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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, May 08, 1910, Image 7

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1 miHinf^ _^_s^€ Barmen Linen Finish Torchon 98c andsl.2s Muslin Gowns I'd* ______
Bf^r T /7-_-S LaCC'S-Yard 5c in Important May Sale «l_/I_/C»' <___K1
*"sMluMdsds£mv{AAA /w&ilJFlTv2~^l How'h this for a bargain In the Chain of May Sales? Muslin gowns with /v^'^s^^^?^%
J \f%f^r %jmfW\^F^W&^^f'^LwAM W Three lots of linen finish liarmen laces. Both edges and insertions in deep yoke, trimmed with embroidery or lace insertion and tucks. Vor / r -^s^Mi^^ x >
% A \jy Widths from 2 l'» 4% inches. Matched sets. 2000 yards of It, ready for tlii.-i high .shaped neck and slipover style. They've lieen slightly soiled from / > "^_^_l^k
'^ TALWJSf COR. 4 TH. L.OS ANGELES*- !Vl"v ****' Prcttv '■""1 Practical for fancy work arid underwear. Bright, display. Nothing but that the first trip to the tub won't remove. Second / -'f^-^v \
1 I new, fresh lot that has Just arrived in time, to offer at, yard, Monday Be. floor, Monday 60c. / Jr"""^ \
J'^^'-'v. J^^" _^ —-~\l —T" A. F".B* ; Women's 59c . *„ r% r\ Women's. 50c and 59c ,-» -# / % j<^^^^__ j
JjlY^nfT 1" I C _T_ril^ ' Muslin Skirts JtZ/C Cambric Drawers. .. JZOC /
|| li JOL-irXH A. _T_T r I llfti 3 Iw eL ft __V__-P lUI Tlioso "'■' :"'"l" with wide rim trim- Another rousing bargain In the chain of / >^ ia*-*^
B■. —I /^T7 I ™—" ™ ■—1 r ■ ■ „,,,, „ „., i,. „I N| |i, i,,..| le in jii.-l ■i ■ Me. cnl'-^. Th'HO hnvt n l.|.< ■ / *** =r
\ / / I V/ / ./ _\/ a ■ of hematttchad lucks. 'jiu- material trimmed with daeo hem and cluster of *j-r~;—^r
\/ / KJP \^_yM Jti jf "'' '' u"!lh i;"' '"'"■ °* lho Rklrt- tuck.-. Cut very full. You gave half I f^^^?^"
I 455_T^_<_f^^-__* __8 _P_r"_TT_yT_r_^ l^_i W?_k —^Sl^B I B^_i _nßfc ''" ' \:< I ti. n ill r,!ic. Hip reffular in . ■•-. ami mnr( on this item alone. Second j (S^>- —"'c^l^3^ :==^.
"^ B""_^l-^^»^ |^^W~ ft—i R B Iff I 9 I I jL, J In Un.i ».llc. Moihlbj, H<von<i (lour, • tlonr, choice : I '^ '. '-^~\ \
% • anc^ 16-Button < m* p*
Silk Gloves, Pair O_?C
N/e hold a series of great May sales. It being 27— T TIC Jl I T^TYllimi^^fAJ rlrhitTWlYlfl AO *+ 7fio '" r"''Ur buylne would secure thcso /"" V^^f^^fv-^
I . r . :„ which underpriced merchandise play! fj JL /«■C' # I JUt IIIk)I KJI /V X lOUTICm9 QOC same Kiik gloves as you m«y buy Monday ( V-.
