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Not Afraid of Any Man, Says
Mrs. Boehnke
A. E. Boehnke, arrested recently on
complaint of his wife, who wanted him
put under peace bonds, charging him
with threatening to do her great bod
ily injury, appeared before. Justice Ling
yesterday morning and was allowed to
go on his own recognisance.
Mrs. Boehnke testified, that she was
not afraid of her husband or nny man.
Before placing a person under bonds
it must be shown that the person Is
in fear of bodily injury at the hands
of the defendant. As Mrs. Roehnke
had testilied that she was not nfrald oi
lier husband, she virtually cleared him
Of the charge.
Assistant District Attorney Kee.tch
ited Justice Ling- to dismiss tho
The court refused to do so, but
after stating that he would placo the
defendant under a $600 peace bond, he
allowed Boehnke to go on his own
It wa.s brought out in court yester-
fc^^3 T^r^ES iSfcPla Cm^gSi yl!le&hi/I&& 94&&% L wralmw KsS3 Wv K^Kdl j£»Urai K^JJI \^^^Jl g^^^gL g^mF BN«^5
At 10 o'Clock Tonight
Two Capital and Four Grand Prizes will be divided among the I —— , Two Capital and Four Grand Prizes will be divided among the
following candidates. The two Capital Prizes will go to the two following candidates The two Capital Prizes will go to the two
candidates leading the division, and the four Grand Prizes will .-Sffl&K A candidates leading the division and the four Grand Prizes will
go to the two candidates who lead each district. Capital Prize M^m^ Hi go to the two candidates who lead each district. Capital Prize
winners will not be permitted to share in the Grand Prize dis- Mf y®k fiflfcrfga. IB mgS& €^ winners will not be permitted to share in the Grand Prize dis-
All territory within the above boundaries and west of the follow- §kgf (Comprising Districts C and D)
ing dividing line: Main street, beginning at Slauson avenue to All that territory not within the boundaries of Los Angeles city
Spring street along Spring street to San Fernando San Fernando D^ l V + /- k «+ Uiirftinrv at rill JnotirA as set forth under heading Division I.
street along Los Angeles river to northern boundary line. The rerSlSteilt llUStlinSf Will inSUre
dividing line runs in the center of the given streets, hence buildings .».w*^^<w & DISTRICT C
on the west side of Main and San Fernando are in District A, and A/rvlir T\C\ v\ \r\ r\ o + inn in tHp HIC
those on the east side are in District B. y UUI L/dl LIL-IUdHUII 111 LI 1C VJlo" All that portion of Los Angeles county not within the boun
****np r T PFPPFR TosAnp-eles 2"?1 R?7 1 «I_ "a.' £. i.l daries of Los Angeles city as set forth under heading Division I, and
-MRS. C. T. PEPPER Los Angeles. [^Y.Z 251,827 tnhlltiOn Of the . also San Bernardino and Orange counties.
