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MtSsffdJFFiiA*-**. „ _
Pennsylvania Railway Dispute
with Employes Has Little
Effect on Market
BOND SALES ARE $1,421,000
Heavy Disbursements Made from
Subtreasury on Payments
for the Government
[Associnleil Pr<"*n]
NEW YORK, July 18.—There WBJ
demonstrated the inadequacy of any
present demand for stocks to absorb
considerable offerings for Bale. Prices
yielded easily to a recurrence of gelling
preisure, the withholding of which was
largely responsible for the show of neg
ative strength In last week's market.
The narrow proportions of the market
came into view in the latter part of the
day, when It became plain that it was
bare of offerings again, so that the
uncovered bears had to bid to securo
stocks. The professional character or
such dealings as there were wag inoi
cated by the heavy congestion of the
day's transactions in three or four
stocks. Losses were generally recov
ered before the day was over, and there
were not a few gains to be found.
There was much discussion of trade
position In the leading metal industries,
and this was held responsible for much
of the weakness shown by stocks, me
copper Industry, especially, was the
Bublect of unfavorable comment, lhe
lnre stocks of copper on hand are be
lieved to have played some part the
credit position of the'banks, and to be
the object Of pressure In that may
from the directors of large banking and
financial affairs. The reports of a seal
ing down of prices of steel products
added to the feeltn of unea.sin.ss over
the metal trade position. Cutting by
independents was believed to threaten
reprisal!! bj the leading interests which
m ght throw tha situation into con
fusion again, such as accompaaW the
throwing open of the market In Feb
rUThe' dispute between tho Pennsylva
nia railroad and Its employes wa« not
much sldered in connection with the
early weakness of stocks, but the re
ports of good prospects for settlement
hadl an Influence In the later recovery
The strong banking position disolosed
by the Saturday Dank statement de
tracted from the importance of the
noney market a. an influence. The
material addition to last week s cash
holdings has been greatly added to al
, dy by the heavy disbursements from
the sub-treasury on account of gov
ernment payments. Last week's ship
ment- of sold from London will ngure
S next Saturday's bank et^ement and
tml-iv's engagements or all tho $3,000,-
MO gold oaerlng in London promises an
extension of the movement.
The prominence of the spring wheat
•-rangers in the rally of prices was not
Unconnected with the weakness of the
wheal market in the northwest
i^nnrt* were Irregular. Total sales,
?a°r value! $1,421,000. United States
bonds unchanged on call.
Rnecial service to The Herald by J. C. WU
. n^ 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles, mem
b«' N-w York stock exchange. Chicago board
of trad" stock and bond exchange of ban
NEW YORK, July IS.-Followlng were tho
SSli'Toc^"'- High. Low. Bid. A*
Allls-Chalmers , «■
"kwaS^SSS? ::;::•« g* g»
::::::: An. Beel Sugar :: :.,; «j &
i«o do preferred UMI U« »J >«
'"'ilSilmla iecuritiei" M .23 g M^
Am Linseed • • •■ "' Jj»
100 do preferred »* »}• -» =3
400 Am, Locomotive •• 83 SSH 39 40
ifssi ill
«00Am S«SM 12» l-° »» J2O
WAm-Toh pM "3 »« »JA 9H*
100 Am Woolen . 8714 *■» 5° r»™
do preferred •• •■ ™ ™»
" i 006 Anaconda .. ......37 3614 37 3714
•isisir Hi
do preferred •■ »» »^
vs?"H"::r-E::s sa « ■»
»gS^E:E::a » f «,
do preferred ....( .. •• ™ ™J*
io.moSm*« r us IB in« jsg
10M do preferred UM 1« .1«H "™
. 800 crptrer..:: 3.* 32«, W4 Stt*
flo preferred ™ «<*
Cent ot N J » 2™ ™.
100 ccc * n !<■■■' n « 70 '"
•- 7 ooc^^i rT'uon: 33 »>h wt 3.4
::::::: c^^ rcV-i:::. .. 113 "< *
■" . Col Hock C & I « 8H
200 Colo Soutnern 54", M MV4 54
100 ,ln Ist pfd 7* 74 .73 78
•viaic^i'oM 132^ ISM 4 133%
■ 300 Co™ Produeti .. l«i 14H »H 14*
do preferred 73>4 74H
■■"ioonei & Hudson 158 156 Vi lITH ins
T»T & W ' •• &M "'"
•-■«00D & Tl Q jJH Wk 30S 30..4
200 no preferred ...... 70 70 69 72
• Diamond Match 9<'.» »**4
■"206 Dlstllllnp Secur .. 2SH 57% ITH 2^4
. Dulnth S S i A .. U 13
....... ,lo preferred • .. 21H »*(
iiiaru » 24H Ss* S5
•no iln l«t pfd 41U 41 . '40VJ 41H
... do 3(1 pfd 30 ' ;';'i
.... - Genl Klactrlo 140 142>4
200 Gt Northern Ore.. 53 BW 524 83
- 1,708 -do preferred 124 122»i IMVi 124
'n<io liilni'ii Central ...UM4 l!7*i 128 lH
1000 Interboro-Metro .. W, 17« i 18 IR^4
2 700 do preferred r/nj 50 WV, 60%
. 300 International Papr. 10V4 104 10 11
200 do preforred 49 MM 48 49
Intcrn'l rump 44 4H4
do preferred '- ■• . ' S2 83
'". lowa Ontral ..... mi 174 171 i 17V4
■>od do preferred 84»i 34Vi 34 3tn
