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Measure to Provide for Examin
ing Board to Be Appoint
ed by the Governor
President Pyster Delivers Annual
Address and Also Suggests
Educational Committee
Delegates to the state convention of
the National Association of Stationary
engineers held their first business ses
sion in the red room of the A.ngelus
hotel yesterday morning, with M, Py«
ter, state president, In the chair. The
morning was devoted to organization,
the reports of committees and to tho
president's address, the most Impor
tant matter to come up being a com
mittee report on the proposed state
license law, this subject being made a
special order of business for tomorrow
t,,h.. .. delegates and their families
will enjoy an outing, the official pro
gram calling for a trip over tho balloon
route, with stops at all of the beach
cities, and a visit to the plant of the
Pacific Light and Power company. To
night theater parties at the various
playhouses will provide entertainment.
Tomorrow the delegates will thresh
out the license law matter, and will de
cide just what measure the association
will ask the legislature to pass. The
law will provide for the appointment
by the governor of a state examining
board, and for a license fee, probably
of $5 a year In the first Instance and $1!
yearly for renewals. It probably will
Include within Its provisions all en
gineers, excepting, marine and locomo
tive engineers, though an exception Is
likely to bo made In the case of owners
of threshing machines who may wish
to operate them themselves.
If the proposed law Is passed by the
legislature, a public register will be
kept of all licensed engineers, and no
man not licensed will be permitted to
■work. The law was drawn by a com
mittee made up of one member from
each of the local associations, of which
there are two in San Francisco and
one each in Los Angeles, San Jose,
Santa Barbara, Fresno and Stockton.
It seems to be regarded with general
favor, though the provision covering
apprentices may be amended.
Both Santa Barbara and San Fran
cisco, where the convention was held
last year, are aspirants for the 1911
gathering, with the chances favoring
the selection of the Bay City. The
choice will be made Friday, when the
convention also will elect state ofllcers.
No contests of Importance are expect
ed. 11. W. Noethig of San Freneleco '
probably will be chosen president; W.
T. W. Curl of Lob Angeles, secretary,
and Charles Knights of San Francisco,
treasurer. It is generally conceded that
the vice presidency will go to a Los
Angeles man—perhaps John Topham.
The convention will come to a close
with a banquet in the Hamburger cafe
Saturday evening, at which Fred J.
Fischer will officiate as toastmaster,
addresses being programed by William
Mulholland, chief engineer of the Ow
ens river aqueduct; H. D. Saville of
San Francisco; James G. ■Warren, Los
Angeles; W. P. Butcher, city attorney
of Santa Barbara; A. B. Cass, presi
dent of the Home Telephone company;
B F. Pearson, superintendent of the
Southern California Edison company;
John, Traynor, San Francisco; J. N.
Pyster, John Tophnm and W. E. Cham
berlain, the last named representing
the Hamburger company.
In his annual address yesterday Pres
ident Pyster recommended that the ad
ucatlonal committee of the state asso
ciation hereafter consist of one mem
ber from each of the local associations,
the work to be carried on under each
member's personal supervision in his
own district. He recommended the
adoption by the association of a state
license law, for submission to the legis
lature, and urged that special consid
eration be given to the standardizing
of machinery, to save trouble in case
of breakage.
The exhibit in the Hamburger build
ing was well patronized yesterday, sev
eral thousand visitors thronging its
floors in the morning, afternoon and
evening Band concerts are given there
twice daily, In the afternoon and even
lng- . ...
•\V T. Warder. 60 years old, a retired
wholesale grocer of St. Louis, was knocked
down and severely Injured by an automobile
yesterday afternoon at Twenty-seyonth and
Main stroets. The automobile was owned
and driven by H, Praesasln, 1034 Grand
View street.
Warder was taken to the receiving hospital,
where his Injuries, consisting of a severe lac
eration on the back of the head and several
abrasions about the body were dressed. He
later went to his homo at 121 ii West Thlrty-
Becond street.
Warder mated that he wan crossing the
Btreet nnd did not notice the approaching
automobile until it was almost upon him.
While at work on the #>p of a thirty-foot
pol.' laapendlng a telephone wlro at' Ploo
and Alvarado stroots yesterday mornlntc. D.
Kehn, llnoman for tho Home Telephone com
pany, came In contact with a high voltaue
wire carrying Mn volts of electricity and was
thrown to tho ground.
In falling from tho pole Kehn turned s<w
eral somerpawltn in the air and alitthted on
his feet, sustaining slight injuries, lie was
taken to the residence of Dr. 11. S. Stanfleld,
and later removod to th« flood Samaritan
hospital. Kehn lives In Gardens.
May A. HlEglnn was granted an lnterloen
tory decree of divorce from John C. HlK
glns by Judge Ilutton yesterday afternoon on
the grounds of desertion and nonaupport.
J. M. Hlnes, late of Cincinnati. Ohio, who
recently secured a long-time lease of the
Hotel Lee at 822 West Sixth street Is pre
paring 10 make extensive Improvements. In
the neir future the office and lobby of the
lA« will be on tho ground floor. There are
eighty-eight room* In the hotel, which la
conducted on the European plan. Mr.
