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Lincoln-Roosevelt League Candi
date to Reach Los An
geles Next Sunday
The Lincoln-Roosevelt Republican
league of Los Angeles county an
nounced last night that Hiram W.
Johnson, league candidate for gov
ernor, will arrive in Los Angeles Sun
day, May 22. The following itinerary
has been arranged for hi.s meetings
in Southern California:
Monday, May 28—Orange county.
Day, auto trip to Newport, Tustin and
Westminster. Night, meeting at Pul
Tuesday, May 24—Riverside county.
■Noon, at Corona. Night meeting at
Wednesday, May 25—Day, aum trip
to San Jaclnto, Murietta, Perris, Elsi
nore. Night, meeting at Riverside,
r^ _/- r J* i^ tSS jSo-jiJjS mum jcuvhmka ** pr wFMstM "^w Mfl&fsr I^PS flfj^MH H^BM B'tHWASSk FB£l __5Si_F
r~ *•* C t* -* r bWH» -HB^WEct Jb____T _l>f__^Df9B^ MSIM JRJ*vtijf ■ful IrL'r^B PaSBSW Bftnfal vfttSEESM3SB&. |m_U -HBgßf
JT *t*^ f r ** J yffffla .kSB^hSA wSB JnrmT^Vr*rß\ WStS JftJaßg KksM %"J '^i i^B M____f^_____fl|____k Bell KOHm
KwfeHir jo' j__A"'™^ 0^ 0* __fii_____P^^^^B_H_-__ m^WOsßt^BSmrr^^^^Bm^^^^ XwjaSak JB&fSm _j|_______SQ_^£'> 111-H
y^ jgu&j B3kß _f?f*Ji K^3 %*& • _^SSI «S____] _tt-__2i^S^-a p^S? wS-Sm
Are you watching the stars? Not Halley's Comet o r any of the other constellations but the stars which are appearing in the list o: candidates in The Herald's $25,000 Voting Contest.
As has been explained before, a candidate gets one star upon reaching 25,000 votes, two stars upon reaching 50,000, three stars upon reaching 100,000 votes and four stars upon reaching 200.000. Each publi
cation of vote standing shows various active candidates add a star opposite their name. If your favorite's name appears in black-face type or has stars opposite it, pitch in and help the good cause. The candidate
who is showing activity desirves unstinted support. If you have not subscribed to The Herald yet do so today and get some of your friends to do likewise. Votes may be cast for your favorites before 10 p. m.
Satuiday, when eight special prizes will be awarded for increases made during the two weeks ending at 10 p. m. Saturday. See page 10.
Candidates, are you campaigning to the very best of your ability? Right now is the time when you must put in your "best licks." With a special prize distribution Saturday night and with many new candi
dates coming to the front in good shape it looks very much as if BIG THINGS WERE ABOUT TO HAPPEN. *
Big Things Are About to Happen!
Every candidate should do his or her very best now. No candidate should make the mistake of resting on his oars at this time. No candidate can truly say "I am a leader" until the final count of votes has
been made and the winners declared. No candidate, however, should say "I cannot win." The way to succeed, and the only way to succeed, is to do what you can and campaign steadily.
Remember, there are six weeks left in which to hustle and in that time many changes can occur. The Contest Department wishes it could have a 15-minute chat with every candidate. As this is impossible,
candidates must come to their own conclusions and conduct their campaigns to the very best of their ability, and if you campaign steadily the outcome need not worry you. The steady pace is what will bring you
to the goal in nice shape. Strike a gait and maintain it and your name will be high in the list when the final announcement of capital and grand prize winners is published. Start today, and June 30th you will
realize how true this prediction really is. !
By the following vote standing you will notice that every district offers great opportunities at the present time. Read, AND THEN ACT!
