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From Mines and Oil Fields
County Eagerly Awaits Testing of
1 Land Where Indications
Are Thought Favorable
Prospecting for oil In Ban Diego county
is becoming more popular as the summer
months advance and the people are getting
their expectations up as the more Important
wildcat ventures Increase the depth of their
wells. It is said they are awaiting with
abated breath the announcement that "oil
has been discovered In paying quantities In
Sin Diego county. This announcement, as
tne people realize, will, if It is actually and
authentically made, mean more to the country
than any other commercial triumph.
At the Beaver Oil company's camp, in the
Bower district, all Is activity, says a Pan
Diego exchange. The well Is steadily going
down, and one length of casing after another
Is Icing installed aa the heavy drill works its
way toward the much desired product. Al
though drilling operations were started at
this camp only two weeks ago. the well is
already down to a depth of about 160 feet.
For a time the operators were boring twenty
feet a day
The Beaver Oil company, being composed
largely of British Columbia people, has one of
the finest outfits in the state, and It Is
expected It will beat all records in sinking
an oil well in this vicinity. The drill Is run
ning day and night.
In the Otay field the work is progressing
more satisfactorily than the drillers antici
pated. Night and day shifts are now sending
the drill down below the 900-foot level with
the Intention of going double that depth be
fore looking for oil. The drill has passed
through a large deposit of shells and Is now
pounding away In a stratum of blue shale,
which, from past experiences in well drilling,
Is believed to cover a bed of oil sand. Though
this sand may not be heavily Impregnated
with oil, those actively engaged in the
drilling will be satisfied In finding a very
Several days ago a complete new drilling
outfit was Been going south of San Diego,
evidently bound for the Otay district. It was
rumored that the outfit is intended to sink
the proposed Ellis well on the Guatelli land
lying east of the Otay company's holdings.
The conditions north of San Diego, in the
dlstrlot of Encinltas, Del Mar and La Costa,
are reporter as becoming more and more in
teresting. The Panama-American well Is said
to be down more than 1000 feet, with the
drill In operation night and day.
Among the new corporations that have or
ganized Is the Encinltas Oil company, com
posed largely of San Diego business men. It
was incorporated last week and is said to
be preparing to enter the field in an active
The Elljo Oil company is also getting things
in shape to begin drilling on Its holdings
near Encinltas. This company is composed of
Ban Diego people and Encinltas ranchers.
The directors of the San Diego Crude Oil
company, which has land at both Encinltas
and Otay. have decided to order a standard
oil drilling outfit at once and be prepared to
begin active operations. The company has not
yet decided in which field It will erect ■ its
first derrick, but the directors are confident
that they will have a drill In operation in both
districts before very long.
New Line Through Placer County
Will Traverse Rich
Right of Way
AUBURN, Placer County, June 19.—
Utah Construction company, which has the
contract for the building of the Southern Pa
cific cutoff in Placer county, has cut through
a number of Quartz ledges which show good
values in gold. As some of the ledges have
been cut to a depth of several feet there Is
no chance taken In the working of them, as
the values show plainly. So the great railroad
building company, In addition to its work of
building a railroad, has also opened up sev
eral quartz ledges, not as a matter of choice
or business, but as a necessity to obtain the
grades given by the surveyors
This fact has evidently reached the nttcntlnn
of mining men. for a firm called the London
and Placer County Development company Ins
been organized and Incorporated under the
laws of the state of California for the pur
pose of developing and working the ledges cut
through In the construction work of building
the cutoff. . m _
The capital stock of $100,000 In shares of »j
each has been almost subscribed to by well
known English capitalists operating in Texas,
Mexico, Alaska and South Africa. Dr. J. C.
Hawyer and W. A. Shepord, both of Auburn,
are directors and W. J. Prewett is attorney
lor the company.
The London and Placer County Development
company has purchased the property formerly
owned by Mrs. Gertrude Dlx Nlcol, near Wei
mar in this county, and the first payment of
$25,000 has been made. Balance will be paid
as the property Is developed.
The big 40-stamp mill at the Gold Mountain
mine at Doble Is running full blast and day
and night the ore Is being poured Into the
plant to be ground up, according to advices
from San Bernardino. The revival of activity
at the Gold Mountain mine marks a big step
in the general revival of operations of the
mining Industry of that county.