***MRS. OSCAR B. SMITH, Los Angeles 150,550 LIIUULIWII Ul tllC
***JAMES B BOULDIN, Los Angeles 122,559 ■ *****MISS MARGUERITE WEYGAND, Pasadena 388.539
***HEBER JONES Los Angeles 110,881 jßai jim. «^ *****J. LANDRUM GRAHAM, JR., Los Angeles suburbs. .308,308
**MRS ANNA KALLIWODA, Los Angeles 82,213 <#^P^ W ' **"MRS. HESTER T. GRIFFITH, Los Angeles suburbs. .279,342
♦•HENRIETTA HOLLE, Los Angeles 56,891 W\ -«*«»««, — mmm* — — ***B. F. BESWICK, Santa Ana 168,547
*L W WILDER. Los Angeles 48,230 W& W. W M^k M % W&lk ***MISS HAZEL WEBSTER, Ocean Park 111,642
-MISS KATE S. BATTY, Los Angeles 41,332 § Wk^iJS AJ 1 ik M MmM **FLORENCE WILLIAMS, South Pasadena 61,713
O Fllis Fry Los Aneeles 22 861 HI WW fUT^H hC #» *CLAYTON GRICE, Inglewood 44,005
Mrs?An^w^m^Anii«:::::::::::::::::::::::: I * ¥¥ vl V V *vida damron, Huntmgton Bea Ch 26,212
T M Tunner Los Aneeles 15 472 'nnrw Miss Winadele Thomas, Clearwater 23,115
Clyde Bess ' , iiii i i: V.. i. .i...:...: iii i i 125 " Mrs. Mary L. Friend, Hollywood 21,042
Arthur Way 1::::::,::: • 3,900 r 1.1 -n Mi Susie Thompson, San Bernardino • 16,610
Mrs. Garner Curran 3.185 m^PTlifiCPnt Dn7eS WniCh Will Aubrey A. Moody, Ontario 14,098
Antonio Busciolano 150 1 1 ICX&1 111 IL,CI 1 I JJI IZ.C^ W 1 11^1 I Will Paul Doty, Pasadena 11,346
Wni-ihiP Russell ... ?8^ 1 L 1 'a. 1 £ Miss Ethyl Swall, Garden Grove 11,117
tefLvrtl::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2:855 be given away absolutely free k. s.ißedi.nd. ::::::::: 10^2
Tohn Shepek 700 ° J J Lionel Clotworthy 8,640
Grant Cuthbertson":.. .' 2,600 nn Tl in IOtH V?' l£f li, Scharr ■• 6Af*
F H Hitchcock 2,085 Ul 1 JUllC^WLll. John W. Gleason 4,986
ti V Hiiber 2 000 r->». a a' a Miss V. I. Brown 4,795
Sil^-,^:;:;::;;;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: S D not procrastinate, re- ;Sgi§|i 1
S^IS^":::::::::::::::::::::::::::!::::::: !So member that minutes soon °'?.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2;?
H.H. Livingston ." ' 1,495 . , , - . Julian Gobar • 1,9/0
Leonard M. Stanley 1435 g r ow into hours and hours into SCiS?.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: \m
Mrs. Ida H. Baioe;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1:000 Mrs. J. R. Pettyjohn 1,390
H. G. Brainerd 1,000 • 4*o*^ Arnold Lawrence ,350
E. H. Carpenter l|oOo Kathleen Connolly ,300
Sam Disparte 1,000 W^Pk 43®. Grani TOte '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.V.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '■'•'• "." ii . '■'■ IsX>
!?,™n-:::;:.::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IiSSS I l^lfC j:Tr^.:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: |
William D. Stephens 1000 B M m# Richard Humphrey 1,-00
W Jfl fik^Bi as- Hi r'OO(iyear 1.l- 73
DISTRICT B mfc&r W Ida S. Lchan UOO
M J. A. Wcisenborn 1,100
All that territory within the city limits and east of the dividing ; &lW George Frew .., 1,095
line as given above.
******MISS J. VAN ALLEN, Los Angeles 435,200 R P fTI PIT! hPT tH^ t nOVOtP tot^i DISTRICT D
•♦HERBERT L. BARKER, Los Angeles 73,660 IVCIHUHUW LUUI * V\J t^ LC4.I All other territory not included in any of the above districts.
