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Sierra Madre Delegation Com
memorates First Anniversary
of Birth of Organization
Mining and Oil Men Give Grand
Ball and Invite the South
Coast Cruisers
(Special to The Herald)
SAN PEDRO, May Amid Joyous
shouts and to the strains of a special
orchestra they took with them, nearly
200 lighthcartcd pleasureseekersmem
bers of the Sierra Madre club of Los
Angeles, with their families—sailed
from hers this morning about 10:30
O'clock aboard the Hermosa for Cata
lina island, where they will .pass three
days in outing.
The event celebrates two Important
facts in - connection with the mining
and oil men's social club of Los An
geles. It Is their lirst annual outing
and practically commemorates the first
anniversary of the club, next week
being the first birthday of the organi
zation. Within that period the club
has grown from a little Infant Into a
body of mining and oil men of not only
Los Angeles, but of many of the min
ing and oil cities of Southern Califor
nia, Arizona and Nevada.
On reaching the island the entire
party were served with dinner at the
Hotel Metropole, after which they es
tablished themselves at the island villa,
which had been specially reserved for
Tonight they enjoyed a grand ball at
the pavilion, which was attended by
the entire party, and to which a large
number .of visitors on the island- were
The. South Coast Yacht club, now
cruising along this coast, la at Avalon
and members of it were special guests
of honor, 'having accepted an invitation
from the club's entertainment com
mittee to attend In a body.
The party will remain until Monday
afternoon, devoting the interim to the
many diversities that make the. island
a Mecca for nature lovers and rest
Among those Included in the party
of campers were:
Mr. find Mrs, G. Alfred Mayland, Mr.
ami Mrs. Sidney Norman, Master Win
ston Norman, Miss Virginia Norman,
Mrs. P. H. Winston, Mr. and Mrs. Ir
ving Slater and son, Mr. and Mrs. H.
I!. Guthrey and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Krepp"s, J. ('. Thompson, E. K.
Hum, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dunn, child
and maid, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Bots
ford, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Carrlgan, Mr.
and Mrs. A. R. Hueth, Mr. and Mrs.
Matt Hoveck, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Willard, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brill, Mr.
nml Mrs. A. B. Hodgklnson, Mr. and
Mrs. Double and friend, A. D. Myers,
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Guerstler, Frank
Monaghon nnd two, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.
Carrigan, W. L. Twining, Mr. and Mrs.
Rol King, G. G. Gillette and three, E.
A. (Bob) Montgomery, Mrs. Carl Hand,
son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ken
neth K. Ash, Fred Barman, C. F.
Mickley, Mrs. R. H. Wilson, E. I*
Sheets and son, Mrs. H. L,. Percy, Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Wheat, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles 8 S. Forney, Miss Carrie
Wheat, ■ Mi-, and Mr?. F. M. Jenifer,
•11, c. Freeman, Charles Guerstler, J.
TC. I.ueey, W. S. Evans, Miss Ruth
Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Clark,
Jr., F. R. Raymond, Miss Mary Rob
erta, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everett, Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Osborne, S. W.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Spellacy, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed E. Bush, Frank Shannon,
B. I'hplps, R. M. Teague, M. M. Clark
ami baby, Miss Mabel Clark, W. J.
Clark, L. V. Darrow, Mr. and Mrs. E.
W. Pritehard, Mr. and Mrs. George
Mack, Captain W. R. Wharton and
wife, Mr. Longega and two.
Club News
New directors were elected by the
members of the Audubon society yes
terday at the meeting at the chamber
hi commerce to fill the vacancies ere-
at<<l by the retirement of Dr. B. L.
Confer, Mrs. Elizabeth Grlnnell, Mrs.
Minna P. Sherman and George D. Mar-
Hton. The new directors are Wilfred
Smith, Banta Monica; Nathan Smith,
Alharnbra; Mrs. Sarah Pussell, Pasa
dena, and Miss Alice I^ockwood, Sierra
Other ehanßi'a in the official roster
are the election of Dr. B. L. Conger and
Mrs. Elizabeth Qrinnell as honorary
vice presidents and the election of Dr.
