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California Residence Near Van Ness Square
__^.. ' —-^—"——'~**— "^~"^—m
imSi |li%£ • 4|Bk a HhH^bblß ■■ '■;.. ■■> 'mJ
■'■^t'ijy m 9RS^BS^^EiSßSj2^b' "^ 'v *-■ 'd^^fld^cfujS^iL ■«^^- ' ' *^ ~^!*2 jp^Jn^psS^AJH3t3£^!^^!ffvSSßSji^^^^B ■
THE above picture shows the grade
and quality of residences around
the McCarthy company's new Van
JJess Square tract.
Many new liomes an' being erected
in this section of tiv- Wllshlre boule
vard district and rapid progress is be
ing made in the development of street
work and improvement in Van Ness
Gas and Water Provided for Lot
Buyers—Street Work
Cost $50-000
The McCarthy company's Van Ness
Avenue Square tract has had the great
est success since it was put on the
market a. few months ago. A contract
for the grading and beautifying of this
tract, costing In all over $50,000. Is just
being completed, and now the cement
curbs and sidewalks arc being installed
as fast as a large force of workmen
Can push the work through, das Is
being installed, and water piped to
every lot.
Before the cement work bad been
commenced, in fact before the grad
ing was well under way. demand was
made, by buyers in this western sub
division for stakes, so that they could
comenco to build the beautiful homes
that axo now to be seen either com
pleted or nearinpr completion on this
tract. The following sales have been
made -through the main office, the Mc-
Carthy company, the Brigga company.
and Walter (i. McCarthy, sales agent:
To Benjamin P. Hopkins, two lots
cm Wflton place, btween Linden avenue
nnd Fourth street. 4.'.xi:«: $.Win. To
Reta 'leedy, a lot on Wilton place,
near Fourth street. $1700; Bva L. Mil
ler, two lots on Wilton place, near
Fourth street, 60x133, $34<>n; Loui i:
«nd Kst.elle >1. Dreyfus, a lot on Wil
ton place, near Fourth street.. $1800; To
A. Cook and O. dark, a loi on Wil
ton place, near Fourth street, $1S00;
to fjeorgfi AValker, corner of Wilton
place and Linden. 60x138, $2'<oj to <;.
B. Nagel, lot iii Wilton plaop, near
Linden avenue. Mixi:;:?; to A B. Apple,
lot on Wilton place, near Linden ave
nue. $1S00; to B. F. Taylor, two lots
on Wilton place, near Linden avenue,
J.WIO; to B. Zolllnger, a loi on Wilton
place, near Fourth, $1800; C. X Nagel,
a lot on Wilton place, near Fourth
street, JIRIW; to A. H. Apple. ;) lot on
This Is the Exact Photograph
At $5000
It Is a Sacrifice
In the Wilshire District, Xn 3823 I Imwood avenue, \\ story
H rooms, well built; host of >anitan plumbing;. Large fjarape,
cement- rlooi and pit. ( emeni porch floor and driveway. This
house is new and never been oc< upied. Lot ;0\14;. all fenced.
South front. If you want a home investmeni ci this, Come
out today and look it over.
Take Rimini Baths Car marked Western Avenue to Kim
wood avenue. Only $350.00 cash payment, balance S;0 per
month, including interest.
The Knowles-Stice Co.
I Square, Homes valued at from *>'»"'
t,i $20,000 are in and surround Van
Ness square.
Tiie house illustrated is handsomely
finished Inside with beam ceilings,
built in bookcase, artistic buffet and
sideboard in dining room, pressed brick
mantel, sleeping porch, large closets
and many artistic and unique touches
that give the interior an air of artistic
and refined elegance.
Wilton place near Fourth street, $1<"n; j
to .Mas SehlregOhn, corner of Fourth 1
and Wilton place, ?23nn ; to Elisabeth
A. Moore, a lot on Van Ness avenue,
near Fourth street. 60x183, Sisno; to
1,. N. Edwards, a lot on Van Ness ave
nue avenue, near Fourth street, $1800;
KHz T. Moore, a lot on Van Ness, near
Fourth street, $ISdn; to Kfttherlqne Cra
ven, a lot on Van Ness avenue, near
Fifth. Sl^r>o; to Frank Veasy, a lot on
Van Ness avenue, between Fourth
and Linden, $200(1; to Louis K. Webb,
four lots on Van Ness avenue near
Linden, and the corner of Linden and
Van Ness avenue, 18900: to C. Walker,
a lot, comer of Van Ness nnd Lin
den. $2260; <o Grace Ware, a lot on
Van Ne-s near Linden, $1300; to Kath
erlne Craven, a lot on Van Ness near
Linden. $l!)0fi; to Elisabeth Moore,
three lots on Van Ness near Linden.