It is also rumored that operations at the
r.ose mine are to start and at several other
mines on the desert the owners are preparing
to begin work. The building of the Parker-
Bengal cutoff, through a rich mining district,
has caused contemplated general activity
among the properties tapped by that line.
There are vague rumors of a rich strike ln the
Turtle mountains, and among mining men it
Is stated that the company owning the prop
erty on which the reported strike was made is
carefully guarding any definite knowledge
which they have.
W. W. McCoy has recently returned from a
prospecting trip, during which he touched at
Doble, where the Gold Mountain had Just
started work. The night before be arrived the
boarding camp had been reduced to ashes and
practically all the provisions lost. Supplies
are being hauled from Vlctorvllle.
The Gold Mountain mine occupies a prom
inent place in the history of the mining In
dustry of the country. It was first discovered
by Barney Carter. Subsequently "Lucky"
Baldwin took the property over and It/later
fell into the ownership of De I.a Mar. Two
mills have been burned, and the present 40
--stamp plant has been standing for a number
of years.
MONTEREY, Mexico, June 29.—Los Angeles
men have taken an option on the San Fer
nando mines In the municipality of Juarez,
State of Durango, not a great distance from
the Slnaloa boundary, for 80,000 pesos.
The Los Angeles men who hold the option
are dealing with New York Interests, since
the abandonment of the mines by the Calumet
and Hecla people several engineers have re
ported favorably on their possibilities.
BISHOP, June 20.— A deal Is under way for
the sale of the Death Valley Dig Hell mine,
adjoining the Keane Wonder, In the Funeral
range. An eastern mining engineer credits it
with having the largest body of exposed ore
that he has ever seen. It Is alleged that there
Is about 25,000 tons of ore In sight In the
cropping*, good for $12 or bettor a ton, sides
tome 15,000 tons of loose ore.
OR ASS _I_Ri June 29.—The Cin
cinnati Hill mine has been reopened by
the North Star Mine* company and a
crew of men Is at work building a pipe
line across from the power house of the
company to the mine that was aban
doned fifty yean ago and which la now
being reopened.
The North Star company owns nearly
all the territory within a radius of sev
eral miles of Its plant.
f • ■«■
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by I* A.
Crlsler _ Co., members of Los Angeles stock
exchange, 800-201 I. W. Hellman building. Los
Angeles. \
SAN FRANCISCO, June 29.— undertone of
strength permeated the market for Southern
Nevada stocks during today's session. Con
solidated recovered IS points and closed with
$9.15 bid. Florence was up 7_ and Silver Pick
1. No other changed were noted in the Gold
iield list.
The mines of the Tonopah district shipped a
total of 7483 tons of ore of an estimated value
of $187,075 to the mills during the last week.
The outside districts showed but few changes
and were dull and apathetic
Following were the closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 Ft Moh 2 4
Atlanta 10 11 Gold Con ....915 917_
Booth 13 14 Kewanaa .... 6 6
B B Exten.. .. 1 Great Bend.. .. 3
Blue Bull ..4 6 Gt Bend An. .. 1
Blue Bell ..1 2 Grandma 2
B B Bon 2 Jumbo Ex ... 26 27
Col Mtn 6 Kendall 1 2
Conqueror ..1 2 Lone Star ... 2 3
Comb Frac. 52 63 Lou Dillon .. .. 2
Crackerjack.. 1 2 Oro 8 9
Balsy 5 6 Bed Top Ex. 1 2
Triangle 1 lied Hills ... 3 4
D B B Con. .. 1 Sandstorm .. .. 4
Dixie 1 St Ives 13
Empire 1 Silver Pick... 8 9 ■
Florence ....I__ 217_ Yellow Rose. .. 4
Flor Ex 1 Yellow Tiger. 6
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....350 355 North Star ..6 8
Jim Butler., _ 29 Rescue Con.. 4 6
Midway .... 2t> 23 Ton Mining..B7o
Montana 100 jTon'pah Ex.. SO 83
MacNamara. 36 3S |Wst End Con 54 65
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Amethyst 1 Montgm Mtn. .. 1
Bullfrog Mln .. 2 Mayflow Con. 3 4
flullfrg N 8.. 2 Tramp Con... 4
Bonnie Clara 6 .. Val View ' 1
». •«. Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Little Orey.. .. 3 Man Dexter.. 4 5'
Man Con ... 4 6 Mustang 1
Man Mining. .. 1 Thanksgiving. 3
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Eagle's Nest 7 8 , Pitts Sllv Tk .. 70
F'vlew Eagl 25 .. Round Mtn.. 45
Nov Hills ..160 166 Coalition .... 13
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
TOSTON, June 29.—Local coppers more de
moralized than they have been for months.
