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From Mines and Oil Fields
More Than 70,000 Men Are Em
ployed in California's Fields.
Dividends Paid
Only a half century old the oil in
dustry In the United Ktntnn has al
ready exported moro than $2,000,000,
--900 worth of "the refined material. In
other words, In fifty years tho total
amount received for refined oil ex
ported lias been greater tlian the value
of the entire production of Rold In the
United States Blnco Columbus discov
ered America. Since 1866, the year In
■which sixty small casks were sent to
Franco ns a experimental shipment,
the amount exported has been greater
In value than tho production of gold
In the entire world for tho same pe
riod. Within the memory of llvlne
man tho Infant has srown to a giant
Industry that gives employment to 70,
--000 men In the fields nnd refineries
alone, and whose annual pay roll
amounts to millions of dollars.
Tho spring pole rig used along Oil
creek has given place to modern ma
chinery, operated by carefully trained
men. The ox trains that hauled oil In
barrels over roads, unworthy of the
name, havo been lUCceeded by thou
sands of miles of iteel pipe linn, groat
trains of oil tanks and tho modern oil
carrying shlpa, whose capacity In some
cases Is over 80,000 harrels.
; Starting with Tltusville In 1859 the
wave of development hiis swept In ever
' widening ,-ircles until now nearly
every country in the civilized globe has
been pronpeetod for oil. Tremendous
fortunes have been built up either from
the production of tho crude material
or from the refining and transporta
tion of the same.
Probably In no one state In the
Union have the results been more Im
portant than in California. While our
oil is not co high in gravity and not
no valuable for refining purposes, it
has solved for us the fuel question,
the one most Important In tho develop
ment of any country. Chenp fuel Is
cheap power, and power is the main
spring of civilization.
Bj tho use of fuel In this Rtato the
grcac railroad systems have been able
to pay dividend* on account of the
' money snved by tho difference In the
cost of the transportation of fuel.
While development work was started
In California at an early date, no great
amount of oil was produced until the
late eighties, when fuel oil was pro
duced in large quantities 1n the city
of Ix>s Angeles and after It was dem
onstrated that here was a fuel low
in price and high In efficiency the in
dustry grew rapidly.
After the development of the great
Kern river field, whose production waa
IdeH for fuel purposes, and after til'
railroads had adopted the new fuel,
came tho question of transpbrtatlon,
which for a time was a very serious
one, but this problem has now' been
solved by the building of pipe lines,
the construction of tank cars and the
building of tank ships, so that at the
present time the consumer and pro
ducer are In close touch.
Tho amount received for crude ol
for the year Just past will be In the
neighborhood of $40,000,000. a sum al
most double the value of the gold pro
duced In the same time and well In
excess of the combined output of koUI,
nilver, lead and copper. The vulue of
the crude i oil at the wells is at the
present time largely In excess of the
aggregato value Of the entire citrus
crop packed In boxes and loaded on
cars for shipment.
The refining Industry his moro than
kept pace with the production and
transportation. There ar^ mw thirty
five refineries in the plate, ranging
from tho two-still plant to the enor
mous $12,000,000 refinery of th> Stan
dard Oil company at Point Richmond.
Theso refineries manufneturj practi
cally everything that Is inn do from
crude oil. with the exception i>f pc.raf-
' •suijjßaod v aainbaj
fine, vaseline and the ointment* Which
lubricating stock are lubricating 90 per
cent of the wheels west of the Miss
lsslppl river and the crude oil is fur
nishing power for something like 40
per- cent of the same wheels.
810 nrvn>EXDß paid
The amount of money Invested In the
oil Industry In California Is extremely
hard to estimate, hut it is many mil
lions of dollars, while the amount re
turned to the owners of oil lands and
stockholders in oil companies Is con
stantly on the Increase. Listed stock
companies have paid in dividends $27.
