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Strangers are Invited to vMt the exhibit*
of California products at the Chamber of
("ominerco hulMInK, on Ummlway, between
Fir!>t and Secmil streets, where free Infor
mation will ba given on all subjects pertain
ing to this section.
Th« Herald will pay flO In cash to any
one furnishing evidence that will lead to
the arrest and conviction of any person
caught stealing copies of Th» Herald from
(he promises of our patrons.
Memhemhlp tn the I-os An»ele* Realty
board la a virtual goarantna of reliability.
Provision Is mad* for arbitration of any
differences bftween members and theli'
clients. Accurato Information on rea/ty
matters la obtainable from them. Valua
tions hy a competent committee. Direc
tory of members free at the office of Her
bert Burden. «erretarv. 526 Security Bulla
lne. Phons Broadway 1596.
The Legal AM society at 39J North Main
• treet Is a, charitable, orcnnlratlon main
tained for tlie purpose of aldlnit In legal
matters tho»o unable to employ counnoi.
The aoclety needs financial aaslntance ana
leeks Information regarding worthy eases.
Phone Home. A«077: Main 88(16.
The Hfmlrt. like every other newspaper,
In ml»repre»ented «t tlm»s. parleularly In
case. Involving hot(<l». theaters, BtO. The.
puMlo will please «nke notice that every
representative of this r«P" '" equlppei
with tlin prip<-r credentials and more par
ticularly equipped with money wtth wHlcn.
to pay hi. Mild. TTTB HBnALt).
BK.l.ASrn—"Via WlrelnM"
HIKBANK—"Caught In the Rain."
(IRANn—"The MlMourlnns."
I.OS AN<;KI.KH VBUiievlllf.
MAJESTlC—Virginia^ Harnefl.
OLYMPICMunIcaI farce.
PniNTKSS-Mnnlral farcr.
Stephen S. Leahy, a merchant of San
Pedro, (lied voluntary proceedings in
bankruptcy yesterday with the clerk of
the United States district court, giv
ing his liabilities at $4828.75 and his as
sets at *2500.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the North, Northeast and
Northwest Improvement association
will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock
in the committee room of the cham
ber of commerce.
The Indiana State Brotherhood so
ciety will hold r meeting in Fraternal
Brotherhood building, Lincoln and Fig
ueroa streets, Friday night. A Hoosler
picnic at Redondo Beach, August 13,
is being prepared by the entertainment
"Amusements and Occupations of
Children" will be the subject of Mrs.
C. R. Vance, under the auspices of
tho Los Angeles W. C. T. U. at 2
o'clock this afternoon at the First
Methodist church. Young mothers are
requested to be present.
Imperial Valley desert land entries
made by the following named persons
have been approved and passed to
patent by the general land office: Ethel
Ferguson, James A. Chamberlain,
Frank Cambern. La Fayette Silllman,
Purdy Hart and Harriet A. Richards.
Mrs. A. Ramlsh. formerly of Los An
geles, died in San Francisco yester
day, death being attributed to old age.
Mrs. Ramlsh was the mother of Adorph
Ramlsh, a prominent Southern Califor
nia contractor. She was a native of
Poland, aged 70 years. The funeral
will be held In the bay city.
The twenty-fifth issue of telephone
directories by the Home Telephone and
Telegraph company has Just been com
pleted. Tho task of distribution is al
most as Important and heavy as the
compilation, even though the new July,
1910, edition. Just gotten out, is by far
the largest ever published. It con
tains complete listings of all sub
scribers in Southern California. .
A class of 100 will be initiated by the
Knights of Columbus of Southern Cali
fornia Sunday, July 31, in the K. of
C lodge rooms. It is expected that
at least 700 knights will be in attend
ance John P. Burke, district deputy,
will officiate over the first degree work.
Paul J. McCormlck will conduct the
second degree work and Joseph Scott
will have charge of laying on the third
degree. _____^_ fc
Arrangements have been completed
for the midsummer night festival to
be given by the parishioners of St.
Patrick's church on the church
grounds, Thirty-fourth stmet and Cen
tral avenue, beginning this evening
and continuing until Saturday.
