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Baseball, Racing, Boxing
McCarey Induces Featherweight
Champion to Take on
Moran Once More
.Hebrew Scrapper Arrives Tomor
row, When All the Details
Will Be Arranged
Manager McCarey practically haa
closed negotiations for another cham
lirionshlp snap here that will be of
Imueh Interest to the fans. Abe Attell
jyesterday telegraphed his acce]
n f y\ offer tor c twenty-flve
round scrap between the champion and
Owen Moran, while Manager Charlie
HRrvey, acting for Moran, haa done
'likewise, The only disquieting or un
certain feature of the negotiations Is
that Hi" dlstam c and w< Ight have not
b( i act i " i '■ upon by the fight
ers, and these two very essential
points have kept them apart for sev
eral months.
Attell telegraphed McCarey that he
■would leave Ban Francisco tonight for
!Los Ang< li - to discuss the weight
Question and arrange the other d< tails
of the match. As Abe has not been
keeping very busy of late and is no)
finding the big purses he once was
drawing down, he probably will not
be ns hard to convince that reasonable
must be made even by a cham
poin m order to Insure him a steady
■job. Attell la quite an artist when II
comes to matchmaking, and Bel n
overmatches himself. But it Is con
sidered probable that both boye i wllj
br O |- „ cohdescejkding disposition
when they ra«et andfKat it will not be
difficult for them to argue themselves
into an agreement.
In th- event that they can agree
U pon tli" conditions ami terms ot the
match McCarey will put it on at \ er
it over the long route, about
June 24. If they agree to travel the
ton-round route, it will be staged that
niKht at Naud Junction. This WOUld
be the third time they have tried to
litrht it "lit, both other Bcraps resuit-
Jn- in draws, and since Moran'i
ceflent and classj showing Tuesday
night with Frankle Conley, the Brit
isher lias become Quite a drawing
card lure.
Another match that Is brewing and
urobablv will be closed within the next
Era or three .lays la that between
Frankie Conley, bantam champion oi
the world and Sara Keller, who was
introduced Tuesday night as the ban
tam champion of England Keller
lacks a heap of being the English
champion, but his excellent ring rec
ord there, with his equally great show
ing In this country, gives him about as
much right to claim the title as foi
Coulon to claim the American title.
Kill, r is under the management or
Harve.y and was brought from New
York to fight Conley. The bantam chump
is anxious to tackle the Britisher and
Inasmuch as both seem willing to talk
business along business lines, Mc< arey
probably will close negotiations with
in a few hour,-. The scrap would be
at 26 or l . rounds, In all probability the
forme,-. Conley is a great drawing
card here now and the line record
made by Keller In the English ring
ehould guarantee the class ol the bout
•and its drawing qualities.
Charlie Harvey last night announced
that Owen Moran intends to try his
luck in the lightweight division In
future, regardless of i mtsome of
the scrap with Abe Attell, ami thai
he wants a whack al the champlon
-phip right off the reel. A formal i hal
lenge accompanied the statement
ing directed at Adolphus Wolgaßt, pos
, r of tli- liui.t\>' Lght crown. Har
vey says that \\hile Moran will not
■weigh more than 126 pounds when at
Ins best lighting weight, he feels con
fldent oi his ability to whlj> the Jlil
v,,inker- Demon and taki thi cham
ipionshlp back to England with him.
When thi i hampion arrive? here, this
month, there will be an opportunity
i,, r i -i tall; bti 'I In
asmuch aa Moran ha? v hii P' d n lot of
I lightweights pinci I p c ame to
America, I taken
seriously. Wolgasi h ■ I to
fight any good drawing card Moi
might select for him and tin
better than Moran when thi
proposition is under consl Ii
Mm to hay ink' ring
after i han ■ I ' ' ' the
im and fi
of the world ai
vi lght champion, althot
Whlpp 'or :l titular
ptake. At thi no cham
pion ' pped him, sn the honors
must be even at least, and those who
v. iii 1,, i di nj him a chance with any
of thi m within elgl n i ounds of
his v. eight.
CHICAGO, Jun« 8.- Entries for the annual
Gliil'lun ..utotiioWlo i.llirrimugu closed la?t
nlßht when Chairman S. M. Butler nf the
contest board of tin. A. A. A., report.'.l a
field of eighteen contestants for the filidijrn
trophy, twelve for the Chicago trophy and
three non-oontestants.