DIVISION I J L Irwin 1,100 1 W. Carey 1,000 Ed Richards 1,000 Geo. W. Culver 1,000
(Comprise D.stHcts A and B) Mr, Ida H. Baker 1,000 Increase Leaders in «- Beatrice Clark 1.000 Eel?er Re s sa s m m a nn-::::::::::::::::: }$ tocffl5^!;gf::?:::::::: IZ
(Comprising Districts A and B) H . G. Brainerd 1,000 nSefirtr T. J. Dale 1.000 M!ss H. E. Saterlee 1.000 Mrs. A. A. Coates 1.000
The city of Los Angeles within the E H Carpen ter 1000 UlStriCt *-" Kate Dickinson 1,000 Mrs. Edgar Shorp 1,000 Miss Irtna L. Cook 1,000
following boundaries: Slauson avenue _ ™', mr JZ m * ' nnn f MISS MARGUERITE wkygaVP . 2763 Dobvns 1000 Willie Sleerlst 1.000 Paul Cook 1,000
on the south, Arlington avenue on the Sam Disparte 1,000 (leading for $100 diamond ring.) MIM LUa Dob>ns l.wu j B gmUh 1000 A]hprt Cra , R 1000
west to Wilshire boulavard, east on Harry Emmons 1.000 CLAYTON ORICK ins Bernard Borrougn 1,000 Clarence n. smith 1,000 Eleanor Crow 1.000
Hoover, north to Effle, east to San Clara Fensom 1.000 (Leading for $75 diamond ring.) Elmer Dietrich 1,000 Miss Minnie E. Smith 1,000 j. E. Dodge 1,000
Fernando road, north to Whltmore „ „ , nnn _-__———-——--—--——-————--— Rev g G Dunham 1,000 Mrs. C. L. Smith 1,000 m-s. Mary Dlmock 1,000
avenue, north to Aldarna to Fayette E. L. Howell 1.000 «cv. . _• v . Rev . A. H. Smith 1,000 May Dawdy 1.000
and Crescent, south along Salt Lake Miss Clara Iverson 1,000 ...ss .MARGUERITE WEYGASD.I64.29S A. M. Ellington l.ouu ward C. Snyder 1,000 Charles Daugherty 1.000
railroad to Avenue Forty-th:-ee, thence William D. Stephens 1,000 ,»j LANDRITM GRAHAM Jr »««m Mrs. J. R. Eldred 1,000 Albert Stone 1.000 Metzy Emmons 1,000
east to Griffin, south on Griffin to Theodore h Washburn 1000 «.n r- ' n p«m™ 710:3 W. P. Erbes 1.000 Miss Lillian Sylva 1,000 Vernon Elder 1,000
Fenn. thence east to Westminster. Theodore H. asnburn 1,000 "B. F. BEnWICK•••■•••• "•"!! jQ E nJr im George Sala 1.000 Miss Effie Frank 1000
south to Wabash. east to Hughes, ••FLORENCE WILLIAMS, 54,i!6 J. O. *.neii, jr. l.uuu v Smith 1000 Walter L. George 1.000
south to Hollenbeck. west to Alameda. DISTRICT B "MBS. HESTER T. GRI.FFITII.... 51.338 L.K.Edwards 1,000 thron Snell 1,000 Lawrence Goux 1,000
Bouth to Slauson. «miss hazel WEBSTER 43,940 Miss Marie Edmonds 1,000 Mrs. Alice Shugg 1,000 j^iss Mario Graves 1,000
All that territory within the city 'CLAYTON ORICE 4?.im Mary Foy 1.000 Harry Stanton 1.000 Mrs Allce G ray ton 1,00«
nTCTDTPT A limits and east of the dividing line . V jda DAMSON *6,212 Beulah Filpat . .. 1,000 2!?. Ii? e, I .S, hafer innn Mrs- Sam c-ee" 1,000
DISTRICTA as^bove^ rr - :r -- --F^er ::::::::: -^ ::E:::::::::: 2 g-^JKKk: EE 32
All territory within the above boun- m «7 Th»mn.on inmo Mary E. Giffln 1.000 Arvey Tucker 1,000 Be.tHardison 1.000
flaries and west of the following, divid- Increase Leaders in Vilfrev * 5?^:::::::::::::::: «G. E. Glover 1.000 £•"" Tranger ::::::;:::::::::::': 1,000 Mrs. Joseph Harria H:::::• 1,000