The floral booth will bo In charge of
the Young Ladies' sodality, where re
freshments will be 3erved. The Altar
society members will have charge of
he domestic booth, and St. Patrick's
branch No. 1115, the Ladies' Catholic
Benevolent society, will have a "com
mon sense booth." The doll booth will
be in charge of the children of the
Holy Angels' sodality.
The committeo on arrangements con
sists of the following: Mrs. P. H. Ma
loney, president; Paul F. A. Conway,
secretary; Rev. P. J. O'Rlelly, treas
urer; O. T. Helpling and Miss Nellie
10. Meade, entertainment; W. G. Ernst
und Mrs. Osmond helpline, press rep
Accused of selling liquor without a
physician's prescription, Willis H. Al
pers, a clerk employed by F. Shon,
proprietor of a drug store at 1924 East
Ninth street, was taken Into custody
by Patrolman Murphy and Weiss last
night and locked up in the city jail
In default of $250 bail.
Shon, the owner of the establish
ment, was arrested several days ago
for violating the liquor ordinance. He
' was triod In Judge Fred«rickson's
court Tuesday and fined $150.
Angered because he was not per
mitted to board tho front exit of a
pay-as-you-enter car on the Central
avenue line, A. fl. Ughtfoot attacked
the conductor, it is alleged, and struck
the latter in the face several times.
Patrolmen Toomey and O'Brien, who
passing, rushed to the' scene and
arrested Llghtfoot. Tho accused was
booked at the central police station
on a charge of disturbing the peace.
All the Latest News and Notes in the Realm of Politics
Reports of League-Good Govern
ment Agreement Stirs
County Leaders
Those Who Are Members of Both
Organizations Are Called
Reports In political circles that cer
tain membera of Urn Los Angeles Lin-
Ooln-Roosevett league, as active mem
bers of the Good Government (noti
partlsan) organization, are promoting
a plan to subvert the purposes of
the Good Government body in order
to In.suro the election of the Lincoln-
Roosevelt county ticket, caused a
genuine furore in Democratic circles
yesterday, especially among the Demo
cratic leaders who ure actively in
terested in preserving a non-partisan
Good Government organisation, along
the tines and principles laid down at
Its inception.
Democratic candidates fox county of
fices, who freely discussed the reports
that were circulated yesterday, also
were considerably perturbed. One of
these candidates, in an interview last
night, stated that he would not have
consented to go on tho Democratic
ticket had lie not expected, because
of his well known work In behalf of
tho Good Government movement, to
get the indorsement of that organiza
tion in preference to his opponent on
tho Lincoln-Roosevelt league ticket,
whom, he said, he believed to be a
machine man.
The plan, as stated yesterday, is for
the Lincoln-Uoosevelt league to cause
the Good Government organization,
through its control of that body, to in
dorse a Democratic and a Republican
ticket before the primaries.
"If the Good Government organiza
tion Indorses a Democratic and a Re
publican ticket before the primaries,
Baid one of the Good Government
workers yesterday, "It means that tlio
Good Government organization will
close the only avenue to a third ticket
after the primaries, which it is the
logical function of tho organization
to place in the field, as a non-partisan
watch-dog for political purity and ef
ficiency In office.
"Having endorsed the two tickets be
fore the primaries, the Good Govern
ment organization will have nothing
to do with the Democratic ticket for
the reason that there is no fight on
in the Democratic party, and the
Democrats will nominate their unde
sirable contestants, without the aid
of the Good Government organization.
This, then, leads the Good Govern
ment organization to the door of the
Lincoln-Roosevelt league, and, enter
ing into the campaign for the league,
It will help to nominate the league
ticket. The league candidates, with
their Good Government Indorsement,
will go to the primaries—not as Re
publican candidates, but as 'Good
Government' candidates, and will be
ooma so known and accepted. Of
•course they will be nominated—with
out exception, I believe.
"What will follow? After the pri
mary election these men who are now
trying to bring this about, will say:
'well, we Indorsed the Democratic
ticket before the primaries; there is
no reason for us to indorse It again. 1
And the third ticket will die a-bornln'.