The national tour, wiil.h runs from Oiix-in
natl to Chicago, by way of Dallas, Texas,
also will Includa three official cai-a mid two
press machines.
PavM Boicroft, president of the Chlcoffo
Motor club and active partlcipar.t annually
in th* 1 GlMden, received the report ol Chair
jmin Butler last ni^lit and already locfil mo
torists arfi preparing to embark for Cincin
nati to start on the long drlvn. •
At r^ouisvlllc— Koniaa Clly s. Iyatilavllla 0.
At Colunibui—Milwaukee :t. t'oiumbus 2.
At lii'hdnnpriiH—st. Paul L\ Indianapolis 0.
At Toluil-j—MiJineajiolU 1, Toledo c.
Two Utility Players Pull Game Out of Fire for Vernon in Hot Finish
i(\\ '* "ill//
\v\\ / %k
AW / rS
South Coast Yacht Club Members
to Sail Around Catalina
for the Trophy
With eleven entries, composing the
finest fleet of yachts on the Pacific
. the second annual nice for the
Whitley cup. from Los Angeles harbor
around Catalina island and back, will
liled next Saturday commencing
at 12 o'clodi k, noon, by the sjnuth Coast
Yacht dub, from the end of the btS
breakwater enclosing the outer harbor.
By measurement on the government
charts, the course, which formerly was
considered eighty nautical miles. Is ex
actly sixty-eight nautical miles, ac
cording to local yachtsmen who have
taken the: trouble to flgun i the ex
act distance. The distance to be sailed
by the n-aft, however, is considerably
further, considering the beat against
the western trad, s to a point where the
west end Of the island can safely be
rounded, in view of the number of
tacks to be taken m beating to wind
ward, and the different courses in
search of the heavier winds, the dis
tani c sailed la claimed to be easily 100
miles under ordinary conditions.
The cup was won ny the Mah-pe,
Morgan Edwards' big sloop, last year,
when .she was sailed by Joe Push, who
will sail this year in the little sloop
Seabird. If the Mah-pe wins the cup
this year it will be the permanent
property, as the yacht winning it twice
becomes the owner, if the big sloop
does not win ii a second time, it will
be raced for once each year until one
yacht has won it tv, Ice.
Of the yachts entered the Mah-pe,
Mischief I, Winsome, Sweetheart,
Wave and Nixie are conceded to have
the best chance against the fleet in
view of their time allowance and speed
qualifications. So far as the sweet
heart, Commodore Smith's schooner, is
concerned, it is mostly conjecture, be
cause she has been rebuilt and re
rigged and never tried out as yet.
As a racing factor she never figured
with the rest of the boats prior to this
season. She is carrying twice her for
mer sail area this year, and has been
given a draft of ten feet, and the
race will be ala i a sail-stretching for
her, as she went Into commission this
week. Commodore smith, however, be
lieves she will show a fair turn of
speed, and Fritz Whitney will be at the
helm most of the time, Fritz is con
ceded by the lest of the yachtsmen to
be the best man at the stick in south
ern waters. I: there is any speed in
the old Sweetheart—which is really a
new boat at present— ll will be drawn
out of her on the trip around Catalina
if. there Is a good breeze.
Morgan Adams will skipper the Mah
pe, nd with an excellent i re« aboard
he will win the race, it is claimed, if
there is a stiff breeze. The Mah-pe was
built for Just such a race, and every
effort will be made by her "handsome"
crew to lift the i up permanently.
Frank Garbutt's big schooner, Skid
bladntr, is entered, but it is uncertain
whether Bhe will be ready. She has
been entirely re-rieged this season and
has l.ad about 800 feet added to her
sail area. Her light sails have not
arrived as yet from the east, where
they were made, and or this reason
she may not be ready to line up with
the others at the sound of the prepar
atory gun.
"Warren Wood'? Mischief I will also
be an Important factor thla year, and
if there is a light wind he may lift
the cup with the time allowance given
him over the Mfth-po, a matter of SS.SB
seconds a mile. The Mischief I has
been thorough! overhauled, but Skip
per Wood has the me old trouble
with his canvas. Wood has ways
been a strong i■■, tor In the mccs and
never misses an occasion to show
Walter will not race this
year on account Of his health. His
sloop, the Mischief li. has had her
cabin rearranged with a view to com
fort instead of speed. When ho won
the cup put up lor the dory races lnst
winter he decided to "quit" racing for
all time, and so far it appears that
he means it.