, .rc-in w>,,h u nd e rpr ,ced m c,,hand, S e p, ays _ 5/ J*OC S™lS I
480 Yards Uniformly Uood ..._ *-_---•-• bl . cki orown- tan aßd whlte> Full ls , nd \
Not just a few pieces thrown in to make a sale, attraction, I,ill |gfl y.n.i of wide 27-inch flouncing embroidery 16-button lengths. Monday, pair 05c. \ XC^^^^^M^sJ/Y
. )m an invasion of the Eastern markets Their '" "'" nea* ■""' "'" worked pattern* for dresses, blind and open effects. Each piece contains 10 yards and \ \>v»y / j£-V iH, ,~\
„ jiu an luvdsiuu ur me eastern markets, ineir , )n | y onP plece of a pattern, giving you a broad assortment from which to choose-, and all arc uniformly good, \ j£>O*&M) J
t rriving. These are to be the greatest links in " tn"'- ""' m'st customer who chooses has no better advantage than the one who gets the last piece. Yard i? 16 and 20-Button *-\ /^£j — W /
ISc Aisle 1 i£t* ■*" diiu faU'OUiiun a^fc x/^v- .^^
I 6000 Yards Cambric tf^» Embroidery Tabs ■* f\ Mill Ends •* ' ff\ - Suede Gloves, Pair O*JC H\ -*^
-ly profit greatly. A broad general event em- Embroideries—Yard %J^> 4 Different Patterns. ! \JC Ribbons, yard ....JL \JC A glan<;e at these and you wiU aPPreclato *
{ Come down early in the day and take advan> "'" UCll|;" 1 pattern*' aip«ol«lly %£ t. gronii In thi, lot neat embroidered aooo rarda of aatln nn.l taffeta rib- thpm ' as worth }2.0(i and $.I—marked Ji Hand Made T flce
own any time in the day and you may share in bI , ru ,„,,„,„„ „ , (anti . ,„„,,,■ — arc .m^ted, & J??£ on •«•£ „ , , ndl „.,„„ a „, B munu r,.-- and •!.«. Monday your opportunity at sac. Hand Made Lace
own any time in the day and you may share in ;;,;-;;"^r—r 1-;: 1'. !.^ ■ « »porud. nea, pattern. „„ S.'£ .*Ji !S_*i. ail_._*^__i2_ 0«" XT _ J n VJ
» llvo estimate, Ready for tI.H great May very Hna swim. A notable feature for the 6 Inches starting May sale price, ~ n " ana 2°-button len«th«. to go at. JSJ et CUld JjYaiCL
' ' ■:■■ ■■■"■■..'■ ' Mia ECda-ea only; yard 80, May sale. Choice 10c. yard 10c. pair, -'"- Aisle 2. —•»«.»«. _^-» v««n.
— " — —s ■ — ; Hat Shapes
Linen Suits — Linen Dresses — Revo Suits and Dresses A* __* r\r\ Regulars 3 _-^
l;-'-> T • •-. . -r--r-r ' ' ,-» _- "" , 3^ I||l to $10 Values. .t/>_^.^F iy
of Linenette Grouped in Wonderful May Sale at • . ......... . J 9VV/ J_^^SS£Sf-_;
net hats, silk and hair braid hats.
1 ' ' . _ Note the illustration to the right. It represents four of the styles included in this Mostly blacks, although there are
'' ' " | remarkable gathering of pretty summer suits and dresses at the popular sale price ' /^J^fei. l^S^eo-'P^x y —~^S=-£l a few whites included, just a lit
i _ XTT 7*l *a- nf "t:"; nn •■ ■ ' / Vil?.^^nSSr / <i^^*J*^i< / \\ //y /AS tie. trimming required nnd you have
fs -■ ■ Whi te $5-00- _ l'W%Sagf \wi!w>*mz a splendid new spring hat. The,,,
__ # Really the offering is irresistible. Cool dainty frocks and tub suits, two and mJ^^^Wi^^^ fe^^^^"7"VJ shapes have been selling regularly
iJOTn&^tlf*** three-piece styles of repp, linenette; yes, and some even of all linen. White, natural }!&&£—' \ ''xl.^^^K ( l V!Ml__le^X^ at $3' $r>' 750 and $I°' Ita the
I ±SUtnVS L/Ci> and he p; etty colors that fashion demands 'besides , he natural co!ored linens you WL V^^FN^^^^^ s: SaXfofa 7 p^e 1^
' _S/7/g see the white, pink, blue dresses and suits, plain tailored styles and elaborately /^MI^K Utk®«\ll /^'/nSmntJW /l \ t-<i t--i
„. trimmed models. Where have you seen the equal of this offering? May Sale price $5. im^^^Mk 'TH /^_l& W^^ii \ M '^MM I"\ ' FlOWers — FlOWerS
rics as wen as domestics will v^TXTic?. -| ' __, BI^H/' Wsf# '!l Sf^lhi %Si/ Lit 'I Clearance 19c t/ -v '
40 Woo) Sujfs and Q < J™K*vl«JF W«ii4 t O 69 C Grades 10c
TT/ 1 T 7-^ ■"■'': fill // _F Ir iB/ JilHf^m ■ /"1 J ;\\ -4aM''.'', WViX 58™V Here's a great big sensation in the
. ■ Woo/ Jumper Dresses %1J Jmi ©%S %*r mi ;/iiPl\ik /I 81 ifrful'^^A' comwnin* of May sai es . Fifty dozen
»n H 'Jt S* M°ro<S :1 '•1";'-"" ..f » »«"«« UUHntlty of wool s U ils and „-,«! dress,s al , price that does not »l \/I 3 Q fw^ / lm^\ flower hat trimming, including
._v nave to make the following restrictions: None on approval, no exchanges, nonci sent C. O. D. I VJEB->'s_Sb-_=^ " « 1/ _PHHF _B El fl l/i I: li\ ' IV • . ■■, i J ► .
