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Dove of Peace Broods Over City
Club Again After Period
of Turbulence
William R. Williams Explains the
Need of System of Uni
form Accounts

All la serene at the city club, for by I
a unanimous vote yesterday the club |
rebuked John T. Pope a little for his j
indiscretion of a week ago, accepted j
his abopogy and told him not to let
it happened again. Mr. Pope asked Aha
Adams, former governor of Colorado,
several questions at the City club
luncheon a week bro, and last week
many members of the club wrote the |
board of governors asking that Pope j
be expelled.
President F. G. Finlayson explained !
to the club yesterday that it was un
constitutional to expel a member from
the club unless written charges were
preferred against him, but that the
secretary had written a letter to Pol ■
...-.-Jr,™ that th? ''liiK would lie miicli
obliged if he would resign or apolo
gize, or do something about it. i
Then Mr. Finlayson explained that
before the letter was written Pope had
received a letter from former Gover
nor Adams In which the urbane states
man had expressed regret for the in
cident, but based It on misinformation
and overzealousness to learn the truth.
In reply to this letter Pope had writ- ■
ten expressing his sincere regret that
he had overlooked the proprieties and
declaring that Adams was right when
he said Pope's purpose in asking the
questions was to gain Informal
Pope wrote the same kind of an apol
ogy to the <Hib and said his unquench- ,
able thirst for Information had caused
him to forget his table manners, and!
that he would never, never, never do
it again. That satisfied the club and
the unanimous vote of forgiveness fol
William R. Williams, state treasurer, j
was the attraction at the club's lunch- j
con yesterday. He spoke on uniform
public accounts. He led off by saying
that California has a poor system in
state and county and most, of Its city
offices. He said the loose 6yi?tem of
checks and balances gives officials a
chance to appropriate a little now and
then with perfectly good intentions of
putting it back when wheat goes up
to $2 a. bushel. So Inviting were these
opportunities, said Mr. Williams, that
the surety companies will not go on
the bonds of a state treasurer nor a
county treasurer or tax collector un
less they are thoroughly secured by
somebody else. He pointed out the
faults in the system and said the only I
remedy he could see was general state
supervision. He told how an effort
had been made to have the last legis
lature enact a law providing for a
state superintendent of accounts that
would stop Borne ofitho.trouble-, but
in.t some interested officials aian i
•anVa state superintendent snooping
nbout their officials and the bill was;
tot in the legislature. Another at
,,,„.,„ will he made next year to have
"^r Mr" wf£s had concluded
Small 'Shots' Plentiful. Is Report
of W. B. Morgan. Who Has
Recovered from Illness
"There is more game in the hill and
brush in Los Angeles county this year
that there has been in the last ton
years," declared W. B. Morgan, county
game warden, yesterday, upon nig re
turn to his office from a spoil of Illness
tit his country home. "Mountain quail
especially are numerous, and the foot
hills appear to be alive with them;.
Protection of game under th state
laws was given by Morgan as the rea-
Bon for the Increase in the number of
birds and other game. He declared
that the surface conditions In Los An-
K eles county were better for the pro
tection of small game than In any other
county ii the state, because of the
thick scrub oak and other shrubbery,
Sharp canyons in the mountains are
also Riven as good place? for the
breeding of game, bocauso it " difficult
for the hunters to K°t at birds and
wild fowl
"There always has been more game
In this county than hunters bellov»d."
Bald Morgan. "The old-time hunters
who know the habits of game always
K el out early in the opening •''' the
phootlnß season. In a few days the
game scatters to hiding places, and
then the preen hunters pro out and
don't find anything. Then they return
and tell you all the game has dpi
killed off." This Is where they are mis
taken „
The game warden stated that ''" '
were more plentiful than they had been
in many years, and he predicted line
snort for hunters on the opening of the
season this ill.
