion is the prize.
The National Championship dis
tances have been selected at the dis
tances of five and ten miles. Thorp
■will be events for stock chassis cars in
nil the divisions of Class ]'. for which
the first price shall be special designat
ed gold medals valued at $150 each.
These medals will be for the title of
National Speedway Champion, the dis
tance and the i lass In which the car
competed, also the time. Silver medals
■will be awarded for second place. In
addition to the stock car events there
■will be record trials for the various
••'lasses, free for all events for cars of
Oils* D; also for championship med
als. '
The entries for this list of events
■Will have to be made with the contest
board to Mr. Butler, chairman. The
National Championship for amateur
drivers is attracting a great deal of
attention, as the present rules of the
contest board define an amateur In a
very strict manner, SO that for the
lirst time in the history of automobile
lacing a real amateur contest for the
championship of the United States will
lie on the program.
Applications for entry blanks for
these events should lie made to the,
chairman of the contest board of the
American Automobile association, 437
Fifth avenue, New York city. On May
27 and 28 the grand circuit meet of
the speedway will be held, this part of
the program under the management of
the Indianapolis Motor speedway. In
addition to the numerous stock chassis
events for medals, trophies and cash
there will be free-for-all races for
both classes C and D, handicaps and
record trials. About $20,000 in cash
nnd plate will be contested for, among
the valuable prize* being the event
for the Wheeler-Schebler trophy, the
distance of which will be zoo miles;
:dsi. the event for the Prest-O-Llte
trophy the distance for which will be
100 miles. Blanks for the etlre meet
, ,■,,, be obtained from the Indianapolis
Motor speedway.
This will be the opening meet of the
famous course of Which there will be
four grand circuit events during the
season of 1910.
■ Among the dates selected by the
Speedway are Decoration day. Fourth
of July lind uib.ir day. Kach of these
meets will i"- of three days' duration,
with a twenty four-hour race, start
ing at S p. m. August 12, which will be
h two days' event. Balloon meets
have been arranged "' the afternoon
of August 1- preceding the twenty
four-hour race with the national cham
pionship balloon meet on September 17.
The first national championship Avia
tion meet will be held in this country
mill sit the Indinnnpolis motor speed
way during the entire we°k of from
June" [3 to M At this meet from flvo
to eight "Wright hlnes will be seen
In nction Find the first appearance of '
Reo and
Thif is the new "^0" tiiat lias caused such a flurry In Automobllcdom,
jind 1 iim sflllns them at the rate <pf one a day. You'd better order at once
Three more Appernon Baby .lacks just arrived. You'll have to hurry
if you arc koliir to own ono of those popular oars. They're <iuito tin- sen
sation of tlio year. Ilemembcr this —the Baby Jack is thp only high grade
car In the world for less than $3500. Tlie workmen and same
materially am used as In tha construction of ill.- higher priced Apperson
cars. I'll Ktakc my reputation on Its being: i:. best car in the world for
the money.
Leon T. Shettler
10167 633 SOUTH GRAND AVENUE Main 7034
I,os Angeles. San Dlcso.
Member Licenced Dealers' Association of Cxis Antflop.
Member Auto Dialer.-,' Association of Southern California.
Wl ,- 1 , M1 ,.,- .-w^^^,,,.,,„..„ „ „ .„ „,, S
The 1910 Models Are Here
"Overland"dnd''Mathesoif :
Renton Motor Car Company
1230-32-34 S. Main St. Home Phone 10799 J
Tires to uc Gr'at"-x, tire °n
* All sizes and types.
MM •■• 1"% "IT* »g^t niUSSTONK TIRK *
JL «M« »fcl« afcal aKaiy »ST 5,,,,11. Main ttnM
Miss Marjorie Rambeau, Leading Lady at
the Burbank, Driving Her New Regal '30'
Alp jk^. *■ • i^A 1 I -Wl Try%H ' aT H^nlßf ff tfHSSi ■■
the Wright machines In contests will
be witnessed.
All other aviators taking part at this
meet will be licensed by the Wright
company, and as this will be the first
meet without legal restraint it prom
ises to open the reason of 1010 with
the greatest aviation events ever seen.