The handsome yawl, Winsome, Fran
cis Hay'B new craft, will be pivoti a
chancfi to show what she can (in in
tho men iiroiiiid tho and There is
IJUltl a keen competition between tills
boat and ili" Mali but neither nt
tin m have raced together so far. The
Winsome has been triven but little
Club— Won. Lout. Pet.
Minneapolis VI Hi .(Hi.)
M. I'uiil ■-'!• 18 i>i ;
Toledo 28 21 .ill
Indianapolis , -1 -M ..>O-J
Krumi* City l!t 34 U:
Columbus -1 28 .4-J
Milwaukee 18 "8 .BUI
l.iuii-.\ille 18' 32 .3liJ
dob — Won. tost, Pet.
Wichita 23 II) ..Mi
Denver 24 20 ! .54*
>ioux City -' 10 .831
St. Joseph SO 111 .513
Lincoln 10 21 ■*'•»
lli« M.lines 20 23 .4tj.">
Omaha 20 '.'.! .403
Toueka 18 21 ,43i
Clvb — Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 2! 11 <ll
Philadelphia -1 13 .«■!.•>
Detroit 20 Hi .614
Boston Si \0 381
Cleveland 18 20 .414
Washington " »8 ■«»">
Chlca« II -'3 .BJH
St. Louis 8 32 .JIM
Clvb — Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago •-'« 13 .Ml
New York 28 10 .618
Cincinnati -I 10 -v:''
I'ilt^burß 20 I" .61:11
St. l.oull 21 »» 4JY
Itrooklyn lil '-'I ■«*»
Philadelphia 18 SI -421
Boston 1« '-'' ••'•
Club Won. Lost. Pet.
San Francisco 3D '-•' .574
Portland SO »7 .571 ;
Oakland 88 31 .337
ernon ■""' 3- ■"'-'•
Log Angles S3 40 .it*
Sacramento 21 *•' .JIX
time allowance ovef-the big sloop, be
cause she is the biggest yawl In the
harbor fleet. Both the Winsome and
the Sweetheart are entries In the Hon
olulu race, and some idea of their rel
ative merits may be arrived at in the
race next Saturday.
The Columbine has also been rushed
Into commission for the race by for
mer Commodore Mitchell. She la a
big sloop of the "skimdish" type with
a deep fin keel, and provided there Is
a light wind she will show up well.
The yawl Wave, sailed by Skipper
.1 Gibson will make a good showing
in a stiff breeze. So far this season
she has been holding her own In the
cruises with the bigger yachts and is
being well sailed. Other entries in
the island race are the yawl Royal.
called by Dan Lauberaheimer: the
sloop Seahird, sailed by Joe Pugh. and
the sloop Shadow, operated by Skip
per Boßbyshell.
The members of the regatta co?i
mittoe who will have charge of the
race are Walter C. Fnlsom and M. G.
Willard, who also will act as Judges.
The arrangements of the handicaps
in Saturday's race, given out by the
committee yesterday, are as follows:
Entry. *atl ? . Serial No
Bkldbladnlr » $»
Maii-po " „.!t
"Winsome Jj> »*'™
Sweetheart *2 --.°
Columbine 35 '"■"
Columbine f. -mi <i>
Mischief I >• :,'.!::
S' a y? "■";;;;!"! Jo m.n
Nlxle „, „T 1 , l 7
l ha"°w :::;::::: - ,-,
Royal ", 25 , - 4
Seabird ° "*•"
Both the start and finish will be
from the end of the government Jetty
In the outer harbor, and the prepara
tory Run will be fired at 11:66 o'clock,
the starting gun being fired at 12
o'clock The race has been made in
seventeen hours In ■■< good breeze, and
on some occasions the trip has taken
over thirty hours. With a fair breeze,
however, it Is expected that the race
will be finished before noon Sunday
One of the entries, by Captain Ed
wards Is the Nixie, a ntuunch sloop
which has a great name In San Fran-
V,,, water*. Her heavy rig for the
severe winds off Golden Gate has not
been changed for the lighter winds of
Southern California water*, where she
could carry a much larger amount r,i
canvas She is expected to make a
good showing In the Inland race in
spite of this handicap.