200 Kanaai City Sou.. 28 28 28 ISU
;...T rin preferred ..' .. «2'i n:ni
Lake Erlo * West .. .. 14Vi 17',i
.... do preferred 3S 4.1
600 T, & N MIH '"'- HW 14S
100 Mackay 84V4 84! i si 86
ii.. preferred ■• 7S 71
„...., Manhattan ■ .. 12tm 113
Mexican Central .. .; „ 28V4 27V4
Minn & 8t I< ..24 27
iln preferred .. - -35 - B*l
. 600 MStP &S S M.125V4 U4V4 125 1261 i
do preferred 140 14S
1,900 Mo 'Kan A Texas.. 32% 32 U IS*
do preferred ■■ fi^ (f(*
700 Missouri Paclflo .. 68% 67% 68% 68%
100 National Lead .... 6N% 68% 98 «»
100 do preferred 104 i"i 108 105
100 National Biscuit..lo2% 10274 10S 103 Vi
do preferred 118 IM*
800 Nevada Cons .... 18V4 '"% 17% IS%
N V Air Brake 71 M
2.700 N T IVntrnl 11414 113V4 111 Ill'i
100 N V C ASt Li MV4 61% 61 % IS
do Ist pfd .. l°n 110
. . ,10 M Pfd MS Ml
100 NYN H A Htfd..lsl 151 1.1 Ifi2
BOON y Ont A W.... i:4 424 4:M<, 43>4
100 Norfolk & West... 97% 07-4 97>i 68*
do preferred »* '"'
100 No American «B'4 MV4 68 Bl
4,500 Nor Pacific 11M4 116% 11814 11S%
Omaha 'M 150
do preferred 150 I'°
Paelfio Coast '■''• 1™
100 Paellle Mall 25% 25% 2" »H
8.500 Pennsyl R R C 0..128% 127% 128 128%
600 P opl m Gas 106y 4 ion "<i lnfi
300 Plttatiurg coal 1» 16% 'BH 1"
do preferred M 70
.'. .pr.rA Bl I, M% W|VS
... do preferred .., 105 IJJ
300 Pressed Kteel Car. 32% 32 32 32U
rto preferred •'•"' ?h%
Ry Steel Spgs Co.. „ .. 31,4 3l'i
do preforred »5 10°
136.500 Reading 14314 139% 1«» 1«
■£ix SoM*::::::::* » Sjj R>i'
1 "oo do M pfd S« M M'^ n41 '=
'600 Republic S A 1... 80% 30 "n'» 31
600 do preferred 91 91 91 MJ4
12,600 Rook Island C 0.... 32.4 31% , 32% - '
400 do preferred 7r,% 74% 74 74%
Sloss sher SAJ Co 63% no
St LAS F Ist pfd M »»
100 do 21 pfd 41 41 40% 41%
St LA ■ W 67% «'% 6T , M
M.SOfl Southern Paelfla f.IMH 112% 113% 113%
4on Southern Railway. 23% 23 23 2314
700 do preferred 85V4 r.l M% 65
200 Tennessee Copper.. 20% ni; ■ 2"<,4 »>%
100 Texns Pacific .... 2H 28" 27% 2RV.
Third Aye 10% 9% 1« I«J4
SOO Toledo Ft T, &W. 2?% 22% Sl*i 22%
800 do preferred 484 47% 47% 48
100 Twin Cltv R T...107% 107% 10«\ 100
.....:. Un Ran A Paper «J4 . 8
rto preferred 84% «0
108.700 Union Pacific ....IM* 159%. W%. 1«%
<00 do preferred n% 91 'in 82%
2rtO V S Cast Irn Pipe 16% ■ 14% 14 15
rto preferred s" '"'
300 U S Rubber "■''; 3C m 37
300 do Ist Pfd 107% iotvj v*", m
700 do 2d pfd 72% T«l 72 73
20.900 U S Hteel C0r.... 7(1% 6^7^, 70 70%
000 do preferred 115% 116% 115% 115%
2,500 Utah Copper 12% 41% 41% 42
3,700 Va-Car Chem Co.. 69% B«i 59 69».
do preferred 1" 1?1
100Waba<h 17 17 17 mi
1,900 do preferred 38V4 35% '7<. 36
Wells Fargo Ex 155 170
•Ml Western Union ... "0 (10 00% «I>4
100 We.»tln«houso N r.l 69 .61
300 w*L. E v- ** 4 H4 ,*,
do Ist pfd....' Ml IJ
flo 21 pfd B "
Wlscnnsln Central 45 '''
Am Hid* A 1-en.. . 5% 6
600 do preferred 29 18 MM 29
Am Airr A Chem 87 41
do preferred W0« IM
Ass'd Oil ■• J;
Beth Steel -' -4
do preferred •■ J-J*
Nat Enamel * S 15% 17%
do preferred .»J • M
Pac T.I a Tel "n1 •* 31
iswiat'l Harvester ... BHi MH MVi M
600 do preferred 120 120 120 I=2
U S Realty °'i Jljj
"jo w».<l Mar>-lan.l ...44% 4<% 41 41%
Total shares sold, 6W.400; bonds, 11,438,000.
Ppeclal service to Tho Herald by J. C. Wll
•on 212 Wee* Klfth street. I.os Angeles, mem
ber New York stock exchange. Chicago board
of trade, stock and bond exchange of San
NEW YORK. July 18.— Followlnjc were the
closing quotation*: 1!ld- AEk<
Atchlson Oen <l 9b '•• »f'S
Atchlson cony 4« 103^ 104
naltlmore & Ohio Ist 4s 98V* 9SJ4
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4s 8214 H*
Colorado Industrial 6s •• '»
Us Realty 6s 57 *3
Rock Island col 4s 71'b ii%
Southern Pacific ref 4s JM4 94
do SUV.::::::;:::::::::::::::::::: Sg jj 7 l v
Union Pacific Ist 4» WO'i 100%
do cony. 4s 103 }?"*
r s BUel Ch i«Ti JO"
ITnlted Railway 4s J» '"
WabMh deb 4s 6l 60 1
\\. ternPaclfloli ■!-' 82%
D 4 no ref Bs 9014 «
Japanese 4s .'. Wi 90J4
4o Ist 4148 ....» -I* 7 Ps
do Id 414s 1 °'"* »4\
rS 2s rea-Ktered 100% 101! s
r B 2s coupon WO%
US 3s registered 10114 102
Us 3s coupon 10111 102
UB 4s reKl.stcred 111% 115
1 T S4s coupon 11414 115%
Panama 2s 100% int
Panama 1335» 100% 101 •
NBW YORK, July 18. —Money on call
.sii'Hily. 2©S% per cent; ruling rate, 3S-S
per cent; closing bid, 2'!,, ppr cent; offered,
2% per cent. Time loans easier on short
time, but very firm on lone time; sixty
days, 3 l-4®3'4 per cent, and ninety days
4.i 4 1-4 per cent; six months. 6Q15 1-4 per
Close: Prime mercantile paper, 514 tp
6 per cent; sterllnpr exchange barely steady,
with actual business in bankers' bills at
488.45® 483.50 for sixty day bills, and at
485.40 for demand.
Commercial bills. 452%®483 1-4.
Bar silver. 64 5-Bc.
Mexican dollars, 44c.
