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dmdC 0 M I N G !^^d
The Distribution of Thousands of Dollars in Prizes , , ;,^ ..... „ —-!
- —That's What Is Coming. Each Day Sees ; |g|
*\-.if Mp^^ ijf _HV^______B_^K. ■'•■' *^<__is_*lP« B^Mfß ' >
i^l &___^s and Win? Look Over
H___-i-: "*- L.:jSSl_a i The Prize Auto
vm-<,wumm>*-,-«*... -^ ■ • .—. » • ( 1 he rriZe JtUTO
The Prize Home Four Capital Prizes N
_. , /-< «i , M-urninoent seven-room two-story Bungalow with 50x150 lot in College Tract, the truly
First Capital MSM.re-we4Tdta^ of 1.,, Angeles! mis home, locate,, at 1182, Wjrt *g_-ntttt
— — — ' ■ n- Street is all ready for an occupant. Kvery modern convenience is installed; it has every
Prize up-to-the-minute feature. Perhaps it Will Btlrtce simply to say it was built CC^fjA
for The Herald by the Los Angeles Investment Company. Go see this home VUUUV
n, t,n «x IBunerh 1-110 Model "R" five-passenger Knox Tourabout. one of the most aristocratic cars
. . Seeo^tite^ffa^^^a^^gg^^S^j ■ . Increases
rriZe company's headquarters at 1136 South Main street and inspect it QDOO\I
Eight Third Capital •--•;,-:;r a V7,^!: i ';V c S»?U««t . Made by May 21 ,
Special Prizes Prize sb^S^kikt&^S&q^p^t^tßi ■ CUnt
May 21 S^lSMA^^J^^^r^&^USi ra.-..5787.50 {See Page 16)
(See Pace 16) -x I ("rind Piano of the world-famed Limieman make, _ this means a piano representing
(See Page 16) ¥^f^^S-^^SSl^^2i^SS^Ut^
(ice fage 1O) _ . r - st , 44 made in fanoy nprure<l antique mahogany, possessing all extra excellent Itatures.
• ,on S:^i,th S?£^2_SiSvsSS^^ $750
Eight Grand Prizes . — 1
: 1 First Grand a, handsome nine-piece Colonial Dlntng Room Set, made of solid Cuban Mahogany, all ■ . j^
F^St Grand ;',, ''• .',l v P ,, m and consisting of live side chairs, one arm chair, upholj. ;torecI In the very >_&■
T, . b L« ..,.,,!,, of pebble-grain leather, extension table 12 leet Ions: with sideboard 60 inches
PriZe one ny 24 IncnC. deep china closet 48 inches wide. 64 inches high and containing plass JmWBL
_^__ m^m _^ mmmmm^m^m —-—-—-. , , , -„. for two .helves The shelve, are soli,! mahogany. This set is one that would Krace a mans on, and y_H ■tlflfc
§„, -.. . . . wa ß nurehaled from the Mackle-Foley Company, 723-r, South Hill street, where i is now on exhibition All J»
I;.;!,! ",;,;,. h.',mlful an,l artl/tl.- in furniture are invited to visit Maekie-Foley's $600 «a___!_
;' ■ ' . ;* s ■: ' -.' ';. : ::: V' V -:: , , . ?500 r . ink A ..,. n , 1nt We have deposited with the Oil nn<l Metals Bank and Trust com- J^fe^lP^Sf&«——
>' : ■ .>' ■ ■..■■•• " SeCOnd Grand p n^*3oolS b«IU to be awarded to »R.e rtndldate at tli. oto» of the With a «S«^^^H^^^M^^^
A*.-; f,>> ■ i - - ■ : :■: ■' ;■; x, • I, !ik ,, th |J to his or her credit as a result of a few weeks' effort, the winner will have '
PriZe to ,>el well ,-ruar.ie.i. ana |:w Is a sui.-tnntlal start toward n. for- <?ZAA _«__»_
tf&m&®&sM.<--ys i:- :j tune; it Is not often an opportunity like this is offered. Jus, a few weeks' hustling nets.
