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News of the Courts
Eight Doctors, Called as Damage
Case Experts, Line Up
Pro and Con
Mrs. Emma C. Servis' action against
,ier brother-in-law, Charles A. Servis,
for $25,000 damages for injuries she
alleges she sustained by his beating
her, developed into a battle of physi
cians in Judge James 1 court yesterday
afternoon, eight practitioners being ex
amined as to the extent of the in
juries received by the plaintiff.
A novel feature of the trial was the
declaration of Dr. Zimmerman, re
tained by the defense, that he differed
in opinion as to certain statements in
the textbooks in regard to the result
of the injuries Mrs. Servis claims to
have sustained.
This stand caused quite a shock
among the other physicians present. It
followed close questioning by Attorney
Charles M. Ackerman, for the plaintiff.
The physician made certain statements
differing from those in the textbooks
us »,3 by licensed physicians. On being
shown that his statements did differ,
the witness declared he placed more
reliance in his own conclusions than
In the principal statements in question.
He was scored for this opinion by the
attorney, but held to the stand he had
The -whole trial has developed into a
technical treatise on the ailments of
Mrs. Servis, or what they might be
under certain circumstances. The tech
nical terms and questions have turned
the courtroom Into a surgical school,
and the charge of battery has almost
been lost sight of in the battle between
the physicians.
Through It all, Mrs. Servis was an
Interested listener and other women in
the courtroom heard more about the
human frame yesterday than they may
hear again in the course of their lives.
Drs. Trueworthy. McNeil. Pepper and
Crutcher were on the stand yesterday
for the plaintiff, and Drs. Moore, Zim
merman, Dunton and Dodge were lined
up for the defendant. Some of the
physicians have been practising for
forty years and the benefit of their ob
servations were given yesterday in the
rebuttal evidence of the plaintiff.
. The trial is expected to consume the
remainder of the week.
A hearing of the divorce suit of
Percy B. McGaffey against Ida Mc-
Gaffey on statutory grounds was held
in Judge Hutton'B court yesterday.
The husband alleged that a child was
born to his wife six months after her
return from an extended visit In the
east. Two days after birth of the in
fant, he declared, she said she did not
know whether he was its father and
he brought proceedings for divorce.
McGaffey said his wife had acknowl
edged indiscretions while on a visit In
Detroit and under the circumstances
he thought he was entitled to a di
The court ordered that Mrs. McGaf
fey be subpoenaed and appear with
the other parties in the suit in his
chambers at 9.30 o'clock Saturday
morning, and said if she desired to
take the stand and tell her side of the
story, he would grant her the oppor
After hearing the testimony of wit
nesses throughout yesterday's session
of court. Justice Summertleld contin
ued until June 1 the caso of H. E.
Kissinger, charged with obtaining
money under false pretenses.
Kissinger was arrested on April 20,
upon complaint of F. L. Weller, who
alleged that he paid Kissinger $500 for
a coffee and tea route which the de
fendant represented would net $25 profit
weekly. Weller claims that the route
•would not net that amount and upon
demanding the return of his money
and being refused, he started civil pro
ceedings and also bad Kissinger ar
rested. Further evidence will be taken
on June 1. The civil case Is still pend-
An action for annulment of her mar
riage to Samuel C. Jerome, alias St.
Paul C. Jerome, was tiled in the su
perior court yesterday by Pauline Jer
ome, formerly Pauline J. Dv Bois, who
alleges that the defendant had a wife
living and undivorced when he married
her in Santa Ana on Jaunary 20. 1909.
The action has been transferred from
Ban Francisco, where the plaintiff re
eldes, to Los Angeles county at the re
quest of the defendant, who lives in
this city.
Articles of Incorporation filed with
the county clerk yesterday were as
Futurity Social club; Isaac W. Mer
riweather, James A. McLaln, Whit
Lovelady, directors.
Johnson Hotblast Oa.s Heater com
pany; capital, $100,000; K. A. Mass,
Fred Stunrt Seeley, W. J. Ilobinson,
Joseph Welsh, directors.
Mutual Homo Building corporation;
capital, $500,000; T. K. Hulme, W. A.
Mclntosh, M. E. Johnson, George S.
Batty, Melville Sheldon, Charles P.
Brown, M. S. Robertson, A. W. Eck
man, George L. Batty, directors.