Government bonds steady; railroad bonds
WASHINGTON, July 18.—The condition
of the treasury at the beginning of busi
ness today was as follows:
Trust funds —Gold coin, $865,243,6119; sil
ver dollars, $490,522,000; silver dollars of
1890, $3,669,000; silver certificates outstand
ing. $490,522,000.
General fund —Standard silver dollars In
general fund. $1,795,444; current liabilities,
$98 605,566: working balance In treasury of
fices, $38,181,631; in banks to credit of
treasurer of the United States. $39,661,317;
subsidiary silver coin. $19,771,063; minor
coin $1,163,662; total balance In general
fund, $101.401. I'M.
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
ton. 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
NEW YORK, July 13.—Foreign cables, re
ceipts, weather reports and the attempts of
shorts to cover outstanding short contracts, all
helped In advancing cotton options during the
day's session. While July and August con
tinued the strongest, at the same time the
new crop options showed, decided Improvement
and were In much better demand. The flrrii
ness of the old crop opttons Is attributed
mainly to short covering, that party becoming
uneasy on account of light offerings. The clos
ing was well above Saturday and generally
at or nenr the htgh prices of the day.
Spots were quieter, 5 points higher, at 16.45,
with sales of 2."11 bales.
Quotations ranged as follows: —Clone—
Open. High. Low. Bid. Ask.
January 12.79 12.85 12.7Y 12.96 12.98
February 12.97 12.9!)
March 12. 12.!>9 I3.TS 12.97 12.99
May 13 Sfi 13.01 12. 13.02 13.04
July I«.M 16.55 16.41 18.41 16.49
August 1860 15.71 15.60 15.69 15.70
September ..' 13.85 14. 13.81 13.99 14.00
October 13.mi 13.20 12.99 13.18 13.50
November 13.03 13.
December 13.88 13.00 12.78 >13.00 13.01
Spot cotton 16.45; quiet, 5 higher.
LONDON, July IS,-—The offerings i( t the
wool auction nalei today amounted to v,
--790 bales, ni*lnly oroaibredi. The wool was
readily absofced at firm rateg. Good mer
inos wore strong, but heavy suoureds were
often withdrawn.
LONDON, July 18.— stock exchange
here will be closed Saturday, July 30. and
Monday, August 1.
LOS \ \-<:i:i,i::!, July 18.—nank clearings
were $2,718,080.45, an Increase o( J687.499.31 as
compared with thi amount for the correspond
log .lato or last year. Following la a compar
ative statement:
1910. 1009. 190 S.
July 17 |2,718,050.45 »2,030,68L14 »1,664,666.61
Tho market, considering that It was mn-li a
hot day and Monday as well, was fairly good*
being rather active. Most of the trading,
however, w;is confined to the new listing In
tho oil (toeka, Consolidated Midway. There
seemed to be orders on tho floor for all
BtOCk brought out. The sales In thla stock
kept the caller busy, amounting to 60,000, and
rmmopollzi'd a greater part of the call. The
other new listing, Bear Creek Oil A Mining
company, was not traded In. California Mid
way sold at 52. Cleveland was a fraction
higher; thla itoek seems to havo reached bot
tom. Union sold at 10214.
The bank stocks anil bonda were quiet
In the Industrials, Hom.j preferred sold at
38 nil Home common at 6.
Tho mining lint was quiet except California
Hills, which sold at B',i.
Ten shares Home Tel preferred, 38.2?; 10
Home Tel common, B.OO; 1000 Consol Midway,
2:\; 2000 do T! SO, 23V*.; 1000 do 23' i; 10,000 do,
23: 10,000 do, 23; 10,000 do, 23; 6000 do, 23;
2000 do, 23; 3000 do, 23; 1000 do, 23; 1000 do 23;
10 Mex. P Ltd, pfd., 63.00; 10 Union. 102.25.
One thousand ■harei <'nl Midway, R2; 1000
Cleveland, 23%; 1000 do, 23%; 1000 do, 23* i; 2000
Consol Midway, 23; 2000 do, 22%.
Bid. Ask.
American Petroleum Co "4
Associated Oil Co 97% 100
Corona City Water Co „ 92
Corona Power and W C 0....... 99 ..
Cucamonga Water Co 92
Edison El Co Is II 102
Ed leo Co old Issue 1M 108
Home Telephone Co 79 83
Home Tel Co Ist refg .. 73
L A Pac Kst con mtgs 1044
I. A Traction Co 6s 103 110
L A Traction Co 6» 101 IM
Mexican Natl Gas Co 100
Mission Trans and H Co 97%
Pac Elec Ry Co 100
Pac Light and Power Co 80
Paaadana Home T and T Co .. .. SO
Pomona Con Water Co 102
5 Monica H T and T Co 80
6 Diego H T and T Ist mtgs .. .. 80
Temeacal Water Co 99
Union Transportation Co 90 93
U S Long Dist T and T Co 75
Vtsalla Water Co 95
Whlttler Home T and T C 0.... .. M
Bid. Ask.
All Night and Day T!ank 10D.O0
Bank of So' California 115.00
Broadway Bank and Trust 160.00
Cal Savings Bank 100.00 127.50
Central National Bank 178.08 235.00'
Citizens National 224.C0
Commercial National 150.00
Farmers and Merchanta Nat 1..270.00
Federal Bank of L A 13.50
First National 185.00
German American Savings 537.E0
Globe Savings Bank 123.00
Home Say Bank of L A 116
Merchants National 600.00
Merchnnts Bank and Trust Co.. 110.00 180.00
National Bank of Cal 190.00
National Bank of Com 100.00
The Southern Trust Co 74.50 75.50
(50 per cent paid up.)
Bid. Ask.
Edison Electric pfd 70.12% 73.00
Hawaiian Com & Sug 40.00 41.00
lTnme Telephone pfd 38.00 40.00
Home Telephone common 4.87% 5.12^4
Hutchlnson S P Co 17.76 18.25
1. A Athletic Club 10.00
L. A. Investment Co 3.10 3.40
Paauhau S P Co 26.00 " JT.SO
Pac Con Stone Co of Cal 6.15
Riverside Home T anfl T Co 25.00
San Diego Home T and T Co.. 16.50 22.00
Santa onlca B H T.. pfd IS.
Sun Drug Co 110
Title G and T Co pfd 230.00
U B L D T A I Co pfd 30.00 40.00 •
Union Security Corp pfd 100.00
Union Trust Co 29.00 35.00
Amalgamated Oil 62.50 67.00
Amerloan Crude Oil Co ,9S
American Pet Co pfd 93.00
American Pet Co com 65.00
Associated Oil 45.00 46.00
California Midway Oil Co 83 .62%
Central 200 .'....
