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Job Holders' Deputies So Busy
Electioneering That They
Neglect Work
"Tho wont resolution adopted by
tho cjcmil Covcrnment forces, urging
the application of civil service rules to
nil county offlcoa and their deputies
and attaches la Shown to huvo been
most judlctoui by the condition of af
fairs now prevailing »t the court
house," said •■! leading membef of the
Democratic! county central commltte*
j ssterday.
"For instance," ho said, "w* have
ample proof that the deputies In prac
tloilly all tho county offices aro now
wiistinp the time fur which they are
ji.n.i by tlic taxptyart, and are putting
in nearly ;iii their time electfoneerlng
for the Incumbents. Tiny .-in' dolni
this, or course, to hold their Jobs,
Which they can only do by protecting
the officials on whom they depend for
"We understand that Judge MrKin
ley Is iit tlio head of the new' political
organisation, or machine, formed by
the-Incumbents in county ofllcet, to
take tin plaoe or the Republican cen
tral commfttee. whose support these
Incumbetlta dnre not Mccejit for fear
the Lincoln-Roosevelt league may be
Rtrongar than they anticipate. Of
course BUCh Candidates as are Indorsed
by the league for re-election are not In
tlii' machine, and do not need to lie.
"We have Information that this ma
chine, if ii Miary, is to spend $25,0110
for the re-election of "Tuss" Eldridge.
Nearly every attache and deputy of
flclai in the county is putting in most
of his time electioneering for the nor
n of the men on whom they de-
We know Of many Instances In
which nubile duties are slighted to
carry on political work.
"This exemplifies the need of civil
service rules in the various depart
ments of the county government."
Man Is Hustled to Jail After a
Bluff Story of Having
Been Robbed
Whal wan reported at police head
quarters yesterday mornlnp: us a dar
lyllght holdup on Investigation
by detectives proved to t>e a tissue of
falsehoods, and Eddie Kelly, a pork
and bean fighter, who ik >>'<■< i u_s the vic
tlme and made the report, is now In
thr pity Jail. A charge of tnlade
meanoi embesalement is lodged against
tiir- young prisoner.
Kelly, who is a driver for the Santa
Clara Wine company, called up police
hei dquartern yesterday morning about
hi o'clock and said he had been held up
b; .1 bandit, who stole 19.36 from him
and then Jumprd on the wagon he was
driving and drove away. Kelly said
there were several cases of beer in the
Kelly sniii the man held a revolver
[^Thl Latest-^)
) Kti ON THE. . )
I Ciothes Lime. I
\+ I \ ■-* S 1 H CftftLOßD pi
/J//^f II /*>eTau«c ■" I
\Zj'^-~\] Jp|^ AMOBfeOWMS 0
A Scoop in Browns
and Tans
Carloads of them have arrived at the B. & K. stores, when
other merchant ,1 tailors will not have them before fall.
Which is merely^another instance of the splendid purchas
ing power—the ahead-of-today policy— of these establish
ments. The new arrivals include checks, overplaids and
plaids in fashionable brownish shades, which have just been
secured by our New York buyer and which he forwarded
to us by express. They are in the windows, and it will do
your heart good to look at them. They are almost "next
season" styles.
With these, as with any new color, it is just as well to
get ahead of the crowd and to order immediately. The
maximum effect of the novelty is obtained that way,
These will be made up, of course, according to the reg
ular high B. & K. standards and sold at the regular low B.
& K. prices. They are guaranteed to fit perfectly, or your
money back. And that, by the way, is a guarantee that goes
with every B. & K. suit, whether it cost $20.00 or $50.00. i
A. K. BRAUER Successor to
"Tailors to Men Who Know"
1141 S. MAIN ST.
Y. M. C. A. Glee Club to Appear
in Exceedingly Bright Comic Opera
I Matt BBrt^ 1^ 1 /400' .^^3 ' S*
!B^ . laj/iifo MK&'' -viz®,
"The tTnlon Depot for One Day" Is
the title of a hrlßlit comic opera to be
given under the auspices of the Y. M.
C. A. Glee club next Thursday and
Friday nights. Charlotte A. Powers,
recently of Chicago, will direct the
In his hand while he took the money,
and then ordered liini to "beat It."
