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Modern Finishing Mill Being Erected for Stone Company
Finishing Mill for the Pacific Con
solidated Stone Company
in Los Angeles
Los Angeles has a double interest in
the development of the building .stone
resources of the southwest. The indus
try itself would give employment to
many men, provide traffic for the rail
roads, and would bring much outside
capital into this section of the rtate,
thus promoting the prosperity of the
country tributary to this city, and the
use of marble and sandstone in build
ing would add greatly to the beauty of
the city Itself.
The fact that the attention of eastern
capitalists has been drawn to the mar
ble and sandstone deposits in the south
west, coupled with the fact that already
development has shown the presence of
an enormous (Quantity of high-grade
building material—marble, sandstone
an.] granite—suggests that in nil prob
ability the production of building ma
terial will become in the mar future
one of the important industries of this
section of tiie state.
There is no doubt that marble, gran
ite and sandstone exist, and there is
also none respecting their high quality.
The fact that very little high-grade
white marble is produced in the United
States will make a strong demand for
material Of that kind from this state,
and one may foresee extensive ship
ments to all parts or the country, par
ticularly when the new plant of the
Pacific Consolidated Stone company in
Ix.s Angeles li a reality.
Viewed from the standpoint of its
relation to the beauty of this city, the
production of white marble upon a
scale which would admit of its exten-
Southern Pacific
(Via Bakersfield)
To the New Booming City of
$7.05 There
and Back
Make reservations now — leave
Saturday, June 4th, return Sun
day p. m., June sth.
In the heart of the famous Midway oil fields in Kern
County, California.
Buy a lot now and profit by the rise that is sure to
come at once. First allotment of lots now soiling at $300
and upward on easy payments. Street work all done at
sellers' expense. I have been empowered to sell only the
first allotment at present prices. There wKi not be enough
of these to go around, so first applicants will get first choice.
Still the second allotment will be well worth the advanced
prices—only, if you buy now you save the difference.
Excellent chance for every enterprise and every line of
business. The town is a railroad terminal, is less than a
year old, has about 3000 population now and growing rap
idly. Lots in the original tounsite that sold for $300 in the
beginning now bring $3000. These lots ahould advance even
more rapidly, as the town has already a good start.
Bank, Wells-Fargo, Postofflce, big bupply houses, ex
cellent hotel and bate. Lots of buildings going up. Every
thing crowded. One train a day each way from Bakerstield.
Write and ask me anything you like about this section.
Any information cheerfully given.
ESxcuraion now being arranged. Write or call.
See M. LAWSON, Hotel Lankershlm, about Taft and
Geo. W. Austin
Exclusive Agent, 1018 Broadway, Oakland, or
L. W. Jefferson, 350 Market St., San Francisco.
Blve use in this city is Of direct inter- I
est to everyone who appreciates the
dose relation between civic beauty and
prosperity, especially in a city which, ;
like Los>Angeles, derives so much profit
from the visits of tourists, and owes bo
large a percentage of its population to
the fact that It is a delightful place of
residence. Large marble, granite and
sandstone buildings lining the streets
of the. business section would give Los '
Angeles a brightness and beauty un- :
equaled in any other city in the United I
States and by few places in the old
world. , >- : " i*rl.J*
The question of production is chiefly
one of development, for already the
company operating in the Inyo district
has demonstrated that the production
of marble Is assured; and it is due to
this fact more than to anything else
that Investors have been induced to
look further into the possibilities of the
The production of white marble, gran
ite and sandstone is an assured fact,
for it is now In progress and it will
be enlarged by the investment of more
capital and the development of deposits
not yet touched.
H. L. Thornton, general manager of
the Pacific Consolidated Stone compa
ny, and Drew Haven Dunn, one of the
directors of the company, returned the
past week from an Inspection of the
company's quarries at Inyo, and are
conclnved that their concern, when the
new finishing plant in Los Angeles Is
completed, will be in position to fur
nish the United States with all the
marble as well as all the granite or
sandstone which will be needed for
all the buildings now In contemplation
or which may be contemplated for
hundreds Of years to come.
