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News of the Courts
Mrs. Heron Heaps Up Allegations
in Suits Over Property
and for Divorce
• Mrs. Amy A. Heron's suit against
her husband. Pr. N. C. Heron of tho
Heron Eucalyptus company, for a
division of their property and her
counter-complaint for a divorce were
temporarily postponed yesterday by
Judge Hutton of the superior court, to
permit her to file suit against N. Wal
lace Werman as Joint-defendant. ,
Mrs. Heron's troubles, according to
her complaints, are of the direst na
ture. S'.ie starts them by stating her
age as 65 years, and that of her hus
band as 45 years.
She charges her husband with ex
treme cruelty, vhich, she avers, cul
minated in his taking her for a ride
last winter and concludin.tr what she
thought would be a pleasant trip by
placing- her in the ward for the insane
at the county hospital.
Then, she declares, on or about Jan
nary 29, 1910, she was sent to the
nsylum at Patton. as the result of
trickery on his part. She was dis
charged from that Institution June 6,
and was restored to competency
June 24. ■ ,
Upon her release from the Insane
esylum, she asserts, she learned of her
husband's intention of obtaining a
divorce from her. She began an in
vestigation of his affairs that ended
In her belief that he had leased their
home at 338 West Jefferson street to
N. Wallace Werman for a term of
•three years in return for the board
»nd lodging of the physician.
She declares the property to fee
worth in the neighborhood of $15,000,
end avers Its rental should be not less
than $76 a month. In view of these
beliefs she wants to make Werman a
ioint defendant, in the thought that
fie la receiving too much profit from
the alleged lease.
In her cross-complaint for divorce
[Mrs. Heron charges her husband with
a statutory offense. She also wants
nlimony, a temporary allowance of
$100 a month, $500 for attorneys' fees
end $50 to pay the costs of the suit.
Property Worth $65-000 Is Dis
posed of for $27,000
Property said to be worth $85,000 was
Bold on the court house steps yester
day for $27,000.
It was the Sentous ranch, consisting
of 204 acres, and situated near Holly
wood. It was the Joint property of
Michael Fernandez, jA. Frye and Dr.
Josiah Evans Cowles and the sale was
ordered by the court as the result of
a recent suit for a partition of the.
ranch by Fernandez, who owned one
eighth, as did Frye, while the re
maining three-fourths was the prop
erty of Dr. Cowles.
At the sale Will C. Prather, a real
estate operator, bid the ranch up to
$46,000, but later withdrew the offer,
when Dr. Cowles purchased it for
$27,000. , t>
Heirs of Estate of J. G. Downey
Bring Action
The site of the federal building at
Temple, Spring and Main streets fig
ures In a suit in the superior court
that the heirs of John G. Downey, a
Los Angeles pioneer, have begun
against the state of California.
The suit is to quiet title to the site
which has been sold to the govern
ment and the means taken, is to sue
the state to obtain the abandonment
«if tho state's claims to an inheritance
The plaintiffs are Eleanor Martin, a
Bister of Downey, who died March 1,
nsfl-f, J. Downey Harvey, l Jeter D. Mar
tin, Walter K. Martin and Genevievo
Goad Riley. The hearing on the de
murrer to the claim lor tho inheritance
tax will be heard before Judge Monroe
July 26.
Judge Hervey yesterday threw out
of court the case of Mrs. Mac Hilda
Kessler against K. L. Hutchison, at
torney, whom she was suing for $477.35,
■which she said sho paid upon his ad
She was acting fis. the administrator
of the estate of John C, Baruct when
the alleged payment was made. hen
the court would not allow thu sum she
■brought suit against Hutchison. He
filed a demurrer, which waa sustained
when Judge Hervey found that Bha
liad sued as tho administrator of the
estate. He paid the suit might have
merits if it had been brought by her
The contest between Clara Newton
Cattern and May Newton Levitt, sis
ters, over the guardianship of their
olderly father, Jacob Newton of South
I'asadena, and his estate, which is
said to be valued at nearly J200.000,
was begun yesterday In Judge Rives'
The sisters were appointed joint
gu ixdl&ns, but are unable to agree
or i vii such "mall matters as the
grocery bills of their parent, it is
Arguments on demurrers made by
live of the thirty-nine persons and or
ganizations charged by John Lapique
With fal.se Imprisonment and malicious
prosecution, and who are sued on
those grounds for $50,000 damages
each, were begun yesterday before
Judge Conrey of tho Buperlor court.