A number pf detectives were detailed
on the case, and a few houra later the
horse and wagon were found hitched in
an alleyway near 1044 Byratn street.
Investigation showed the rig had been
hitched In the alley at 8 o'clock, which
showed th« Orst discrepancy in the
Roily story.
When other discrepancies were found.
amontf which was thn fact that Kelly
had deposited t'-> in the All Hay and
Night i>;ink yesti "lay morning, the
driver was sent to police headquarters.
At first he stoutly held to the holdup
theory, and even gave a detailed de
gcrlptlon of the man who he said
turned the trick.
Finally he broke down and admitted
he. had lied. He confessed needing the
money and conceived the plan by
framing a holdup.
He hitched the horse himself near
I"11 nyrain street, then boarded a car
and placed the money In the bunk, and
later reported the holdup.
If In need of rest, pure, cool mountain
air and water.
opera. The opera will be given to raise
funds for the Yosemite. valley vacation
trip of the dub. The play, which will
ba given in the association auditorium,
will be participated In by 100 members
! of the i lub.
Secretary of Local Commission
Declares Exactions Neces
sary to Preserve Spirit
W. A. spakllngr, secretary of the civil
service commission, tiiinks he *ees an
inclination on the part of some of the
friends of civil service to Rive, it n llap
now and then. BuCh, at least, was the
opinion he expressed In an address be*
fore the City dub yesterday afternoon
on "Civil Bervlce in the Hands of Its
Some members of the commissions
which handle the city's business be
lieve they are lmndicapped by the ex
actions of civil service, but Mr. Spuld
iiiK pointed out yesterday that these
exactions were necessary to preserve
the spirit of civil service. He criti
cised the refusal of the finance com
mittee to appropriate some money to
provide for the expense of a delegate
to the civil service convention and the
supply committee for its failure to
grant the civil service niore help, and
with some sarcasm said these two
committees were supposedly friends of
civil service and this was one thing
that was happening to civil service
in the hands of its friends.
Councilman .1. J. Andrews, a mem
ber of both the finance and supply
committees, who was present at the
club luncheon, risked the privilege of
the floor after the speaker had con
cluded and explained the finance com
mittee had refused funds for the con
vention because there were no funds
to Rive and that the supply committee
was still considering the matter of
more help for the civil service depart
ment, with other salary questions.
Mr. SpaldinK spoke of various re
form measures that had been tried in
IjOS Anpeles during- the last thirty
years, and showed how civil servi c
was a natural outgrowth of this de
sire for reform. He told what it had
accomplished during the seven years it
has been in force in l.os Angeles, and
as one example of the pood results
pointed out the efficiency of the aque
duct department.
The daughter of Louis Paul Bataille
of Paris, Fiance, is believed to b«
somewhere in California, and if she
will communicate with Napoleon Ar
gies, 6 Boulevard Dea Capuclnes, Paris,
she will find property awaiting her.
X communication to this effect was
received at The Herald office yesterday,
nskins assistance to locate the daugh
ter, whp was born in IS.'iO. Her moth
er's maiden name was Marie Vlctolre
Noeniie de Scliaaf.
• It is known that she came to ( all
fornla but whether she is still alive
or not is uncertain. It la not known
whether she married, but if she was
married and left children they are en
titled to the unclaimed estate in
France. Her parents were married In
station*. «•«. '"»•
AmarlUo, Texas «<> M
BMton I 1? I",
Buffalo •* H
Chicago • i 1* ua
Cincinnati '.' »«
I»enver • ''.;. ;«J
Xl Piwn »- •'»
Oalvmton *<J '••
Kun«»« City !; ■«
Knoxvtlla ™ «-
Little Rook • <» »*
l,o» Anitele "" I 4
Mile. City. Mont «» 40
Montgomery, via »- •>"
>,>«■ Orleans •• *} ™
New York " ™
Oklahoma .., ™ "-
Omaha •* ™
Plltiibars:, l'n.. •» "
l'acalollo, Idaho «« 4«
Portland, Ore JJ »0
K«pid City, 8. D « A*
Reno '" J"
St. Louis ** "*
St. Vaul "( **
Salt iMke City >'■ «
sun Antonio ™ «»
Han Francisco •« "JJ
Seattle ** *»
Wa*hrniton.' i>- C. ;« «JJ
Yunta ... __-__^\ ■■ '
You can buy It, perhaps at many place*, but
there* one BEST place to buy it-and that
place advertise*. -
Look for Betty Bray.
