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From Mines and Oil Fields
Pres-iili-lit Il'tmlngsen and a party
composed of Directors Wheatley and
Oliver and :i number of stockholder!
in the Midway live Oil company re
turned to Ijos Angeles Thursday morn
inK, after a trip of inspection to the
company's] property iii section 5, 'A--2U
of the Uidway field.
Drilling is progressing rapidly un
der the drive of the field superinten
dent, Ham Lamb. He has night and day
shifts at work and has the drill down
550 feet, New and commodious quar
ter! for the men have Just been com
pleted and the "opening" of the bunk
and mess house was celebrated with
B dance, showing that social functions
are not disregarded among tho oil
Superintendent Ijamn is confident the
first well will be a gusher and that it
will bo brought in at about isoo •'>
lltOO feet depth. Well No. 2 will be
Started shortly on a site directly
of No. 1.
Just south of the Midway Five the
Tiale-Mcl^eod company has a well
down about 1900 feet and into the light
oil sand. St. Lawrence No. 2, close
to the east, is down about 1600 feet,
with every indication of repeating the
success of its first well.
Along the north end line of the Mid
way Five property the Southern Pa
cific is unloading lumber to erect a
line of derricks. The Midway Premier
is preparing to drill on the west side.
The second oil sands lie as flat as a
blanket underneath this section and
thus far not one dry hole has been
At B meeting of the directors of the
Bakerafield Oil Stock exchange held
Monday evening, It was definitely de
cided to open the new oil exchange
Wednesday, May 18. Tho first rail
will be at 10 a. m., and the Bea.sion will
last two hours. For the present there
will bis but one session a day but a
plan is being considered by the di
rectors for an evening session. It Is
argued that an evening call would
be an innovation in California stock
exchange circles and that during the
summer months particularly It would
undoubtedly become popular. An even-
Ing session would afford the many
visitors from San Francisco and Lrf>s
Angeles a chance to watch the board
betwoen trains.
The Midway Marlcopa Pnide Oil company
reports that the derrick on the first well on
Its holding on section 34 Is nearly completed
nnd that Superintendent Knnpp expects to
;-pud In early next wri k. Several shareholders
of the company have made a trip to the
Kround, returning last' night, and all of them
pay they are well satisfied with the way work
la progressing there.
■» • »
Industrial Oil Co. :.■* 50 cents prr
share, paying 18 per cent per annum.
Production 67,000 barrels monthly. For
lull Information, 706 Story bulldlnß,
Broadway and Sixth. Charles Victor
Hall, Pesldent Industrial Oil Co. tf
A Fact to Consider
When Buying Land
Is the Cost of Getting Your Products to
Market and Still Have a Profit
Do you know that it costs more to ship goods from California to Chicago and New York than it does from
the east coast of Mexico to those same points?
Cheap water transportation makes this possible.
Buy Land in
where the profits are not all paid out in shipping. Our land is located on a navigable river twenty miles
from a railroad and population center. FOUR CROPS A YEAR GUARANTEED. Our present price is
$10.00 an Acre
Investigate This
Mexican Promotion Co.
502 Stimson Bid*., Third and Spring
A. T. .Terglns, Frank A. Garbutt, K.
M. Sheridan and a number of other oil
mm have acquired from the Provident
Oil company 100 acres on section 10-31
--23, located about three-fourths of a mile
from the Maya well In thn Midway llrlil.
They will begin drilling on the prop
erty nx soon an they can get their sup
iille-. In' And file riirfl set tin.
In loss than a weok the first well of
the East Midway Oil company to drill
on s.ction 2, 31-24, in the Elk hills will
spud in. Four rigs have been erected
on the property and water lines have
been laid. Since the appearance of
the preliminary report on the McKit
tiick-Sunset oil region prepared for
the government by Ralph Arnold and
Harry R. Johnson, the organizers of
the company are bettor pleased than
ever with the location, and they have
hren much encouraged ovor the pros
pect of getting oil.
The geologic and structural map
prepared by the geologists shows tlio
101k hill territory to advantage. A
pronounced anticline about eighteen
miles In length extends through the
district. A second anticline is shown
several miles to the south with an In
tervening syncline a very short dis
tance north of the southern anticline.