Qarrett Newklrk chairman of the ex
ecutive committee, vice Prof. Charles
F. Holder, resigned.
Wilfred Smith, one of the new di
rectors, is also gtv^n a place on the
executive committee. The club will
make a serious effort next year to se
cure a presentation in the schools of
the city ordinanco relating to sling
shots and alrguns, bo that the school
children will understand it.
Reports of the secretary and treas
urer show a gain in membership and
funds, which speaks well for the in
terest the subject and the club have
aroused in the state, and many laws
and ordinances have been enacted fur
thering the objects for which this club
Los Angrles branch -will give a benefit
for tlio State Audubon society Friday
afternoon, June 10, at the Qoldberg-
Bosley assembly rooms. Mrs. Willis M.
IMrkson, president of the local. branch,
is making the arrangements for this
Mrs. J. G. Hanst entertained the art
and travel section of the Ebell club at
her home in West Twenty-eighth street
yesterday afternoon with a vaudeville
entertainment. The program Included
serious and humorous readings, songs
anrl dances by Miss Dixie Hanst.
The Los Angela* Travel club met at
the homo of Mrs. K. Speicher, 1005
South Vermont avenue, Friday nfter
noon. The roll call was answered by
(imitations from Emerson, whose works
were the theme for the afternoon. Mrs.
Lawyer, Mrs. Calkins and Mrs. Heck
man furnished the program. The next
meeting will take place Friday at the
residence of Mrs. Kuck, 2662 South Ver
mont avenue.
The June program for the Friday
Morning club announces these events:
June a, election of officers; address,
'•Public Schools of Los Angeles," by
Dr. K. C. Moore, superintendent of
public instruction; June 30, "My Life
i :iu Indian," by James Willard
Bchultse, author of tho book hy the
game title; June 17, business meeting,
reports of .secretary and treasurer;
"What Our Committees Are Doing,"
Mr*. Charles Farwoll Edson, Miss
Abble "Morgan and Dr. Dorothea
Moore; June 24, installation of officers
Sierra Madre Club Members En Route
to Catalina for Three Days' Outing
■ i
and directors, program In charge of
Mrs. Lillian Burkhart Goldsmith; play,
"What Every Woman Wants," writ
ten by Mrs. Samuel Travers Clover
and Miss Luella Conley and interpret
ed by Mrs. Goldsmith, Miss Evelyn
WeHdlng and Richard , Bennett, the
latter appearing: by special courtesy
of Oliver Morosco.
Tuesday, June 21, dramatic com
mittee; "Justice," by John Gals
worthy, read by Mrs. Richard Hovey.
Mrs. Rebecca Spring will celebrate
her 99th birthday anniversary June 8,
and will be the guest of honor of the
club at the luncheon June 10.
—♦— .
Miss Emily Morgan delivered a
touching and patriotic Memorial ad
dress Friday evening before the mem
bers of Btanton post, G. A. R., and W.
U. C, at the meeting In Mammoth ball.
The members of the Protected Home
circle and their friends resident In Los
Angeles and vicinity will hold their
semi-annual picnic in Kastlake park
on Monday, Decoration day. They will
take their luncheons and spend the day
in the park, and expect to have a very
S;e their luncheons and spend the day
the park, and expect to have a very
oyable time,
The Averill Study club closed Its
work for the year last Tuesday with
a luncheon and musicale at the home
of President Mrs. J. A. Smith, 2109
East Second street. The guest of
honor was Mrs. Anna S. Averill, pres
ident emeritus of the club, and Mrs.
J. A. Smith was the, toastmtstress.
The list of toasts, the speakers and
their subjects were as follows: "Our
President Emeritus," Mrs. Charles E.
Bacon; "Our New President," Mrs. L.
H. Adams; "Our Club," Mrs. E. P.
Perry; "Our Retiring President," Mrs.
B. F. Vance; "Happy Thoughts," Mrs.
E. H. Adams. Musical numbers were
given by Mesdames E. H. Barton, L.