--000 000 It should be borne in mind
that this only accounts for about
elghty-flv» companies, whereas the
number now in existence In something
like 900. While, of course, not nearly
all of these 900 are dividend payers,
there are more that pay dividends
whose stock Is not listed than the num
ber of companies whoso stock Is dally
called on the exchanges. Such com
panies as the Standard, whose divi
dends are enormous; the California Oil
Fields Limited, who for several yoars
have paid from 30 to 40 per cent per
annum, besides doubling their holdings,
do not list their stock, and tho enor
mous amount paid in dividends does
not appear in the tables quoted.
NEW TOIIK. April 27.—The market for
standard copper on the Metal exchange wan
dull today with spot, April and May quoted
,t |ia.2Mfl2.W. June. *12.«[email protected] and July
(12 50®13 60 The London market closed steady
with «pot nuntrd at £56 6s nn.l futuroß at
£57 5«. Arrivals reported at New York were
165 tons ' Custom houso receipts showed no
rxnoi-ts for the day; so far this month, 11,401
ton* I«ocal dealer* quota lake copper at
$12 [email protected], electrolytic »[email protected] and cast
ln^, atnm: 62 H P ot and April WMfM.*.
Mny »32.90®33.05. June and July |3!.80©35.00:
Ixm.lon market firm, spot £150 6s, futures i.151
<•" — «'• lly mhtces mht c«e nih tetaolnpunpun
I.eart'-Dull, spot 14.35®4.40 New York and
BtM.2oiSi4.2n East Bt. Louis; English market
unrhanßert £12 FPOt »5.361ff5.65 New' York and
Spelter-Weak, spot |6.86ff8.t1! New York nnd
»n.101g!3.20 East St. Louis; London market
loWGr £23
Iron-Unchanged at 60s 3d for Cleveland
warrants in London. Locally the market was
autet; No. 1 foundry northern »[email protected], No.
2 $16 75©17.60. No. 1 southern and No. 1 south
ern soft $16.75®17.25.
... « « »
<4) NEW TORK. April —r.<-n<J, dull; <§>
,ti *pot, »[email protected] Copper, weak; «litn<l- <§>
.., ard upot and May, *i;[email protected] Nil- A.
Kaslvulve dispatch to The llirald liy U A.
Crlsler & Co., memtwrH Los Angeles Block
exchange, 2UO-201 I, W. Htllman iiulMimc. Los
Angel**. 1
SAN FRANCISCO. April 57.— Tim market for
N. weld tteeln In Hush street oonttntwiJ to act
tamely during today'it MMlon, iiitlmunh trail
inK wrk a shade mora animated than yester
day. Consolidated was tlio but trader In the
Goldfleld division and ahowod a gain "f in
imliit.i. clnuluc atrong with $8.05 tild. Florence
mid Jumbo Extension remained itattonary,
while Booth dropped two pegs and Fraction
The Tonopahs wrr«- Irregulnr. HHmont waH
up T* points, while Tonopah Extension was off
2 and .Mm Butler 1.
Following were ih«> closing quotations:
Hid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adam 1 Orent Hfnd.. 2 3
Atlanta II 14 Kewanas .... 5 6
Boot! .. .... 13 14 fit Bend An.. .. 1
HI BKx 1 Grandma. .... 1 2
Blue Hull ..6 6 I.lumlio Xx .. 30 32
ii ii Bonan.. .. l Kendall 3
Columl) Mtn. .. 7 l«ono Ktar 3
Conqueror ..1 2 I.ou Dillon 2
Comb Prm-.. 44 4a Mllltown Fro .. 2
Crackorjack.. .. 2 Moh Xx I
ii.o-. 7 8 Nev Ooldfleld .. 3
Triangle 1 Oro 6 . 6
1) II H Con. .. 1 Fte.l T Kx.... 1 2
Dlxlo 1 R«d Hi 115.... 4 r,
Kmplre 2 Sandstorm ..4
Florence ....220 .. Rt Ivoa 10 17
Flor Xx 1 Silver rick.. 9 10
Fran Moh ..2 4 Yellow Roe*. .. 4
(loldflld C0n.805 810 fellow TlK«r. 7 8
Bid. A«k | Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....257* 280 ] Rescue Con.. 1 2
,11m Butler.. 15 16 Ton'pah Mm.727* ..