Stop orders were caught all through the list
and the breaks were sharp, with only feeble
Closing quotations were as follows:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu .. 6 6_ Michigan .... 4 3
do pfd .... IS _ 16 Mohawk .... 46 47
Adventure .. 6 (Vi Nevada Con.. 18 18 %
Allouez .... 37 39 North Butte. 20 20!4
Atlantic .... 6 .. Old Dominion 32Vi 33
Arcadian ... 4 4_ Osceola 125
Arizona Com 13 13 _| Parrot 13 14V4
Apex 314 3Vi Qulney 70
Boston Con. 15 20 Santa Fe ... 1_ 2
Butte Coal' nl6 _ 17 Shannon 9 9_
Calu _ Ariz 60 51 Shoe Mach... 54 _ 54%
Calu _ Hec. .. 635 | do pfd 27% 28
Centennial .15 16 Sup Copper... 38 33
Con Mercur. .. 10 Sup and Boa 8% '."i
Copper Rnge 58% 69 _ Sup and Pitt 10 10_
Corbln 11 11 _ Swift 102* 103
Daly West.. 7 8 Tamarack ... 4* _ 49
East Butte.. 7 7 _ Trinity 5 5_
Elm River .. .. 60 United Fruit. 188 190
Franklin ... 10 10_ U 8 Smelt... 37', 3744
Cranny 35 3D", do pfd 45% 49%
Greene Can. 7 TH Utah C0n.... „>_ „
Hancock ... 16% 17 Victoria .... 3 3 _
Isle Royale. 15% 1514 Winona 6 7
Keewenaw .. 3_ 3% Wolverine 110
Lake 45 _H Wyandot .... l_ 14
I_ Salle ... 1' _ 11 Mass Gas ... 81% 82
Mass Copper 7% "■_ do pfd 91 _ 9214
Mayflower .. 50 75 | North Lake.. 9 _ 9%
Mcx Con ... 60 75 Indiana 11
Miami .. .. 18 _ 18%
Special service tj The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles,
NEW YORK, June 29.—Following were the
closing quotations:
Eld. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Am Tobacco.4ls 420 Mason Valley 7 7%
B S Gas .... 0': 0% Miami is _ 18%
Chicago Sub 2 2% Mines of Am 57 59
Havana Tob 4 6 Nevada Utah 6 _ 0%
Btandrd 0i1.612 616 Nipissing ... 11% 11%
Ins Stmp Rl7 21 Ohio 1% 1%
Butte Coal'n 16% 17% Rwhide Coal 20 21
Davis Daly.. 1% 1% Ray Central. 2% 2%
Dolores 6 7 Bay Con .... 16 16%
Ely Central. 1 1% South Utah.. 1% 1%
Ely Con .... 0% 0% United Cop .. 4! a 5
Goldfleld Con 9 9% Yukon 4 4%
Greene Can. 7 7% Gila 6% 5%
Giroux 6% 6%lChlno 10% 10%
Inspiration .. 7% 7% Con Ariz ... 1% 1%
Kerr Lake .. 8 8% Keystone .... 3% 3%
La Rose .... 4% 4%|E! Rayo 3% 3%
Service to The Los Angeles Herald by _, A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I, W. Hellman building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, June Following wero
today*! quotations on the Pan Francisco stock
exchange: —Closing— —Closing-
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Associated Oil ... 46.00 46.60 43.50 46.00
Brookuhlre 1.97% 2.00 1.95 2.00
Illinois Crude 50 .63 .50 .55
Mas—' Oil 2.20 .... 2.20
Monte Cristo .... 3.15 3.35 3.10 3.25
New Penney! .... 1.02% 1.20 1.05 1.20
Palmer Oil 1.37% 1.40 1.33 1.37%
Premier 1.00 .90 1.00
Sliver Tip 1.80 2.00 1.85 2.00
NEW YORK, June 29.—Standard copper dull;
spot, June, July, August nd September, $11,90®
31.95. London closed firm; spot, £54 18s 9d;
futures, £55 13a 3d, No arrivals reporter at
New York; custom house returns show ex
ports today of 1570 tons, making 19,002 so far
this month. Lake copper, $12.62'g'i712.87H; elec
trolytic $12.25®12.50; catting, $12.12_®12.37 _.
