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Scene from Greek Play, "Parliament of Women,"
and Mrs. John W. Mitchell, Author of the Play
— —:"" " '""" ~""~" '" //- — "-w*j\ — ir~n ~~~ 3r/
The Beautiful Home of John W.
Mitchell to Be Setting
for May Fete
Members of the College Women's
Club will give a May garden fete this
afternoon at Lomita, the beautiful
home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mitchell
at First and Vermont avenue. The
club has 250 members and a number of
these talented young women will par
ticipate in a Greek play after the man
ner of Aristophanes. It is called "The
Parliament of Women," and was writ
ten by Mrs. Mitchell, who has coached
the players in their roles. It will be
given as a benefit for the building
fund, and as the members of the club
The 65,000
people who are
doingbusiness with the
various departments of
The Security Savings
Bank appreciate:
—the benefit of over 21 years of experience
in savings bank work,
—advantages and facilities unsurpassed by
any savings institution in the United States,
—extra-conservative policies relative to mak
ing loans, and the general conduct of every
department of the institution,
—the highest rates of interest paid to deposit
ors on the most favorable terms commen
surate with conservative banking,
—every detail in connection with every trans
action of the bank's work executed in strict
accordance with the State savings bank
—resources of over $28,000,000.00 and a
Capital and Reserve of 1,700,000.00 —
strength which speaks for itself,
—a directorate and general management rep
resentative of the highest type of ability
and integrity,
—a Safe Deposit and Storage Vault not
equaled for strength and appointments in
the Southwest,
to furnish reliable facts pertaining to Los
Angeles and California subjects—a depart
ment that is broad and efficient,
quick, uniform, consistent service.
Security Building Spring and Fifth Sts.
have many friends there will undoubt
be n large attendance.
Tlif cast of players for the Greek
play is as follows: Praxagora, Miss
Elsie Ara Wagoner; Palaestra, Miss
Evangeltne Gray: Ampelesea, Miss
Sarah M ■:.:;::: Iris. Mrs. Birncy Don
ncll: Medea, Miss Lucy Howell; Nau
.. .strata. Miss Jessie Moore; Sophronla,
Miss Ella Ryder; Thetis, Miss Mabel
Walsh; Ceres, Miss Ethol Williams;
Perenthia, Miss Bertha Oliver; Phydla,
Miss Edith Furrey; Elextra. Miss Lucy
Robinson; Artemis, Miss Adele Myer;
Penelope, Lloy Qalpln; Xanthla, Miss
Maria Lopea. Members of the assem
bly are Hermlone, Miss Marie Crow;
(■him is. Miss lluth Blodßiitt; Lesbia,
Mir-< Ruby Elwood; Israene, Miss Alice
Cooper; Antigone, Miss Claire Sweet
man • Aonone, Miss Louise Mourot;
Daphne, Miss Luclle Locke; Chloe, Miss
Hazel Levery; Lyce, Miss Sybil James.
This group of young women trained
by Miss Sarah McLean will Rive Greek
dances: Misses Catherine Lennox, Ma
rie McDonald, Marie Bchwarze, Bessie
Brewster, Dorenda Haviland, Helen
Tupper, Anna Misilißan, Rae Davis,
Anna Addison, Frances Zerr, Pearl
Goode, Gladys Hamilton, Lola Pratt,
Virginia Allen.
Miss Pierson is chairman of the re
ceptlon committee, and the committee
or arrangements includes Misses Lucy
Robison, Hazel" Levery, Louise Ehr
mann. Lucile Locke, Jane Spaulding
and Miss Sybil Jones, chairman. The
young- women will all wear the Grecian
costume, and after the play appro-
I priate refreshments will be served.
Five Candidates Are Expected to
Air Their Views Before
College Clubs
An unusually interesting and novel
event has been planned by the Federa
tion of College clubs of Southern Cali
fornia, which announced yesterday
that it has aranged for a big banquet
to be held at Hamburger's cafe May 17,
at which all of the various candidates
for governor in California are to be
I ri si lit and make yo-minute speeches.
