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Are warnings that perhaps your eyes need atten
tion. Don't put it off, the delay may be dangerous.
Have an examination. It costs you nothing. Don t
be afraid we will force glasses upon you if It is un
necessary. If you do need glasses we fit them at
the lowest price consistent with good work.
-(Optical Dept., Third Floor.)
Store Closed All Day Monday—Decoration Day—This Ad for
*gSBfL /jfS^ik 25cMeri*sNeivlS[eck~ Iyc Tuesday
<^^€4 ■<%~f^ wear 3 for 50c or Each ** t^^ f^h of month of May> Our last
I> T^ • Tuesday the finish of the month of May. Our last
_4\ *>-> ) ~r\ jby-^ k. You may partially realize what an important sale event this is at 17c, but i nrw -, rriin if«. to swell the S'lleS I'eCOrdS
L *rf(fl\ Ah fy Jsh when you see the neckwear itself, (the pretty four-in-hand styles in open end Opportunity 10 SWeil me bdieb ICLUIUS.
7^ V\'^T^T\ <k,v* xV™»^><Kiliri\ iT» ~r\?ABk€& 7^ I effects) you'll be more enthusiastic than ever. < This results in numerous stirring values tor a clay or
f3*,vrSl\\\ X "lMftE-S^>— /AA'P^^ll l\ o^~*F Mlft/tf^ -'/A . I The color combinations in stripes, checks, figures and solid colors are very profitable Shopping.
mm? rj\\- A l^vWt'jfiV \'r V 1 ft\ X ■ &¥/ i / mf\ \ <®» ] effective. These are all silk fabrics. 3 for 50c, or each 17c. » V r _a , v *1 of ,„ v; nn ,U CO /1 Mnn
wIW <Sl\\v A XJkM'teMii JYjcm- II flp— /'/ lni: tv wjte>'^& The week shortened by the store being closed Mon-
WW^J^XV i ■HBBr/v/\l 1 //^4Cfe//// B«l Men's President OO^ Men's 10c Maco «-l day means a shortening of prices that we may do six
3^^k\\ I^WMI II h^niLl l\ M I'fy^ 45c Suspenders 2^C Foot Hose, Pair /2C days 'business in the five remaining days.
- \\\iliifeclfA\l <//l^# --W\li 1 iHvlif •■ V- -m find a B ood assortment of nt^^'^ Many of Tuesday's best opportunities are set forth
T M//7 "Wl j/ W S?SIS p^eStuSnLr^ |;;:;:;! X VSS^S |t, SSS, »in this announcement. Take advantage of the liberal
' S' y^Zl N. \ -= r^^fm/ —P*"* ! A \' \ phone or mail orders. Saie prlce 29c. pair 7^c. —Men's Annex. J sav i n g S .
I \ I \ I h\ \\ Women s Silk Lisle Hose <jq r *~ We Especially Feature "Sunset B"
/I T^^-'/ ivt-yw/uf au'H> Sewina $OA. 50 t. —^^^-^^^^^^n.^
# ___ , A • Fine fashioned silk lisle hose in several most pleasing colors, although *j-_ i/ *r -^^B *___.. |KjSg|^»3jggcgjggyfl » J-* gg**?^
The New "Vacation Waists Arrive no block or Un. Thß ab*en» of thew two colon to ourwawn tor Urn Machine. <^*r "K^s gilf
_£ /l^ IvtZLU V ti-C'CtCJ'O/t VV V4/OCO -»: XI I Hyt- Rroat reduction, but If you want colors other than these It Is an oppor- itxwv/Ihi^ • |Kj3fii^|i T3S3s3^S^S^S!feSl
_-_ -iv^-J -• , — .-..—. tunity worth while. High spliced heel, double sole and toe, for good Are you taking advantage of this won «■ fjSgi|Bllp3j §IIMSI
nnA l<ollonl L^harminCl id? "9 AA service. Tuesday sale in aisle 8, 29c, .i.-rful Club plan of buying as, .1,, 8 ma- MM j^ | 'i||^SlfeSl
CLF ILL JL\.f£U*>ZM,l VHWJ i I 1,1 i %,Vj 5 ■ II 9 chine on a "cash basis" price— paying %- >l(|| (^«lfW»^K