Tin Irregular, with spot quoted at $32.75®
88.12_, June $32.75_:!2.90, July $32.85®32.90,
August, $32.70®32.80, September, October and
November $32.80®32.85 and Let-ember $32.77>,i®
Five tons of December sold at $32.85. Lon
don quiet; spot, £134 l.'s; futures, £149 15s.
Lead quiet; spot, $ New York, $4.17 _
04.22 _ Last St. Louis. London spot, __
13s 9d.
Spelter quiet: spot, [email protected] New York;
$5.00®5.05 Last St. Louis. London unchanged,
£22 6s.
Iron unchanged at 43s 9d for Cleveland war
rants in London. Locally the market was
quiet. No. 1 foundry northern, |16.60_
No. 2, $16.00® 16,25; No. 1 southern and No. 1
southern soft, $_.25_16.75.
<$> NEW YORK, June 20.— metal ...
fy markets were quiet us usual In the ab- <§>
fy unit) of exchanges. ■•■
... ( upper dull; standard, spot and July, ...
fy $11.00® 12.15. fy
fy Lend quiet; spot, 1.15® 1.5!), and •'»■
fy speller »[email protected] <_
„ Bar silver, y.i'/jc. fy
_ _.t „-■_--*--- -- _-_-•. • t ff
Question of Price and Restriction
of Forest Bureau Trouble
Northern Mine
KENNETT. (Shasta Co.), June 29.—
mess men and others of Kennett are great
ly Interested In the negotiations going on
between the Mammoth Copper company '
and the Bully Hill company, operating a| I
mine and smelter at Winthrop. That the
Bully Hill smelter will shut down on July
1 is a foregone conclusion. Kennett busi
ness men hopo to see the Bully Hill ore
come to the Mammoth smelter for treat
ment, but that is by no means certain.
Neither company takes the public Into
Its confidence, though the people of both
towns are greatly interested in the outcome.
The Mammoth is quite willing to treat
the Bully Hill ore if it can get Its price.
The Bully Hill Is quite willing to ship Its
ore to Kennett if It can get It treated at
Its price. It is seml-offlcially stated that
there Is a wide difference between the
prices, and there Is no expectation of an
agreement being reached.
On July 1 the Mammoth Copper com
pany's baghouse will be completed and In
operation. On the same date the Cottrell
process plant at the Coram smelter will
be in operation, if all goes well.
It is now stated that the Bully Hill
smelter will shut down on July 1 in obe
dience to the demands of the forest bu
reau, and the shutdown will be only tem
porary, long enough for the Bully Hill peo
ple to decide which is the better process
of handling smelter smoke, the baghouse
or the Cottrell system. Decision having
been made, the Bully Hill company will
build a stnoko-consumlng plant of Its own.
This will not be so. expensive as Is the
case at Coram and Kennett, for the Bully
Hill smelter has only one furnace, to Cor
am's three and Kennett's five.
The difference between the cost of smelt
ing ore at Winthrop and the Mammoth
charge for smelting the same ore at Ken
nett, freight included, would amount to |
enough in less than a year to build a bag- I
house at the Bully Hill smelter.
SONORA (Tuolumne Co.), June 29.—The
Columbia Reduction Works of Kansas has
purchased the Jubilee group of claims Bit
uated near the Keltz mine. Development
work will begin Immediately under the
management of Edward Loveland, the com
pany's representative here.
Shipping News
SAN PEDRO, June Arrived: Steam
schooner Chehalls from Gray. Harbor, via
San Francisco: steam schooner Yosemite from
Astoria, via San Francis steamer Hanalel
from San Francisco, direct; steam schooner
George W. Fen wick from Astoria, via San
Francisco: oil steamer YVhittier from Ventura.