The demurrers fire those ••? Richard
jmd Marie Corcoran, Louis Sentoug,
jr., Marie Bentous and the Fl
American Baking company.
Judge Willis yesterday postponed t vio
nclng of Klmer Ellsworth Rowell
cl arged with obtaining money by fall
p etensei in a mining deal, until Sat
urday, because'hli attorneys-were busy
la another court.
Mm. Norn I>. Danford, wife of W. 3.
Danford, disbarred lawyer, U art In* m
attorney for hrr hunband In the milt
brought In Judge Conrey'» conrt by Mn.
C»t!i«-rine K. Smith, now on probation for
crimes made pnbllo through the Wilson
quadruplet wnndul, and who I* sulnjc
Danford for the recovery of $3100 which
•lie »n>!> "he paid Danford when he de
fended her In n OBM against Iht In the
fcdcrnl court.
Charges Insults Followed Taking
Up of Ticket from
For alleged gross insults, humiliation
and subjection to tie hoots and Jeero
of a crowd. C Pfflao, who declares
himself a person of refinement, filed
suit in the superior court yesterday
against the Pacific Electric Railway
company, asking $2500 damages.
According to the complaint, Palso
boarded a San Pedro car at Seventh
and Main streets May 1 and purchased
frosa the conductor a round-trip ticket
to the harbor section of Los Angeles.
On the return trip, he avers, the con
ductor took up his return ticket and
then demanded an extra fare.
Paiso refused to pay again, and to
the accompaniment of the hoots and
jeers of fellow passengers, he declares,
the conductor ejected him at Bangle
station. There he waited until another
car of the defendant company arrived,
and, boarding it, he was forced to
pay his fare to reach Los Angeles.
Reaching the depot at Sixth and
Main streets, Paiso declares, he found
the necessity of paying an extra fare
had emptied his pockets of all cash,
and he was forced to walk home, thus
increasing the humiliation to which
he alleges he already had been sub
jected. „
City Clerk, Tax Collector and
Auditor Cited to Appear
City Clerk Lclande, City Tax Col
lector Taggart and City Auditor Mey
ers yesterday were cited to appear
August 1 before Judge Conrey of the
superior court to show cause why the
injunction against their enforcing 1 the
recently enacted tax and license or
dinance, known as ordinance No. 20,000,
should not be made permanent.
The injunction was issued by Judge
Bordwell, presiding Judge of the
fuperior court, at the Instance of the
Southern California Edison company,
the Los Angeles Trust and Savings
bank, the Southern Trust company, the
Security Ravings bank and the Los
Angeles Gas and Electric corporation.
The matter later was transferred to
Judge Conrey's court.
Vera B. Schaupp of Pasadena, alleged
relig-ious fanatic, who was placed in a
sanitarium by her parents to prevent
her marriage to Owen Perrott, prob
ably will take a sea voyage to the
She was before Judge Bordwell yes
terday, and he practically decided to
order such a Journey for her to see
what the change will do for her. He
has determined that If she takes the
trip it will be in the company of no
relative, but with a woman companion
whom he will name.
Sam Carsnn, who admitted that
drinking caused him to commit crimes,
was sentenced yesterday by Judge
Willis to serve three years in San
Quentin for stealing a horse valued at
$S0 from Robert Bherer & Co. Carson
asked to be placed where liquor could
not be obtained.
Louis Larsen, accused of petty lar
ceny and with a prior conviction on
a similar charge that Will make his
offense a felony if the present accusa
tion is proved, was arraigned before
Judge Willis in the superior court yes
terday. He will be tried October 21.