Blgma Alphn Xi
c iiifornia held thi i onthly
„,,,1 bnnqu< • a 1 the 11 illen
liotel I I
. n
l i:. I>. I: i , Stun
preslded. Those present
. a' '• R. Hay, N I
i, u-hT'r, Hi i'lm rt Hoy ard, Iti
White, Thomas Hastings, A. It. Kll-
Mr Jami B, Mr, Gow . . Mr.
,on M. I-'- Shannon, G. VV. P
. j. Wicks, Will -I Andrpws, Mr.
, n; K. U HutchU
man, Mr. Spa
john Phelpa and Thorn
To see Hipolito Belf-regulatlng: roller
Hcveon and reversible window demon-
Strated.-t Call 634-38 Maplo avenuo.
Hipolito Screen and'Baah company.
, v m Woods v. ill form a flags for be
-inner. In dancing Monday eyenlngr,
Say 0. 748 South Figueroa etreet.
fWool and Half Wool Dress Goods * s\c 3 Kodak Prints Free with Each ' _ii§S>&&<_^T A f^Tflnßl
«^ 36-in. and 40-in. Plaids and Checks I£/ R o ]] o f Films Developed fjt^^^"^ X
These arc in light, medium and dark color combinations. Gray, To^urther^caua^t this' with^th^iiigh^c,^ work IZx^yX™*** XyUM ffiATOIf I t
--■"i V Tm, navy and red, myrtle and cardinal, gray and black, and brown films here and we win give you three finished prints up to and in- X^^ w»«r ~m»~i~y~r v rw9 J^
•<■'"'' I J^T"^!!* s"*s^5"*5^ , , ," ill • "i ■ i, i i. it i iudiii" size 4xr>, iihsoltttely free, with each roll of films developed. % U/-mflS\E-J I O nuns jlf\jl jlM^^
/.. V -ili* \ and gray, marked a great deal more in this May sale event Mon- Remember, we carry a full line of Eastman Kodaks and supplies. ; nOMEIUD/l. tiDWY.4.S)44. i
,L I'; C Vwi I day, yard. 19C. near Aisle 2. 1 __; . —__ —; i
i pir ; yS 1. :'-M' dm we could be :i.;,« t.i rffrr at a mii.'l. tnvipr. olive, cardinal, mnrino, catawha HM Ml \. \^S^m^ Vm\ M > of w^^ \^^bT /
i I May Sale of -t g*
[o Ik ''M Linings _L«l7C'
• ;:W- M\ _«• choke of a splendid Inch Percaiine. OQ J"-vi^»li fcfc'\.T r\'V% T? f\lll /16 /*" C\ **. Beginning Monday and continuing for one \
i. 'fiT r|S»'N^lS Fun pieces, soft finish lining, in aA O — lllCFl I\l (Jf l~ pU L -L \JU-lU,I W.O O^!/C a combination of events—a chain of sales a
•l?-HRv 1 and'cream -' colors, as wen a. hi.ou Great Eastern Purchase. _ ........ ->- ■ V*^ an all important part.
1 * Wv^ ll 'I." !! tt ii -i, „,,,i,.j ,=„,,,„ :„»'.'„ If we were just to whisper the manufacturer's name you'd easier grasp the full significance
I II &*#! Also a 36-lnch mercerized[lining sateen of what this bargain price means, m the identical quality that is made a feature of in Many buyers have only shortly retur
I xa f»sr I? in remnant lengths of 3to 8 yards. stores throughout the country at 85c. Twenty-seven exclusive patterns, including the 3 J _■■ _ ■/ *
f !/• / A material that would sell off the piece French dots, scroll effects, conventional dots and different designs, Choice of navy, black, fortunate purchases have been and are
TV/T ' *™ RJ from 20c to 25e. Remnant price,, yard reseda, electric, terra cotta, gray, wistaria, ivory, Alice and Copenhagen. Patterns and color . this Chain of May Sales
~\/T * tt*r»f\ 151 15c Ulaek only combinations that aro" the very latest. Just unpacked in time for this Monday sale, and foul- # tnis tnain oi may odicb.
