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Correspondent—Re«. phone Bunsrt 4367.
Circulation Home 16441 Sunset 2740.
Office. 80 W. Colorado st. Phones 1627
Pasadena. South Pasadena and
Alhambra May Be Made
One Municipality
PASADENA. May B.—The proposi
tion of coneolidatinK Alhambra, Poutli
Pasadena and Pasadena was ndvunrerl
several degrees yesterday afternoon at
a meeting- of the subcommittee of the
joint committee from the boards of
trade of the three cities, when it was
brought out that the sentiment in Los
elea ls apparently agninst taking
either South Pasadena or Alhambra
into Greater Los Anseles. and that the
only question remaining is whether
the' three cities desire to unite.
Walter Raymond, chairman of the
South Pasmlena committee, reported
that he had personally Interviewed a
number of lending citizens of the
\nq< ] city, nnd that without exception
they state dpositively that it will be
a number of years before the Los An
geles voters would even consider ro
motely the proposition of acquiring
more territory to the east of their pres
ent city limits.
The siprniflcance of this report was
men't in South Pasadena has hereto
fore been in favor of annexation to
Los Anpeles for advantages that would
accrue from Owens river water nnd a
sewer system. Now that those chances
seem far removed, it Is thought that
South Pasadena will look to Pasadena
to supply these necessities, as well as
municipal liphtinpr.
Jurltre W. M. Northrup, chairman of
the Alhambra committee, reported that
Alhambrans want to "be shown" the
advantflgre of consolidation. He re
quested a copy of the city charter of
Pasadena and other documents to show
to his constituents.
TV. TV. Oerier, chairman of the Pasa
dena committee and also head of the
joint committee, plans to have Manager
Kolner of the city light plant and other
city officials present at the Joint meet
ing Tuesday niprht to furnish statistical
information regarding the flnanc* s and
other matters pertaining to the pov
ernment of Pasadena. Tt was pointed
out that the Grander Pasadena after
consolidation would have an assessed
valuation of over $.in.nOO.nnn.
Preceding the subcommittee Ttv^otincc
n tour of Inspection was made throiiirh
Alhambra and South Pasadena by the
committee, accompanied by TT. C. TTo
talinir. A: L. Chamberlain anri T. D.
Allin, former engineer for the three
cities concerned, and it was ascer
tained that fully 76 per cent of the ter
ritory and OS per cent of the population
can he supplied with sewers and water.
josr-ph [srael, chairman of the boost
ing committee of the Merchants' asso
?iation. is patherintr data as to the
purchase of water from the Arrowhead
Ft esPrv nir company's anticipated supply
In the Little Hear valley, north of San
PASADKNA. May B.— The Thronp
Institute baseball team defeated the
Harvard Military academy team yes
farday by n score of " to n. Thl.= ta
Hip seventeenth consecutive game won
liy Throop.
Mra. W. E. Smith, North Wilson ave
nue and Evelyn place, entertained yes
terday afternoon for Mr=. B. P. T-nrrl
with a M:iv day party under the aus
pices of the Happy Thought club.
Luncheon aw&s nerved in pink and
white May baskets. Mrs. Lord will
leave tomorrow for Tjcavenwnrth, Kas.
James E. Sprunger, one of the state
secretaries of the. Y. M. C. A., will
address the men's meeting- In the Ftrat
Baptist church this afternoon at 3:?.o
o'clock on "Man Power in the Twen
tieth Century."
H. I. Stuart, president of the I'nion
National bunk, who sustained n broken
rih, n sprained wrist anrl a contvpion
of tli- forehead when he was thrown
from liis! horse, will recover.
Members of the T. M. C. A. building
committee are considering plans for
the new $100,000 building foi the asso
The annual antl-rlc-nrette program of
the Sunday School Temperance feder
ation will be given at the First Chrls
tlnn church th^a afternoon at M o'clock.
Pursuant to request of the dereareii,
■tii,. nshep of Thomas P. Croft. "The
Father nf Pasadena." who served on
the Monitor during the Civil War, will
be strewn upon the ocean.