Ing line: MMn street, beginning at increase l^eaaers m Aubre, A. Moody i*.o»» ... ' Ed Trefrey 1.000 Rosse Hoenshen . im
Elauson avenue to Spring street, along District B PanlDo.r U.S4B E. S. Goldlng 1.000 R. T. T.ennert 1.000 BennieHorton 1.000
Spring street to San Fernando. San > IL SS JEXXIE VAN AIXBN . 2135 K. S. Hull 10.833 Rachel Graves 1.000 Harry E. Thorpe 1.000 Le OnO r« Hogan 1.000
Fernando street along Los Angeles '(Leadini? for $100 lady"« evening «own.) Mis , Ethyl Snail 9,022 Marie Harding 1,000 c," fto£ T°d(3,.",V i.«w Mra- W. F. Hazen 1.000
river to northern boundary line. The >rRS. MARY hviiiii 1403 Lionel Clotworthy 0 640 Mrs. Addle MC. Haskins 1,000 M r 3: cantos v anez J'oOO Mrs. C. S. Hamlln 1000
dividln- line runs in the center of the (Leading for noo music coume.) 1 Lionel Clotwortny 8.640 Mrs Addie M. C. HMkin. 1.000 Bert h.\reenegoor 1.000 Miss Martha Hanna 1,000
given streets, hence buildings on the | 1_ Mrs. Ida L. Scharr 6,1« Flora E. Hebb 1.000 Julius erllng 1.000 MrB M Hart -^ lm
west t.3e of Main and San Fernando John w Gleason 4,986 Scott Horine 1.000 W. H. Watklns 1.000 Edg:ar Hull 1,000
are In District A, and those on the ""Miss J. VAN ALLEN 303.i1l i?, BPma n 445 Nettle Hendrickson 1,000 Miss Hilda Weiss l.uoo Marcia Hunt 1.000
east side are In District B. "Herbert L. barker 7.1..175 J' Ml i<reeman •- _ Hor)kina - 000 Helen Wilson 1.000 Qu via M Johnson 1000
, , :£zH:i£^ k-'i- Walter H. Sr.::::::::::::::: 8,82 a w^r^iywo^:::::::::::: ..000 Arthur »:::::::::::::::::: 1,090 William T Johnson 1000
I Increase Leaders in 1 E,>o%R rfwANci.ll Hi Mrs. R. E. Poole 1.018 Walter R. Hollywood 1,000 Gladys Wllhoite 1.000 Mr S H. Jones .11 IV.V.V:;:: I.OOS
District a 8^:::::::::::::: SE£ t^:::::::::::: iS f^^™.:::::::::. ig K»a S ov::::::::::::::::: £ r^ir::-:::::::::::: S
ffiSSSS^W^iiii? Mary BaHiff 7.375 Lillian A. Miller 1.800 Fra^i .^S^tllt-lllti \Z Miss Jess.c Young 1.000 cy^B^ .:::::::: — -
MRS. ANNA WOLFSIULI. 450 Mrs. Mary Warner 6,360 Mrs. J. R. Pettyjohn 1,590 O. Men _. 1,000 DISTRICT D George McClenden i'mo
(L C ad ing for ,55 vi.1.... P . E . Warner 8 . 700 Arnold Lawrence 1.850 g'^jfajl^*.- 1:::"::;::;; 1.000 All other terrltory not ineiuM m hSS?m.o^SS2? b.- ............... 1,000
*~-~^——————————— Mrs. Maggie B. Loring 3,240 Kathleen Connolly 1,300 j F , Keller 1,000 any of the above districts. Miss Eleanor McCreary 1,000
.■mi. C T PEPPER 188827 Theodore Moroney 3,010 E. L. Howell 1.300 Don Knight 1,000 __^_ Jif 8- s- McCarmack 1,000
"•MRS o S CAr7TIMIT.I.:: .....133000 Mr.. M. M. Lowe 2,977 Grant White I.SOr. Mnj. Mike Leon 1.000 I -— ~ Mis S Gladys R. Men.- 1.000
...JAMK.S b. hoii.d.n m.5,0 Miss ' Agatha : smith 2,800 j. A . Po oie i.250 M rs s. roecher•":::::::::::::::: \Z increase Leaders in Z'l Dp enapage":::.:::::::::::::: iZ