Bernard 11. Levy, charged with Im
personating an army officer in San
Francisco, will be given a hearing on
the charge next Thursday. He was
brought before United States Commis
sioner W. M. Van Dyke yesterday, but
on request of the federal government
his hearing was continued until next
Thursday. Levy has just completed a
three months' sentence In the county
jail for impersonating an officer In this
Divorce suits filed in the superior
court yesterday were:
Earah I. Kendall vs. Jacob Kendall,
I^eone I. McGuire vs. Frank H. Me-
Gulre, Emma Lawson vs. Charles R.
I>awson, Inez C. McCrabbe vs. Robert
8. McGrabbe, Arthur C. Walter vs.
Pearl Walter.
f »*-»
Prof. Gilbert Kills llailey pronounces
the El Pen(?ugal Hot Springs at Ar
rowhead a world wonder: temperature
202 2-10 degrees. Summer rates now In
SUES FOR $10,000 FOR
Mrs. Ellen Wyatt Demands Big
Sum from Helen K. Lynn
Declaring that Hellen K. Lynn, with
intent to aggrieve and injure her, has
alienated thj affections of her husband,
.Mrs. Ellen Wyatt filed suit in the su
perior court yesterday for $10,000 dam-.
The plaintiff states that she married
Oscar T. Wyatt in Jacksonville, 111.,
on May 22, 18S6, and that they lived
happily together until two years after
their arrival in Sherman, Cal.
Commencing on October 1, 1906, she
alleges that Helen Lynn gained great
control over her husband and met him
frequently in Los Angeles and Santa
Monica. The defendant alienating his
affection for his wife to such an ex
tent that on December 23, 1907, against
the plaintiff's consent and his own
wishes, declares the plaintiff, he left
hor after considerable persuasion on
the part of the defendant.
The plaintiff alleges she has infor
mation that the couple stopped at the
Jasmine rooming house on February 4,
1908, and that for two years prior the
defendant has been in" the habit of
ponding letters to her husband, supply
ing him with money and loaning him
different amounts. She declares she
did not discover whnt was going on
until the fall of 1907.
An notion for $10,000 damages for al
leged trespass was filed in the Superior
court yesterday by M. J. Nolan, Albert
H. Bupi-h and John W. Vaußhn against
Jacob Hem and D. W. Aaron, the
plaintiffs declaring that the latter re
fuse to move 3000 cubic yards of sand
and gravel from their premises.
The property In question is lot 29 on
Broadway, between Tenth and Klev
enth street, and the plaintiffs a Hope
the material was dumped there In May,
1909. They claim that the cost of mov
ing it would mean an outlay of $2500,
and its presence has prevented the use
of the property. They declare they re
quested the defendants to move the
material, but they refused.
Mrs. Delia A. Carithers, widow of
William D. Carithers, who died four
years ago, leaving an estate valued at
$30,000, filed a petition in the probate
court yesterday asking for its distri
bution, June 10 being the date set for
a hearing.
The petitioner, who was named as
executrix in the will, was bequeathed
the entire eatate, with the exception of
a lot and store in Table Grove, 111.,
which was given to Mary Hapley. a
sister. Relatives contested the will for
four years, and the widow finally
reached a settlement with them, the
action being dismissed.
The will of the late Annie Elizabeth
Harmon, who died on May 20. 1910,
leaving an estate valued at $23,000, was
filed for probate in the superior court
yesterday. The estate is willed in
equal shares to the children of the de
cedent, Mrs. Gertrude Cameron, Mrs.
Blanche Boone and Samuel J. Marmon,
after $4000 has been set aside for an
Income for the maintenance of Emma
Jane Marmon, another daughter.
Samuel J. Marmon is named as ex
Laura Antonelli filed civil proceed
ings in Justice Stephens' court yester
day against the Los Angeles Railway
company to secure damages of $295.
Miss Antonelli alleges that while a pas
senger on a Los Angeles railway car
on February 14 last the car collided
with a Pacific Electric car, resulting
in her being bruised and receiving lac
erations of both arms and claiming
that it was the fault of the motorman
of the Los Angeles line, she seeks dam
Edward W. Smith was granted leave
to amend his complaint for a divorce
from Rosa V. Smith on the ground of
cruelty by Judge Hutton yesterday.
