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Describes Southern California
and Los Angeles Features for
the Coming Convention
"What will prove to be one of the
handsomest Illustrated books ever sent
out of Southern California to exploit
its playground features is being pre
pared by the convention committee of
the Sierra Madre club, under the
supervision of H. C. Freeman, seere
taiy of that committee.
The cover design already prepared is
a beautiful thing in colors, typifying
Southern California by a woman of
Hi Spanish type, vhile the snow
capped mountains, the preen, verdure
covered valleys and the beaches and
ocean are seen in their most attractive
dross as the background. The title
Is artistically lettered, "Southern
California and the Sierra Madre Club
as Hosts to the American Mining- Con-
The bark outside cover is an invita
tion to the minlnpr. srneltin.u. coal and
oil men of the United States, Alaska,
da and Mexico to attend the con
The Interior of the book will be a
veritable picture pallery In beautiful
engravings of everything that attracts
the Btranger to the southland. It will
contain five distinct chapters—"The
Call of Los Angeles," "The Lure of
Southern California," "Where We Shall
House You," "The Pleasure Bpots We
Have Planned for You" and "The
Sierra Madre Club, Your Hosts."
$anta Catallna island. Mount Lowe,
the orantre proves, the ostrich farms,
the bathing pltuvs, the fishing spots,
the tourist playground attractions, the
surfs, the side trips to be enjoyed,
reaching as far south as San Diego
nnd north to Santa Barbara rind be
yond, all these, things will be worked
nut In exquisite engravings.
The invitation Is extended to mining,
smelting, oil and coal operators of
North America.
A contract has been pig Tied by the
.■Miilway-Miiricopa Oil company of Los
Angeles with a drilling company to
sink a well, and tlio rotary Is on the
ground fit the present time, it is .said.
The derrick and camp are In ranitlnem,
while the boilers and engines are en
route to the scene of operations in
S2. 12-38.
Drilling- will begin July 36, and it 1s
believed that little difficulty Will be
experienced in bringing in a well. Wa
ter also is now being piped. The con
traci signed with the drilling company
calls for 2000 feet, although it is be
lieved that oil will be struck at a much
lower depth.
PREBCOTT, July is.—On the Bilver
Prince several samples of ore cut int->
recently have been received here. The
samples show She old characteristics of
that famous producer of twenty-five
years ago. Assays made from the ore
run as high as 1000 ounces a ton In
• silver.
Later the Black Warrior will be un
der operation at a point where favor
able conditions prevailed when thnt old
and famous property was shut down
through litigation, over twenty years
ago, Both mines adjoin each other, and
have a heavy record in silver produc
tion, considering the limited develop
ment done, neither mine having a shaft
200 feet in depth.
GOLDFIEL.D, July IS.—That develop
ments are becoming decidedly interest
ing in the lower levels of the Ninety-
Nine ('upper company's mine at Good
Springs is indicated by a report re
ceived here that on the 250-foot level a
crosscut lias been driven fifty feet in
the ore body, with the hanging wall
not yet in sight. Ten feet <>r that
distance was in solid high-grade cop
per. The remainder is iron ore carrying
less than shipping values. Cutting the
low-grade ore at frequent intervals,
however, are stringers of the high
grade material, all dipping toward the
hanging wall. This leads to the con
clusion tii it a large body of ore is
yet to be found on that wall.
WINKEL.MAN, Ariz., July 18.—Worfc
on the Kay Consolidated n ductlon
plant at Hayden is progressing rapidly.
The townslte of Hayden is situated
about three-quarters of a mile from
Wlnkelman. It is predicted by those
who know that this camp will have a
population of over 6000 within the next
BOSTON, July S.— .\ new smelter will
1" .: r the Shannon mine in
Arizona for joint use of the Shannon,
Detroit and Arizona Copper companies.
Officials of the three corporations have
I.e. ... confi . : in New Fork since Juno
I'o, when Chairman Gill of the Arizona
company reached this country from
NEW YORK, July IS.—Standard copper
■weak, spot $11.50 ft 12; July, 11. 11.90;
August, September and October, til.so©
11.95. London closed ilull at £Tj3 U's 6d
for spot and Hi ia for futures. Arrivals of
2SO tons were reported at New i ork. Cus
tom hove returns shuwtj 2i:,i tons ex
ported, making 12.007 tons so far this
month. Lake. $12.62H(ffi: electroly
tic, $12.25® J2.50; casting, H2.12H ©12.26.
Tim firm; spot, |33.00i5 38,30; July, 133.95
#33.02</i: lugust 32.75'il 32.L.0; September,
182.75 32.90; October, 182.751032.80, Bales,
five tons spot at J32.57V.; ten tuns at S3.'.no;
five ins at (33.95. an fifteen tuna ut $:!3;
twenty-five tons of July noli at }:!:.9.'i.