Midway 27 .. Tonopah Ex.. 82 S5
Montana .... M 84 Wst Knd Con n 36
Uld. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Amethyst ... 1 2 Montgm Mtn. .. 1
Bullfrog Mln 1 2 Mayflow Con. 2 3
Bullfrg Nt II 1 3 Tramp Con 8
Uonnla <*lar«> 8 .. Val View t
Bid. A»k. Htrl. Ask.
Mnnhat Con. 3 3 Muitan* 2
Manhat Mln. .. 1 Keyl Humph. .. 1
Maiihat Dcx 4 5 Thanksgiving. 3 5
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
RaeTla'l Nest 3 4 I'ltl* Sllv Pk 70
K'vlew Eagl 10 15 Round Mtn.. 49 SO
Nev Hills .. m .. Coalition .... 80 3a
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wll
•on, 213 Wael Fifth atreet, Los Angeles.
BOBTON. April -After th« Mgher opening
this morning It was soon apparent that some
body was taking advantago of the rise la sell
stocks, and liquidation waa renewed all through
the list. Prices gradually ragged all day, with
the heaviest selling near the close. The gen
eral feeling Is very pessimistic on the market
and general business and In politics, and we
see no reason to expect anything but lower
prlcee for loma time to come. Closing prices
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu .. « «*|Mlchlg»n ... f."s «
do pfd .... Ifl'j 17'iiMohawk Ui 61
Adventure .. »4 7 Nev Con — 204 SO'i
Alluuez 43i» 41 Ni.rlh Butte. 33, 334
Atlantlo .... "'» 8 Old Dominion 3"> 36
Arcadian ... f.'i 6'iOsceola .. -.137 138
Aril Com .. 1« 164 Parrot 15 1«
Apex 34 JHQulncy 80
Bos Con .... IS 19 [Santa Fe ... 1T» 2
Butte Coal'n Jl Shannon .... ll'i II
Calu * Ariz N 64 Shoe Mach .. 694 70
Caltl * Hec.SW 690 do pfd 29 Ml
Centennial .. 17 20 Sup Copper .. 41 43
Con Merour. 10 17 Sup and Boa 11 114
Cop Mange.. 6R 6» Bup and Pitt 12«4 IS*
Corbln 13 14 Hwlft 1041 i 105
Daly West.. s»i 9ViTamaraek ... 62 1%
Kast Butte.. 7»i 8 Trinity „ .. %M 64
Elm River .. l«i I'nlted Fruit.l 77 ITi
Franklin ... 11%, lAi U ■ Smelting 41',; «l»i
Granby .. .. 46 47 \do pfd 4»'> ■
Green* Can. »S mjUtth Con ... aW 23
Hancock ... 19 »i Victoria .... 8 34
Isle Boyale.. 16H 16 Wlnona .. .. 7V| 8
Keewenaw .. 4Vi 4H Wolverine ...122 123
Lake ... •... 614 f,2 Wyandot .... 1«4 2
I.a Balle ... 124 13 Mass C.as .. 78' i 73
Mass Copper 7 74 do pfd »U. 92
Mayflower .. .. 75 North Lake.. IS* 14
Mcx Con ... 24 3 'Indiana .. .. 21 22
Miami 11% mk\
Ep«elal service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 213 W«st Klftli street. Jx>s Angeles.
NKW TOTtK, April 27.—Following were the
closing quotations'.
Bid. Ask. ' Bid. Ask.