r> -« «• «■« . qW Jl m\*Jr \Jr Women's Low Neck f* Women's 17c -* f\r* down nnd n a week? This is perhaps '^^JjrTlc^^Mflry™^
jUTTTTTXer J\jLo&elS at ••• • • «^^ Sleeveless Vests \JC Lisle Stockings X L/C the most economical proposition' that has tt^jJKp'^ \l& 'l
The extensive demand for co, ,1. summery waists at moderate prices is to be satisfactorily met Jus^ujaj. n^.uch^ price for The.e^are^ne Seconds dockings- e^^n o^red^the buying of a re- || IjM
with the new styles which we have just received to be featured at a most ridiculous price, $1. included t«a * *«. «^| 2.,- Unos . No phone or mall orders why t^-fi a wjrtr you have to^pay V^M^^O^
At this nominal price you'll not be satisfied with a single garment, but instead you 11 °ra c L Utorne r. and a limited number to a customer. your own sewing. . *«^K^^SS2ir^ |
want two or three or even more, for surely three $1 waists are better for summer wear than # . I^ll toihe^Voadw^^thrti ■ . <^J
ones 3 waist. 2580 Stiff Dutch Collars i^czr^^^in^"* machme"-certalnly thl3 ls arecom
Let US describe two of the charming Styles. . , — / ' i n t hi. ions period of investigation we found that no machine was so stm
_,,_• - j~ ml/ ~ +~ rie. X/^1,,,,c ** ply constructed, so easy to operate and at the same time so effective and prac-
Picture at the Left Picture m the Center ftS^ g& SffiwSL. . . .- 5c - - -""-; •00 Down md 00a Week .
Tin's style is neatly made of white linene or Another of our chic models for the approaching warm t /S§=§: Took all the jobber had. That's the reason for y^r.wv i-ryjivi « v • _
This Style IS neatly m.iuc oiv , ... weather, fashioned in white linene or lawn. But- 'l/^P^ T°, ok all tne ]oooer „ "li« w«"v« illustrated one Let it he thoroughly understood that while you are taking advantage of a cash
lawn in a popular summer model. i-ront Witll toned frQnt tQ th<? side of { , cntor whi( , h is trlmmed V X^^ this sensationally low price. We%e illustrated one p rr , pO ,, uion yet the prices we quote on "Sunset" Sewing Machines aro not a
Cibson pleat at shoulder seam and side pocket. wltn first qua Ocean pearl buttons. Group of pin A of them to th<" left' Tou know what ley cent higher than they woula be if you were paying cash.
First ;^Hty Ocean pearl buttons down cen- tucks and wide pleats at shoulder seam. This style j\V^ Iv^ are. The kind that you are In the habit of paying Sunset Model A" $40.00 "Sunset Model C" . $31.50
First quahty Ocean pearl Duuonh has the "Trouviiie" collar so much , i 2y>c ror; yes. even as high as 25c. And over 2500 Sunset Model A" $40.00 "Sunset Model C $31.50
F^eni turned^ bat cuffs 'ToT- tij f l^guf^si^v^ 6 SSS-'.^ftSS C I ISSSS -"them 'to"choose from in sizes 2, i« ,i» "Sunset Model B" $34.50 "Sunset Model D" ■■ .$26.50 |
viHe"' collar Think Of thia value for. t/> J. turned back cuff. Priced t^ ± H. and 14. Buy these Tuesday in aisle 2. 6c each. === "" _— —-——J)
—— 777Tr~~T " " ~ 5000 Yards £_ Fine Embroideries A± c 85c to $1.45 fig Heavy Black 23q 187 ' Rogers BrOS.