Men s $20 Blue c- ' „■■.. ards are so much iii demand, Aisle 5. A i_ Rareain Festival in which
Serge Suits Sipll 3C H a t l ull An Hobe 39C Xn NG C|^% A RRcSaSE 35C ■--*• every department in the
T , . This , a the 24-inch tailors' canvas. ( s , lf lh)s . natur - aI ..,„.„, v ,,, : , „,: , e mbrold.red fls.ire. a material that i. meant to sell at 50c. We l.otisht It under tage Of the early morning Specials, out j
in £1% "4 £\ *7 SL gray only, Just a small quantity 10c N ,, at j ai .,, uttr acil effects. Copies of the higher priced silks. market. Semi-rough weave., In various shades as well a* Bargains of the unucual 3Ort.
%jL m -<Lm*. tj grade to sell at 3c yard. \ Vc .\i advlae early aelectlon if Interested In this Item.:/...' cream. This Bale Monday, yard. ;■■■■■ => '
Sale....*p JL vJ== — I ■ — 1 1 ' " j
The opportunity to buy men's hand- \\T r\<*\ A r><%» -ft ll ID< t+»S»V» SVC/} MS* A .S!/Trl/» .^ll)2f 7Tl'»*/? C C/9C T^OTlO^eSm JL *B tt^ _T"\_f^
tailored suits at this price is a VV V^#«-V«.W» [14,1 JL Vl.* %*l *V*«->«-' VH »-W *_^ «^» ...<*. jl^ . w«^^r^«-/^ *. v^»»»^^— ■*-", #!• || jT^^ a |1 I
rare event. It was only by the t .^^^ |^ H ff TO mM I
s Sethr tat wewere Taffetas, Messaiines and Foulards; Just 100 Dresses «r A^iV/v
—Hand felled collars. —tr— - Bwn_i_L Note the 4 garments illustrated; they have been chosen at random from a host of beau- |
-Hand worked non-breakable -^__ _^ jfl£%n^^MW^& tiful silk dresses secured by good fortune for a striking feature of this chain of sales. |
shape retaining fronts. —^§£^■'$^$82!^ i^T^ImMC Think of choosing from New Tunic and pleated models—sunburst and plain \XT sv c %+ (~^t
— Toung men's sizes, 32 to 38. i^^^^^Wf &^ :%W"3fcS^f\^^^^W tailored effectsothers set off in a myriad of effective ways—with here and there VV CloH VX
—Regular men's sizes, 34 to 46. <B3s^*^Sh!^'^3J*~'' ispfiF V#*^^Ail^ "JiM»p^ touches- of lace or braid. y~x -| -i
—Stout men's sizes, 38 to 52. mf/s*&^i^^ fI&L "'^-^^^. •^^^liJjl —Remember, the lot consists "' only HO at this price. Pongee dresses, plain and striped V-jOOaOLS CUT
—Short stout sizes, 30 to 46. "'^T^-~jT -^W^^X rfi^sM^tiW^WfiW^^ taffetas—messaline.s and foulards. in .lemand as well as black are represented in this^aie WUUO -_ M
c,. „,t „,„„•. «i.,,U •••■ to 44 *JMZ. --<eivW^X\, &%&&^Z\:M^SMWMK —All the favored shades now in demand as well as Mark are represented In thip sale— 1
-Short men's si,, ,- S3 to 44. .^^EV <--^P!j //V JWImW«Pi -„, range up to 46 bust measure-we advise you to come down .Monday if interested in this TJ 1/t \J
-Tall men's sizes, 33 to 42. 4^^^ aAHHI ? l^\ notable event. Second '""' --'*_/ -"*'
These arc bona fide $20 values. fi?ea«2iSB&»dßM ", i\ IM L \gBi^^^HU^rWiM o 1 <• nrtA TI r <• *i • i«■ i i L — «
Match them in the city if you can ig^K^OT -m 1 O-/k '^W*Wf^ffi1 <t^f^ > -^ \' -\ Sale of 200 W OOI SllltS, IS/larKCd _/» «f r% *7 EL Ally woman nrr.llng sumt
™"' "•• •li|ir ' /HiM^^^B^lls*"• &™°- w™ to*2s' Cho'^ ■ . $12.1 5 x,::r;;:;%r%:;;,,:;
_, . _. . / Jiiyr^l '\m^\\ j^^^^^^^^.J^ A genuine clearance of 200 wool suits; , lever S!.rin S and summer styles. They are marked Broadway quality.