Hlnes la a national officer of the Order of
Elks and has scores of personal and busi
ness .friends In Los Angeles.
Announcement is made that the 700 acres
Included In the Santa Eulalla rancho, lu
catoJ In Los Angeles and Troplcp. will be
subdivided and placed on the market. The
old homestead ranch and acreage will first
be subdivided Into large building lots under
the direction of the Lawrence B. , Burck
company, selling agents. They represent
the owners. B. W.. B. W. and O. B. lllch
ardion. .:-■:■;•:/-■■. ; ' •\J '■'■ ■ ','
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Prominent Republican Admits
Flint May Be Called on to
Run for Governor
The news of the plan of the California
Republican machine to adjust its present
gubernatorial controversy by agreeing on a
fifth candidate—a dark horse In the guise of
Motley H. Flint, former postmaster of Los
Angela*, and to put Oscar Lawler Into the
race U the machine candidate for the United
States senate, caused no little comment In
Los Angeles yesterday, and was further con
firmed by the admissions of a number of
prominent Republican, who unhesitatingly
stated that Lawler had been considered the
"logical oandldate for the senate for some
time," but who refused as yet to commit
themselves regarding the five-cornered guber
natorial light until the word has been of
ficially pasHeJ out from the "push" head
quarters In San Franclsc.
While no statements would be made for
publication by any of the Los Angeles ma
chine leaders yesterday, It was learned that
Oscar 1-awler undoubtedly Is the choice of
the national machine leaders, and that t»e
word tv put him up as the successor of
Senator Frank Flint came direct from Wash
ington. Hut this word was sent out before
Mr. Lawler came Into hla recent unsavory
notoriety through having dictated the presi
dents letter exonerating Balllnger.
A number of conservative machine Repub
llcnns In Los Angeles, when Interviewed yes
terday, unhesitatingly expressed th# opinion
that "sentiments In Lob Angeles have
changed so radically since the Lawler-Taft
episode that It Is feared Mr. Lawler Is no
longer the logical candidate for the toga."
li. publicans are asking themselves If this
Taft-Lawler episode will frustrate their latest
solution of the all-perplexing senatorial
problem. If It does, the Republican leaders
admit It will Indirectly have a formidable
bearing «O <ho equully vexing gubernatorial
muddle. And, also, the machine Is wonder-
Ing what the "word" from Washington will
be when Roosuvelt returns.
Meanwhile, Wanton. Curry, Ellery, Ander-
Bon and Johnson are waging a strenuous fight
for the gubernatorial nomination, with the
proßpects decidedly In favor of Johnson, and
only by getting together on one good candi
date, to oppose Johnson, can the machine hope
to keep Johnson and his Lincoln-Roosevelt
leaguo mates from getting the nominations.
An effort to free Anna Mallery, who la
■arvtng a sixty-day sentence. In tho city Jail
for oonductlni a disorderly houso, by a writ
of habeas oorpui In Judge Wilbur's court yes-
terday, was unsuccessful, tho court refusing
to admit hi.r to l>ail pending a hearing of Ihe
arguments on the writ June S w«a the date
Ht tor the hearing.
<$, Shipment* for Monday, May 23— <$>
<•> 148 ears oranges, 1(> cars lemons. <•>
BOSTON, May 24.—Eleven cars sold;
warm; market doing better. Navels—Prln-
cess, Q. C. Corona, $2.46; Tunnel, S. T. Fer
nando, $2.65; Princess, Q. C. Corona, $2.70;
Gold Buckle. R. H. E. High. $2.70; O I C.
Q. C. Corona. $2.35: Standard, sd. Nat. O.
Co., $3.26; Blue Star. eh. W. & Strong.
$2.50; Rey, S. T. Fernando, $2.90; O I C,
Q. C. Corona, $2.60; Lily, same, $2.30; Orch
ard Run. same, $2.25; Orchard, or, Nat. O.
Co., $3.50; Mill Creek, xc, Ked. G. O. Absii.,
$2.60; Cal. Beauty, $2.35. Seedlings—Pine
Cone, S. B. High. $3; Arrowhead, $2.55;
Carmenclta, $1.95; Extra Choice, S. T.
llusimoyne, $3.05; sd. $2.75. Sweets—Pine
Cone, $3.45; Arrowhead, Valenclas, $:'.!>;>;
farrier $2 45-2.10. Blooda —Queen Bee,
$2.60; Royal, $1.76. Grapefruit—Extra
Choice, $3.30; sd. J2.70.
NSW YORK, May —Thirty cars or
anges and 1 part car sold; also 1 car of
lemons; fairly firm with easier tendency;
warm and favorable. Navels —Orchard, or,
Nat. O. Co., $3.30; Standard. sd, same.
$2.86; Columbia, same, $3.35: Half Moon, xf.