L.ondon closed flrn nt £119 Gs f ar .»,,,,( an(
at £150 7s 8d for futures.
Lead firm; (4,4804.60 Mew York; 54.25Ti
4.35 j:a>t St. Louis. London spot £U'
l:-s 6il.
Spelter steady; $5.50i5 8.50 N'r-n- ■v*rk
s4.o7 Vi& 5.05 Knot St. Louis. London *DOt
£22 7s 84.
Iron, Cleveland warrants 4<N <u\ in r.<in
don. Local ly iron wai Quiet. No. 1 f-uin
iiry northern 116.601916.75; No. ", $105/'
16.25; No. 1 hern, Jlti.L'S'y ] 0.7. r>; No. 1
soutbi ■ soft. (16016.55.
<f. NEW YORK. .Inly IH.— (■„,. <5
• Nlumiurd spot, llt>soigj 12.00; Augiint •
... iiml .-i-|ilciiilht, Sill.r.iK.cl I. ..
O> I.cml firm; -ii.it, t4.4504.65. ■•;,
<i>- Ilitr Killer, S-Se. <„
... '•>
• • • ..:;;;;;;..
Consolidated Midway Gusher Flowing by
Heads at Rate of 1000 Barrels an Hour
■H '■ ■ ■. ■ I
■ r ■-,; ■■ • ■ m.

■ ■ -\
*"■■ ■ -ijyy-'- -• i*ia%-i lii^tinitr ■
Prominent Baltimore Man, After Visit to Oil Fields with Experts
and Associates in Big Los Angeies Company, Declares Well
Recently Brought in Will Outproduce Its Maricopa Neighbor
FRANK F. PEARD, a member of
the Baltimore stock exchange,
who is interested i;i the California
oil fields, more particularly the Con
solidated Midway Oil company, of
which he is a director, after making a
personal visit to Bakersfleld last week,
is enthusiastic over the holdings "i his
company In the Midway field.
Mr. Peard was accompanied on his
trip by former Congressman Nathan
W. Hale, a member of the national
committee, who Is president of the
Hale-McLeod Oil company. When seen
at tne Alexandria Mr. Peard said:
"I am amazed at the developments
that have been made in the Midway
and Kern river fields since my visit
here last March. I was one of the first
to see the Lakevicw gusher at the
time it was brought in and it seems
marvelous to me that this well should
still he producing. It seems to be the
opinion of experienced oil men that its
life will soon terminate, or at least
that it will develop into an orderly,
well regulated, modest producing well
of 2000 barrels a day instead of the
present gigantic; fr^ak.
"The propertl of the Consolidated
Midway Oil company, which I went
especially to eea, have surpassed my
expectations from a development point
of view, as well as production. The
Consolidated now i.as four producing
welis in its eighty acres in Kern river
Held. One well, No, 2, is a 150-barrel
producer, which i ; - by Ear and away
the best well that has been brought in
in that section for many a day. Two
other wells are being drilled and it will
be only a mattei ol b few months be
fore the company lias at least twenty
wells producing on this eighty acres.
"It is interesting to the novice to see
how quickly a well can bi drilled and
production got in this territory. The
last two wells of tha Consolidated Mid
way In the Kern river field ha\ each I
been drilled In a little over six days.
"In the Midway territory owned by
this company on section SO, hlch is
within three-quarters o£ «'. mile from
the Lakevlew gusher, a tremendous
well has recently been brought in
which ] saw flowing at the rate of 1000
barrels an hour.
"As Congressman Hale has well said,
■| ] refer this well to th.- big on.- of
the Lakeview, as it is absolutely under
control and ought to be a steady pro
ducer for the next ten or fifteen years.'
This well holds the record in the Mid-
Service to The I.os Angeles Herald by 1.,. A.
Crl.sler & *'■»., paembera I^os An.<oles st')ck ex
change, 800-801 '. W. Kellman building, L/j*
BAN FRANCISCO, July IS.—Following were
today's qut.atlona on the Ban Francisco etocK
exchange: —Cloilng— — Closlns—
1M |, Asked. Bid. Afkcd.
Associated "II ... 4 i,OO 45.0 - 46.00
Brookshlrs 1.68 I.Tt 1.65 l.CT'i
Illinois Crud* M .r.3 .60 .51
Mascot Oil 2,20 .... 2.50
Monte I ri ito .... 9 SO .... S.SO ....