lOC White Lawn £{% Val Laces .... 5C A Purchase .. . 4OC AlloverLace. . . O^C Taffeta Ribbon. ;-*•/*' Table Ware* for
8:30 tO 9:30 ■•;.;-;„- Insertions and matched sets in Those fine Plauen lace edg*d They've just been unpacked. J^ when t - popular Jad for 1 aOie Ware JOT
7, h „ac to b . «,»- Afferent widths, not 5c laces embroideries. Including in- These beautiful 8-inch allover black nbbon bows come j^^ BndeS
rr^rrr, 1,- for SC) but l^ that you'd sertions and bands for dainty laces Venise Oriental and To- JJg*^ ribhon at f llis re - f
TT^ to a o^r, ko P ,one or man «i^ xar. »c pay g to 19c , dresses a„ d waist , Many k io silk in white, cream, ecru markable price It's 5J inches J-e, 2^*4jjSjf^^ijjs
BrnSR - «L^ 150 X:° rJl^^rZ mK^ from ,to 12 pay 85c, f l. ffj£jS^^ PffiSSfSpe
%F2£"3ZSZ& SSS.H'iffi' K?;-..;r Tuesday tcturV in O. lace open designs on French hn- them under value, m price, Tuesday, at 23c yard, For t|]is \ veek we direct attention to
of fo yards, no phone or man Third floor, yard isc. section . gene, yard 4Sc. this sale 1 uesclay, yard, o^c. aisle l. the following: '{'fi
orders. Yard sc. India Llnon. JQ c ' . —— ~~~ !XS&T I I I'M *t US
W~~-£& gbeer Quality IWL. ____-nrr*lAL Tan Pum Ps and Oxfords J®JkM& fi Teaspoons, XS Triple Plate Xi'S
5r..;;..-.^:;" ° &££f£is Tan Pumps and Oxfords jffiteffi#l||§
Wash Goods' department, yard waists and dresses. '•'■»» . # ' 'i Ajlu* ■*■/-» £"5 Q>s CIYPCtt lU&^daV T^ B #T>i '^If (^JSt^V^ '^' /} \\ ° """ Knl™» *" "" <irlll-v '•"'"" .»3o
„,i,c /*HSLA J» » fa » fly Jm»^ tyyii.JO, U/tUI J. MCSUUy pra g H ff »»•(•» <' \ Crcnm l.a<il« •>■»■ llnrry Spoon *1.:.>
- Srrprntliin Crepe, 1 fin >C V i^*^ir 11% n ifr iilir^ t- 1 t> ■ \LI Jf JL A tk..^ X I \ 1..-. ' X Olive Spmin *■'"•
Cotton Voile., ,9, 111* Variety -1 o<" /V 'iS t eatUTe, L J CUT |T A, << A. I>} \ /As. 11.-How Handle. Nnt CrncUer JIM
New ratterns x */c Thi-fancv patterns the plain |ME^l/-vJ / . ''--1 , , r , • v '-V \ /-Vv P. V'^l '■ Hollow Handle Medium Knives or Forks *t.HI)
Th ,,e r ..,,n n v..i.» are ,v.« LVorl ?» fs cem 8o S tJogujaJ i^^^ >( «|\ Perhaps one of the biggest assortments of tan pumps and oxfords we ye been l< \<-,.|\ fl JM „,.,.,, - ; ..k <-- ::::::::::&"
d h r L s l h s lnefo. rncrs CJ'w,a U.m^s monos T/ reTn'ror^dl^ the JPB^A,-M able tO gather in many a season to offer at such an advantageous sale price. fSi^^^^g^tt "Z> X^ -" In'saUn'i.ned „,,^,. Many other
Jn excellent variety of color* »lid white and cream. mv.-l. Wn^!|#w4 Samples and floor Surplus from ab ig manufacturer, COUpled With several yWTm&&m[ yS^Wtl ■"insesllon. In Che above mentioned stock.