HARTFORD. Conn., June «.-Th» »Otl for
,herh7e£ event of th. «r«n<! circuit »««t to
be haldher* Labor .lay week wer« n.ade puhl o
today There are MVMitMn fnlrl^ for thf IM»
trot. 11000 pur»a. In the f.U trot for anmtours
"«.«? eighteen *ntrl*». Th« followli.K well
known horses are listed "> the C™" ir"l:
Sonoma Girl, 1:06(4; Baron May, -':'/»/,. Allen
Winter, 2:06%; The Harvester, P»der»wwil und
Rtarllns McKinie.v
Make Sensational Rally in Ninth,
Tie the Score, and Win
Out in Tenth
Nourse Weakens at Finish and Is
Replaced Too Late by
Vernon has foun I its horseshoe. Hoo
ray: After eight Innings of the sad
iseball yesterday, when
the twin candidates for the cellar
i hamplonship met in the opening game
of then- series at the Chutes. Vernon
came from behind with a Jack Atkin
finish and defeated Sacramento 5 to 4
when they seemed hopelessl) beaten.
It was the greatest Lame of the season,
barring none, and more enthusiasm
was urn orked In the last two Inn
of the same than has been on tap lure
In many months.
Carson, for whom Happy Hogan has
had sui h a tough and unequal fight,
made his initial appearance on thu
home grounds as a Vernon twirler. He
had tmt pitched in a lons time, bu;
i i lassy hall f< r eight Innings,
despite that Sacramento had scored
three runs to our none. Although h(
bad allowed only four hits, the Sena
tors !uekily bunched theirs and were
:s to n in front when the ninth Inning
started. Hoping to do something in
their last time at hat. Hogan sent
Kitty Brashear in to bat for Carson,
which put Carson out of the same.
The rally that followed Kit's single to
center snvod and wen the fjiimo. Hltt
i Carson, after s brief warm-
Ing up. and although Sacramento scored
once in the tenth and most of the fan^
left the grounds in the belief that it
was all over for Vernon, we won th*
game and (•arsons debut was a most
auspicious one.
Carson had one bad Inning, the see
oncl, when 1 three hits, two of them of
the scratch order, netted one run. Two
free passes and an error in the fifth
save Sacramento another, while anoth
er error and a single ::i the eighth
mnrle the si of- ;; to 0 in favor of tlv
champs. Tt looked all over to:
Vernon, as Jimmy Nourse was pitch
lit i i, all foi Sacramento, but
he weakened in tlv i Inth and was re
moved. Fitzgerald taking hia place af
t. r Jimmy had been touched for a hit,
n walk and a sacrifice and had given
three straight balks to MartiSke. Fltz
i finished the Martlnke job by
giving him a base on wide ones. With
the i hange in pitchers the Senatorial
aggregation went nil to pieces and
Vernon scored three runs on errors,
after two Villagers were down. It wa«
then that the noise started and it nev< r
stopped until the game was finished In
favor of Vernon.
When the game started there was
tie fan in a hundred who pxpei ted
Sacramento to qiv ihe Villagers a de- (
rgument. When the visitors kept !
; j up runs one bj oni and Nourse
held tlie Vernon i Iduti is thoroughly at
bay until the game seemingly was tin -
Inhed, the fans acquired sour last's in
their mouths and a groui h for each
individual that was rather 'dangerous,
II was a dead day, a dead .row I. a
dead home team ai t a dead
elncll that we would lose. This com
bination was had enough to Rive John
Brink the measles, a) st, and it had
about the same effect upon all the oth
er home fans.
iii the second Inning the Senator*
scored their first, run. Brisrgs smashed
b hoi bounder t<> t'nrson, who could
urn quite pull it down !n time and
-• was saff. Boardman doubled
:! tor tlv first i :f ('arson.
