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Great Deposits of Finest White
Marble in the
Big Plant to Be Established with
Large Force on the
Pay Roll
ONE of the most beautiful Of the
public buildings in California in
the public library at Stockton,
whirh was rrertPd nearly a score of
years Rpo. Kxtcrlor and Interim- views
■BaaUMH*«MtM*MIi i# M«Bm«(iiniiinn-i
are dhown on this page. The ma
terial used was white marble taken
from tlie Inyo quarries, but a short
distance north of Los Angeles. The
building was trimmed with Inyo
golden yellow marble, pronounce.] by
those who know to be the most beau
tiful marble found anywhere in the
This is but one of the many build
ings In the southwest the materials
for which were taken from the Inyo
quarries. Others were the Mills build
ing, the old city hall, the post office
in San Francisco and the great Homer
Laughlin building in Los Angeles.
The inyo quarries are now about to
be opened up and properly exploited
with a view toward making them, as
was intended by nature, the greatest
marble quarries on the continent.
The Pacific Consolidated Stone com
pany, a Los Angeles corporation, has
taken over the Inyo marble quarries
and tlin standstono quarries at Flag
staff, Ariz., and also a number of
other equally valuable deposits, and is
planning now a mill to be erected in
Lofl Angeles in which the output of
these quarries will he finished and
made ready for market in quantities
sufficient to supply the demand.
The building boom now on not only
■ In Los Angeles and other Southern
California cities, but throughout the
southwest, including Yuma, Phoenix,
Tucson, I~>ouglas, Bisbee, El Paso and
Albuquerque, has made increased fa
cilities an absolute necessity.
Architects aro at work upon plans
for the new plant, and work will be
begun on the structure not later than
'■ Juno 1, and it is hoped that tho new
mill will be in operation by October 1
at tho latest. In the meantime, the
plants now In operation at the quar
j rles will be kept running to capacity
■ to fill contracts already taken.
Satsuma Park and Wilshire Bou-
levard District Showing
Many New Homes
The Holmeß-Walton company and
their Eagle Rock representatives, Ed
wards & Wlldey, report a brisk demand
for choice residence lots in i:;ißln Rock,
having sold twenty-thw>e loU In their
new tract. Batsuma Park, within the
pasi ten days This beautiful subdi
vision eontalna fifty lots, averaging
65x163 feet, a.nd is located two Hocks
west of the present terminus of tho
Ka,Kl^ Rock car lin<\ The entire tract
is set to 10-year-old fruit trees—or
an Res. lemons and Satsuma plums.
Bales in Satsuma Park: To J, B. Ed
wards |800; Robert Law, $800; Eliza
beth C. Richardson, $1925; Elisabeth C.
Hannaford, J1250; loi al ln\( ■"■>■
Mrs M. R. Dunn, $1800; C. M. Doyle,
$1000; T>. M. Packard, $7
Gray. |700; H. N . Bourne, $1100 V
p fJhisholm, $725; E. P". Woolfolk,
1728- Fontaine Burk, $725; local In
vestor, $800; K. E. Price, $800; Mr. A.
E Lindppy, !f>" fl: (' M- Doyle, $2400;
iV. M. rtilnney, $800; local Investor,
Hales in Wilshire boulevard district:
F I-. Mil's, $1750; Mrs". A. W. Jones,
jfinno- k .1. Harpnr, $:>rion; P. W. (far
dfde $"«00; .1. <■■ Thornton. $4000; Mrs.
Bruckman, $4156; B. C. Adams, $2600;
Mr Ellison, $1350 C. 8. Van Home,
Jttnn- Ossle Burton, $1650; A.W.Jones,
IX700; R. C. Lane, $1600; H. V. Wast
ntr $1600; .1 H. Byrne and Leo May.cr,
$4000; M. J. Kerr. $1350; Mary F. Lleb,
SJS&O- \V. Ji Carroll, $1600; 11. P.
Warn $1850: A. T. Smith. $1600; -I. C.
Dodge, $3600; A. W. Jones, $2600; C.