I and the firmness of the tev , T"° "'' ar- 'T 1 l'r't(v Herd checks and broke, cheeked ,-oolens in black and white. h^^^^lfiß ' -t< JBT S^ %J£ l\vUsJlk \ .." 1 " mussed, but we can assure
Hna me nininoss ot the te\- „ „. . • ' I ;PB , Hvl__—. 17^ I,' '< __BHl\ V -il v"n th;lt every single flower in
4r> inches w'de \n onnmtn ''lnpcl ""» »atln. 34-lnch coat style. Dresses are made of wool pananias and mohair m blue, SgSqSSgitf- «»r n_m I Übsbbi^mJ f/11/( mffiKll Va "" \\ l\l, ,t • * ■ . .*•
«£. Phone'or mai^oX !™»-- "" bl"tk- W"ilP ta" ** - ' ■ ' I Miii O|Hfti.ia Sl fo^ theyTave beet marked
-inch width for dress. Not FULL LENGTH LAWN A* -« BATHING SUITS W» -* Q> C\ V /||| l|il|\\ W^ _2^T ©\ /Ira? /! / | and selling regularly at 1;"- 25c,
,' 12HlC# KIMONOS. A SALE «J> 1 TIMELY FEATURE. ...%P 1 .Oi/ Vll^j» 11 lffll\ . I ! ' Nil ' /If* Lff / I eoc and 69c. Sale price 10c. First
0 Yards English A-» *-» Tl.ise are made of cool dainty lawn, cut full length Smart bathing suits that are made for durability; of * I SJraHi^^H' I 3 |alj If L //if / ll loor.
& t| yj /-* i' 1 ,roomy; i"11" itjrle.l with detaohaole belt, Fancy special weight aerge In black and blue. Cleverly trim- N 5 5.:l;:1iil-:j-;:HP,\ Ns^ «*•• 3 i«B«l Iff B //I I I '
■^Ongdoth a»y C-?V»- orslan I'ands used ■• trlmmln»«. Choice of bruad .a n,ed with white braid or with rod collar and sailor tie '{ £ ::;|Kj-:|.:-";ls-fl;A \ r*^ SS) 13 ™ 1 ill //I I II T"» »1 y^ T~»
' ■'"" „'*' of ™ora, One of the notable features In the or course you'll want to own your own bathing suit f, Hi :|!{"i-'!l r-'-l" tl'A \ I iss «i\ I 9 lln I li i Iv /TTI 111 J/T'X? I /"I l^/TttC
his price Is so low that there «»r -»>••■ ♦»• and here's the opportunity. I|P| §J J gf• If I *E Mil \ ILIL//I B II ±\.U,UIVU,y V/l/«J. M-^yo
hould be no hesitancy in buy- -»•%•"* T"* 1 1 I"* • Il^ Prl?'i^vl^ I ' -HA T >-/lf I1.I! i %Cl°/ T ,r\<Z<Z nil
jig the full 10-yard bolts. soft SOIO WlaClc I<J£> + +Ir*f\rt + C _^^_^_ h;ilwi^^ 1"-^^ ?W> L^_JlLff 8 01//^ JL/OSS OH
hamois nnlsh suitable ,or un- ±J I ULsK IeZZJCOaiS C-J IW _^* f1 ? ! ifflp' yV^fT MtrLl " PiCtUTC ShiVmt
ermusllns. 36 Inches wide. 10- I-T^^^l, 11 T? O'll «^l I ®W%$WZ*L[ M^*3l^ J&£-^bf~W _ J ■*■ #CtUF4S kJfMpjTl C
lard bon B esc. ii; Heatherbioom-Feather Silk .... «^CJ^ M^f^Si*,-^^ _**.»._*__* we^a*
jew Poplins -rf _« Jl'"' {'"■■' ne Hcatherbloom, Feathersilk or cotton taffeta petticoats nt OSc. Tho styles aro varied, hardly two gL '. "^^s*"^^^7^ r^S :**^' ment of pictures arriving by
[-•-'• ■-- _.; ■. I C ><■» „f i<in<i. Pettlcoata thai you'd nay all the way from %\ to }. for If you purchased them In the regular Ipr ■ fc>^ freight. In some manner oil was
ular Shades... DC *">• ""s la ■■" "■'-"""'" "' -' ""P°runco. spilfedonthe cases, saturated
'he assortment of shades is so - through to the wrappings around
