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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, May 15, 1910, Image 5

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S^JYJ 7he7leplfoe& XjhtSSyfaSM 'Sheyiep^dt "SktSUfteSAw Vhe%eo*sfQr& *2keS£(fk&fag 7he3le& <tjfor& Sfoe&yfGS/m $hejiea>'&or& ¥$ieStyles&qg jnM^
Shipwrecked Sailors Tell of Death
of King George's Cap
tain and Servant
NEW YORK, May 14.—Four of the
crew of the wrecked ship King Qeorge
brought word to port yesterday of how
their oaptaln, John Jeffrey of New
foundland, and his Kanaka servant
were fed to the sharks last November
off the coast of Java.
And the moral of their talo: "Never
drink perfume, no matter how dry the
ship's locker."
The King George went on the rocks
November 24 last. Seven of her crew of
thirty swam ashore, and a Dutch
revenue cutter picked up the others,
save Capt. Jeffrey, the Kanaka and
llncc Bailors, who volunteered to stand
by while the snip held together.
When the cutter returned a few days
luter her officers met the three seamen
beating down the const In an opea boat,
with the bodies of the captain and the
Kanaka, in tow, wrapped in matting.
The ship's liquors had given out on tha
second day, they said, and tho wnrnout
captain and his Kanaka had taken to a
stock of bottled toilet water. The
Kanaka died four hours after his last
draft, and the captain in eighteen
Then the ship began to break up and
the men took to the lifeboat. Fearing
of their being suspected of murder,
they had towed the bodies—proof of
their innocence—astern. When the clr-
cumstances had been explained the of
ficer! of Java cut the bodies adrift and
left them to the swarming sharks.
Eight negroes were arrested last night In
a raid on a gambling house at 518 Center
street. They were taken to central police
hi iidiiuarters, and being unable to furnish
125 ball were locked up. Two women were
arrested In the raid but were released at
police headquarters. Those arrested 'were
J. W. Bland, proprietor; Merrill Campbell.
W. 11. Bennett, Walter Carr, James Bow
man. P. Passon, Arthur t'lanton and Clar
•l Hall.
Entrance to the > place was • gained only
after ■ hrcaklnK down the door., Several
cases of liquor were confiscated.
Emperor Sends Fine Vase to For
mer President on Eve
of Parting
BERLIN, May 14.—Former President
Roosevelt's visit to Berlin will end to
morrow morning, when he will leave at
11:40 for London. It was to be ex
pected that Col, Roosevelt would re
ceve a cordial welcome here, but the
marked attentions paid him by the enj
peror, particularly the army maneu
vers, arranged In his honor, have been
the subject of much comment, In view
of the death of King Edward and the
mourning of the court.
Col. Roosevelt dined at the American
embassy this evening, having as guests
the imperial chancellor. Dr. "Yon Beth
mann-Hollweg, several of the cabinet
ministers and- the diplomatic represen
tatives of several of the powers.
A magnificent vase from the Royal
porcelain works, the Rift of tho em
peror, was received today by tlie former
president, who has expressed his great
pleasure at the warmth of his greet
ing by his majesty and the German
A cablegram received yesterday an
nouncing the serious Illness of Robert
Fulton, who arrived in Paris with his
bride recently, resulted in the depart
ure of Mrs. Belle Fulton of Mallard
street, mother of Mr. Fulton, and Mrs.
George Mitchell of South Figueroa
street, mother of Mrs. Robert Fulton,
who left Friday afternoon, en route to
Paris, a few hours after receiving the
cablegram. They expect to make the
trip in ten days. "Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Fulton were returning from their wed
ding trip around the world.
Charged with selling morphine with
out a prescription, Dr. G. W. Finch, 264
East Fifth street, was arrested last
night by Fred C. McKinnie, deputy of
the state board of pharmacy. He Wtm
unable to furnish $25 ball and was
locked up iv the city jail.
Elgin Authorities Unable to Say
Whether Rao Was Murdered
or Killed Himself
CHICAGO, May 14.—There is a mys
tery in the death of C. S. Rao, a re
puted East Indian prince of wealth,
who was found unconscious in his room
at Elgin, 111., yesterday. He died two
hours later in a hospital.
Whether the man died a natural
death, committed suicide or was slain
is a question the Elgin police say they
are unable to answer.
The inquest will be held this after
noon. Rao, who had been In this coun
try only since last March, was the "an
gel" and nominal manager of a "so
ciety circus," which has been playing
in small towns in, Indiana, Wisconsin
and Illinois.
Papers found in Rao's effects showed
he had paid all the bills of the com
pany, Including the salaries of the ac
tors. They also indicated that lie had
sailed from Yokohama for San Fran
cisco on the steamer Mongolia on Feb
ruary 28 last, and that in San Fran
clsco he had stopped at the Fairmont
Members of the International Asso
ciation of Railway Special Agents and
Police, who have been holding their
fourth annual convention at Fraternal
Brotherhood hall In this city, departed
for their homes in various parts of'the
United States and Canada yesterday.
The next convention of the Moaciation
will be held at Chattanooga, Term.
Resolutions were adopted just before
adjournment recommending the adop
tion of a universal car seal, making it
more difficult to rob freight cars In
WASHINGTON, May 14.—Edward FS.
Garriott, aged 57, chief forecaster of
the United States weather bureau, died
suddenly at his home here last night of
acute indigestion,
Political Faction Strengthening
Lines for Coming Campaign
The Los Angeles Good Government
organization announced yesterday that
a mass meting is to be held in th<)
Methodist church at the corner of Al
varado and Reservoir streets, to or-
ganlze a Good Government club in new.
precinct 43. The meeting will be held
under the direction of E. I. Bryandt
and J. B. Bethune, and will be ad
dressed by B. P. Welch and others.
A mass meeting of citizens of East
Log Angeles also is to be held Tuesday
night. May 24, at 2210 North Broadway,
in the Ganahl building, and F. J. Whif
fen and George H. Stewart, Good Gov
ernment candidates for the city coun
cil, will be among the speakers.
The organization of the clubs in the
various precincts wherein clubs have
not already been formed is for the pur
pose of strengthening the organization
for the pending county campaign, and
it Is desired that all who are interested
in the Good • Government work attend
.these BiseUiuaa and Jala tha clubs.

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