' . .*S«Si •■ .1 j, | Frize thl'^ w^m
- " .." Aiii. .'..*■*•-■•-.■' - (^~--.f. Tboy „,.,, Fop pvPr vthinT m the islancV bewildering: nrray of in t-ro^t inp^oiffPHnfirs. JMoro^ dota^Ued pari| oJ?^" & BW^fl B^ ■
A..:,, JPPF^' • .*^^is;W^ Fourth Grand r.ouble trin to 1 Mr.ska via Seattle am', return on either of the sister ships. Governor or ■ Jl/w '
§r .^UMHfWW-1)^ -^ a Fourth Grand ? BkßSt-BFBBKj^S(s.^ m^ ?M W '
'"^~_ '*tn,-<-*- 'Jc- ~."^<*^:*W'^*>i&k^t**Z i-- "?^«^i Pre r-irl on t. -ir -•■■mous on "■;!-..> .ist n._ ,n .i passaei?." touching nt Prince Rupert, British »
' _ _.. „ 7TTTT7 __SKS?S-rsHIH.'SSSSff i£«- «r_^.* ..|266 Undeman Grand Piano
The Chiyo Mara, T. K. K. S. 5. Co. JS_ffrSTKTUMTSS-IS?£SSS«L's? = SS ——
D ,' o shipbuilders, where she has been practically rebuilt With a cost of $100,000, is one of the — , . ■
— PriZe f "4e^t and most elaborate and comfortable steamships on the Pacific coast. She will
' rarrv T he Herald's guests to Seattle, and after seeing the sights in that hustling city they will board the
Teff^rsln or DolphinS of the Alaska Steamship company, which will ™rry them over the Southeast-
crn Alaska route. Watch <or further announcements in he Herald. Value <("'Vt
o« xi ir> 1 Double trip to Honolulu on the steamship SIERRA of the Oceanic Steamship company,
SlXth Grand «n,irh Spring street, LO3 Ai.geles. A beautiful trip to a beautiful country in a beautiful
p _.• . . Prize HS_J©SS^_l-^|i™jM&Sgrt3 . Read
Every District „„ --_-s-_-2SSs*tfas SB S Si'.S.^.'rr'..^.*.'. 1:..™.!! 1.'!.. $260 Special Prize
' '.' C2ot<i TWO Aw/Iff!? a l s*< J\ beautiful Columbia Grnphonola—a world-famous instrument. The winner of this will
.;, <_r£r.y iwo /wvaras Seventh Grandget an nstrument that neets the most exacting tests. It will suffice to - y that v his News
Tl/t „.. "> 1 n • strui leni ha" hern purchased from the Fitzgerald Music company, ,2., South Broadway,
May 21 Prize ilersi" the very best musical Instruments and fupplles on the market. ; Th fi (I?OCA
Talking Machine is on exhibition at Fitzgerald company's; store. Value Qi,O\J (Page 16)
(<*pe Pa&e 16) t^ lAI r> J Double trip to Mexico City and return. Larger than England, Ireland, Scotland and
[dee rage *°) Eighth Grand prance combined; wonderful in its material resources, charming in climate, rich in tra
l^lglll-u vi Franc. nlcturesque beyond description. rand in prehistoric ruins, Mexico is a country
PriZe Immensely attractive and Interesting, and with the possible exception of Japan has no
- in universal nrotrress in recent years. Ruined temples, the adobe pyramids, unread hieroglyphics and
peer in «"'"rsa' r IKr^' n Invest t he country will make it of unusual interest to the traveler. The for
r°mance and tragedy wmen^nv v comp /nlon. The National Railways of Mexico have ar- tfO^A — —J
ranged thTs trip throughout and wIU show The Herald guests everything to be seen. Value $^ZU _ 1
d ■ , Votes Are Issued , _ —-— : ——— \
( ot. \/r n+u \ n i •_• l t»u Nomination Blank
Schedule May 7th > on Subscriptions to The The Los Angeles Herald Grand Prize yoting Contest
to may jam ' Herald and Upon Classified s?t^ss^a^.^zss.S: '■ .■
New oid Advertising. Candidates Get These Z2 z '^^;\\v:::::::::::::z:::::::::::::::z:::::::::
$5.00— 12 Months 850 Votes 400 Votes „ I A7^i-^ f^- D«.J~'i-o If f^*\n+c< state • •
$2.75- <, Months 468 Vo« 230 Vo,e» V()teS Mil VOtC tOr FriZeS. It LOStS „„,„,»,„,* ..:............. .." |