C LSWANG OER AL go c s le Angele S : !!!.'!!!!!!!.".'!.'!!.'; 32,'eiO at DreSeilt leading fOr anY ******MRS. CLARA JACKSON, Bakersneld 488,218
Asbury T. Wade, Los Angeles 12,595 . /- Ruth M. Virden, Oxnard 69,189
Mrs. Victoria A. Smith, Los Angeles 10,350 nn7p i*c C^ITP *Miss Leone Jeffries, Riverside 31,679
Frank Blackburn, Los Angeles 10,335 \Ji 11^^ lO OtllC. Harry Lowrey, Corona 17,630
Mary' Bailiff 7,875 TT ,i tt ,i it ,1 i Estelle Le Sage 15,220
k^K™?!.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5,655 Hustle, Hustle, Hustle and St^^^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: l;^
Miss' Agatha Smith 3,575 fK/2kt-i I-Ilieflo cnm^ Walter M. Coffey 7,086
Mrs. Maggie B. ring 3,240 111611 IIUSLie SOITIC John Gillespie 3,100
Theodore Moroney ...' 3,010 Juan Barccna 2,990
Marie J. Corson 2,778 Eugene Sproul 2,625
Mrs. C. K. Lewis 1,500 €£& &9b Aura Bailey 1,000
Julius Coplan 1,300 |k Rev. W. M. Barrett 1,000
K. Hugh McWhorter 1,289 Hf^fei Jfß <fr-iIM- jjtfUfr Maurice Balaam , 1,000
]Jr. (ialc At water IJ9O H «^HPIfi(M Perry Banks 1,000
Carl lai-fibson i lij'j H ■ A W| UwWU Wallace Beebe 1,000
Mrs. S. H. Frowcm 1000 8«L IB V F. L. Birabent 1,000
I". L. O'Brien I^ooo fit. J-V mjT JBL P. C. Brena 1,000
Miss Patterson 1000 J- A. Buck 1,000
P. H. Riordan l'oOO E. Busby ■. 1,000
Mrs. J. M. Springer 1,000 L —^ - Gladys Cummings • 1,000
day that the Boehnkes hnd quarreled
over property and that the wife had
secured the last word in the verbal
war despite the fact that her husband
had threatened to slap her.
L. C. Haller and F. E. Appel of I-os
Xietos were notitiied by Justice Klnm
roth of Pasadena Wednesday that un
less T. .1. Kilos, found guilty of selling
liquor without a license, pays a. fine
of $100 or surrenders to the sheriff to
Si rye 100 days in the county pail, the
$400 bail bond deposited by them will
dared forfeited, Tho bail bond
Is now in the possession of Chief
County Detective Browne.
Xiles was arrested several months
ago by Browne after the latter had
secured evidence that Xiles was ped
dling liquor without a license. The de
fendant tried to get H change of venue
from Justice Klamroth's court to n
court in this city, but was unsuccessful.
He secured a Jury trial and was found
guilty on March' IT. the jury having
deliberated five lrimites. He then took
an appeal to the superior court. Judge
Wilbur sustained the action of Justice
Klamroth and now it is up to the
bondsmen to turn Xiles over to the
Political Vengeance May Fall on
Governor for Fight Actions
That the attitude of Governor Oillett
and Attorney General Webb toward the
Jeffrlei-oJhnion fight in neiifornta will
cause a large majority of the pports
mon of t)>.-> state to turn against Oll
lett was the prediction made generally
"Nothing ilse that the administration
could have done would so effect the
vote aa this will." said a prominent
sportsman and Republican leader last
night. "If Glllott had Intended to atop
this Jeffries-Johnson fight why didn't
he do «<> before the preliminary ar
rangements hnd gone so far, and be
lt meant such a h.a y financial
loss to tho men who hay ■ l r>en thus
encouraged, by his delay, to invest
their money in enterprises dependent
on th«- event occurring in this state.
■If he had shown a spirit of fair
play toward these men. many of whom
have fortunes involved in this coni^t,
they would not complain. The (act
thai the fight is to occur July 4, and
tlmt he has waited almost until thp
last moment will bring down upon the
administration of this state the po
litical vengeance of the sporting ele
"The failure of the administration
to act sooner in this matter will be the
death-blow, politically, of the gov
ernor and his attorney general, and
will seriously diminish the Republican
vote In California among sportsmen.
"I personally 1 '»' of quite a num
b«r of sporting men who say that from
this time on they will vote the Demo
cratic ticket. I don't know that they
will get any concessions from the Dem
ocrat*, but they will at least get a
square deal, and not be led into be
lieving that such events as this are to
be permitted, and then find themselves
double-crossed after they have invested
their capital."