8. Eckeraon, $1300.
Edwards & Wildey company report
a steady demand for lots In their Nor
mandie Park tract. The following
sales were made during the past week:
Robert Mclaughlin, lot 16, being a
lot 60x180 feet on MaripoHa boulevard.
Consideration $1150.
p. C. Seaman, lot 18, 150x180 feet, on
Mariposa, $1180.
Harry M. Seaman, lot it. being a lo<
F.oxlßo feet on the east I de of Mari
posa; $1150.
Martha ,T. Waugh, lot 13, r.OxiSO fret
on the east slrfe of Maripoga; $1160.
J. F. Andrew, I>ot 14, fiOxlSO feel on
the east hide of Mariposa; $1150.
Isabella Fleming, ;"' 57, being $80x180
fpeton the west side of Mariposa; $12.10,
Mary Behlm, lot 26. Boxlßo fnnl on Ihe
eatt tide of Slarlposa; $1100.
Public Library at Stockton
Built of Inyo County Marble
■■. . '■■■:■■ ..■.....- - "!....,■. ■... 1 , :'*CT SSw'^-^i'^: '^^'''■^^^^^ :"«^'^if^^M^^
■hP- ~ .JL **B^ft^A..... > , 1115 ><
Special Features of Latest Home
Section at the End
of Car Line
Today marks the opening of. the new
est of the Eagle Rock tracts—Floristan
Heights—of which E. Becker is the sole
agent. It is one of the best situated
of all the property In Hie Eagle Rock
valley, lying as it docs at the end of.
the oar line and on Colorado street,
tho longest boulevard In tho new coun
ty Rood roads system. The lots are
all of n good size, and numbers of live
oiiks are scattered over the grounds,
making natural shade trees. Quite a
number of reservations have been made
already, but (here are a great raanr
choice pieces left. E. Becker reports
tho sale of all JSSO lot in Floristan
Heights to S. A. Barr. on tlie corner
of Townsend and Sycamore avenues;
to James Grey, lot on corner of t'lark
and Townsend, $760; to J. J. Brown,
lot on Park avenue. $600; to J. Lalor,
lots 26 and 27 in block 2, on Stanley
avenue, $1500 — Mr. Lalor Will immedi
ately build two residences; to Mr.
Hike, lots F. and fi in blocks 3 and 10,
on Fairview avenule, near Townsend.
$1550; to A. E. Stiles, lots 12 and 13 in
block 1, on Colorado street. $220". Mr.
Decker also reports the sale of 120 feet
on Fairview avenue, improved with a
]2-room house, from Ed Brundige to
J. \V. Ashley. Also five acres on the
corner of Victoria and Tunnel from "R.
r. Bowden to A. Ruef. Allen .1. Breen
of New York city nought a lot, 100x150
feet, In Gates tract, $1050. Two lots in
Batsuraa Park were purchased through
Mr. Becker by Frank Parrot of San
Francisco for $1500, to be built upon
Th« (V. A. Roberts Realty company has
added to its staff <!. C. Beaman, who Is well
known in real estate, circles In this city,
for their exchange and acreage department.
Occidental Park, the new Occidental college
site tract of the W. A. Rohertß Realty com
pany, had a. good week In the pales line, and
as a result six lotH were, Hold for a. con
sideration of 571™. Pales made were an fol
lows: Lot on the east Bide of Hazelwood
avenue, .■■■' feet north of York boulevard, 50
by 135 feet, to A. McDowell, (1000; to Fame
party, lot on the went aide of Alcatrai avenue,
ISO feet, north of York boulevard, DO by. 150
feet, fir JUOOi alao lot east vide of Aleatras
avenue, " r.O feet north of York boulevard, 50
by 133 feet, to F. <'■ 'trlner, $1000; also lot
on eaft ■i I" of Hanfllwnnd avenue, 250 feet
north of York ulevard, 60 by iss feet, to \V.
J. Burns. $1000; lot on cast, side of Tona
wanda avenu», 50 feet riortli of York boule
vard, 100 by ISO feet, to M, A. Hall, $8000; lot
on east fide of Tonowanda avenue, 160 feet
north of York boulevard, 60 by 100 feet, to Ida
Doollttle, *IW.