New Panmyl .... I.UM 1.20 1.07V4 1-2"
Pnlmrr Oil 1.37' i 1.40 1.35 l.S7'i
fremler VI ,'.il .90 91
tfilvir Tl| 2.C0 2.0U
Hales—loo Croseus. 6S; HXID Nevada-Midway,
25; .710 New Pennsylvania, 1.15; 200 Talnu-r,
1.27H; Kiij Premier, 91; 3'X) do, i"; 100 s. W.
& U.. 41; 100 do, ■!'!; ISO Tellowßtone, 35.
Seven per ent of the census enum -
eratorg for > llncinnatl nre to bi wo
men. Won't they have a" hard time
fTtttlnir their sinter-victims to answer
the quostion, "How old are you?"—
Cincinnati Times-Star.
way field "or having- been drilled with
a ten-inch casing its whole depth o£
2165 feet, and its production is remark
able when it is considered that the oil
was struck after the drillers had en
tered the oil sand but two feet, where
as in the i msp of the Lakeview, 1 un
derstand, they entered the oil sand
sixteen feet before the big production
came about.
Hight south of No. 30 the company
la drilling two wel'.a on the forty ami
sixty aen-s ii own:- in section 3-. One
of tln-si- wi 11s is down over IJOO feet
and will reach oil sand at about 1500
In section 15, farther north In the
field, in which the company owns forty
acres, is a well down ower 1500 feet and
will reach oil within :i few weeks. This
will niv.- iiic company five producing
wells; five more being under way, and
they will all be first-class wells—prob
ably two or three in the Rusher class.
These will all be brought ii. within the
next sixty days.
When asked about the question of
overproduction Mr. Peard said:
"This bugaboo of overproduction
that is being so industriously circulat
ed by Hjose who may be honestly of
!h- conviction that such a condition
exists, I can only Bay that from my
limited Information on the subject I
do not Bee as there is anything of a
serious nature to fear in this connec
tion. My i'pinion is, from talking witli
many men who are in a position to
'-peak intelligently on the subject, that
.we are passing through merely a
period of readjustment and that there
is no real overprodui lion, as it la really
a blessing in disguise because it wjll
enable the selling affi ncy to convince
beyond a doubt the large consumers
that there is no Tear of a shortage ol
oil from the California Reids. When
the progressive consumern really ap
preciate this situation oil will sell
higher than ever.
■■Ol' course we have seen a number
of companies hurriedly organised that
are probably*not on a (inn foundation
and that sooner or later will be ab
sorbed by their stronger brothers.
When this is accomplished it will clar
ify the situation greatly and will en
able concerns that are founded on
business principles to put the entile
California oil situation on a higher and
more permanent plane. That there Is
a market for oil is evidenced by th«
fact that the present and prospective
production of the Consolidated .Midway
oil company lias already been mar
Special lervlcs ij The Herald tiy J. C. Wil
eon. lit West Fifth stivit, Los Angeles.
NEW YOHK, July 18.— Following were the
closing quotation!:
Bid. Ask.| Bid. A.-k.
Am Tobac..4lO 41j Mason Val .. 6%' lift
Hay Stat Gs % ',2 Miami 17 17' i
Chi Bubwy.. 2 2!4 Mps "f Am. 81 62
| iihv Tob ..I 8 Nev Utah .. % «4
Stan Oil ..MO CM Nliiisulng ... I"1. I"'.
Con Btm Re 17 21 Ohio 1' 1%
Huttu Coal. ir»"/3 17 Rawhd Coal.. II! 18
Davln Duly.. % ii, Ray Cent.... 2(4 -i\
Dulorea .... 6Vi BVt Kay Cons ... 16 lti'4
Ely Cent .. % M«o I'tah .... li P,
Ely Con« .. in 20 United Cop.. 4H 5
GoIJM Cons S',i s'» rulcou HT» 4
nrn Canan,, CH 7 (311 a E a
(511-oux W, 1.-', Chlno \n% 11
[naptratlon . '■"» 7 Com Arlx .. 1% V,
KetT Uiku .. IVt 8 Keystntia .... SS ::■',
La lios'.- ... 4 4Vi Bl Rayo .... 3% i
"A follow accumulates a lot of junk
going through college."
"i; fi rrinj to the claMlci or plpei
and pennants?" Birmingham Age
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by L. A.
Crtsler & Co., members of 'Los Angelas stcclc
ixchange, 800-201 1. W. llellm.ui building, LO4
SAN FRANCISCO, July Trading was
chiefly of a professional character and ex
ceedingly light. GoldlU'ld Consolidated sold :
oft 20 points to 18*80, Florence was up -1- '
points 0 nth'? bid. Jumbo Extension and 1
Fraction remained unchanged.