Am Tob cm.438 441 Nev Utah .. O> t%
B s Gaa ("i 0«, Ntplsslng . ... »\ 10
Chicago Sub 2H I Ohio Copper. S'4 SH
Havana Tob. 8 7 Rwhlde Coal »4 *l
Stand Oil ...M5 641 Ray Central.. J'» (••*
Cns B'tmp Rls 21 Ray Cons ... 18 184
Boston Cons 17 19 fnlted Coppr 6(4 H
Butte Coal'n Jl 2m Yukon 4Vi i%
Davis Daly.. 2 J4 Inspiration .. 74 7%
Dolores .. .. »4 64' Mas Val new »4 8S
Goldflld Oon 8 B4|South Utah.. Hi I
Greene Can. 81. I* Ely Central... 1 14
Oiroux 74 Kly Con 04 OH
Kerr Lake .. 84 6«, Oila Copper.. «4 R>»
I.a Rose ... 4H 4\, Chlno 11% 11\
Miami 11% 23 Con* Aril ... i 24
Mns Co of A6O 65 Keystone .... 84 3%
Nev Con ... W4 |OH|XI Rayo ..... 2\ 3
Service to The I^os Angeles Herald by 1* A.
Crliiler «V Co., members Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
SAX FTtANCISCO, April 27.-Following were
today quotations on the California stock and
oil exchange: —Opening— —Closing-
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Associated Oil ... 60.25 60.75 60.75 61.00
Ilrookshlre 1.60 1.75 1.60 1.75
Illinois Crud* 61 .63 .51 .63
Palmer CMI 1.55 1.374 1-25 1.274
Premier 1.30 1.224 1.10 1.224
Mascot Oil 2.M .... 2.50
Monte Crloto 3.224 3.35 8.15
New Fennayl 99 1.00 .99 1.00
Silver Tip 2.75 ' 2.80 .... J.BO
Sales—lo Associated 50.26; 25 Brookshlr* 1.60;
600 Cresceus .68; 280 Chicago Crude .11; 1000
Coallnga Central .63; 1100 Palmer 1.28.
OVER $1,000-000 A'MONTH
If any one thinks that Goldfleld is
not doing anything ho must halt at
thvso figures, says the Tribune. More
thnn a million dollars was taken out
of tho ground by the (Joldfleld Consoli
dated Mines company during March,
and a net profit of 1730,000 was secured
upon which dividends will be paid to
stockholders. J. R. Finlay, general
manager, In his preliminary report
for the month of March, estimates the
production of the Consolidated mines
at 26,617 tons, with a gross value of
$1,015,000. The gold recovered was ap
proximately $950,000, with expenses of
$220,000, and a net profit of $750,000.
Production of a million dollars a
month from the Consolidated is con
trolled only by the capacity of the big
mill to assimilate the gold that could
be poured Into Its troughs, and it Is
probable that each succeeding month
will witness a general average of ap
proximately the record for March.
From the grass roots to the 1000-foot
level the Consolidated never in the past
looked as well as It does today.
$48,000 FOR 160 ACRES
EUREKA. April 27.—George E. Da
vis, a harbor employed In this city,
has been offered $48,000 for 160 acres
of land he owns near Hakersflcld. Da
vis secured the property six years ago
on a mortgage for $380. He haa decid
ed to retain his holdings for the pre
sent. Oil wells have been located near
Davis' land.
It'a v easy to aecure a bargain In a used
automotive, through want advertising, aa It
used to be—and atlU !•—to ••cur* a hone
j and carriage.
Former Manager of Famous
Mines to Develop Property
in the North
OOLDFIELJ3, New, April 2T.- Wil
liam 1,. MacfCny, one of the most wide
ly known mining men in BOUthorn Me
vada and for a long time closely as
sociated In mining with I .on Angelei
operators, has left Ooldfleld for Stew
art, B. c., to engage In mining In one
of the new districts now rapidly com
ing intu prominence near the boundary
line of southern Alaska. Mr. Mac-
Kay was one of the pioneers of Gold
field and during the period of five
years In this district he has taken
over $4,000,000 worth of sold OUI of the
ground for the various leasing com
panies whose operations lie has con
ducted. Tn the early days of the camp
he was tn charge of the bonanza lease
on the Quartzlte and later shipped
large quantities of high grade from
the Jumbo and was manege? of the
famous Frances-Mohawk lease, the
second in point of production in the
history of tho camp.