The Lawrence X Burok company re
ports the following sale
ma c. Packard 10x124 foot lot on
West Fifty-nlxth ttreot, Hunk's < Inl
<lrn tract, $innri.
Six-room bungalow ■'!! 10l 10 124 feet,
90S West Fin . ' i Street, to Burt
and Grace Hoi uff, $2800.
Slx room bungalow "ii lot !0 122 feet,
913 West Fifty :■ < ond street, to Wil
liam O Tap]
room bungalow on lot 40 122 feet,
Ixth Btreet, to i. k.
Ingram, S i
Two lota In Normandle ay i. •■ tract,
4"xK."2 feet, to Southwest Building com
p my, $160n
l.i.t on Franklin avrnue, Hollywood,
70x240 '(it. '" ' '"'• EJdward B. Mose
ley, 11
(Continued from rairo Osp)
speaking of the many prominent deals
made recently he said: "Without a
doubt the n/operty iji and near the.
business ilistrirt affordi good Invest
mentH at the present time. This of
fice bellevei thai good buys can be
made ">>m as well us south, and this
been proved."
Other prominent reaUj men Rpeak
nlons the name liii' 1.- and prodict thai
more closi in property will goon change
oft nershlp.
Old Favorite Flats Do Not Pro
duce Enough Coin—New
People who keep in touch with build
ing operations in this city notice quite
plainly the decrease in the number of
"flat buildings" that were once so
popular in Los Angeles and were
erected scores at a time. In the ever
onward progressive movement the
"flat buildings" have faded into the
background while the apartment houses
have taken their places. There are
two reasons for this, the first being
that there Is an increased demand for
apartments with all their conveniences,
and the second and principal one is
that owners can derive more revenue
from money expended in an apartment
house than from the same amount
placed In flats. Among the many res
idences and other buildings planned by
local architects during the past week
are the following as reported to the
Builder and Contractor:
A. B. Benton —Plans for two-story
Httlc and basement residence to bo
built on Gramercy place, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, for Martin
V. McQulgg.
Ye lanry—Plans for two-story frame
rooming house to be erected at SlO
Beacon street at a cost of $7500, for
Hi land R. Crowd!.
A. C. Smith—Plans for one-story
frame store building to be erected on
Sixteenth street, near Grand avenue,
for Mr. A. ('. Colgan.
John C. Austin—Plans for five-story
and basement addition to be erected to
the Hampden Arms hotel on Fifth
street, near Olive street.
Norman F. Marsh—Plans for new
hospital to be built at intersection of
Orangs and Witmer streets for Ostoo
pathic Hospital association.
Dennis & Farwell —Plans for apnrt
mont house to be ere. ted at Ninth
and Hoover streets for Dr. D. W.
Stewart. Tt will be a three-story struc
ture containing I^o rooms and forty
two baths.
John C. Austin —Plans for two-story,
attir and basement residence to be
built In Albambra for W, B. Allen.
NPher & Skilllng—Plans for six-story
hotel to be erected at Fifth and Olive
streets for R. D. Wade and associates.
George F. ('osterisan—Plans for four
room annex to be built to the Cole
grove school.
Striking Evidence of Expansion in
Residential Section
£ir!kinr evidence of the rapid growth of
tli" i!f«ly annexed Wilshire and Arlington
Height* sections of the. city Is offered by the
Union Hollywood Water company, which sup
plies that large district, This corporation re
ports that twenty-three carloads of pipe are
required to furnish the service demanded by
the opening of new tracts and subdivisions.
This is equivalent to seven miles of pipe,
which means that Just that many miles of
new residential territory Is being opened. As
water mains are not installed until the com
pany sees good pnmpects for consumers, the
ft«ur»p in significant. Among the tracts
which are being piped by the Union Hollywood
Water company are the Arlington Heights
Boulevard, 'N'cstneidK. West Adams I'ark
plai'e, rjienwood tract south of f'olegrove, Van
M; Avenue Square and many others.
C. A. Wesbecher, tract agent for
Vermont avenue, square, reports the
following recent sales;
Lot 43x128 feet on West Forty-sev
enth street, between Harvard boule
vard and Western avenue, to J. L.