Belmont, In the Tonopah list, was the best [
trader and closed strong with a gain of 15
points to Its credit.
The outside districts were neglected and
for the most part remained unchanged.
Following were the dosing quotations:
Bid. Ask.l Bid. Ask.
\dams 1 Fr Moh 2 4
Atlanta 11 12 Gold Con ...850 :>."._'',,
Booth 12 it K*wanaa .... 5 6
II B Exten. .. 1 Great Bend., 2 3
Blue Hull ..4 6 Ot Bend An. .. 1
Blue Bell ... 1 2 Grandma 2
1; ft lion 2 Jumbo Ex ■■ 21 25
Col Mtn 2 Kendall 1 2
Conqueror .... 2 Lone star ... 2 3
Comb Frac. 49 50 Lou Dillon .... 2
Crackerjack.. I 2 Oro 9
Daisy 4 c Red Top Ex. 1 2
Triangle 1 Re.l Hills ..3 4
D B B Con. .. 1 Sandstorm .... 4
Dixie 1 St tves 13
Umpire 1 Silver Pick .0 S
Florence ....202V4 210 JV.II w Rose. .. 1
Flor Ex 1 [Yellow Tiger. .. 6
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....Wit 400 North Star .. 8 7
Jim Butler.. 21 26 Res Con 3 4
Midway 23 .. Ton Mining.. 76 77
Montana ... as 100 fon'pah Ex.. 76 77
MacNamara. 31 32 Vist End 'on 55 56
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Amethyst 1 Mention Mtn .. 1
Bullfrog Mln .. 2 Mayflow Con. 2 3
Bullfrg N 11 .. 2 Tramp Con.. 4 6
Bonnie Clare 5 7 Val View, 1
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Little Grey.. .. 2 Man Dexter.. 3
Man Con ... 2 4 Mustang 1 2
Man Mining. .. 1 JTh.-ink giving. 3
Bid. Ask. Hid. Auk.'
Eagle's Nest 6 7 Pitts Bllv Pk 60 62
B*vlew Bagl 46 .. Coalition .... 15
Round Mtn.. 48 .. I
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wit
eon, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON. July 18.— action of the mar
ket was disappointing again today. The gen
eral trend of prices wan upward last week
and this created considerable bullish enthu
siasm over Sunday and many of the local j
traders- were willing to buy stocks this morn-
Ing. Early quotations were higher, but long 1
stock continued to come out and all the
buying orders were quickly filled. The metal
market Is no better; copper Is still accumu
The quotations were as follows:
Bid. Ask.! Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu... -1' 2 ' Michigan — 4 n
do pfd ...14 im Mohawk ....42 11
\dventure ..4 4V4 Nev Con« .. 17% ii
Allouez .... 81V4 23 No Butte ... 21V'a 21%
Atlantic .... 5% 7 Old Domn ..32
Arcadian .. :'.'■■ ■''■- Osci ola 113 i;o
Ariz Comml. 13 13',i Parrot 12 13
Apex 2% 4 CJulney 88 70
Buti foal. W\4 1" [Santa Fe .... V,i 1%
Cal & Ariz. 46 .47 Shannon .... t% ll'St
Pal & Hec.slo .. Shoe Mach... 4S'4 4!)
Centennial . 135 14H do pfd .... 2ii',i 27
Cona Mer... 5 .. gup Copper.. 36 37
Cop Rge ■■■ UK 8014 Sup A- Boston 7',, 7%
Corbin ll'i UK Sup & Pitts. •■"', 10
Daly West.. 8 8H Swift 102% 103
Bast Butte. <;% 1 r.irmirack ... 50
Kirn River.. 40 45 Trinity '4?4 .-,15
Franklin ... ■'% 10 ll'nitil Fruit. 180 IS3
Oranby 20V4 ■■ \V S Smelting :r 31%
urn Can ... 6»i %' do pfd .... 4ii'i 47
Hancock .... 15 1" li'tnh Cons .. 1914 20i,;
Isle Roy!... 15 IBH Victoria 2?; 3
Keewenaw . 2% 3 Wlnnna 8 64
j,ake "'':■ '■'■- Wolverine ..102 Ida
La Salle ... OH 9%lWyandol .... IVi 1%
Mass Cop... r,\ 7 'Mass Gas .. 18 8014
Mayflower .. 10 51 !do pfd .... SI) 91
m, cons .. 35 sfl North Lake. 1% 7V4
Miami .. .. 17 ITHllndlana 10 11
"WASHINGTON, Pa., July 18.—
cause he refused to stay at home and
persisted in wnnderinK about th«
street, Mrs. Burke of East Wylle uve
nue sewed a label on the bach of tho
coat of her 5-year-old son Willie. The
labi i reada:
••This is Willie Burke. Ho Is lost.