The same two tickets will go to the
polls at the general election, Novem
ber B—the Democratic and the Lin
coln-Roosevelt league tickets—except
that the league ticket will In reality
be the so-called Good Government
ticket, boosted and indorsed by the
Good Government erganization, backed
with its funds and prestige, and ac
cordingly, elected, leaving the Demo
crats in the background. This, not
withstanding that the Democrats, who
form a large part of the Good Gov
ernment organization, have contribut
ed their time and money, and worked
tirelessly and loyally, for the success
of the Good Government movement.
Now, unless some of these loyal Demo
crats get on the third ticket, they won't
even have a 'look in for their work
ltt'.-the-'Qood Government movement.
if'lt'tS Obviously the duty of the Good
GOvern/hent organization, as a non
paHisan political watch-dog, to with
hold indorsements until after the pri
maries. • Let the Republicans adjust
their, own differences and wage their
own»'battles, inside their party, just
as the Democrats have done. When
the . smoke has cleared away, let tha
Good Government organization step
to the fore and malo up a third ticket,
composed of tho be&t, cleanest and
most competent men, representing
good government, from the list of suc
cessful candidates nominated by each
party. .„'./■
"Personally, as a Democrat, I think
the league has mado a number of mis
takes, and that it has indorsed can
didates who should not receive the
support of the Good Government or
ganization, if, Indeed, they are entitled
to the support of the Lincoln-Roose
velt league. It Is none of my busi
ness whom the league nominates, but
It is some of my business whom the
Good Government organization in
dorses, after the nominations have
been made. That ts where the Good
Government organization asserts it
self." -■■ ••
President George H, Dunlop of the
Good Government central body yes
terday tissued a statement relative to
the reported plan to Indorse tickets
before the primary election. His state
ment is as follows:
The statement that a program has
' been arranged for the Good Gov
ernment organization to Indorse
before the August jmlmarles is
based on misinformation. Prior to
the last city election the Good Gov
ernment organization held several
meetings before fllally determining
its attitude in tho matter of pri
mary Indorsements, with the result
that some indorsements were made
before the primary and some after
the primary. What action should
be taken at the August primary has
not yet been considered by tho cen
tral committee, but will be taken
up for consideration July 27, at a
meeting called for that purpose.
What the action of the committee
will be I do not know; but of this .
1 am sure, that it will be the volun
tary action of the committee and
not a forced acquiescence in any
prearranged program.
. The purpose of- the Good Gov
ernment organization is to secure
m»»I men lor office. Those In tho
organisation who arc urging pre
prim&ry Indorsements bold tnat no
opportunity should bo lost to fur
ther tho candidacy or good men In
all parties. They contend that If
■ good men can bo nominated ut the
primaries, the fight for good govf
ernmenb is half won. Tho question
involved .in one of policy, not of,
principle, and will be determi I by*
the Good Government organisation
Itself, us has been ita practice on
previous occasions.
) Albert M. Norton, chairman of the
Los Angelus county Detnocratii central
committee, whan ibown tnls statement
"I know for a fact that such a plan
is being urged by certain Lincoln*
Koosevult men who belong to the Good
Government organisation. For two
daya the campaign committee "f the
Good Government organization, com
posed "i 1 Georgo H. Dunlop,-president,
Edward A. Dlokson,, A. M. Dunn and
Charles E. Bent, have bten trying to
aecure information from me. a:, to the
qualitleationa of the various L)omoen,t
lc candidates. They have stated that
they were delegated as a campaign
committee, by ttie executive committee
of the Good Government organization,
to secure this information, and that
they would bo prepared by July 27
to go before tho executive com
mottiee at its meeting on that date,
in illanchard hall, and submit recom
mendations for the Indorsement 01 both
a Democratic and Kepublican ticket.
"Cognizant of tho Influence being ex
erted in the Interest of this machine, 1
and other Democrats of the steering
committee have drafted resolutions of
protest, which will be adopted by us
Thursday morning."