Raytner bunted down to Burrell, who
in ;.i mitn the ball until the bases were
crowded, when he decided to throw to
first. Brlggs scoring. Splesman bunted
to Fisher, who i aught Boardraan at
third. Nourse fanned and Darrlnger
Mew to Carlisle, ending a more than
dangerous appearing rally. The
ond run for the S< natora was scored
in the fifth, after two were oift. Van
Ruren walked, stole second, when Ho
gan threw too low to Brashear, ami
went to third when the ball rolled to
center. He scored a moment later,
when Roy iirashear muffed Danzig's
liner. The third run tor Sacramento
was registered in the eighth inning on
fin error, two outs and a sintrie. Perry
smashed one to (arson, who juggled
and then throw low to Fisher, who
dropped the ball. Danzig and Brlggs
were easy marks, but Boardman sin
gled to left and Perry pot homo.
With the score standing '.I to 0
against them, the Villagers did not look
very hopefully on the prospect tor
t ne s.nsatioi.al finish that they put
up, but Hogan took the hull by the
horns and set the rallying machinery
in motion and it worked beautifully.
Kitty Brashear was sent in to hat for
Carson and he peeled off a dandy sin-
K \<- over the pitcher's, head. Willett
was put t«, running for him, just to
give everybody a chance to be in or,
the big doings. Carlisle waited pa
tiently and was i : '• Ith tree
transportation. Burrell sacrificed and
Martinke had been credited with three
h'Uis without a strike, when Charlie
Graham decided that Nourse had out
lived his usefulness for the day and
chased him to the bench, substituting
Fltagerald. Fits, old hoy, tossed :i
strike and stopped the enthusiastic
noise in the grand stand and hleach
or.s but the next 1 all was a sure
eno'llKh free transportation for Marty,
inline- the bases. Then tin' rackei be
came pandemonium. Roy Brashear,
who was expected to win the gama
with another homo run from his reper
toire flew to e,.tiler, a quick retura
holding Willett at third. Coy popped
an easy one to Darrlnger at short and
Willett taking ;i chance that lie might
,„„„• it. dashed for home with Car
lßle right <>n his heels, both roKister
n« when Darrlnger tickled the fans
by muffin* the popper. Lindsay pop
,,,d another easy one in front et the
„h,te and Spiesman muffed It Stovall.
„„, was running for Martinke, jcor
ln - the tying run. Coy was on third
»nd p-tsher had a chance to distinguish
himself by driving In the winning run,
but he failed, being an easy nfleld out
1 1itt succeeded <'arson m the box in
t ha tenth with only » momentary
warmtaß ui>. and BMHUnentO acum
\\ VH W^ S -:i m '■ v^ Br/ //
sent the cold chills chrflilng up and
down ho fans' spines by starting 0
rally. Perry singled intieid, wont to
second on Danzig's sacrifice and scored
on Brlggß' double to right, the ball
striking- almost on the foul line, Board
man was thrown out at first by Roy
Brashear and Raymer lined to Roy,
. ending a most ticklish situation. ,
In their "half the Villagers did the
real business again. Brown, batting
for Hogan, singled to center. Hltt
hunted to Fitzgerald, who threw wild
to second and both runners were safe.
Carlisle sacrificed and Burrell hit down
to Danzig, who nailed Brown at the
plate. Spleaman threw to center in
his effort at catching Burrell and Hit*
tied the score. Stovall, batting for
Martlnke, singled over short and Bur
rell registered with the winning run.
Folowing is the tabulated score:
All R H H I'd A V.
Carlisle, If I 1 1 0 1 o—• 8
Burrell, Sh 5 l 1 n 3 « i
Martinke, if 3 10 " 10 0
It. Brash' ar, 2b 4 o 0 fl 4 4 1
Coy, of 3 0 0 18 0 0
Lindsay. ■■ 4 0 112 2 0
Fisher, Hi 3 0 0 0 11 1 1
Ilogan, c 3 0 o—o 5 I 1
Carson, p 2 0 0 0 0 4 0
llitt p ;. l l 0 0 0 0 0
N. Hrasheßr* 1 1 1 0 0 0 0
Brown*' 1 0 1 0- 0 0 0
Btoral!, r , 10 10 0 0 0
Total* 34 6 6 2 30 17 3
AH R H sn ro A B
Darrlngrr, en 10 0 13 2 1
Van Burcn, cf 4 0 0 0 3 0 0
Prrry. if a 3 1110 0
DanzlE. lb 3 0 1 8 » 0 0
KlipßH, rf 3 12 0 2 0 0
Boardman, Ib 5 0 2 0 0 I 0
Raymer, ji 5 0 1 0 I I 0
SnresmHn. c i 0 i 0 10 3 i
Fitzgerald, p 0 0 8 0 0 11
Kourse, p 3 o*oolo
.tale 38 4 « 9 x'JS 13 4
•N. Bra»hear batted for Carson In ninth.