Bend him home to East Wylle avenue."
Willie has boon returned to hiH home
Reveral times by the experiment, and
.Mrs. Burke worrlei no more.
<$> Orangrti. I.eitloilH. Total. <$>
■& Friday. July IS 48 111 ■ IM -r
»> SultirdM.v. .sun- <♦>
4' , day, Jill)- 10, 1 . • „ f •>
<$. 17 8« 81 IIS <£
s»> Total to ilnii- . <$•
<fe this season. 23,030 SI.VJ tA,7s3 <|>
... ' '■■ ' .4>
NEW TOKK. July 18.—Eleven car» of
oranges sold. Market steady on good stock,
coaler on poor fruit. Cloudy, _ cool.
Valcnclas— $4.30; Blue Banner
Ploneor P Co. 13.05: I'rlde of .West. I'ln
neer F Co. $:>.25; Easle Ilemi. I I, Lyoil
Sons, $2.35; Independent, fy. Growers F Co, |
$4.45; Independent, eh. Growers F Co. |t.30;
Stock Label. drotvers F Co. $2.25: Old Mls
; slon. fy. Chapman, $6.75; Old Mission, eh,
Chapman, $6.10; Golden Eagje, sd, Chap
man, $4.65; Oolden Cross. 0 X Ex, $4.85;
Butterfly, Covlna Ex, $4.70; Teal. Covlna j
Ex, $1.45; Pinto. $3.40; Lighthouse, sd. j
Randolph F Co, $2.46; Dahlia, sd. C C U, I
$2.80; Topa*, xc. C C U, $2.95. Sweets-j
Golden Cross, O X Ei, $4.10; Best |<M, $1.40. 1
Beedllnga—Topat. xc, O X k)x. $2; riamiiiKo, I
C C V. $2.45. St. Michaels 'i* —Constllu- I
tlon, $2.30. St. Mlchaele Ha—Red, X. $1.70. 1
Grapefruit, boxes—Golden Flower, $2.25; Old j
Mission, fy, $5.70.
CLEVELAND, July 18.—One ear sweets,
one mixed car and one car lemons sold.
Market Is lower vii lemons, hlsher on or
anges. Very cool.
Valenclas—Coyote, O X Us. $3.15: Pi™, 1
S T Whlttler. $2.40. Bweete— Fl.iral, S Hi
Colton, $2.30; Coyote. O X Ex, M.lti Quail. |
0 X Ex, $3.60. St. —Coyote, $2.iio.
Halves — $1.00. Lemons—Pet, S A
Ex, $«.05. A
BOSTON, July —Three cars sold.
Weather cool, cloudy. Market continues
strong. .
L«nOlU— Pet, 8 A Ex. $6.80; Greyhound,
SA Ex, $6.«0. Ruby Blood*—Rey, S T
Fernando, $2.60: Tunnel. S T Fernando,
$2.10. St. Michaels — Key. S T Fernando.
li.BB; Tunnel, S T Fernando, $2,600. Sweets
—Thoroughbred, $3.60.
PITTSBURG. July 18.—Four cars sold.
Market stemVy on oranges and lemons.
Weather warm.
Valencia*—l'omona. S A Ex, $3.90: Royal
Knight, R H Redlands. $3.75; Newshoy, X -
H Redlandß. $3.15; Squirrel. A H Prenda.
$3.10; Green and Gold. S A Pomona. $3;
Playmates. R H Redlands, $3.65; Beauties,
II H Redlands. $3.20; Prairie Chicken, A 11
Treiiila. $2.30. Lemons — Pomona, S A Ex,
$5.00. . • »
ST.. 1.0 l IS
ST. LOUIB, July 18. — Cool. Market firm
on good fruit. One mixed car und one car
of lemons sold.
Lemons. — Al Ar.ar. A C Q Aiusn. II.0S;
OSrt-en Crown, A C Q Azusn. $4.50, Navel." —
1l» I, O X Ex. $2. :..*.. Sweets —Owl. $2.53.
Velenclaa — $1.90.
rim. APKLi'iliA
PHILADELPHIA, 1) July II. —Two cars
Valenclas and '.wo mixed cars sold.
Valencia* Pomona. 9 A Ex, J2.33: Bun-
Uer 11111. sd. C C r. 52.411; aondolltr. or.
C C r. $2.95. Seedllnßß—Ki.iral, SI. .'.'>; CH
rui Belle. $2.05. BwueU— Floral, $1.95; Ooi
,1.1) Orchard. »3.05. rit. Mlchaeli—Cltrui
Belle, $1.80.