Ai ntinti I-'ri-''^'? / fig3SsM\ „y# ,' \\ BSlltf^k |-^llilllr#r now 51.".. $17.50, *19-"'°- $22.50 and $•:.-. A grouping of the remainders of these different lines -, -. _ 1 »
ULIUn ± tl^tZSf /ifi|ii|- l>!'f I \' fffil^^ B;^^^ifn Here'are serge, cheviot, Panama, novelty woolens and shepherd checks. Materials in the 25C JT rCnCU '.
In ThiS ISdCLV iilili!!^ W^^r^^l ffi^^r^i#^^^C I neWeCoat fs !'are niiV td l<>wlth silk and satin: skills In the new pleated effects M.M popular A ..Inch 8%30t
XII J. /t/O XrJLUy /k^P*l| T/^_iH^_iMaf_rwisl-\%^ 1.-ill^ -"!■"- alKl black include.l. It's a *'VJt -Ma-V opportunity to secure splendid wool suits at a IIIL.II O.OU H.
SaleMondav m ill I him JE?VwIR' i. iSH "is bargaln - 'oll<l '"or' The ie,,, ess "f lhlH f™
The every' da.v needful L.S ill 1 111 i < lln^_k--fW^I';^SR J $6.50, $7'3o< .$lO.OO <° 2000 d? si Cl & """ ", r"v", its W7 thr, at ■'"
Ihe every day needful items ffifi : |BA /c J a SHI 1 lB I_B___iinMT i^nPfi I . t|W >T£, W '"^ nity that does noi often p
that have brought the l.road- \li| fit |11\|' i ||L\ Ml ' «IPS M|B\^^^|fi/ Cloth Skirts; a (clearance *JJ**¥ m%J *** only takes cto : yards o
way so much into prominence. [It ;j | ffl^f | ]MMs^9 fflWl Wi *„„ , »■„,,„,, „™,-.nM ...a, -,„ win „a,,.,.v -... ..,• , ruth or , ,i»-, i^im th.. «- »;.* '"" 8 yards to a lUSt°
iBc combination f n 31-St E St_fin7 '.I \T\W l ili"iiiP'-"V'i:W) IWotI I „.rk«i .i; ,v S^^icr^S'. Ji", fi^Utn'^in anil they nil B" at tlio 11111';- 1;;;! ... pi a:;.'' r/'v:-s 3 5c white o/1
18c Combination -* f\ »f_ iftH^yi I ffitti:fcnte>Wl ' VV 1 1 m'"'m •■■' ■.• : >"«~ ""vi" ....a.i.-i..t ... ,„ i,i : ,.k. »>.:.,■ »n.i .-i..™. -i • ■'•' ■' ll!; 1 35c White r* r
Notion Values IUC I W;; | I | /€liitl£ I l^lf/^^l "iTcr 1 '^-"•''•-•'■ > Vn;,:^V; ir::/M^ "^^t '-'"' °"'"c C**"J' fOl' l"c best -:—, .-..■, " 40-Inch Batiste. .. -&t
1 spool Carlson''rnrr'i'er sowing silk. Mj fi \W\ I I 111 ff lBP|| I «l| ffilj Rich Imported (fci £ Pretty Evening Capes d* < "' this is JUSt , the time
1 ;':;;:::;;...;':;:;. ,s., „..„.,„., I it- 111 H!Bi I lill BroodcjJeh C «P* 3 .... I::> Of Fine Broadcloth 3>-> n^,::: yX. lH ;^r
rr'.ce 10c. 'JBE j JJbJ |~J "I — If's '|\ ijaj ;E_JC-:. , 'll liJ^^l -■■•■:! >•"" sec the snfi rich paptel ihailcs In Hilh beati- Here's a line of br.iadcloth capes ;il a sreat l.arsaiii weave, fully worth 35c. 40 lri<
Silk Hair Nets, larg-- »lze. -. l\ " jj|~' -ifi. ---llr''fc«r-\ • »SK" J* '//, ' '.i IU Tir^" i Iful chlfTon broailcloth ; ■.» realize thai this Jim -•' •■ o(Terln.s. Clever mlluarj styles i 11. ■ Tll.l. •. 1. .-■ ■■ 1....v w j,| P Monday, yard, 20c. *