C. i: Mathewson, Pacific coast man
ager of the Diamond Hubber company,
reports the receipt of nine carloads of
automobile tirrs at tho San Francisco
branch within the last three weeks
for the spring requirement!. Adding to
these the three carloaods .lust received
at the i^os Ansreie.H branch and two
carload! at the Seattle branch, with
several more carloads en route at this
time, it will give an Idea of the enor
mous extent of tli" nutomoblle business
on the roast.
•'The r ml ppoaks for Itself, and
Diamond tires are good enough for
me," writes Sidney Klngabaker of l-os
Angeles to the Diamond Rubber com
pany. In his letter be states that a
Diamond tire has covered 18,473 tulles
to .late on his car and from all appear
ances is (rood for several thousand
miles yet.
Manager V. O. Nelson of the Dia
mond Rubber company has just re
turned from ■ business trip to snn.
Francisco and reports the automobile
and accessories trade booming In that
"Heretofore, said Mr. Xeison,
speaking of thi automobile industry
' in San Francisco, "the sales rooms and
garages have not been nearly so nice
ac In Los Angeles, but now the agents
are taking a tumble to themselves and
are putting In tine show rooms. Van
Ness and Golden Qate avenues will be
the automobile and accessories streets
In the future."
A. C. Leonard, manager of the Kan
Francisco branch hOUM Of the W, D.
Newerf Rubber company, was a visitor
to tiiis city a tow ihiys the past week.
Mr. Leonard li after dirigible or any
nijier old kind of balloom to be used
In tln> 1 icr aviation meet combined with
automoblli to be held in the
northern metropolis next month, under
the auspices of the Kan Francisco Mo
tor club Leonard is knpwn as tin
"live wire" of "Automobile Row" in
o, and the moving- spirit In all
that goes to make up th« live game tho
i si really is.
The Motordrome management has
announced that ("ra nominal sum they
will permit the use of the track be
tween meets of uny make of oars.
either to practice for riein^ or to use
for demonstrations. The pmvhawrcat]
now (iml r>ut how fust his prospective
car can go.
'Made in Los Angeles' Mark to Be
Seen Around World in a
Short Time
Los Angeles lias Invaded the British
market again, and this time with a
product manufactured In this city. it
will be recalled that last fall James D.
Qarvey left this city on a trip around
the world in the interest of the W. D.
Newerf Ilubber company and especially
of the Twltchell air guages.
The, Motor, England's greatest auto
mobile Journal, under date of April 5,
mo, has this to say editorially:
"Another device which Is being mar
keted In America, and of which we
know nothing here, also Illustrates the
difference between the two countries,
not only in regard to the demand, but
the different line of thought pertaining
there to the acceptation of such dc
vices. The instrument I am referring
to la the Twltchell air gauge, and li
an exceedingly simple form of pressure
gauge for pneumatic tires. We have
the pressure gauge here embodied In
most pumps, and we also have that
type of device which screws on to the
valve, and serves to test the pressure
within the tire whenever it Is desired
to do 80, The Twitchell air gauge
takes the place of this latter outfit,
and is certainly a simpler device than
we employ, being merely a plunger
working In a tube with valve release,
which, when pressed against the end
of the strain valve, releases the latter
and allows the air pressure within the
tire to communicate with the plunger
and forces it out, thus disclosing a
scale, which shows the pressure with
in the tire. It is neat, compact, can be
carried In the waistcoat pocket, and
costs but a few shillings, but the as
tonishing part about it is the popularity
which the device enjoys In American
motoring circles, 1. c., of course, if I
can believe the story told me by a rep
resentative of the firm who is, or was,
over here for the purpose of securing
sales, and I know of no reason why l
should not. He told me that in seven
months in the states last season he had
sold 102,000 of these instruments, and I
gathered that he had an Idea that push
and hustle would sell them In similar
quantities here."
The paragraph quoted refers to the
recent visit of James I). (Survey of this
city to Great Britain In the interest of
the \v. D. Newerf Rubber company.
He is on his way around the world,
representing the Twitchell air gauge,
of which W. D. Newerf is the sole dis
tributor for the Twitchell factory.
Oarvey's first order in England was for
5000 of the gauges, taken from one of
the largest automobile houses on the
other side of the Atlantic, and he is
now in France. Thence he will go to
Germany and before he returns will
visit nearly every country on the
globe. *
As each of the little wonders have
stamped upon them "Made In Los An
geles, IT, S. A.." and as these pocket
pieces passes into the hands of owners
in every civilized nation on earth,
Greater Los Angeles is being adver
tised by thousands of foreigners every
time they use the Twltehell or show it
to friend*, and thus another bos Ange
les industry is being boosted by a lo
cal concern.