Bailed: Steamship Governor for San Pi ego;
steam schooner Santa Barbara for Gray's
Harbor, via San Francisco; steam schooner
J. J. Loggie for Eureka, via Redondo; .team
schooner Samoa for Caspar, via San Fran
cisco; steam schooner Hornet for San Diego;
steam schooner Hoquiam for San Diego; steam
schooner Mandalay for Crescent City, via San
Francisco; oil steamer Whlttler for San Fran
The steamer Governor, Captain Jepsen, con
tinued down the coast to San Diago this
morning with pasengers and freight on the
vovnre from Seattle. "When the Governor left
San Francisco she had on board 400 passen
gers, among whom were Miss C. Dolwer, Miss
G. Ma flow. Miss C. Tedford. J. J. Murphy,
Mrs. K. Schiller, Mrs. M. Marsh, Mrs. C. C.
Darling. Mrs. M. O. Wilson, Mrs. A. Nixon,
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Scott. E. M. Scott, E.
cakes, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Gervert, H. S.
Montgomery, G. W. Reynolds, W. A. Paul,
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Red, Mrs. H. Hook, Mrs.
H. H. Jones, W. Nerron. Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Shore and son, Dr. and Mrs. Downes, Mr. and
Mr*. R. Boyd. F. H. Floyd, A. Green. H. R.
Hazek, J. Keeler. Mrs. C. M. Titus. The
Governor Trill call here again tomorrow on
the return voyage to Seattle.
The schooner Salem, Captain Jamison, will
sail tomorrow for Port Townsend for orders.
Another windjammer now discharged is the
schooner King Cyrus, which will sail for San
Francisco to-morrow for repairs.
The steamer George W. Fenwick, Captain
Miller, arrived today from Columbia River
with 2,000,000 feet of lumber. .
The steamer Yosemlte arrived today from
Columbia River and San Francisco with pas
sengers and 23,000 ties.
The steamer Santa Barbara, Captain Zad
art. sailed tonight for Gray's Harbor, via
Fan Francisco, with passengers and in ballast
to reload for this port.
The steamer Chehalis, Captain Kettlesen, ar
rived today from Gray's Harbor with pas
sengers and after discharging 7C0.000 feet of
lumber will pall in the return voyage.
The steamers Hornet, Captain Marxen, and
Hoquiam, Captain Reinertsen, sailed today for
San Diego with partial cargoes of lumber
loaded at Port Angeles and Raymond, re
The steamer J, .T. Loggie. Captain Johnson.
called today for Eureka to reload lumber for
Southern California ports.
The steamer Delhi, Captain McClements, Is
loading 1000 tons of cement for Portland and
will sail tomorrow.
Steamers carrying passengers are due from
northern ports via San Francisco and from
southern ports direct as follows:
nips P. Hlgglns, Fort Bragg June SO
Arctic, Hardy Creek June 30
Banta Rosa. Ban Francisco July 1
Buck-man, Seattle July 1
Sir* Rosa, San Diego July 3
Roanoke, Portland July 3
President, Seattle July 5
Hanalel, San Francisco July 5
Beaver, Portland July 7
President, San Diego July 7
Admiral Sampson, Seattle July 7
Santa Rosa, San Francisco July 8
Santa Rosa, San Diego July 10
Hanalel, San Francisco July 11
George W. Eider, Portland July 11
President. Seattle July 13
Watson, Seattle July 13
President. San Diego July 14
Santa Rosa. San Francisco July 15
Santa Rosa, San Diego July 17
Mandalay, Crescent City June 30
Klamath, Portland June 30
Governor, Seattle June 30
Hanalel, San Francisco June 30
« -rural Gray's Harbor July 1
Chehalis. Gray's Harbor July 2
James S. Hlgglns, Fort Bragg July 2
Yosemlte, Portland July 1
Buckman, Seattle July 3
Roanoke, Portland July 5
President, San Diego July 6
Hanalel, San Francisco July 6
President. Seattle July 7
Beaver, Portland July 8
Admiral Sampson, Seattle July 9
Santa Rosa, Fan Diego July 9
Santa Rosa, San Francisco July 10
Hanalel. San Francisco July 12
George W. Elder, Portland July 13
President,, San Diego July 13
President, Seattle July 14
Watson, Seattle July IS
Santa Rosa, San Diego July 16
Santa Rosa, San Francisco July 17
High. Low.