CINCINNATI. July 11. -Cool, Market
■teadj Two cars lemons sold.
Lemons— Pet, s A Ex. IS.I 0; Greyhound.
S A Ex. $4-85; Loma. $4.»5; Aral', g A Kx.
$5 60; Duck. S A Kx. $4.20.
Following are the permits Issued
gince the last publication of the list
and classified according to wards:
Wards lorrait«. Values.
First I * 1.700
Second. . . „. 5 9.751
Third 3 7.170
Fourth I 14.000
Fifth 5 6.600
Sixth 3 I.SSO
Berenth 2 8.5l)(l
Ninth - 700
Totals. 25 J50.634
La Mirada avenue and Swan street—
D. C. Collins, 1304 East Twenty-e.lglHli
street, owner; Clark & Hughes, build
ers; one-story six-room residence,
Alvarado street, 141 North—Axel
Rabe, 343 North Chicago street, owner
and builder; one-story six-room resi
dence, $2000.
Inez street, 2242—Max B. La Berge,
at lot, owner and builder; addition to
residence, $400.
Berkeley square, 18— J. Brent,
owner; O. M. Eckman, builder; addi
tion to residence, $150.
Beaumont avenue and Franklin
street—A. H. Belvert, 710 North Main
street, owner and biuler; two-story
eight-room residence, $4000.
Twenty-second street. 1348 East—A.
Blank, 1833 East Twenty-second street,
owner and builder; one-story four-room
residence, $600.
Edgeware road, 312 East— E. A.
Foley, 328 Central building, owner; M.
S Yeager & Co., builders; one-story
six-room residence, $1984.
Bromont avenue and Franklin street
—A. H. Selwert, 710 North Main street,
owner and builder; one-story three
r<-om garage, $300.
Moneta avenue, 727— W. H. Gilbert,
630 West Eighteenth street, owner and
builder; one-story one-room store
room. $1000.
Seventh street, 115 West—J. D.
Bicknell, 1115 East Seventh street,
owner; S. A. Watts, builder; altera
tions of residence, $1000.
Fifty-seventh street, 420 West—A. E.
I Wilson, 339 West Thirtieth street, own
er and builder; one-story six-room
residence, $1800.
Decatur street, 742-750—C. C. Colyar.
809 South Main street, owner and
builder; one-story one-room warehouse,
Winston street, 215-219— N. Bonfillo,
Fourth and Winston streets, owner;
one-story three-room barn, $1500.
Flower street, 6864 South—H. W. and
Alice Martin, at lot, onwers; one-story
six-room residence, $1500.
Eagle street, 3550— W. J. Nesbltt, at
lot, owner; G. V. Vorhls, builder; ad
dition to residence, $300.
St. Andrews place. 1414— J. W. Dobbs,
127 South Olive street, owner; Alta
Planing Mill company, builder; two
story 13-room residence. $10,000.
Branch street, C234—Miss Effle Ver
mtlllon. at lot, owner and builder; one
stnry five-room residence, $1200.
Kingsley drive and Third street-
Chapman Bros., 406 Wright & Callender
building, owners; 1>,4-story eight-room
residence, $4008.
Twenty-fifth street. 120-23 East— P. H.
and a. M. Eicholes, owners; A. S. RnKS
dale, builder; one-story garage. $1000.
Compton avenue, 4620—D. E. Merrln,
at lot, owner; L. O. Glllony, builder;
addition to residence. $280.
Ilalldale avenue, 3947—A. W. Thomp
son. 204 Thorpe building, owner and
builder; one-story six-room residence,
W«0, . .- .... .
Arroyo Seco avenue," —James
Maw, at lot, owner and builder; addi
tion ti> residence, $500.
Fifth avenue and Pico street—Thom
as C. Preston, 1218 Elden avenue, own
er: James Barbcau, builder; two-story
seven-room residence, $4000.
Kan Pedro, 127 South Grand avenue—
John Tex, owner; William Lockhart,
builder; one-story five-room residence,
Gramercy place and Third street—
Edwin • Thoroußhgood, owner; J, B.
Lilly, builder; Hi-story six-room resi
dence, $2470.
I* vnil WISH to invi:st IN AN Oil. STOCK nVCKKI* I
iv < oil "ropkbtt in tik khuit icxafion. am»
Sunset National*
At 25c a Share
This stock has already advanced 150% in price and is due for
another raise in a very short time. WE ARE PROMISED A
Get busy, if you can't take more than a hundred shares.
rrrnlilrnt O A TVKITMOKi vie* pmMeß< and fli'lil Mii>«rlnli>n<l»nt, O. A.
(iniFFIXi -.■.returv nnd K en«.rnl n.aniiKcr, ARTHI'B '4,rHAV|^tIMJOK i>VW. A.