Phil A. Stanton, "regular" Republican
candidate for governor, will sit face to
face with Secretary of State Curry, his
Republican rival for the same honor,
where they can look lovingly into each
other's eyes and form mutual opinions
■ i . i li other's political chances and
qualifications. If the present plans
carry, and there seems to be every as
surance the various candidates will be
pri ent, it will be arranged for Alden
Anderson, state bank examiner, who
also is a Republican candidate for gov
ernor, to sit beside Mr. St inton or Mr.
Curry, where he, too, can form con
Neither is Nat Ellery to bo slighted.
He, likewise, is to sit conveniently
to Brother Anderson—for Mr.
Ellery still is in the race for the Re
pul li Mti nomination, ami his friends
say he will get it.
The presence of these four men is
especially interesting:, foi they are all
considered "machine" Republicans, and
are bitterly opposing one another in
tin campaign for the Republican nom
Last, but not lr-ast, Theodora A.
Bell, Democratic candidate for gover
nor, Is t'> have a seat at the banquet
board, seated at a .safe distance from
the Republican phalanx, whi re ho will
be expei ted to respond to the various
toasts and incidentally to reply t>> the
four 30-mlnute speeches to be made by
Btanton, Curry, Elilery and Anderson.
Similar banquet! have i n given by
Federation of College Clubs In pas!
year*, but thl.s is the first time. It is
said, that such a remarkable array of
gubernatorial timber has ever been ar
ranged for ono gathering. What the
will be can only be surmise I, but
it is expected there will be some ln
teresting speeches, The situation in
which the various rivals will (lnd them
selves should no doubt afford much
comment, If not genuine amusement.
Property owners who comprise the
Cypre.s.s Park Improvement association
want the city to please come out In
their neighborhood and clean off the
sidewalks. They ask that the district
bounded by Idell, San Fernando road,
the north city boundary and the Mount
Washington hills on Isabel street bo
declared a sidownlk cleaning district
and the provisions of the ordinance that
gives the city authority to clean off
ts and rubbish enforced.
Pouthorn Pacific change in time
Sunday, May 8. See display notice in
this paper.
Unable to Find Employment, Fails
Also in Attempt to Kill
After lying for sixteen hours with a
deep gash on each side of his throat
and on each arm, which he Inflicted
in an attempt to commit suicide, E. C.
Layson, 37 years old, was found yes
terday afternoon in his room at 604V4
South Hope street slowly dying from
loss of blood.
Layson was discovered by the pro
prietor of the rooming house, with his
head in a pool of blood. He was on the
bed unconscious. Beside him was a pen
knife covered with blood with which
it is supposed he inflicted the cuts.
Layson had been in the habit of
railing for his mail early in the morn
ing. When he failed to appear yester
day, the proprietor became suspicious
anil made an investigation.
The man entered his room Thursday
night about 12 o'clock. He had been
drinking heavily of late and appeared
to he despondent over his failure to
secure employment. It is thought that
this is the cause for his attempt to
take his life.
He w;is taken to the rrcioving hos
pital where the injuries were attended.
To the police Layson said that he
was formerly a hotel man in Ken
tucky and had been in Loa Angeles
only a short time. He was later em
ployed at Bullock's department .store
at olerk.
$12,000 Taken for Election Fund
and $8000 for Advertising
The already depleted general expense
fund was handed a couple more Jolts
yesterday when the finance committee
transferred $12,000 to the election fund
and $8000 to the advertising fund from
the genera] expense fund. The simple
little fact that there isn't that much
money In the general expense fund to
transfer didn't figure in the case a
The money will net there in a few
weeks when at the end of the fiscal
year all surplus money from the vari
ous funds i.i turned back into the gen
eral fund,
J. 11. Fountain, chief deputy city
auditor, went to the courthouse yes
terday and made the supervlsore come
through with the 116,000 road fund for
Bast Hollywood that lias been prom
ised for some time but that didn't
materialise until someone went after it.