Following are the resolutions referred
to by Mr. Morton, which be said will be,
adopted by the Democratic steering
committeo this morning:
To the Executive Committee of
the Good Government organisation
of tho City and County of Los An
Gentlemen: ■ It having been
brought to the attention of the
steering committee of the Demo
cratic county central committee of
Los Angeles county that certain
members of your committee, wiio
are also identified with the Loncoln-
Koosevelt league executive commit
tee, are making a determined effort
to bring about the Indorsement at
this time, before the primaries of
August 16, of candidates on both the
Democratic and Kepublican tickets
in this county, and that a meeting
to effectuate this purpose has been
called for Wednesday, July -7, at g
o'clock p. m. .'.
We urgently protest against this
intended action for the following
reasons: - ,
—That such indorsement, al
though upon its lace appearing to
be non-partisan, would be a parti
san measure in the extreme, for the
reason that the Democrats who are
running ure, with one exception—
that can hardly be considered an
exception— for the nom
inations they seek, and any cam
paign made prior to the primaries
by your organization would simply
be in the interest of the Lincoln-
Roosevelt end of the Kepublican
party, and we think that the sup
port given the Lincoln-Roosevelt
organization by both The Herald
and the Express, and the people
connected with them, is sulhcient to
inform the Jlepublicans of Los An
gelese county that the Lincoln-
Koosevelt organization is the re
form end Of the Kepublican party,
and needs no bolstering up by the
Good Government organization.
Second —The Good Government
fund, which supports the Good
Government organization, was giv
en for the purpose of fostering non
partisanship in politics, and the
preamble of your Good Government
organization distinctly states "The
Good Government organization is a
. . . non-partisan . . . organ
ization of the forces of good gov
ernment in the city and county of
Los Angeles," and any Indorsement
of a distinctive Kepublican or Dem
ocratic ticket, as such, is a perver
sion of the purposes of the Good
Government organization, and will
probably result in the withdrawal
of subscriptions to your permanent
good government fund.
Third—That certain of the candi
dates indorsed by the Lincoln-
Roosevelt league are not Good Gov
ernment people, have never affili
ated or associated with the good
government movement, but always
have been and now are a part of
the machine which the Good Gov
ernment forces in Los Angeles
county have been fighting during
the past, and a blanket indorse
ment of the Llncoln-Uoosevelt can
didates would have the effect of a
partial Indorsement of machine can
didates and a direct contradiction of
the purposes of the Good Govern
ment organization.
Fourth—We think that the pur
poses of the Good Government or
ganization is only to point out after
the primary election the good gov
ernment men on both the Republi
can and Democratic tickets, without
regard to partisanship, recommend
ing both Democrats and Republi
cans alike upon merits alone, and
that the Good Government organiz
ation should not mix in or take
part in the present fight within the
ranks of the Republican party, when
it Is assured that the Democratic
ticket in its entirety presents a,
clean government ticket, and that
there will be at least one Good Gov
ernment candidate for every office
to be filled by the election in No-
V6ln conclusion, we wish to say that
should your endeavors prove suc
cessful in the indorsement of both a
Democratic and a Republican can
didate before the primaries, it would
mean the turning over of the Good
Government organization to the
♦ Lincoln-Roosevelt league, the diver
sion of Its fund to fight the battles,
of the Lincoln-Roosevelt .league,
and would destroy the confidence
of tho people of Los Angeles coun
ty in the Good Government organ
ization as a non-partisan body.
REDL.ANDS. July 20. - Political
workers of Redlands are devoting
their energies to getting registrations
in for the August primaries which
close July 27. The list for Redlands
today passed the 2000 mark and it is
expected that the total will be in
creased to 2200. though there aro about
2500 voters in the city. Arrangements
have been maae to keep the regUtra
tion offices of B. S. Waldo open of
evenings next /week to accommodate
the men who desire to register and
cannot gePto the offices in the day
The Sunday school Of Epiphany par
ish will hold Its annual picnic on July
SO at Santa Monica canyon.