The dip of the formation from the
main anticline to the syncline is about
three or four degrees, while from the
second anticline it Is r re greatly pro
nounced, being sixty degrees. These
conditions are regarded as favorable
to the presence of deposit In the basin
between the two anticlines
H. H. Morrow, secretary and treas
urer of tho Empire Copper and Gold
Mining company, and H. Hermansnn,
one of the directors, leave Los Angeles
tomorrow for the east on business for
the company. They represent what is
destined to bo one of the largest and
best copper mines In Arizona.
Active operations will soon begin on the
Midway Maricopa Oil company's lease on sec
tion 82, 12-23, Midway. Mateiinls for erecting
a rIK are now on the frround and actual drill
ing will start within the next two weeks, ac
cording to John E. Wilson, president of the
Located as the company's property Is, In the
heart of big wells territory. It Is believed that
oil will be struck at a depth of not to exceed
ISOO feet.
NEW YORK, May 12.—Le«d, easy; <S>
[email protected] <£>
Copper—Easy: standard spot and, <i>
July. J12.37%@12.50. «>
Silver, 64c 4>
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by L. A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles stock
exchange, 2011-201 I. W. llullman building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, May 12.— usual the
Tonopah Issues were the feature of the mining
market on Hush street during today's session.
IJelmont led the advance with a gain ol 37Vi
point*, $3.0214 being bid at the end of the ses
sion, Montana and Jim Uutlor were up 2
point! each. For Tonopah Mining- (8.75 was
bid, and for West End 43c. '
The ore shipments from this camp dur)S){ the
past week totaled 7038 tons of an estimated
value of 1175,950.
There were but few changes In the Gold
fleld list Consolidated sold off 5 points and
Jumbo Extension 1. The balance remained un
Following were the closing quotations of the
San Francisco stock exchange:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 Ireat Bend.. 2 3
Atlanta 13 14 Kewanaa •.... 5 6
Booth 13 14 Ut Bend An.. .. 1
Blue Bell ..2 3 grandma .... 1 2
Uluo Bull ..4 5 Jumbo Ex ... 20 21
It B Bomin.. .. 1 Kendall 2 3
Columb Mtn. « 7 Lone Star ..a 3
Conqueror ..1 2 Lou Dillon .... 2
Comb Frao.. 45 47 Mill town Fro .. 2
Cracker jack.. .. 2 Moh Ex 2
Daisy 6 7 Nov Ooldfield .. 2
rrlansle ... 1 Oro 5 <•
D II B Con. .. . 1 Bed T Ex... 1 .2
Dixie 1 Red Hills ... 3 4
Empire 2 Sandstorm .... 6
Florence ....215 220 St Ivea 14 16
Flor Ex 1 Silver Pick... 8 9
Fran Moh ..2 4 yellow Rose. .. 2
Soldflld Con.Blo 815 fellow Tiger. .. 6
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....39214 307 Rescue Con.. 2 3
Jim Butler.. 23 24 Ton'pah Mln.S7s 887%
Midway .... 28 29 ronopah Ex.105 107%
Montana ....85 97 Wet End Con 43 44
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Amethyst ... 1 2 Montgm Mtn. .. , 1
Bullfrog Mln 1 2 Mayflow Con. 1 _ 2
Bullfrg Nt B 1 2 Tramp Con.. 4 ..*,
Bonnie Clare 8 .. Val View 3
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Munhut Con. 2 3 Mustang 2
Manhat Mln. .. 1 ISeyl Humph. .. 1
Manhat Dcx 4 5 Thanksgiving. 3 5
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Eagle's Nest 2 4 Pitts Sllv Pk .. 70
F'vlew Eagl 10 11 Round Mtn.. 50 65
Nev Hills .. 66 70 Coalition .... 25
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, May 12.— A» soon as the activity
ceases prices commence to sag. The volume
of trading Is small, the bulk of the transac
tions being In odd lots. There seems to be
considerable mystery regarding the exact posi
tion of the metal market. Large sales have
been made recently around 13c, but It Is the
general Impression that this price cannot hold.
Just at present the market has no tendency
either way.