Woo Tuck Chung, IB years old, a
Chinese schoolboy attending the Macy
street school, who lives at 343 Mar
chessault street, was run over by an
automobile while crossing Macy
street near the schoolhouse yesterday
afternoon. The machine was owned
mid driven by H. G. Folsom, 324 Bast
Market street. One of the front wheels
crossed the boy's abdomen and he was
seriously injured internally. He was
treated at the receiving hospital.
Personal Mention
Robert A. Fletcher of Jackson, Term.,
is a late arrival at the Van Nuys.
James P. Hunter, a real estate dealer
of Philadelphia, Is a guest at the West
W. B. Traves and John Lehay, mine
owner* of Phoenix, are guests at the
J. O. Lilly and family are prominent
tourists from Oklahoma who registered
at the Angelus yesterday.
Dr. E. S. Lake, a practicing physician
of Denver, is registered at the Lankor
shlm for a few days' stay.
W. J. Rickman, Interested In the
mining industry at Wlnslow, is a re
cent arrival ot the Hayward.
Clnre J. Eachran, prominent In realty
circles in Wllllamsburg, la., Is regis
tered at the Westminster for a few
J. B. Griffiths and family are regis
tered at the Hollenbeck from Stockton.
Mr. Griffiths Is an extensive fruit
J. W. Mullen, president of the Coffin
Redington Manufacturing company of
San Francisco, accompanied by his
sister. Miss M. M. Mullen, also of San
Francisco, is a gueit at the Hayward.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Clark of Salt
Lake City are stopping at the Lanker
shlm for a few days, having arrived
C. K. Elder, connected with the
Monongahela railroad in Pennsylvania,
Is stopping at the Angelus, registering
from Brownsville.
Dr. J. W. Taylor, a practicing phy
sician, of New York city. Is In Los
Angelas for n short visit, being a guest
at the Van Nuys.
N. H. March, who is extensively In
terested In the oil industry at Bakers
flekl, is among those who registered at
the Hayward yesterday.
P. R Lynch and family, accompanied
by James Clyne and Miss Kmelie
dyne, form a party of Visnlla people
who are guests at the Hollenbeck.
11. B, Miller and wife, accompanied
by Miss Grace and Robert Miller, nil of
Redlanda, motored down from the lus
ter city yesterday anil arc stopping at
the Lankershim.
E. H. Groce, assistant to the presi
dent of the. General Railway Signal
company Of Rochester, N. V., accom
panied by E. Parsons anil M. F. Gent,
Is In Los Angeles to attend the an
nual meeting: of the Association of
Railroad Telegraph Superintendents,
which will convene here Monday.
They are at the Alexandria.
M. L. Rlekrrt and Fred M. Rlekert
are New Orleans men who are here In
the IntttVal of holding the Panama
canal exposition In New Orleans. They
claim that that cltyeis the "logical
place for the big fair and aro in Loa
Angoles to persuade people hero to
their point of view.
A party of telegraph officials who aro
here for the annual convention Of tho
Associated Railroad Telegraph Super
intendents, which meet! Monday, In
cludes E. A. Klippel, superintendent Ol
telegraph for the Oregon Railroad and
Navigation company; B. F. Forbes,
superintendent of telegraph for the
Oregon Short Line at Salt Lake City;
F I. Rawllns, superintendent of teU -
graph for the Southern Pacific at San
Francisco, and W. E. Keepers, general
frelßht agent for the Illinois Central In
Chicago, They are all guests at tho
Lawrence E. Kltson, arrested Thurs
day by Detectives Talamantes and
Rico for opening a telephone box of the
Sunset Telephone company, was sen
tenced to thirty days In jail yester
day. He made an application for pro
bation, but was refused because he
served a term of seventeen days for
defrauding an innkeeper in July, 1909.

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