••Brown hatted for Hogan In tenth.
iTwo out when winning run was scored.
V*rnon 0 00000003 8-6
Hase hits 1 110000012—8
f.aerar.iento 0 10 0 10 0 10 1-4
Base hits 0 3 I 0 0 0 0 l l 2-S
■".-■' SUMMARY
huh Off Nourae I, Fitzgerald 2, Carmn 6,
lilt: 2. Two-base hits—Boardman. Lindsay,
Spiesman, BrIRES. Sacrifice hits— Danzig 2,
Nourse, Carlisle. Bases on balls—Off Carton
5 Nourse 3, Fitzgerald 1. Struck out— By
Carson 3, Noune S. Time of game—
Umpire— McGreevy. ■
Moser Leaves His Stock in Trade
at Home and Allows
Eleven Hits
Francisco gave Oakland a trouncing
this afternoon by winning the second
game of the aeries, 6 to 2. The locals
had the game practically won in the
third inning, when three runs were 1
■cored from four lucky infield hits-. Mo
ser who has been playing exceptional
ball for the past few weeks, was out
of form today and nervous. Henley
played a steady game, although he al
lowed ten scattered hits. The score:
Cut«h«w, 2b 5 0 0 0 5 10
War?.. V » 12 0 12 0
He-san, 3b 5 13 0 2 4 0
"Sin. lb 5 0 2 0 10 0 1
Carroll, cl ■••• 4010101
Bwander, rf 3000100
MaKKert. It 3 0 10 10 0
3f," 0 4 0 0 0 3 3 0
So»er, 0 3 0 0 0 ft 8 0
•Wolverton 10 0 0 0 0 0
Christian, If 0000000
xThoma 9 1 2 12 2 2 2
Totals 39 2 10 0 24 16 2
Vtt 3b 5 2 3 12 0 0
Mohier, II 5 12 0 12 1
Mcl, I ', rf 3 110 3 0 0
Tennant, lb 6 l l 0 10 0 0
B.rry, c 10 0 0 6 3 0
"owls', „( 2 110 0 0 0
BodU,' M « » ; 0 2 0 0
McArdle, M 4 0 10 4 11
Henley, P _8 111111
Total- 33 « 11 1 27 si
•Batted tot Ma^gcrt In leventh Inning.
xl(alt«"l for Moior In ninth Innlnfr.
„.k i ,n , l 0 0 0 0 0 10 1 o—2
lia"" hltV i 1 0 0 1 1 I • S 2-10
Ban Pranslioe o l 3 0 o l o l •- 6
hltl 0 2 4 0 0 2 2 1 «-H
Two-base hit- Ho*an, Vltt, Mnhler, Henley,
Sacrifice lilts Berry, Lewis, Vltt. First base
on called balls-Oft Moser. 6. Struck out-By
Moser 1 by Henley, 6. Hit by pitcher—
Swander. Wild pitch-Henley. Time—
Umpircs-HUdebrand and Finney,
Amateur Sports, Athletics
With Score Tied, Land on Port
land Twirlers in the
[AiiaeltUd rri-nM
PORTLAND, June B.—Portland and
Los Angles both played snappy bail
through eight Innings today, but In the
ninth. Los Angelei batted Gregg out
of the box. (Jarre ti whs little, if any
better and before the visitors were re
tired, they had gathered In four runs.
Portland tried hard to even things up
In their half, but one run was their
sum total. Score:
• ah it H sb ro a H
Daley, cf 4 n 0 0 0 0 »
Bernard, rf 5 14 0 7 0 0
Howard, Sb 5 0 2 0 8 0 0
Dillon, In 4 1 1 0, 6 1-0
Murphy, If 3 0 (i 0 4 0 0
Roth. 3b 3 3 10 110
HelinnH, si 3 110 0 12
H. Smith, c 3 12 0 4 0 0
Toier, i> 2 0 10 2 3 0
Totals »l 8 12 0 27 6 2
.1. Smith, rf 6 0 10 0 0 0
nisen. ss 4 110 2 3 1
netting. Sb 8 0 0 0 8 10
Flatter, a 3 I 10 9 3 0
Rappa, lh 2 0 10 6 2 0
Casey, !b 3 0 10 6 11
SpoHS. of 4 0 0 1110
Ryan, If 4 10 0 10 0
Gregg, p 3 0 0 .0 2 4 0
Uarrett, p 0 0 0 0 0 i 0
Ort* 10 0 0 0 0 0
Total! '- :' 6 1 37 16 1
•Batted for Garrett In ninth. .