Cleveland Oil Co .23 .23%
Columbia 1.10 IJO
Consol Midway Oil Co 22% -23
Globe •' -17''i
Jade Oil Co 27%
Mexican Pet Ltil pfd 64.87% 67.50
Mexican Pet Ltd oom 22.75 23.25
Olln.la Land Co (Oil) 60 .64
Palmer Oil Co '. 1.35
Perseus Oil Co .35
Plnal Oil Co 1300
Firu Oil & L Co 17W
Rice Ranch Oil Co 1.10
Section Six Oil Co .50
Trader's oil Co so.oo
Union lOJ.I2H* 102.50
Union Provident Co IHo.l2>£" 101.00
United Petroleum 102.00 100.00
West Coast Oil Com 9.00
- Western Union 100.00
McKlttrick Inv Oil Co .41
01-um Developmant Co 06t4
Afternoon sa'les—looo California Hills 8; 1000
do, 8U; 2000 do. 814.
Cal Hills M Co 08% .0814
Consolidated Mines Co 6.00 M
Johnnie Mining and Mill Co .20
Searchlight Parallel ■ 01
Family extras, $5.60#6; bak«ri" extras JD.6O
&6: Oregon and Washington, f1.80%5.
Wheat—Shipping, 11.5818 1.60.
Barley— Feud, $1.0714 01.10; brewing,
Oats— Red, U. 2501.3714.
Millstuffs —Middlings. J'.'SW.TI; mixed
feed, $24030; rolled barley, [email protected]; oat
moal, $3.60; at groats. $3.80; rolled oats,
[email protected]
—wheat, 1)jM; wheat and oat, $0®
12; oat. wild, $"@10; oat, tame, [email protected]; al
falfa. [email protected]; straw, $35060.
Receipts—Flour, 1171; wheat, 660; barley,
7'>3o; oats, 980: beans, 75: 'potatoes, 11,
--8- onions, 490; bran. 100; hay, 1462;
straw 20; hops, 46; hides, 890; wine, 46.550.
Beans—Pink, $6<&'6.15; lima, $4.40*4.50;
small white, [email protected]; large white, $3.6s<tf>
Potatoes— Xew potatoes, 75c#51.10. ,
Onions —Fancy, $2; common, $1.85.
Various—Qreen peas, 2® 4c; string beans,
l®Jo; 'egg plant, 50<!T65c; green peppers,
[email protected]; tomatoes, 60<fD75c; summer squash,
[email protected]; garlic, 2!4©4c.
Poultry—Roosters, old, $5{f5,50; roosters,
young, $7.50©10; broilers, small. [email protected];
broilers, large, $3®3.50; fryers, |SO(i hens,
$3®10; ducks, old, $4.50W6; ducks, young.
[email protected]; geese, I1OI.E0; goslings, |SO
2.60; pigeons, young, 11.i001.T1.
CHICAGO. July IS.—("attic— Receipt! es
timated at 25.000. market 10 to 15c lower;
beevea, [email protected]; Texai iteeri, 14.4006.50;
western steers, $.'>'« 7: stockers and feeders,
|[email protected]; cowl and heifers. S-'.O.'iK ti.73;
calves, SS.75«i R. 73.
Hog*—Receipts estimated at 21.000; mar
ki>i steady; lltJlt, J8.605?5.90; mixed, »8.50
M 8 90; heavy. J8.20©8.115; rough, $8.20®
8.35; (DOd to choice heavy, $8. 8.75; pigs,
|8.60®9; bulk "f (ales [email protected]
gheep— R Ipti estimated at 40,000; mar
ket steady, mostly 25c. lower; native, $;.50#
4- western. 12.8504; yearlings. |4©4.85;
lambs, native, |[email protected]«.25; western. »4©
LIVERPOOL, Jury IS. — Hope In London,
Pacific coabt, steady, ill ss'»l fl 10s.
Special servlcd to The Herald by J. C.
Wilson, 212 West Fifth utreet, Los Angeles.
membur New York Stock exchange, Chicago
Board of Trade, Stock and Bond exchange
of Bah Francisco.
BAN FRANCISCO, July Following were
the cloelng quotailone:
Alameda Artesian W Co 5s ''"
Associated Oil Co 6s «0
Ba;- Counties Power Co 6s 103 104
Cal Central Oai & Elec 5s 101
Cal Gas A Elec gen M & C T 6s 10094 101
California St Cablo Co r.s : 100
California Wine Al D 5s 87
City Electric Co 6s 88% fi9
Contra Costa Water Co 8s 1'"
do gen mtg 5s S3 '4
Edison Elec Co of L A Ba 100
Edlion Light & Power 6s 109
First lereJ Trust Co 5s
Ferries A ntff House Ry 6s 102 ..
Hawaiian Com'l A S 5s 101% 105%
Honolulu n T A L Co 6s 104% ..
Lake Tahoe Ry A. T Co r>s 98
Los Angeles Oas A Bleo Co 5s 100
Los Angeles Railway Be .'.....i0n
Los Angeles Lighting Od 6s 100
L A Pnc H R lPt con mtg 6s 113
L A Pac RR of Cal 5s 100 102%
Market Stroct\Cable Co 6s 101% 103%
do Ry lnt cons mtg 5s 99
Northern Ry Co (of Cal) 5s 113% 113%
*North-rii Cal Railway 5s 100
I Northern C«l Power Co Se Si% 8514
j Northern Electrlo Co 6a m
Oakland Oas Light A II 6s 102
I Oakland Transit Co Cs 107V4 ..
Oakland Tranelt 6s M2J4 ••
Oakland Tranßlt Con 6s 102% ..
Oakland Traction Con 5s 9'
Oakland Traction Co 59 "
Oakland Water Co gtd Ps 95 ..
Omnibus Cable Railway 6s 118%
Paclfln Ons Imp 4s »l> »'»
Pacino Electric Ry Co 5s 103H ..
I'aclfln Light A Power (gtd) 5s 99% ■•
Paciflo Tel A Tel .Co 6s 95% 9614
PaHl A Cliff House Ry 6s N
Park A Ocean ; R R 6s 100
People's Water Co 5i 66% 67%
Powell Street Ftallway 6s 100
Bao'to Eloc Gas ARy 6s 1"04 ••
S F Oak San Jose Ry 6s 103 ..