■road and includes black and WJ r\-*t A**■*•■(■■* 1 A/T ' C 1 -_. _T • * * S~l l 1 _™t • the pictures in tho cases. Not
/hlte as well, that selecting for W UTTUerjUI lViaV OCLIe ' t*\ C% >^ /VIICC/?C I Ir\ +Ft r\llffrG .SIT/*C 1 A tr% 1 R enough to apparently injure the
ne's summer dress is an easy \XIUI+* TJ7 ~* 4. **} »Cl ■Ly-L'&&*"& \*/lULII kJIA,iL&<, KJI4,V& J. *t LU A O pictureaj but sumclcnt for tne
latter. Monday, yard We. VV flite VV aiStS ........... *^ •-^ W V/»yv*-_. r«vi«nvf/YMf _«T -_- X-tv a_f railway company to give us a5O
Reached Sheets o !•'•„„ of our wide' reputation •■ ,-^_ ,-~^> ' "*■ CO! important C"HJ O 5 IJtr cent allowance. Strange to
Reached Sheets 39c for.,}•??«&i wide reputation *^& v v'lg^ Purchase and Sale mm *p J? J. .+S±J say when the pictures were un
':lx9o Inches OZ/Q f°r lla"(lli '>R" . larfiC <|iiailtitics A^fe^ fUrCnOSe OXIO. OOIC .. V ■** "*" **^ *^ wrapped you would hardly notice
"his full size Is unusual m "I,- c l"lcklv these fine Waists came to W^&Sk '^Tttlfk Only ..bout 30 misses may take advantage of this price on garments that would under })' injuries; neverthelss we can
lade with 8-inc," hem a" top.' " S ""I" ,a, S^ Ot Cash P"*h« VSR-« >^. ordinary conditions "c" at about '°- Th are cleverly made in styles that will S^p^urVaVlK^nt' 5_S
Vlth patent center seam The a W mint present this won- 'T^JIC )J^W^^%^>>^ please the miss Made of diagonal cloth in popular coat length with long lapel at exactly 50 per cent less than reg
laterial alone Is worth nora ilcrful May opportunity at 93c. '^/^raJTOZ-fi^U trimmed with silk and cloth buttons; full pleated skirt. Choice of gray or light and ular plus the freight charges. Here
Jo phono or mail orders. Mo,!: -Merc are dainty lingerie 'iM^WM MmIMRW da' tan- A" S'Zl>S fr°m "*° 18' TWS group will SUre not '&St through the day colo^h^^arS 'and^ca^and
ay. each 39c. waists of batiste and lawn, elab- //^IPMI MMW f h^^ ■'" th<' May Sa '° at $11>95- ' marine pictures, colorgravures, in-
V-.0-. , n ±Sdi*T id" « ""] ft llil W Junior Suits $6.95 Misses' Suits $5.00 ■£-•"-'«■——
iemßtltched. ...... JL L/C' Tailored Waists of linCll ((j'' V V ; iffilMi Mi: Aft ijv 'M J/ Popular black and white shepherd check styles. These arnof llnon with neat blue collar and 25c Pictures 12-Jc
8:30 tO 10 o'Clock Cambrk and lawn. ' Both plain M ilMlr^llltf/ lonl' mlurr! s \ro^ ku,fVaut l!;Vn C> tobUI7 «»«- Fancy button.. Neat coat .en.th; ion ß P „ oval , , m „* hlaclc . racslra| , <l
Tote the si7e-45x 3 6 Inches And ail(1 embroidered fronts. /^Sflll year ""i;'"y attiaL'UVe St '"' - laPel" SklrtS are fU" P'Cated: Pr' "d $5' life^sl!!_rrWlef mW lO___r a'
member, they are hemstitched. -Table after table heaped high / "A\m, )/^ \ S/ymtil^fi ChilArPtl* fn/Tf<! SOC above m the Bxlo .Ue.