$1.50— 3 Months 255 Votes 120 Votes Nothme to Be a Candidate; Simply Fill Out SS*'nomi^iion blank' '*"££'£" i~''^;^'~'';-;i;:"
$I.oo— 2 Months 170 Votes 80 Votes ° _ , - , L —— • — '
$ .50- 1 Month 85 Votes 40 Votes . {fa Blallß attd SeOd It 10 NOW •so *££* Persons making nominations will not be divulged when
V ■ ■ -_—————————————————_«——————————————————————i
Chorus Girl Mother Pleads for
Her Child and Accuses
Mrs. Smith
The first chapter in the right of,
Sadie Englem m, a pretty 16-yoar-oUI
chorus girl of San Diego, for the pos
session of her unnamed baby, alleged
to have been whisked from a sinitar
lum shortly after as birth, into the
home of Mrs. W. W. Wilson of qua
ruplet fame, was closed yesterday at
the preliminary examination on a
charge of child stealing of Mrs, Cath
erine E. Smith In Judge Summerl
court. At the conclusion of the little
mother's testimony, In which she tenr
fully pleaded for the return of her
child Mrs Smith was held to answer
to tin; superior court In 12800 bonds.
The testimony of the girl witness
threw astoniahing sidelights on a traf-
flc in babies, bought like merchandise,
without the knowledge of their mothers
In a fashionable Quarter of the city.
Sadie Enfflcman -:ii■ i she had sought
i the HHnltarium conducted by .Mrs.
■ Smith on Sunset boulevard at the pro
prietor." solicitation, had remained In
the In tltutlon until the birth of her
child and had been refused to see it
after Its birth. "They never let ma
! take it In my arms," said the former
i i lioru - Riii, "and from the daj of its
i have ii"' er been allowed to lay
inj eyi .- on it. I Implored Mrs. Smith
I to rIw 1 it to iih . mi] had it not been
Ir that brought sev
ic] ill babies to the it nl lon "I the BU
! perlor court I would ha v< lost trace
! of thi rhild ent Irely."
The girl told the court that Heveral
afti r the l.irt ii uf tin child und
she Insisted r>n weing it Mrs.
Sinitii and her attendants al the In
stitution thrust her from the house
tvith i-'arcelj finy clothes, and that for
want ni car fa re she wa i for( ed to
walk in tin- cold twenty blocks to her
i:. W. Rnynolds, formerly n proba
li,,ii officer, testifli .1 Mrs, Smith had
confided to Mm tliat Dip mother of
„„,, of the quadrupti tn l}\ ed at the;
Rngleman home In Lafayette ■
It wa.s largely thro\igh Reynolds' an ;
sistiints that U"' Engleman baby wai
Mrs. Smith is said to have been in
LOS ANGELES HERALD: riUDAV mohmm;. .may i», tjio.
trouble with the government several
years ago over the mailing o( a lettei
connected with an alloged case oi mcd
leal mistreatment. She has occupied,
according to the authorities, a promi
nent place on the calling card of the
police department In connection witn
her business for many years,
The Engleman baby since Its removal
from the Wilson home is being cared
for by the children's Hume society at
the Children's hospital pending the
outcome of Mrs. Smith s trial.
Til.' College Men's association of.
Southern California, al Its dinner at the
H-amburger cafe Tuesday evening, will
listen to speeches by the varioua candi
dates for the governorship, all ol the
prominent seekers for the offlc< having
promised to be present In person or b3
proxy and twenty minutes will i»' al
lotted each one. A large attendance is
expected at the dinner, which will ab
both Hi" May and June dates ol
the organization, and the ■eyrjtary,
Henry K. Norton, announce! that no
reservations will be made later th;ui
i .1 row I vnmf, r.