News of the Courts
Medical Students Assert They
Passed Examinations at
Conclusion of Term
T.oretta Nelson and R, S. Plekler, for-|
tudents in ii"' California Eclectic
Mcdli :>i eollejfG, filed separate suits in
11 unity rlerk'n offlc ■ yesterday
against the head officers and teachers
of Hi.' college. Both iel forth in their
complaints thai after receiving pamph
lets and other literature (rom the. col
lege itatlng i!;.-it upon graduation each
student would receive a diploma which
would give him full standing a i
leal piac titioner, they entered ti i
lege, recei ed three years of term'cred
its through their having attended an
( isteopathic college.
They further claim thai after passing
the necesßury examinations they were
refused diplomas. They request the
court to issue a writ of mandamus
compelling the giving of the diplomas
by the college and to granl such other
relief aa the courl may believe Jusl
The Pacific Light and Power com
pany of this city filed a civil complaint
with the county clerk yesterday against
the county of Los Angeles to recover
the .-urn of {28,356.82. It is alleged in
the complaint that the county assessor
assessed property of the company and
franchises grossly in excess of their
real value. II la further alleged that
the assessor willfully and Intentionally
discriminated between the electric and
water corporation, together with about
twenty other corporations, and about
200 corporations transacting business in
this county. ,
The company sues for, the amount
which the officials believe In excess of
the true assessment valuation. On May
16 last officers of the company appeared
before the board of supervisors and put
in a claim for $28,855. but the super
visors refused to allow the claim, and
recourse has been taken to the courts.
. . a-*-* —
A petition was filed with the county
clerk yesterday by Walter L. Neill and
Ida Neill Beardsley, requesting that the
will of Henry Neill, who died May 15,
his!, leaving an estate valued at $100,-
OOd, bo admitted for probate. Tin; Will
of the deceased was made out on Jan
uary 5, 1907, and in it Neill bequeathed
one-third of all his real and personal
property to his wiiV, Mary J. Neill.
The remainder of the estate he left to
Walter 1,. Neill, his son, and to Lily
N Klefhaber of Ban Francisco, Ida N.
Beardeley and May Neill, both of this
city, The last named beneficiaries are
daughter! of the deceased. At the time
of his death Neill was 68 years ol age.
In the civil action brought by Jennie
Berryman against the Atehison, Tope
ka & Santa Fe railroad for $25,000 dam
ages for injuries she sustained when
struck by a Santa Fe engine, Judge
Willis yesterday granted the motion
lor a nonsuit made by attorneys for the
From testimony brought out at the
trial Mrs. Berryman was so frightened
when she saw an engine approaching
that she could not step off the track.
She was badly injured and the sur
geons who attended her found it neces
sary to amputate her left leg.
In Judge Davis' court yesterday In
formations were filed against Thomas
Hughes, a private detective, charging
him witii bigamy and against Richard
Buchanan, charged with mistreatment.
Informations were tiled in Judge Willis
court against James R. Orr on a telony
Charge and against Paul K. Oswald on
a charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses. The men will be ar
raigned .Monday.
A complaint wherein the ilrm of
Cage & Krow are suing' Sam Sloan,
was tiled with the county clerk yes
terday. It is claimed by the firm thai
Sloan owes $982.50 on a note given by
him to T. 11. and 1,. H. Perry Oil Texas.
said note having hem assigned to Cage
& Krow. Interest and costs of suit are
also asked.
Bernard M. Levy, who recently com
pli ted serving three months In the
county Jail on a charge of Impersonat
ing an army officer, will have to stand
trial in San Francisco on a. like charge.
He is being detained ut the request of
tin' ray City authorities, and an order
for his removal will be asked for in the
United States court next Thursday.