French, $625: lot 50x128 feet at the.
southwest corner of Vernon and Den
ker avenues, to Mrs. A. L. Whltaker
for $1350, purchaser is improving same
with a two-story business block; lot
45x129 feet on West Fiftieth street, be
tween Hulldalc and Denker avenues,
to R. .1. Palue, $825; lot 43x128 feet, on
West Forty-fifth street, between Nor
mandie and Halldale avenues, to P.
,T. Ladow, $725; lot 45x128 feet on West
Fiftieth street, between Halldale and
Denker avenues, to C. M. Moreland,
$800; lot 48x127 feet on West Forty
seventh street, between Halldale and
Denker avenues, to B. M. Jones, $1000,
Mr. Jones is improving same with a
beautiful home; lot 44x128 feet on West
Forty-eighth street, between Harvard
boulevard and Western avenue, to Em
ma A. Mygant, purchaser is improv
ing: same with a home.
11. J. Brainerd & Co. report a very
active week In the inquiry and callers
viewing the several portable houses
they have on exhibition in their office.
They have, sent a very pretty three
room bungalow to Santa Monica, and
have shipped several houses to Hugh
Bell at Taft, Cal., the new oil town;
sent ;i house with porch all around to
Carl Schader at Parker. Ariz., where
they will establish a branch office; also
,i branch establishment at Taft. Cal.
Mr. Bralnerd has just completed two
garages, one erected on Garland ave
nue, the other on Connecticut avenue.
Mr. Bralnerd is the old. reliable porta
ble house builder of Los Angeles, and
is always pleased to show his houses
and quote prices. The erection of a
small house has Just been completed In
the WiUbire section near Western av
enue. J
Rate Is 14 Per Cent Per Annum
on the Par Value of
Home Builders directors Thursday . tie
flared their quarterly dividend, three and
one-half per cent will bo paid the stock
holders In cash, which becomes available
within thirty days.
This marks the ninth Quarter, or 11
months of Homo Builders' activities its h
building enterprise in Los Angeles, and Its
growth has hoen little short of marvelous
—a stride aulte In .time with the own ward
march of Los Angeles.
Twenty-seven months ago when the or
ganization was effected, the original cash in
hand amounted to only $1250. The financial
statement or the enterprise shown assets or
$600,000, with a surplus of over 1100*000.
Home Builders plan differs from many
building com pan Us, in thut it Bella homes
before they build them. During the tlrst
twenty-m^ en month i of Homo Builders'
activities it has sold and built over 100
handsome homes, It now has to hand and
on the waiting list nearly half a hundred
more. Demand 1« active aiid the manage
mrnt report a brilliant outlook.
■Lou Anirelfs' wonderful growth tins de
veloped some interesting examples of pros
perity in the building line. Perhaps In no
other city In the whole world can the paral
lel of several local institutions be found. In
volume of business transacted and freneroua
profits derived, there Is no other phase of
the city's development more alluring and
certain of remuneration for th« investor
than In these building companies.
Following are the building "permits is
sued since the last publication of the
list and classified according: to wards:
Permits. Values.
First ward 3 $ 8,160
Second ward 4 6,400
Thin! ward 2 2.2. rio
Fourth ward 2 11.220
Fifth ward IS 10.220
Sixth ward 2 1.100
Seventh ward 8 5.000
Eighth ward 1 1,400
Ninth ward 1 5,500
Totals 33 $73,3W
Piedmont avenue, 6025— R. E. Bald
ridge, at lot, owner: K. G. Buck, build
er; alterations of residence, $200.
Forty-ninth place, 707 West—F. "R.
Ward, 381 West Forty-first street,
owner and builder; one-story five-room
residence, $1300.
Bonsallo avenue, Edith A. Olm
sted. at lot, owner; J. Theland, builder;
alterations of residence, $150.
Main street, 460 South—A. M. Chaf
fey. 1207 Union Trust building, owner;
Pioneer Building company, builder;
one-story garage, $3000. i
Twenty-fourth street, 2029 West—
Sarah S. Brunnor, at lQt, owner and
builder; story-and-a-half seven-room
residence, $2000.