Red U. O. Assn. $2.90-3; Mill Creek, same,
*2.25; Blue Banner, xf. Sutherland F. Co.,
$3.80; Green Banner, same, $3.25; Folly,
$2.35; Valle Vista, $2.85;' Euclid, or. Grow
ers Ft. Co., $3; Uplander, same, $2.66; Inde
pendent, or, same, $2.86; Constitution, $2.70;
Lion Head, xf, Lyon Sons, $3.06; Lone. Palm
McGowan & W. $2.30; Beach, sd. same,
$2 25;Rlalto Girl. Growers Ft. Co.. $2.16;
Rlalto Crest, same, $2.35; Euclid, or, same,
$3; Uplander, same, $2.90; Golden Orchard,
fy, orilnd. Ft. Co., $2.50; Ozar, fy, Hanson
& Sears, $2.50; Citrus Belle, sd. same, $2.50;
Conqueror, xc. same, $2.20; Citrus Belle,
sd, same. $2.45; Peacock, or. W. & Strong,
$2.10; Bunker Hill. srt. C. C. 1... $1.80;
Flamingo, or, samo. $2.35; Golden Cross, O.
K. En. $3.55; Red X. same, $3.10; Victoria.
A' II Ex $2.50: Lincoln. same. tS.SOi
Moose', O. K. Ex. $3.10; Prong Horn.
$3 10- Buck A. C. G. EX. $2.80; Quail. O.
X lix. $235'; Royal Knight, R. H. Ex. $3.20;
Pet, S. A Ex. $2.46; Stewart Lotus, O. K.
Ex $3.20; Nonparlel. $2.40; Teal. $2.16;
Fruita. $3.10; Frultilla. $2.95; Hornet Q.
C. Corona, $2.20; Camel, same 40; King,
6 A. Ex $1.80. Seedlings—Orchard Run,
$2.60; T. Ranch, $5.90; El Toreador, $2 65;
Mission Bolls. $3; Memories. $2.85; Euclid,
Pineapple $3.30; Uplander. $2.95. Bloods-
Half Moon. $3; M. Bells. $3.10; Hlghgrove.
jo 65 Mikes—Fiesta, $2.90; U. Sam, $3.10.
Lemons-Ind. fy, $3.35; Choice. $2.30; Stock
Label $165. Navels, %s— Overland. $1.45;
CI Banner $1.25; O. Cross. $1.46. Bloods,
U^Sx S«; Uplander. $1.60. Mikes,
HstlUpTander* $1.40. Grapefrult-U. Sum.
$3; Fiesta. $2.63: Or. $3.40.
ST. LOUIS, May 24.—Homer Folks of
New York was named to succeed Miss
Jane Addams of Chicago as president
of the national conference of chanties
and corrections by tho commute* on
organization tonight.
The report of tho committee will b«
adopted by the conference r.«fnre final
Riverside and Orange Counties
Wide Awake to Issues of
State Campaign
(Special to The Herald)
HEMET, Cal., May 24.—The triumphal
march of the Johnson-Wallace-Works party
through Southern California ■ today carried
the candidates of the Lincoln-Roosevelt
Republican league across Orange county and
well Into Riverside county. A day of en
thusiastic meetings that quite exceeded ex
pectations ended tonight in a mass meeting
In the Hemet opera house, which brought out
a crowd estimated to be equal In number to
two-thirds of all the voters In this vicinity.
A brass band, a display of fireworks and an
unlimited quantity of genuine enthusiasm con
tributed to produce an old-fashloneii political
The temper of the crowd, as Indicated by
its applause and cheers, led the speakers to
turn themselves loose In a discussion of th«
campaign Issues. Addresses were made bj
Hiram Johnson, candidate for governor; A*
J. Wallace, candidate for lieutenant gov
ernor; Judge John D. Works, candidate for
United States senator; Florence J. O'Brien,
candidate for secretary of state, and John
W. Eshelman, candidate for railroad com
During the day impromptu outdoor meetings
were held In the several towns through which
the automobile campaigners passed. There
were encouraging meetings at Corona at noon,
and at Elslnore and at Perris In the after
Early tomorrow morning the party will leave
here for Riverside, where a rally will be hold
tomorrow night. Meetings also will be hild
tomorrow at San Jaclnto and at Arlington.
Little headway was made yesterday In the
case of Orlando Altorre, the former postofnee
clerk now on trial In the United States dis
trict court on a charge of perjury. Richard
Gleurh, a notary who took affidavits of Al
torre, was the principal witness during the
day. Ho was cross-examined, but no new
facts were brought out.
Altorro appeared In court with a bandage
on his forehead, having received a severe
gash by striking bis head against a door In
the county Jail.
The "booster" of Loi Angeles
council. Knights of Columbus, will leave the
Faclflc Electric depot this evening at 7:15
o'clock In private parlor DTI to visit tho
Monrovia oounoll. Saturnine, cars will l«av«
Monrovia at 10:45 o'clock. The committee con
slßtß of Joseph Mcßrldo, C. H. Coffey, Philip
O'Brien, Walter Goldsmith, John C'luncey,
garioll Daly and C. K.i"|
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June 2-3-4 <[
St. Louis
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