l plain hemmed case is worth Wlth tllese snowy white waists, f \M\ I V kJUJTlpieiy KsnilUrtZri Z> vUUia yi/L $2.48 Pictures $1.48
On money. No phone or mail to Create a ' sale sensation. It il 1 \^ // \\ 89 garmens made of pique In double breasted style with large collar and deep cuffs. Many ' fra ™ P , =„„ „. ,„„„
>der._»d not more thani .U to will britiß great crowds to the \\ |^f \\ trimmed with embroldory anj nearl buttons, .Not one worm less than $1.25. Some wortli ,L', Be 4-'nct; Biit frames, flI"' of frame
rders and not more than six to Will bring great crowds to tllC \\ *N |f V Jb'Ss™ Blrei up™o 5 year" Some ■oiled. lixii- l astel subJ«tH
customer. 8:30 to 10 a. in., second floor, 93c. \ t'HIT.DKKN's BLOOMBR SUITS »I—Two ami three-piece styles. Sizes up to 6 years. • gg c Pictures 59c
—---—__———_———__———_———._———_——_———_——_________________________________________________________________—____——_——__—__—————————_———_——____— Colorgravures, country scenes, fruit sub
n.TnrVi P#»rral» . " jects; also the young mother. Size of
v xiiv.il jrciLdie mi ?—j y~k •> --^ ■•:-, '-_ -^, . I ■"¥"■• frame 16x:0: 4-lnch ellt or black and
oo Pieces, Yard. / 2 c 300 lairs Lace tains d* -i f\f\ Linens ■'"•Resularl- 98c Th Bale "°
-!uy all you want of this per- -_>Tli-___.-_ , - , .__. T^ ■ B% M M -r -r-». -a.*- *-* t lOc Pictures 5c
ale, for we have 100 pieces. Marked $1.25, $1.50, $1 75 and $1.95 Pair . . UP JL .\SKS In Big May Sale Thes« are «>« popular heads fltled in
fook fold, 32 Inches. Navy, Cal- .- tT-""'' IV CM. *pj.,^/*J n *pj..*J\J* «/> JL >-I <_>. Ct/llt ipl.Z/D XrCLir . . «-"» «^-^ JL7I JLJIU lY±Uy kJU,I& handsome ornamental brown, black and
Utta, black and white grounds «-r>^ •*— _^ T , • s"1 veneer frames. Complete with
'ith neat figures and atriDea «-J mTTrr-—— «<«^* Lace curtains enter Into the May Sill, with such bar- j I Prices are certainly severely low hanger; sale price Be.
ard V>/ 2 c. ' **,' j ' rTTnrir-H fit *'"'" irn l)ortant;o that lew people will be able to resist. -prurnli'ti* r"t-«r.o 1 <ir in tllis May Sale- Especially is this
NiiwL ill Tn^ff 300 jalrs "l ?! Pal. saving all the way from -•""' to »6o -Koyaime Crepe iSC lruo m ,, nenSi for i nst ance— $1.25 and $1.50
Mercerized ' 'j,^^:* TISwCiL !^ ! wkii__J Ll ■.'; on <'1"'1 palr you buy. Here are cross striped madras, Plain and fancy colors, suitable -■„ ._.'_,. „ ... ,
1 I /j/-» T|JHf r4JJ!lffi_frti^^r- luffed swiss, Nottingham, cable nets and plain nets with for side draping; also very prac- White Cotton Toweling, /-» Fancy Work, *7 P*
•'Ongee, yard JL \J\^ * WJ'^jlPfiirT ' *3Pt Hattenberg edges and insertions, jilnin nets with Cluny tleal Cor kimonos. Sells regularly a.on tri in m —_/_J Maw "salp / !T% C*
„, .., „, € . * Bslttilm ffl I (tT, Injertlona and bungalow style. Choice of white and at 18c. May Sale price 15c. 3d floor. O.outoiua. m -_*--< iviay odie -. «^ v
his certainly will be a lender JL V \ui 1$ fl ;' Arabian. ' ■'■,-■■ off of full bolts you would lie compelled The combining of beautiful hand painted
l Bummer fabrics at the price *?&; I $J K'ffußfj I » , n (* . • » T , 1 - to pay In-- yard for this identical duality scarfs and tahle covers, laundry bags
retty printed mercerized nat- Ink. ?! Ml vfa B A Hue 9<?/» Oii-**-ni*% ~K\.**■<, VI ■„.„ I3_^. Vs. "UC '"'U'l3lll JMetS 1/C of damaak' towrllntr with red borders, and .-oft pillow.-; filled with silk (loss
ems manufactured for a Osc re- W lIfMB _ % U 5C {^ Urtam NetS HaVe JtSrOUght Hero's a special offer: Net, are 36 inches fast selvage; but these mill remnants cushion.