For several months pnst h" has been
In charge of development for the I>in
roin Qoldfleld company, operating a
loam' on tho Combination No. -j, claim
of thf Consolidated, and controlled by
I<os Angeloa oapit.'ilists. He WM also
at the head of a leasing enterprise ln-
volvlnK the development, from the old
company workings, of thn st. [veil
claim of the Ooldfield Merger Mines
company, an<l from this Rround ln> hai
shipped some rich ore durlnp the pant
few months. He liiik disposed nf his
interests In this leue to iii« former
partner, Joe Ford, and the latter*! as
■oclatea who have lately opened up an
excellent ihoot of shipping ore in a
drift on the MO-fool level from the
original St. Ivee sluift.
Dlnuba lentlnel: That Dinuba Is llko
ly to have tin "oil fxuitement" weems
qulto probable. There Is a syndkiite
from Log AnprHoH which has been
working: in thin eectlon for some days
hoc urins: options uiion a number of
trai In if land, among the number lie
liir the ranch of Charles Andrews.
They offered $200 per acre for the land
and a number of property owners in
The Real Value of Any Proposition Is Its
Truth and Speculative Features
IF THE TRUTH is worth anything to you—read on. At this time the country is wild upon the ques
tion of Oil, simply because there is great profit in the products of the hundreds of wells in California.
The phenomenal gushers recently struck in the Midway field have led many to suppose that in that
particular section only can oil be found in paying quantities.
tweOSSft • Error Number One i^isipk
I v"™"""? r M As a matter of fact the wells of Los Angeles and adjacent territory are producing more and better oi / i -_g^-l
I fry^y^tf v than any field in California. They are producing oil that sells for more money from wells that cost f j|W/*/'g| ii
f JLraW •^>S g§ l ess to operate than any other field in the country reason of being located at the base of oil we?/ / ||p^. ■«& j|i
*WBk.l "PSjfiSf'fek* l?98!i Many people think that 65c oil is good oil— it is good 65-cent oil but it is not to be compared /■ JnJ!or\\ •Wt
g)|^ Aj Mww mm* with Newhall, Piunte or Olenda oil that grades from $1.06 to $1.30 per barrel. / ffir^r 1 —-^ I
Jm?^^m.l^l Now or a Few Traths Well Worth While / t^y%* I
•■ / mJli\***Jwizn Newhall oil fields are located about 30 miles north of Los Angeles on the S. P. R. R. and / fmj> |1
/ Wm\) -^ r\ M tne Standard Oil company, together with independent companies', are operating successfully / K^y^/^T I ill
I P^y>®^.^V| Ifl in this field. The Newhall Petroleum company's property is located within two miles of the J >| U\
I y6l^r^^^ Ira town of Newhall and adjoins one of the Standard properties upon which $2,000,000 is be- / Jy^A \t *
j JbjjbW\,, i. .7^. gjl ing expended in development. We are on patented land—we are surroundeded by pro- / "WgC^L.'' m&
I iMmgaMnMnp- BM ducing wells, many of which have be en producing for the past 11 years. / BHS^ mfil
I Hi WE HAVE A PRODUCING WELL on our fifty-seven acres which is yielding / IkJ^/yJ I*f
/ M^€[ in Sounds Good— Read on— lt Gets Better / fP/2st wfil
I W^^fji^^S^ HY] Conceded that we are in the best oil strata in the entire state, a statement of unques- / J^Wjmar^S^ ■Hr/\1
/ inLir IK/N] tioned truth, and taking into consideration that we get the oil from seven to eight hun- /■ r* Bmr >y Wf \i
j WOR'PH wafer? dred feetthen we have something that is really worth your earnest consideration. / QiLi-gJ^yQRTH KlfV/l
/ ■wMMaaMHRW' lW\/i Instead of costing from $16,000 to $65,000 to sink a well we can do the trick in the / j (W%jC j
fe>^rl iM Sounds Better ' Doesn't It? ' fc> <$n WM
B^^j^J^W^^J mhLJ^I Bear in mnd tnat Newhall oil is from 17 to 35', specific gravity, that it has. a paraffine jW^ Jsii)fo*C^^& MI?"^
W' j^%HW**\S^k Ha^T/l base from which kerosene and gasoline are produced, and then remember that the jfadwr^****/^ I§lm\/i
JKmmr Bkl/Ct Standard Oil company wants that kind of oil and that from the biproducts of high- y , /^^\Wr >v wfl/v!