$5700; to T,. N. Edwards, three lots on
Van Ness avenue, between Fourth and
Linden, $6800; E. Abascal, two lots on
Van Ness avenue, near Fourth street,
$3850; to H. A. and P. M. Butcher.
a lot on Norton avenue near Fourth
street. $2000; to Eva Schenk and George
• ■]%, a loi on Norton avenue near
Fourth, $2000; to G. N. Walters, the
corner of Norton and Linden avenues,
$"ofi. and the two lots adjoining on
Norton avenue, $3Snn; to Grace Ware,
two lots on Norton avenue near Lin
den, $3800; to jay C. Dirlam ,a lot
on Norton near Linden, $1950; to Eli
zabeth Moore, a lot on Norton avenue
near Fourth', $2000; to L. M. Edwards,
a lot on Norton near Fourth, $1900; to
Frances MeCray, a lot on Norton near
Fourth sir. -ft. $1860; to M. Avpry, cor
ner of Fifth and Norton. $2800, mid
tin lots adjoining on Norton avenue,
JS7OO; to r,. I. Peoples, a lot on Nor
ton, between Fifth and Linden, $8000;
to Mr. Jay, the corner of Norton and
Linden, $2100, and the lot adjoining on
Norton, $1900; to c. B. Adams, a loi on
Van Ness avenue, near Fifth. $1860; to
K. «' Jildcon, two lots on Van Ness,
between Fifth and Linden, $1900, each;
to Howell Tyler, two lots on Van No."
avenue near Fifth street, $3800; to
Florence Mills, the corner of Van Ness
and Linden. $2.W>. and three lots ad
joining ><n Van Ness avenue, $6700; to
Leslie Gray, B loi on Van Ness and
Linden, ?4 n? 'n'. '" Martin Kelsey, three
li-its on Van Ness, between Fifth and
Linden. $7600; to Mrs. Oolman Perkins.
two lots on Van Ness near Fifth street.
$5700; to Mrs. Viekcrs. corner of Van
Ness and Fifth. $2250; to M. Walters,
four lots on Van Np.sk, near Linden,
$7<WO: to A. A. Adams, two lots on
Wilton place, near Linden, $"snn; to \.
L. Beasley, a 101 on Wilton place near
Fifth. JlTnn.
The other houses are arraiiKeu und
finished in the utmoft good taste and,
architectural beauty and would do I
credit to an exclusive residence dis
trict in any city in the country.
It la a noteworthy fact thai the best
selling books of house plans published I
in America at present are the ones is-I
sued in California and using the latest I
ami most up-to-date equipments for
comfort and beauty.
Five-Story Hotel for Olive Street
Near Pico—Also Store
In thr list of now Improvements re
ported to the Ruilder and Contractor
are the following given by architects:
Train & Williams are completing
plans; for a five-story hotel building
to he erected in Olive street nrar Pico
for W. W. Padon. It will have steel
framr, brick walls with glazed briok
and tile front, ft will contain 100
rooms and thirty-five bath room*. The
■. parlors and dining room will
have oak floors and hardwood trim.
The building will be equipped with
steam heat, elevat-irs, vacuum clean
ing system, piped for hot and cold
water and wired for a telephone in
eacYi room.
A. 1,. Haley, lni\, is drawing plans
for h three-story class (' apartment
house, to be erected at Hope and Sixth
street;-, ft will contain twfinty nine
t\<o-room and six three-room apart
ments; also plans for a three-story
brick apartment bouse at Fourth and
Rampart streets. 50 by ISO feet.
W. .!. SaundefH is preparing plans for
a "lie-story brick store building to be
< rei ted at Second and ''lay streels for]
F. W. Braun. It will be 2,-,xr.n feet and
Mill have pressed brick front, plate
glass windows, composition roof. etc.
The same architect will prepare plans
for remodeling the ground floor of the
hotel building at Second ami flay
streets for a cafeteria as soon as a
le;ise can be made. At present thin
floor Is divided Into rooms. All parti
tions will be removed and the floor en
tirely remodeled tor cafeteria purposes.
New windows, electric wiring and fix
tures will be installed.
Thomas Preston i<. preparing plans.
for a three-story brick building to l)e
erected at the corner of Workman
street and North Broadway for the odd
Fellows' lodge, it will be 80x110 feet
and will have concrete basement,
pressed brick facing on both frontages.
composition roof, hardwall plaster,
Oregon pine and metal lath, plumbing
and electrfc wiring. On the first floor
there will be three storerooms with ce
ment floors and plate glass windows.
The upper floors will be fitted for lodge
halls and will have Oregon pine, trim
and maple floors.
A. L. Haley, Inc., i* preparing plans
for a seven-story ami basement class
A hotel building to be erected in Fifi
ueroa street south of Tenth street. It
will he 75 by 160 feet and will he con
structed of reinforced concrete. On the
first floor will bo a lobby, finished in
marhlp and tile, and reception rooms,
parlors, etc., finished in hard woods.