"•hkbeh JONES 110,881 Marie J. Corson 2,778 Richard Humphrey 1,200 Miss Evelyn Long 1,000 District D AT. Pancrazi 1,000
•.•HEXRIETTA BOUJ 54,188 MrB c. X j^wi, 1.500 Ida S. Lchan 1,100 t,v'. >m Lyons ... 1.000 miss RUTH VIRDEN 18,489 Mar.? ar 1 t F~, CMt> ••••• J-000
«L. W. WILDER 47,805 r ,,,,,,. Pnnlnn 1«M t a w«i. m h 1100 Miss Nellie Langstaff 1,000 (leading for ».iSO California property.) A M.Rudolph 1,000
•miss il>tf s BVTTY 41332 J"»usCoplan I.SOO J. a. Welsenborn 1.100 Bess!o Madison 1,000 than b\rcknv . .400 Ella V. Reeder 1,000
wmuiumM Hall R- Hugh McWhorter I.lB* George Frew 1.095 Roy L. McCoy 1,000 'fading fo]' Ea.tm.n " kodak.) C. C. Hichdal. . 1.000
•JIBS-ASWA KAIXIWODA 83,3,0 Dp - Gale Atwater 1.190 Mr J. H. Anderson 1.000 Taylor Malaby 1,000 I Mm. S. B. Sanehlef 1.000
,:,^: n;r...:::::::::::::::»«:"; c ar ,jacobson 1.10. oZ^.i.BrdM. 1,000 gstffiSiiiiS ;•••;•••; _-SBB ••«»ci_b_*ao«w.- «-381 SmASSu .::::::::::::::::: ISS
1.. M. Tupper 13,47* Mrs. S. H. Frowem 1,000 William Real 1.000 Mlss aura M erritt 1,000 nuth "■ Vlrden 17,488 candice Scofleld 1,000
Clyde Bess 6,125 T. L. O'Brien 1,000 Charles Benson 1,000 C. E. Misner 1,000 Harry Lowrey 14,845 Bessie Seay 1,000
Mrs. Garner Curran 3,185 Miss Patterson 1.000 Tomßoinnett 1.000 Bert Moody 1.000 C. M. Applestill 8.808 W A Sewal 1,000
Antonio Husclolano 3,150 Miss Virginia Prouse 1.000 Frank Bradley 1.000 Jg^,j!2S« McDonald". .l'. MOO Miss Leone Jeffries 8,440 «£; iyj Pi^^jifii^lfV.V|i.;; »•«»
Arthur Way 3,080 p. H. Riordan 1,000 cieo Brown 1,000 Harry McKlean !'.!."..'.".!!! 1,000 Al Tune 8.851 Marguerite Skaggs 1,000
Josephine Russell 2,822 Mrs. J. M Springer 1,000 Owen Robert Bird 1.000 C. Meyers 1,000 Walter M. Coffey 7.086 Miss Mable Smith 1,000
Robert Lew '800 • Mrs. Charles Bennett 1,000 Fern Nelson 1.000 john Gillesple 8,100 Adaline Soto 1.000
John Shepek "Z\":"Z"Z: i£ DIVISION II Helen M. Browne 1,000 Miss Alice Norton 1,000 »- — 2 735 "rs- M. Steams : ! 1.008
John Shepek 2,700 DIVIbIUN 11 " Allen O'Hara 1,000 Juan aarcena "'_™ Cyrus Stilson 1,000
Grant Cuthbertson 2,600 fComcrisin^ Districts C and D) Edna Brooks l.wo w pHman x 000 Eugene Sproul 2,626 c. A. Storke 1,000
E. H. Hitchcock 2,085 Alf that terViTorr no: o within the "-=L U\ BrOW 1,000 Knob Pryor 1,000 Aura Bailey 1.000 Florence Strange 1,000
H. V. Huber 2,000 boundaries of Los Angeles city as set Edith Burke 1.000 Eugene Park I.OW nev . w. M . Barrett 1.000 C. L. Turnw „„ 1.000
Fred Haney .71807 torth under heading Division I. J. H. Calvert ,000 Mr^S. A^Parmenter ............ 1,000 Maurlce Balaam i.ooo ».. ajljg»^ ............. 1.000
Otto A. McKelvie ISOO ni<STRTrT f 1 W. L. Camp 1.000 R . C. Peterson 1.000 Perry Banks 1.000 Ethel Warren 1,000
rhHi-le. F- Rent i-n LUbTKIt/T C Leslie Chudle • 1.000 D. D. Pickering 1,000 Wallace Beebo 1.000 Louis Welch 1.000