jjfflWr _N^ ■.■r Ni grade oil the Standard is coining money, and then rerr.-.mber, we are in a position to X- rF>JT^ pep Balr—^
T.U$ TO tf7.'3O MSJTV dictate by reason of being in a section with other independent companies. / jjfeL JZ&QLLu, r^£z3 ll'y
r«™r |P*||^v You want a block of oil stock. Investigate before y.)u buy and see well to it you ' N^f g^|v ft TB^'
J^^s,^^^^ _jtfSr\ Sjfl We are practically at the gate of Los Angeles. Neai enough for you to run out in HSlM^^^*"^^^^!^^^ Mi
hWi \^ I Okl There i& no question as to our disposing of our initial block of stock, which will be Ijil/'^yv^^V i^S
H O\j \jt/1110 it/1 Olldll U " Kifol
j£(sty&lsWjrJfmftHfh\ Wsk and we w i st 0 set qu i c enough to ensure rapid work in sinking well after well un- yo^ /l^>r~/ WJM
&AF!f?E:i— Wfl til we get a production of 2000 barrels daily. Mfi ■CZ^/XtXtz. \ Wl
iF mT'W immT7V l*mmmmm "| 11 IF YOU DON'T WANT IT SOMEONE ELSE WILL, SO THERE YOU ARE. H■«,;: 1 :^*.Jl • 't*' I i
I4 M M'Mit&:m s#f^ II WE GIVE you the opportunity, it is up to you to GRASP it. lav* i'^k^:fs «tf^%H S1 1
wrml I'^S*'- ''I '■'•»^vS I I We are arranging for a free excursion to the property. Write us for information JWfiL 'Si'^'-XjM''^%-'rx^'- H 1
Mhl I^v^lh V^iliM I i concerning it. or, better still, call ot our offices and we will extend every courtesy that |py Hfj^»".- ¥ *^gf«siil 1 |
r^Jl I'^^V' 1 **'^*BI D 1 Remember, we have financed our property thus far with our OWN MONEY and JESgg Ki^''- I fj2i--^^ .1 \
•jjJßr} if-t^y m' 7*"/ "*'" "/I 1 iffi have ONE PRODUCING well now and machinery on the ground for well No. 2. c^W^Tlil? 1/ / / I IL W
yOSStJrtj/ \^sfi\/K ' I mii T^e price of 30 cents for the initial offering of stock for the development of other fj^~^Jr*r tJfc v^^ I ' 17/
.-Z7T'/. 7rt-*& A,*ri j^J I J wells will not remain in force for any length of time, so if you are interested we ad- ■wni^Miiit iijfcaiuu^t^'l 1/
V/ ti J' '■'nsi^* :a*:?~J RSsi vise early action. &/!,£*-/ *«r?**/ w a X*s*,
Wm7nM V'SC Newhall Petroleum Company 2S$^lJ
ff^wi'i —I—'1 —'" —■ —■ • •*■' —™ 228 Merchants. Trust Bldg. GUSter, Mcßride & Miller 228 Merchants Trust Bldg, l|l''i ' * — Amiili iwiuMiJiTj^jTi
Hfc-^"-^"' phone F3863 • ! Main 2183 v^,
the vicinity of the California vine
yard are known to have been ap
proached on tlm option matter, if. B.
Bchram also owns a tract neai) there,
hut he would not iisb'Ti to an offer, it.
is understood by those giving tho op
tion on their land thai promoters will
begin, drilling for oil by May 21.