I nun Arrow licail Hot S|>rln(tß Hold
Can be had the best possible view of
the comet. Trolley cars direct to the
hotel from San Bernardino.
450 Pupils Turn in $1001.10 Out
of $9000 Raised
nr tin $8050 now on deposit from the
proceeds of Tag day, $r,ooo was turned
in by tin various schools of Los Ange«
les, imii with ten grammar schools and
Polytechnic high yet to hear from, and
sevoral hundred dollars yet to be turned
in by I.os Angeles high, the school!
will have the collection of a large ma
jority of the funds to their credit.
Los Angeles high school has so far
turned in about $1800, and Polytechnic,
while holding off until this evening to
make it-- report, claim* to have about
$2100 on hand. OIIVB street hifih Bchool
-with an enrollment of only 450 pupils
made an enviable record by turning
in $1001.10, an average of $2 a pupil;
while the larger schools, each having
an attendance of nearly 2000, will prob
ably show an average of $1 a pupil,
ybert E Wilson, principal of the Ol
ive street school, will present his two
pupils who made the best record in tag
selling with books, as a reward for
their efforts. Ida Fisher sold the. high
est number, 426, and Harry Wilson .no.
Last year the proceeds of the schools'
sales was $6705, while this year it will
run probably $1000 higher, The record
of the grammar schools last year was
only $2000, against $2500 already turned
in by them this year, with ten schools
yet to hear from The three best rec
ords made by tiie grammar schools this
yeai- ares Hoover street school, s^iti.r.L 1;
Custer avenue school, $144.86; Cambria
street school, $108.60. Hollywood high
school turned In $103.35, and could have
sold many more tags It' they could have
obtained them.
North Broadway stays North Broad-
Way. This is the decision the street
committee of the council reached yes
terday afternoon after hearing both
sides. The Native Sons anil the Pio
neers wanted the council to change the.
name (rf North Broadway back to
Downey avenue, i>ut the people who
live on the street and pay tUH, and
who thought they had a right to bo
considered in the matter, kicked
against any further Ob*nge, They are.
satisfied with the name o| North
Broadway, and North Broadway it
Cocaine dealors are now among
those unpopular in our midst.
The organization Of the Missouri so
ciety will be perfected tins afternoon
at a meeting at Talt's cafeteria, 811
South Broadway, at 8 o'clock. The first
t ting of the new society was held
last Friday afternoon iii Hie chamber
of commerce committee rooms.
James A. Williams, manager of the
Federation of state Societies, Buys that
he has received a number of letters
from persons who are interested in the
Ml ourl society; and who express their
intention of becoming members. J-l"
predicts there will he 1000 ine.nib.nj
within a short time.
Mr. Williams has expressed his de
sire to aid the unorganized California
representatives of any state to form ii
society, in* office Is on the third floor
of the Chamber of Commerce building.
D X 10d wards, former member of
the hoard of public yorfW, has reached
Ceylon in his trip around the world.
His presence at Colombo, Ceylon, was
noted i.\ the Ceyloß Ob«erver. Mr.
Kdwarda visited the Y. M. C. a. ai Co
lombo and found the work there pro
gressing well.
The second annual basket picnic of
tho deputies of the county assesor's
office will be held at Kedondo Beach
The beach will be the scene of ath
letic contests and races for the fat men
and women, while a program of songs
and music will bo staged in the pavil
ion, concluding with a dance in the
Cars will leuvo Second and Spring
Streets every ten minutes commencing
at in o'clock In the morning. Reduced
rates have Men secured from tho trans
portation company, and holders of
tickets and badges will obtain reduced
rates at the bath house, as well as free
dancing and chocking until 7 o'clock In
the evening.
Prof. Edward B. Warman will deliver
a free lecture -this .evening at 8 o'clock,
under ■ the auspices of the business
men's Bible Class of the. Magnolia Ave
nue ■ Christian church Sunday school,
Twenty-fifth street and Magnolia ave
nue. Subject, "Health: How to Got It
and How to Keep It," by one who haCa
It. Admission fire*.

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