Forty Members Meet to Arrange
Plans for Carrying on
Work of Body
Forty Lincoln-noosovelt Republican
worker* ot the Beventy-fourth Miem
lily dUtricl mcl last nlghl at the league
headquarters, Third and Broadway,
for the purpose of perfecting tho Lin
coln-Roosevelt Republican organiza
tion throughout each precinct of tho
venty-fourth assembly district.
Tho absence of the old "push" meth
ods Which characterised the meetings
of committeemen under the regime of
Hi.- Southern E'aelttc machine was ap
parent The mnetlnng was composed of
men in all walks of life who are In
terested in the election of a good and
frlesa assemblyman from their dis
The fjllowlng committeemen who
were present lected assistant com
mittecmen in each of their respective
precincts to assist them in completing
the canvass of the voters In their pre
cincts. A plan of organization waa
determined upon and adopted.
• Charles 11. Randall, Lincoln-Roose
veit Republican league candidate for
member of assembly, was present aii'l
was greatly encouraged by the reports
of the workers trom all over tho dis
Mr. Randall will appoint a i ampalgn
committee, who will subdivide the CB
-sembly district Into sections and de
vote their time to the arranging of
meetings of workers who are Interested
in his candidacy.
Secretary Campbell has arranged for
a meeting of Llncoln-Rooseveli Re
publican league workers from all of the
assembly districts in the county.
Notices of the following meetings
to be held at the league headquarters,
254 South Broadway, have been sent
out today:
Beventy-second assembly district,
Thursday evening, July 21. 8 p. m.
Beventhy-thlrd assembly district,
Friday evening, July --, S p. m.
Seventieth assembly district, Satur
day afternoon, July 23, 4 p. m.
Sixty-ninth assembly district, Satur
day afternoon, July 23, 2:30 p. m.
Seventy-first assembly district, Mon
day eveninK. July H, 8 p. in.
Seventy-fifth assembly district, Tues
day evening, July 26, s p. m.
* » »
KANSAS CITY, July 20.—Tho Re
publican National league, whoso object
Is to "perpetuate the Roosevelt policies
and principles," was organized here to
day at a meeting of prominent Re
It is planned to organize a similar
olub without delay in every county In
Missouri and to form a state league,
eventually spreading the movement
over the entire country.
Resolutions adopted declare:
"Wo recognize In Theodore Roose
velt America's greatest defender of the
people's cause."
Good government citizens residing In
new precincts 4.', «. 28 and CO will hold
a meeting this evening at 8 o'clock in
the Congregational church at Temple
street and Temple road. Sidney But
ler, Lou Guernsey and J. H. De La
Monte will speak.
Robber Gets $30 from Carman
on the Eastlake Line
A holdup man wearing a. black mask
and" carrying a nickel-plated revolver
held up Conductor Green on the Bast
lake run Of Ibe Los Angeles railway
this morning at 1 o'clock and robbed
him of $30. The ear had reached the
end of the line at the Indian village
and Oreen was turning the trolley
when the man ordered him to throw
up his hands. There were no passen
gers on tho ear.
No trace has been found of the high
wayman, who is described as 5 feet 3
Inches in height and wearing a dark
El Centro citizens are planning- to
.show Los Angeles that they live in a
great community. C. W. Collins, sec
retary of the 101 Centro chamber of
commerce, called on the secretary of
the local chamber yesterday in refer
ence to a parade which the residents
of El CntTO deatre to make In Los An
geles August 18. It is the intention to
arrange an excursion, arriving here
August is with 125 passengers. Ac
companying the excursion will be a
car loaded with products, consisting of
cotton, corn, grapes, melons, tobacco
and grain. On arrival here the ex
cursionists expec tto form in line and
parade the streets of the city, distrib
uting products on route.
The chamber of commerce will give
them a reception In tho chamber's
quarters the evening of tho, ISth, and
aid the visitors in bavins a good time
during their stay here.
DENVER, July 20.—The sliorilT's of
fice received Information tonight that
Alexander E. J. Whitney, alleged em
bezzling state boiler Inspector of Colo
rado, had been arrested at Auburn,
Cal. An attache of the office will leave
at once to bring Whitney buck to
Whitney i.s Charged » itll collecting
fees due the state by means of dupli
cate vouchers and retaining the money.