Spool ...... Filk, 100-yil 1 I hfllfP k\\ r^Jf »-—1 ll^T ~' *V^^' /»*•.''" opportunity Is one to be taken advuntii«« of. ''■' „,.; . itv iiii>\'n trimmed with soutache l:a:d an,l fmi/.v • '•
lent;tli3. all colors V^llt/tVC *ft^i u\—^ trL^p"*~-- jH ''k' >"" think you could duplicate thi values at double |, ut ,,.',,« The auor ,i includes black and colors. „, .___
2 spools basting cotton. ' _ "<» .irtjj™**^ WV I 'he Price? Bright, new, fresh evening capes In prat Uoegn , ( t] ,, s bargain impress you with the Import- Arnolds Jjinon -4 m
S \% ..-■ tRO B*t>—■ ■la-n^" P> & I 2---;^;j;'r;r£Z^ «nee ofW May -I.T -„„ in,.. this .1.1 make the SUk Spots ...'..... X<g
H to 24 I -Si. .aye considerable event talked of. Second Boor. r "; i •;;: V-. ■ &*
3 cards hooka and eyes, J \s%g ______^_____________^ —^——— We have just received
..poo., d.mi.. cotton. . f Lj TQ« 7D»/?^»z>c C, # h «•,>., 11m* ' an Plimps* OXfO r dS and Aulci C Strap S™m mo™L<i Am* how 1
i black. *■ 11 1 UllUltt? IODD 1 ]&C&£> kJJIUCIr^ r quantity will go. White grl
'Jnf■..':: o"15 9..."':T''! *)i ft Odds and Ends- Ma Sale /£h Many Marked $3 and d* ry c%q v'll'' 1)1 | liek r( ,°, r colored SI
l "unch'idd dame- | £.2 ll A grouping of celebrated makes In odds and ends of silverware. Three M M $3.50, in Great May Sale «¥>-£•->-' deigns Monday,Pe arf. 15
with handle J " lots at three bargain prices. The assortment includes William Rogers at //£ :■ [ ~ Vffik (^a^P^S^^fc.
Sons, is 47 Itogers Hros.. Crown Silver Manufacturing Co. and other lines. /8k :_M <l^feV*%^S. Ti"' Brel" m!i pportunity lot- May. women's lan p ar i s i an Foulards r% -«
„. " , Sue., useful piece.. Many of them marked for special S ale at the orig- ./§. ; » g*^§Sfe> lT^s°lor\A Xl\T?2s™&& with Very New, Yard. . .25
B-l mP \JOflt LiPrtl lnal i'ri'"' Some ■"■'■' slightly scratched and others with the cases miss- 11\% '■ .. ; .%\\i*sra| i_. »^^Si*j the great big majority of them featured at $3 and '
JL *ni/ >Jt/ul ~^Ctt# lng were going to clean out the entire lot Monday in three prices. ':ljv*;'-- W nil-'fflsH ■^^»^ 1>;:■"'"• TIaV" you seen them? If
■ /S/l^S/SrS k^FEr,K ft4^4-l^#x »lSS^ f^ "1 Suy Patterns Pr
£(% f\ "if /"^ nif §£* S . small and lar.e cold meal forks, Minn- "1 ■|/ ' 1 I\r7?^_Sß^* black and white effects. T
Sa, # Jf fL.9 Kjr W"'an.iie medium knlvpa, IndlMdual ii-h knh_--.- t_^ lV> r \]Ui«l ,'::®i& 4 ~U^i^ \ Represented arc the latest effect-, in toe and heel. „-,.