Twenty-second street, 2274 West—
F. M. Alcock, at lot, owner; W. It.
Ziegler, builder; One-story one-room
garage, $220.
Central avenue, ■ 2701-03—Andrew
Snyder, 506 East Forty-eighth street,
owner; K. L. Henek, builder; altera
tions of residence, $200.
First street, 1325-1329 East—Maxon
Xowlen, owner, Jas. McLean, builder;
two-story nine-room residence, $2500.
Bernice street, 4017 —Myra M.
Worthen, 4409 Griffln avenue, ownor
and builder; onc-stoi-y six-room resi
dence, $1800.
Forty-seventh street. 1516 West —
Mrs. H. Brinkhoff, Ventura, Cal.. own
er; C. E. Clote, builder; one-story
seven-room residence, $2500.
Seventh stroot jfii'O West — R. A. Fow
ler, at lot, owner; Ol.sen & Nelson,
builders; alterations of residence, $300.
Carondelet street, filf> —Charlotte
Brockway, at lot. owner; George Stark,
builder; alterations of residence, $260.
Thirty-sixth place, 1593 Welt-M.
fjee, at lot, owner; 1.,. H. Norman,
builder; alterations to residence, $1500.
Forty-seventh street, J2O West—P. H.
Muskat, 1367 "West Thirtieth street,
owner and builder; one-story six-room
residence, $1500
Forty-seventh street, 221 West—Same
as above.
Ouava street, 402—Mrs. T,. B. Ami
don, at lot, owner and builder; altera
tions of residence, $150.
Broadway, 860 South—Rowan &
Churchill, owners; .1. E. McLeod. build
er; alterations of building, $2fifK).
Third stre 41!7 Fast-L. W. Plinn
company, I'ij jSast Sixtli street, owner
and builder; one-story une-room warc
houM, $2000.
Hobart boulevard, 1937—rarl Stern,
2fil South L.OK Angeles street, owner;
Alex Grant, builder; two-story tcn
100m residence. $12,000.
Vernon avenue, 638 West—A. Mott,
Lmiff Beach, owner; Anderson-Colwell
company, builder; one-utory five-room
residence, $2000.
Fifty-lirst place. 1045 West—George
Bozzeiu, fii'.i West Thirty-second street,
owner; W. A. Wells, builder; one
story six-room residence, $1700.
Fifty-fourth street, 331 West—James
Kllpatriclc, 2531 Downey avenue, owner
and builder; one-story five-room resi
dence, $1600.
Fifty-ninth Street, 815 West -Louis T.
Paulson, 3617 South Main street, owner
and builder; one-story five-room resi
dence, 11800.
Fifty-eighth place, 814 West-Same
as above.
Hoover .street, 5855 —1.0uis T. Paulson,
owner and builder; same as above.
Chester place, B—E. L. Doheny, at lot,
owner; John S. Jacob, builder; altera
tions of residence, $6000.
Central avenue. 982-34—CJ. (luinriuin
to, owner; E. C. Hefner, builder; one
story store. $3"000.
Monroe, and Hoover streets—James
g. Smart, 218 Central building, owner
and builder; one-story five-room rest
dence, $1200.
.Monroe and Hoover streets—Same as
Seventh avenue and Gran* street—J.
A. Patterson, .".28 West Fifty-sixth
street, owner and builder; one-story
six-room residence, $2000.
Seventh avenue and Sixteenth street
—H. Q. Dow, owner; Milwaukee Hutld
inß company- builder: two-story 19
--room flat building. $9320.
Commercial street, 300— F. Teaehout,
owner; •'. S. Blodget, builder; one
story four-room residence, $1400.
Hollywood: Vista del Mar street, Jig
-G A r. Bayley, Hollywood, owner;. E.
Kossler, builder; two-story eleven-room
residence, $4000.
Hollywood: Hollywood boulevard, 345
East—A. Q. Bartlett, at lot, owner; ED.
Fossler, builder; alterations of resi
dence, $500.
H:.n Pedro: Parker court, 132 North •
X W. Johnson, at lot, owner and build
er; one-story two-room residence, $200.