Lns Angeles 0 0001100 4— 8
Base hlta l 0 ii 115 0 2 .I—l 2
Portland .*. ...0 0100100 1-3
Bane hits 0 01002011—5
Struck out—By Tozer 4, Gregg 6. Bases on
balls—Off Tozer I, Gregg 2. Garrett 1. Two
haso hits—Fisher, Casey, Rapps, Toiar, J.
Smith. Double play—Garrett to Fisher to
Rapp*. Sacrifice hits—Olsen, IJelmaa, Rappa,
Tozar, Murphy. Hit by pitched ball—Rapps,
H. Si-lth, by Gregg. Left on ban*— An
geles fi, Portland I, Innings—By Gregg 8 1-3,
hits 10, runs 3. Time of game—l:so. Umpire-
Van Hultren.
NEW YORK, June B.—Amen let St. Louis
down with five scattered hits today, while
Urn Giants batted Corridor, and Backman
freely, and won. 7 to 0. Score:
si. Louis 0, hits 5, errors 1.
New York 7, lilts 15, errors 0.
Batteries —I'orrldon, Backman, phelpn;
ah. and Myera. Umpires—Johnston* and
PHILADELPHIA, June B.—Chlc»*-o won
today, 7to 8. Chicago hit Sparks and Mo
rone) very hard. Score:
Chtcftgo 7. hiiH '■'. erron 3.
tdelphla S, hits :.. error! 8.
Battarlaf Cole and Aroher; Bparki, Mn
roney and Dcoin. Umpire!—Rlglar and
BOSTON, June i. Boston ihul oul Pltte
burg, I I" Cl '"day In tho Brst Banr
the visitors won. 3 to 2. in the MO md game,
an pleven-lnnlng affair. Bcqre first game
Pitteburg '>. hits -. errors 0.
Boston 4. hits 5. errors I.
Hatteries —Camnltz, I'hllllppi and Simon';
Curtis and Graham.
Score eeoond game i
Boston 2, hits i>. error! 5,
Plttshurg 3. hits 7, errors 3,
Batteries —Mattern and fteardon. r,ra
ham; Adams, White, Leever and Qlbion.
Umpires—Kane and Klem.
BROOKLYN. Jun« S.—Cincinnati walked
away with today's game, 13 to 2. Rucker
was hit hard. HehnclherL' made his Na
tional i Lgue debut In the seventh Inning.
and lasted but one Innlna. four hits, four
paSMe :i tifl a hit batsman, netting seven
run.'. Paskert was the batter hit, stopping
a wild shoot with his head, being knocked
unconscious, but reeumed pity, Score:
Cincinnati 13, hits 16, errors 2.
Pro.iklyn 2. hits 9. errors :i.
Butteries—Hurls and McLean; Ruckor,
gchnttberg, DeHsau and Erwln. rimplres—
O'Day ami Brennan.
SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 8.-E<ldle Qraney
will he the third man In the ring when Sam
T.angford and A! Kaufmann hitch up for their
fUtla argument In this city on the afternoon
of June IS. Qraney was selected tonight at a
meeting held In the office of Promoter Blot.
at which were present Joe Woodman, manager
of I,angford, and Bob Deady, representing
Kaufmann. No other name was proposed, both
Heady »nd Woodman expressing themselves as
entirely satisfied with the "Honest Black
Shows Unusual Speed During the
Whaling of Negro Spar
ring Partner
Champ Says Trouble Makers Can
Not Break Up Camp's
Happy Family
[Associated Press]
BEN LOMOND, June 8.-Three fart
rounds with Hob Armstrong In which
Jeffries drew blood from his colored,
sparring partner, (or the first time
since training fcCSSH at Her: I-omcnd,
constituted the principal feature of a
comparatively quiet day.