*pZt.±,J ■ i;^fe &v 4IHS" al :s'; WkMth' } ' pSSe^T^-A uk Sheet. ,o J
In,.'. Lid^^Wrai- Odd Si^niiare Odd Silt,«rU«iri. i\ P°PUlal" °' C°°tWear "° W S""; !'"" 72x90 Inches. '. 35
most double the price. Tli.-v come ■ 'en -• -tin? of cream ladles, fruit knives, consi>ting of nut picks, fairy large tea XrJ^fllftS^ A <■ < /-i „ /• T"» j_ _. , ... . ,
in fine goal seal stock with desir- lee cream forks,ilndlvldual salad.forks. ns _ , o . clock „.a or c ., jffee spo(m3f iMF^ ■■W , Ankle Strap Pumps Of Patent ft* f ttf\ size 2by 2 = yards with
able split bottom. Leather covered butter apr«ad , '. fortam.»j« curved plain .hell satin or shell knives and "'^W Cnit Cl.j., <J>I.DU hem at top. Made Of a 1
12-lnch frame with serviceable pro- h a n die .lessen forks or knives, fancy f ,, rka, also fancy knl»e« or forks. Soma Xv" % —-"'"- tjn.ni • f[rm ( , uallty un bleached mvi
finishl cemer^nd^nd TofSTJin SSStediTni 1".? ofrVoTk^b'u'u^iS!^ '» Piece,. v°*™* '—' - fromUo .. Here are the new lasts with snort vamp . Practical for a house with patent center seam.
purse to match These bags are or sugar shells. Some «S pieces. For- '" 23c, and bargains at that. In this >_* ; s ) lo e Three different styles from which to choose, First show- an ample supply of these *
& Wl|n.lde aV?oSeV MSoSed «•; $$ '«' •'■••■" •••"' 25 C w^e^hey"?, ' 1.?: .... lOC ing M lay, all sizes for women, pair ,:.■■■■■ day at, each, a;,. - „|
sides. Double strap handle. Buy . ———— __________————————-————————— - Cambric Muslin m
these bags Monday in the May sale TTT «»/-» -IXX* ' Tl iff- * •""! 1(« O , 1 HI • . iT% oon^n.-an .
— " J M Women Sample Hosiery e-f*- Mens Golf Style Shirts 85c 830 t0 930 „<j
Ordinary $1.50 _S -4 -4 c\ C. !„ /^^.^^.^^^o . T}^:^. ,f I M■& . ' ' ' This one hour will be cro?
and Si 75 '__ ,7) I•7 i/ hjale {^/GntiniieS ,* I CUT . . *^ it is becoming unnecessary to elaborate on the values of these splendid golf shirt- at 86c with value giving. Good ble
and 5>1./S ±$agS. «p- J. • -a. \S Men are becoming acquainted with their careful workmanship, their desirable .-styles and ed clu , lb riq muslin in the
These come in several popular Many women will be pleased to know that this sale continues. There tne [ ow price. Made with cuffs attached. Coat stylo and cushion neck band. There * a 36 _ ill( , „ j (]tti Limit of 10 7
styles. Extra fine seal and is a" broad assortment of black and colored silk lisles; - also embroidered choice of neat colored stripes and black and white effects. Also W. -,t v.r.l Rr
morocco leathers, split or round llsles and lace boot effects. Excellent values In every detail, at, pair 500. smn u figures. Broadway price, and that's an underprlce, 83c. /' w| "ll *"'.' uv
bottom. Side or Vienna handles, ._, A ©,-!©'i?3 Plain rnlnrp^
Heavy leatherr lining with inside Children's Poros _* f\ Women Black r% __" •» Men's Oxfords, fK -f Men $2 W» ** f\ [*-"ft «-oiorea . />