Thursday, June 30 „ 3:00 a.m. 9:07 a.m.
3:47 p.m. 10:24 p.m.
Friday, July 1 4:38 a.m. 10:07 p.m.
.. 4:48 p.m. 11:40 p.m.
Saturday, July 2 6:06 a.m. 11:30 a.m.
5:38 p.m.
Sunday, July 3 7:20 a.m. 0:43 a.m.
6:25 p.m. 11:58 a.m.
Monday, July 4 8:20 a.m. 1:37 a.m.
7:13 p.m. 12:49 p.m.
PAN" FRANCISCO, June Sailed: Arctic,
San Pedro.
YOKOHAMA, June Arrived, previously:
Inaba Maru, Seattle.
PROBOLINOO, June 27.—Sailed: Needles,
San Francisco.
HONGKONG, Jnue 29.—Arrived, previously:
Teno Uaru, Kan Francisco)
NEW YORK, June 29.— Balled: Steamer T.tis-
Itania, Liverpool; Adriatic, Southampton;
Blucher. Hamburg; Oceania, Liverpool.
To Purchase Stock at Present Price of $3.20 a Share
On Friday, July 1, stock will be selling for $3.25 a share. Stock bought during these days
will draw the full ©
Quarterly Cash Dividend
which will be paid on August 15, 1910.
You will be in time to participate in our increased rate of dividend from 26% to 28% a year,
divided into quarterly dividends of 7% each, beginning with this August dividend.
Over 4600 Stockholders
now drawing these cash dividends. You can have your dividends reinvested in additional stock
if you prefer.
Each and every stockholder shares in the profits of the company, derived from the various
departments of the business, including our large real estate profits.
A Few Points to Remember
No one has ever failed to receive their money back, when they wanted it.
No promotion stock ever issued by the company.
No commissions paid to anyone for selling stock.
Your money is put to work as soon as paid in.
Small stockholders protected against loss, if they desire to sell their stock by a guarantee
fund, held by the Globe Savings Bank. :■■»,'
You can purchase as low as 5 shares by paying down $1.00 or more, balance weekly or
monthly. Not over 1000 shares sold to one person.
Remember Stock Advances on July Ist, 1910
Office Open Tonight Until 8:30 o'Clock
TT-JT /^TN r\ /TT T-r_=\ r"c_A
'nrTr^rV ll'll _-_=-/
Largest Co-Operative Building Co. in the World Capital and Surplus $3,820,000.00
$ Orgs. I.cm. Tot. <$>
<*> Tuesday, June 28... 48 39 87 <$>
<i> Total to date 223441 38118 25738 <*>
<* Total last season... 4219 31356 _>
.. ...■.-.. • ■ »^<J><s>4x^^xj^x^<s><^{xJ>4>^><i-*>
BOSTON, June 29.—Eight cars sold; hot;
market unchanged.
NAVELS— ACQ Ex, $3.76; Shasta
Daisy, Xf J Curtis, $3.60.
SWEETS—Red Globe, Riv Ex Riv halves,
76; Cal Orange, Riv Ex Riv. $1.75; Bunker
Hill, C C U Sd, $2.80; Red Globe, Riv Ex
Riv, $2.65; Peacock, Or Worthley-Strong, $3.45.
VALENCIAS—Pointer, A C G Ex, $3.85; Pea
cock, Or Worthley & Strong, $2.90; Bunker
Hill, Sd C C U, $2.10; Magnolia, Xf Worthley
„ Strong. $3.10; Gondolier, Or C C U, $2.35.
BUDDED—Red Globe, Riv Ex Riv, $2.50:
Red Globe, Riv Ex Riv, $1.60; Cal Orange,
Riv Ex Riv, $2.05; Cal Orange, Riv Ex Riv,
NAVELS— Volunteer, S A Ex, $3.20.
ST. MICHAELS—Queen Bee halves, $1.25;
Royal halves, $1; Queen Bee, $2.95; Royal,
SEEDLINGS— Shasta Daisy, $2.00.