Following are the permits Isiuad since ths
last publication of the list, and classified ac
cording to wards:
Wards— Permltß. Valuo.
Kirst 6 3 4.2'i0
K.ronil 1 2"0
Third 4 17.3.--)
Fourth 3 2,400 I
1 Kllth S 10,500 ,
Sixth ,/2 H.'OO
Total 24 »3T,3:.0
Forty-ninth street. 224 West—J. C, Toy. at
lot, owner and builder; alterations to resi
dente; »200.
Wall Htrnot, 4W3—P, W. Wlltinrn. IS9 Ea«t
Fiftieth street, owner and builder; alterations
to residence; 1300.
lirlKhtmi avenu*, 4i:,9-A. GuKtafHon, SI7 I
PVancleoo itrcet, owner: C. K. Norberg,
builder; two-story seven-room rMidcnoe; $2400.
Ardmor" avenuo and Sixth street—.l. It. I
Burton, 1213 Elden avenue, owner; Alex Grant, 1
builder; two-story eleven-room residence; J1.",
--1 000,
Oolden Gate avenue. Marls Cochran, at
lot, owner and builder; alteration* to resi- !
dence; 1200.
Koventh street, 1263 West-J. J. Bergan, '
, owner; J. A. Watt, builder; Hi-story garage;
$1200. :
Wllshlrn boulevard, 3500— G. H. Vnn !
' Nuy«. owner; J. A. Watt, builder; alterations ;
r.f hotel; |160. ;
Flower strant, 9H4 South—H. Weir, at lot. !
i owner; W. H. Stone, builder; alterations of
, residence; $250.
Forty-ninth street, 48.1 East—A. .T. Noel, at i
lot, owner and hullder; 1,4-story, 10-room resl- .
donee; $2400.
' Sixteenth street, 314 West—George W. Ba- j
i con, r.:'.*! West Forty-second place, owner; J.
■ M. Hobb, builder; one-story, five-room re?l- I
denee; $70<).
Figueroa street. 9210 South— Duncan, at i
lot. owner and builder; one-story, flve-room j
residence; $2000.
Avenue Eighteen. 250 North—F. Graves. 283
North Avenuo Nineteen, owner and builder;
' alterations of building; $300.
i Daly street, 112 North—G. V. Martin, 817
Weal Eighth street, owner and builder; altera
tions of residence: $300.
Forty-first place, 1112 West—W. N. Saner.
1 1130 West Thllty-Mventh street, owner and
; builder; one-story, HVtn-room residence; $2000.
Twenty-seventh street, 2068 Weßt—M. Hale.
20: m West Twenty-seventh street, owner ad
builder; one-story, six-room residence; $16."0.
Manitou avenue, 3021—Mrs. Mary Hill, at
lot, owner: Fpurlln BulldlnK company, build
ers: one-story, four-room residence: $1000.
Manitou avenue, 3017—Mrs. Mary Hill, «t ,
lot. owner; Spurlln Building company, build
ers: one-story, four-room residence; $1000.
Thirtieth street, 1226 West—J. E. Farnham,
Hollywood, Cal., owner; E. Fossler, builder;
alterations of residence; $1000.
Manitou avenue, 3011—Mrs. Mary nurk- |
hardt, owner; Spurlln Building company, j
builders: one-Btory, four-room residence; $1000.
San Pedro—Kerckhoff street, 3043—Juan
Jimenez, San Pedro, owner; 11. A. Linkletter,
builder; ono-story. five-room residence; $1000.
Mesa avenue. 6165—Fred Bade, at lot. owner
and builder; alteratlonH of residence; $400.
Connecticut street, 1319— Laura B. Murchlron,
1026 Albany street, owner; W. S. Bayln, build
er; one-Btory, five-room residence: $ltr»o.
Gramercy place, 1623— W. R. Dickinson, at
lot, owner: W. G. Hanson Building company,
builders; alterations of residence; $r,.vi.