N^ 6 and attractive patterns! used for n, s lu g own, Yd. 1.0. \fe|sP& lines from Our Own Stock. C^/ fii «K'r c -, DI ,117 „ XXT„ „
wit* Madras 25c Bi«ich«i sh«t.. 52c lß^^l Embracing tans of every description in light or dark shades. Pumps, ties, Jm^Jl Immio ■' Silver Mated Hollow W are
Sv"Vrcerized•;«;,,: ° h.^ , T*~, >-•« sailor and two eyelets. Gibson, biucher and button styles. gp*? gg^ ?:|;i^ .Tray::::::::::::::::::::
madras waiting; beautiful it's well made and "11S V^is®S^ Hand-turned or welted soles. Some stores feature these as $4 to $5 Values """"^ s^«^ „,„ U: ,,,. r Ketllo on Stand *«.:■">
r"d yau fi ty6 pauernsea a°nd N p^ne ,t? and offer them in a big attraction at $2.35. Our sale price Tuesday, $1.69. ™£* ■^"sT I ,"i t!:,^n l M"n, <'":::::.::: .'i, 1.: I.'"
fl'ooT^d^ Tu6Eda>' th"d no'orT nT" TuesJa>' . ; , You may not be able to find all sizes in every style but the size range in , SBfS&^iSiSy^.:::::::::.::::::«
Fleisher's 10c Zl-*^ the lot is complete. Hand-LinDroia. yfO^» mv Bowl »iti. S(|Uirrol .. . «.«5
72x90 Bleached Sheets 45c • Yarns, Skein O 2 C ™ \ J Women's Easy Children's Barefoot P>Uow.hp. *«£ ™.^^^;-^\"\V<."\Ys&
! •;r^e Sh Th ,S fl r, caci, t -,,. 'rc li and bu 1" ;■•. -;■, bi5S Oxford 9. $1.50 Slippers $1.00 A Feature Oi/C ...untiiy -<~£ n hJ? 1)O^- e^e^T^ P^~^~ IS.f ♦»
A^ ICTiW /- B » a r L/_ ''■'■■•■ PI Ple m a r-i ln E hOlumme er Have K ood leather soles on n^t Great quantities of these one m sizes sto 8. Tan calf or pat- **• They're washable. They pick holders, chocolate poU, cruets, mu-tard l»ot., etc.
42X36 PIUOW Cases 7Y3C Women fa a s^na ™f ' ad ™™™r. la*. Put a on a pair of these for and two-strap styles. Soft en( . barefoot sandals for little ™, regularly at 76e. You can buy
Made of i -In! bleached »«.«». P.nUned w.th wide hem at SJ?"«^«Vl°gjg|Sg^ gr bjoho, o? utln f -a r They K.d.^ t^ned^.olos^ ,'To"",* to«. Have oa. soles; w , not rip them Tuesday on the third flour; C/ocfcs Ar( , Very Acceptable
??,p. An attractive feature for Tuesday. They're far below refu- buy 10c yarn for BHe skein. Third d "^ Mgher in price. All sizes. Wide or medium lasts. Pair These are very popular with | "ale Pr'ce 49g - | Onno , u Gold ciork, with Cupid M.75
lar. No phone or mall orders. Each 7He. I "oor- Als i 9. *1.00. white socks: 69c. _ZZZZZZZZIIZZZZZZ_ Bronte Clock, Floral Design *«■•**
, . - __^ , . __________^__—_— — ■ ' - — OoW c i O( . k> 8-day, with Cupid «|"iii" --*•-•»
TUSSAH FOULARDS A*„ All Silk Pongees, Fancy Taffetas tfQ c Second Lot of That Beautiful 25C W^SS^S^^}^^:^ mM
uavp TTl<iT 4RRFVFD *rJt n nA ~Ma^alin&s . %J%SK* 26-Inch Shantee Pongee— Yard .••" vw BlB( . k Marblß «.|,,,. k . i. O r V oi n in m»i • .j0.75
™ZtZ™Zt^**™>»«*»- "a" «-U f^a^^a Jat^n. o, the -Jo f -nno« r the -^^-J^a S^ ffffS
tachoT a pongee cofoAvith a satin Btrlpe, sot moBt desired .Ilk. the season has produced. The pongee resemble, the Rajah, Vh^'pr^ «a cro°v"r the ly.^rm from early morning until late. ™™' SS? and'butfiTkSu. NT .c^eaun