PITTSBURG, June 29.—Seven cars sold;
market very steady on oranges and lemons;
warm. i
NAVELS—Lotengo, Fy Sparr F Co. $3.45;
Minnehaha, R II Ex, $3.2.,; Frultiila. Riv
Highgrove,' $3.25; Del Oro, C H Sparr F Co,
$3.20; Riv Orange, Riv Ex, $3.10.
BUDDED—Red Mountain, Riv Ex, $1.85;
Red Globe, Riv Ex Riv, $2.80; Or Run, Riv
Ex Riv, $3.25; Frultiila, Riv Highgrove, $2.45;
Cal Orange, Riv Ex Riv, $2.20; Pond Lily,
Riv Ex, Riv, $2.50.
VALENCIAS—FruItiiIa, Riv Ex Highgrove,
$2.53; Cal Orange. Riv Ex Riv, $2.80; Red
Globe, Riv Ex, Riv, $3.35; Jasmine, D M Ex
Monrovia, $3.55.
BLOODS -Circus, Xc Sparr F Co, $3.00; Del
Oro, C II Sparr F Co, $2.75.
SWEETS—Frultiila, $2.35.
ST MICHAELS—ScroII, $2.10.
LEMONS—GoId Buckle, R H Ex, $6.00; Belt,
R II Ex, $7.55.
PHILADELPHIA, June 29.—One navel, one
sweet, two Valenclas and five mixed cars
NAVELS— Stork, S A Ex, $2.65; Quail, O X
Ex, $3.80; King, S A Ex, $2.40; Coyote, O X
Ex, $2.90.
SWEETB-xMagpie, S B Ex Rialto, $2.40; Red
OloDe, Riv Ex, $3.00; Grizzly Giant, S A
EX, $2.65.
ST. MICHAELS—EI Capltan, S A Ex, $2.60;
Yankee Doodle, A F Ex Alios, $1.90; Eagle,
A X Ex Alles, $2.80.
BLOODS-Eagle, A F Ex, Allesandro, $2.70;
Mission Belle, C H San Diego F Co, [email protected]
3.55; Mission Memories. $3.40.
BUDDED—Red Globe, Riv Ex, $2.30; Cal
Orange, $2.20.
SEEDLINGS—Mission Belle, $3.20; Mission
Memories, [email protected]
VALENCIAS—BIue Banner, Xf Sutherland
F Co, $3.45; Salt Lake, Sd King F Co, $3.05.
SWEETS HALVES—Red Globe, 95c; Cal
CLEVELAND, June 29.—One Valencia, one
St. Michael and four mled cars sold; market
easier; weak on small sizes.
VALENCIAS—Prairie Chicken, A H Ex
Pren, $2.35; Mercury, $2.90; Redskin. Xc
Rialto O Co, $2.10; Ideal, A H Ex Prenda,
$2.80; Red Pride, Xc Bryn Mawr F G A, $2.25.
SWEETS—Queen Bee, C Ex Corona, $2.45;
O I C, C Ex, Corona, $3.40; Sunset, C Ex
Corona, $250. _
BT. MlCHAELS—Volunteer, S A Ex, $2.90.
GRAPEFRUIT—Queen Bee, $2.10.
RUBY BLOODS— A H Ex, $2.70;
Palm Tree, $2.15; halves, Squirrel, $1.25.
SEEDLINGS—TraiI, Sierra Madre L, $2.55.
BUDDED— Xc Rialto O Co, $1.60.
NAVELS-Trall, $2.05.
LEMONS—Our Beauty, Sd Sierra Madre L
Assn, $7.10.
ST. LOUIS, June 29.—Warm; market weak
on small sixes oranges; firm on good stock
lemons; one ear Valenclas, one budded, three
mixed, one lemon sold.
VALENCIAS—B 8, Sunset Ex Orange, $2.90;
Redskin, $1.85; Pico, S T Whlttler, $3.05.
NAVELS— B S brand, $2.95.
BUDDED— $L"5; Pride of Cal, $1.55. I
SWEETS—EagIe, $1.90 Yankee Doodle, $1.15.
BLOODS—Yankee Doodle, $1.70.
LEMONS—Greenleaf, S T Whlttler, $v.00;
Al Azar ACQ Azusa, $6.75; Green Crown,
CINCINNATI, June 29.—Warm; steady: one
car Valenclas, one seedling, one Messina
lemon sold; Messina lemons, $6.90.