•lo M mtg 5b s!*4
S F O»k A S J Con Ry 6s 96
B J A S Clara Co R R 4%s 90
Sierra Ry of cal 6s 109%
8 P R n of Cnl 6a (1912) 104 ..
S P R R of Cal Ist c gtd g 5s 112% ..
H 1' Branch Ry of Cal 6s 124
S P P. R Co Ist rHg 4s 94
Stockton Gas A Elec Corp 6s 106 ..
X V Water Co Oen Mtg 4s 89H ..
United n n of p F 4s 60% ■■
Valley Counties Power Co 5s 100 102
Pprln* Valley Water Co ■.. 4,% 48%
Oro Water WH 62
City Electric Co 63 •■
N Cal Power Co con ■■ Jj-'S
Pacific Lighting Corp com 66% 70
California Ins Co •■ »°
Firemen's Fund 238% ..
PreMdto 55 32%
Giant Consolidated Co "9% ..
Hawaiian -Com'l A Sugar Co 40% ..
Honnkaa Sugar Co 19l *
Hutchlnson Sugar Plantation li'« 18%
Kllauea Sugar Plantation Co 13% ..
Makawell Sugar Co 39 ..
Onomea Sugar Co 46% •■
Paauhau -R-P Co.. 26% 27
Associated Oil Co 45
Sterling Oil <fe Dcv Co 2
Alaska Packers'' Association 89% ..
Cal Fruit Canners' Association 100
Cal Wine Association 24
Paa. Auxiliary Fire Alarm S
Paciflc. Coast Borax Co 155 ..
Pnr Tel A Tel common. SI 34
Morning ealee—looo Pac Tel ss. 96; 5000 Nor
i al Power Con 6s, 94%; 1000 Cal Gas A Elec
Be. 101; 1000 United Ry ss, C9»4; 35 City Elec.
Afternoon sales—2*loo Nor Cal Power Co Fs,
94? i; 7000 Nor Ry r.s, 113%; 5000 L A Ry ss,
106; SWIO Pac Klec Bs. 103%; 5 Assd Oil, 4EHi
120 City Klec, 53%, 25©53>i: 78 F F Ins, 240;
15 Hawaiian. 40%.
Special service to The Herald by 3. C. Wll
«on, member of the Chicago board of trade.
New York stock «change and San Franclico
bond and stock exchange, 212 West Fifth street,
Los Angeles.
CHICAGO, July 18.—Dry weather northwest
over Sunday and jrenerally higher foreign
markets, together with generally bullish sta
tistics, were the early Influences for higher
wheat prices. Later influences were of the
other sort, but equally Important. The win
ter wheat has besun to move freely. Kan
sas City arrivals alone were 476,000 bushels.
There were purchases here since Saturday's
close of more than 600,000 bushels, and the
cars on the tables today aggregated 56, large
ly of conslKned wheat, and not fin.line: a ready
market except with warehouse men, who
have tabooed the fancy premiums. A very
lrrpe proportion of the arrivals grade No. 1,
and experienced grain men say they have seen
no better whe.t In 35 years. Local mills
have bought a little wheat here today, but
outside mills nothing. It Is notable that the
wheat bought here today to arrive was
largely from Indiana and Illinois, where rains
have been frequ nt and heavy recently.
The corn market was strons early, with
wheat on aactive buying principally from
In.nl speculative sources. There has been mn
reaotton finally based on realizing pales
made by leading longs on the swells which
have caused other reallzlns or liquidation.
(\isli corn pnl.s to arrive from the country
have been larger today than for some time,
due presumably to lull In farm operations
In some sections where harvest Is completed
and corn laid by.
Oat:; have been a reflection of the action In
other grains. There was good speculative buy-
In : and higher prices early, then realizing
ealefl and a reaction later. General volume
of trade has not been large.
Provisions wore hipher early, the advance
called out free selling by packers and hroußiit
a slump In prices and there was a rally later
on ooverlnc by shorts, who oversold during
the slump.
WHEAT— „ Open. High. Low. Close.
July $1.10^4 $1.1114 $1.10 "• ll.lUi
September .... IM\j, 1.09 . 1.07% 1.07";4
IVcrmber 1.09T4 1.10%. 1.09 I.OOVi
May 1.14 1.15 113 1.1394
CORN— . '
July 60 .60% .69% .59%
September fil'i .X% .SH4 .61*4
December 58Ts .59% .58% .58%
May 60% .61% .60% .60%
July 41<4 .41% .41,4 .41%
September 40 .40 .3:i>i .30V.,
December 41 .41 .40% .40%
May 43t» .43% .42% .42%
July .... .... 25. SO
SeHtember ....21.65 21.65 21.42 21.62
July 11.70 11.70 U.BT 11.60
BepUmber ....11.77 li.so ii.6, r > 11.73
Oi'tober 11.67 11.67 11.52 11.57
July 12.10 12.10 11.90 11.92
September ....11.55 11.60 11.45 11.52
October 11.02 11.02 10.90 10.92
Floui—Firm: No. 2 rye 78c: feed or mix
ing barley. 62©69 c: fair to choice malting.
69iff 76c; flax seed. No. 1 southwestern.
$2.34: No. 1 northwestern, $2.44; timothy
seed. $5.50: clov«r. $11.75; mess pork. per
bbl.. $26W26.50; lard, per 100 lbs., |ll,tlH|
short ribs, sides (loose), »11.17H OH. Js|
short clear sides (boxed). $13fiH3.af.
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 18.000 bushels. Primary receipts
wore 887.000 bushels, I'omrnreti with 641,
--000 bushels the corresponding day a year
ago. The vlslbln supply of wheat In the
United States decreased 779.000 bushels for
the week. The amount of liroadstuffa on
ocean passage decreased 942.01)0 bushels
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
56 cars; corn. 330 cars; oats, 231 cars; hogs,
14.000 head.
Daily movement of produce:
Articles— . Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, hi. 15.100 ' 18.600
Wheat, bushels 24.100 66..100
Corn, bushels 513.700 553.800
Oats bushels 303.500 139.500
Barley, bushels .64.000 4,300
Fancy creamery. '.'sc; seconds, 28V40; fancy
dairy, 27c.
Cheese— 13V4<gl4Vi; Ynung America,
[email protected]
Eggs—Ranch, 29 Vie; store, 270.