Quotations closed as follows:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Fneu .. 6% 6% Michigan .... 6 6%
do pfd .... 18V4 1814 Mohawk .... 49 to
Adventure .. 6 7 Nev Con ... 20 20%
Allouez .... 43 45 North Butte. 32% 32%
Atlantic .... 7% 8% Old Dominion 37 38
Arcadian ...6% 6 Osceola .. ..136 136"4
Ariz Com ■.. 1614 16% Parrot 14% 15%
Apex 3 3% Qulncy 76 78
Boston Con.. 15 20 Santa Fe ... ITs 2
Butte Coal'n 20% 21 Shannon 11% 1194
Calu & Ariz 63 64 Shoe Macb .. 70 7014
Calu &He 0.680 670 do pfd .....29 29%
Centennial ..17 17% Sup Copper.. 4314 44
Don Mercur. 10 .17 Sup and Bos 10% 11
Cop Range.. 66 67 Sup and Pitt 12 1214
Corbln .. ..IS 13% Swift 106 £••*>
Daly West.. 8 8% Tamarack ...52 63
East Butte.. 8% 8 Trinity 6% 6
Ilm River.. 114 1% United Frult.lß4 185
Franklin ... 12% 12% a S Smelt .. 42% 43 ;
Granby .. .. 40 43 do pfd 49% 60
Oreene Can. 8% t Utah Con ... 24 24%
Hancock ... 19% 20% Victoria .... 3 3%
Isle Royale.. 17Vi 1814 Wlnona .... 814 9
Keewenaw .. 3% 4 Wolverine ...118 120
Lake ■ 65% Wyandot .... 1% 2
La Salle ... 1214 12% North Lake.. 1214 13
Mass Copper 614 7 Indiana 22 2214
Mayflower .. 50 75 Mass Gas ... 8014 81%
Mcx Con .. 2% 2% do pfd »1 »114
Miami 21% 22
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
NEW YORK. May 12.— Following were the
closing quotations:
' Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Tobacco.44o 442 Mason Val .. 7 7%
B 9 Gas OH 0% Miami 21% 21"i
Chicago Sub 2% 3 Mns Co of A6O 65
Havana Tob 6 7 Nev Utah ... 0% 0% I
Stand Oil ...630 640 Nlpissing ... 10 1014
Cns 9tmp nl7 21 Ohio 214 2%.
Boston Con.. II 20 . Rwhlde Coal. 28 30 i
Butto Coal'n 20 2014 Ray Central. 2% Mi
JXivLi Daly. 1% 1% Ray Consol.. 18% 18%
Dolores .... 6% 614 South Utah.. 1% 2 ,
Ely Central. 114 1% United Cop.. 6 614
Tly Con .... 0% 0% Yukon 4%, 4%
Oldfleld Con 814 8% Glla 6 6% j
Greene Can. 8% 9 Chlno 12% 12%
Glroux 7% 7% Con Arizona. 2% 2%
Inspiration.. 7% 7% Keystone .... 314 3 7ii
Kerr Lake.. 8% 8% El Rayo .... 2% 314
La Rose ... 414 4% .
Service to The Itnn Angeles Herald by t,. A.
frlfler & Co., members Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
KA?T FRANCISCO, May 12.—FollowinR W«M
today's quotations on the Ran Francisco stock
exchant,-':-: —Opening— — Closing—
Bid. Asked. Hid, Asked.
Associated Oil ... 61.75 62.00 61.5P 62.00
Brookuhlre 2.00 .... 1.90
Illinois Crude 60 .53 .60 .65
Palmer Oil 1.32U 1.27W 1.25 1.27%
Premier 1.25 1.30 1.25
Mancot Oil 2.25 2.M .... 2.20
Monte Crlsto 3.50 3.30 3.50
New Pennnvl 97 1.00 .!)S 1.00
Silver Tip 8.90 2.50 2.90
Salcs-2 Associated bonds 97.25: 20 Associated
61.87%; 100 Amy 1:40; 100 do 1.45; 100 do 1.60;
1500 Blue Moon .23; 200 CoallnKa Central .55;
600 Gypsy .42; M 0 New Pennsylvania .95; ITiOO
Palmer 1.25; 1500 do 1.27%; 100 Republic .53;
1200 S W and B .54; 500 do .50.
» . »
Arrowhead Hot Springs Ratlin
Will give that beautiful and youthful
complexion so mneh desired by all.