';::'■'■;,'• Home; havoiiargei outside Un ; on Suits OUC Lisle Hose ZOt Cloth Pajamas .. .$> 1 Underwear ty 1 ,*jU f/ Ki^, Chi>.mbray Gingham. . «
''"''"""'V eovercdiiframes. 1.. Priced Made with high neck, short sleeves V ery sheer and with double heel Mae'.o vith military collar. That's because they re broken /A'/ff/fff^^!^ Only one case of this plain
extraorninarnj tow at }i.i.. , in( , Cllff k11 ,.,, , same styles as you anr i BOle , Slight Imperfections, finished with frogs. Several ji nea | n large sizes only. Do you Im\ '' 111 111 I //\\ '"'' chambray gingham la
—— will want the children to wear for Firsts would sell at 35c; these, pair very neat patterns, that will wr ir }&rgp Bi j, tB? white or /pink -im,II i 11'IfMi ii\\ colors of brown, tan. dark
Boys' Knicker ~, „, * HH ™ "'"^s lIWII f^llS
S yukss6.oo ", rihb.d 12\c c^rvS^^...locE ligv^lS hunting or ti-l.ins;. T ,i x^' XIJ-^ XSi-^ 3* Woo] Finish
The*., ire In the nonular cray nattr-rn" Fast black, ribbed Seamless hose, »|eeve shirt*. Drawer, a.o rein- hunting or Benin*. Choir* of 3-Hli^'tV^l W# J. lIW3II
The.c arc in ik . popuiai K ra> pan n. sp Hced heel and toe. Sizes: Made with low nock and no sleeves, forced i with < double a*«t, ankle black , - i,it e or maroon. All wool. N^^v^g-rX \.^M : -' &'. %
:c^::r: :,;: ■ '::.:: „,, . „„„,. „ y ,, k ,, $£™«; «,■;;;,».,.,.., ..--.„, ■- _ , ™ X^«!Mii Yard, 8:30 i
w,U, r.ruy ,',,ck S a,,,l c,,'' on sleeve. „...,. ■ l?£«i?nwV»R $1.50 MKN> >lI,K 17c1 fFrf SA \'W* 'f|j 'I '
Serge llnlne; .9 to 17. ycari.; Priced *0. Children's fff Meneri.ed knit cotton ".armou,., >^K«K.\K i?C '|l , \ffll U!-.^., \ V( . must limit this price *
Boys' Blue Serge Underwear IOC Women's 50c r* t* ~ "til ilniHhed. with French nock. Four-in-hands^ In clicks, Btni»«. MKN'M I'AM V < /ff c '' |, o i ° como early. I
BOYS Blue Sertre o • -\r * X *S/^ double gusseted drawers and strap fl(tiii-es and diagonals, In Rolld C'OMJKKIt lIIMK ....-»' J*' '. wu«;o«iji s->
„< . ° White ribbed garments, high neck SWISS Vests jU%J\s back . Largo sizes only; garment colors and popular two tune, oolura ■ , ' , making it exceptional at, ya
ivmcKer rf* A f> 0* „..,) short or long sleeve vests. jl ;o —choice ITc. Made with upllced Ik.-I and too; ___^^_ — _________^__ —^.^_
c n : ft . •Tl^A-^.7 inkle length, tuff or lace trimmed Regular .'Or garments In medium .... choice at neat gripes and checks
t:i;;;:;/;:; ;zZjz™. B — seconds atsarment• H£"a ( rtsf^ ss Er9 *y& ;s,r'^ i2y 2C y;,7^r =— ■ „ .-,<
phip is the very best. I tor by hack coats ■ ■ .. ■■ — .. .■ "■■— ""' "" '"" '" " ■■ '"" ' """ "■■■■■ ■- ' *"""' " mm "^*^"—^
with* on elroyei; full blouse knleker —— — . ( x^ - -rf a- -- ™- -— ~_r"t •»*» -• ■ l _• -y -«-■
j;^. « th" • Rlze" 7tol The Height of Parasol Season ** * $10.95 to $15 Heavy Rolled Edge Large L
Boys' Corduroy R - and These $1.25 Samples at .. I %J%* Folding GO'Cart _^ s^fe - stop _ nut . t0 thlnk . Have you ever heard of heavy rolle.