Jefflea was faster than usual and
countering heavily on the negro's
mouth made the blood flow freely.
Jeff and Corbett did not box, but
.will probably don the gloves .tomor
row, as the outdoor boxing platform
was completed late this evening. | All
of today's work was done In the. morn
After the bout with Armstrong Jcf
fiic^ tussled a lew momenta with Far
mor Bums and B short period at the
neck machine compli ted the workout
in camp. Later In the (lay Jeff., iic
companled by Farmer Burns and Cor
nell, climbed Ben Lomond, returning
to camp about B o'clock, dripping witli
Jeffries this afternoon reiterated his
statement that no difficult] had arisen
between himself and Manager Berger,
that Bcrger'S work had been entirely
satisfactory and tii.it no change is con
ic m plated.
Jeff display* d connlderabio warmth in
branding the reports cif trouble with
his manager as coming from troublo
"It Is very easy for mo to figure
out just why these storleu float down
lure from San Francisco," said Jef
fries. "Trouble makers would like to
pee this camp In the air like the other
"After tills I am not uning; to pay
any attention to the rumors. We am
iust n happy family down lierf now
and nobody li going to break up our
Impoverished Diamond Stars to
Be Aided if Detroit Man's
Idea Carries
DETROIT, .June S.- President Frank
Navln of the Detroit American I>eaKne
club sa>s that When Han Johnson, pres-
Ident of the league, was here last week
he proposed an elaborate plan for aid
in;,' down and out ball players, which
«;.s approved by the American league
president, nnd steps have been taken to
put it into operation. Navln's proposal,
he says, w.is inspired by the present
difficulties of Adrian C. Anson of Chi
cago. In brief It is this:
That once s year each dub In tho
American and National leagues deslp
nnto some game In its schedule,
the gross receipts of Which are to bo
turned into a fund (or the Mid of former
ball players in straitened circum
stances, the game to be advertised as a
The fund is to bo administororl by tho
National commission, each casp to be
attended to Individually, thr tentative
scheme being B monthly check to the
beneficiary. Johnson thmißht $riO,ono a
yeur could be wised by this means.
NKW ViiltK, Juno B.—Commodore H.
11. Melville, president of the Motor Boat
club of America, lias returned from
Europe, after completing arrangements
feu" international motor boat races for
the Harfn»worth trophy, to be held
August 2.s in American water.
For th» last two months Commodore
Melville has been arranging details
with competitors In England, There is
a possibility that three English boats
will bo entered, although arrangements
so far have been tor only two.
Duly England ami America will bo
represented in the race, which will bo
over tii'- Larchmont course, the 80-mlle
triangular course over which the Dixie
won two years ago,
CHICAGO, Juno B.—Three singles In a.
row gave Chicago a victory over Boston to
day In the twelfth Inning, B to 4. The bat
ting and base running of French, who twlcej
went, from first to third on sacrifices,. were
features. Score: ~<
Chicago 5, hits 7, errors 2. . .
'Boston 4. hits 10. errors 7. :
' Batteries —F. Smith and l'ayno; C. Smith;
Wood and Carrluan.
ST. LOUIS. June B. —The game between
New York anil St. Louis was called at the
end of the seventh Inning today because of
rain. The score was tied, 4 to 4. Score:
New York 4, hits 5. errors 2.
St. Louis 4. hltg 3. errors 3.
Batteries—Wurhop and Mitchell; Bailey
and Killlfcr. ■.•«;■••:
DETROIT, June 8. —Oroom weakened In
the sixth and Detroit made II three straight
from Washington, and cloven In a row. As
soon at* the last man was out Davy Jones,
assaulted Manager McAleer, striking him
and cutting his eye. Players dragged them
apart. Score: -.„ ,
Washington 1, hits 7, errora 1.
Detroit 6. hits 9, errora 0. . .
Batteries—Groom and Street; Summer!,
and Schmidt.
CLEVELAND, June B.—Philadelphia heat
Cleveland today. Bonders was effective, >
while Berger and Doane were hit hard. t
Score: ..• ' '-;' *,',
Cleveland I, lilts 5, errors I. ' %'•*'<•»'«
Philadelphia 13, hits 17. errors 2.
Batteries— Beri/er, I mane, Koestner and
Bemla; Bender and Lapp.

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