The upper floor will contain 240 rooms
with a bathroom between each two
rooms. The basement will lie fitted lip
for a cafe and will have sidewalk
lights, etc. Freight and passenger ele
vators, steam heating and vacuum
cleaning systems will be installed.
I-\ M, Tyler has prepared plans for
h two-story and basement ten-room
residence to be erected ;it sixth street
und St. Andrew's place fnr Nicholas
h. . Union Trust building. It will
h.')\>* concrete foundation and basement
ami shingled exterior, Oregon pine
interior trim, tile mantel, hard wood
floors, hath, plumbing, furnare and au
ttlc water heater,
one of the mosl encouraging fea
tun of the real estate market la thp
"awakening" of the north i n<-| part of
the rity, purii. ularly tin district cx
tendlng north of Fifth :-'r<ii.
The North Los Angeles Development
company, recently Incorporated with a
capital of $snn,(inn, j „ powerful fac
tor In thin revival of interest in the
original business .! trlol The ap
proaching completion nf the Federal
hiilldine at Temple. North Main and
New High streets, the erection of an
additional government building north
thereof and thp overwhelming senti
ment in favor of proupinu; all public
huildtnKS in the vicinity of Tr-mplP
block have contributed materially to
the "awakening" of this district.
The "flic and director* 'of the
North Los Angeles Development com
pany are thoroughly familiar with the
needs of the "north end" and are pre
pared to combat the threadbare argu
ment*! of "knockers" against dis
trict. The company will transact a
general real estate business. Including
exchanges; also handle rentals, loans,
fire insurance, etc. Special attention
will be given, however, to properties
In the north, northeast and northwest
parts of the city, the motto of the
company being "Build UP the city uni
formly and 1., the best advantage of
all the, citizens."
A cordial invitation is extended to
the general public, to visit th' offices
of the North Lou Angeles Develop
ment company, 147 North Spring street,
which will be open for business at £ a.
m., Monday, i
57th Quarterly Cash Dividend
Amounting to
Will Be Paid to Our Stockholders on Monday, May 16,1910
4427 stockholders will share in this dividend.
If you are one of this number stop in and get your check. ■ . '
If you are not one, the fault is yours, and the chance is now yours to join us and share in all future cash dividends, paid
quarterly. This dividend makes a grand total paid our stockholders during the last year of
_ , , _ „ , :,_\i^ 4J9fil 31QfiQ
Our profits in real estate during past year ...... $261,319.69
Our profits in building and construction during past year . 10,191.89
Interest received during past year . . . ... . . • • 156,573.67
Profits from these three departments alone during the year $428,085.25
Paid out in dividends during the year .... . . . . 355,640.52
Showing a profit from the above three sources
in excess of dividends of ... ... . $ 72,444.73
In the above lists of profits we have not included that from our general real estate, insurance, architectural, loan and rental
departments, all of which show big profits. T . j *,« i.
30.000 shares of stock now on sale at $3.15 a share. This price will be advanced to $3.20 a share on June 1 and $3.25 a share
T 1 1
Start a stock account, if with only five shares*, by paying as low as $1.00 cash, balance weekly or monthly. And, REMEM
BER That you share in all profits of the company, including big real estate profits. That no one has ever failed to receive their
money back upon demand. That not one cent of your money goes to anyone for selling stock, as we pay no commissions to any.
c for selling stock. That not one share of promotion stock has ever been issued. That all small stockholders are absolutely
protected against loss, if they desire to sell their stock, by a guarantee fund held by the Globe Savings Bank. That your stock
can be turned in as- payment upon one of our new homes, if desired, at any time.
II 11 y^=^ 11 il ) — y
Largest Co-Operative Building Co. in the World
Capital and Surplus, $3,728,524.00
____________— —— —————————
JLJ JL -L J--^ k^r
On Monday evening May 16, we will have another excursion to Lindsay, the famous Early Orange District of California, at which
°me we hay ve a ratf of $5.00 for the round trip, including sleeper. This special rate is made in order that those who have never
eTn The Lindsay Orange District and who are really desirous of getting hold of first-class orange land close to town, school and
churches may have an opportunity to see what we have to offer at very small expense. We feel sure we have something better
We dc^not cJre what district you have seen or what bargains have been offered you. We feel sure we have something better
for considerable less money Lindsay is not an experiment, as there are over 10,000 acres planted to oranges, ranging in age from
one to eighteen years These groves^ we guarantee to be in perfct condition and far ahead of groves the same age in any part of
S°U We nhavt fsTvt a al large subdivisions which we have recently put on the market in 10 20 and £•«• tracts, all close to town, and
come in at once and arrange to go up with us on Monday evening, as we know we can suit you no matter how particular you are.
Following are the permits issued
since the last publication of the list
and classified according to wards:
Permits. Values.