KNOI.K: dlrcctom. STAM.KV 11. WtUOM, 1.. W. Hfri-Mt. \\. (I. M.\TIII.MM>>- |
Our office la kept open evenings until S:SO o'clock to accommodate those
who cannot call during the day.
Sunset National Oil Co.
CONKLIN & BARCLAY, Sales Managers.
F2 705. 126 Citizens National Hank UulUling. Main 2659. I
, I
Beautiful Booklets of
/C|x Yellowstone Park
1 WWZ / nnfl lnformatlon roßardlng the trip via Salt
\.jS^mJ^ff/J I.ak. noute—Short Line—may be hud by per
>COOV sons Interested AT 601 SOUTH SPKING ST.,
Los Angeles, and at other principal ticket of
fices of that route.
■ iiihi in iiam man I
Shipping News
San PEDRO, July IS. —Arrived: Bteamar
Olympic, five ami a hair days from Belilns.
ham: Bteamer Yosemlte, five days from
Portland via son Franelsco; steamer Fran
eli H. Leggett, Bixty hours from Bureka;
steamer Uoanoke. from Portland via- Ban |
Francisco; steamer Chehalla. from Aberdeen
via San Franclßco; steamer Argyll, from
Ban Francisco; steamer Samoa, from Ca»pei
via Ban Francisco; steamer Nome rity, fioin
Sailed: Steamer Rose City for Portland
via sun Francisco; iteamar Ontralla for
Aberdeen via San Francisco: steamer Han
alel for San Francisco; steamer Argyll for
San Diego.
The steamer Olympic Is diechara'lng 759.
--000 feet of lumber at the B. K. Wood Lum
ber company's wharf. She made the voy
a(e from Belllnirham In five and a half
The steamer Yosamlte la discharging: '--
000 ties and 520.000 feet of lumber for the
Southern Pacific and will sail Wedmsda)
for Portland to rulnad via San Francisco
witli passengers.
The Hammond steamer Francis II 1- -
gett. Captain Warner, is at the National
wharf with 1.500,000 feet of lumber, having
arrived this morning sixty hours from Eu
The stenmer Roanoke. Captain llnnhnm.
arrived this morning several hours behind
her schedule with passengers and a heavy
cargo of frelcht. She will sail tomorr
for the run to Portland via Snn Fran
The steamer Chehnlis, Cnptaln Kettl»sen.
sailed tonlßht for San Diego and will call
here aKRin Wednesday on the return voy
age to Gray's Harbor and Snn Francisco
with passengers. She discharged a part
.of the 400.000 feet of lumber conslsned to
this port today and will dlacharge the re
mainder upon her return Wednesday,
The steamer Argyll. Captain Dlckaon,
continued down the coaßt to San Dleio to
nlghl after loading 16.000 barrels of orud« \
oil for the Union oil ooroneny.
The steamer Samoa. Captain Ifadeon, ar- j
rived today from Casner with SOO.OOO feel
of lumber for the Kcrckhoff-Cuzner Lum
ber conunny. and will sail for return to
moprow night.
The steamer Centralia, Captain l'.rlcson,
sailed today for Gray's Harbor yll Ban
Francisco with passengers and to reload f. r
this port. Hanalel, Captain McFarlnml.
The steamer Hanalei. raptain IfcParland,
sailed today for San Francisco with ■ pas
sengers and freight for the [ndepend nl
Slramshlp company.
The steamer Hose City, Captain Mason,
completed discharge of freight this m 'in
ing and sailed on the return Voyage to
Portland via Snn Francisco with a good
lift of passengers.