Philadelphia Motorists Proud of
Dr. Tredweli's Achievement
Philadelphia motorist* can take pardonable
prldn In ii... wonderful accomplishment of Dr.
T. C. Tredwell of ilia! city In driving a. 60
--hnrse power Iluk'k touring car from ocean to
ocean und back again, with a long run down
| on a triangle Into Mexico, on a trip covering
H,OOO miles, starting last April and finishing
'»■ Philadelphia Triday af lei noon. Dr. Tred
wcll was accompanied l>> hi wife and brother
in-law, C. .- Park of New York city, through
out the Journey, which was Interrupt*! at
many placet by a sojourn fur rc'st and enjoy
ment of utrange sights anl people,
Drlmful of enthusiasm about their trip with
Its thousand and ono nnecdntcs. Dr. and Mr».
Tredwell will rest in this city for a few days
j with friends, preparatory to noun hunting and
I wttllng down to a more humdrum existence
[than transcontinental touring represents, while
it.'lr car will be the cynosure of thousands
jut curious eyes at the Buick Motor company'!
j place, at 23", North Broad street.
I |,'Tlrea represented our main expanse," said ,
Dr. Trcdwell ill summarizing the trip. "Con
■lderlng the unspeakable road conditions which
wo havo encountered in various Motions, it Is
surprlslntf that rubber or machinery could be
j made that could stand up against the treat
ment. I have driven the car throughout the
Journey, nnd I have had no mechanical trouble
that I could not fix myself. I brought my
Buicli through without a slnßlo broken spring
on ihe ftitir# trip, and this record Is remark
able as my brother motorists will confess."
\ w, Pattlaon of the Carter car fac
tory Is a guert of Woods R. Woolwlne
of a lei rI i icr company, and will com
bine business with pleasure while here.
He will explain any difficulties present
users of the mr may have, as it in the
only car of Its type on the roast. Mr.
Pattison is the expert mechanician and
asadiitani manager of his company
Miss M&rgerle Rambeau, leading I
woman at the Hurbank theater, is an
enthusiastic motorist and had been in
i...;- Angelei but s few days when she
.[.. ided that an automobile thai should
be all her own was essential to her
perfei t happiness,
After considerable Inquiry and
demonstration, Miss Flambeau settled
upon a Regal Thirty, supplied by tli«
Hitj Pour Automobile company, the sale
being made by C, S. Anthony, the pro
The car is fully equipped with top,
■peedotneter, lamps, etc and Miss
Kambeau'i spare hours during the nest
few days will be devoted to receiving
instruction in the gentle art of driving]
the car.
Norristown Club to Have Endur
ance Run to Scranton.
Conditions Strict
With but few Important additions, mil these
tending to eliminate speeding and accentuate
tlin touring qualities of th* competing tar,
the third annual endurance run of the Norrls
town Automobile club, to Scranton, Pa., and.
1 return. May 1*:-19. vrll be conducted under the '•
new rulci and regulation!) as adopted by 11.
American Automobile association and approved
by the manufncturoiV organization.
The Norrl.-town club makes it perfectly clear
' and specific that touring cars with top ton
, neaua and surrey bodies limit carry four
■ passengers, and are only eligible for the tour
' ing car classes. The runabout must carry
at least two passengers and must compete In
the runabout classes.
For the purpose of keeptns the car* travel
ing at a more uniform speed, and to discour
age scorchlnp ri4 far as possible, the Norrls
town club Insists that no cars in the run will
bo allowed to luy at any control, or any other
place between controls, for longer than ten
minutes Failure to observe this rule will
entail a penalization of one point per minute
for every minute car la not in motion be
tween controls, providing there la no other
work being done.
To d'tfrmlne the operating condition of a
car at the conclusion of an endurance contest
th*> A. a. A. rules provide for a test of brakes,
clutch, transmission and motor, but the Norrls
-1 town Club '•'■• even further, and will insist on
a backward brake teit on a hill to be desig
nated by tho technical committee.