off with colored dots. The demand will far exceed the whk ,,. 8e ,, 8 at $1-25 , ]t usual iails at J1.35 and there'? a wide color range. p £, n sha(]eg and cnalnel( , on effects. The minute they were unpacked they I°c"leat^ertt1 ° c " 1eat^e r tte = a l 3e and
supply tor they'll rival the prettiest silks that have taffetas are obtainable in nearly every desired shade and the foulards created excitement. Nearly 3000 yards in this assortment. Tou really have to holers BROS. SET iU.45-In oak
been brought out. Find these In the wash goods de- obtainable in the dots rings etc. Tnls is a wonderful bargain opportunity. pen them to appreciate the beauty, the material and the splendid variety of W-rnum^UjVi KW'tlv>
partment, third floor. A feature at 4oc. are oDtainaDie in tne , patterns. • Z-^—— -
Fnuntmn Pen Sale Continues 44 to 48-Inch Imported 95C All Wool French Serge and Panamas i*f) r I 3 9c to 75c Pictures, Each, 25c
b ountam len Sale continues Novelty Suiting ;„ n^ cc r nn A o v on *?,*. oa '. «171/ C compn«in French head, and nure» a. w«n as
a s Tu n 8 : sr B f o^air P r s sir.^t^\i *^^3£%&hi~?» sssioWW.-^ r"thu Sir^S^f^fn th ; M ;«; oo ; m ;t ßr ; ls « r c h a»a at S:^SSSSSS^t.S
|4 regular grades for 98c. Belf-nlling pens are In- lot under market va^ue r. . ... are market you'd be obliged to pay a great deal higher prlc*. vtth'^w"™."?* Bl^hHy maTrel '£.
Tue^iy^ 11. 1. 1." 1!■:'.".:.V 1. 1. 3:. 0"0.. 0.'.^ 1:: jSJß^£StS."ss&£i: Sy ' VVI marln-' °tC< "t'iP<"l iUI" -^"Th^'irtor^wni^'^in^Svan^ of. Plal" aVCSI Ulh° fanCy \"" "TMraW-"" _
Tuesday at plaid combinations, yard Ojc. • . u~*~
Persian Bordered
Pongee Parasols
$2.50 to $3.75
This Is tho latest idea In fashionable
parasols for summer, and every woman
will enjoy the vogue, for they aro bo
clever and distinctive. Made of pongee
silk with Persian borders, edged with
navy, green, red or white.
Others of chiffon taffeta In black and
white stripes and checks with wide plain
borders in blue, cerise and green. Popu
lar .it,. ctolra handle, 1 or 10 rib..
price $2.60 to $3.75. Buy your parasol
Two-Clasp qa
Silk Gloves . . . .OJ>L,
Think of it! Double tipped fingers, Bilk
glove, at 3!* c. Choice of black, white,
brown, tan, gray, navy, pink and
light blue. Pair 39c.
12andl6-Button tff>^
Silk Gloves . . OWi^
Made of extra good quality silk with
double tipped fillers. Either elbow or
.Hum length. Black, white, tail, Kray,
brown and navy.
$1.45 to $3 <£ f fQ
Hand Bags $>±.±<J
Nearly 60 bag. offered at this attrac
tive price. Choose from seal, nap
phlan, walrus and morocco grain
leathers. Plain and fancy frames.
I.in.'d with genuine leather, Insldn
coin purse to match. $1.45 to J3.00
values Tuesday »1.1».
Coming—A Sale Standard Books
At prices that are without a prece
dent in the city of I.os Angeles.
Even our last great hook sales fade
in comparison to this wonderful
event. See Tuesday night's paper
for particulars.