He was appointed by Governor Shaf
roth, but was relieved from duty when
the alleged discrepancies were dis
covered by State Auditor Kenehan. A
formal Charge was tiled against him,
but he was released on bonds and dis
SAN FHANCISCO, July 20.—Dr. F. Q Car
pcntler, who li allesed to have perfuriiii-ii
Illegal surKlcal operation! on Anna, Corbett.
and from the eltecU "f which, it Is said, the
young woman died recentlj In ■ local hospital,
was arrested late today on a warrant sworn
out by Detective Bertram Thomoa Ryan. The
charge in murder. 'I'll'- prUoner later was re
leased on IJSOO bond. ; gfl
Brilliant Speakers Laud Repre
sentative's Work for Los
Angeles and California
A b endered to Jarrn i Mc
m, m< mi" r In congress from the
i;i i 'Hlifornla district follov ed bj
d ■:■< n bi Illlant ;ni>in
held in Lev; banquet hall last even
■ Mr. Mc-
Laehl i In fttti ndan> c. From
the affair wa
tribute to the accompli i! I Mr,
in hli t■■ is as the
■ ntatlve.
For th ■■■ islon the hall was bright
with hundreds* of flags, large and
small. Go ■ adorned i
At one end >>i" the hall, faring I
all of the banqueten ,wa a long table,
at v. hlch wei bi ited I lie i- ak< i
th< mom prominent even- •
Ing. While the banquet proper, which
waa elaborate In its cuisine, was be- ,
ins si rved, ;i program waa I
rendered by vocal artists of Levy's
cafe chantanl and a large op hestra,
in the center of the principal table
■at r. Q. Btory, chairman of the nan- ;
quet. To his in dlate right was Mr.
McLachlan, .1. C. Neodham, congress
man i sixth district, and Byl- i
vester C. Smith, congressman from the
eighth district. Further down wei
A. Meserve, 11. '/■ i md Q. B. ■
Newlin. To .Mr. story's left were Dr.
Walter Llndley, Major E. l«\ C. Kloeke,
Philip Btanton, AJden Anderson and
Mr. Mcßain.
The principal address of the evening
was delivered by Mr. McLachlan hlm
ie if, "] care not how brilllan be may
be, under the unwritten law* which
are In force in the legislative body of
our nation, no now man can be ex
pected to accomplish that which an ex
perienced man may accomplish in the
senate today." said Mr, MeLachlan.
Mr. McLaughlln told at length of j
his struggles on the river and harbor
committee and of adversity which he j
said was necessary for him to over
come In securing appropriations for j
his district, "Many things have I
done for my people which have not
been heralded in the land from which
I came," lie said. "Only a small per
cent of my labors have found place
in the knowledge of the public. 1 am \
telling now for the tirst time of the
fight that I had to make to bring the j
appropriation for the Lob Angeles]
harbor to a successful issue and of the
battle which I was compelled to wiigfi
to brine (1,000,000 instead of $160,000
for the Los Angeles federal building."
He dwelt on the advantages of re
turnins a man of long experience to
Washington and of having a Califor
nia representative upon the river and
harbor committee.
Among the. compliments paid Mr.
McLachlan in the introduction by Mr.
Story, waa commendation of his in- i
fluenco In bringing about the passage
of a bill providing a one-cent tariff
on lemons and oranges.
Dr. Walter Lindley, Q. E. Newlin,
Congressman Needham and Congress
man Smith eulogized Mr. McLachlan
enthusiastically, each speaking in
laudatory tones of his achievements
in congress and each treating of the)
advisability of returning him to his
Supt. Wilson of Chamber Back
from Elks' Celebration
C. L. "Wilson, superintendent of the
chamber of commerce, has just re
turned from Detroit, where he in
stalled a Southern California exhibit
at the Elks' celebration held in that
city. He reports having made one of
the finest exhibits, with the space and
material used, that Southern California
has ever made. He states that the tx
hibit was crowded day and night to
suffocation and the visitors were more
interested in securing Southern Cali
fornia literature than they were in
the pranges given away. Mr. Wilson
predicts direct returns for the time
and money expended in making the
display, and recommends that when
ever the opportunity offers for com
bining an exhibit with the convention
enterprise that it be done by all means.