H. Carpenter and B. G. Averill at the
piano; Mrs. I* H. Adams, contralto,
and Mrs. George O. Brewer, accom
panist. Mrs. Averill was given a
handsome bouquet of carnations, the
club flower. Officers who will preside
over the club destinies for next year
are: President, Mrs. B. F. Nance; vice
president,. Mrs. E. H. Adams; second
vice president, Mrs. L,. V. Glascock;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. G. O.
Brewer; treasurer, Mrs. E. H. Barton.
* The club has adjourned for the sum
mer and the next meeting will be held
the first Tuesday in October.
— •s•—
A public club house opening will
mark tile beginning of the summer
athletic work of the Young Women's
Christian association.
Tennis, basketball, volleyball and
baseball will make an exciting after
noon program. A hot supper will be
served and festivities continued through
the evening. Abundant light and music
will make the affair extremely attrac
The regular out-of-door athletic work
will begin June 1 and continue until
October 1. The extension of the car
line down Pacific boulevard to within
one block of the club house grounds
will induce large nubmers to register
for club house privileges. Swimming
will also be taught this summer at the
Bimini baths in classes for women and
children. The work will begin June 1.
Ebell club—Musicale, in charge of
Mrs. Martindale and Mrs. Webb.
Highland Park Ebell—lnstallation of
officers. • .
Teachers' —Executive board, T.
W. C. A., 4 o'clock.
Kbell —Dramatic and Shakes
peare sections luncheon.
Glendora Woman's club—Reciprocity
California Congress of Mothers—
ecutive board,. chamber of commerce,
Hollywood Woman's club—Election
of officers.
California Badger club—Luncheon at
Mt. Washington.
Ebell clvb —Music section, lecture by
Dr. Bruce Gordon Klngsley on "The
Valkyrie" (Wagner).
Wednesday Morning club—At Mrs.
W. C. Mushet's home.
Kuskin Art club—Luncheon, Mount
Washington hotel
! Ebell club—French section, luncheon
at club house. ' . .
Matinee Musicale— . Mrs. J. G.
Nealand, Washington street and Fifth
Robert E. Lee chapter U. D. C. —
South Methodist church, afternoon. •
Friday Morning club — "Public
Schools of Los 'Angeles," Dr. E. C.
Marathon Heights club—Picnic, Mrs.
C. H. Heard, 630 Sonoma street.
Over a hundred invitations have been
Issued for the wedding of Miss Nell
Henry to Clifford Lowell of Berkeley,
which is to take place at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon of June 8, at the home of
her parents on Fourth street, Santa
Miss Henry will be attended by her
sister, Miss Shirley Henry, as maid of
honor, while her brother, Jack Henry,
will serve as best man. The decora
tions and wedding supper will be elab
orate, and after a short wedding trip
Mr. and Mrs. Lowall will make their
home In Berkeley, where Mr. Lo\vell,
who formerly taught In the California
Military academy, is«iow a teacher in
the Berkeley high school. Miss Henry,
a girl of great charm of manner and
appearance, is one' of the most popular
young women in the beach town, and
has been largely entertained.
The Venice Reading club met Friday
at the home of Mrs. Abbot Klnney in
Park avenue.
Arrangements are being made for the
largest bridge tournament ever held In
— r // / .
the bay district. Invitations are ex
tended to all the players of Santa Mon
ica, Ocean Park and Venice, and the
management advises the early selec
tion of partners and much practice, as
the handsome prizes donated by Ham
burger's store, to say nothing of the
honors attendant upon a winner, are
worthy of much work.
The games will begin promptly at 10
o'clock on the morning of June 10 in
the Venice auditorium, and will con
tinue throughout the day until 5 o'clock
in the afternoon. A cafeteria luncheon
will be served from 12:30 to 2 o'clock.
Admission will be BO cents, including
the luncheon. The proceeds of the affair
will go to the Venice life-saving crew.
The wedding of Ctiy Attorney Harris
U. Taft of Santa Monica to Miss Lu
cile Sharp of Tustin, Cal., will take
place in the beautiful garden surround
ing the bride's home in that city. The
wedding will be very simple, with only
close friends and relatives attending.