A Man Wants to Die
only when a lazy liver and sluggish
bowels cause frightful despondency.
But Dr. King's New Life Pilla expel
poisons from the system; bring hope
and courage; euro all Liver, Stomach
and Kidney troubles; impart health
and vigor to the weak, nervous and
ailing. 25c at all druggists.
I Oday \ jfo/W/af7T. Bowy.4944^^'Ojmmdwaycor. 4W. L<&ANQ£LE£. '.; *•
jjj&n) <ff!§§i The Misses* Department
>L^ r*f j2|^ Presents New <b tL .93
f-:^w\ JKHL Wash Coat Suits ** *
\''%'^VWKl\ (yPfl '^^^ffl Seems like there are so many pretty styles from which a miss
\ 'm-vWI v lloUJlr may select her summer wash suit* and yet there are very few
V.#-!:'^lV i ,^A, 7 ;BiP^^l- so desirable and practical as these at anywhere near $5.95.
A.AiV-4fii-^^jmiifl^^f^'* Study the illustration.
"T^sX<r iA" i* II 111 IT They are made of white linette, with blue polka dots. Coats
"==li? l*%*Tllk liillliSr are cleverl y finished with long, blue lapels, blue cuffs and
A: ;;'•••'[J|L 11-■ L S 1 P earl buttons - The graceful pleated skirts are banded around
AjPT-T^-a!^ IP iI H the bottom with Plain blue- These are one '" tlu' latest styles
I'l'/'fi"• l\ m■j| | Hi we nave received. Priced at $5.95.
HiW\ HflWi Middy Blouses for <t 1 r% g*
rMUJ-'/l ■U Beach or School Wear ... # I .25
*~JLjy^dfa jf£i^ '\ J. No let up to the vogue of these fascinating middy blouses.
wT \^ \i They're made of plain white wash material, with large blue
\^\^ > 1 sailor collars and cuffs. All sizes from 6to 18 yrs. Priced $1.25.
Misses' Wash £qf\ £ Black and White d+Cl QZt
Coat Suits .... *p%J.ZsD Checked Coats . . ipZr.^O
If you are a miss between 14 and 18 years of age we Wo take groat pride In being able to mark these misses'
urge that you see these dainty garments, with their CO ats at $9.95, since black and white shepherd checks are
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price $3.95. tratlon.
Children's Wash W% -4 f\f\ Children's New &I*7 /£
School Dresses . %p JL m\J\J Wash Dresses . . %p JL •£. %}
These may be had In blue or pink plaids and stripes. No more popular stye than the Trotteur model, trimmed
The garments are trimmed with wash braids. The with wash braid and pleated skirt. Several patterns in
skirts are cut In popular pleated models. Sizes 6to plaids, also plain colors. Sizes 6to 14 years. Priced $1.75.
14 years, specially low priced at $1. . ■„„ " —Second Floor.
La Premier Butter %£%&"" 58c
Dunn's Assorted Jellies or lA r Jello for Dessert, 7 flavors. 1C- Fancy Assorted Cakes, 7?r
Jams, glass * "*» 2 packages ' «*• 2 lbs. 1 L"^
This is strictly home-made. Van Camp's Spanish-American or Summer Sausage or German 9Sf
California Full Cream |* r Heinz Baked Beans, 25c S!llaml'lb ,'•• *,
Cheese, lb ". lOC 3 cans ..^^v Dozen Eggs, strictly 2f»C
Imported OH or Sardines in Tomato fresh *VI(
Fancy English Walnuts. IE- sauce, 2 cans 7C c Quaker Puffed Rice, IS-
Pound l»\. for >3C 2 packages
Soft Shell Almonds. -Jflf. Uneeda Biscuits—with other I A-, Pickled Pigs' Fret, fi
-2 lbs. for Oww goods —3 packages '"• pound v*"
■ %■■
$1.24 Keystone Food Chopper 95c
One of the valuable kitchen articles is a good, reliable food chopper. The Keystone is a wonder.