Frank Valuenznola, accused nf rob
ben', wan accorded an arraignment
before Judge Davis of the superior
court yesterday. lie pleaded not guilty,
and his trial was set for August 26.
J. Roberts ploaded gnllty yesterday
before Judge Davis In the superior
court to the charge of issuing a worth
less check and asked for probation.
Hia application will be hoard Satur
C. M. Hoyt, charged with stealing a
horse from C. B. Jeffries, was ar
raigned yesterday before Judge Davis,
In the superior court. He entered a
plea of not guilty, and his trial was
set for August 25.
Highland club—Fred Hallert, Fred
Harm, Jnlm Haller, Hans Relchman,
William Steffen, Frank Nelir, Nicholas
Klem, Lawrence Bruner, Joseph
Sehlmele, K. Colo, Valentine Henreloh,
J. F. Bruns and Rudolf Meier, direc
Goodfellows' club—A. J. Sowinski, 11.
Muyers, P. Schnurr, M. Qrogan, J.
Rag-Rio, J. W. Lundy, E. W. Schupp,
J. Uoll, W. E. Brigham and J. H.
Flack, directors.
Pacific states Underwriters' com
pany—F. M. liaiff, B. A. McElroy
and H. Wyman Bmith, directors. Capi
tal stock, n.ooo.ono; subscribed, $ioo.
Pacific States Fire. Insurance com
pany of Ijos Angeles—lo. A. McElroy,
J M. McKertz, E. C. JToutz, B. D.
Beligman and William B. < >gden, dime
ters. Capital stock, $500,000; sub-
Bcrlbed, $10,000.
■ ■..mbinatlon Midway Oil company—
D. W. Wickersham. F. L. Lower, l{oss
B Matklns and M. S. Robertson, direc
tors. Capital stock, $1,500,000.
MAIUNETTB, Wls., July 18.—Col. I.
'ii Hti phenson, eldest 6on of
United Stal.s Senator Ktrphenson,
o!e.d here today, lie was Z2 ycurs old.
Municipal Affairs
'HOLDING OUT' $33,000
Last Year's Cahuenga Road Tax
Alleged to Be Bone of
Believing thai the county is holding
out about $88,000 duo the city, deputies
from the office Of City Assessor Mallard
are carefully going over the county tax
hooks to liiul out how much was paid
In taxes to the county from tho Ca
buenga district.
The city Is entitled to the road taxes
paid in to the county from tills dis
trict except that portion expended be
fore the district was annexed to the
city. This unexpended portion is a
bone Of contention between the city
and county, and there is a big differ
ence of opinion in the amount.
The county has tendered the city
$7000, but W. M. Humphreys has good
grounds to believe that the total road
tax paid in by the Cahuenga district
lust year was $50,000, and that the por
tion that should come to the city is
$40,000. The acceptance of the $7000
would Jeopardise the chances of iho city
of collecting the $33,000 additional, if it
should be proved that that amount is
due the city, so the municipal authori
ties have refused to accept a cent.
Mr. Humphreys took City Auditor
Myers into his confidence, and the two
induced City Assessor Mallard to put
some of his tax ferrets to work.
If it should develop that $40,000 is due
the city, Mr. Humphreys will demand
that amount, and it will be used in tho
Cahuenga district for road improve
Budget More Than Doubles Last
Year's Estimate
The park commission yesterday ap- |
provd the annual estimate for that de
partment, which asks a total of $337,065
for the city parks. Half of this amount
is to be expended in permanent im
provements and the remainder In cur
rent expenses and salaries. The com
mission asks $D 7,465 for permanent im
provements in Central park alone. The
plan to make Central park one of the
most beautiful in the city in spite of its
small size has been the dream of the
park commission ever since it has been
in office. Besides the beautiflcation of
the grounds, the plans call for foun
tains, comfort stations and other sub
stantial improvements.
A new conservatory is wanted for
Eastlake park, and the commission
asks $30,000 for this purpose. Previous
commissions have made the same do
mand, but so far the finance commit
tee has never been able to find the
money. Trains, roads and water supply
in Griffith park that the commission is
planning will cost another $25,000, and
$5000 is wanted to purchase twenty
head of horses and mules.