General Manager Thornton will leave
this week to Inspect a newly found de
posit of California marble, which if
proved to be of as great value as its
discoverers say It is, will be added to
the holdings of the Pacific Consolidated
Stone company.
•-•-» —■ |
During San Hcrnardlno centennial
week trolley cars will run every hour
to the Springs hotel.
Betty Bray Is coming to Los Angeles.
F. M. Webb Will Build $15,000
Modern Residence on
$7000 Lot
F. M. Webb has purchased through
C. M. C, Raymond, manager of the
house and lot Uepartment of the Ar
thur G. Kinney company, from a local
investor, one of the finest residence
lots in the city for which he paid
$7000. The lot is 75x150 feet, and is lo
cated in the west side of Ardmore ave
nue, between Sixth and Seventh
streets. Mr. Webb, who is a man of
considerable wealth, will erect a fine
residence on the lot, the Improvement
to cost about $15,000. It will be one
of th 2 show places of Los Angeles,
and will be furnished in Circas
sian walnut, mahogany, brick and
Other sales reported by Man
ager Raymond are the following:
Helen D. Harley to Frank B. Vea
sey, ;i lot on the south side of Wll-
Hhire boulevard, between St. Andrews
place and Wilton place; 60x160 feet,
bought for an Investment, considera
tion $3700.
Hlchard J. Huntlngton to Kdlth 1.,.
Nelson, lot on the east side of Ken
more avenue, between Wilshire boule
vard and West Sixth street; 50x150 feet,
bought for the purpose of building a
One home thereon; purchase price $2600.
William B. Spalding to Peter R. Ha
ber ,a lot on the north side of Wil
shire boulevard, east of Norton ave
nuo; 50x160 feet; $3500.
Isabelle J. Brown to Francis Holmes,
an east front lot on Ardmore avenue,
between West Sixth and Fifth street,
75x150; $6500; an investment.
George W. Bacon to Florence I.
Spalding, a lot 60x150 on the east side
of Oxford boulevard, midway between
Fifth and Sixth street; $2700.
Bruce L. Dray to Peter R. Haber, a
lot on the south side of Wilshire boule
vard', between Wilton place and Nor
ton avenue, 50x150, purchased as an
Investment: $3300.
Octavia F. Bridge to local investors,
the northeast corner of Arapahoe and
Tenth streets, 70x150. New owners are
contemplating the erection of a mag
nificent home on this property In a
few months, in keeping with its ele
gant surroundings, price $5200.
Harry D. Clark to Isabelle J. Brown,
a lot on the west side of Cahuenga
boulevard, between Fifth and Sixth
streets, 52x160, and purchased for
$3100 cash. New owners are having
plans perfected for a fine home to be
built !n the near future.
Builders Soon to Complete Erec-
tion of 75 Dwellings
J. Frank Bowen reparts a brisk
demand for houses in his Pleasant
View Terrace tract, having sold seven
in the past week to the following per
sons: Frank E. Ulmer, Josie M. Wal
ratti, Horace N. Fish, Glen J. Jones,
Henry H. Haigh, James O. Hallowell
and Mrs. Sarah M. Blackburn. This
mikes a total of forty-three houses
sold since March 1. Mr. Bowen is a
firm believer that every young man
should own his own home, and intend:',
to sell his houses on such easy terms
that every individual earning a salary,
large or small, will be able to secure
(inc. He is now beginning his third
bunch of twenty-five houses, four, five
and six rooms each, every one of a
different plan and all built by day
labor and of selected material. Pleasant
View Terrace Is on the Eagle Rock
car line, Inside the city limits and s
cent fare, with plenty of shade trees,
gas, electricity and all modern Im
provements. Mr. Bowen's only regret
is the fact that this last bunch of
houses closes out every unsold lot he
owns on the tract.