$1.24 size today, 95c.
to any spray. tea cups AND SAUCERS lOc EACH—Fine, thin,
LUNCH BOXES 9c. 10c, 12c, 14c and 15c—Red or black. wn it china. Ovide shape. Regularly $1.75 dozen.
FIRELESS COOKER $8-Some $12 ones Included. Will 39c-Regular 67c ones. Two
save gas and cook the food unusually well. handle; neat decorations.
15c GAS MANTLES 12c-Inverted style. WHITE ENAMEL CUPS Bc-186 dozen. Regular
$21 100-PIECE DINNER SET $15 —Fancy German china. size, seldom sold at anywhere near Be.
Pretty decorations and gold traced. Seven sets to go at, OATMEAL BOWLS 10c EACH—Cornflower decora
each $15. tions. Regularly $2.40 dozen.
Commencing Monday, May 9, will leave Los Angeles dally
at 8 p. m. and arrive at San Francisco next morning at
9:30 (similar schedule southbound).
De luxe trains of sleeping cars for first-class travel —
companion trains of the popular daylight "Shore Line Lim
Information and Tickets at 600 So. Spring St. and Arcade Station, Los Angeles.
148 E. Colorado St., Pasadena.
Funeral of Man Killed Will Be Held
This Afternoon at 2
A certificate of accidental death was
signed by Coroner Hartwell yesterday
In the ease of Henry I. Fenlmore of the
automobile firm of Nash & Fenlmore,
who was killed Thursday night on
Weal Adams street, near Crenshaw
boulevard, when the automobile he
was driving turned turtle, pinning him
under the wrecked car. An Inquest
was waived by his father, Dr. Henry
11. Fenlmore, who said he was satisfied
that death WES accidental.
Tin' funeral services of young Feni
tnore will be held this afternoon at 2
O'clock from the residence, 2416 Went
Seventh street, Burial will be in Rose>
dale cemetery.
Hugo Qoldscbmldt, proprietor of the
Southern California Wine company,
who was with Fenimore at the time
of the accident anil who waa taken to
the California hospital, was reported
yesterday as being improved. He sus
tained a dislocation of the right hip,
a severe laceration of the forehead and
internal injuries.
J. L. Eigholz, salesman in the employ
of Fenimore and who was with him
at the time of the ncccident, was re
moved from the California hospital, I
whore he had been taken, to his home
at 1232 Crenshaw boulevard yesterday
afternoon. Eigholz sustained several
cuts aljout his body, a fractured wrist
and a fractured left rib. His condition
la reported as being much improved.
It is said that the car which caused
Fenimore to turn from the road was
owned by Dr. John R. Haynes, 945
South Figucroa street, and was being
driven by his chauffeur, A. G. Sharkey.
The doctor was in it at the time and
was accompanied by Mrs. Haynes and
two friends with whom he was return
ing to Los Angeles from the beach.
Sharkey emphatically denies having
blocked the marl, but instead says that
Fenimore passed him, and that his car
then started to skid and turned turtle.
■»« »
At Arrowhead Hot Springs you will
get rest, comfort, good water and
mountain air, with a first-class table,
American plan. Summer rates now on.
Write for information,
Victim of Assault in Serious Con
dition, Says Doctor
Charged with assault with a deadly
weapon, F. O. Hubbell was arrested
at Kedondo yesterday morning by De
tectives Murray and McCann, brought
to Los Angeles and later arraigned
before Police Judge Frederickson. His
trial was set for 9:30 o'clock. May 11,
and his bail fixed at $5000, which ho
was unable to furnish.
Hubbell is charged with having
struck A. B. McDonald, president of
the Arrowhead Springs Water com
pany, on the head with a bottle Thurs
day morning, causing a severe lacera
tion and concussion. The assault al
leged took place after an argument
over the business of the company.
Hubbell is a minor stockholder.
McDonald is <ii> years old and lives
at 2704 West Eighth street, where he
is attended by Dr. <3. S. Eddie, who
stated yesterday he thought MoDonald
has suffered a basal fracture of the
skull. His condition ia serious.

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