The run to Scran ton will be In tho nature of
a thorough try-out of the reliability contest
rules adopted by the a. A. A. for 11110. wide.
■ spread Interest will attach to the working of
1 the fixed penalty schedule, to bo applle<l at
the final examination of tha cunt at the com*
pletlon of a contest, which Is the most Im
portant amendment to th* old rules. in thlf
schedule a definite number of points penalty
In given each of tha essential parts of a rar
for defective condition, greater or less, ac
cording to relative importance lo tho whole
make-up of tha car and tha condition in which
such part Is fund at the finish of the. con
he avoidance of work '>n a car after filial
examination and th« calculation of time con
sumed a.nd fractional values of material used
will enable a rapid determination of the rela
tive merits cf each of the cars and Insure a
speedy lettlement "f 'he enntejt after the
close of the last ■!.(-'. run.
Manufacturers Make Study of All
Parts of Car
The Ami')' x N n manufactured car, In th*
sense that every moving part of it" motor,
transmission and driving 1 gear if manufac
tured in our own plant, the frame In Its
entirety every part where strength or pre
cision ■ ■!" fit and operation li vital—on thu de
signs of our own engineers from the finest and
best materials It is possible for us to obtain.
The motor Is the American Simplex four
cylinder, valvejeea, two-cycle engine which
do vein pi fifty ii" 1 - • power at 900 revolutions a
minute There is no pa vi i between the Im
pulses delivered by the American Simplex
two-cycle motor; the power in continuous. In
the American Simplex motor a rtmrgo <>f gas
is i xplo 'i In each cylinder nt every second
stroke of the piston. The four-cycle pi at on
receive I new power only at every fourth
The. born and stroko. of th-e engine am five
Inches, fitted with a force feed oiler to all
bearings and parts of engine. The water
pumpa for the cooling system arc both gear
driven. The method of mounting th« engine
and radiator is unique and highly eattsfac
tory, Inasmuch as the alignment of the en
gine and driving gear cannot *'• destroyed by
road shocks. The transmission system of the
Simplex is the most novel ever applied to a
motor car. Its worth nan been amply tented.
Both the differential and the selective type
of sliding gear art; on the rear axle.
• yet another advance La the Improved torsion
tube, bolted solidly to the gear oase and
terminating forward In a ball and socket
When the Ample* brakes an* adjusted at the
factory they are adjusted for all time. You
will never have to crawl under the car to
tinker with them. if it is necessary to take
up wear remove the footboard, turn the thumb
screw on the brake rod and It is done.
The Implex Is an automobile symphony—
every part is absolute harmony, not a note
of discord in Its operation.
On the direct drive the Amplex can be
handled with perfect facility at any speed
from threo to sixty mi Ira an hour. It Is a
rare occasion Indeed that requires a shifting
of the gears.
Sixty Miles an Hour on "High"
Demonstration Proves It
'' : " ■' * ■ ■ ' ;X'.;£
|yw V'^-'*^Mi^^ ■ --i ■■>■ jM HRHHHHL^iBQB >!»■ .*.v B- - *
"Davis 45"
$2500 f. o. b. Los Angeles, iFuiiy Equipped]
with most complete tool kll over E ,v,n with a car.
POWERFUL MOTOR nchpa B r ? rsia^rk nar ke
No Hill Too Steep—No Road Too Rough
but tills roomy 5-pansonEer "Davis 45" Touring Car will take you over it In safety and comfort.
As ilMleai an a BBOCcailned footstep—ns swift as a panther— sure as "Father Time."
Newell Mathews Co.
957 South Olive Street
(Established 1886) ' Phone F2074
" Tll r " Perfect MCTI^ZJ
■ ->^5Z| ■"L Car |?i^
I Water Cooled Motor I
tl (Valve-ln-the-lioad construction) Wm
% Ii the type us.'.) by winners of nearly all the fit
j most important events. . \s{f
3 Tha whole power plant of a Knox car can bo I j
8 taken from the chassis by the removal of four bolts. l-^l
9 Three Models: ||
I 40 H. P. 48 11. P. 60 11. P. I]
M Come in ami look tho Knox over—ask for a E-sj
si domonstiation—it will pay you. • enl
I This Is the Car That H _
I Barnety Oldfield Won B^^^^
roxvn Motor Co. I
ISt pP^IM 11S* South Main. Main T883; 15647.
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