Indian Motocyclen, So W. Colorado. *'
Miss Elsie Weber of High School
Team Injured at Practice
LONG BEACH, May 7. Miss Elsli
Weber, a member of the Lons Beach
high bi hool girls' basketball team, dis
located her left arm while ai practice
last i vening, and will !» unable to pi ij
for some tin;o. A game for the
championship will be played if the
Lowell high school pirls of San Fran
cisco, northern champions, accept a
I isitlon mad.- to thi m to rlay in
Long Beach against the local high
school, the southern champions.
85 years' experience. Vla.tora welcome. I*3
laJit-s', 86c. 154 N. FAIR OAKS AYE.
cities our specially. List with un. CITI
ZENS REALTY CO.. 800 Chamber of
Commerce, Pn~?idena. 4-13-lrr.o
carpet Floor poilshlni; ana carpet clean-
Ing. BUNBET 919: HOME 1638. l-H-lmo
diet; *croened sleoplng porch; itrlotljr pii-
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er to eat here than at home. 199 EAST
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lik^^ To Maße the Bedroom Beautiful, Cozy, Restful °£ jTSSKfoST
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Long Beach Committeemen Se
lected-Meeting to Be Held
Thursday Night
LONG BEACH, May 7.—Democratic
eommttteemen for each precinct and
ites to the county convention to
lie held In Los Angeles are being se
!. A full li.st w 111 b i pn sented
ai a meeting at the city hall next
Thursday night. Those si lei ted so far
First precinct, G. M. Splcer commit
in, and J. R. Teague and W E
\\ en hi delegate; second precinct,
i Hid committeeman, and
E 11, iMiiiiiip.il delegati :
precinct, F. M. Newklrk comn
man, and E. !■'. Davis and li. F. Davia
, tes; fourth precinct, 1.. W. Shu
nitteeman and J- w . Ray del
■ fifth precinct, I (eorg Blni
nitteeman and C. A. lunker dele
gate; sixth precinct, 11 • rman Bucey
iltteeman and C. J. Hargis dele
gate; seventh precinct, George 1.,.
Hoodenpyle committeeman, and \V. B.
Julian and Barney Brown delegate ;
a pr 'clnct, J. C. Wilhoit leli
ninth precinct, Huff Win- ard commit
in, and Herbert Browne and John
, ,; ', ■hi. g; tenth precinct, R. W.
limn and M, E. Kelpp
i,. cli venth precinct, W. ''
committeeman, and J. <.'. Bl
I Palmer delegates; twelfth
ict, Harry Rlley < ommittee nan
and W. H. Ramsaur delegate; tlilr
lei Hi precinct, H, L. Plllebury mm
i c. C. Btanslfer dele
■ irti i nth prei Inct, Jack Moist
man; fifteenth pn i ict, ':.
p. Kapp committeeman, and Victor
Elumpl ' I L. A. Pa Ln< dele
net l■! \ . l uford com-
i ti ent U pn i inct, J, W.
Rips ■ 111 h pre
cinct, 1 I rman eommltti oman
n. T. Qui mil teenth
pre( Inct, not .- led ■ fl
LONG BEACH, May 7- The
couni il lns( night . resolui lon
nattng next Mond ' Huvi'
Been Counti i on thai
flay a special effort will \>- made to
build up tins census reporl by getting
in tin 1 count w iio i aye ci caped
the enumerators.
LONG BEACH, May 7.— People who
never touched liquor and whoso
eyes have been pronounced in first class
condition by local oculists returned
from Blxby park with a report of hav
ing scon a white headed blackbird.
A.s to whether the white head was that
way when the. blackbird first pipped
its shell, or whether it was caused by
a recent sorrow, was a question dli-
I at length by two elderly women
who saw the bird freak.