Mr. Wilson will now begin packing
and loading material for the Ohio Val
ley Exposition to be held in Cincinnati
in September. From there he will take
the exhibit to the United States Land
& Irrigation Exposition to be held in
Chicago in' November.
His return trip was accompanied
by various experiences in heat and cold.
Leaving Cincinnati last Friday in the
sweltering heat, struck snow near
Leadville and coming aorosi the desert
to Los Angeles felt as though he were
passing through a furnace. Notwith
standing the heat, the trains were load
ed to the guards.
On the same train with Mr. Wilson
was a family from Atlanta, Ga.,
brought here by the Impression made
on them at the Atlanta Exposition,
where the chamber of commerce main
tained an exhibit of the products of
Southern California nt the Cotton
States Exposition in 1898.
$4,000,000 EQUIPMENT
MEXICO CITY, July 20.—T0 mret
the requirement of the Increasing traf
fic, the National Railways of .Mexico
have placed an order for new equip
ment amounting to M.000,000 gold. This
is tins largest order of tiio kind ever
sent out of Mexico.
It calls for twenty Mallett Articu
lated compound locomotives of the
heaviest type, baggage and express
cars and 3200 freisht cars of all de-
Hcriptions. The engines are to i" de
livered in October and the passenger
coaches In Beptembi r.
NEW YORK, July 30.—Word was
received here today 01 the ludden death
In the Smith American Jungle, of Prof.
Charlea P. Holt of Banta Ana. Cal.,
who left this city lait April at tho a(?e
of 75 to prospect for gold In ColornWa.
The conductor was tolling a passen
eer how his car hnd run over a dog on
an lntown trip. "Wu the dog on the
track?" queried the passenger.
•■No," answered the conductor, sar
castically, "we had to chaae it up an
alley."—Boston Record. ■::. ~
Tou e»n buy It. pernap« at many places, but
there 1 one BEST place to buy lt-and that
Blace advertl** - _
Be Wise in Time
Yoit cnnnot keep well unless the bowels are regular.
Neglect of this rule of health invites half the sicknesses
from which we suffer. Keep the bowels right; otherwise
■waste matter and poisons which should pass out of the
body, find their way into the blood and sicken the whole
system. Don't wait until the bowels aie constipated; take
They are the finest natural laxative in the world—gentle,
safe, prompt and thorough. They strengthen the stomach
muscles, and will not injure the delicate mucous lining of
the bowels. Beecham'a Fills have a constitutional action.
That is, the longer you take them, the less frequently you
need them. They help Nature help herself and
Keep the Bowels Healthy
Bile Active & Stomach Well
In Boxes 10c. and 25c. witb full directions
!____»__——»— ~—~—"~* '^""^"^ZZ '1111— ' ' ~-~
The Very Best Way to Spend
Your Vacation
Is to Make an Excursion Tour to
Dolphin and Jefferson
Sailing from Seattle July 17th, 23d, 29th, August 4th, 10th,
' 16th, 22d.
V/Iliy UO ■ First Class, Including Berth and Meals
Steamers visit Ketchikan, Metlakahtla, Wrangell, Douglas,
Treadwell, Juneau, Haines, Skagway Sitka and Taku Glacier.
Write immediately for folder and set of illustrated booklets
entitled "A Trip to Wonderful Alaska,"" "Alaska Indian
Basketry," "Alaska Totem Foles," "Alaska Glaciers and Ice
Fields." J „ '
In writing please specially mention this ad., and to all who
make an excursion trip with us this season, following an in
quiry in response to this ad., we will give a nice souvenir
premium. Address
Alaska Steamship Company
John H. Bunch, F. & P. A., Pier 2, Seattle
■ """"* "" """ '
Santa Catalina Island
Concerts daily by Porter's Catalina Island Band, W. F. Arend,
Director. Best season of music in the history of the island.
BAMHIMO CO, Agents. Main 44»2; F6876. 1(U l'aclflc Electric Building.