Two divorces were granted yesti niay
morning by Judge Jamea through de
fault proceedings. The first case was
that of 1j- B. Klefhaber against Lily
D Klefhftber and the sacond that of
Josephine Harris against Joseph Har
\ BerecQchea Hied suit in the coun
ty clerk's office yesterday to recover
$427.08 from Bias Albarey.. He. al
thut amount is due him on a note
signed by Albinvz.
The Domestic Gas company tiled suit
in the superior court yesterday against
the county of i.os Angeles to recover
$4718.04 for taxes paid under protest on
an assessment of $436,856.
Divorce complaint was Hied in the
county clerk's office yesterday by Mary
Wood against William n. Wood.
Respectfully declining the Job the
council asked him to undertake, Dr, 1..
M. Power* will report to the oouncll
Tuesday that the garbage loading sta
lion on Aiiso street, east of the river,
is a nuisance and that Charles Alex
ander, the contractor, must abate the
nuisam ••■
Betty Bray is coming to Loi Angele*.
r^^^- - Cl% *% & _aMjSjB
IN FULL l?\/f? to IN FULL
! 0,000 Pairs E3B3S: «* One Dollar
d**Kl in Modern >| # W ues range from $2 to
For Misses and Children For Boys and Youths
Values from $1.75 to $3.00 . . Values from $1.75 to $3.50
For Men
Values from $2.00 to $4.00
The various lots are arranged according to sizes, and it is needless to say that "The Early Birds
Will Get the Worms."
=—=— MONDAY =—
FOR WOMEN—Button and Lace Shoos of patent or vici kid, with Cuban or Louis XV heels, welted or turned
soles; Oxfords and pumps of patent, vicl kid or tan; turned soles, Cuban and military heels.
WOMEN'S SLIPPERS— colored kid, canvas and suedes, in white, jFJESB^
pray and brown patent leather and vici, in opera and strap effects, for jP Jlllik
evening '>•' house wear. JrwljißwiiißSlS.
WV FOR MISSES AND CHILDREN—Vici kid, patent leather Jt'iMS^i!^
ylY\\V ;m<l gunmetal lace and button shoes, tan and black kid # WS§|Pmsl3
\KpSfct. strap pumps, Oxford and Gibson ties. Every pair hand- /«P#l3
ItP^l^^>*. ■■' wed and worth twice, and in some instances three times jP, ifims^:^&sg7
I v^hT^^^? the prim we ask. Don't mis.- .such an opportunity to make £ $W§Msis§&sF'
I '^^. your dnl!;ir work overtime, w^JSa W&t
I vls£\ I FOR THE BOYS you will find sturdy school shoes of all JT.JSF w/M
hi. yQ^-sl descriptions, worth as high as $2.50 a pair. Some calf, i^^^^^^^S^fflW .
I^^ V \ many kid and patents. BBpSra VTBm
\&fet \■ X\ Don't imagine such values will last lons at J^'J^^^m- flirt
IS t^ > "^ >f\— BUOh a rldiculous prk'°- Be wlse —set first Jm^M WW U*'
vfiJlm' Mothers are particularly invited j^^^^^^M "^*NP^
lk\S &k, to bring the children, as we are iS
positive that $1 will do the work eg ifflr
of $2, and of $3 in some instances. kJHp''^
Two thousand infants' shoes, Roman Two thousand pairs misses and children's
sandals with fancy cloth tops, in all col- ' white strap pumps, tan welted scuffers and
ors and white strap g^ f% stitchdown barefoot sandals; f g^
pumps: hand sewed; cv- *J* fHm all sizes and widths; not a M ■ i^%
cry pair worth at lea^^B^fffl Pair worth less than 1?lLr ai|^/i
$1.00. Monday only \* S W Monday only S ***
\ ___^____ ____——^—— ——_—■i———— — —^—^~—
Democratic Chairman Has Turn
with New Organization of
the 'Has Beens'
Chairman Alhort M. Norton of the
Democratic county central commutes
vouchsafes the following:
"Patsy Clark's famous 'original jei
terson club' was the scene yesterday
noon of a novel assemblage ol em
while Democrats and Others, who met
at luncheon in the old polittcal remle/
vous and formed the Los Angeles
•Down-and-Out club.