n ii,, r n,,,,iH,vov <•.-,,i. " ■ 5. IsJiliMß St , Tfr> 17 i i-\ Hide t'holi'e of white \iih red nr come In lengths from 1 t■> •■ yards, I<> All these ore painted hy hand on firm
ard IOC: 3rd noor " ' -frfiM I\™ Fame to the Department ;,.,,V, i,^ UmL, li.Jumilv ' ,ir,i inrl,,.» •■1,1,. 5,.i;.M,1i,l for <ll ? t0,r 13 ami ,; i): ,> Bay linen. Are thoroughly
ara luc. •'"' noor. j. ftSSiß—l Si ' j 7l . small napkins. No phone or mall orders. washable.
l! 0 l^lSliM^ 3 ♦ Wo never had a '"■"''■■ or larger selection, fur ,1 new shipment ' ' 10-yard limit, at yard -■■ Table covers have 4-inch knotted frlneo
#V, # iff. ; \ l^li I! fll «_^!h_ lla" 'U3t aprivod '" time to bo featured during tins pale. White, ————————————————————————-^— »l 1 iJjKN TAHI I)\M\SK ~0«' Hil around; most serviceable for bunga
-I+rnn<Z *&Tj %\mVm' ] ' WW^W '""'J' ArM,' lil1"' rer» °r i'"'l '" thoßo fancy ctirtuiii nets Ke „.,..„, v „.,.,, v lUn\ .....,, W./-1I- 2 .varda v .'i |„ satin finish; IMy and plain low and beach cottage.
-itmpS -^ Jb, 111111 fl f ""■■ ■■" Wir^l^ 1^: <RIB $6,25 ; -1,,', y „,rd,r . cut to, 5 a,l ™ S '- Jf^™,J,i Vl.Ki
'^/l rift «&ffifeffl Hlllaia iilal 9X12 Axm'nS^ Ruas d* isi m* SU^^'n*" r^rK:.-;. 11,"'!.,;.-;:.'. 1.; 11,;::.'! ..'nAPK^ * noz.-i«xi« inches, in this May -a.. 75e.
.JU .. . CSV/ «i--^!^^jPgl In Great May Sale $IO.ID »'••■ss- .irViKMi 1?!"; „<,„,, ™»™ », Isc to 35c Pretty fn
hour because there are only & PSSSffflfflf {l:^ » t>s '-i" offeHl" '»"•' ; — " -'-"'""»'*■ *'•« «:«>".!!.::,:::!"! 1^;^: i-a^^iio^r^lrS: Battenberg Doilies. UC
'"•*• |ffi|§^^ E-^™:-=:^:^ piiS:SK^ Ei^TrSSSS
ird floor. 10-yd. limit. 4(ißlJki/lM3tffiM' IXos®***^ These are 12-4 size, white only. Blue and -J-'xH ".0h0... doublo thread; hemmed ■ I|ni|i v wUh ClUbrol(| .
____^ *^I^* r*_*f«W?|^C^«___» B-3xlO-H $18 AXMIN.NTKK KltiS »ia.ls pink borders. p"'ls- _ er ,.,l scalloped edges; also hand mad.;
5 ~""^ •"I,i,«"K A».r- $10 ~- « ... « ;(ii-BVAKJ *r«n' "Wn. AXMINSTERIUGS, --„ *0« COTTON a>r fcWirWM -n» . WHITK IJKDSI*ItFAI>S Sl.^O EACH— crochet doilies, about 250 Ln all; Vftluoa
y--: :, HUt.S, iL%\ WALE $iq Kf US, THIS SAI-B $7.50 Different JLenctba \.75C $1 and »I.SS IKATHEII I'IM.OWS $1 square or out coiners. Third floor. Monday, 10c™/ '"to a ___2_^
l~^^^'^^'^^^^^^~-~■^^^~^^ ~-~-----^----»---------------^----------—----—— . ..-. . _____-_-_-_-___-_»_-____•_—_«___----________-____-_________-_____________-_-_-__------------•
: Pan—Sensation 25c >^@fc. 8 Bars. Celebrated 19 Lbs. Granulated Sugar J*. •■ stationery 15c
/\4oi(2?£\ '^i- '^; 17» •'•''" C 1 '■■'v' * •-•--■-•• ■% ■% •— ' k - f^ ■ Ready for the May Sale; a fresh,
ot© the illustration to the left. Very serviceable grade of enam- . /*^»)*' -T OirV £>OOV \A/ith i)tni>f ClmrPrXl ClfH^f •X bright, clean stock '"" stationery