Alexander Galloway ■.■.'.'.".■.■■■ IBM All that portion of Los Angeles coun- Pat Cummings 1.000 Edward Pickering 1.000 F. L. Blrabent 1.000 Ada Whiternora 1,000
Alexander . oai oway 1.600 ty not within the boundaries of Los ZZ n , \ JTook 1000 Carleton Raymond 1.000 XC. Brena 1,000 George W. Williams 1,000
H. H. Livingston 1,495 Angeles city a, set forth under head- Prof. A. J. Cook 1.000 Mrs . j. Rear 1,000 J. A. Buck 1,000 ■ Alma Wlsenheimer 1.000
Leonard M. Stanley 1,435 ing Division I, and also San Ber- Mrs. Oliver Collins 1.000 Ralph Reeves 1,000 K. Busby 1.000 Holt Withrow ...1.000
Ted W. Bacon 1,190 nardlno and Orange counties. Cordon Cruickahank l.Mt Edwin Rhodes 1,000 Gladys Cummlnga 1,000 ( William Wicker 1,000
. :.. ..... ..... . ' ' - - D -_£ £ ~ 4l 9=i ± *^ du . UßlinH ?______j . 7 ' ' -
Thursday, May 26—San Bernardino
county. Day. Ontario and Rlalto.
Night meeting st San Bernardino.
Fridny, May 27—Day. auto trip to
Banning. Thermal, Coaehella. Night,
meeting at El Centro.
Saturday. May 2S—Day, Imperial;
night meeting at Brawler.
Sunday, May 29—On train for Los
Monday, May Siv-Mcmorial day.
Tuesday, May 31—Sixty-seventh As
sembly District club. 10 a. m., Tropico:
11 a, ni., Kurbank; 12:30 p. in., San Fer
nando; 2:30 i>. m.. Lankershim; 4 p. m.,
Olendale: 8 p. m.. South Pasadena; 9
p. in., Pasadena,
Wednesday, June I—9 a. m., Laman
da Park; 10 a. m.. Monrovia; 11 a. m.,
Dusrte: 12 m., Azus:i; 2 p. m., Glen
dora: 3 p. m., San n<"->Ts: 4 p. m.,
Lordsburg: 8 p. m.. Pomona.
Thursday. June 2—lo a. in.. Covina:
12 m., Wh'lttler; 2 p. m., Downey; 3 p.
m., Xorwalk: 4 p. m.. Artesla; 5 p. m.,
Clearwater; S p. -n., Long Beach.
Friday, June 3—»:30 a. m., Wilming
ton; ;>:3O a. m., San PedTOl 10:45 a. m..
Compton; 12 m., Redondo Beach: 2:30 p.
m., Gardena; 4:30 p. m.. Sawtelle; 8 p.
ni., meeting county central committee
Blanchard hull.
Saturday, June 4—6:45 a. m., leave
Los Angeles; lo a. m., meeting at Santa
Paula; 12:30 p, in., meeting at Oxnard:
S p. tn., Santa Barbara.
Following is the schedule of meetings
to be held at the Lincoln-Roosevelt
league headquarters this week:
Tuesday—2 p. m.. Seventy-fifth as
sembly district; 4 p. m.. Seventieth as
sembly district.
Wednesday—l p. m., Seventy-fourth
assembly district: 8 p. m., Seventy-sec
ond asomhly district.
Thursday—l p. m.. Seventy-third as
sembly district.
Friday—3 p. m., Sixty-ninth assembly
Saturday--2 p. m.. Sixty-seventh as
sembly district; 3 p. m., Sixty-eighth
assembly district.
W. D. Stephens, Lincoln-Roosevelt
league candidate for congressman from
the Seventh congressional district, will
accompany Mr. Johnson on his tour
during the second week of the trip, cov
ering most of the towns in Los Angeles
Lee C. Gates. Lincoln-Roosevelt
league candidate for the state senate
from the Thirty-fourth senatorial dis
trict, -will also accompany tho Johnson
party throughout a portion of the trip
In Southern California.