Second ward -' **•*%>
Third ward 2 lIMA
Fifth ward « f'^
Sixth ward * ■■'"'
Seventh ward I \-™>
Ninth ward • _.__
Total* • I1:i; » *'53110
Western aveue and Second street—
H A Curtis, owner; F. Meier, builder;
two-story flat building, $12,600. «
Main street, 456 South—l. E. Ingra
ham, owner; C. C. McCHntock, build
er; alteration to building, $1000.
Bunker Hill avenue, 516 North—B.
h. Bates, owner and builder; two-story
forty-room tenement house, $8000.
Seventh hvenue and Adamß street—
Wins O'Brien Moore, Sixteenth and
Flower itreeta, owner; 3. H. Deney,
builder; on»-story four-room residence,
Fifth street. 21 • West—Auditorium
Building company, owner; J. F. Me-
Ph*>rfiii builder; repairs of building
damaged by fire, $1200.
l.oreiiH street, 737 South—Tilly Sloan,
3421 Ea»l Fifth street, owner; Hansan
& Krlnger, builders; 1%-stor.y nine
room residence, $3300.
Solano avenue, 431—X. Dnnalty, 431
Polano avenue, owner and builder; al
terations of residence, $400.
Forty-seventh street, JIM West —
Charles R. Dixon, 1127 Tranton street,
owner; M Warn, builder, IV4-Btory
eight-room residence, $3000.
Sixty third street, 410 l.;i:l M. ''.
Conaway, 6849 San Pedro street, own-
er and builder; one-story three-room
residence, $300.
Sixth avenue anrt Adams street —J.
M. Neeland. owner; Milwaukee Build
ing company. builders; two-story
eisrht-room residence, $6700.
Thirty-ninth street, 105 East—B. A.
Taft, 1634 ISaxt Twenty-seventh street,
owner; A. Smith, builder; one-story
six-room residence, $1500.
South Park nvenue, 403(> .-Walter
Hill. LBI But Sixty-third street, owner
and builder; one-story four-room resi
dence. $400.
Brighton avenue, 4ii.">—R. D. Hills,
1164 East Fiftieth itreet, owner; J. L.
Dalley, builder; lV 2 -story seven-room
residence, $2700.
Twnty-thinl street. 224 East—Mrs.
M. M. Mesmer, at lot. owner; Johnston
& Kitchen, builders; alterations of
flat building $SOOO.
Torty-sixth street, 1716 Went—Mrs.
Mary A. Hichey, 227V4 South Tremont
avenue, owner; Los Angeles jnveHt
ment company, builder; one-story six
room residence, $1950.
Shu Pedro—Thirty-seventh street, ism
West— Wlllinm Peck, at lot, owner and
builder; iiltrrtitions of residence, $1000.
Fourth street, sow Eapt—b. H. Stan
ley, at lot. owner; alterations of resi
dence, $1600.
Fresno street, 203 South—J. H. Bech
tel, 2706 Durwln avenuC owner and
builder; alterations of residence, $300.
Klngaley drive, 500—Nichols & Btan
bery, al lot, owner and builder; iiltera-
I lon of residence, $300.
Hodne—lt's fully all autOi have the
tobacco hnbit. Isn't it?
DodV< Hie. tobacco habit?
Hodge- Yrs, I understand that the
gaaolln* can smoke, while an electric
won't start without a plug.—Kansas
City Journal
Lot on 52nd Street .... $750 Cash
Lot Bet. 58th and 59th . $800; Terms
Bungalow $2250, Gas District
$50 Gash. $20 a Month
Some dandies from $1600 to $4500, Easy Terms
.-.■:■.■.■. .-.■:..■■. . '■■■■;■■■■■■: ■.- :■ ■ :■. . £„,'„ — ■"■"'^^■- B ■::■■■ ''■ :■ ': J -,jatO>l^felWt*!^ Wi ""•'"'•1- |l :''; ~"~^' " '"': -v '^ ■■:':i':i '"■:' ' ■'■'■■■'■"■'■'■'■'•■■•'•'■
:\ ..::::■.■ :■■.:■■■ ::■:■:, . ■■■ ■"■.■. ft ill 9 ■'■■■■■ ■ ■■■" --■-■ i'l- :■: 'tr-'-*_^_ " ■'■' ■ * :■;■ 'tJ *»t*
■"■ i' ■■■'■■■■■ ■■'■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ::■:■■■ : ....... * ~. ■.:■::•.' ....AWi^fiMrMSSgw-^^^ [..J; Bb^^^^Hß|HMh||u^^''''':'''-- • I >';<- •'. -^ :.-;.:v':'':v::-::::;::;:::;':::;;>':':i
'< 5E£ US rOn H H I
li. MOMES 9 B": jfe
. N. W. Cor. 51st and Moneta Avenue .

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