ware at away below boat. One to a customer, and no phone A*WJ^Wll * wv.-f-' VV I til. V_/t/ttsf \J I LtL,tZry K^/TUCr ~ Jk that is worth in the ordinary way
mall orders. None delivered except with other goods. By all ■ '//*§?/* ■ /-I from -■""' to 50c. Because we took
jans secure one of these Monday at 25c. " ' /k?V / SV'I >-{fc mst •• V Hf?_i '.- . . what the wholesale house had, we
-^ ■■. /*£& /*»/ fcj/ ' r■ C X"* First price in a scries of remarkable May Sale features in the are able to mark them at this ri
-7*>.^.«_.^w^.-_ •__"■■'' ■ i + — ■ iWW $f^A / '■' -Wl^C Grocery Section. " dioUIOUB sale price. plate finished
Ixtraoramary at 15c twm^SK rpnM oto , n Grocery Section. F i ne Hnan, aatln and plate finlahed
jjLirLlUrtUTiary at IDC \mtJKt'fv \\\ FROM 9TO 10 »a»i n « (■«.!»•. Md * 0 .\r«.. ....... Starch, ,- I'laln and nlk(1- Uear als'B 2. l box
,y the price will bo 15c each S^Wl I' \ th" -^-»d-*>-^ -™- «i--r_- Medal Flour, 4!) 111. nat'k _",£ ~«i;i^." -^ 15c. p _,
; y the price will be ir,c cad,. ZM^Wif \ Prom the dependable dru X depart- „.„„..,... „,,,'„ 001/ (alifomh. «i,ie Olives, <- ft^ , „
Vm&n^AiV mont comes this Monday feature in sugar <tir*li Hi 23/iC (ial. «an...«. 55c 9c Crepe Paper ,_•
a, ,'^, "',.■' vmZSfhzfflr\'-\{ ' tne Miv Sale. For one hour from ,„„... \\i,lt« v.,,,,1,, >_ Two poundM toffee, -i- n . m /*
— lilHUi Sugar and Creamer, Syrup Jug. No XgKSiPv--.*" ;\\l i 9to 10, we'll sell 8 bars of Fairy [■,',,^, >, l V, i«'ii.m ...42c Broadway i).-iil.i 55C 9tolo a. m %J \*
j£j^^ <£f*sy^i«^ J?!" 5/ 10 orders. NOne v. delivered ex- »_Pf\\V.\\\\\\ ', Soap for 25c. '•''"'' 8 bars to a CUS- 1M,,,i,-.t ' " |oe ,i, uck | e or *■, Ali'*'' |F|" Salmon. y - All colors In thl. now. clean stock of
fj£&H>^ '*$£/*& *__? '-opt with other goods. Nl^ \\ a\\\\\\ ' tomer. lik «i tea" . $1 -..V'!""./, _---i;-"i 15C l"" paper. ''"'"• one hour, from 9to 10
(F^ZJI/ck S§«*\C''^ -r--_.^-!aT ,vN\\\\\l 'I »■ i • . ,Ji V I White Kin* or Il»n Jlur Soap. _ - Monday, In the May Mia, (0 roll. Limit
W&% feJJQ Choke J^M^V* I. 25c Peroxide tQ^ I'-. *5c -,/Th.:.:-. .*«,„., a,- C :*—■
a^_W' (i^3Wft/. From 10 to 11 !JC ««Sf.^* rIT! 1. 15c CUSrifrfeii.^";* Bicycle Cards f-,
X<fßlii^^^ ■ ■■'■ 1 Et*% /■ <^WMF^ / This is the so-called pound size. Q«»l«,r" Com 11uK,,, , 0 SSL%ES_I' 'Zvdrr, ,2 20c Packs !/ C
'•V^^_lS-JrVX?^_i^ '■ ■ 1/l|^ v '■ / that Is sold regularly at 25C. From I i>a.-kime« ""^ , >lll>( | „kace i 1/C An opportunity to buy the celebrated
-*• %-r \^ '''• i ~ tjflL~^i_»i'' V 10 "11 Monday morning, 2 bottles Quaker Oa(», Otis* «Jrln"on <iii-uii. ■ "7l!/» bicycle playlnx cards at the stationery
/• „"•*. Br mm^j^ '' ' ! . for 25c. Limit 2to a customer. large package -<OC pint buttle, i for _<i7t, counter Monday at 17c a deck.
*"■* ■ . A
Count of Votes Cast Yesterday
to Be Made as Quickly
as Possible
Energy Never Had Bigger Vafue.