The steamer Npme City, Captain Rahien,
arrived today from Portland with, passen
ers and a cargo of lumber for various
wholesalers. ,','**
The schooner ,I<s.«le Fremont, Captain Lef
flngwcll. has been attached for the wairei
of her crew. She belongs at San Franrlsco
and came here from the Cordei flehini
banks, where she went to fish on her first
trip out of Ban PranclßCO bay. She losl
her anchor anrl was blown down the euast
and Captain Lefflngwcll came hero for a
new "movbmbstb ok bteamxbi
gtta'mer* carrying po>senßers are due from
northern ports via Ban Kianclsco and from
iouthem ports dw^ n^ tMOVr"
President, Peattle July
Buckmsn. St.-ittle '"'/ >J
President, San Dlpro .July .1
James b! Hlgglns, Fort Brags July jj
Braver, Portland Ju'.v J1
Santa Hosa, San Francisco Iv y .2
Snnta Rosa, San Diego July H
Norwood. Aberdeen Jlllv ■'
A<lmlral Sampson. Senttle July ffi
Hanalet. San Francisco.... Ju y .3
George W. Klder. Portland July 25
Governor, Seattle .". July 26
Bear. Portland [u,y 27
I Coronado, Aberdeen July -7
Governor, Ban Diego July is
I Fanalel, San Francisco July a
Santa Rosa. Sal Francisco July 29
Santa Rosa, Han Dlibo July 31
Samoa, Casper July 18
Roant'.te, Portland ....July 19
Yuaemite, Portland July -0
Chehalis, Aberdeen .. July 20
President, Bcattle July 21
Iluckman, Seattle July 21
Beaver. Portland July 23
Santa Rosa. San Diego July 23
Punta Rosa, San Francisco July 24
Hanalel, San Francisco July 24
Admiral Sampson, Seattle July 27
George W. Elder. Portland July 26
Bear, Portland July 31
Oovernor, San Diego July 21
Governor, Seattle July 28
Hanalel, San Francisco July 29
Santa Rosa, San lego July 29
Santa Rosa, San Franclaco July 31
(Tldea are placed In order of occurrence).
July 19 2:04 9:03 13:51 7:1;.'
0.0 3.0 , 1.1 0.0
July 20 2.31 9:35 1:29 7:00
—0.4 3.7 2.9 6.
July 21 3:04 10:05 S:O4 8:37
I —0.7 3.8 2.7 8.6
July 32 3:37 10:33 2:42 9:08
— 0.9 3.!t 2.6 <;..")
July 53 4:09 11:03 3:21 9:46
—.9 4.0 2.4 6.4
July 24 4:43 11:30 4:10 10:tl
—0.7 4.1 1.1 6.1
SAN KP.AXCISCO, July IS.—Arrived:
Steamers Nebraska, 3an Diego; Santa Bar-
Cured without the knife or pain. Three doi
tors. Beventh year in Los Angeles. Our offlcas
and sanatorium fitted for the scientific and
effective treatment of cancers and tumors.
(specialists of 40 years' experience In charge,
who treats all cases with the NEW GF.RMAN
RKMEDIEB. Breast tumors removed In 1
flays without surgical ORerstlon or pain; also
without removing any tissue. OUR NEW
METHODS: Runranteed. Pay when cured.
Internal tumors treated. Skin cancers
killed Instantly: FEE 110: no pain or blood.
Otir reference*, enrefl pnrlente.
Rooms 224 and 225 San Fernando Building '
4th am Mnir Su.. Los Angeles. Cal.
If so, why not come
' to us? We can sure
jfjCWHJf'*"^ ly cure you. ' We
M&gpMKiJ&A t—; i t anrl cure all
•Br 1 *, /^» private diseases of
■ wBw^S'*«m men anc women—
(Tw^fea cancer, tumor, rup-
\*# tv re, rheumatism
JKI. and nil tumor, rup
t v r c, rheumatism
"%i ' and all nervous dls
?• ■".■'■' onler!>. No knife.
BSa^P^ 1 $*% AU our cures are
fsex^ip.. 'kliJ painless.
Phone F3214.
We Cure Corns In Three Hays.
| CO., 936 South Broadway.,
1 —————^
BjDtSOOT 4 FWDAYS 6 R nJ^gg^^^M
j&L, tor 3. BdwV. ,^/0%,
• Mm ijj w ■■ tor good trunks,
f^f^Si-^^Wa^p-i-'Si^l rnvellns bag»,
VLJd^i&^tT^^'-" \L-sl ">d dres» sull
|f flf |P G.U.Whitney
**•""' **^ *^I^Ty llie oldest ee>
talilNiir.i and most rellablo trunk manufac
turer. Store and factory, 23(1 South Main.
Shoes Half Price and Less
Utel two > hundred big display bargain
tables are displaying shoes for men. women
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half price and less. Convince youraclt and
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61U Boulu llroadnajr.
10c a Button, $1.00 a Rip
at .
Sixth and Broadway
Hf omr TBuilbet
(ilveu you opportunity to participate)
In the profit of Los Angeles' upbuild
ing. Stock pays $1,110. Pays 16 per cent,
dividends payable quarterly.
129 8. Broadway. Ground Floor Masoa
Overs House.
55,000 SHARKS
\ ' of the Capital Stock of j '•-■■
Mutual Home Bldg. Corporation
Now offered at $1.00 per share.
343-144 Cltlteiiß National Blink Bids;.
bara, Falcon. Hazel Dollar. San Pedro;
Santa ROM, San Diego; San Pedro. Re
Sailed: Steamer Buokman, San Pedro.
PORTLAND, July 18.—Arrived: Oeorge
W. Elder. San Pedro.

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