Axminster and Wilton Velvet <fci Q %{)
9x12 Rugs—a Feature %P±+S.kJ\J
Search where you will, compared value for value, you cannot approach this showing of Axminster and Wll
tOnirs'7he St^f^ete'rmTned efforts on our part to produce a tra^-winninfr sale feature , n
Nearly any style or design of coloring that you prefer can be obtained in this line at 118.50.
rw^fTW-Ttfl Crex Matting Rugs 47 Pairs Sample Blankets
Kr prices on " size.-these are at Fractional Prices
B l;nill'l;:' vprlK*- 80 , „_„ »l«, *l-5 These are travelers- .ample, and consequently
isAm^M B kx,!'« ." I J3.73 SmS .i.S:::::.v. m? are . trifle ..lied and mussed. Worth tuny so
1 l"r^SJ|' ■rJ oxo «■•,;■ ■.;'. :?3.03 «v.-.4 l/c I*'- per cent more.
1.3 ■ \J.' <VrySiSi ■ i'vT. »Ue *-■•"•» 18x36 size :t"' ■> pairs nl $.-,.00 2 palm at $1.73
SlwSfi to $9.50 d*o } ojSTJf::::::ltB \ Si: 8:::::::8£
JS\#Ssi,i Leather Rope Portieres «/>•-> j;™, 1™.?' ; ;;;;;;*^ . S-SS %.\\\\\\^
S -*-i^ (tX4!;!B \\ .;i SUSS i" cl.ar out this lira 1 '■-"■' *1.1)5 I pair »t 50p
? >:-^i "^ H •»iantlts ■'■'iml>te' from "if 0; '7-t°, a» djf' iu ' —
ifJP* IB i:»''S. b<> Tuc-sday'a price will be choice *3.
*~m !SS „„ pair to a customer.) 40-Inch Natural £ „
e^^^^Jl J?: BbS J^pSTpinWii::::::::B:S Color Burlap . . . +><"
KSP**-^*^^^©^ ...,.„ , mv iil\E Consider all the needs you have for this
|aETS^SS'S^^v fv 1 ,,, I") n - Plain colored burlap in 40-lncb width. No
■'*.. .'^. • V^^N^ < m;iE 2UC phone or mall orders, at, yard, Be.
M^'V V^V Just the ideal summer bed- — — ——
W"& V'^Bfe^^v „,om curtain material, a Fine Line Fancy 9/*
111. -■ •li|gP!> =J•«£ fts*J£-. - -- ~
S^ii: *»^ vv A •BSB3r> i^ tractlvely priced at 20c yd. [)rj , f r |nch , v , (i ,, ls choice of green, red,
JSV'vS* IV' 1 'Jl v'Srwr^ Ivpry, »nit.^ and. Arabian.
SHBjSS^jSSr SS IIIWUI $5 New Ruffled <£■{
<^i^&^^^l|^^A » pair, of these, which Curtams, Pair . . . V* ■*
**> -«—M^IIMMiL-aiiiLji.'.llL/-I*>". wart reduced recently from These ruffled Swiss curtains are one of i... most
tJZSiy,■■■:' ?'! l\->" '1 • " lit to »10. Final clearance popular for summer urn. Dots. .trip.-.. Agure*
_ < __ m \LnJt, V. -iV-VrWNS Tuesday, pair" 15. and plain styles, with hemstitched ruffle, pr. 11.
Homelos7l. Bdwy.4944.^*'bjhmdway cor. 4TH. LosANOCUX ,
Kodak Albums 12c
These nre values marked 15c, 18c and 20c. Start
a Kodak album with the pictures you took Sun
day or today. A special sale Tuesday, choice 12c.
Rear aisle 2.