The plaintiff alleged that his wife had
frequently "cussed" him and treated
him In a cruel manner, but the form of
his application was not suitable to the
allegations and the court granted him
permission to change certain provisions
of the complaint.
Leo Longley, special examiner for
the United States circuit court, will re
sume the taking of testimony this
morning in the case in which the
United States government is seeking
to open mails on the Kindge estate. At
the request of Attorney Millicken, rep
resenting Mrs. Rindge, a postponement
was taken from yesterday morning un
til this morning.
Charging- Charles W. Bishop with as
saulting and attempting to choke him
Ivan L. Cottle filed suit against Bishop
In the superior court yesterday for
$4025 damages for injuries he alleges he
sustained to his tonsils and for puni
tive damages.
The case of Orlando Altorre, a for
mer Los Angeles postofTice clerk,
charged with perjury, was continued
In the United States district court yes
terday until this morning, owing to
the illness of one of the attorneys for
the defense.
Allan Falconer, a printer, filed vol
untary proceedings in bankruptcy yes
terday with the clerk of the United
States district court. He gave his lia
bilities at $59ri0.54, with no assets.
Edith A. Mallard was granted an in
terlocutory decree of divorce from
Thomas A. Mallard by Judge Monroe
of the superior court yesterday morn
The physicians on the health board
do not want drvctorp to exceed the
speed limits -vviit'n responding to emer
) calls, and yesterday this board
refused to recommend to the city
council that the ordinance be amended
to give physicians special privileges
In this respect.
Dr. a. i). Houghton appeared before
til" board and said that under the
former speed ordinance physicians
were provided ■with buttons that they
presented when arrested for speeding
and were released by the arresting
Municipal Affairs
Wants 2 Captains, 2 Lieutenants,
2 Engineers and 40 Fire
men Added to Force
Two captains, two lieutenants, two
engineers and forty firemen are wanted
by the fire department, and the com
mission yesterday asked the council to
amend the salary ordinance of the de
partment to provide for these addi
tional employes.
The captains, lieutenants, engineers
and some of the firemen are wanted at
once for the two new engine houses
that will be ready for use July 1.
These are at Fifth street and Maple
avenue and Second and Hewitt streets.
Both of these are large houses and pro
tect important business districts.
Not all the forty firemen will be
needed at once, but they will be re
quired as soon as other engine houses
are in course of construction or con
templated. Several engine houses are
working short handed now, and all the
extra men can be used within six
The fire commission will recommend
to the city council that four different
brands pt fire hose be purchased for
use by the lire department. Of the
bids submitted to the council the com
mission has selected 6000 feet of Overall,
200Q feet "f A No. l" multiple, 2000 feet
of Baker fabric and 200 feet of Para
gon. The Multiple costs 90 cents a
foot and the other three $1.
Pri-sent a bill to the Pacific Electric
railway and prosecute the motorman,
were the orders issued yesterday by 1
the fire commission when the. matter j
of a Pacific Elec-tru' car running over
a fire hose was presented to it.
Capt. Bryden of engine company No.
21 notified the commission yesterday
that while his company was fighting- a
fire at Long Beach avenue and Filty
fifth street, on the night of May 21, a
Long Beach car ran over the hose
stretched across the track and cut it in
two while it was being used in fighting
the fire.
Investigation showed the accident
could have been avoided, and the com
mission wants the Pacific Electric to
pay for the hose, and the motorman
who ran over it punished by law.
Bibulous citizens groping their way
home in the dark of the moon are
warned not to disturb the peace of the
neighborhood when they bump into a
ghastly white object crouching on the
street corner. It won't be a ghost. It
will be only the old familiar fire plug
in a new coat of paint.
The fire plugs now are decked in
modest green, but it is difficult to see
them at night, so the fire commission
Wednesday night ■ suggested that red
would b« a good color and greater bril
liance would be of assistance to the
police as well as the fire department.
But red did not appeal to the fancy of
Chief Eley and he asked that the color
be white. The commission accepted his
suggestion. _
In order to get data on which to base
an intelligent report to the council for
fixing dockage rates at San Pedro, the
harbor commission yesterday asked the
council to appropriate $100 to pay the
expenses of a special representative to
San Francisco. The matter was re
ferred to the finance committee.
Arrowhead Hot Springs
See the hottest known spring, El
Pengugal, 202 2-10 degrees. Summer
hotel rates now in force.
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