Bhatto place, r,.?1-13. V. rnlilns, 928 South
Main street, owner and builder; one-story
garage; $1000,
Absolutely Correct and Authentic
Map £ Oil Fields
This beautiful map, 3x7 feet, shows every oil field of the great
San Joaquin valley; also depicts every railroad, wagon road and
pipe line in the McKittrick, Midway, Temblor, Devil's Den,
I ' Kern River, Coalinga and other oil fields.
Price $15.00
Sixth and Broadway, Los Angeles
Phones—Fs443, Main 9451
Mtp Also for Sale by Cunningham, Curtiss & Welsh
L __——^—i—i—
Thoroughly Safeguarded
With such men as X S. St. Clalr, R. J. White, F. C. Pt. C.lalr, n.
McDonald and laptaln ,t. F. I,ucey constituting the board of ill
rectors; with such a property as the l.'J acres in Section .i:--''J
-14, In the center of the pri«iu<inc Coalinga oil field; with 'ampin
funds provided for aggressive development work; with prospects
of 1 per cent per month dividend* this fall and 5 per cent p«'r
cent per month dividends when the property Is fully developed,
•with Its iitock listed on the txis Angeles Stork exrhango and tha
Ran Francisco Oil and Stock exchange. Is not Ooaltnga Central a
splendid buy at anything like the present prlees on thn exchange
which are around 55c per sham (i>ar $1.00)?
Call at our offlco or i-nd In this coupon for detailed particulars,
\vlt:i maps, photos, etc.
col ON'
llnilillnß, I.on Angelm, Cul.
Gentlemen— J'lcaHe lend me, free of ro.t. Information regarding stock
referred to above; al><o frea copies of oil magazine, "OH Securities,'! for
«lx months —all this without any obligation whatever on my part.
Street and No fit-.- (H-W)
6 Cents a Share
The Price of Seconc. Bljck
Mldnay-.Marlcopa Crude OU wU,
1014-13-14 ITnlon Trust Bldg., Fourth
and Siirlng sts.. I."" Angeles.
Our board of directors has authorlzftd a
pnbllr offering of our treasury stock' at
35 Cents a Share
Los McKittrick Oil Co.
224 I. \V. Hellman Bldg., Fourth and Main.
OIL Stock 15c a Share
The ROCK ISLAND OIL CO. announce thai
tor a short time only lta tn>aaury stock will
be ofTere.l for 16c a Bhare "A Hundrrtl
Barrrl Well Is Worth $100,000." KOCK IS
LAND OIL CO.. 415-417 Laugblln Bldg., ills
South Uroailuay.
It's thi n»xt heat thing to an actual trip
to America's greatest ol i Mold. At ona
glance am! Immediately tori you Is tha
(unions Lakevlew pusher. Xlne mlle.l In
the distance la seen the Maya gufher. This
map Is for ptock Investors or those lnter
rsto.l In oil—ll id IT'S FREE.
" Ill.V SMALL.
rail early thin »ok or wi Its for n FREK
711 Kfory Building,
J. 09 Angele*. till.
— Oil Co. ==
Owns 58 nrrea Section 30, adjoining T.ake
vlew, Section 25. Its itocka are Boiling for
It's Worth More Money
Investigate it and the business standing of
the rompany'9 officers. Phone 8019 or
Broadway 465:. or call 631 STORY BLDG.
G. G. Gillette
Sydney Smith
Reg to announce their removal from 438-0
Efecnrlty Bldg., to the offices of the
<V>4-.Vfl and «'•« W. P. Story nifl«.
I'honi>« — 80191. Sunset. Bdwy. t«'<2.
Midway Provident Oil Co.
"The > <nri|i;in.t that lim the Ui'tit start."
Midway 20C Stock
635 Central Bid*., siitli hoil Main st».
r\ g\. siiiitiiich and intes
ffß^ m\. worms easily
*^ lll(l quickly removed
by Vglesias treat
DR. C: J. SCHMIDT, 741 South Hill «t- .

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