Tuesday Sale
<iR.\PE .HICK, bottle 4UK,
LA PREMIER BRAND, pound ******
WHEAT or PANCAKE FLOUR, package ....-* UK,
(Limit of - package* to a customer;.
package .••....... ■* v^"
8 packages *>*JK,
OIL, bottle if UK,
CEYLON TEA, Vi '». con »st/C
1-4 lb. eon IUC
2 ii.iiiiiil-. ■!■ OC
•: runs 450
'I large rolls '«*•
TOILET NOAI\ FANCY, ............... 8c
:t hlirs Ot
3 |lIM'kIIKPM *i*f\.
Lining Bargains
SIM N GLASS nml PERCALINE, yard in.—
Worth 20c on full ploceij 38 Inches wide; :' to
ard length*, muck only.
LINING SATEEN, yard Mo—Worth 28c on full
piece ; 36 niches wide. Jlercurlzed. Black our.
4 to 10-yard lenethH.
COAT FORMS OHc—Made of linen canvas. Pad
ded, stitched and nhaped.
i T^ m* ~. DE-BESSE Fireiess
Demonstration Cooker (Basement)
Learn how to cook without a fire. An Interest- JtQ^ '
Ing demonstration starts Tuesday in the base-
*^^_ | GARDEN HOSE. *^X
——^"~""——"" The "Native" brand, 14 >^%»~*. A
Ciif dlnaa anrl %-'"■ sl!!"B- Kola ' i
wUI IJ/CISS ony in 25 and 60-foot | i '1 ,
Cllt Prices lengths, at the follow- :;, |;: L^'2_ 1 '
c-uc i rices lDg prlMi! |, ; | :j
Cut Glass Sugar 25-foot VI. ia M H /
mi.l ijo >c 80-funt *4. (itad hLj'
Crenmer ipO.t^f At th , g pr | CO we S pii it zjSweiilll^ 3
A hint for Hi"' Juno e.i you without the Jtß^KJr^\
bride. MAS for tlio pair usual hose guarantee. IV Jlv^L ' t
Tuesday. , i nil.i; llol' ■■V**w9MMlfep'MH|k
OutaiaH d>< (Ln i'i.atk f2. aK.
cruets ipl.O*/ Two-burner gas plate MSjßSagSM&mKtifißm
For oil or vinegar, . that will give you sat- IMB Kf^
cruets with cut stop- isfnctory service Hog- fS^M^^^im
per. Very protty di-nlßn. ""• prlco *^.7S. on gWM %&SMWM
\Vater Mottle <fr c sal° T, u(!sda>> baso' fMML g '" "VPM
»"'' «r<ila °s»" ff BASIN 18,1 ■ ft J
These are .ill to match. Imimrteil ' blue ' an.i WHKMBiDCMarfHMMBt
Suitable present for the- white enaifielware. Spe-
June bride. (lal va u « a t 29c. Limit MASON jaiis
——-—— ———^—— j to a customer. No Headquarters for celebrat
_, _. 1 A _ _^ phone orders. Tuesday e j Ball Ifros.' Mason Jars
Fern DISH. 53.95 inc.- at 68c, 680 and 9So dozen.
, in I v TITMKLKKS 2o Schram patent wide
With lining, very hand- *"** ,V the *'„ top mouth Jars at "° for
™» CUttln,. Tuesday These me the d'Len to pints. 90c for the quarts
'"-■■'ture- . ; , customer. lo apiece. and »1.35 for the half sal
*(^r ' lons per dozen.
<iray Knaioel f fff% i '
J s^* l^ Sinn »'un«....*^^ iiilliitrii srtH, 42 &r^y Q/S
j&r Long bandied kind rices ip£i.*s*J
-g«g^s^y like Illustration. Juat what you noe a for
?r >ClLlmit a"8to Oa beach cotta*e- Fretty
-cu»iomir'Nophont "ora. decoration., or
NS^i'^W '" mail orders. Sec- white and gold. Tue»-
XGjjjjg^gggr on.ls. day only, price $2.96.
Strong 85c ' Ctf\r%
Clothes Baskets „..•-'
Made of sturdy imported whole willow.
In the desired 22x29-inch size. Regularly
85c. Tuesday 50c, 3rd floor.

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