Long Beach Psychologist to Be
Tried Again on Same Charge
After deliberating since 4 o clock
Thursday afternoon, the Jury selected
to decide the case of Dr. W. R. Price
of Long Beach, arrested on a charge of
obtaining $2000 from Dr. Mary Jane
Helm of Long Beach, was discharged
from further attendance on the case
yesterday by Judge Willis. The Jury
had been out for forty-eight hours and
stood nine for conviction and three for
Price wan accused' by Dr. Helm with
making false representations concern
ing the value of stock in the National
Gold Dredging company, in which . he
was interested. -.;•'■>•.
« Price's accuser was one of his pupils
In his society of New and Practical
Psychology. He will be tried aitain.
Two larsc tracts which have just |
been opened in the western section of |
the city have Just been furnished with
water mains by the Union Hollywood
Water company. These are the Van
Ness Avenue Square and Arlington
Heights Boulevard, It is expected that
extensive home building will soon fol
low- this improvement. The Van Ncsa
Avenue Square, embracing the district
between Fourth, Fifth, Wilton and
Norton streets, required about a mile
of pipe, or three carloads, and Arling
ton Heights about the same quantity,
the latter taking in the territory be
tween the Vineyard power house and
Washington street, west of West
Boulevard. The water supply for this
district will bo from the big Sherman
pumping plant, which furnishes Holly
wood. Colegrove and the newly an
nexed Wllshlre district.
Coast Marble and Granite Highly
Regarded by Prominent
Eastern Architect
H. C. Brubaker, an architect from
Indianapolis, is at the Van Nuys hotel.
Mr. Brubaker Is in Los Angeles look
ins over two buildings in this city for
which he has,made plans and speci
fications; and also with a view toward
making an Investigation of what
Southern California and adjacent ter
ritory has to offer In the way of
marble and other building stone.
Mr. Brubaker has made plans for a
ten-story building in El Paso, Tex., in
which California marble and Arizona
sandstone may be used. He expresses
himself as being very much pleased
with the samples of California marble
and other building stone shown him,
particularly with the latter as dis
played in the new federal building.
He believes that with proper ex
ploitation California marble may be
given a wldf use throughout the United
States, particularly In that portion of
the United States west of the Missis
sippi river. He pronounced it equal to
anything quarried in Vermont, Ten
nessee, Georgia or other of the great
marble producing states of the Union.
Remember the Druids' picnic Surulay
at Scliuetzen park.
Look for( Betty Bray.
PHONE I 5400
DR. L. A. LAUER, Dentist
«SBH S. Main, cor. Seventh atraet.
To become acquainted with yon and *a
tabllah a bualneae here, I will, for a lim
ited time, do the hlgheat olaaa ot dental
work at half prlooe.
Boar In mind that thin la no fake ana
that I am no advertlaing dentlat, but
that I am limply doing thla to build up
a practice.
Thl« la an opportunity you ahould t»k»
advantage of, aa I would like to ahow
you what I can do and how easily t can
do It, and hnw little It will oost.
For 16 yeara I enjoyed on* of th*
Sneat practleea In Chicago, and my
reputation among the dental profeaalon
there la Al. Consult me (free), get my
•atlmate on your work bafore going
My tyatem la pamlms dentistry, and I
guarantee all my work.
HOI-US— 6 to 5. BTJXTJAY, t U 11.
On Monday evening May 23, we will have another landseekers' excursion to Lindsay, the famous, Early Orange District of Cali
fornia, at which time we have a rate of $5.00 for the round trip, including sleeper. This special rate is n.ade to landseekers in order
that those who have never seen the Lindsay Orange District and who are really desirous of getting hold of first-class orange land,
close to town, school and churches, may have an opportunity of seeing what we have to offer at very small expense.
We do not care what district you have seen or what bargains have been offered you. We feel sure we have something better
for considerable less money. Lindsay is not an experiment, as there are over 10,000 acres planted to oranges, ranging in age from
1 to 18 years. These groves we can guarantee to be in perfect condition and far ahead of any other groves the same age in the
We have several large subdivisions which we have recently put on the market in 10, 20 and 40-acre tracts, all close to Lindsay,
and as we own every acre we offer for sale we are in a position to make prices and terms on this land to suit all.
Now if you are interested in orange land and are in position to buy if you see something that suits you, do not delay but come
in at once and arrange to go up with us on Monday evening, as we know we have what will suit you, no matter how particular
Tgomr Itoiliter.