BUDDED—CaI Orange, $1.75. "
VALENCIAS—FuII Value, $2.93; Bear and
Eagle, $2.55.
NEW YORK, June 29.—Thirteen cars sold;
market very strong, advancing; clear; favor
NAVELS— MahaIa, L V W Brown, $5.60;
Swastika, L V W Brown, $4.50; Golden Cross,
O X Ex, $4-80; Red X, O K. Ex, $4.40; Quail,
O X Ex, $3.55; Orchard, Or National o Co.
_._; Standard, Sd National O Co. $3.95.
VALENCIAS—OId Mission, Fy Chapman,
$5.85; Old Mission, Cta Chapman, $3.45; Golden
Eagle, Sd Chapman, $4.60; Sunset, $1.65; Red
lands Pride, $2.95; Mercury, $3.45.
SWEETS—Best Yet. $2.65; Mission Bells, A
B Chapman, $2.90; Memories, Ch A B Chap
man, $2.50; Old Mission, Fy Chapman, $4.50;
Golden Eagle, Sd Chapman, $3.80; Dan Patch,
A F Ex, $3.26; Blue Globe, Riv Ex, $4.05;
Red Globe, Riv Ex, $2.95.
SEEDLINGS— Elllollno, $2.60; El Toreador,
Sd San Marino O P A, $2.00; Sunset, $1.76;
Red Mtn, $2.20; Cloverleaf, Interstate F Dis,
$2.05; Mission Bells, Fy A B Chapman, $3.53;
Memories, Ch A B Chapman, $3.06.
BLOODS—Dan Patch, $3.45; Pony. $2.85.
NAVELS HALVES—MahaIa, $2.75.
GRAPEFRUIT— MahaIa halves, $2.15.
SWEETS HALVES—B Globe, $1.55; R Globe,
ST. MICHAELS—>4 boxes, Red Globe, 76c.
.« » ' i
Fire caused by defective wiring par
tially destroyed a two-story building
owned and occupied by Mrs. A. Hart
at 314 South Bunker Hill avenue yes
terday afternoon. The fire started in
the attic, and before the arrival of the
tire companies the whole roof was
ablaze. On account of the steep grades,
the fire companies were forced to make
wide detours to get to the scene of the
fire. Damage to the building la esti
mated at $1500 and damage on the con
tents about $1000. This is entirely cov
ered by Insurance.
SAN ANDREAS, Calaveras County, June 29.
—New Yolk men were here recently and se
cured a three years' working bond on the
Ophir Consolidated mine at Rich Gulch, owned
by John W. Nuner and others. A force of
men Is already at work to complete a tunnel
to tap the vein, giving 300 feet of hacks. The
mine is located ln close proximity to the Foot
_ Thompson mine, where a strike was made a
few days ago from which $15,000 was obtained.
OAK BAR (Siskiyou Co.). June 29.—
Much Interest is being manifested in the
rich strikes In gold In the Scotts Efar sec
tion, where only two weeks ago Francis
McCarthy took out another of his famous
pockets. This man has gained for himself
a reputation of discovering more rich de
posits than probably any other man In the
nearby country. "■
The exact value of his recent find has
not been made known. One of the nug
gets might be compared to an ordinary
si scdhe»Vse|rg\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^
Midway Maricopa 1 P-
Crude Oil Stock lOC
Lucky for you If you bought at 5o or »c
or 7Vie. We have acquired 60 acres next
to the Obispo gusher on 32-12-23.
International Investment Co.
1012 Union Trust Building,
• Fourth and Spring streets.
__RN AND COALINOA I 11.1.1i5, »!*•
TO $1(100 PER ACRE.
438 Citizens National Bank Bids
This Is the Last Day
Sunset National
20 Cents a Share
25 Cents
Our office will remain open until 8 30 o'clock this evening. Do not FAIL
Active operations re in ptosress.
_■ __*'"__ " _> __ __*'^_i - ■"*' "**
Sunset National Oil Co.
425-26 Citizens National Bank Building
THIRD AND MAIN STREETS. Home, 1*2705j Sunset, Main 2630.
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For an inexpensive trip
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