After a short wedding trip, the des
tination of which the young people are
Jealously guarding, they will settle in
an artistic little bungalow on Four
teenth street, Santa Monica.
Miss Sharp, a charming girl of de
cided brunette beauty, has a host of
friends both In Tustin and Santa Mon
Mr Taft, a. graduate of the local high
school and later of Stanford, is a prom
ising young attorney here.
Hugli Berkeley, who has been attend
ing the state university, has returned
to his home in Santa Monica for his
summer vacation.
Mrs. E. L. Doheny of Chester place,
Los Angeles, has taken a cottage on
the corner of Sunset and Ocean front
for the summer.
Last Thursday evening a party fo
Santa Monica young people enjoyed a
delightful walk up to Topango canyon.
A regular picnic supper was served,
after which basketball and other games
were played in the moonlight. Mrs.
Percy Dudley acted as chaperone, the
others of the party being Miss Gladys
Moser, Miss Elizabeth Marshall, Miss
Dorothy Hutton and Oscar Marshall,
Meredith Thurston and Neil Nettleshlp.
Mrs. Bert Orlando Bruce of Santa
Monica and the Misses Florence and
May Sutton of Pasadena will be among
the participants of the tennic tourna
ment at Los Angeles Saturday, May
28, and Monday, May 30.
Miss Jennie Morse and Miss Emma
.Hollenbeck of New York were guests
last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Towner of Fourteenth street, Santa
Monica. X
Mrs. Bert Orlando Bruce of 1028 Third
street entertained Monday afternoon
with an informal bridge party. Among
the Kuests were Mrs. MoConnochie,
Mrs. George Waring, Mrs. Charles Sut
ton Mrs. Widdowson, Mrs. Wilkinson
of Santa Monica and the Misses Flor
ence Sutton of Pasadena and Margery
La Orescenta del Mar, the Ocean
Park chapter of the Native Daughters,
entertained with a penny social at their
hall in Santa Monica last Monday
night. The rooms were beautifully dec
orated in gold and white, the colors of
the organization, and the booths were
draped with flags and ferns. The moßt
popular booths of the evening were the
gypsy booth, where Miss Millar amused
the guests by telling fortunes; the re
freshment booth, presided over by
Umes. Dunn, Blackburn and Connelly,
and the carnation booth, where Mrs. J.
A. Cole, Jr., and Miss Dma Hatton
realized good profits on their flowers,
although the selling price was 1 cent
each Some of the generous hearted
gentlemen, with true California spirit,
paid as high as 25 cents a piece, taking
several. Tables were provided for those
caring to play whist, and a pleasant
evening was enjoyed by all who at
A deltghtful and unique program was
given last Monday night at tho Ocean
Park band benefit concert. Ono of the
most highly appreciated features of the
evening was the reading of selections
from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
to music by Mrs. W. H. Anderson. Mr.
Gregory, leader of the band, displayed
remarkable ability in the blending of
the national hymns of Italy and
America Into a piece which he has
named "Reminiscences of tho Nations."
During the playing of this selection two
beautiful girls, one representing Italy,
tho other America, stood at opposite
ends of the stage, each holding the
banner of the nation which they por
trayed. The entire program was well
selected and unusually well executed.
The proceeds, which were large, will
be used to purchase new uniforms for
the band.
Los Angeles arrivals at the Hotel
Virginia: Mrs. L, Meyer and party,
Harry Jackson, Miss Anderson, Mrs.
W. E. Richardson, Miss Ramsburgh,
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsburgh, H. C. Fry
man, John S. Mitchell, W. C. Erode,
W. B. Corwin, A, E. Bengel, C. J. Cor
win, Lee Holladay, E. W. Cason, A. D.
Wright, O. S. Watts, S. J. Whltmore,
Oliver Johnson, Edward Davis, G. W.
Tape, C. G. Loomis, T. Pascoe, H.
Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ben
nett, G. W. Hart and G. Sounonache.
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