The amount asked by the commission
for the city parks is more than double
the amount allowed the department in
the last budget, which was $170,000.
Because of the lack of aggression on
the part of former park commissions
the budget committee has usually left
the park department until the last, and
it then had to take what was left.
That, in a large measure, the present
commissioners believe, accounts for the
failure of some of the city's parks to
receive the full benefit of the natural
advantages of this country.
One bid was received by the board of
public works yesterday for the lease of
the incinerator. D. B. Lowe offered to
pay the city $166.67 a month for the
privilege of using it. Mr. Lowe's cer
tified check was signed by Joseph Mes
mer, and the board of public works
believes thta Mr. Mesmer and S. C.
Hannah are interested with Mr. Lowe.
The offer is considered a reasonable one
by W. M. Humphreys, chief inspector
of public works, and it was referred to
him by the board for action.
The specifications under which the
bid was submitted provide that the
leasee may burn rubbish and refuse
from such places as large retail stores
and produce markets, and charge a fee
for burning the matter. While rubbish
Is collected from private residences free
of charge by the city, business concerns
have to pay for having It hauled away
and burned. The incinerator Is not
used by the city except for burning
small animals, and the board believes a
revenue should be derived from it.
Proceedings for the condemnation of
twenty-five acrea of land at Thirty
eighth street and Hooper avenue for
park and playground purposes will not
be Inaugurated by tho council if the
recommendation of tho public welfare
committee lg adopted. Tho committee
will recommend to the council today
that the petition asking for this park
be denied without prejudice.
At the same time the committee will
recommend that the council adopt a
policy of considering no petitions for
parks or playgrounds unless the peti
tion is signed by the owners of at least
25 per cent of the frontage of the pro
posed assessment district.
This same policy was adopted by tho
former council but was disregarded by
the present council when it came into
office. The present council was Boon
overwhelmed with petitions lor parks
in various parts of the city.
FOR YEAR IS $376,985
The annual report of the lire depart
ment, filed yesterday by Chief A. J.
Eley, shows that gasoline and coal oil
are among the most prolllic causes of
fire. Thirty fires during the last fiscal
year were caused by gasoline stoves,
ten by oil stoves, twenty by oil lamps
and twenty-eight by gasoline explo
sions other than stove:;.
The department responded to 116.'1
alarms, of which 1101 were actual flrcs
and sixty-two falso alarms. The (ire
losBC3 for tho year amounted to $376,
--ftgff, considered a remarkably small
amount for a city the size of Loa
There are 270 men in the deportment
and forty-sii inure are to bo udduU
August 1.
Flcketts Auto Livery, 248 S. Srrlrig.
Phone Main 719.
Dutch Collars IQn d^S^^^l^Mf^&SM JUSjD^ JL, $ I" 19
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County Board of Equalization
Grants Petition on Ground
of Improper Credits
On application from tho Pacific Elec
tric Railway company, the county
board of equalization yesterday lowered
the corporation's assessments from $2,
--080,160 to $747,110. The board took this
action because proper credits had not
been allowed for tangible property
while figuring the corporate franchise.
This was brought about by reason of
an extension of time being given to
the assessor of Orange county In which
to make his returns. Therefore Asses
sor Hopkins had to make his state
ment in Los Angeles county prior to
the time when tho Orange county
figures were turned In, and In arriving
at a value to place on the corporate
franchise he deducted the Orange
county part of the railway, naming the
same figures as were placed on It last
At the same time the nssessment on
the corporate franchise of the Los An
geles & Redondo railway was raised to
$816,555. The railway officials made no
objection to the increase, they being
aware that the first figures were due
to a clerical error and that the assess
ment should have been higher.
Council Petitioned to Prohibit Ex
hibitions at Once
Petitions from the Civic association
and the Ebell club, asking the council
to take some action to prohibit the
exhibition of the Jeffries-Johnson prizo
light pictures are to be filed if the city
council today accepts the recommenda
tion of the public welfare committee.