Strathtay Company Sues Yosem
ite for Crash in Fog
SAX PEDRO, May 7.— The Btrathtay
team liip company has begun suit In
the L'nlted States district court against
the strain, r rosemlte for $20,000, the al
leged damage! to the British steamer
thtay, when she was struck by the
mite off the Southern California
' April Hi in a di tn c !"■-:. The
uomplalnt alleges that Capt. Reiner
was running tho Yosemite at an un
lawful speed in the fog at the time of
the collision.
Tho yosemite was bound north from
iorl and the British steamer was on'
way t" the west roast of South
.|, .',. Both continued on their way
neither knew the Identity of the
other until their destinations were
reached and the collision reported,
meeting of the Prohibitionist county
central committee was held in this city
this afternoon. J. Whltson <>t Ontario
was elected chairman; T. J. Cromer
i i upland, vice chairman; J. M. Hart
ley of Upland, secretary, and c. v.
Woehr of Redlanda, treasurer, These
men with Rev. G. S. Clark of San
Bernardino, Asa Adams of Patton and
.1 II Allen of Redlandi form the new
executive board, Addresses wen- made
M. Woortendyke, itate chairman
if Los Angeles; Rev. K. W. Emerson
of Redlandi and Major E. T. Scott,
national lecturer. It was decided to
put candidates Into the Held for every
county ofllce.
Members of Indian Princess' and
Spanish Governor's Courts
Are Busy with Drills
little more than a .wick before the
opening of the San Bernardino Valley
centennial, to be held May 17-21. the
general committee Is rapidly shaping
the final details for the celebration,
and workmen will be engaged in dress-
Ing the city in its gala attire trom
now on. The grandstand and princesß'
throne, at Fourth ami E streets, Is
nearlng completion. Electricians are
stringing the wlreß for the elaborate
electrical display that la to form part
of the decoration scheme.
The members of the Indian princess'
.■md Spanish governor's courts are
nightly drilling in the fancy dunces and
receiving Instructions. The Native
Sons and Daughters will Rive a May
pole dance and are drilling fur that
The monks' chorus of forty male
voices is being organised and trained
by I "Hi Jose Kodri/juez. The members
of the chorus will I)- carl)'.! In the
ancient dress of the Franciscan mis
ries. One of the features to bo
worked Into the allegorical pictures on
the princess' throne will be the re
dU lovery of the valley by the monks,
led by Padre Dumetz, the missionary
who 100 years ago drew up his caval
cade and established his camp upon
the present site of the oity. A cowboy
chorus "ill portray the early days of
the Spanish and American settlers who
followed the missionaries.
The financial success of the celebra
tion l» already assured, the entire
guaranty fund having been donated by
citizens, The centennial committee
will expend approximately $20,000 in
preparing for the celebration. (
■» »»
trl-i-ounties reforestation committee,
which is made up of water men of
San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange
counties, la planning a Jaunt among
the mountain! above Ban Bernardino,
i!i, memben of the committee plan
on Visiting Skyiaml, Squirrel inn Pine
crest, Fredalba, Arrowhead reservoir
and Hoar valley.
San Bernardino Lad's Life
Crushed Out by Accident
in Santa Fe Yards
Brown, 16 years old, was Instantly
Killed here late this afternoon at the
Santa F« pre-cooling planl as he was
assisting workmen about a derrick.
Young Brown and another lad had
gone to the pre-cooler and while watch-
Ing the workmen were asked to "give
a lift." which they did. The derrick
slipped and Brown was struck on the
head by the block and tackle, which
fell. His skull was crushed. The In
quest will be held Monday morninß.
Ho resided with his father, Cecil
Brown, on Central avenue.
Throws Himself in Front of Train
and Jumps from Bridge
RIVERSIDE. May 7.— S. Also, a
Japanese, aged 28, attempted suicide'
this forenoon, throwing himself in
front of a Santa Pc train, His broth
er, who was with him, dragged him
back from the truck. The man
seemed to be suffering from a sudden
attack of insanity, and, breaking away
from his brother, ran down to the
bridge of th« Salt Lake road over the
Terquesquite arroyo, He waved a
farewell and Jumped from the bridge.