The, \V. Koss Campbell company has
just eloped a lease on the Mrs. Kme
line Chllds store at 104 South Main
Htreet for a term of years. The build
inj? was leaMd by A. R. Hale & Kon,
wlin ure rerpnt arrivals from the east,
having closej out their Interests there
to open up business In 1-oh Angeles.
W. I. Hollingrsworth & Co. have re
moved their Lomlta Farm Acres of
fices from the Illinois Central office
across the street into the now Howe
buildlnir at 123 West Sixth street,
where they will have larger and more
commodious quarters.
£%\*^. j^f^**^ J /\ rt« il I '111 "* r*"*>^^ /^*N«^^*"^
W£a Wa JEuf •* *!"** •**»* **' \&m '**'•*** Ik ******** v'l ISisx9 En BSn *,*'•*•*■ EyEnflr WDSillcLrßHißj^'-*'*■ **^***-PaSyi^MH** **',' **'\
$1650 and Up, for Ideal Home Sites in
Wilshire Blvd. District
Positively your last opportunity to buy in the fashionable Wilshire
District at " under-the-market " prices. If we were to withdraw this
subdivision from the market .for a year —we could realize double
what we are • receiving now. From an investment standpoint, the
purchase of a lot in Van Ness Avenue Square at present prices is the ..
most desirable proposition available in Los Angeles. Right in the
very shadow of homes costing $io,ooo and upwards. Surroundings
MAKE or UNMAKE property. See Van Ness Avenue Square today
and have the above fact vividly brought home to you.
■ ' : . WWoi?y ,' ■ ' ':-■■■■ '• V"
s^'"^SSjJ| Yi!!I' P^ Sill) CV^ Sy Wffi^ifitO IWWy £*^ v^*prS>llllßillr ftf V^"" IIM"lIM ' ' * *
Over one-third of the entire tract is already sold out. The rest will
be gone in a few days. This is a home-buying opportunity of a life
time—a chance to double your money in the next 12 months. A
fortune is being expended in establishing public and private improve
ments. Go out and choose your favorite site today.
Take Westlake car marked " Fourth and Gramercy " or " Mel
rose Avenue." Get off at Fifth Street, or at Wilton Place and Fourth
■ Street, for branch offices.
The McCarthy Co. Walter G. McCarty
201 North Broadway 829 W. P. Story Building
in the McCarthy Building Sixth and Broadway
Phones—As94l, Main 1202 Phones F2lll, Bdwy 2730
[ ' • —-
fei Previous to the voting of the $3,000,000 bond issue for San Pedro harbor improve- l^M
Wm ments, Lomita Farm Acres were selling rapidly. Since the bonds carried 10-to-l ||:|
§p| buying has been even more active. There is no property around Los Angeles pjM
i,' 1! that has more intrinsic worth, and that will increase in value more rapidly than t>«;l
H Afy (-* AN ACRE and Up Is Cheap I
H *J|)tl"^^ and You Know It' fl
Wsm AND $10 AN ACRE DOWN AND $10 AN ACRE PER MONTH \M more HlvrHl terms than . P";>-;4
Krai yon will ho ablo to pot on this clasH of property in tho future. Th*ro in no better lanrl any- f'.-.t
Wm where There is abundance of water that rocs with the land—a perpetual water riKht. A K£. s I
ro'fa splendid boulevard to bo built by the, highway commission, the money to be used for this being ||'^|
HpS2!l a part of the $3,600,000 good roads fund. I/**
r'Z'Vi Sightly one-acre piecea may be had at very reasonable prices. Stop in any day and secure, iiH
WM a map and literature of this property. Let us know when you rnn-gn down. The days are. „- ■_, T
lft;l| long now, and if you cannot get away to go down at any other time in the day wo will tako E -,^'|
you down lato m tho afternoon.
fl This Is Your Opportunity— Are You Going to Grasp It? II
■ W. I. Hollingsworth & Co. I
H 123 West Sixth Street (Ground fiood fl
Kv*| NOTE—Carriages meet all car* at Weston avenue on Sunday forenoons. Taka I H
|V\.'| Oardena-San Pedro car on Hill street. Leaves Third and Main streets on the I < B
1.:.-I even hour. I j
part n

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