Knickerbockers C7v/w . , . T , 4.. , ,- , i T*, A/T/t-»» *^n)t> tsMW7¥mme§\ dlKh Pans '" a large size, selling at 26c? We can almost he;
To _ o ,„,,,„,.,,, . , „, ever How's this for a sensation? But there are only _'.-> samples and 171 ivlay OLlllZ |ii By} cmphaticaiy say; "Why, of course not." This is your oppor
•Vi' f ;;.":.'.'. ■„.',.,!,'y. y M; ; p ll . l\ .•V.M.im cer tainly these will go quickly. Some are prettily trimmed with _f%/^ /™\ _^ ff-lv Monday. .
■ Inrlt brown crJuroy ■■.... inped Beams, v - - ' A " r i t - §J fi H £ ■ *^ I
M,s,wn.w l.uttoni. nt.d him hands. plain bands, others with fancy tops. Any one of the 25 —from T% %*tt V/ *^ "^_ ~~
Blzcs sto 17 years, liroadway prlea Sue. I-""" 1 ' J , ■ 1-7- %{}%.<* O^r Kj -=^g=^ /^1 1 " ' TJ ' -
the first to the last— prove exceptional at, each, 75c. -^ *^ wm^ --^ # *.. TLtHI) dr 0. ll HlT"ft'
Boys' Pants ,-, - Come to the third floor and buy one Bestow. ........ 10c V/f *# #* tt CX/ C«. f. C- XJKXi i/Ctff Ii
Knicker Style IDC Latest from N. Y. Linen CrOSS-Bar 1 r>l- &cd e£m. Olf2! taSk^AdYustobie S? iVV'TK.h.'a Wo consider the following items big value. at even 29c.1
if you have a boy between n and n you •*-***-«='*"' ' Handkerchief . ■*• JU2^ foot rest. Good spring fitted with ' iw be without one. included are Celery Trays, Salad Bowls, Cake Plates,
ehouia sea this line. Made of ail wool 13 ££' nrmnoo Ti nr . n """"'vt ' w *' ' rubber tired wheels. All complete 10° eacn -
S^Sl^Slero'rigS Persian Pongee Parasols Consi(ler what kind of R lmnd . wlth paaiHOl Regular 110.95, iu.6o. .
$1' ,")0 and up tv $15. >e_H~- /^l_ *
x-rr' -. f-i-i. We mean '"' "';' they are ma(le kerchief you would regularly so- <K^^'P".>«'ss\'''/v K^IXOICe '
Windsor ACS 19C "f pongee silk with Persian cure at 12Vic> and th en consider Time Now for <fr Q Qtf [fti?ii__©fe_ir"Vs^ L:"'i^
N-cckw f ar ...at „ ,d, ider- bands A touch of Persian on * • Hammocks $> O .i? D \ # ( <^T^^^^L^^J
T' "rinr „uwr Tint dyfor the sa.nepr.ee. It's The.c are the iullT.ze Kind, with } WP^fl^/ ftt S% W#^tffkS
tccts. (.-iioice 1:1 c. PSt ■""' '""-st l"'lHH.ir. 1111 hi uay 1 r 1 p double weave, deep valance. Xx- j \ \M& 111 W f £* t4^^«s*»nnv^l»^^=3E^^»' lc:^
with Dlrectolre handles, 8 ribs, worth buying a supply, lsn t It. tension pillow, wide spreader at I SE-_3^" \H!,|r JL %»^ W* -■— *^_. _J^s^S'
VMlliK HOY \/i\i; nii:K- sll k t(lS j,,.|j, W e've priced them Narrow hemstitched hem. Mon- „a i| divided spreader at foot. " - - -s:--:i^ \bS6 •■^= =s? -___ — «■
«:r;;:^S:r r >jan" ttt V ' day, each 12*0. Complete with hooks for hanging.

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