I The Wise Investor
Will Buy
Midway Northern I
Oil Stock at
Before this company
brings in their well, which
is rapidly nearing
The Oil
It will be necessary to act
Security Loan and
Investment Company
(819 Security Bldg.
Phones: Fl322—Main 1848 jt
6C —Going To 7&C
without notice. Director* insist on 10
CENTS »t any early date.
1012 Union Trust Building.
Fourth and Spring Sts.
legislation going on In congress. Tha
"Oil Talks"
Sunday morning Way C. West will begin a scries of
articles on California oil. The Herald wishes to call
tho attention of it.s readers to thuse artlcli *.
Mr. West will handle the California oil situation
In his usual optimistic style, and he will doubtless
present something meriting the confidence of the
Investing public.
Watch for These Articles
and Read them.
"Oil Reasons No. 1"
Will Appear Sunday
S. W. Cor. i
Broadway & M
Seventh St. -■—^
Remember We Quit Business
TODAY and TOMORROW—Friday and Saturday
Will Be Gala Bargain Days Here—at Least ONE-THIRD OFF
on Every Article in the House.
Men's and Boys' Ready-to-Wear
Clothing and Furnishings
A large and varied line to select from. Good! that have made our many
stores famous. These specials are not only for a day or two but EVKHY
DAY until every little thing is sold. Don't delay if you wish to save
money—this is an unprecedented offer, only to be had at
othschill m
S.W. Cor. Broad- I W
way & 7th St. M^JF
Gives you opportunity to participate
In the profit of Los Angeles' upbuild
ing. Stock now $1.85. Pays 16 per cent,
dividends payable quarterly.
120 S. Broadway. Ground Floor Mason
Opera House.
7 oilametals-bahk 4
&L. T/f nave money to loan to conserva- ■:■
fl Ik. yy tive borrowers whose business jus- £
tiftes the accommodation. We have ||gk
IF every facility for quick and accurate service »>
JL and the convenient dispatch of business.
I«l We appreciate the business of our customers ' £
and repay them in safety, service and the ®^
Jr personal attention of our officers to the de- ||
J|L tails of business entrusted to their care,
%%l n IfflwitLvM has deP°sited $500 Jr
v \%w \v'# c giyen as a prize &&.
N^^^Bj^F 'w j'^ Grand Prize &
Je nJ^g^l^^f Contest.
m 511 WEST TfflßD STREET Z
Shoes Half Price and Less
Over two hundred big dlapiay bargain
tables are displaying shoes for men. women
md children, on wale In many Instances for
half price and less. Convince yourself and
come to the
SIS South Hroadnar.
Combined with
Safety of
Purchase of a first-class oil stock
during the early stages of develop
ment work on a proven property
assures this desirable result. To be
a first-class oil.stock the company
must have a producing property in
a developed oil field and" be of
ficered by high-grade oil men.
We recommend Coalinga Central
Oil as just such a stock. The com
pany has 120 acres of absolutely
proven oil land in the center of the
producing Coalinga oil field. Has
two producing wells and two more
nearly finished. Has plans made to
drill seven more wells before fall.,
The men back of the enterprise are
among the best and most favorably
known in the oil business.
The stock can now bo bought at
prices around 55c per share (par
$1.00). It is listed on the Oil Ex
changes at San Francisco and Los <
Angeles. ■"
"Qil Securities," a monthly illus
trated publication, gives full partic
ulars with maps, photos, etc. Call at
our office or send in this coupon for
free copy.
USD CO., 614 H. XV. Hellman Bids.,
Los Angeles.
Gentlemen — Please send me, free of
cost, Information regarding stock re
ferred to above; also free copies of oil
magazine, "OIL SECURITIES," for six
monthsall this without any obligation
whatever on my part.
Name -. • • ■-« ... .<
Street and No
City I
I H5-13
Midway Provident Oil Co.
"The Company that lias the Best Start."
Midway 20C Stock
625 Central Bid*., Sixth aid Main SU.
TO $1000 PER ACRE.
438 Citizens National Bank Bid*.
Our board of directors has authorized a
public offering of our treasury stock at
35 Cents a Share
Los Angeles-McKittrick Oil Co.
224 I. W. Hellman Bldg., Fourth and Main.

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