CIIICAOO, July 18. ——Steady;
creameries, 24©2Sc: dairies. 23©26 c.
Eggs—Steady; receipts, 10.390; at mark,
cases Included, 10(fHe; firsts, 15c; prime
firsts, 17c.
Cheese— Steady: daisies. 15%©llic; Twins,
lsji'ls',ic; Young Americas, 15!4©16c; Long
11.. ins, lti'u 16 lie.
Wagon Loads of Cantaloupes
■Unsold—Lemons and
Vegetables Higher
The f>ntur« of the produce market Jinn
day wai tlio drop In oantaloupe quotations.
Receipts wero the heavleit of tho season.
Many wagonloails in tho yard were not ho, I.
Prlco of large oratei ilumped $1.50.
Tho heat seriously affected melon ana
berry values.
A carload of apricots arrived from the
north, tho first •hlament for a week.
Orang«« and lemons advanced 500 a box
because of tho heat.
A strontter ton prevailed in tho potato
anrl onion market. During the present week
epuds from tho north will begin to show
In the market.
No change In butter or e| ■ prices.
Knough fish arrived to (111 oraer*.
Receipts of produi .were: Eggs, 136
cases; butter, 26,084 pound!; cheese, 80S
pounds; potatoes, 1367- sacks; bean«, 20
sacks; apples, 2400 sacks.
Following aro the wholesale prices ot
produce to retailers as complied by tho
Market Reporter:
KGG3— ranch, candlad, Sooi do case
count, huylng price, 81c; fresh eastern, 2Sc;
taitarn storage packed, fxtras, 26c. |
BUTTER— price to trade 2> 3 c
higher. California creamery, extras, SIWI
do firsts. 30c; cooking butter, 26c; ladle
butter, 26c. '
CHEESE—Northern. fr«sh. 17c; anchor,
large, 18c; Oregon Daisy, 18'A(&'19c; eastern
singles, 19c; do Twins, 18H0J do Daisies,
19®19'/ie; do Long Horn, 19«20c; do cnea
ders, 18'ic; Imported Bwil», 30c; Jack
cheese, 25c; domeitiC Swiss. 22®2«e; cream
brick, 20c; Limburger, l»0JOci Roquefort.
[email protected]; Edam, |lol| Canadian cream, box,
BEANS—No. 1 pink, $7.25; No. 1
Llmas. $4.75; No. 1 Lady Washington, *>.00;
No. 1 small whites, M.75; No. 1 Black
eyes, $6.50; No. 1 Garvanzas, $4.o0; No. 1
lentl'ls, California. $7. ,
POTATOES —New potatoes, lug, 60c; no,
$1.50 Back; White Rose, $1; yellow sweets,
6S7c lb. ,
ONIONS—T,ocnI Australian brown, per ewt,
13.50; local Silver Kklns. lug box. 90c;
Bermudas, crates. $1.40©1.50: local Yellow
Danvpri, cwt., $2.50; Oregon, $2; garlic, per
IbFRESH FRUlT—White Astrakans. $1.78;
Pearmain--, 4'; tier, $2: Fearmalns 4 tier
11.50; Newtown Pippins, 4 tier »-•-•>• d 0
Ay, tier, $1.35; Spltzenberjts, 11.50: Wlne
saps, 4 tier! $3«?4: crabapples. $1.25; Alexan
ders. R RIE-Str 7awberr.e S . per ba.k.|:. 4©
■■HlES—Strawberries, per basket, «O
lings $2- Valencia oranges. [email protected], limes,
20-lb'. box, 11.111 lemons, $4©6.
TROPIC Bananas. 4^c lb; do rea, 80.
Fard datesT 10<&> 12c lb; do Golden, [email protected] 3 c
lb^ nCE£ PAN- E OU S -A P ricots. per lv. j box
[email protected]; cantaloupe., .tandara. 11.75.
pony orate, U-50; Jumbo* crate, IMII l£
rals, cabbage, crates, 13.60; *««»■ P«f
box BOETSc; grapes, per crate, Jliei.iu.
is if?u:isf Hi
IJS crate- Bartlett pears, ll.St box. c
b -rj^V^lbKh^
cib^h.V 1-U»4oi™.i i«^ 1«o.:. »c;
cucumber, box, IBeile: sreen corn, d«*.
l^l^ rnorra 9a.,rper bib.. ITS1 T5c i e^ra P. la. nb!: L\
fetiice r?at" »1®1.»; peas. lb.. Digtic; parsley
"KiTTC'Alm™^, fancy IXU ft., [email protected];
BraSSTIbT. "?S cocoanuts. 30c; filberts, lb..
? "pecans XXXX. lb., 17c; peanuts, intern.
lb" 7'4c; do Japan, [email protected]>ic; walnuts, No 1,3.
"lb 14X--315C; do No. 2, 12c; do budded, 16c;
no,corn eastern, per OWt, $3.50; do local. $3.50.
pRICE-Fancy Hondura. (Carolina), per 100
11 f. $6.75; choi-' do, [email protected]; Japan grades.
U7534: island rice. $6.60; broken. $3.60.
HONBY-Extracted water white, lb., SHoi
do white 7%c; do light amber, 7c; comb honey,
1-lb. frames, JSes beeswax, lb., 20c. ■
LIVE STOCK—Packers pay. f. o. b. IjOs An
releV for: Beef steers, 5®5%c: beef heifers,
4M.®sc; beef calves, tH9«oi mutton weathers,
$5 Ro®6: do ewes. $555.60; do lambs. $3.5053.75;
""pOULTRY-Turkeys. live, per lb.. HOOOI
laree hens, « Ib 3. up, per lb., 18c; small hens,
»V. HV, per 11 s-, 16c; broilers. 1 to U4, per
rb""l6c'- friers. H4 to 3 lbs., per lb, 19c; roast
chicken, per lb.. 20c; duqk, per lb.. 15c; geese,
per lb., 15c; squabs, per dozen, $1.50; old roos
ters, per lb., 10c.
CHILI— Evaporated strings, lb., 25c; do loose,
22c- Mexican black, lb., 25c; green chili, lb.,
9c; chill Tepins, lb., [email protected];; Japan, [email protected]
HAT (baled)—Tho following quotations ar«
furnished by the Los Angeles Hay Storage Co.:
Tlarley [email protected]; tarn« oat, per ton. $14®
16 SO; alfalfa, [email protected]; wheat hay. $14015.
MILL FEED—Bran. $1.45; whole corn, $1.80;
cracked corn, $1.55; feed meal, $1.90; rolled
barley, $1.30; oil cake meal. $2.95; shorts, $1.70;
Kaffir corn, $1.75; white oats. $1.90; do red,
eastern, 12.25; wheat, original sacks, cwt.,
$1.80; do 100-lb. Backs, $1.85.