In addition to the assembly district
meetings, there will be a meeting of
commltteemen from the Sixty-ninth as
sembly district Friday, May 20, at 3 p.
m., and of the Sixty-seventh assembly
district Saturday May SI, ut l! p. m.,
and of the Sixty-eighth assembly dls
tric t Saturday, May 21, at 3 p. m.
Supervisors Name Engineers and
Business Men to Investigate
Highways Now Building
The Los Angeles county board of
supervisors late yesterday afternoon
appointed a committee of six men to
Investigate the highway work in Ixis
Angeles county, which the advisory
board of the highway commission re
cently criticised a.< poorly managed
and below specification!."
The committee appointed to make
this Investigation consists of Joseph
Scott, president .of the Los Angeles
chamber of commerce; George M. Pier
son, county surveyor of Riverside
county; Austin B. Fletcher, highway
engineer of San Diego county; Henry
Hawgood, consulting engineer of Los
Angeles; C. H. Plummer. president of
the Merchants and Manufacturers' as-
sociation. and Roy Hlllman, president
of the Auto Club of Southern Cali
It -will be seen that the committee
Is composed of three engineers and
three business men, which latter were
placed on the committee at the request
of Supervisor T. W. Bldrige.
The appointment of this committee
is a direct result of the charges of in
competency, mismanagement and crude
construction, preferred by the advisory
- ■ - 1
The Salt Lake railroad is planning
on placing a quantity of dry farming
grains raised in the. state of Utah on
exhibition in Los Angeles within the
next day or two. advertising the agri
cultural possibilities of that state. The
exhibit, which hns been on display in
tho office of the Suit Lake route in
Salt Lake city, was shipped to Los
Ange'.es yesterday, and will be open
for the inspection of the public within
a few days.
On recomendatlon of the highway
commission the county board of super
visors yesterday accepted four pile
trestle bridges erected on the Sftn Fer
nando road over the Tv Jun£n wash by
the Mercereau Bridge and Construction
The Western Union Telegraph com
pany. It was announced yesterday. Is
planning to improve Us service »nd
Increase its falilities in Los Angeles.
The Improvement In tho service here
is expected to be recommended by B.
Brooks of New York, general manager
of the organization, and other officials.
who are visiting the local Offices, with
headquarters at Hotel Alexandria. It
is believed they will report the need
of many desirable changes here. Others
in tho party, which is registered from
assistant general manager; William
Moriey, the letter's*, secretary, and
Frank Jaynes, general superintendent
of the Pacific division. It is planned
also to string more wires and otherwise
Improve the service to Imperial valley
towns. Flagstaff, Phoenix, El Paso,
San Diego, Hanford nnrl ("oallnga.
Whlttier Union high school bonds to
the amount of $75,000 and JIL'.OOO bonds
issued by Los Nletos school district
have been advertisel for sale by the
board of supervisors.
Henry J. Kramer forma an adult
beginners' dancing class Friday even-
Ing, May 20. References required.
A verdict of accidental death \vn«
ordered yesterday by tho coroner's
jury at the Inquest held over the body
of Klmer Sheppard, 10-year-old son of
E. J. Sheppard, 1610 Ksscx street, who
WM run over and Instantly killed by
■ Central avenuo car last Friday, Tho
Inquest was held at the undertaking
pnrlors of Uefdeman & Myers.
Walter B, Hoover, the motorman In
charge of the car at tho timo of the ac
cident, was exonerated by the Jury, a«
the acctdenl waa found to be unavold
iihle. According to the testimony of
witnesses tho boy passed In front of
the oar and slipped on the wet pave
ment, falling; backward under the front
The funeral will be held from the un
riortukiiiß parlors this afternoon.
Burial will bo In Hosedale cemetery.
Pursuant to a petition for a 60-year
franchise covering all public highways
In a district surrounding: Glendnle, filed
yesterday with the county .supervisors
by the Domestic tins company, the au
pervlaora will advertise the franchise
for tale. Qlendale wan excluded from
the application, aa tho supervisors have
no jurisdiction within Its limits.

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