But the filing of these petitions does
not mean that the pictures aro to be
shown in L,os Angeles, for they are not.
The committee calls attention to the
fact that there is a city ordinance
classing prize fight pictures and ob
scene pictures together, and prohibit
ing their exhibition, and the committee
says Chief Galloway has declared bll
intention of enforcing the ordinance.
The legislation committee, in the
same connection, will ask the council
today to instruct the city attorney to
draw" an ordinance that not only will
prohibit prize fights, but sparring
matches as well, so that a light cannot
masquerade as a boxing exhibition.
A wider scope for its work during
the coming year is asked by the hous
ing commission in its annual report,
Which %t Bled yesterday. The commis
sion wants to have an official place in
the new charter, lnstoad of owing its
existence to ordinance alone, and it
ulbo asks that it be given Jurisdiction
over tenement and lodging houses as
well n.s the house courts it has t-on
trolled. The commission also asks a
secretary at $100 a month, in place of
the clerk now employed part of the
time at J25 a month, and an additional
Inspector at $100 a month.
livery once in a while Wilmington
bai occasion to be happy that it is a
part uf Ix>s Angelas. The board of
public works Intends to dump 6UO bar
rels of heavy mad oil on the surface
of iis streets. The board will nsk the
mi' ii today for authority to pur
this iiuiuitity of oil. The ci
estimated at $7f.0, and the money will
have to come out of the general fund
as an appropriation to the street
sprinkling fund.
W. L. Evans of Coalinga, charged by
F. K. Windsor of Los Angeles with
having caused his arrest by deceit
and fraud, was before Justice Summer
field yesterday afternoon, his attorney
having contended that the complaint
against his client was faulty. Argu
ments on the question were heard yes
terday afternoon and will be continued
this morning.
The defendant is president of the.
Ksperanza Land & OH company, while
Windsor Is superintendent of the same
Following a dispute among stock
holders several weeks ago, Windsor
was twice arrested on warrants Issued
at the Instance of Evans, who charged
him with embezzling property of the
concern. Windsor was released on
both charges and has filed two civil
actions for damages against Evans.
In Just Three Days ,
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* ■
One of Tlhem from a Practicing Physician
tw Moines la Feb 18 1910. brain whirling and I was a total wreck. The majority of men will swear oft \
L)es Moines, ia., r«.u. . patient I was received cordially for a given length of time and before .
To Whom It May Concern: at tne institute and, every attention his promise is cold his vow is broken.
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to Police Judge Kepford, who sent me My Dear Sir: When a man reaches the cure. No bad results follow the
to the Neal Institute at Dcs Moines. tho length of his cable tow through treatment. A doctor should be a man
When I arrived I was more crnzy than tho result of drink he is apt to think, x>t sobriety. I write this thinking It
drunk I mljrht say My nerves were what can Idoto bo cured of this ter- may benefit some sufferer from strong
shattered, my stomach wad on fire, my rible affliction? drink. • Very respectfully.
All Correspoodence Strictly Confidential
— _ , «* .-
Interstate Commerce Commis
sion Announces Set of 'Ad
ministrative Rulings'
WASHINGTON, July 18.—A set of
administrative rulings was announced
today by the interstate commerce com
mission, supplementary to rulings made
heretofore. All of the rules laid down
are important to interstate carriage
and some of them are of general public
Interest, as follows:
An interstate excursion for certain
commercial clubs, the members of'
which are to be carried at the expense
of the railroad compsinies as their
ffUQSta, cannot be sanctioned.
Free transportation cannot be issued
to employes of a bridge company which
makes annual reports to th<- commis
sion, but tiles no tariffs and collects no
charges from shippers or carriers.
Free or reduced rates of transporta
tion may not lawfully bo accorded to
traveling secretaries of a Young Wom
en's Christian association.
There is no warrant in law for ac
cording free transportation of the body
of a former employe of the carrier who
resigned from the service some time
prior to his death. The commission
holds that It has exclusive jurisdiction
over claims for damages arising from
the mistreating of freight.
Arrowlirml Springs
Radio active hot mineral water
cures stomach troubles.

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