27 Months Old— $620,937.26 Is 496 Times
the $1250 Assets at Beginning
Unparalleled Growth
"Home Builders" Ninth Quarterly Statement
Quarter Ending April 30, 1910
Balance (principal) on sale to customers.sl76,2ll.l2 For building material and
Consisting of real estate sold on con- labor contracted (not due)
tract, titles vested in "Home Builders" for residences under con
upon which residences have been or struction and sold .5 44,,>u-.bi
are being constructed. For balance assumed on real
Bills and accounts receivable (secured) 118,024.63 estate bought and now re
§ Principally taken in settlement of sales sold on contract "I'Sio?
account. " Miscellaneous accounts 4,909.bl
First mortgage bonds and stock (prin- i-ncicß*
clpal) 25,526.13 Total actual liabilities "•■♦ iO.blb.BJ
Accrued interest'" 3,522.89 CAPITAL STOCK ACCOUNTS-
Real estate (improved) 1,860.00 Common stock subscribed ....53a5,433.00
Cash on hand and with bank 5.528,134.51. Preferred sto^k subscribed.... 35,828.00
Cash—miscellaneous accounts $394,261.00
collectable on call in hands Quarterly dividend No. 9, pay
of agents 4,945.61 able June 1, 1910, on all
h stock paid up April 30 $ 8,943.44
Total available cash in hand and on calls 33,080.12 Surplus •■••• 146.915.99 . ICKC r a i,
Balance unpaid on subscribed stock.... 261,512.37 Total surplus and undivided pr0fit5....5155,853.43
Furniture and fixtures 1,200.00
Total assets $620,937.26 Total $620,937.26
We hereby certify that the foregoing statement is correct.
C (f> **\ &&-# /^^e«O
Financial Secretary. President.
This attested statement is proof of "HOME BUILDERS'" stability and
growth. The phenomenal activities of this enterprise are likewise shown in its
profit-paying proclivities.
Dividends of 16 per cent on par, -which is about 9 per cent on present sell
ing price of its shares, with pro rata participation in surplus and undivided
profits of $1.'.5,859.43 justifies "HOME BUILDERS' " rise in price to $1.90 on
June 1. These dividends are paid from interest and building profits and not
from the sale of stock or the premiums on same.
For a little over a week the investor may come into this enterprise on the
$1.85 basis. The allotment of shares is going fast— a.i investment this is
without a peer.
The security back of your investment is first mortgages on improved Los
Angeles real estate, situated In established sections of this fast growing city.
If you have money upon which you would earn a good rate of interest,
enjoy a profit from growing value of its shares, with the greatest of security
surrounding your investment, buy "HOME BUILDERS" stock before the ad
vance to $1.90 June 1.
Horn? Builiera'
Ground Floor Mason Opera House Building
Phones 10963 Main 496
Van Ness Avenue ly I
" Wilshire Blvd. District Homesites Mi 6
A. . 4Q* I*7 C A And The Best That ~S -^jPBgH^
±\X JJ) X/ 3 U Up Los Angeles Affords »£gill|llli|pllpf
Vevnr n _ ain will homesites In the fashionable Wilshire Boulevard District be offered for as little as $1750. This
£-i high-cr a ss o mo Toying opportunity of a llfetime-a chance to double your money in less than a year. Tho
WitsWre District Tone!of the most aristocratic sections of the city. Go today and see beautiful Van Nessi Ave
nueJsiuarV Nearly one-half of the tract Is already sold-tho rest is going rapidly. This is a rare opportunity.
'"^^X'S^r^ouiSK'^.r.y. Van Ness Avenue Square will appeal to your conservative
bUSTake WeftTake^ear marked "Fourth and Gramercy," or "Melrose Avenue," and get off at Fifth street, or at
Wilton Place and Fourth street for Branch Office. »
The McCarthy Co. Walter G. McCarty
in fh^rcVr/'Sing 82y£h P andSt s^ss n *
15941-Main 1202 Phones F2IU-Broadway 2730.

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