Opportunity to Get Fine
Prizes Is Yours
Have patience!
The contest department Is just as
eager to finish the count of votes <ast
up to 10 o'clock last night and mi
j nounce the eifiht winners of special
prizes as candidates and their friends
I are to know who the eight winners will
I be. But to eliminate any possibility of
I errors being made, haste must be made
I slowly and each Individual item gone
j over several times. The full contest
force Is going: to be "on the job," and
it is hoped the results of the special
1 prize period can be announced in Tues
day morning's paper,
In the meantime go over the list of
capital and grand prizes to be awarded
June 30 and figure on your future cam
paign. Here are the capital and grand
Bungalow, $5300 (1532 West Forty
ninth street).
Knox auto, $3380 (Henry-Brown Mo
tor company, 1136 South Main street).
Trip to orient, $787.50 (double, with
stopover privileges).
Grand piano, $760 (Fitzgerald Music
company, 523 South Broadway).
$600 dining room set at Mackie-Fo
$500 bank account —Oil and Metals
$300 double trip to Honolulu, via
Matson Navigation company.
$266 double trip to Alaska, via Pa
cific Coast Stemship company.
$264, another double trip, via North
Pacific Steamship company to Seattle
and 4Jaskan Steamship company
Seattle to Skagway.
$260, another double trip to Honolulu,
via Oceanic Steamship company.
$260 Columbia graphanola—from Fitz
$220 double trip to Mexico City, via
National Railways of Mexico.
Each and everyone of these prizes,
remember, will go absolutely free for
votes, and votes are obtained simply
by "husling." Don't you think that
this is putting a real value upon
hustle? Don't, you think that you, ii
you are a hustler, should be giving this
contest all the time and energy you can
possibly devote to it? Was ever an
opportunity to get a beautiful home,
or an automobile, or a trip to the
orient, through energy alone, offered
you? Now will you grasp this oppor
tunity or let it go unheeded? There is
all to gain and nothing to lose by tak
ing part in this contest, and in taking
part giving it your best efforts.
Heavenly Wanderer, Out Late,
Takes Dazzling Course in
Fall from Grace
With a flash that illumined the heav
ens, a meteor descended earthward at
1 o'clock yesterday morning, passing
from southeast to northwest directly
above the city and causing almost a
panic among the stay-lates downtown
who were emerging from the saloons
at closing time. Many supposed the
meteor to be an offshoot of Halley's
comet, and Its aim was apparently
straight for the downtown district of
L,os Angeles. However, after having
its little joke, the meteor apparently
exploded and disappeared in a dazzling
shower of sparks in the vicinity of
The brilliant visitor was one of tho
most spectacular of its kind ever seen
In Southern California. Its blazing tail
extended from almost the center of tha
sky to the horizon. Its progress was
so slow that the great stream of light
was plainly visible for about two min
y, it was reported that the
meteor struck in the vicinity of Topan
go canyon, but these reports could not
be verified.
F. O. Hubbell, who was released on
I $5000 bail Friday by Police Judge
Frederiekson on a charge of assault
! ing A. B. McDonald, president of the
: Arrowhead Springs Water company
with a deadly weapon, was again ar
rested yesterday afternoon and lodged
in the county jail on a charge of as
sault with intent to commit murder.
Owing to the critical condition o£
! McDonald, who la lying at his home
jat 2704 West Eighth street with a
' probable basal fracture of the skull,
■ the complaint of assault with a dead
:ly weapon was dismissed and the
complaint charging Hubbell with as
! sault to commit murder was died.
The complaint was filed in Justice
Bummerfleld's court.
Hubbell will be held on the charge
without bail until the exact result of
McDonald's injuries can be ascer
The alleged assault occurred Thurs
day, following an argument between
McDonald and Hubbell over the af
: fairs of the company. Hubbell J lsjaj
I minor stockholder.
At the close of the evening service
at the Memorial Baptist church mi
Grand avenue tor the next four or
Bye weeks, beginning with this even
ing, Prof. Robert A. Olbbt of th(
Military school %\ il l give brief iiiu>
trated talk.s on the French Revolu
tion, Prof. Giiibs has spent years In
the study of this epoch In humai
tory. The topic of the a '
\ i vening will be "Napoleon and iii.i
Wear Longer, Bai Tlroi
Accident*, Hipolito
roller screen and re^ • • 11
Hlpolltu Screen and Sa»h
tm-^8 Maple avenue.
Southern Pacific change In time
Sunday. May 8. Sco display notice In
this papfcr.

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