A tree broke his fall, however, and he
escaped with a broken leg and num
erous bruises.
The brother! had just arrived from
Burbank, where they had engaged in
the berry business and failed.
OXNARD, May 7.-The Hiiennme
poatofflce «is robbed after midnight
this morning. The burglars entered
throuKi' a window and secured about
$!() lii money ami itampa. Tin:, ;it
tempted to break open the safe, but
failed. The safe contained more than
SANTA MONICA, May 7.—The police
are endeavoring to round up several
men supposed to have stolen four
horses, valued at $1200, from L,. Van
Winkle, while the latter was Bleeping
at his home in the Brentwood park dis
When Van Winkle awoke this morn
ing he foued the fence of his pasture
torn down and the horses gone, Later
seven of them were found, but four,
t lie most valuable in the lot, are .still
Further Irregularities Unearthed
in Street Opening Fund
SANTA MONICA, May 7.—Expert a<
countanta who are examining tho books
of Ralph Bane, defaulting city treas
urer, today cam*; upon what they con
sider Irregularities in the proceeding*
in connection with the collection of
the assessments for the opening of
Dwlght avenue. Ah far as the search
went today the experts were unable
to find receipts for moneys amounting
to 1640, which ,l c. Hemingway, for
mer city clerk, claims to have turned
over to Bane.
It was reported here today that n
large part. If not all, of th« city's
funds taken by Bane was separated
frnm the treasurer In a bucketshop,
where Bane was recently seen fre
quently in possession of considerable
It developed today that Bane within
the past month made diligent inquiry
of friends who had visited British Co
lumbia concerning that province, and
it is thought possible that he has land
ed there Instead of hastening to cen
tral America, an at first supposed.
Charles Woods, a traveling swsman
well acquainted with Bane, wrote to
his wife here that he had met the
treasurer on the itreet at San Fran
cisco last Saturday and Bane told him
Of his intention to go to Santa Rosa
On a real estate deal. Recalling Bane's
action* at the time. Woods said he.
appeared extremely nervous and in a
hurry to take his departure.
I.oX'i BEACH, May 7.—The city
council last night repealed the ordi
nance |i i : ed Borne weeks ago abolish*
IriK the office of police captain, and
captain Clayton McCord Is in that of
fice once again.
Water from Little Bear Valley
Finds Way Into Silver
baffling rise of Silver lake, which
threatens to submerge the tracks of
the Tonopah & Tidewater railroad, it
\M said hero today, Is caused by the
draining- of the Little Bear valley res
ervoir Into the Mojave river. The
railroad company has installed mam
moth pumps and a drainage canal in
an effort to stop the steady rise of
the lake and prevent Its tracks from
going out.
In order to repair several big cracks
In the new concrete dam at Littlo
Hear valley it has been found neces
sary to empty the big reservoir, Into
which the natural lake at that point
has been converted. The discovery of
the cracks In the. wall is the cause of
the strained relations between the
engineers, contractors and the reser
voir company.
To drain the reservoir vast volumes
of water are being turned down the
mountain Into the Mojave river. It
is necessary to drain the reservoir to
repair the damage and ascertain what
is responsible for the faulty construc
The increased volume of water disap
pears with the normal flow of the
river from the surface and after its
lon(? journey in the underground chan
nel comes to the surface and forms
the Silver lake.
Hundreds of thousands of Inches of
wnter must be turned out of the reser
voir and the waters will ultimately
find their way into the Silver lake.
VKNICE, May 7.—Following is the
program to be played at the afternoon
concert by the Venice-of-Amerlea band
tomorrow: March, "Faust" (Gounod);
overturn, "Mlf?non" (Thomas); Ameri
can fantasia, "(loms of Stephen Fos
ter" (Tobani); "Madam Butterfly,"
new (Puccini), arranged by Chlaffa
relll; Ideal, "The Mill In the Forest"
(Eilenberg; selection, "The Merry
Widow" (I,ehar); waliz, "Blan Da
nube" (Strauss); selection, "II Trova
tore" (Verdi).

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