Following are the wholesale prices on flour
and feed furnished by the Los Angeles Farm
ing and Milling company:
XXXX Standard, blended, per bbl 18.00
Purity 6.M
Our Pride 5.20
Apple Blossom 5.00
Flour In H-Backs 200 per bbl higher. XXXX
Is retailed at $1.70 per Y+ sack; 90c per H sack.
-5a Bales. Ks 14s
Graham flour *5.40 JS 20 $3.15 »3.10 I
Entire wheat Hour 3.60 3.30 3.25 3.20
Rye flour I.** *-60 .55 3.50
Hye meal »-80 3.60 3.55 I.M
Corn meal, Y. & W J. 60 2.60 2.5; 2.60
Oatmeal, steel cut 5.70 6.50 G. 45 6.4«
Hominy, large and small 4.10 | J. 90 3.85 B.SO
farina. 4.00 3.80 |.7« 3.70
Cracked wheat 4.00 3.80 3.75 3.70
XXXX pastry, In bales [email protected]
XXXX family In bales 3.705j3.50
Kolied wheat, bbl. lit lbs J4.."0
Rolled wheat, BacUs, 76 lbs., per sack 2.5 a
Boiled wheat, sacks, 60 lbs., per Bacic 1.70
100 lta.
Alfalfa meal $1-30
Bone, granulated 2.00
Bone meal »■«
XXXX beef scrap» 1.10
Bran - }-4*
Rolled barley J.2S
Charcoal • J-M
XXXX chick feed 1"
Per bale 20 5-lb bags B.IJ
Per bale of 70 10-lb. bags 3.10
Corn, eastern mixed 1 SO
Eastern white , }•»
Yellow dent }•»
Cracked }■!?
Small yellow J-»
Feed meal }■«•
XXXX" Egyptian •ia-iupirior-eVg-foodi *•••
XXXX dry mash (a »up«rlor egg food)
per 90-lb. sack 3"
Grit, granite •'"
ckx,ra m ruamywhii;--f«d"::::::::::::i:5
foodV.:::;::::: 2.10
BhorU ]■£
Wheat • j™
100-lb. sack {•»
Cracked, 100-lb. sack v *•*
NEW YORK. Jul>' IH. -The following is
the New York produoe sxohange stui
of the visible, supply of grain In the United
States Saturday, July 1C:
Wheat, 10.53U.0U0 bushels; decrease, 779,
Corn, 4.740,000 huslielß; daoraaM, 3000.
OatH, 3,519."00 Ijuslkls; : ; iB,OOO.
live' 318.000 bushels; rlt-creaso, (1,1
Bariey, 1,107,000 bushels; decrease, 337,
You can buy It. prrnaps at many pUu»s, but
there's one BEST plac* to buy It-an* that
Blace advertl*-.
3IEMBERI New Tork Steck Eirhanße. (iil<ago Hoard of Trade. The Stock and
* " liomi Btehanfe, 8. I.
IIAIK coo« CORRKSrONDESTSi 1r1253I rl253
Harris, Winthrop & Co.
Taiadcna Client! (all Home 110. B. O. LATBBOP, Manage.
. , n., 1,, i i M i i ,n ,
~~"^MiiP~ -~^~^ -■ — oniCEM
N, T _, ; , ,-. i•£_,_:- J- B, FISHBURN, President.
ational Bank of California H . B . mckee, cashier.
Capital, (500,000,
N. B. rorncr Fourth anil Sprln>. Surplus and Undivided Profits, $ia»,000.
C, ! 7~Z '. B. V. ZOMBRO, President ~*
entral National rianri jam r gist, caehior.
Capital. }.1>M),ooo.
U P. E. comer Tourth an<l Broadway. Burplua and Undivided Proflt«. $213,
Broadway Bank & Trust Company WARREN OILLELEN, President.
roadway Bank & Trust Company A w Ui
* Capital, $250,000.
SOS-SI" Broadway, Bra-lbury building. Surplus and i:n MvLl.-.l Frnflts, 1335.000.
- ~ TTT ', (HAIArf w HELLMAN, President.
United States National bank f. w. smith, cashier.
I j capital, $Mo.np<v.
Us. E. corner Main eni Commercial Surplus and Profits, $73,000.
Citizens National Bank I! J. WATERS, President.
rtitizens National Bank a, cashier.
U B. W. corner Vhlrd .M Main. Surplus, $5n0.0W, ,
tlomrnercial National Bank newm\nessick. cuhur.
" Capital, $200,000.00.
P 401 B. SI ing. comer Fourth. Surplus, ft Vn.lU-1.1e.l Pronto. $<7.000.M.
■ "T! '. ,_, . r. W. HEbLMAN, President.
Farmers & Merchants National Bank charies bbyler, cashier.
■■ Capital, $1,5'",000.
I QBrtfr Fourth and Main. Burpl-i. a,,: Proflts. II.mOOO.
"- — — — ' J M KLUOTT, PrMident.
First National Bank w. t. s. hammond. cashier.
L Capital stork. $1,250,000.
X a rorr»T Zei-nn* an'l Spring. Surplus nn.l Profits. t1.825.n00.
'— '• ———— ___— — VV. H. HOLIJDAT. President.
Merchants National Bank chas. greene, cashier.
Capital, $200,000. . J ..« MA
H. a. rorn-r Thlri and Bpttafr rr^? ,a.^n. I W.»^MW
Largest and Oldest in the Southwest
Resource, $29,000,000.00
Pay. the hlghe-t rate, of interest and on th* most liberal terms con.Utea» wit.
•ound, eon«errative lianklaar. _
Largest and best equipped Safe Deposit and Storage Vault in the
Security Building Spring and Fifth Streets J
———a^i^^a^aia^a^a^a^a^^ala^a^MWal^— —>^»^a^»^»^a^a^^^^—
Z^" TM£. BAMK WITM THE >ta^S^^'
gOoSI Brl r<lf. *1' tipffflMT?i!a^2aMiii*siJ^iZ^^
Fancy apples, 66©85 c; common S*®B»°-
Berries- BtrawbsrriM, $3.60® 5; blacK
berries, |3©4.10; raspberries, Va%l.