/-> "Spokane," "Queen," "City U^jSyU
of ..Seattle," "Cottage City" Xgg^X
The trip that Is different. See the Glaciers, Totem Poles, magnificent moun
tains, picturesque liords, dcenery Uiat surpasses all other scenery.
For full particulars, rates, folders, etc., address H. Brandt, District Paa«
senger Agent. Phones: Home F5955; Sunset Main 47—540 South Spring Street.
San Francisco, Eureka, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria
A M K.dondo 1:00 P. M.. EVHRY THURSDAY. /aJK-SJS.
STEAMER SANTA ROSA. leaves Ban F#dro 10:00 A. M., Radondo Aril
1-00 P 11.. Every Sunday. r'V^BRSkl vfl
FOR SAN DIEGO Pay. ' ' Oc«an Exeurilom—l«av» San Pedro 1«:IO| | VKS ] 1
A. M Every Wednesday ana Saturday. l\ \WUti\lf
Low rate«— Largest Steamers—Quickest Time—Best Senrloe. TVM JF7
TICKET OFFICE—B4O S. SPHINO ST. Phones —Home F5945. 'QtoflWX
Sunset—Main it. Hl«hts reserved to change »chedule»
AU the Best Attractions, Cars Kvery l^ew Minutes from Secona and Sprlnc Strewa,
$25.50 PORTLAND, $20.50 EUREKA—
*..„... n • »t -«-.-r^ « »T^Tnn<-i First class. Including berth and meala,
$10.50 SAN FRANCISCO e.s. roanokb. s.s a. w. elder.
Sailing every TUESDAT. NORTH PACIFIC BXlfiAMSmi' CO., a 2« a UPRINB
•TREET. LOB ANQELS3. Phones Main 5118: F7«80.
Ye Alpine Tavern
Situated on Mt. Lowe. A mile above the sea. American plan. $3 per dar.
Choice of rooms In hotel or cottages. No consumptives or Invalids taken.
Telephone Passenger Dept., Pacific Electric Ry., or Times Free Information
Bureau for further Information.
"The Inn"—Pizmo Beach
s\N Mis omsro CO., < \l— IMiKlt NKW MANAGKMBNT. five tkains UAII.V
1"IU)>1 LOB AMiKI.I> Now ipen for th« lummn seaeoa. Splendid hot.!l aocommodu
tions. Commodloui tont cltj Plsmo Beacli ia the (randeit of all Faelflo coast resorts.
The longest, widest and safest beach rrn tlio west ooaat Of America. Absolutely tho
safest for surf bathers. Amusements cf all kinds. Special ratei for weekly and monthly
guests. Reduced excursions railroad tickets. V.I. I-IZMO BKACII HKSDHT CO.
__ ■ Wliers added to a fnultleu hot weather meal. faultlessly sewed,
CiArt* there is an atmosphere of geniality that means much. Music by
i nniCTAI tno Bristol orohestra. Entire basement 11 \v. Hellman building,
I)K1S I Uli corner Fourth and Spring streets.
I nnTrl || inlfl Ilin '""' tlie Ueautlful Marylind Uungalows. Oven all
Ljl ILI MAkYI Anil >un\i.ii'i- —siiiM-lal ntu-ntlun to motor parties.
IIU I L.L liIHH I LHIIU I). M. I.INNA1II). Manager, I'a.adcnu, Cal.
. Accused of holding up and taking $11
from a fellow countryman, A. Gomez,
a Mexican, mi arrested by Patrolman
Curtln last night and locked up in the
city jail. Gomoz is alleged to have
tu-costed nil victim in Alameda street,
near AHso, and after a short dispute
Gomez drew bid revolver and struck
the other man on the head with it and
took a purse containing $11.
Friend W. Richardson loft last even
ing for hia home In Berkeley after a
very tttOCAUfU] campaign for state
printer in this section of the statt. He
was a resident of Southern California
for many years and has a host of
friends in this section who are nupport
ing him. ,He has the indorsement of
the Lincoln-Roosevelt Republican
league and tl supported by over 140

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