"This is said to be the first real
Down-and-Out club over formed by
political 'has-beens' In Los Angeles,
If not in the state. The club's roster,
ms read yesterday, contains the names
of many so-called political dereMcts
and others who have descended from
grace, it includes, for instance, tho
nt mes of of many old-lino leaders ot
the push,' of the Los Angeles eitj
and county Democracy-men who were
read from their party, frown out 01
summarily ousted because ot the, af
filiations with the machine gang, 01
because of other suspicious clrcum
'^Many <>f them represent the short
halr Democracy, as opposed to the
•long-hair' Democracy, and others are
given an honorary membership lor
feats they failed to perform. As an
example, Dr. Frederick Cook, famous
polar pretendi r. who tried to steal the
■oose from commander Robert Peary,
was elected to the dub. The name
„f Nathan Cole also was submitted,
but'«ill not be passed on until next
week, when it Is believed he will bo
entitled to membership.
"The 'Down-and-Out club formed
rday is expected almost to double
Iti membership when the party sots
through 'weeding out' its present un
desirable or Incompatible members.
"A. C. Harper, deposed mayor of
T.oh Angeles, was elected president of
the club. Tony Schwamm (abdicated
monarch of the Kighth ward) became
Ita secretary. Then, too, there was
Tom Vacher. Tom was once the ene
my of unlicensed canines, known as
the ■ x-officio dog-catcher of the Angel
city. He was elected treasurer. In
this capacity he will have little to
ire;, sine but the memory of other
"Besides these officers the club
( lected a regularly qualified board of
directors. On this board were ap
pointed such deserving men as A. E.
Weiss, R. P. Goings, Sam Sdienek,
Jim Craig, Hub Lewis and other be
loved brethren of the past.
■Tom Savage and Eddie Morris, it
is said, were refused membership.
Balllnger'i application, with thai of
several other members of the present
national administration, will be con
gidered later. No reformers will be
allowed to attend the meeting* or to
Hat,- tbe mysteries of the inner
circle. The club will meet every Sat
urday at noon and hold weekly lunch
eons. .Members arc forbidden to dis
cuss politics i xcept in the past tense.
Hi.l.' 'was' and 'were' arc said to be
the passwords, and all reference to
the Good Government administration
is forbidden On penalty or being
kicked out of the club."
We ask for information: Does this
"back from Elba" business .have a
deep and sinister meaning? It Is irue
that on the top layer It fairly sparkles
with compliment; but beneath, we fear,
there lurks the grim suggestion that
after "back from Elba" —only a little
while after—came Waterloo. Is it a
conspiracy, or merely a coincidence?
» « >
Look for Betty Bray
Address to School Teachers on
Eli President's Program
Sons of Old Eli will banquet at the.
Hotel Alexandria tomorrow night with
President Arthur T. lladley of their
alma mater as honored guest. Presi
dent Hadley will arrive in Los An
geles from Berkeley tomorrow morn
ing and will be taken on an automobile
trip about the city. In the afternoon
the head of Yale university will ad
dress the public school teachers.
Speakers at the banquet in addition
to Dr. Hadley will include K. C. Moore,
superintendent of schools, and Prof.
George K. Hale, director of the Car
negio solar observatory on Mt. Wilson.
Dr. F. B. Kellogg, president of the
Southern California Yale club, will be
Dr. lladley conies to Los Angeles
from Berkeley, where he has been th>>
guest of the University of California
at the Golden Jubilee. Leaving hero
Tuesday morning over the Santa Fo
he will be present at the annual con
vention of the Federated Yale club in
1 Detroit May 28, to be the guest of
1 honor of that federation.
The Yale club of Southern California
• has at the present time .1 membership
of about 175, over half of which will
be at the banquet.
Tho eye of a little Washington miss
! was attract! by the sparkle of dew
1 at early morning, "Mamma, 1' she ■ ex
claimed, "It's hotter than I thought it
! "What do you mean?"
"Look here, the grass Is all covered
■ with perspiration." Common
Betty Bray la coming to Loh Angeles.

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