Ordinary. I101.SS; Muscat, [email protected]
1.25; Fontainbleau. 40ig)750.
IJ eal ._Coinmon, 50c; fancy, *1.:5; Hait
lett, t1.55tf1.50.
Peaches —Common, 60c; rancv, SSC.
Plums —Common, 20c: fancy, 65c.
Mexican limes. $6^6.50. ,„_„.,
Lemon*— Common California. $2; fancy,
Watermelons, $1.50«f2.50; fancy
cantaloupes, »2.60; common. |1-". .
Tropical Bananas, [email protected]$3; pine
apples, $2® 3.
NEW YORK, July 18.— Evaporated apples
aro moderately active; firmly held on the
•pot. 10%©llHc; choice, IH0I«1 prime,
7</[email protected]; common to fair, [email protected]%0.
• Prunes auiet but firm owing 'small
stocks, quotations ranging from lO> l-4c
for Callfornlas up to 30-40S, and [email protected]»l-*c
fO\p°lcot°s flrm but quiet. Choice ,*?
10 1-Ic; extra choice, 10H®llo; fancy,
"p^hls'cu.et, steady. Choice, 6ivt««l*c>i
extra choice. [email protected] 1-4 c; fancy, Tl-4WTHO.
Raisins quiet, unchanged; loose musca
tels 3 7-8®5%; choice to fancy seeded, 4^
®\'\c; seedless, 3%@4'ic and London lay
ers, 11.1091.21.
NEW YORK, July 18.—Coffee futuree
closed firm at a net advance of (QlO
points. ABide from the lower French mar
ket thero was nothing in the cables tv
cause any depression, and tho early selling
for European account was readily absorbed.
Sales, 62,000 bags. Closing bids: July,
J6 86- August, »6.90; September, October
and November. $7: December, $7.0.-; Janu
ary $7.07; February. $7.08: March and
April. $7.10; May and June, 7.11. Spot
firm; No. 7 Bio, «H©BB-8o; Santos No 4
91,4 c; mild coffee steady; Cordova. 100
18flUBar raw. steady. Muscovado. SD test.
$3 SOi centrifugal, .96 teit. l*.Boj molasses
lunar. S9 test, $3.55. Refined quiet; crushed,
,5 83; granulated, $5.15; powdered, $5.25.
BT LOTJHi July 18. —Wool iteady; me
dium grades eombln« and clothing, 22 ft
"IVic- light fine. 17©l«c; heavy fine, lit
14c- tub wa«hed. 25«.'9>32 I.ic.
NEW YORK. July —Cotton closed at
a net advance of Beven points on July ana
later deliveries, showing a net gain of from
27 to 36 points. .
Spot closed steady, 5 points higher; mM
dlinff upland*, 18.45o; middling gulf, 16.70 c,
salea 15,911 bales.
Futures closed firm. Closing bids: July,
1«.46c: August, 15.69 c; September, 18.»» c;
October 13.18 c: November, 11.30 c: Decem
b»r, 12.00c;January. 13.96 c; February.
12.97 c; March. 12.97 c.
NEW YORK. July 18 —Mrs. Richsrd
Vldrlch, a wealthy resdent of River
llde drive, has converted her I
New York's most exclusive boulevard
Into a summer hospital Cor the ill
babies of the poor, and has installed
her own physician as adviser In Chief.
A guild ot deaconnesses is In charge
of the work. About twenty children
are now being cared for, and the num
ber will shortly be increased. As the
ptients convalesce they are to bo
to Mrs. Aldrleh's country place
in Dutohesi county for the restoration
of their health.
CHICAGO, July 18.—"Within flve min
uter after he had been convicted of
Impersonating a federal secret service
operative Ivan la Roehelle was sen
tenced to two years in the government
penitentiary at Leaveaworth, Kus., by
Judse Landi3 hero today.
MASON CITY, lowa, July 18.—
body of James Lukes, aged 20, a baker,
was found in the brush near here last
night. It Is beliuved he was murdered
by robbers.
||Night and Day®
JBt habit of uaving money beats IK
ff the habit of only saving five te|
II hours a day. Save all the U
D time. Have your money and M
U your account where you can II
H deposit your money when you »
B get it. Then you won't spend II
n it. We pay interest on de- Ml
laLL Ml6finDAj3
bCI Sfearm j& a# vcfl {&
N^jr 6th and Spring Sts.**js£tr
Parade About Town Ends Before
Gift Barrel in Front of
Voliva's Altar
CHICAGO, July 18.—Silver coins and
bills to the depth of a foot and a half
were thrown into a til-colored barrel
placed before the pulpit at Zion City
tabernacle yesterday by the followers
of Wilbur Glenn Voliva, general over
■eer of the Christian Catholic Apos
tolic church of Zion and successor to
John Alexander Dowle, who marched
over the north shore city and took
formal possession of the buildings
which last week again came Into their
control through the action of the
t( deral court in dissolving the receiver
It was like a revival of tho old days
of Eowio. The call for the free-will
offering preceded the march about the
City, aril thousands of women, men
and children filed past the barrel that
stood before the pulpit and cast therein
their offerings, ranging from nve-cent
i to twenty-dollar bills.
Tlu' Zion band took Its place at the
of the column that formed out
slde of the tabernacle to inarch
through the town. After the band
Overseer Voliva and tho directors
of the church, and behind them came
the hundreds that form tho "white
robed choir." These in turn were fol
lowed by the "junior seventies," tho
"Intermediate seventies" and the
"senior seventies." Those who ware
too "i«l to *tand the three-mile walk
were allowed to ride In omnibuses.
KANSAS CITY, July 18.— The entire
congregation of the Church of God
offered prayer yesterday for the recov
ery of Paul Bell, who was stricken
last Tuesday with Infantile paralysis.
but Who has shown unusual siv,
improvement since the night of the
attack, when his parents d.
many hours to prayer fwr nil r«O0
Many, it is said, have become in
terested in tli. of the < ''itirdi
of God. and a number of luquiriee'
were made, yesterday refcTurding tin;
belief of its members.
TOPEKA, Kas., July IS.—lnfantilo
paralysis caused the death here today
of Rollin Meyer, I years old, ion of
H. E. Meyer. The child has been 111
nine days. Death was caused by suf
focation brought on by the disease.
Thin is the second death from tnfan
tllo paralysis in Topeka this year, and
tho third death in the state.

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